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Este é um romance sobre uma mentira, mas também sobre a amizade e o amor, o dinheiro e a traição, o medo e a ambição. A acção desenrola-se em Paris. Duas irmãs. Iris é uma mulher muito bonita, rica, elegante e sofisticada, mas vive desencantada com a vida e com o seu casamento. Joséphine é uma intelectual, historiadora, muito menos bonita do que a irmã e com uma vida bem mEste é um romance sobre uma mentira, mas também sobre a amizade e o amor, o dinheiro e a traição, o medo e a ambição. A acção desenrola-se em Paris. Duas irmãs. Iris é uma mulher muito bonita, rica, elegante e sofisticada, mas vive desencantada com a vida e com o seu casamento. Joséphine é uma intelectual, historiadora, muito menos bonita do que a irmã e com uma vida bem mais difícil. Casada, tem duas filhas, vive nos subúrbios e trabalha para pagar as contas. Certo dia, num jantar, Iris faz-se passar por escritora. Presa na sua mentira, convence a irmã a escrever o livro que ela própria assinará. Abandonada pelo marido, cheia de dívidas, Joséphine submete-se, como sempre, aos caprichos da irmã. Mas esta é uma decisão que vai mudar o destino destas duas mulheres.A escritora francesa Katherine Pancol traça com mestria um retrato real e vivo de mulheres que tentam triunfar na carreira profissional, na vida familiar e alcançar o reconhecimento social. Mas que, por baixo desta aparente vida de sucesso, escondem uma profunda infelicidade, falta de confiança e frustração. Os Olhos Amarelos dos Crocodilos é uma verdadeira lição de vida. Este romance, um verdadeiro best-seller em Espanha e França, dá-nos a conhecer as mulheres que somos, as que queremos ser, as que nunca seremos e as que talvez sejamos um dia. Mulheres à procura de um caminho na vida, em busca de si próprias e à descoberta de novos amores....

Title : Os Olhos Amarelos dos Crocodilos
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Os Olhos Amarelos dos Crocodilos Reviews

  • Tea Jovanović
    2018-12-03 01:03

    Francuski bestseler, ženski roman s dobrom pričom i prvi deo trilogije... U svetu su prodati milioni primeraka njenih knjiga a po ovom romanu se upravo snima film... Autorka je prava francuska dama, imala sam priliku da je upoznam pre nekoliko godina... :)

  • eb
    2018-12-10 22:53

    A beach read for dummies. Moderately more entertaining than reading the contents list on the back of a shampoo bottle.

  • Meg
    2018-11-19 00:16

    I picked this book up with doubts. My friends in France all...smiled with the look of "ugh", popular, but such a bad book.....sadly, for them, I liked it a lot. I got pulled into the story....and found myself reading 100 pages per day. Addictive like dark chocolate covered almonds. The story? A woman...who is not so self-confident separates from her husband. She puts up with awful family members (including her daughter)...and finds her life and her footing. All while writing a book about a XXII woman. Maybe cheesy in points, but a good read....for the beach? Or when spending all your free time teaching. Read it....if you speak French.

  • Marianne
    2018-11-14 18:55

    The Yellow Eyes of Crocodiles is the first novel in the Joséphine series by French author, Katherine Pancol. When she discovers her unemployed husband Antoine (call me Tonio) is having an affair with his manicurist, Joséphine Cortès kicks him out of their Paris apartment and resolves to somehow manage, with two daughters, on her own. Her meagre salary at the CNRS as a 12th Century historian will need to be supplemented; luckily, her brother-in-law, Philippe Dupin offers her some translation work. When Antoine and his mistress, Mylène desert Paris to run a crocodile farm in Kenya, Joséphine knows her daughters’ survival is dependent on her: 10-year-old Zoé can still be reassured, but 14-year-old Hortense is becoming a wilful handful. And the bank manager has a nasty surprise for Joséphine. Desperation and a sense of filial loyalty see her agreeing to a dubious deal with her glamorous (and manipulative) sister, Iris: Jo will write a novel set in 12th Century France; Iris will relish doing the publicity and taking the credit; she’ll funnel the fees to Jo. Pancol’s plot is wholly credible; it has a few twists and turns to keep things interesting as some two years of Joséphine’s life are detailed against a backdrop of other family and neighbourhood dramas: an eviction, a secret Royal baby, a long-standing unrequited love, a black-sheep twin, repressed memories, internet dating, lovers, plenty of gossip, mistresses, revealing YouTube clips, fake designer bags, hungry crocodiles, failing marriages, and a longed-for heir.Pancol gives the reader a diverse cast of characters, none perfect, all flawed, all very human, with their strengths and weaknesses, none wholly good or bad: a few are easy to despise; others draw the reader’s sympathy; insecure and reticent, Joséphine will, at first, frustrate, as we wait and hope for her to lose her naiveté and develop some backbone. And everyone has secrets they’re not telling. This first book (of three so far) is translated from the original French by William Rodarmor and Helen Dickinson. Readers who enjoy this novel will be pleased to know that the second book, The Slow Waltz of Turtles is also available in English. Funny, moving and highly entertaining, this is a very enjoyable read.

