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Can love survive and be rekindled when a heart is broken like Shattered Glass?Milo grew up in fear, hiding the fact that he was gay. Becoming a rock star with his band Shattered Glass was a dream come true. Finally lovers with Liam, the friend he’d desired since childhood, Milo worries about his image and keeping their relationship a secret.Liam knew he loved Milo, even asCan love survive and be rekindled when a heart is broken like Shattered Glass?Milo grew up in fear, hiding the fact that he was gay. Becoming a rock star with his band Shattered Glass was a dream come true. Finally lovers with Liam, the friend he’d desired since childhood, Milo worries about his image and keeping their relationship a secret.Liam knew he loved Milo, even as a kid. But their fame and fortune can’t buy him the happiness of talking Milo out of the closet, able to freely express their love. Unfortunately, a fellow band-mate with vengeance on his mind conspires to break the lovers up in the most vicious way possible, destroying the couple’s relationship and shredding Liam’s peace of mind.Six years later, Liam is older, wiser, and has rebuilt his life after the devastating loss of Milo and the band. Forced into a tenuous working reunion, Liam knows his heart still belongs to Milo. Working together to uncover the web of lies that pulled them apart, now all they have to do is survive the psychopath intent on silencing Liam and his music forever.Contains hot rock star manlove, mysterious motives, and a brotherhood of friends strong enough to forgive.Content Warning: Graphic language, violence, sensual and explicit scenes of m/m sexuality including oral sex, anal sex/play, sex toys, forced seduction....

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Shattered Glass Reviews

  • Daisiemae
    2019-03-18 16:37

    Shattered Glass by A.C. Katt is going to be a very hard book to review and rate. I actually finished this book a couple of days ago, and I wanted to step back from it for a while so I could gather my thoughts together for this review. Honestly, I still have conflicting opinions when I think about this book.If you are looking for a light read, Shattered Glass is not the book for you. It deals with some heavy issues that we all can relate to a rock and roll lifestyle and much more. There is drug and alcohol abuse, verbal abuse, physical abuse, characters dealing with death of their parents at a young age, an attempted suicide and a rape. I admit, I cried several times throughout this book. It definitely pulled at my heartstrings, and there were several times I had to take a break from reading the book for a few moments and then come back to it later.Please don’t get me wrong, this book is a very good book. Even though one of the characters, Liam, goes through so much in his young life, I really rallied behind him and was in awe of his inner strength and the self discovery and growth that he goes through. Although this book is really about all of the band members of Shattered Glass, in my opinion, it was Liam that captured my heart in the novel. Liam is just six years old when he meets Milo and Sam. Liam’s father had just died in a horrible accident and he and his mother, Lily, had just moved into the same neighborhood that Milo and Sam live in. After befriending Liam’s mother, Milo immediately takes the young and effeminate Liam under his wing even though he’s six years older than him.As the years go by, Milo continues to look out and protect the young Liam. When Milo, Sam and Sam’s younger brother Rick decide to form a band six years later, they have a hard time finding a lead singer. Liam convinces the boys to let him try out, and once Milo and the other band members hear Liam’s beautiful voice, Shattered Glass is born.As the next few years pass, several things happen. Liam’s mother, Lily, gets terminal cancer and signs guardianship of Liam under Milo’s care. As Milo and Liam become more attached to one another, Milo starts to feel guilty because of his deep love and attraction to the younger Liam, so he had sex with every female groupie he comes across. To make matters worse, Milo is firmly in the closet and has no intentions of ever leaving it. Milo’s father hated homosexuals and because of the venom his father would spew about them, Milo has learned to live in fear of being true about his sexuality to others.Finally, when Liam is about to turn eighteen, Milo decides to tell Liam how he feels about him. Liam, of course, is thrilled that Milo wants him as much as he wants Milo. They wait until Liam’s eighteenth birthday, and they make love for the first time. Although they live together and have a relationship, they still are in the closet to everyone who is outside of the band. Milo’s fear of what others will think of his sexuality taints the love he and Liam have for each other.As the years go by, a band member does everything he can to sabotage their relationship. Finally, lack of communication and hurt feelings, break Milo and Liam apart and this also breaks the band apart, too. Now years later, Milo and Liam must meet again to help a fellow band member out. Will they ever be able to find their way back together again? Believe me; I left a lot out of the story. I didn’t want to get into it my summary too much, because I don’t want to give anything away. I will say that Liam goes through hell and back in his book. At one point, I wondered how much more could he take? I felt such empathy for him and rallied behind him to come out stronger in the end. Thankfully, he does, and I ended up rejoicing at Liam’s sheer will and perseverance to survive and become a better and stronger man than he was before the horrible breakup with Milo.I had some issues with Milo. At the beginning of the book, Milo is very mature for his age. I was happy that he took Liam under his wing. I really liked him and Liam together as lovers and friends. There were times their relationship was very tender and sweet and I loved it. But, Milo has a temper and is one to jump to conclusions. Often, his actions cause him to cut off his nose to spite his face. He too, does a lot of personal growth throughout the book, but I’m not sure if he will ever look at Liam as an equal. Because he had protected him all those years, and because of the six year age difference, Milo is pretty dominating over Liam and I don’t know if that dynamic of their relationship will ever really change between them.Even though this book is a rollercoaster ride of happiness and tons of angst, I still enjoyed reading it. The brotherly love that most of the band has for one another was very poignant and sweet at times. I enjoyed watching every character in the book grow up and evolve into the people they became. Also, before each chapter there is a verse or two of the band’s songs. Some of the songs were truly beautiful and they definitely captured the love Milo and Liam had between them. These songs read as lovely as any poem. I really loved them.I’m going to recommend this book because it’s extremely well written. I know because of the drugs, rape and other heavy subject manner, that this book isn’t going to be for everyone. That’s a shame, because it definitely caught my attention and has held onto it. Even now, days later, the characters and their story (especially Liam) weigh heavily on my mind. When you are in the mood for heavy angst, complex characters and to read about a love that is strong enough to preserver through many of life’s ups and downs; this book is definitely for you.A.C. Katt has a very interesting website. There is even a Shattered Glass video for our viewing pleasure. I’m looking forward to reading more by this author, and I plan on keeping tissues handy next time I start one of her books! Here is the link to check out A.C. Katt’s website:

  • Betryal
    2019-03-08 22:54

    As the story has drawn to a close and has completely drained my both emotionally and mentally I’m going to drain what’s left out in my review. I have a lot to say, but this book brought out the worst or maybe the best in me. I haven’t figured out which one yet. From the day that his mother moved him to town Liam was nothing but an innocent little boy who at a very young age realized he was gay and fell for one boy who he figured in his life would be it for him, but as they grow, thrive and learn to become one of the hottest bands around and prosper. Liam’s mum, Lily, entrusts that one person, Milo along with Sam to seeing to Liam’s growth and health as his guardians. Little did she know what was to become of her only talented son in the years ahead and what he’d be subjected to at the spiteful hands of plotting and planning by a one man’s vindictive rage of revenge who will twist everything to his advantage from truth into lies and it tears the two men apart, but does it stop there? No. What were friends and lovers were torn apart by lack of communication and it took six years to finally reach that point but not without the obstacles of once thought friends planting so many seeds of doubt that it had ripped them apart. I know I had made comments and remarks during the reading of this book and at one point I chucked it off to the side and I had done it a few times. I didn’t go back to it for the reasons of the brutality and the treatment that Liam has to suffer and endure. I was fawking appalled by it and all the lies, the twisted truths and deceit that continuously carried on throughout the story for most part which made me want to rip heads. But I kept going and for one reason only: To know the final outcome. If you’re considering tackling this book be warned that there are many parts that are objectionable and seriously could be sensitive to various readers for various reasons. The incident that had my balls twisted up into my the cavity of my chest was just about where I was ready to draw the line and forsake this book to the pits of ebook Helldom, but the details about to occur were left out although the aftermath and what took place afterward were enough to give unwanted visuals on what had happened. I will attest to having read books that have been more degrading of the characters than this one, but there was light shed even if said characters were a bunch of hopeless, fawktard sods throughout most of the book. It took Milo’s treatment, jealously and his own stupidity to even come to the realization of how he wronged the man he professed to love since he’d been a child with the outside views of a woman. It’s just pathetic that they all failed Liam in my opinion and he was too young and innocent to see this and chose methods that consisted of dire straits, but he comes through and I’m proud of him for that. Sam came through for Liam, but I had wondered if he was too late. In some aspects I believe he was, yet on others he was the support system Liam needed to get back on his feet again, but Liam was never whole. As his band he was shattered. What was meant to be a love story finally after the lights went out and the curtains came down wasn’t for me. In interactions between Liam and Milo I just wasn’t feeling it. I wasn’t feeling the connection when they showed affection towards each other, the connection that should have been. Something was lacking for me. Six years of pain and anguish forgotten in a matter of hours? This is more than a typical story of a band tribulations and turmoil in the success of fortune and fame. Drugs and booze intermingle and play into most part of the story. It’s a non stop tragic and depressing story overloaded with an abundance of bad decision making and bad judgment calls by all the members of Shattered Glass. The story garnered points for creativity in paragraphs of poetry which are well written and thought out as the plot thickens, points for description in giving a clear, concise visual of what we should be seeing while reading the story and points for not jumping a 6 year gap, instead filling you in on what’s taking place during that time with everyone’s angst. Point loss was for contradictions in areas. Such as: Liam doesn’t touch a drink during the 6 year separation but does as soon as he meets up again with Milo. Liam never drinks coffee because it doesn’t sit well with his stomach, but all of a sudden after he agrees to drinking tea he drinks coffee. Minors such as this and some others you’ll notice. ~ End ~

