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FIRE BURN AND CAULDRON BUBBLE is the first book in the Jolie Wilkins series. If you like your books steamy (this is a paranormal romance series for adults, not for kids or teens!) and you appreciate a good witch, warlock and vampire romance triangle, read on!A self-deprecating witch with the unique ability to reanimate the dead.A dangerously handsome warlock torn between bFIRE BURN AND CAULDRON BUBBLE is the first book in the Jolie Wilkins series. If you like your books steamy (this is a paranormal romance series for adults, not for kids or teens!) and you appreciate a good witch, warlock and vampire romance triangle, read on!A self-deprecating witch with the unique ability to reanimate the dead.A dangerously handsome warlock torn between being her boss and her would-be lover.A six hundred year old English vampire with his own agenda; one that includes an appetite for witches.The Underworld in a state of chaos.Let the games begin.Life isn’t bad for psychic Jolie Wilkins. True, she doesn’t have a love life to speak of, but she has a cute house in the suburbs of Los Angeles, a cat and a quirky best friend.Enter Rand Balfour, a sinfully attractive warlock who insists she’s a witch and who just might turn her life upside down. Rand hires her to help him solve a mystery regarding the death of his client who also happens to be a ghost. Jolie not only uncovers the cause of the ghost’s demise but, in the process, she brings him back to life!Word of Jolie’s incredible ability to bring back the dead spreads like wildfire, putting her at the top of the Underworld’s most wanted list. Consequently, she finds herself at the center of a custody battle between a villainous witch, a dangerous but oh-so-sexy vampire, and her warlock boss, Rand....

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Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble Reviews

  • Tracy
    2019-02-08 22:53

    Burned and Bubbled My PatienceJolie Wilkins had been content with her little life, running a shop in L.A. with her best friend Christa and using her abilities to read auras and glimpse futures to provide the business that supported them both. Then she saw the ghost - her first, actually, and soon after her life didn't resemble anything she recognized.That wasn't the ghost's fault, at least not directly. It was more the influence of one ultra-sexy warlock Rand Balfour, who sent the ghost to Jolie as a test of her powers. And then told her she was a witch. A powerful one. She didn't believe it, of course, but when she brought the ghost back from the dead - purely by accident, really - she knew her life was forever changed. And she had Rand to thank, so to speak, for it.Unfortunately, Jolie's gift paints a big target on her back and soon a power hungry witch of age and skill tries to coerce Jolie into her service as she gathers forces to lead a charge to become Queen of the Underworld, and only Rand stands between the powerful Bella and the timid Jolie. She has to rely on the warlock to teach her, employ her to keep her safe, and to move her from Bella's territory to his own in England. And while her previously neat little life spins wildly out of control and her attraction to Rand grows into heated intensity, Jolie struggles to get a handle on the use of her powers, as they may be the only thing that will save her from the myriad of things that go bump in the night...creatures all who seem to be out to use her as a pawn in a deadly game of war and supremacy.~*~Despite my appreciation for the concept of this story and the many positive reviews on several different sites, I was horribly disappointed in this book. It plucked at so many of my reading anathemas that I could have danced to the cacophony of dislikes. The heroine - and I use the term loosely - is an insipid, immature, shallow chit who cares more about how hot a guy is...even as he's holding her prisoner after she's vein-raped by a monster...than about character. She's got zero self esteem and her backbone is roughly the consistency of cold porridge. And she consistently puts herself into dangerous situations out of ignorance, pride, vanity, or idiocy. Then wonders how she could have been so stupid. Ugh.The hero, Rand, wasn't as offensive, but his constant waffling over the boundaries he needs to maintain because he's Jolie's employer was the cornerstone of his character development and that got old even before he explained them. He wants her so very much but he won't take her - yadda, yadda, yadda. Of course, his moral fortitude doesn't preclude him acting like a jealous wanker when Jolie dates a werewolf. Still, at least he maintained an appearance of maturity.Unlike Jolie, who while dating Trent (the werewolf), practically has a nervous breakdown and gets jealous to the point of hyperventilation of her own best friend during a double date because her BFF is so gorgeous and Trent is nice to her, so of course that means he's more into Christa than he is Jolie. Um...yeah...on the second date. And I feel compelled to mention that nearly all the male characters, including the warlock, the werewolf, a vampire, and a fairy King kept telling Jolie what a gorgeous creature she was and how they all wanted to bed her - even the ones who wanted to eat her afterward. This was not only extremely annoying in its own right, but it kept me wondering why Jolie kept comparing herself so unfavorably with Christa throughout the book.Then again, why her BFF is included as a secondary character to begin with boggled my mind, as rarely have I read as vapid and useless a character appendage as Christa. So no, with maybe the exception of Sinjin, the characters didn't work for me at all.Neither, unfortunately, did the plot. It would have, I think, had the subplot about the brewing conflict between Bella and Rand and the growing alliances of both been a larger part of the story. But it remained a subplot, and instead over sixty percent of the book focused on Jolie's emotionally immature actions and reactions to the changes in her life while not actually expounding on those changes.Even after she moves to England and starts to train her magic we see her life through chapter-long vignettes of social dates and angsty confrontations between her and Rand; the same angsty confrontations again and again about whether they will or won't have sex and what it would or wouldn't mean. And the transitions between those vignettes are choppy and lack explanation and definition. One chapter she dates Trent. Another she double dates with him and Christa and another werewolf. There's a chapter in which she meets other werewolves who've fled Bella and moved to England. Then Trent dumps her - which we're told of after the fact while Jolie and Christa are getting ready for girls night to tie one on. It was all so disjointed and segmented it didn't read like a smoothly developing narrative building towards a satisfying conclusion at all.There's more than one reason for that, too. It didn't actually have a conclusion. No, it just cut off after a conflict that was ancillary to the main conflict of the impending war subplot. I would call it a cliffhanger...but the preceding action hadn't climbed nearly so high as to warrant an actual cliff. Perhaps a hill-hanger. Ant hill. And normally I loathe cliffhangers. This one didn't bother me so much (I was sorta just glad it was over), though it did further cap my disappointment.To be honest, I did find the last third of the book more palatable than the first two-thirds. The narrative smoothed out quite a bit and the story started to delve a little more deeply into the characters actions as they were happening instead of that choppy vignette style. And the plot threads were more centrally focused around Bella's antics and nastiness instead of Jolie's romance angst. There were even some relatively pleasant surprises sprinkled here and there. It was too little too late for me, and Jolie wasn't redeemed nearly enough for my tastes to really improve my overall opinion, despite her evidence-bereft proclamation to the contrary, but at least I stopped wanting to shatter my Kindle against a wall.I know this book has achieved quite a lot of popularity and garnered much praise, but there were just too many of my personal dislikes running rampant in this one. These things happen. I wish H.P. Mallory all the luck in the world with her series and hope future books continue to entertain. For me, though, there was too little payoff for the investment of time and money and too little about the story that was even tolerable. I also want to caution those who are expecting a paranormal romance, as it claims to be on the cover, because that is not the impression I got as I was reading, nor was it how it seemed upon completion. There may be a romantic resolution for Jolie and Rand one day, but that day was not seen in this book. ~*~*~*~Reviewed for One Good Book Deserves Another.

