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A darkness is gathering over the storm-wracked isle of Albion. Foul creatures stalk the lands once more and the omens foretell the coming of a great evil. Gotrek and Felix are compelled to fight the malignant evil that terrorises the populace before it can grow to threaten the whole world. With the aid of the mighty high elf mage, Teclis, they must decipher and utilise theA darkness is gathering over the storm-wracked isle of Albion. Foul creatures stalk the lands once more and the omens foretell the coming of a great evil. Gotrek and Felix are compelled to fight the malignant evil that terrorises the populace before it can grow to threaten the whole world. With the aid of the mighty high elf mage, Teclis, they must decipher and utilise the secrets of the Old Ones. Only then can they hope to save the innocent and vanquish the dark master....

Title : Giantslayer
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Giantslayer Reviews

  • Dan Schwent
    2019-03-11 03:13

    Felix and Gotrek, along with the elven wizard Teclis, find themselves in Albion. Can they close the Twisted Paths and save Ulthaun, the island home of the elves?Giantslayer is the last of William King's Felix and Gotrek books and likely the last of the saga I'll be reading. I've come far with F&G but it's probably best to say goodbye. Not only because I'm not very eager to see how another author handles them, but also because I'm not as enamored with them as I once was.Giantslayer is yet another gore-splattered tale of Felix and Gotrek. While that's the attraction, it's also the curse. After six other books, I have no doubt that Gotrek will end up slaying the giant of the title. Not that Giantslayer isn't enjoyable. Teclis was like Elric-lite, Albion and the Twisted Paths were both great settings. Gotrek was as bad ass as ever. The insight into the elves of the Warhammer world was really cool. Felix, on the other hand, was quite the smarmy whiny bastard in this one. It felt like King was even more weary of the duo than I was by the end.Giantslayer is worth the few hours it took to read and quite amusing. Just don't expect it to stack up to earlier entries in the series. Although it did have Gotrek ripping the eye out of a giant's head and hang from it like a pendulum as it dangled from the empty socket by its optic nerve...

  • Ignacio Senao f
    2019-03-24 07:18

    Finaliza la saga de William King al que la película Warcraft le han copiado la idea principal: Se abre una puerta dimensional para que unos gigantes invadan la tierra de nuestros protagonistas. Ellos dos junto a un elfo mago muy poderosos, harán un viaje hasta llegar al peligro base, cuyo camino será un infierno de obstáculos.Puede que sea el más intenso y pulp de todos.

  • Hon Sze Lo
    2019-03-23 10:14

    Here is basically my general comment on his novels in the Gotrek and Felix seriesKing is a writer capable of making me lost track of time. Time and time again I found so enchanted by his story telling that I only realise the passage of time until I reached the final.I think it's because his tells his story with humour and simplicity, and uses the simplest language to describe what he wants to tell. Hence why it never felt boring and the follow was fast.I find it funny that combat in his works seems rather like that in One Punch Man. Very fast paced, short and brutal. And I quite like it, I think it is quite plausible, especially with a slayer on your side.King is also quite a love master if I may say so. I think he does an excellent job in depicting all the intrigues of love, perhaps far better than what ought to be in a fantasy novel. The blissful sweet of first love, the insecurity, the resentment and finally the fallout. They are all expertly done in such a plausible way that I couldn't help but to keep referring to my own experience. I could decided if it was intentional that he left so many plot lines unfollowed. Perhaps he was going to following them up in the later books. But rather regrettably most of those hidden plots are callously exposed and discarded by the latter writers or simply never followed up.I think while he perhaps could have lengthened the fighting scenes a bit. Because of the solid foundation he laid, in terms of the charter development, he makes it easy for the later writers to pick up the series and continue to span the story, as least as seamlessly as realistically possible at least.

  • Landan
    2019-03-08 02:17

    Another great tale of Gotrek and Felix but I felt the ending of this one was rushed. It seemed as if King didn't have a solid idea of how he wanted things to end in this book and as such it ends rather abruptly in my opinion

  • Paulo
    2019-03-08 06:58

    his is the seventh book by William King about Gotrek and Felix and the last one written by him. Nowadays Nathan Long is on top of Gotrek and Felix books and Ulrika spinoff after Vampireslayer. Trollslayer (here); Skavenslayer (here), Daemonslayer (here), Dragonslayer (here), Beastslayer (here) and a short story called Redhand's Daughter (here); Vampireslayer (here)This story begins in the elf lands as the magical energy needed to maintain Ulthuan is being bled off and if nothing is done Ulthuan is destroyed. Gotrek being a Dwarf doesn’t care about elves so good riddance to them. But Teclis the mightiest of elf magicians tells him that if he doesn’t help him the mountains that the dwarves so much enjoy are going to be destroyed as well. So help is needed and the three of them go through the Paths of the Old Ones to battle whomever is tapping on the magic. This is my first reading about the magical Albion. I know a novel of Orfeu is passed there and after reading this I want to read more of it. It’s a magical place where fog engulfs all. It reminds me a music by Bal Sagoth called “As the Black Moon broods over Lemuria”. The tale as I said goes to Albion (a place that remind me of Britain/Scotland from the time of the wars against the romans) where Gotrek and his new found allies battle orcs to the climax where they battle a giant (thus the name) and two mages from a previous book (Beastslayer) called Kelmain and Lhoigor.I really enjoy Gotrek and Teclis interaction because they both hate each other race. After all one of the most important wars on the Olde World was between them. I really urge you to read the first tales because 1. they are good and 2. Each follows the last one and 3. They are all good.There are some things that upset me like Snorri and Max that are presented on the beginning of the book and then they are discarded. I really enjoy Snorri.Would I recommend this book? Of course yes. But in my humble opinion to enjoy the fullest read the previous six book