  • Sonia
    2018-12-03 22:22

    No puedo decir que el libro me haya gustado, por momentos incluso pensé en dejarlo de lado.Empieza lento, muy lento, situando a los personajes en su lugar, relacionando a unos con otros, pero de una forma tan aburrida que no puedes evitar preguntarte: ¿pero de verdad me interesa todo esto?Hay un grupo de personajes egoístas, malvados, interesados, que rodean a una protagonista buena, buenísima pero débil hasta la exasperación. Unos caracteres tan planos e irreales que resulta imposible ninguna identificación ni con los secundarios ni con la protagonista. Nadie es tan malo, nadie es tan bueno, nadie es tan tonto.Si superas el tedio del principio, llega un punto en el que sigues leyendo porque te preguntas cómo acabará todo. Si algunos recibirán su merecido, si otros encontrarán la felicidad, pero el final decepciona. No es categórico en lo que respecta a muchos personajes, está demasiado diluido, demasiados pequeños hilos sin importancia que se van cerrando para dejar cómo el último el más ñoño, el menos interesante, la relación de la protagonista con su hija mayor, una hija odiosa que sigue siendo odiosa hasta el último segundo y cuya supuesta redención es inadmisible como tal.Sé que detrás de este van otros dos libros, de hecho, llegué a Los ojos amarillos de los cocodrilos" por la recomendación de "Las ardillas de Central Park están tristes los lunes", pero no me siento con ganas de leer más de esta autora.

  • Rob Slaven
    2018-12-05 22:21

    As usual, I received this book through the kindness of some giveaway or other. In this case it appears to have been an actual GoodReads giveaway. That certainly doesn't happen much any more!So to begin, I realize that this book is probably in a genre more generally considered appropriate to the female gender and because of that, as a dude I'm a bit of an interloper. Despite that slight misalignment, I found this book pretty delightful. It's complexity of character made me realize just how bad I am at keeping names straight. After 40 pages I came up short and found I had no clue who all these people were so I went back through those pages and made a nice tidy relationship diagram of who slept with whom and who was previously dating whom and which characters were, in fact, screwing like rabbits in the back storeroom. Of all these there are many examples.On the positive side, after sorting out all the 'whos' in diagrammatic format, this story had quite a bit to say. The intrigues were entertaining as well as demonstrating a clear and refreshing evolution of character and story. I found myself very invested in the characters and fervently rooting for some justice at the end and for things to turn out just so. I took a couple days getting started but by half way I was staying up late and reading before work to get through it. It does get ahold of you.On the neutral side, some of the subplots came across a bit weakly. I was tied up in most of them but others just left me rather quizzical. There are certainly high points and "meh" points. Also, in this translation some of the dialog just doesn't come across as very Parisian. At times the characters seem more Midwestern than European and one wonders how a passage from Little House on the Prairie leaked into the novel.One final item of note is that this book is exceptionally graphic at times. It's not exactly pornographic but it certainly pulls no punches when it comes to who's doing what to whom. If you're easily offended by such things then don't bother. Personally I found such candid talk refreshing but then again, I am a guy and we do have a different view on such things most of the time.In summary, a grand and enthralling book that could have used just a little better translation job. It's a quick and entertaining 430 pages.PS: If you like my review, please visit it on and vote it helpful. Thanks!