  • Trina Lore
    2019-01-28 18:36

    Why does Goodreads not have a "Did Not Finish"/"Will Not Finish" shelf? Because that's where I'd put this one (so I added one of my own, but they still made me choose one of the pre-sets). I bought it on my sister's recommendation, and she later apologized for not updating her rec. I thought maybe she was punishing me for procrastinating on finishing a different series that we're both into.But I digress. I don't often/always review books, but in this case I feel like I have to. This is complete and utter dreck. I have run into Ye Olde "too stupid to live" heroine in the past, and either suffered through her or put her story aside. Not only is this heroine lacking in intelligence, but she is also ridiculously lacking in self-esteem. EVERY time a male interest of hers says two words to her best friend, she freaks out and assumes he's into the friend, and runs outside to pout and wallow. It. Gets. OLD.There are so many other problems with this book, but these were the ones that made me abandon it. Maybe I'm spoiled, but I prefer characters with a couple thoughts in their heads and at least a tingle of stiffness in their spines. The universe presented was promising, but I just couldn't wade through the idiocy to get to it. Sadly.I feel I should say this: I DID make it more than halfway through. Probably a lot further, but I bought it for my kindle and deleted it in disgust, so I can't pinpoint where/when I gave up.My poor review isn't sex-related (I loooooove good sex in a book!) or some other moral issue. Unless you count wanting decent characters as moral stand. Again, I've let that slide in the past, but it's not like the author lets us get to know any other characters here. We're stuck with Jolie the Idiot and Her Amazing Circus of Self-Loathing. No thank you.

  • Beth
    2019-02-14 21:40

    I used to be one who forced herself to finish every book she started even if she didn't like it - and that was fine when the book I was reading was Moby Dick or some other classic that I felt I should have under my belt. But for 99 cents, and a book about sexy warlocks, I give up. I like chick-lit (I'm a big fan of the Shopaholic series), and I like paranormal romance (I liked Twilight and I liked Amanda Hocking's vampire series). I think what completely irritates me is when the two are combined. Maybe it's me, but after the first 250 times of hearing the main character say how hot and drool-worthy the warlock is (who basically made her give up her whole life and move to England against her will), I just wished I was reading Moby Dick again. And I HATED Moby Dick. And really, is a vampire who retracts his fangs in and out while you're talking to him really all that sexy? And why is this woman so damn horny? Another pet peeve of mine is too many pop culture references. Check that one off the list as well. The part that finally made me put down my Big Mac and say "what the f#ck" was when Jolie was on a double date with her friend Christa and out of nowhere freaks out that her date likes her friend better than her. She runs outside and starts hyperventilating. Did I mention the dates were with two werewolves, which was proceeded by a page of conversation in which Christa asked if they did it doggie style? Ah yes, women's fiction at its finest. And then there was the totally unexpected masturbation scene, in which a ghost named Pelham shows up and rips the covers off of her while she's in the middle of it. I'm sorry, but all I could think of when I met the ghost named Pelham was Peeves the poltergeist from Harry Potter. Once I got that idea into my head, the whole scenario became even more disturbing. After deciding to quit this book I went straight to Amazon and downloaded Lord of the Rings. I need to clear my head and remind myself why it is that I love to read.

  • Jacob Proffitt
    2019-02-04 23:31

    I gave up at the 50% mark. I really wanted to like the book because I sort of liked Jolie. While the writing is mostly good there are three problems that tanked my ability to really engage with the story.First, and most importantly, the emotional gage was permanently cranked to 11. Jolie reacts to everything like it’s the most important event in the history of ever! In one scene her heart gave enough palpitations I wondered if she’d need an EMT to get her through it. It felt like Jolie (or H.P. Mallory) deliberately chose the most dramatic option in any given situation. By the time she moves out of Rand’s protection in a snit I’d had enough.Second, H.P. Mallory clearly doesn’t know what some words mean. For the record:- If something is said “facetiously” then at least some of the statement needs to be untrue, or at least exaggerated.- It’s impossible to be “entirely divested in his accounting books.”- humility is when you are humble, not when you are embarrassed. That’s humiliation.- Depressing your foot “from” the accelerator is a bit weird and you’d definitely never “depress” anything but the brake before a turn.These are the instances I remember. There were more—and all before the halfway mark. In addition, Mallory thanked an editor, Teri, at the Editing Fairy. Teri, you’ve got some ‘splaining to do. I sincerely hope you flagged these and Mallory chose to ignore them. I’d like to think that, but unfortunately, I really can’t see how an author would override an editor on word definitions that can be easily verified with a competent dictionary. Being thanked by an author is good advertising. Being thanked by an author on a poorly edited book, not so much...Third, Jolie’s attitude towards her friend, Christa, was sometimes very off-putting. No sooner does she establish mental contact with Rand than she’s mentally undermining Christa to him. She’s barely met him! And even if they were old friends, making behind-the-back comments about your “good” friend Christa is a bitch move at any time. If that were the only incident I could chalk it up to a bad moment, but Jolie hardly misses an opportunity to look down her nose at Christa and came off as both arrogant and insecure doing so. She should have been humiliated. And humbled, come to think of it...Mallory comes off as addicted to drama during the course of what I read. I’d say it was a character trait associated with Jolie as the main character, but Rand also made choices that made no sense to his character and only served to up the drama. Yeah, he may be reluctant to start a relationship because he’s technically Jolie’s “employer”, but then he should also be aware of, and reminding her, that he’s even in this situation because he chose to defend her in the first place. He could have avoided the whole thing, himself, if he’d just left her to twist in the wind in the first place. That he doesn’t point out something he should be keenly aware of when his interference is tossed in his face, yet again, breaks my last excuse for the author being authentic to her characters.Mallory’s writing isn’t complete crap. She’s got a decent grasp of the fundamentals, even if she doesn’t always know what words mean. But her grasp of character is weak and in the end, I felt I was watching a puppet show directed by teenagers.