  • Lily
    2019-02-21 16:47

    Shattered Glass follows the lives of four friends for a twenty year period from their early childhood years to adulthood. As the story begins twelve year old Milo is just discovering that he's gay and finding the acceptance he knows he won't ever get at home from his friends Sam and Rick. At the same time they meet six year old Liam when the little boy and his mother move into their neighborhood. The boys become friends and a few years later the older boys form a band they call Shattered Glass. Liam is a precocious child, very smart and talented, and when he's twelve, despite being so young, he joins the band as well. They start off small but quickly become a very popular and successful band.But things aren't quite as wonderful as they look on the outside, especially for Milo who continues to hide his true self from almost everyone. Having grown up under the influence of a mean-spirited, bad- tempered and non-tolerant father Milo is deeply in the closet and making things even more complicated is his growing love for the much younger Liam. To maintain his "heterosexual" image Milo depends on his playboy image and beds a constant stream of women. When Liam is a couple of months from his eighteenth birthday, afraid that he may lose him to someone else, Milo lets him know his true feelings. Liam, who's been in love with Milo for years, is ecstatic but Milo makes sure they wait until Liam's birthday before they take their relationship to the next level. When that happens they become lovers but keep it a secret from everyone except their most trusted friends, yet never realizing that in the background of their happiness someone is starting to work against them. Soon their relationship, and the band, begins to disintegrate due to jealousy and mistrust, all being fed by someone out to hurt them, and ultimately it leads Liam to leave the band.As the years pass Liam's life spirals out of control and he shuts himself off from practically everyone. Devastated at the loss of his lover, and the band he loved, he also has to deal with the constant and very painful reminders of what he's lost. Finally hitting rock bottom one night he gets help and slowly starts to rebuild his shattered life. At the same time the others are also experiencing their own problems and as the years pass each in his own way tries to deal with the pain and loss of their friendship, careers and the love they once shared.A few years later they finally come together again to help and support one of their own in his time of need. After so much time apart Milo and Liam finally have a chance to sit down and talk. However as they slowly begin to heal the rift between them someone is still out there determined to stop them, at all cost.Shattered Glass is a solidly written story that I really enjoyed reading. However, from the beginning I also had several reservations with it. My first was that I felt that Milo and his friends, so young at the start, spoke and acted as if they were much older. Those first few scenes really threw me, especially the scene where Milo comes out to Sam, and Sam's very grown up responses to Milo. Second, the boys relationship with Liam, a boy of just six, and Lily, Liam's mother, also felt off to me. Throughout those first chapters I continually kept getting the feeling that they were all much older than they really were. One of the other things I had a problem with was Milo himself. For most of the story I barely liked him and at times I disliked him. His actions, fueled by his need to never be seen as a gay man, hurt a lot of people, most especially Liam, and although he later suffered for it himself and he wasn't the "bad guy" in the story he was still my least favorite of the characters.I actually had problems with all of the characters at different parts of the story although by the end I was feeling better about them. There is a lot of angst in this book, lots of tears shed, some very painful scenes including a betrayal that leads to rape and also drug use. There is also a lot of character growth and redemption as they slowly begin to heal and deal with the past and all the mistakes made.Despite my reservations with the book I couldn't seem to put it down and actually stayed up super late trying to finish it before giving up and waiting til the next morning to read the last few chapters. The plot was interesting although it wasn't much of a guessing game since the "bad guy" was shown early on. While the characters were not always likable their flaws only served to make them all the more human. These are definitely not "cookie cutter" perfect characters instead they are men who make mistakes, suffer greatly for them and finally learn and grow until reaching their long overdue HEA. I did like the fact that the guilty parties did pay for their actions even though one of them could be seen as a victim in some ways.While I enjoyed this story I think it may not be for everyone. There is a lot of angst, quite a bit of violence and protagonists who at times are not all that likable but despite all of that I've to say that the story grabbed my attention so much that I found myself not wanting to put it down. I look forward to reading more from A.C. Katt in the future.