  • Dorothy
    2018-11-26 21:04

    I was listening to "Fresh Air" on NPR recently, as I often do in the morning, when one of their regular book reviewers started talking about this book. She went on about how it had been a best seller in France and had been translated into several different languages and had finally made it into English, translated by William Rodarmor and Helen Dickinson. She raved so about the book that I decided to put it on my TBR list, even though I knew nothing about the author. Indeed, I had never heard of Katherine Pancol. Now that I've read her book, I won't be forgetting that name.The plot of the novel might read like a typical chic-lit or women's novel formula. We have the drab 40-something housewife who is deserted by her dolt of a husband, who runs off with his mistress to Kenya where he plans to become rich raising crocodiles, but not before emptying their joint bank account and taking out a loan for which the wife has naively co-signed. The naive wife is left to raise two daughters on her own. The older daughter is a thorough-going teenage brat who delights in tormenting her mother. The younger daughter is a sweet and sensitive child. In order to take care of the family, the drab housewife has to pinch pennies and take odd jobs. Nothing really new about that - she had been doing it for at least a year since her now-absent husband had lost his job and refused to find another.This housewife, Josephine (Jo) Cortes, starts out as an authentic drudge, but she is not without resources, one of which is her intelligence and her scholarship. She is a scholar of medieval history, particularly of 12th-century literature and that allows her to earn a meager living tutoring and translating. She has a beautiful older sister, Iris, in whose shadow she has lived for her entire life. Iris is married to a successful lawyer with whom she has a son, but she is really doing nothing. Her life is all blather and bravado and she is bored beyond tears. Iris comes up with a scheme that she thinks will solve both sisters' problem. She suggests that shy and retiring Jo write a historical novel set in the 12th-century and beautiful and charismatic Iris will pretend to be the author and will do all the interviews and book tours that are required of an author trying to sell a book. Iris will get all the glory and Jo will get all the money. As soon as Jo agrees to this, the reader suspects that things are not going to go exactly as planned, but, in fact, things proceed swimmingly for a while. Then the book becomes the literary sensation of the year! The rest of the novel is about how the sisters' lie affects Jo and her children, Iris and her family, and all the other several fascinating characters that we get introduced to along the way. Suffice to say that Jo's virtue shines through, she becomes a more confident person, she loses weight, gets highlights in her hair, and ends up rich and with a dishy boyfriend. In other words, it's just your typical middle-aged suburban housewife's life story!Did I mention that all of this takes place in Paris and its environs? Yes, Katherine Pancol is a French writer and this novel seems very French in its conception and outlook. The book explores relationships and infidelity and the characters' attitudes toward them, how they deal with them, but essentially this book is about money. It's all about what money can and cannot buy and how having enough money makes all the difference in people's lives. There are just a few quibbles with the story or maybe with the translation. For example, in Kenya one Christmas, the absconding husband and his mistress are unable to find turkey for their dinner so that have "wapiti." Maybe. But it seems to me that if there is one thing less likely to be found in Kenya than turkey, it might be elk meat. Also, the ending of the tale, as often happens, seemed a bit contrived in order to tie up all the loose strings. But I can barely even bring myself to mention any complaints, because the truth is I loved this book! Once I got a few pages into it, I could hardly put it down.This was the first of at least three books featuring these characters. I don't think the other two (The Slow Waltz of the Turtles and The Central Park Squirrels Are Sad on Monday) have been translated into English yet, but I'm definitely on the lookout for them. I can't wait to see what happens to Jo.

  • Rose
    2018-11-30 20:17

    Non merci. J'ai cru que je n'allais pas me rendre à la page 50. C'est bourré de clichés qui véhiculent une image de la femme complètement débile. Et c'est tellement mal écrit qu'on n'arrive pas à voir les véritables thèmes que l'auteur tente maladroitement d'aborder. Je ne comprends pas pourquoi c'est un bestseller, pour moi c'est un mauvais soap.

  • Liza Wiemer
    2018-12-10 21:59

    The Ultimate Character Driven Novel!The were some of the most unforgettable fictional characters I've ever read. This novel was a totally new reading experience - because the characters were so FRENCH. Meaning that they have their own way about them - from fashion, to food, to beliefs on marriage and mistresses. I found myself laughing out loud, gasping with surprise, wanting to smack a few of these characters, feeling deeply sympathetic to Josephine and also deeply respecting her even when she seemed like her whole world of family and friends were walking all over her. There were numerous surprises in this novel - characters who seem to be one way turned out to be completely different. Circumstances seemed to point to one impression but ends up being completely different. I loved that.This novel truly does have a cast of characters:There's Josephine - a specialist in 12th century history and the character I loved the most. She seems like a pushover, and maybe she is sometimes, but she's also just an awesome person - kind, caring, loving. And she can put her foot down when she absolutely needs to do so. Sometimes you'll want to shake her, but most of the time you can't help but like her. A LOT!Here daughters: Zoe and Hortense - Zoe is likable and sweet. Hortense has attitude and knows how to use her looks to manipulate men. She's a handful - an understatement, actually! Antoine - Josephine's ass of a husband & father of Zoe and Hortense - Never the man he should be.Mylene - Antoine's mistress, a strong woman.Luca - a guy Josephine meets in a library, swoon.Iris - Josephine's sister - so not who I thought she was, I'm keeping my mouth shut - you'll figure her out eventually.Philippe - Iris's husband who is very wealthy - and not what he appears to be, either.Alexandre - Philippe and Iris's son - sweet boy.Henriette - Iris and Josephine's mother- Oh gawd - a nightmare of a mother!!!!!Marcel - married to Henriette, a self-made highly successful businessman & good guy, in love with Joisane, and so likable.Joisane - madly in love with Marcel, a bimbo? I didn't love her or hate her, but I did seem to understand her.Shirley - an Englishwoman with secrets & friend and neighbor to Josephine - she's kick-ass awesome.Gary - Shirley's son - crushing on Hortense, swoony for the younger set. AND THERE ARE MANY MORE minor characters! Surprise, surprise - I didn't have any trouble keeping them all straight. That's because Pancol does an amazing job giving each very distinct characteristics and personalities! So, if you love a character driven novel, this is the ultimate. And it's set in Paris!! <3 <3Oh, and the crocodile references are great - woven into the story line in many different ways. Love that!Thank you to Pamela Dorman Books for a review copy!