  • Alicia
    2019-02-10 22:48

    The most compelling aspect of this book was how the flaming hell so many people gave it such good reviews, both here and on Amazon. I am literally stunned by the amount of people praising it, which makes me question if they even read the damn thing. *Here there be spoilers and a lot of trashing*I figured I was going to hate it from the first page. I'm not a fan of authors who begin their book with a one sentence vague hook, but every now and then you find an author who can pull it off. I find it a cheap and formulaic way to draw people into a book that the author had no idea how to start. Anyway. From there on, it just got worse. Everything about this book is just so bad it's hard to even know where to start! I honestly felt as though I was reading the ramblings of some bored 15yr old Twihard trying to occupy herself during chem class. Throughout what I actually managed to read, there are more inconceivable events after another. I know it's about witches and vampires and warewolves and faries....but I found the random course of events more unrealistic than the supernatural creatures involved. Like when Rand enters. So a super hot guy enters and everyone melts. Then he books psychic reading for the next few weeks and every one is fine with that, even though there is no explanation as to why, given that she failed to see anything the first time. But apparently it's because she a super powerful witch, only no one knows how that's possible since she can't to feck all. After what, meeting the guy twice? he asks Jolie out to dinner. She wants to say no but says yes. And when she is just oh so confused as to how those words left her mouth, he says it's because he magically made her. And that's cool. NO! After basically being mind raped into submission, she just shrugs and thinks "yay dinner with hot man," not "holy crap, get the feck out of my shop, you mind rapist"Or when Jolie just ups and moves to England in about one page. Oh, now I have to move to England for no reason other than because of some rule that makes no sense? Okay. That's fine. Now I'm in England. Now I'm in an English manor house masturbating for the first time ever and oh, what's that? A ghost has pulled the covers off the bed. But that's cool, I think I'll just have a chat with him. As you do. The characters are stereotypical constructs that have no personality, history, or feasible interactive dialogue. When they do speak to each other, it's only meaningless space filler. Another thing that made me want to hunt down the author and shoot her was the use of British vs American words and how they were used in the book. The author makes the love interest British. Fine. Normally they have hot accents to Americans, although now that I’ve been here in England long enough, I can’t think of any hot English accents. Stephen Fry? Cultured, but then images of his naked body make me recoil. Russell Tovey, Jake Whitehall, John Bishop, Michael MacIntyre, all English, but not what I would call ear candy. However, that’s personal. But then, to prove just how English Rand is, the author injects as many British colloquialisms as stereotypically possible.R: “blah blah, words no one cares about, and Bob’s your uncle”J:“Bob? Who’s Bob? Uncle? Huh?”R: “Oh ho ho, let’s all laugh at how funny it is that you can’t understand my slang. Ha ha, I’m so English."Ugh. Also, it grates me even more when it’s so obvious the author just randomly inserted nouns for fun. There’s even a line where the ’bad guy’ calls the ‘hot guy’ a boffin as some kind of insulting dig. That’s like calling a bank teller an ambulance driver if we had some kind of slang for that role. It’s not an insult, it’s confusing. Boffins are scientist, lab workers, etc.To make matters worse, the author actually spent some years in the UK and apparently didn't quite pick up on anything. Phrases like "Bob's your uncle" and "the dog's bollocks" is about as common as saying "radical" or "gnarly" and just about as cringing. Especially when it's used for no other purpose than to reinstate that yes, the main guy is from England, and yes, it's just so funny that the English and the Americans use different phrases. Suffice to say, I could not finish this book. And thank god, because then I read that the rest of the book went like this: I'm obsessed with Rand. Rand no want to have sex with me. I'll date this werewolf to make Rand Jealous. Now werewolf wants to have sex. No, I don't think I want to have sex with him because I love Rand. Now werewolf has dumped me and I hate him because life is so hard! But it's only because Rand just told me he loves me. The end. And I totally believe it.

  • TJ
    2019-02-19 23:35

    3.5/5.0Ok, so this is not rocket science, folks, but it is fun!! And, sometimes that is just what one needs.Mallory's writing is smooth, upbeat with a light air, while telling stories of witches, vampires and assorted otherworldly beings, all trying to live peaceably - or not - with each other. While Jolie's character gets to be more than a little annoying with her "poor little me, I can't do anything" attitude and her constant actions to prove the point, the addictive storyline, handsome men and crazy magic action was enjoyable enough as to make me lose all track of time and stay up half the night discovering what becomes of the hapless heroine and her handsome hunk of a warlock!

  • Michelle
    2019-02-09 21:53

    This is one of those books that you shouldn't judge by it's cover. I sat down with my kindle expecting a light, funny paranormal romance and instead got an action packed urban fantasy tale with witches, fairies, werewolves and vampires! I was amazed with this one, it took me a couple of chapters to leave my expectations behind but that's when it really hooked me in and I enjoyed every page. I can't wait to find out what happens next, thing's are really starting to heat up for Jolie!

  • Katrina Passick Lumsden
    2019-02-16 17:50

    If I could take back reading any of this, I would.