  • Kassa
    2019-03-02 18:33

    Shattered Glass is a heavy book. It’s got a ton of angst, a lot of despair, pain, and suicidal tendencies. There are mistakes made by every single character that have far, far reaching impacts that nearly destroy each other mentally and emotionally. This is not a light read so there are some elements that make it tough to want to continue. The entire story as a successful romance/love story hinges on whether you can get through the hard times and believe in the happy ending offered. I admit I’m of two minds. I never quite forgave the characters for their manipulations as easily as they were forgiven in the book. Also the dark well of horror the main character falls into is difficult and gut wrenching to read. The flip side is that there is a lot of “I love you forever” to try to make up for it and I pretty much liked reading the story. So it really hinges on your tolerance of the dark times to get to the good.The story is another typical closeted rock stars in love that are torn apart through immaturity, ignorance, and a typical evil villain blackmailer/stalker. There are a few twists to this as one of the close friends of the two main characters is intimately involved in continuing the mental and emotional torture. The band starts with main characters Milo and Liam including drummer Sam and his younger brother Rick. They start playing when they’re in their teens and Liam joins when he’s a vulnerable 12. Liam’s mother dies when he’s only 16 so the guardianship goes to Sam and Milo. Their band Shattered Glass takes off and becomes famous but Sam leaves to go to law school as he always dreamed. Sam hires Bart Hedge as the replacement drummer and sends the dynamics of the band into a tailspin. Not to give too much away (though I don’t think it is) Bart is identified early on as Liam’s tormentor and he does everything he can to tear Liam and Milo apart. His actions, combined with other close friends’ actions, isolate Liam and send him into a spiral that leaves him emotionally and mentally battered while being drugged, raped, beaten, abused, and tormented. This is the part where the story gets very dark and hard to read. Liam is a delicate young man, sheltered from the world and he’s pretty immature. He’s been dependant on Milo all his life and once that support network is taken away, Liam doesn’t really know how to survive. Since the story wants the readers to identify and sympathize with Liam, it’s incredibly difficult to read these continued and horrible actions against him. He has his own responsibility definitely but the others (all the others including Milo) are a significant part of really tearing him down. At this point I almost quit reading but I wanted to see the turn when the story starts to build Liam up again and it does. The last 100 pages or so focuses on Liam gaining strength, intelligence, and maturity while dealing with this emotionally draining stalker. The actual reading also drains the reader as the story is engaging and absorbing enough to draw you in and play on your emotions. Some of the plot points are obvious and manipulative such as Liam’s family lawyer, Rick’s actions, Sam’s reactions, Milo’s justifications and so on. So you have to be willing to suspend some disbelief over the coincidences and inaccuracies to get into the story. The dialogue between the teenagers reads very adult and mature, which goes against their actions. The prose choices are much more staid and formal than their age and immaturity suggests so the beginning especially keeps reminding you that you’re reading a story. Later on the narrative gets better but it’s still ultimately difficult. The characters still feel somewhat flat at the end since the story forgives everyone but never really gives enough depth and consideration in my opinion. Sam and Rick’s actions especially are horrific on a lot levels yet they are instantly forgiven regardless of the immense pain they put Liam through. Liam seems to think the world is fine with just Milo’s love so ultimately none of the characters felt as though they really changed. They grew from their sorrow, as must happen with age, maturity, and negative experiences, but they still failed to really take responsibility for their actions and feel anything other than mild regret. This definitely affected my enjoyment and final view of the story. On the one hand this is an absorbing story with parts you don’t want to read and others you can’t quite put down. The flip side is of course reading this story takes a lot out of you. The emotional investment into Liam is pretty high and the payoff is a mixed bag. There is a definite happy ending and Milo and Liam ride off into the sunset but is it worth it? Only you can decide. I’m glad I read it but I wouldn’t read it again.

  • Chris
    2019-03-18 21:53

    I couldn't finish this story about two guys who form a band and are lovers until a one of the band members conspires to break them apart. I didn't like any of the characters and by halfway through the book, I still didn't care what happened to them.

  • Ada
    2019-03-03 18:33

    I'm sorry but I didn't like this one at all. The theme I liked so two stars. But for the love of God. Seriously?! The main characters are two of the most whiny, selfish and overall weirdest persons I ever read about. I hated Milo for being an overall jerk. I hated Rick for being a coward. I didn't like Sam because he made things just so much harder and Rick well funny enough I liked Rick most of all. He was honest with himself without being a whiner. But what really bugs me about this book is the writing style. It sucked. It didn't flow for me. Sounds vague but when you're reading a story sometimes you get in a zone. You can't stop because everything is just right. The atmosphere, language, rhythm of the story. This book didn't had any of those things. It was one long summary of incidents. I can see why some people would like this but for me it just didn't work.