  • Sonja
    2018-12-02 17:55

    I bought this book because it was an international best seller and so I figured that it had to be a good read. The back blurb made it sound like a comedic adventure but I have to confess that I didn’t like it. The story didn’t live up to the book description’s promises. I found the main character, Josephine, to be whiney and too much of a martyr. Her husband runs off with his sexy mistress, leaving Josephine to look after their two daughters. On top of this he takes out a loan for 200,000 Euros, defaults on the loan and Josephine simply starts paying the loan repayments because the loan is in both their names. She claims he tricked her but the reality is she didn’t even bother to read the papers that she was signing. She doesn’t get angry or confront her scheming husband, make a fuss, or tell anyone. Instead she suffers in silence, which I thought made her a pathetic character, and didn’t do much for the portrayal of modern day French women. Josephine’s neighbour, Shirley, is a woman in hiding with a secretive past, and later it’s revealed that she’s actually connected to the British Royal Family, and is an occasional bodyguard to the Queen. The idea may seem funny but story lacked the strength to pull it off convincingly. In amongst all of this Josephine writes a best seller and overcomes a lifelong emotional trauma from her childhood in the blink of an eye, or a matter of lines. I feel that this book tries to include too many big, bold events that simply aren’t handled all that well. The worst of it was that I didn’t find it funny at all. I found most of the women in the books irritating, self indulgent and annoying. Shirley, the neighbour, was the only sane character, and then she lost credibility throughout the book with irrational moments tied to the royal family angle. In my opinion, this book had great potential but it’s missed the mark. There were simply too many elements that weren’t believable, and as such the story lacked credibility. All up it was a disappointing read, and I guess it shows that just because a book is on the best seller list it doesn’t mean it’s brilliantly written.

  • Mita
    2018-11-26 21:56

    J'aime beaucoup ce livre. Doit être lu par tout le monde.

  • switterbug (Betsey)
    2018-11-14 20:09

    In the burbs of Courbevoi, outside of Paris, Joséphine Cortès and her husband, Antoine, have fallen out of step with each other. He is unemployed; she is trying to make ends meet on her pittance as a 12tch century medieval scholar. Their radiantly beautiful and arrogant daughter, Hortense, is on the verge of womanhood, and has little respect for her overweight, overwrought mother, who carries herself with slack ill-confidence. The younger one, Zoé, is bashful and sensitive. When Antoine runs off with his mistress to Kenya to start a crocodile farm, Joséphine tries to keep the family from falling apart. The rest of the story is watching the gradual transformation of Joséphine from insecure, reticent, and overwhelmed to a woman who is ready to take charge of her life. This means also dealing with her beautiful, wealthy, and manipulative socialite sister.Iris has a plan to recapture her own joie de vivre and get back in the limelight, while helping Joséphine earn a lot of money. She finally talks her sister into writing a novel in her own métier, the 12th century. Joséphine will get all the money, and Iris will get all the fame, by purporting to be the author. Will this plan work?Says Josephine: "I see all, I feel all, I am the depository of thousands of details that stab me like shards of glass, and that other people don't even notice."This is a French screwball comedy of manners, with some poignant and pithy moments slipped in effortlessly. As the book jacket states, it is the "ultimate upmarket escapist read." This is what I call a fine sorbet book, one that is contrived and predictable at turns, but still keeps you wanting more and wondering how it will ultimately bring characters together--or apart. Iris's husband is a very observant man, and Joséphine and Iris's mother is a cruel and sexless woman, married to their stepfather, Marcel, who has been in love with another woman, Josiane, for twenty years. Then there is Shirley, Joséphine's best friend, who has secrets of her own. And, of course, there's Antoine, struggling in Kenya."But in the evening, reality didn't have such a jagged edge, and the yellow eyes of crocodiles were a thousand points of light."Read this for the fun of it. It's a very swift read--don't let the 400 pages fool you. It's a smaller than average paperback, and the sentences just pour like silk milk. You can probably start it one day and finish the next. It's a feel good, witty story about transformation and coming to terms with your authentic self. Well, sometimes you have to use a little subterfuge to get there...