  • Brittain *The Baddest Female*
    2019-02-15 22:40

    DNF at 15% but this book has 2 more attached onto the end so in all fairness, I have no idea how far I have gotten and I don't give a flying shit.Ok, so this girl is a psychic. Or something. She reads tarot cards and gets by in life. Then she sees a ghost for the first time. She gets spooked but continues with her life. Enter Mr. Tall, Dark, and British.He asks her to read his aura then promptly tells her that he is magical and shit. So he brings her on a little project where she somehow reanimates the fucking dead who is later killed by the dead guy's daughter?Then this girl is suddenly wanted by every supernatural who all find her stunningly attractive (of course! why wouldn't they?) and they begin to fight over her. The British guy whisks her away to his manor home (more cliche) in England where his resident ghost gets the hots for her as well.With every good story, you have to have an element of truth or it being believable. Fairy tales are based on human nature which is why they are engaging. Legends have some element of truth to them somewhere. Even fantasy books have to be grounded in some reality.But a girl who is so attractive that she can barely take two steps without men falling at her feet trying to save the world is simply not real. I don't sympathize with her. I don't care about her feelings. And I really don't care how the book ends. It reads like some cheap self insertion fanfiction Twilight spinoff and we all know how I feel about Twilight.So yeah.#OverIt

  • Trang
    2019-02-06 16:51

    Girl-next-door Jolie one day found herself visited by a drop-dead gorgeous warlock who insisted that she had great potential as a witch and helped her discover her rare talent in resurrecting the dead. Innocent Jolie suddenly was caught up in an Underworld war that had a lot to do with attractive warlocks, vampires, and werewolves who competed against each other over her. While hiding away from the evil witch who tried to rule the Underworld, Jolie did not waste any time practicing magic and engaging in hot romance with her protectors. To each his own. My apologies to this book's fans but it was entirely out of curiosity to find out how silly this could get that I got through half of this book. I would say that it has some good contents and some new contents. Unfortunately, the good ones are not new and the new ones are not good. The first witch and warlock fight was a big let-down for me. I expected some serious spells or summons, not a fist-and-knee brawling between a man and a woman. Nice try at being creative, though. What irritated me the most is the fact that the plot, and especially the heroine, is something you'd see at least a hundred times in many shoujo manga (Japanese teen girls comics). The (poor and nothing special) heroine is a potentially powerful supernatural who has yet to discovered her rare abilities. In the mean time, the innocent, naive, and defenseless girl would be sought by evil forces who try to rule the world using her power. Luckily for her, heroes who are ready to die for her are plenty and happen to all be powerful, rich, perfect in appearance, and/or from a high social status. They also happen to fall for her immediately and will compete each other on the race to winning her hand. I had trouble determining the age of audience. There's too much sex for young readers and too little content for adult ones. 2/3 of the book is dedicated for describing how hot the male characters were, how Jolie and they lusted after each other, and how they exchanged flirtation or sex acts. I guess the blame is on me for expecting too much content from a fantasy book that's categorized as romance, but even the romance was not of my taste. Lust comes too intense too fast too easy and too often here. I found myself scanning over the pages to find some serious plot development as soon as I reached about 1/3 of the book. To my dismay, there wasn't a lot.I can't determine which annoys me the most, Jolie's ability (resurrecting the dead without penalty to her or the resurrected? Come on!), her quick lust, jealousy and gullibility, her friend Christa who'd sleep with any handsome guys and is otherwise useless, the guys who are all flawless, the guys who hopelessly swoon over her (boobs or legs), or the tediousness and redundancy of the lust (I have trouble calling it "love") scenes. This is, literally, bad romance. I give one point for the mental and physical effort of creating the story.

  • JenBee
    2019-01-21 18:54

    Jolie Wilkins is a psychic who is living life quietly running her fortune telling shop until the mysterious Rand, a warlock, turns up on her doorstep and everything changes forever. Offered a job she can not refuse Jolie travels to Chicago where she discovers her special talent. It is this special talent which causes her to be drawn into a world of vampires, magic and mayhem! Watch out for a fun and fast paced journey into this world as Jolie learns about her new life!Jolie is a very likeable character, she seems very normal (well except the seeing auras bit and all that) and manages to remain so despite all the incredible things which happen to her once she is plunged into the supernatural world after working for Rand.Rand is everything an alpha urban fantasy male should be. Mysterious, hot and more than a little difficult at times, but genuine and wonderful with Jolie.Fire Burn & Cauldron Bubble is set for the main part in England, this is quite unusual for an urban fantasy book but I loved it (being English!!) and thought H.P. Mallory captured England very well. Pelham Manor’s description reminded me of many manor houses I’ve seen (I live fairly close to where Pelham Manor is set) and brought it to life wonderfully.I liked how the characters seemed well rounded and very real to me, not just Rand and Jolie. I felt I knew exactly what Jolie’s best friend Christa looked like and was like. The descriptions of how different people saw the fairies was very interesting. Also watch out for the vampire Sinjin, is he what he seems to be? I really enjoyed Fire Burn & Cauldron Bubble, it is excellent fun, sexy and a fast paced read. I am looking forward to the next book in the Jolie Wilkins series, we are left with plenty of questions to keep us coming back!My review was published on my blog, if you'd like to check my blog out visit:

  • Miranda
    2019-02-03 23:42


  • Belinda Boring
    2019-01-21 15:51

    One of the greatest things I loved about this book was that just when you thought you'd seen it all, the author introduces a new twist that just totally blows you away. When I first started reading, I was expecting a quick read about a girl with supernatural powers who has an adventure, falls in love and saves the day. End of story and so not what I got. This story was smart, funny and INCREDIBLY sexy in both plot and characters. Each idea flowed right into the next one and I was excited as each scene unfolded because I could never tell what was going to happen next. I'd think the story was heading in a certain direction and BAM, here comes a characters and the story takes on a totally new meaning. I just have to say, HP Mallory writes one hell of a story and this is by far my favorite. I LOVED Jolie. Yep, LOVED her. She starts of this kind of insecure girl who has these abilities and is trying to make the best out of life. When a sexy stranger enters the picture, she takes a risk and accepts his job offer to go back in time and find out how a client of his died. From there she explodes into this amazing character with powers that have the supernatural world falling over themselves to have her. She puts up with so much drama and I love how she refuses to put up with it. From the insecure girl in the beginning, you would think she'd be a complete push over and I was so excited to see that she wasn't. There came a point where she didn't allow her heart to be given the run around anymore even though it broke her heart. She wouldn't allow others to steamroll over her with all their demands. She didn't allow herself to be taken advantage of by people and she did what she felt needed to be done. Now did this happen all at once? No and sometimes it took a few attempts but the thing I loved is she grew into her strength. The character she was in the end wasn't who I saw in the beginning and I LOVED watching the journey. I do have to say this for Jolie - I'd love to spend a day with her because the men that flocked around her? OMG. That's the thing with these strong Alpha types - they're drawn to strength and they saw that in Jolie. She's the type of character I love to read.The men in this book were to die for. The ones that had me panting were Sinjin, a sexy master vampire and Rand, her infuriatingly hot Warlock boss. No surprise really that one of the guys I'd fall for would be a vampire but Sinjin was just so smooth and had a way of talking that had me wanting to reach into the book and stroke him. He was such an incredible flirt and so seductive and I don't know how Jolie didn't just jump all over and attack him. I don't know if this is the right word but what I most liked about Sinjin was that he had this kind of masculine softness. Masculine in that he gave off a powerful presence but a softness in the way he treated Jolie. He was playful but could be forceful when needed and he just had this way about him that had me licking my lips in parts. Not to mention every time he said "Poppet" I laughed, and all kinds of crazy images would flood my mind. He may not have been the over the top Alpha vamp that I love but he was pretty close.Rand. I didn't know whether I wanted to throw him on the floor and "play" with him, melt into a puddle from his intensity or slap him silly for his stuborness. He was an amazing lead character. He had me all over the place and gosh the man was smoking. From the very second you're introduced to him, he has this mysterious feel to him and when you realize just how powerful he is you become addicted. Jolie and him are such an amazing team but he drove me nuts with his bouncing around. He is a prime example of how much it sucks to have to deny yourself because you want to do the right thing, and of how difficult it is to try to control a burning passion for someone without going crazy. I found myself talking to him through out the book (which got ALOT of raised eyebrows from those around me) because I always felt that with just the right amount of encouragement, the way I wanted things to be with Rand and Jolie would happen. There were scenes with Rand that SIZZLED and fogged my glasses up and I'm REALLY looking forward to future scenes where he can totally unleash himself. My gosh that man was amazing.You just never really knew the motives behind some of the characters and so it was always a surprise when a character who you thought was the good guy turned out to be a jerk and the jerk turned into someone who played an important part in the war Jolie and Rand were preparing for. But then there were characters that you just knew were evil and as a sucker for those characters this story had a few. I love a good villain and I won't give too much a way but Ryder? Based on this story, after I got over the giddiness of how evil he was, I would have staked him in a heartbeat. What a horrifying monster. Even now when I think of him I shudder and feel an overwhelming need to go scrub myself. I did prefer him over the resident evil Bella though, but I have this sinking feeling that we haven't seen the half of it when it comes to what that witch will do for power. So many possibilities that I can't wait to see.I hope this review does the book justice because it really is an amazing read. It's the first book in a series that I know lovers of romance and the paranormal will easily become addicted to. HP Mallory is definitely an author to watch out for. I've read both her books now and haven't stopped raving about them since I finished them. Don't hesitate to get a copy of Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble (and To Kill A Warlock) because it really will blow you a way . A must must must read. Enjoy!

  • Ursula
    2019-01-27 22:47

    I agree with a lot of people who have said the book would be better if the author didn’t feel the need to mention sex on almost every page. I love a good romance and don’t shy away from steamy scenes (especially where vampires are concerned)and felt that often, the sexual aspects of the book are both hit and miss and don’t really add anything to develop the characters or the storyline. It seems like all of a sudden every main male character wants to have a sexual relationship with her. And, although this could be ok if used as a mechanism to discuss male desire (especially when that male only wants power from the woman) and the female being subject to that male desire - instead it just falls short and in all honesty Jodie comes off as a bit of a tease and a wishy washy female who can't decide what her value is as a woman and who she really wants. I also found that the plot just plugged along and I often had the feeling that I sometimes have while watching a 2 hour long movie – “ugh, this story could have been told in 30 minutes.” I really felt that the story dragged along and I kept waiting for an outcome, a resolution, a mind altering realization on the part of the characters – non of which came.If you’re looking for a light, mindless, para-romance that is a quick read than I would “somewhat” recommend this book. Because the chapters are short, the plot is simple and there aren’t a lot of complex characters or developments, I did find it to be the perfect book to read as a nightcap after a busy day of working over 10 hours. It’s an alright read that’s not meant to be earth shattering, prophetic or mind altering.I will say that the ending and the possible outcome in regard to the characters relationships, etc. did make me purchase and read the second book. Will I read the third if there's one published? Probably, because I’m a stickler for finding out how things end.

  • Melissa
    2019-02-16 18:38

    This was a disappointing read. It started out so well, sucking me into the world building and liking the characters; it ended with a cliffhanger that left me feeling "meh". There were problems with consent, with a quasi-rape (vampire forces his fangs and drinks from heroine's pubic area) and a threat of sexual rape in the same scene. This is why I prefer my vampires being the dark, brooding villains rather than the sexed up beautiful corpses (with the exception of the Midnight Breed series).I really like the heroine (of the book and the entire series) Jolie Wilkins in the first 25% of the book. She is trying to make her psychic business into a success. Her BFF and employee, Christa, was an actual support for Jolie and vice versa. The hero, Rand Balfour, was mysterious but fun to get to know and the mission he hires Jolie and Christa for was entertaining.Then came the party with the villainess, Bella, and Jolie's introduction to the paranormal world. The independent and smart Jolie, who does have self-esteem issues, becomes dependent on the protection of Rand and a target for all the different species to acquire for her witch abilities. The rest of the book is nothing more than Jolie's middle school emotional rollercoaster and sexual awakening while she and Rand try to build a coalition army to fight Bella and her army. Jolie becomes a whiny, TSTL character; Christa is a card board cut out of a "friend". Rand keeps trying to get through to Jolie to be more careful and cautious, as this world is far different from the human world; she is too impulsive and needs constant rescuing, despite being such a powerful witch and the living fulfillment of a prophecy.Bottom line - so much potential for a great fantasy series cut down by lack of editing and emphasis on horny, ditsy heroine.