  • Sassy Brit
    2019-02-24 16:55

    Ever since Milo Stamis was a kid, he, along with brothers Sam and Rick Stein, bonded like brothers. When a new kid, Liam O’Shea, came along, Milo, who’d suffered at the hands of his own homophobic father immediately spotted Liam’s gay tendencies and vowed to protect him. Besides, without a dad, Liam needed a father figure. The gang formed a band, Shattered Glass, of which Liam later became the lead singer.Sadly, Liam’s mother died of cancer and Milo agreed to become his guardian until Liam turned eighteen, which was good because they were inseparable, so much so, Milo wonders if he’s taken his guardianship too far. Liam’s young and he needs to experience life for himself - yet Milo doesn’t want to risk losing him to anyone else, especially as Liam is nearly of legal age and they’ve waited so long to be together properly. How can he be Liam’s guardian, confidant, friend, and almost lover all at once? Something has got to give and, unfortunately it does, but it’s neither Milo or Liam’s fault. When Sam Stein leaves the band to take the bar exam he has high hopes of becoming the band’s lawyer and manager once qualified. To replace him, they take on a new drummer, Bart Hedge, recommended by Sam’s younger brother Rick, but Bart is not there for the good of the band, he has his own agenda. Before long he’s creating an inharmonious vibration of doubt and discord between Milo and Liam - one evil step at a time. While the rest of the band are high on success, Bart is high on drugs and dealing to Rick who’s need for his next fix gets him caught in a web of lies and deceit he cannot escape. Bart’s clever riffs foil everyone.Meanwhile, on Liam’s eighteenth birthday his attorney, Walter Cheever, arranges to pass Milo vital details pertaining to the fatal car accident which killed Liam’s father, but neither Walt nor the information reach their destination. Now, six years later, Liam has lost his lover, the band, his career and his livelihood - practically his whole life, and it won’t be long before his stalker takes that too if his dangerous games work as he plans.What a performance! Shattered Glass starts at a Press Conference in 2002 with news that the lead singer of the band called Shattered Glass, Liam, has left due to “creative differences.” The truth behind this, though, is far from simple. The following events relayed in the book span a large period from their youthful band practice in the garage, right through to living their childhood dreams as famous members of a successful mega-band with all the trappings - roadies, groupies, tours. And a blackmailing stalker whose revenge threats become more deadly with each passing day.This plot-driven love story takes a fast-paced walk on the wild side of what it’s like to be successful gay musicians playing sweet music together. It also shows how success breeds jealousy from the most unlikely places. Are Milo and Liam strong enough to overcome the terrible ordeal planned for them?AC Katt has written a haunting story full of powerful images and shocking events. It’s provocative, realistically gritty, and a refreshing take on a gay love story. Shattered Glass is the perfect accompaniment for a music loving, M-M reader lazing on a sunny afternoon in the summertime.

  • Elisa Rolle
    2019-03-15 20:37

    This was not an easy novel. Apparently a show business themed story with pretty boys wearing knee-high boots and eyeliner, it soon turned in a dark memoir about sex, drugs and rock and roll. When the story starts, Milo is 12 years old and Liam 6. Milo has just realized that he prefers boys over girls and when he meets Liam, he recognized a soul mate in the little boy; this is probably one of the points in the book that let me more perplexed: while it’s quite understandable for a 12 years old boy questioning his sexuality, sincerely I think that 6 is a bit too early. True, Liam is a little genius, way ahead his peers, but still, the reason why Milo tags him as gay, his sensibility, his ever-so-slight lisp, probably is not enough reason. Anyway, 12 years old Milo decides to become the protector of 6 years old Liam, both from the outside world than himself: Liam arrives to 18 years old that he is not only a spoiled brat but also totally unable to face the big bad world. And as soon as Milo, that is not so much older and experienced than him, do his first mistake, than Liam is all alone to face the consequences. And the consequences are very bad and hurting, to a level that brings Liam to the edge of suicide. The starting point of the story is quite interesting, two very young boys, fated to be together, meet when both of them are too young to do something; it could have been a pink glasses perspective story, with a bed of roses waiting for them, and instead the author decided to turn it in a real life nightmare. It’s also almost a declaration on the importance of family and the support of parents: both Milo than Liam, for different reason, don’t have them, they are family and parents for each other, and of course they don’t have the right experience for being both. When they arrive to the beginning of their adulthood, they are more kids playing little home than real grown men ready for the future. If a reader picks this novel with the idea to have a light story about pretty and cute rock musicians, he will have a surprise: there is a very heavy dark tone, and to no one is spared nothing. What Milo and Liam didn’t learn while growing up, they will learn in the worst way by direct experience in fast forward. This is not a pretty story, and in some points it left me wondering, but all in all, it was unique in its genre.