  • Cindy
    2018-11-15 18:58

    This novel grabbed me from the first page and I could hardly bear to put it down. The story is delightfully engaging and clever, with multiple story lines that keep the reader wanting more. The characters are diverse and well-developed, and the reader can resonate with their entanglements and emotions. Although the author is French and the novel is set in Paris, it addresses universal themes that make it enjoyable for anyone. It was originally published in 2006 and has sold 2.4 million copies in 30 languages, but the English translation has just been released. Thank you Penguin Books! I hope we can expect the sequels soon - I can't wait!

  • Cindy
    2018-12-10 19:19

    This book was a complete impulse purchase; I didn't know the author and the marketing copy on the back cover sounded suspiciously like chick lit (not a genre I generally read). That said, I thoroughly enjoyed it! The characters seemed to come alive. The story lines interwove and kept my interest. And set in Paris with side trips to London and the Caribbean, provided the perfect amount is escapism. While not great literature, it was a good read!

  • Mosco
    2018-11-22 22:55

    maddai! Mick Jagger, la regina Elisabetta, William e Harry... il papa, no? Fossi in lui mi offenderei!

  • Melanie
    2018-12-09 01:14

    Wow. That ended abruptly. At times I loved the book, at others, I simply tolerated it. The book spends a vast amount of time laying the scenery and constructing the groundwork for the story. Everyone's read the synopsis, so I won't reiterate that. I hate it when reviewers regurgitate the information provided on the book jacket. What I will say instead, is that there are about a hundred characters in this book. Not really, but at times it feels that way. Their plots all move at different paces but always in some sort of harmony with the main character, Josephine. Nearly 200 pages whip by before Josephine's novel writing- which is described on the book jacket- actually begins, and by then, I'd almost forgotten what the book was about. Some characters are vile and never learn; others you root for, but the main character, in my opinion, stayed surprisingly stagnant throughout. In the book, great pains are made to show how she blossoms from a quiet, passive creature, to one who takes control of her own destiny. But honestly, even by the last page of the book, Josephine isn't the one who stands up for herself, someone else does that. The real changes she undergoes are physical- she loses weight, gets highlights in her hair, ho hum- and yes, physical changes often correspond with an emotional rebirth, but telling your evil, wicked witch of a sister 'no' one time does not a true transformation make in my mind. Also, by the end, the main character still defines herself by how others view her. She decides she's pretty because a man shows interest in her. She believes she's brave because her daughter tells her she is. Gah. I'm not a fan of women defining themselves purely on the opinions of others. That's a bad precedent. Overall, it's a fun book. Light hearted, with quick, succinct sentences, though the pacing drags a little at times. You know where this book is headed and at time you just want it to get there faster. Oh, and the ending. I had to flip the page back and forth a few times just to make sure it was really over. Trust me, it is. Ends in the middle of a conversation, and it's obvious why. It's more powerful that way, but I felt the earth tilting beneath my feet. Who pulled the ground out from under me? How rude. It was a good book. Read it if you want a light chick lit book, but if wandering story lines and weak female protagonists who fail to ever truly grow a backbone don't interest you, it might be best to avoid this.

  • Roberta
    2018-11-19 18:02

    Mi ha stupito notare quante persone abbiano dati un voto basso a questo romanzo, avevo avuto l'impressione che fosse piaciuto molto. E in effetti, a me è piaciuto molto! Così tanto da assegnare quattro stellette (che poi mi lascino perplessa se le confronto con le tre stelle di Mia cugina Rachele è un altro discorso).E' la storia di Josephine, sposata e madre di due figlie, ma anche insicura, ingenua e buonista. Nonché afflitta ad un marito disoccupato e troppo pieno di sé per accettare un lavoro qualunque, e da una madre e una sorella che è meglio perdere che trovare. Quando Josephine scopre che il marito la tradisce, lo butta fuori di casa. E questo è l'inizio di una grande avventura.Eh sì, perché il libro della Pancol non bada affatto al realismo e alla verosimiglianza, anzi! L'autrice intreccia le avventure di Josephine a quelle dei suoi familiari, e fa vivere a tutti loro gli intrecci più assurdi. E il messaggio del romanzo non pare essere particolarmente originale.Eppure per me è stato un libro estremamente avvincente, di quelli che tieni nella borsa e al lavoro ti prudono le mani e non vedi l'ora di buttarti sul divano e riprendere il filo. Ho apprezzato particolarmente il personaggio di Josephine che a forza di botte sui denti si spoglia della sua goffaggine e della sua insicurezza e si ricostruisce una vita, senza però stravolgere il suo carattere.Certo, non si può parlare di personaggi comuni né di vita vissuta, io definirei questo un romanzo molto fantasioso. La sua caratteristica migliore a mio avviso, è di dare precisamente a Cesare quel che è di Cesare! I buoni prosperano, i cattivi cadono nella polvere! Per il momento, almeno... Sicuramente leggerò il seguito.