  • Lynsey (A Bookish Life)
    2019-01-22 19:37

    Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble is the first book in the Jolie Wilkins series. We join Jolie's story to find her living happily in ignorant bliss, believing she's a psychic; giving readings and fortunes from her quirky little shop with her best friend Christa. Turns out the reason she's so good at reading people has nothing to do with being psychic at all, it's because she's a witch. She has her eyes forcibly opened to this salient piece of information by Rand, a rather dashing warlock, who, among other things, has a job he needs her to do that she just can't turn down, but may later wish she had anyway.I'm already three books into H.P. Mallory's other series about Dulcie O'Neil, a Faerie law enforcement agent, so I came to this expecting a similar style of writing and world-building, and that's just what I got. I don't believe they are actually set in exactly the same 'world' (although I could be mistaken about that) because there do appear to be some discrepancies, particularly regarding the Fae race, but it has that similar feel to it. So basically, if you enjoy one series, you'll probably enjoy the other one, too.It's written from Jolie's POV in first person, and I found her to be endearing and likeable, if sometimes a little naive and clueless. I can't help but compare her to Dulcie, who is a lot tougher and more sure of herself, particularly about her skills at her job as a sort of supernatural cop. Jolie is much softer, much less kick-ass, but no less enjoyable to read about. Her whole life has just been turned upside-down, and because everything is so new to her, she's naturally a lot less confident at the start of her journey.I also really liked Rand, the warlock I mentioned earlier. He's Jolie's first connection to this new supernatural world and I enjoyed reading about the relationship that's slowly developing there. He's a Brit, a bit of a loner, his dimples sound adorable and I just hope to see much more of him as the series progresses.At first, I found the scene jumps a little bit jarring. There are lots of transitions between settings, time lapses, skipping over any travelling or long journeys, and it can feel a bit jumpy at first. But by the end of the novel, when I thought back on all the different scenes that were still flying around in my head, it actually served to make it feel as though I'd read a story much longer than only 300ish pages. I felt like Jolie had come so far, seen so much, been so many places. It gave it a feeling of scale and scope.As I said earlier, if anyone's read the Dulcie O'Neil series and were wondering about this one, you should like it just fine. And as with her other series, which also has these cutsie cartoon covers, you always get a lot more substantial plot than you're probably expecting. They're not just silly, ditzy mysteries. There are credible bad guys, a couple of hot guys, some heartache, a steep learning curve. And if this is still free on Amazon, which it was last I checked, you should absolutely, positively, definitely snap it up ASAP.4 Stars ★★★★

  • Anna
    2019-02-03 20:33

    Could not finish this poorly written, shallow, tediously boring book. It reads like someone trying to rip off the Sookie Stackhouse books but without the skill or any semblance of quality. The 'heroine' is a vapid, shallow, unpleasant, rude, self centred, thoughtless idiot with a spine of solid jelly. The 'hero', assuming that the First Guy is meant to be the hero, is entirely without character. The supporting cast are a series of cardboard cutouts with cliches attached. The 'plot' is often disregarded so that the heroine can digress into thinking about or obsessing over sex. The language is by turns overwrought, repetitive, cliched, repetitive, stilted and repetitive. The author often uses the wrong word (for example, someone pastes on an 'indignant smile' rather than an indulgent one). The use of British English is an utter failure - either so over the top as to be painfully obvious (no Briton ever says bonking in real life) or entirely disregarded. The book utterly fails at Show Don't Tell; an event that one would assume to be really rather important is skipped over entirely and the reader is presented with the aftermath during a one page conversation between the heroine and her best friend. Also, I know it's pronounced Sinjin, but I've always seen it written as St. John. This is a minor niggle, but one that genuinely bothered me (some googling suggests it is an accepted spelling, at least in American English).I'm at a loss to explain the positive, glowing reviews this book has received from so many. I'm glad this book was free, as I would feel extremely cheated had I wasted even a single penny on it.Addendum: As I can't remove this from my currently reading shelf for some reason - if anyone knows how, please do share - I went back to try and at least skim to the end. Oh dear GOD the 'Scottish'. I may have to share selected quotes with my Scots friends to see if they find it as awful as I do.Addendum to addendum: I love the random review I read that told me how to make exclusive shelves. Begone, foul polluter of my kindle...

  • AnnetteDahl
    2019-02-09 17:42

    This was a tale that I think had a totally new spin on warlocks and witches. The premise of the plot I found new and witty. Rand was our spectacular warlock hero, and our Jolie was, in her own words, "the dumbest woman alive". I agreed with her self-concept completely. There were many LOL snippets, but this scene had me rolling with giggles.... "They continued to growl and circle each other, as if daring the other to make the first move. The white wolf sniffed Trent’s rear and Trent did the same. I guess this was the wolf way of saying: “You talkin' to me?” If I hadn’t been so damned scared, I might actually have found that little ass-sniffing bit amusing."I read along with listening to the audio, and I think Allyson Ryan did an excellent job narrating. I've read a few books from this author, and they've been hit and miss. This story was a hit for me, one I found very entertaining. The story ended with me needing to know whose voice did Jolie hear. Excellent cliffhanger, and a great read.

  • Barbara ★
    2019-02-19 23:53

    This book was terrible. The heroine (and I use that term loosely) is one of those "too stupid to live" heroines that you just want to smack for being so stupid and immature. This reads like a young adult novel even though it is not. Jolie has sex on the brain. Every male within 10 feet of her is subject to her thoughts (she rarely acts on anything but her inner dialogue got old real fast). She even lusts after the males who have kidnapped her, tied her up, and sucked her blood almost to death. It made me want to scream. Who in their right mind when told "now that everyone knows you're a powerful witch, you have to move to England and live with me so I can protect you, and we have to leave right now", actually agrees and sells their store and picks up and moves to another country with a virtual stranger? I mean seriously WTF?I kept reading hoping it would get better but it doesn't. I won't continue this series.

  • Mandi Schreiner
    2019-02-17 20:37

    Couldn't finish this one - The tone was cute and the concept was okay but I couldn't grasp the heroines motivations for anything she did. She never thinks before she acts - and it made her into a TSTL heroine. Like going to a party full of vampires (who she had never met before) and because of this ends up having to give up her whole life. Yet, seems to bounce back really quick.She gets sucked into a dangerous world and then halfway through the book decides to move out of the protection of the one man she can trust to live on her own. I stopped at this point - it seems too set up for her to be in trouble.She also learns to bring people back from the dead - and the ramifications of doing this are not well addressed (at least in the first 50% of the book) I also couldn't understand if the paranormal aspects were public to the world, or kept secret. This was a DNF.

  • Laura
    2019-02-02 22:30

    I did not like this book. I had to struggle through it, skipping more and more on the way. The main female character was empty and uninteresting, I couldn't care less about her fate, moreover, I couldn't find a single thing in Jolie to cause anyone to fall for her. The romance line? I didn't find this "we can't do this" convincing, or "aha, if I can't have him then I will focus on anyone who casted a glimpse on me" romantic. This book had some potential, but resulted in something that could only be described as "boring, shallow, huge bunch of annoying words".