  • Geri Ahearn
    2019-03-19 18:35

    "COMPELLING, SUSPENSEFUL, and GRIPPING!"Milo and Liam knew what they wanted from childhood. Along the road to fame and fortune, the love they shared together grew stronger-and-stronger as their Rock band became more popular. However, little did they know, that the empire they built, along with their loving bond was soon to be destroyed through vengeance and vicious lies. A psychopath continues to play his deadly game of manipulation on a mission to tear apart a loving relationship, and everything that Liam worked for. The evil, blackmailing stalker wins the dangerous game, but not the war. How long was Milo worried about his image and his secret love affair? How long was Liam unhappy that his secret was locked up in a closet? How long will Liam be tormented physically and mentally, before he can live life once again? How far will Bart go with his unstable mind and twisted personality? Who will survive the abuse, and will life ever be the same for Milo and Liam? This novel is recommended for music loving adults, who enjoy love stories that are provocative and filled with powerful images, with a blend of mystery. AC Katt wrote a dark, compelling story that will leave the reader on the edge of his seat from beginning to end. The spellbinding journey of the lives of the Rock stars and their fatal mistakes takes the reader on an emotional roller-coaster ride through the power of love, horror, and forgiveness. After six years, what will it take to rebuild what Milo and Liam once had? Will revenge, anger, and greed win the battle, or will love blossom in the healing process? "SHATTERED GLASS" is as THE TALENTED MR. RIPLEY, as emotional as the movie AS GOOD AS IT GETS and as powerful as SLEEPERS, with Robert Deniro, and Dustin Hoffman.

  • DeeNeez
    2019-02-23 18:39

    A great read. This is no fluffy read. It covers a lot of harsh realities of life in being famous in a rock band. It's a story of second chances, coming up from the depravities of hell.The story opens with the famous band splitting up, shattering to pieces. Then it jumps to the beginning of when they met, how the band was formed and their rise to fame. How the broken trust and love between Milo and Liam shatters the band. For six years we follow them thru everything from drugs, alcohol, rape, and suicide attempt to seeing them rebuild their lives. We see a lot of character growth and development. To finally giving things a second chance.There are some really ugly scenes during the dark period, but most of the song lyrics with every chapter were poetic, very beautiful. A great read but not for the faint of heart.

  • jules0623
    2019-03-13 22:01

    I love this genre but this book was a hot mess. The writing didn't flow smoothly and was, at times, confusing. The dialogue was overwrought and overly emotional without any actual feeling. I should have been in tears several times throughout the story but instead was left bemused by the OTT prose. I disliked almost all the characters and none redeemed themselves or seemed to really grow very much at all. And in the end when the MCs got back together, there was so much 'my baby' in the dialogue and narrative that I began to wince every time I read it. Milo never acknowledged what Liam kept trying to tell him - he was 27 years old now. Not a baby and not the same guy he was when they were last together but that was shoved aside in favour of falling into bed together again. So many unhealthy, co-dependent relationships in this book. It left me depressed rather than satisfied.

  • Jody
    2019-03-01 19:36

    This is a very intense m/m themed book that takes place in the world of rock 'n roll. It shows the good and the bad side to fame and pulls no punches when showing how it can all go wrong. For those who can handle the harshness of life, you'll find this an intriguing read with moments you'll love and moments you'll hate.Sam and Milo have been friends since they were very young. In a narrow-minded town violently unaccepting of alternative lifestyles, Sam and his brother Rick are the only ones Milo can "come out" to. To keep Milo's sexual orientation hidden, the boys decide to start a rock band to give Milo a manly persona. With Sam playing drums, Rick playing bass, and Milo playing lead guitar they set out to find a lead singer and stumble across the new little kid in town. Liam is six, and since Milo can sense he's gay, the boys bring him in to their circle to keep him safe. Luckily for them, he's a musical genius who writes amazing lyrics and plays saxophone and keyboard. With the blessing of his mother Liam becomes the band's new lead singer and thus begins the bumpy travels of Shattered Glass on their rise to fame. Along the way members of the band have to deal with drug addiction, feelings of jealousy in regards to the music as well as romance, and a blackmailer with a personal vendetta who will do anything to destroy Liam. Where music once brought these men together, it ultimately tears them apart. But from the darkest of despair music may once again bring them together and reunite lovers torn apart by a madman.This book caused a lot of conflicting feelings in me as I was reading it. My first issue was with Milo knowing Liam was gay at such a young age. I'm not sure how believable that is since a six year old is still discovering themselves, but it created a bond between them that was the heart of the storyline. My second issue was with the villain and just how despicable he was with the acts of hatred he committed against Liam. Those moments were hard to read and very cringe-worthy and somewhat over-the-top.The characters caused me a lot of irritation in that there was no clearly defined good guy. Of all the characters, Sam probably comes out looking the best. He doesn't outright hurt anyone but is definitely guilty of isolating himself from the events occuring around him. Rick hits many lows on his path to self-destruction and his jealousy makes him hurt those he once called family. Liam is put through the wringer, not only by the man bent on his destruction, but also by the men who call him brother and especially by Milo who claims to love him. Liam doesn't stand up for himself and tends to be rather childlike at times. His inaction became very annoying, if he'd just spoken up for himself more often he wouldn't have been hurt so badly. Milo lets his father's feelings about homosexuality permeate his entire life and destroy a relationship that was good for him. He swings from being overly obsessive to ignoring the person he says he loves. As I said, these characters were very hard to like and it diminished my enjoyment of the story.The villain and his vengeful acts were some of the more extreme things I've seen from a villain in all my reading experiences. It was rather jarring reading what he was able to get away with. And for me at least, his ending is not as fulfilling as I would have liked considering his previous crimes.I was expecting so much more from this story, since I love stories set in the music world, but felt disappointed as I turned the last page. With characters like those in this story it was hard to root for anybody since I didn't really like any of them and finding any redeeming qualities was few and far between. I'm not regretting reading this book, but there's so many things I wish were different. For those wanting a challenging read that's definitely not like anything else you've read before, I recommend you give this a shot. Be prepared for the conflicting emotions the storyline generates in a book you won't soon forget.