  • Jaclyn Day
    2018-12-02 01:20

    I heard the most charming review of this book (and another that I’m reading right now: Alena by Rachel Pastan) on NPR. I bought it as soon as I got my hands on my Kindle.I wasn’t as charmed by the book as I was by the review, but it turned out to be the kind of light, palette-cleansing book that was exactly what I needed this week. The book was written in French and translated to English by two people and that (in hindsight) makes a lot of sense. The book can feel abruptly disjointed. Almost like two separate people translated it! -_____- Anyway, sometimes the prose flows well and other times it’s painfully obvious that French colloquialisms have been awkwardly transformed into English ones. Luckily I found this more of an annoyance than an actual distraction from the engaging story and characters. The book is about Josephine, a suburban Paris mom whose unemployed husband runs off to Kenya with his mistress to start a crocodile farm. To make matters worse, Josephine’s job as a researcher of 12th century France isn’t quite enough to pay the bills after her ex-husband takes out a loan in her name to get the crocodile farm underway. Left in financial straits (with a teenage and pre-teen daughter begging for new clothes and computers), she agrees to her wealthy/bored sister’s plan to ghostwrite a 12th century chick lit novel while her sister pretends to be the author and handles the promotion and interviews. Affairs, secrets and general mayhem ensues. (Of course.) Long story short? The book wasn’t perfect but it was fun. And fun is just right sometimes.

  • Céline
    2018-11-28 18:56

    Parmi les livres que j'ai aimés

  • Maria
    2018-12-05 23:03

    Прекалено черно-бели герои. Прекалено много оценки за тях от страна на Панкол. Вкарала е всички в определено русло и няма мърдане - лош ли си, ще си останеш лош до края. От началото е ясно, че само Жозефин ще претърпи промяна, ще стане силна и уверена и само чакаме да видим какви премеждия й е подготвил животът, за да я превърне в примера за подражание, за който всички "изоставени" жени си умират да четат. Защото има голяма вероятност да се разпознаят в нея. Но тя си заслужава наградата накрая, защото се старае. Твърде предвидимо. От друга страна Ирис - божествено красива, но празна. Не може някой да е красив и богат и едновременно с това да е умен, щастлив и с пълноценен живот. Дразнещо клише. Красивите са зли и безполезни. Добрите са занемарени, дебели и без класа. Без изключение. Даже и Шърли - красива е, но по някакъв груб, мъжки начин. Как иначе да се справя с живота - не върви да е с деликатна костна структура, хилава и слаба. Колкото до историята на Шърли - искрено съм изненадана от фантазията на авторката!Не разбрах и заговора на Филип срещу Ирис - три години усилия, постановки и лъжи - само за да й покаже, че живее с илюзията за друг мъж. Като не я обича вече, да се разведе и да се приключи. Защо му е този театър - да й натрие носа, да я унижи? А уж минава за добродетелен.Изобщо в "Жълтите очи на крокодилите" прелива от клишета и почти никаква оригиналност. Добре, че стилът е лек, макар и елементарен на места и книгата се чете бързо.

  • Melissa C
    2018-11-28 19:09

    This is a fun and kooky story about a family of eccentrics. Set mostly in Paris, it tells of a chronically unemployed husband who runs off to Kenya with his mistress to start a crocodile farm. His wife, the mother of two, is left to make ends meet on her tiny salary as a medieval history scholar. The shunned wife has a charismatic sister, Iris, who was more loved as a child, married a wealthy man, is beautiful and with all that, remains an unhappy and empty woman. Seeking to spice up her life, Iris works a deal from a famous publisher to write a book on twelfth-century romance (her sisters' area of expertise). Iris, always the worm, talks her sister into ghost writing the book. You can only imagine how that plays out. And this only describes the central story in the book. There are a bunch of subplots as well, all filled with kooky people and circumstances. At times it was all kind of silly, but mostly it was fun. I wish I could give it 3.5 stars, but with the confines of GR, I'm going for a 4.

  • Laura
    2018-12-06 21:53

    1,5 tähteä. Joku kysyi minulta tänään meksikolaisen hostellin uima-altaalla, että mitä luen kun olen niin kovin keskittynyt. Vastasin, että huonoa ranskalaista chick lit'iä, jonka nimessä on krokotiili, vaikkei se liity niihin mitenkään. Tyyppi naurahti ja ryhdyimme puhumaan Suomen ilmastosta. Ja yhtä paljon nyt tämän kirjan luettua tekee mieli tästä kirjasta kertoa, kuin aiemmin siitä keskustelua jatkaa, mutta niin: supernaiivia ja ennalta-arvattavaa hömppää hieman jopa myötähäpeän pyörteissäkin käyvänä, mutta toisaalta luin lähes 700 sivua kahdessa päivässä, joten oli se ainakin helppolukuista ja ehkä jopa koukuttavaa. Niinkuin tämä genre nyt yleensäkin. Ehkä vuoden päästä seuraavalla lomalla taas vastaavaa uudelleen, siihen asti taas kirjoja, joilla on muutakin kuin allasviihdearvoa, kiitos.