  • Student Teacher
    2019-03-24 07:50

    So I've had a special place in my heart for Gotrek and Felix from the first time I read about the two. I really enjoyed the second Omnibus, but for some reason I found it hard to start on the third one.Well this last holiday weekend, my wife and I went to Pennsylvania and I brought this book with me, and boy am I glad I did.The first book in this omnibus is called Giantslayer. This story starts immediately after Vampireslayer. It was funny as I was saying to myself that Gotrek and Felix had been kicking around with Snorri and Max for quite a long time, and BAM! things get shaken up early in the book.Gotrek and Felix find themselves on the island of Albion and hanging out with Teclis the elf mage. I really enjoyed this shaking up of things for the simple reason that the interaction of Gotrek and Teclis is very well done. Teclis knows that his people are seen as haughty and standoffish, and next thing you know he is acting the way he knows is a stereotype of his entire race. Gotrek on the other hand, is just waying for a chance to avenge the war of the beard.I also liked this book because it is the first time I have seen some in-depth fluff for the island of Albion. I'm sure there are some books out there that give some other details, but this is my first time reading about it.While this is a really good book, it really seemed like it should have been called Chaosslayer or something up until the last chapter or two. While this is really just a minor draw back, I thought I might point it out as it will come into play when I review Orcslayer.All-in-all a good book. I give it three Gotrek's running their thumb over their Rune Ax until a drop of blood runs down it, out of five.

  • Sebastien
    2019-03-12 06:56

    Dès sa sortie je me suis immédiatement procurer la suite de Vampireslayer et j'avais tellement d'attente que j'étais encore une fois sûr et certain que je serais déçu. Surtout que le livre annonçait la présence de Teclis High mage qui a enseigné l'art de la magie à l'empire il y a quelques centaines d'années. Tout était là pour donner un épique digne de ce nom et en même tout laisser présager que le livre ne serait pas à la hauteur des attentes.He bien, j'ai eu tord. Ce livre est non seulement à la hauteur mais il m'a en plus surpris par sa qualité, ses dialogues bien placé et surtout à nous montrer la puissance de Teclis. L'histoire est simple, il existe un géant tueur de dragon qui veut amener la fin du monde. Gotrek et Félix partent pour aller le tuer. Pas mal ce qui arrive dans les autre roman, mais avec beaucoup de finesse.Ma seule déception, c'est que ce fut le dernier roman de Félix et Gotrek fait par William King et aussi le dernier pour un bon bout de temps. Je ne sais pas ce qui s'est passé car pourtant l'histoire restait à la hauteur et l'auteur continuait de bâtir son histoire avec des personnages très intéressants. Il faut dire que le débit de sortie des roman avait beaucoup réduit et peut-être que Games Workshop a décider de prendre un auteur plus jeune qui réussirait à fournir à la sortie d'un roman par année.De toute façon, ce livre est très bon et je le recommande à tout fan de la série.

  • Ed C
    2019-03-26 07:56

    Bill King stamps his epic mark on the last of his Gotrek & Felix sagas, ending the long and dangerous road we'd taken with them. Picking straight up from where Vampireslayer left off, as has been the tradition of these stories since Deamonslayer, the story works its way from the gloomy snow-scape of Sylvania, through the bizarre chaos-tainted otherworldly paths of the Slaan into the murky moors and swamps of Albion.With a new companion for our heroes in the form of Telics, a high-elven archmage (much to the revulsion and indignation of Gotrek), they seek to thwart the culmination of an old enemy's diabolical plans.As usual with King, the characterisations are truly wonderful and the dialogue is a delight, especially when the stoic Gotrek opens his mouth. The story really builds up through adventure and discovery until the final showdown in the way you'd expect of this series by now.The saddest part is finishing the book and knowing that all of Bill King's plans for the saga end here, perhaps never to come to light. From now on, American author, Nathan Long, holds the key to Gotrek's long sought-after doom. A fine ending to a grand saga, the end of an era, but alas, is does feel like King planned to go on, so there is a slight frayed feeling to book when you consider it as the end. Here's hoping to Nathan Long to re-weave those loose ends even half as well as King would have.