  • Jess Candela
    2019-03-22 01:00

    2.5I'm really not sure what to think of this one. I liked it at first, then didn't like any of the characters and wanted to stop reading. But I like musician stories and I like growing-up-together stories, so I figured I'd stick with it a bit and see. And there was some character growth which helped me...well...almost like the characters.But the villian was way too obvious and predictable. And although the explanation for why others couldn't see it was almost plausible, it was still kinda hard to swallow how oblivious they were. And Milo seemed so stuck for so long, then had a sort of rushed growth near the end; again, almost believable, but somehow not quite. And Liam seemed over-the-top weak and pitiful at first, and almost (but, again, not quite) redeemed himself by the end. So, I finished it. And I guess I liked it.ETA: I was describing this book to someone else and decided that description belonged in my review. So here it is:Reading this book all the way through felt a little like gorging on cotton candy. Even as you're doing it you're feeling a little ill, wondering why the hell you don't stop, but you keep going until you've finished the whole thing. Then, having finished, there's a sense of satisfaction even as you feel sick.

  • Misty Walker
    2019-03-06 21:46

    I have such mixed feeling behind this book because there was nothing wrong with it. All of my criteria was checked... drama, excitement, romance, angst, great characters, interesting plot... I will definitely think about this story for a while. I think it just comes down to length and believability. There was so much build up at the beginning and so much action at the end, but the middle just lagged a bit. I felt like it could almost be half as long and be a FANTASTIC book. As for the believability, there were just a few things here and there that were so far fetched, it brought me out of the story. But again, take those out and FANTASTIC book!I had a great time reading it and I'm glad I did. Milo and Liam are such great characters and all the hardship they went through in this book was definitely story worthy.

  • Raimonda
    2019-02-20 22:59 nezinau ka pasakyti...ivertint gerai negaliu,nors ir gavau doze siurpuliuku ir vietomis nustojau kvepuoti.Bet dazniau norejau personazams galvas su kede dauzyti:-) o asaru islieta knygoj daugiau,nei eiline mergina islieja per pms. Siuzetas,na nebuciau as,jei neismesciau tai kas man nepatiko( manes nezavi meile nuo mazu dienu ir laukimas pilnametystes...didelis NO NO NO):taigi minusai...1. vaiku meile ir saziningas laukimas iki pilnametystes2. nuobodus sexas,kuri skipinau3. asaros del kiekvieno sh4. Liamas - pirma jis vaikas,tada visdar vaikas,galiausiai per 6m suauga ir tampa bejausmis idiotas,ir galiausiai vel vaikas 5. ten ka tam pasaulyje nera interneto,zmoniu nesugeba rast kai reikech,tokia valanda jauciuosi alkana,bet reik miegot eitvieninteliai normalus personazai tai tik broliai Sam and Rickok, rytas atejo, sviesesnes mintys patapo...pries skaitant ir komentuojant reikejo atsizvelgti i autores metus. :(

  • Cathy Brockman
    2019-02-22 18:51

    A captivating, yet heart wrenching romance. A story of two men finding their soul mates. A love that blazes hot. But can the green-eyed monster (jealousy) mixed with self-doubt, and insecurities extinguish that flame? Or are their still embers lying in the ashes waiting for time to reignite the fire?Shattered Glass is a very heart- warming story of two men that fall in love with each other as young boys. Both Milo and Liam have their personal demons to battle. But so does someone else. Can Bart tear the two apart? Does Bart actually want to do more than just cause Liam Emotional pain? Why does he hate Liam so much? Can Liam put back the pieces of his life he lost? I ‘m not telling. You will have to get the book.If you like sweet very deep romance(like me), stories with personal conflict with at least a happy for now ending, really hot man sex, with some poetry, intrigue and mystery thrown in. This is for you. Be prepared for a few good cries both happy and sad..