  • Galia
    2018-11-17 20:58

    Лека, приятна, четивна, заживях със героите и ми беше много приятно и отпускащо, отдавна книга така не ме бе увличала, макар и да не се случва нищо от рода на убийство, кражба, отвличане и тем подобни дяволии, които продават книгите. Продължавам нататък с втората част.

  • Filipa
    2018-11-17 20:53

    What. The. Hell. Is. This ?! Quando olhei pela primeira para este livro, várias coisas me saltaram à vista e nenhuma delas foi particularmente positiva. O título do livro não é dos mais apelativos e quando se junta a ele, uma capa como esta... Bem, digamos que uma pessoa não vai a correr adquirir o livro, nem se sente revestida de uma vontade incontrolável de o ler. Por isso mesmo, nunca dei atenção nenhuma ao livro. Ele entretanto, foi reeditado com outra capa (alguém finalmente notou que algo estava mal) e voilá, dei-me conta que nem todas as pessoas pareceriam considerar este livro o maior fracasso do ano. Por isso mesmo, fiquei com vontade de o ler e decidi pegar nesta obra. Nem li a sinopse, simplesmente, atirei-me de cabeça e fui à descoberta.O livro conta-nos a história de duas irmãs, que não têm praticamente nada em comum: Joséphine é uma mulher recatada, que vive a sua vida perpetuadamente a sonhar acordada com o século XII, a sua área de profissão. Já Iris, é uma sensação. Toda a gente lhe cai aos pés e sendo atraente, consegue ter a vida de sonho que sempre sonhou.Iris vive uma vida sem preocupações, nomeadamente monetárias e não tem nenhum emprego. Joséphine vê-se enterrada em dívidas após a separação com o seu marido e é obrigada a trabalhar muitas horas por dia para se manter à tona da água. A única coisa que as junta são as desilusões da vida e o desconforto que cada uma começou a sentir na sua vida. O que as junta são as mentiras e as traições. Iris, estava num jantar a sentir-se aborrecida e decidiu deixar escapar que estava a escrever um romance histórico no século XII. No entanto, ela nada sabe sobre esta época e implora a Joséphine que escreva o livro por ela, em troca da compensação monetária que dará a Jo uma vida sem preocupações e dívidas. Joséphine, sem vontade própria, não consegue dizer que não à irmã e aqui começa a história dos Olhos Amarelos dos Crocodilos.Sinceramente, aquilo que eu esperava deste livro, era tudo menos aquilo que vim a encontrar. Desde início que vi vários sintomas que me diziam que esta leitura é muita aparência e pouco conteúdo mas continuei a insistir para ver se no fundo, o livro era tão mau quanto fazia parecer. Infelizmente, a autora Katherine Pancol não conseguiu seduzir-me. Se alguma coisa conseguiu, foi afastar-me para sempre das suas obras. Não sei qual de nós era capaz de agradecer, se eu, se ela. A questão é que nada neste livro me agradou, ou quase nada. A estrutura do livro fez-me confusão, logo de início. Um livro constituído com 5 partes, sem capítulos. Apenas quebras de páginas, com mudança de narrador, é uma característica que cansa muito o leitor, que às tantas sente-se como uma bola de ping-pong, sempre de um lado para o outro, sem conseguir perceber onde de facto, está.A segunda coisa que não me agradou neste livro, foram o conjunto de personagens. São todos uns patinhos feios, mimados, sem vontade própria. Parecem marionetas, completa e irremediavelmente controlados por outrem. Completamente disfuncionais e sem uma pinga de realidade naqueles corpos de bonecos. Sem respeito nenhum por ninguém, mentem com quantos dentes têm, sem receio das consequências. Não têm valores, não têm princípios. Enfim, as personagens vão evoluindo conforme o livro avança, mas o pior de tudo é que esta evolução não é necessariamente positiva. Eles evoluem, mas não crescem. Talvez aqui possa fazer uma excepção: Phillipe Dupin. De resto, não se aproveita nenhum marioneta, nem para entreter crianças.O enredo, este, começou bem e pareceu-me promissor. No entanto, chegada à segunda parte do livro, caiu completamente, que nem um meteorito. Comecei a ficar aborrecida, a perder constantemente o interesse, até que me obriguei a pôr o livro de parte para poder respirar. Até ao fim, o livro teve alguns altos e baixos, mas regra geral foi muito baixo em qualidade. Não me conseguiu agarrar, nem interessar, pelo que simplesmente fiquei com uma muito má impressão. A escrita da autora, não é desagradável, mas as suas técnicas não envolvem o leitor, deixam-no à deriva à espera que as suas palavras façam de algum modo, sentido.A autora escreveu uma sequela para este livro, com o título "A Valsa Lenta das Tartarugas" e encontra-se de momento, a escrever um terceiro livro, em que constarão os mesmo personagens.Com esta experiência, posso dizer com certeza que não irei ler os próximos 2 livros. E acho que não faria mal, se a autora se tivesse deixado ficar por este volume. Não obstante, espero que o livro vos agrade a vós.