  • Annette
    2019-02-04 23:29

    Sadly, I won't finish this book. Main character has had too many "too stupid" moments and when she finds herself in some trouble... I truly just don't care enough to see how she gets out.I really really wanted to like this, but after avoiding reading *anything* for weeks because I felt guilty not finishing this book, I'm letting it go!

  • Gillian Murrell
    2019-02-06 18:41

    If you want a bit of light fluff to read then this is ok. Jolie Wilkins leads a perfectly contented life reading fortunes in L.A. Until her life is turned upside down after taking on a new client. Before you know it Jolie finds herself in the middle of a war and living in England. All because she is in hot demand because of powers that she had no idea she even had.

  • The Flooze
    2019-01-26 17:44

    After the cartoon covers of Sookie and Queen Betsy, I should know better than to presume such styles mean a fluffier story.I can't recall if books one and two of this series were freebies or just frightfully cheap. I do know I didn't purposefully seek them out and so my expectations weren't high. It was a nice surprise then to find a relatively entertaining series debut. It's not remarkable, but it's basic premise and characterization was enough to keep me engaged. (In a world full of FBS, that's about all it takes.) While reading about new witch, Jolie, being dragged into a hidden world of vamps and faeries and wolves oh my, I was reminded quite often of Sookie: her overall good nature, her unfair treatment as a commodity, her fierce desire to retain her independence...her bevy of supernatural suitors. Jolie mirrors her in all these ways. Thankfully, these saving graces prevent me from wanting to kill her every time she launches into an I'm Not Pretty Enough or Special Enough tirade. However, it doesn't stop me from being annoyed when Jolie needs concepts re-explained to her...especially when the repeated lessons don't reveal any handy new tidbits.The side characters fit the basic UF archetypes: the dippy friend who may become a liability; the brooding, demanding hottie who toys with her emotions for the sake of the Greater Good; the aggressive, all-in shapeshifter; and the gorgeous rogue who shouldn't be trusted and yet his open manipulations make him more reliable than the rest. Yes, we've met them all before! And as with other series, they all hold some level of appeal in these preliminary stages. We'll see how they distinguish themselves as the books continue.I will say one thing: though Jolie's revved up lust is a bit overused - particularly since she barely acts on it - the few moments of real passion are quite well-written. Using that as a foundation, a full-on sex scene promises to be a scorcher.The plot is okay. Although the intermediary villain is quite the bitch, I don't feel wholly invested in defeating her since bigger threats have been mentioned. I wish we'd explored those more so I could better appreciate what's at stake. Still, this book is mostly setup - focusing mainly on Jolie's acclimation and the basic world-building - so I suppose I can wait. Walk before you can run and all that.On the whole, I'm intrigued enough by Jolie's mysterious powers and the intersection of magical races. I hope the next book strains free of the UF fundamentals and brings something memorable and unique to the table.

  • Christine
    2019-02-03 19:37

    Jolie is a psychic who has no idea that she is actually a witch. Together with her cat and her best friend she leads a relatively quiet life. Okay, she doesn´t have a boyfriend, but so what. All that changes when one day smoking hot Rand walks into her life. Not only does she meet the very first ghost in her life, she also discovers she has very extraordinary powers. From now on, ghosts are the most normal things she will encounter. Jolie is is a very down to earth character who sometimes has to struggle with all the changes in her life and sometimes seems to be a bot overwhelmed by it. However, she never gives up or is whiny as other characters. Christa, her beautiful, flirty and fun-loving best friend is on her side. Rand, the male lead character is everything you wish for: atrractive, mysterious and powerful, yet still caring and charming whenever he is alone with Jolie. There are some really hot and steamy scenes between those two. The story picks up the pace quite fast and you´ll never have a dull moment reading it. Jolie finds herself in the middle of the powerstruggle of a supernatural society whose rules Jolie doesn´t know. Throughout the book, you´ll never know whom to trust. Throw in another sexy and recently brought-back-to-life werewolf and you´ll get a picture if the chaos Jolie´s life and love-life is.I really enjoyed the worldbuiling in this book. Other than most of the other Urban Fantasy books, H.P. Mallory has chosen England as the main location. IPelham Manor, Rand´s house was described with very much love for deteils and atmosphere and I could really picture the splendid manor with all its beauty and luxury. The supernatural society is inhabited with creatures like weres, ghosts, vampires and fairies. The schemes and powerstruggle guarantee for a lot of action and excitment and Christa sightly ADD-like behaviour adds light and funny moments. The writing is really good and just right for the story. H.P. Mallory finds the right balance of action, humor, romance and sexy scenes to guarantee for a thoroughly entertaining read. The end leaves a lot open for the next book in the series. Favourite scenes: I really loved the scenes with King Odran and his Fairy court. He has a very unsual and blunt charm I found very refreshing and amusing. Sinjin, the mysterious and sexy vampire adds further spice to this book. If you´re looking for a funny light and sexy read for your summer, then Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble is exactly the book.

  • Angie
    2019-02-06 15:54

    Je n'étais pas du tout convaincue par ce livre les 80 premières pages (dommage car j'aurais pu rajouter une étoile si ce n'était cela), jusqu'à un tournant. Et la, je me suis retrouvée plongée dans l'histoire et curieuse de la voir se dérouler sous mes yeux. Ce qui commence comme une intrigue quelconque et pas intéressante, ce révèle être une histoire complexe avec de graves enjeux politiques pour les habitants de l'Underworld, partagés entre 2 factions sur le chemin de la guerre pour le contrôle du monde. Jolie, propriétaire presque ordinaire d'une boutique de magie, découvre que les créatures fantastiques (vampires, loups garou, démons et j'en passe) existent. Il s'avère même qu'elle est une sorcière ayant le pouvoir de ramener les morts à la vie. Talent fort convoités par les 2 factions ennemies, qui veulent en tirer avantage; elle se retrouve donc malgré elle prise au milieu de ce conflit. Jolie est une héroïne mignonnette (bon ok, elle parle parfois grossièrement), rentrant à peine en possession de ses pouvoirs, plongée dans un univers qui la dépasse, mais guidée par Rand le "super" sorcier, son mentor et employeur avec lequel elle entretient une relation assez...particulière et difficile. Entre eux, le courant passe dès la 1ère rencontre, seulement il est décidé à la tenir à distance pour des raisons professionnelles. On suit donc le couple avec un certain plaisir et amusement. Évidemment, on tombe dans une sorte de carré amoureux car elle croise la route de quelques autres mâles, qui réussissent à la troubler et lui mettre l'eau à la bouche: Trent, le loup garou chef de meute et mon petit préféré Sinjin, le maitre vampire ambigu et plutôt obsédé. ^^On découvre au fur et à mesure l'Underworld et les règles, qui le régissent avec Jolie. Entre les partisans de Bella et ceux de Rand, le combat est serré car les trahisons et nouvelles alliances fleurissent. C'est parfois drôle, à d'autres moments plus sérieux, et on voyage de Los Angeles à Chicago, puis l'Angleterre en passant par l'Écosse (excellent patois comme je les aime en VO, du plaisir!).A la fin de ce 1er volume, bien que l'intrigue avance, tous les éléments ne sont pas dévoilés, et on se sent attiré par la suite pour mieux comprendre les motifs de certains car certaines zones restent dans l'ombre. Que recherche exactement Bella et pourquoi? Je peux dire avec certitude que je risque de lire très rapidement la suite. :D