  • Snowtulip
    2019-03-21 20:59

    3.0-3.5This book was very difficult to rate. The story had key things I love in a rocker book...angst, music, lyrics, decades long story line, heartbreak, mystery. Those things kept me reading, but it also had so many WTF moments (as in, the naivety of those statements floor me), some intense miscommunication that left me dry as a reader, and a OMG everything is great now ending that did not sit well after all the angst and heartbreak that left these characters just shadows of their former selves (HEA, everthing is forgiven in basically a day vs. six year plus of mental/physical trauma).But, this book was like crack...I could not put it down! I kept going along with the journey because I had to see how it ended, I just wished the ending was more substantial.

  • Cheryl
    2019-03-07 23:46

    The book description certainly didn't prepare me for the content of the book. You read on in horror as the lies and manipulations of some force the 2 MCs and the band apart.It is well written and I really felt for the characters as I watched the destruction of their lives. It was very disturbing to read and I had to keep reading until I reached a happy part (which was 2/3 of the book). After the lies are discovered there is a happy ending for the 2 MCs, after a bit more drama.If you don't mind dark and disturbing books this is definitely worth a read. A warning of the content: includes scenes of drug use and gang rape

  • Coffinmo
    2019-02-21 17:44

    sister,brother,holy mother whatever,I did like the plot,dear,rock band,jealousy,misunderstandings,angst,I felt like I had to be in another universe to not to be drawn to this book,okay?I could't wait to get my mind filled with rock n' roll boys having fun and making love!!However,the writting was just amateur and flat and cliche,I couldn't get anything new from the MCs already and then the writting's so off that there were no deep feelings for me to dig and I just could not feel the sincerity of Liam and Milo's emotion.

  • Elin
    2019-03-02 17:40

    This was not good, and honestly if I hadn't known it was good on points I would have DNF'd.The writing was bad, we started when the MC's was just kids, but they didn't sound like kids (way to grown up language). And it continued, there was no good flow to the writing. Seriously, no one talks like that.Storywise it was pretty bad too, I mean I did like the premise. But the characters seemed so stupid, and shit that normal humans would have resolved was blown up just so the story could be forced where the author wanted it to go.No, just no, this was not good.

  • Cayla
    2019-03-01 19:53

    I just finished Shattered Glass today and It was a great book. It's not a light read or a love story with a lot of happy fluff that you see most of the time. Its a book filled with pain and heartache and real life issues from drug use ,suicide , depression and Hiding who you are even if it kills you because people are not tolerable to differnt but also shows you forgivness and loyalty. I'm not sure if I was in liam's or Milo's shoes I could have forgiven Rick like they did. Over all its a great book leading up to a happy ended.

  • Vicki
    2019-03-17 21:56

    3.5 stars rounded upI had a difficult time reviewing this book. It covered a span of 10+ years and some awful things happened in those 10 years. But I didn't really connect with the story or the characters until years 9 & 10. There was too much narration and not enough actual character interaction to really get into the story. The final 1/4 was great, it had my attention, lots of action, drama, growth and a hard earned hea. Tags include rape, sexual and physical assault, animal cruelty.

  • Judith
    2019-03-18 23:59

    Not an easy book to read and one that I think was written in a somewhat disjointed style. Not always easy to keep the characters straight, but ultimately the novel tells the tale so that the point is made--love between two human beings is precious and to be cherished and nurtured--it is worth the price we often must pay.

  • Lara
    2019-02-26 20:38

    A great live story.The first books I read by this author were the Indiscreet. Multiple times this story was referenced and I finally had to read the book. Very well done, well developed characters, twisty plotline. An excellent read. I recommend this story to anyone who loves a good romance. The MM is almost incidental.

  • Samuel
    2019-02-22 19:40

    The plot was interesting and kept me reading despite the pages if atrocious dialogue. If you take the bad dialogue out it would have been amazing. Each time one of the main characters spoke they said everything on their mind and then repeated it. no one talks like that.

  • Mrsgeo
    2019-02-26 19:44

    Too many selfish characters to be really enjoyable but still worth a read.

  • Ingrid
    2019-03-10 23:42


  • Peppermaud
    2019-03-07 20:00

    This book leaves you emotionally and mentally drained. I loved it more because of that.

  • Sarah Sammis
    2019-02-19 17:47

    I won this book from Alternative Reads.It's like Gravitation but without the humor.

  • Sadonna
    2019-03-12 16:47

    Between 3 and 3.5 stars. UGH! This was painful.