  • Cherie
    2018-11-26 17:03

    "The Yellow Eyes of Crocodiles" is a book about the choices people make when they suddenly find themselves in the midst of a life that is not what they expected. The thing I like best about this novel is the fact that the subplots are as stong as the main storyline.Josephine, the protagonist, is trying to keep her head above water after ejecting her adulterous husband. The plan Iris concocts to recapture a moment of fame in her youth changes both their lives. But it is not only Josephine and Iris who are making choices that will take their lives in unexpected directions. Iris's husband, Philippe, is questioning his own values and priorities after sacrificing his life to build a successful law practice. Josephine's husband, Antoine, goes in search of his fortune with the manicurist from down the street.Josephine and Iris were raised by a stepfather who hoped for so much more out of his marriage to their mother. He has accepted the bargain he made until it threatens his relationship with his mistress.Some of these characters find the strength and creativity to re-invent themselves and others sink under the weight of the challenge.The question of how to move on when life is not what you expect is familiar territory in fiction, but this author has taken an approach to the question that is uniquely her own. She allows her characters to make their own choices, good and bad, and the outcome is not always what the reader might expect.Disclaimer: I received an advance reader's copy of this book from the publisher.

  • Raúl
    2018-12-02 00:57

    No es una mala novela, quizá no lo sea buena. Tiene eso del bestseller de intentar gustar a toda costa y una capacidad tremenda para arruinar cualquier posible sorpresa para así ir abriendo posibilidades de trama. Cada uno de los personajes que juegan en la novela es susceptible de desarrollar un arco narrativo propio, con lo que la novelista aquí tiene mucho de editor de culebrones. Las malas, que son delgadas y con aspiraciones de clase, van al infierno de la soledad. Las buenas, que son gorditas y humildes, al paraíso del reconocimiento. Pese a esta flojera mantenida a lo largo de sus casi 500 páginas, esta novela, no muy recomendable, no deja de tener algo dentro por la que no la puedo rechazar del todo.

  • Srta. Petruski
    2018-11-23 19:05

    No me gusto mucho esta novela, y creo que la historia podría ser buena si no fuera por sus personajes. La protagonista, es un personaje demasiado débil de caracter a la que nadie respeta. Y el resto de personajes son egoístas, malos e interesados. La verdad es que me ponían un poco de los nervios. Lo dejé en dos ocasiones y lo terminé porque no me gusta dejar libros a medias, pero no he continuado con el resto de la trilogía. ¡¡Por cierto!! Vi la película para intentar reconciliarme con la historia y continuarla, pero no, tuve la misma sensación que con la novela.

  • Angelina
    2018-12-12 22:56

    В един форум прочетох добри думи за тази книга и ми беше любопитно да я видя как е. До любопитството и приключвам. Книга, писана като по учебник за писане- сега тук да въведем студената майка, сега да представим брата- близнак на загадъчния учен, хоп, време е да представим съзряването на голямата дъщеря ...Предвидим сюжет, плакатни герои, история,която ще ми е трудно да преразкажа поради тълпата, присъстваща в нея. Книгата е първа част от трилогия, благодаря, на мен ми стига. Като за два часа полет.

  • mkld
    2018-12-03 20:21

    Lo he intentado, he llegado a leer una cuarta parte del libro, pero se me estaba haciendo eterno y finalmente ha podido conmigo.Historia sin pies ni cabeza. Relata constantemente el pensamiento de varias mujeres. El argumento, ninguno. La dureza de la vida para la mujer trabajadora moderna, recién divorciada y con hijos. Con amantes y líos amorosos de por medio. ¿No pasa nada más interesante? No. Infumable, no sé cómo ha dado para una trilogía.

  • Alison Fairleigh
    2018-12-12 22:16

    It took me quite a while to get into this book to the point where I wondered whether I should keep reading it. But I persisted and by the time I was halfway through, I was hooked. The plot had thickened and I became engrossed by the events unfolding in all the characters' lives. However, there was one plot twist that seemed utterly farcical to me and detracted from the overall impact of the novel.