  • Paul
    2019-03-06 09:12

    Gotrek is a slayer dwarf, one who has committed a sin so great the only atonement is seeking out an death in battle worthy of an epic. Felix is a poet and swordsman who is wanted by the Empire for his participation in the window tax riots. Gotrek saved Felix's life from being trampled by the Empire's troops. While hiding in a tavern, very inebriated Felix swears an oath to follow the slayer dwarf and write the epic of his death. In this series of books the duo fight; chaos worshipers, goblin wolf riders, trolls, cultists, beastmen, sorcerers, skaven, a deamon, a dragon, a vampire, giants, men, a wizard, orcs, dark elves, and the undead and a necromancer. Through all of this Gotrek wonders if he will ever find his doom, Felix wonders if Gotrek's doom will be the end of him and if he is crazy for standing at the Slayer's side for as long as it takes. This series was started by William King and is continued by Nathan Long. These were the first books of the Warhammer/Black Library brand that I had read and got me started reading Warhammer novels. I will keep reading the Slayer series until the very day that Gotrek meets his epic doom.

  • Bodicainking
    2019-03-03 03:09

    A very strong Warhammer Fantasy Battle's world-set novel, introducing the first Elf character in the Gotrek and Felix books (and a very powerful one at that) and managing quite brilliantly, in the style of much more lauded fantasy works, to integrate a huge amount of WHFB lore - "the Old Ones", the Slann, the mysterious reason for the Warhammer World's polar warp-gate (a stargate-style matter teleporter, via an intermediate dimension, that is also a major aspect of Games Workshop's Warhammer 40,000 world) and demonstrating once again that Warhammer Fantasy's concept of magic is a unique and powerful creation, probably doomed to be under-appreciated as a literary creation for being so connected to model wargames.

  • Matthew
    2019-02-28 09:56

    King signs off and Long takes overIn this volume the last novel from William King and first from Nathan Long are included, William King's last, Giantslayer is an above average effort, better than some of his last few but nowhere near the heights of the series, To be honest I can see why they brought in Nathan Long because his first novel is a fine return to form in Orcslayer, plenty of hack and slash and the best ending since way back in Daemonslayer (Book 3), his second effort goes marginally downhill in Manslayer but it is still better than the later King novels, Long seems to be a more consistent writer than King, hopefully he can take the series back to where it belongs as 5 star quality, 3 stars for Giant and Man and 4 nearly (and nearly 5) stars for Orcslayer

  • Le Petit Chat
    2019-03-25 08:56

    Gotrek and Felix are separated from Max and Snorri and meet an Elven Prince and together they work to close ancient paths “The Paths of the Old Ones” that have been opened and are causing chaos and threaten to sink the Elven Princes homeland. The story, as usual, was very interesting from a RPG point of view, a lot of fights, interesting places and people and Gotrek, Felix and Teclis face off against the Chaos wizards Kelmain and Lhoigor as well as a giant.This is the last of the series written by William King so I am curious to see how the rest of the series will be continued with Nathan Long.

  • Maetco
    2019-03-16 09:11

    Edit. I have now read all Gotrek & Felix books. Here is my order of preference:Rank Book # Writer1 Skavenslayer 2 William King2 Daemonslayer 3 William King3 Shamanslayer 11 Nathan Long4 Manslayer 9 Nathan Long5 Beastslayer 5 William King5 Elfslayer 10 Nathan Long7 Orcslayer 8 Nathan Long8 Slayer 14 David Guymer9 Kinslayer 13 David Guymer10 Zombieslayer 12 Nathan Long11 Giantslayer 7 William King12 Dragonslayer 4 William King13 Vampireslayer 6 William King14 Trollslayer 1 William King

  • Adolfo Ito
    2019-03-21 06:56

    Now THIS is a Gotrek and Felix adventure, i was almost bitting my nails reading the entire book. And Teclis is awesome, arrogant, but awesome equally. I supose that the difference between this and the previous 2 books is that the story is more dynamic, it doesn't become boring even when they are travelling through a swamp.

  • Joe
    2019-03-07 04:16

    A must read for any War-hammer fan!Dwells into all the secrets of the old world , dating back to the most ancient war-hammer lore, that describes how the planet was formed and how chaos originated. For anyone wishing to know more about the war-hammer world, all previous novels as well as this one are a great start.(first book of the series to venture outside the OLD world.)

  • Dragonfire
    2019-03-11 09:50

    One of the brilliant book in the entire serial. Humor based on the relationships between dwarf and elves, strong plot and action. This book is definitely worth reading, since the previous (VampireSlayer) and next (OrcSlayer) are far from the level of this book.

  • Andre
    2019-03-24 08:51

    Another Felix & Gotrek novel, the last King one. A good earth-shattering plot with the expected perks.

  • Brian Frye
    2019-02-25 04:03

    A fun and easy read. What it lacks in quality it makes up for in fun. Like a Godzilla movie.