  • WildAboutBones
    2019-01-23 22:51

    H. P. Mallory has come up with yet another delightful story and series. Humorous, good chemistry, fun characters, unexpected twists and turns,with ghosts, vampires, shapeshifting witches and warlocks, Lurkers, werewolves and demons. Drew me in from the first paragraph. It was a quick read, even at 382 pages.Jolie, 28, is a tarot card reader with a small self esteem issue.Rand, is a warlock who needs Jolie to go back to the 1920s with him to find out who killed his client, a ghost. Jolie says about him, "...Greek God, Sean-Connery-would-be-envious good looks that grabbed me first or his considerable height. It was his aura." With Brit accent, "His face was angular, and his Roman nose lent him a certain Paul Newman-esque quality."Sinjin, is a vampire, Jolie describes him, "he was quick witted and ... well, sexy as a son of a bitch ... he was just scrumptious."Trent, is the werewolf pack leader, another attractive male with charisma, who Jolie is able to bring him back to life after he is murdered and then he asks her out for dinner.Odran, king of fairies, is another hottie who wants in Jolie's pants.Jolie is very attracted to Rand but feels she is too plain Jane to ever attract him.Rand tells her she is a witch to which she tells him he's crazy. Turns out she is and gets embroiled in a tug of war with several "people" who want to be her "protector" (read: slave) because she is very powerful with a unique power. Her world is turned upside down and she can no longer live in her non-paranormal world. She ends up in England being taught her craft by fairies.Jolie has all these men suddenly giving her all this attraction and she is dubious of them all.This is a laugh-out-loud funny paranormal story which I call a romance but some will call it a fantasy romance and some just a fantasy. Read it and make up your own mind while enjoying the story.Warning Spoiler Alert!!!Story continues into book 2 but will Jolie and Rand finish their romance? Or she and Sinjin wind up together? Is Trent completely out of the picture? And what of Odran?

  • t'irla ~The Bookslayer~ t'irla's Talk Book Blog
    2019-02-07 20:56

    HP Mallory brings in a funny, well paced story that will make you smile and get you cheering for Jolie and crew.Description:ife isn't bad for psychic Jolie Wilkins. True, she doesn't have a love life to speak of, but she has a cute house in the suburbs of Los Angeles, a cat and a quirky best friend.Enter Rand Balfour, a sinfully attractive warlock who insists she's a witch and who just might turn her life upside down. Rand hires her to help him solve a mystery regarding the death of his client who also happens to be a ghost. Jolie not only uncovers the cause of the ghost's demise but, in the process, she brings him back to life!Word of Jolie’s incredible ability to bring back the dead spreads like wildfire, putting her at the top of the underworld’s most wanted list. Consequently, she finds herself at the center of a custody battle between a villainous witch, a dangerous but oh-so-sexy vampire, and her warlock boss, Rand.My Thoughts:All round an entertaining book. Like with most UF books the first one is about world creation and character building. So although not as fast paced as it could have been it was steady. Dashed with humour mostly because of Jolie's inner voice and creating suspense HP Mallory did a good job setting up for a war between different underworld factions. Not a rousing endorsement and yet I would definitely want to read the next one even if it is just to get more of the luscious Sinjin and the beautiful Rand. I"m a sucker for a great alpha or two male main characters and this book has them in spades. Solid 3 stars for this book 1 of a series that could become a must read.

  • Stacey Kennedy
    2019-01-25 20:29

    Where do I begin? Oh yes―this book was simply fantastic!! The story revolves around Jolie, a woman on a journey of self-discovery as she learns about her unique abilities as a witch. Powers she was unaware she possessed. When Rand, the undeniably sexy warlock seeks her out to use her special gifts of reanimating the dead, you are taken on a wild ride.This story was just my cup of tea. It hit all the right spots. The characters are witty and leave a lasting impression. Not only, Jolie and Rand, but even the secondary characters are fantastic. The love story between Rand and Jolie is intense, powerful and emotional. But he isn’t the only one with Jolie on his mind. Sexy men are all around her and I found myself rooting for each one. Lastly, the humour is beyond hilarious. Every page had a new line that had me laughing out loud.Mallory is an outstanding author. The plot is compelling, and after the very first page, I found myself hanging onto every word. This world filled with witches, warlocks, vampires, fairies and werewolves―to name a few―is one you can’t miss. My only question, when is the next one coming out?

  • Sadie Forsythe
    2019-01-29 19:35

    Disappointing. That's the most concise review I could write. This is one of those standard 'woman has magical powers that she's lived 28 years without noticing, until a man comes along and tells her about them' books. Meanwhile, he controls every aspect of her life while refusing to give her the information she needs to stay safe and chastising her for endangering herself in ways she wasn't told would be dangerous. And of course these magical powers she's gone 28 years without noticing are ultra powerful and she can defeat well trained, long experienced people without even knowing how. And if that wasn't enough, she's attracted to every man she meets and they all just have to have her too. But of course, she's never noticed she's pretty before. What's worse, this is a fairly long book, but almost nothing of significant note happens. Then, it ends on a cliffhanger. The whole thing bounces between rushed scenes and long stretches of 'training' or descriptions of what people are wearing. Nope. I wasn't impressed with this one.