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In the second novel of this thrilling new series fans of the hit television show THE VAMPIRE DIARIES will finally find out how a passionate romance with a dangerous girl turned loving brothers into deadly enemies.Stefan and Damon Salvatore are now vampires, and must deal with the consequences of their fate. They escape their small hometown of Fell's Church, which is overruIn the second novel of this thrilling new series fans of the hit television show THE VAMPIRE DIARIES will finally find out how a passionate romance with a dangerous girl turned loving brothers into deadly enemies.Stefan and Damon Salvatore are now vampires, and must deal with the consequences of their fate. They escape their small hometown of Fell's Church, which is overrun with vampire hunters, and travel to New Orleans.While Stefan revels in his powers, Damon continues to mourn the loss of Katherine, the beautiful vampire that turned them both. But New Orleans offers temptations and dangers. Stefan falls in love with another human, and his willpower is tested to the limit. Damon ends up captured by an evil, sadistic vampire hunter. Stefan knows that he must save his brother, but will it cost him his new love?...

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Bloodlust Reviews

  • Susanna
    2018-12-10 21:14

    I always wonder how Damon turned out to be THE DAMON we see in the TV series. This novel provides the background to this mystery and reveals the beginning of the brotherly feud.Damon and Stefan are always the polar opposite to each other. Stefan has a noble presence but a calculated persona. Damon, on the other hand, uses his playboy-ish facade to hide his charismatic qualities. Stefan was fortunate to be taken in by Lexi and given the opportunity to learn about alternative diet while Damon was captured and tortured by the Gallanger gang.Although it is written from Stefan's perspective, Damon has clearly captured the spotlight. In comparison, Stefan is like a lost boy trying to find his way while Damon is a man fighting for his destiny. The death of Katherine, the despicable submission to his first human bloodlust, and the torture by the Gallanger circus probably pushed Damon to the breaking point and transformed him into the Damon we love-to-hate and hate-to-love in the TV series.Bravo to Kevin Williamson (& Julie Plec) in developing the Stefan's Diaries series. I truly enjoy this novel.

  • Khalia Hades
    2018-12-08 00:11

    ***SPOILER ALERT!***Stefan Salvatore, a week old vampire, escapes from the people of Mystic Falls with his brother - Damon Salvatore - and ends up in New Orleans. At first, he believed that they own the world, the people who surrounds them is like a all-you-can-eat-buffet. Little did he know that he was doing the wrong thing. His brother (Damon) decides to go a separate way from Stefan, with two goals in mind; to be strong and make his brother's life a living hell. Stefan then meets Lexi, a century old vampire who takes him under her wing and tries to teach him how a real vampire is suppose to behave. He learns that if you feed from people you'll go crazy with Power and get yourself killed, and that eating from animals is not that bad.Damon then is captured by a horrible man who own a freak show, and wants him to die to sell his blood. But our poor Damon is stronger than what he looks. That is when Stefan then decides to rescue his brother, falling in love at the same time with Cellie, who is the bosses daughter. After rescuing Damon, Stefan believes that he has done his brother a big favor, and that he should be grateful. Well if being grateful is killing the only human who you found out that loved you for who you were and what you were, and then decides to kill you, then I must be kissing my enemies. Stefan then leaves New Orleans to stay away from any human contact, and from his brother, living in a 'cave' in Central Park, New York. I really enjoyed the book. It gives you a little idea as to why Damon hates Stefan so much. If you are a Vampire seeker, I recommend this book.

  • Buggy
    2018-11-26 17:17

    Opening Line:"It was October. The trees of the cemetery had turned a decayed brown, and a cold breeze had whistled in, replacing the stifling heat of the Virginia summer."For some reason I went into Volume 2 of this series thinking it was going to be told from Damon’s POV. Yeah I know it states quite clearly in the title “Stefan’s Diaries” but the photo of Ian Somerhalder on the cover threw me. Anyways, we are again in Stefan’s head, joining him directly after the end of Origins The Salvatore brothers are attending their father’s funeral in Mystic Falls and trying to come to terms with the fact that they are now vampires. Catherine is gone (never to reappear in this book) and the Civil War rages on.I should mention that while this is based on author L.J. Smith's original characters and historical flashbacks from the TV series it’s not really connected to either and reads just fine as a stand alone. I would especially recommend it to historical romance fans and the fact that it’s YA isn’t really an issue here either. Stefan is embracing his new powers as a vampire although his additional strength, speed and ever present hunger are going to take a while to get used to. Damon on the other hand has all but given up, refusing to feed and hating what Stefan has turned him into. Before long the brothers are discovered and chased out of town, hopping a train bound for New Orleans they're looking for safety and a new life. Stefan begins to experience bloodlust and manages to drain several passengers before they arrive while Damon continues to hate everything about his new existence especially his brother. The majority of our story takes place in the New Orleans of 1864. The Salvatore brothers are at odds and soon separate with Stefan going on a killing spree before being adopted by a “family” of Vampires. Under Lexi’s guidance Stefan is quickly taught “how to be a better vampire” existing on animal blood and flexing his powers of mind control.Meanwhile Damon gets caught by a vampire hunter and sold to a circus, shackled with vervain he’s forced to perform in fights to the death. Despite it all a bond still exists between them and Stefan soon devises a plan to rescue his brother, he just didn’t expect to fall in love in the process.The epilogue of this instalment is fantastic, setting things up perfectly for the future Salvatore brothers we’ve come to know. Cheers

  • Nikki
    2018-11-28 21:14

    I'm a huge sucker for back story, so I knew right away when I heard of this series I'd be owning the books right away, and this one had me compelled right from the beginningThe first installment basically told us everything we already knew from the TV shows ... Stefan Salvatore had a dark past. This second book gave me a whole new outlook on the Stefan and Damon characters. Reading about a good Damon, the complete opposite of what the Salvatore brother's are know as now. It's a very interesting perspective on characters we already know and love.

  • Jay
    2018-12-08 23:35

    The first book was a slow go as things rolled on which I guess is good because it gives the readers a chance to truly understand what the characters are going through and how they resolve their problems. In this book, there was a lot more action which is understandable since the story progresses. There is nothing wrong with it. It was definitely a page turner and all I have to say is that I can't wait to start the third one!

  • Kimberley doruyter
    2018-11-18 23:13

    that ending will turn your gut every single time.

  • Jenny Hartley
    2018-12-01 16:32

    *Spoiler* Not going to lie I got a bit emotional at the ending of this book especially after the death of Callie but I’m intrigued to read on within this series and find out how Stefan’s journey as a vampire goes. 👏🏼

  • Alex Bennett
    2018-11-17 23:28

    Because of how much I loved Origins, the first book in this series, I went out and got Bloodlust the day it came out, and immediately started it. I finished it in one sitting, glad to be back in the world I have fallen in love with in these books. It is a great addition to this series, and I am anxious to see how it will all end in The Craving, which is only a few months away.Stefan goes through a lot of character development in this book. He starts off as a monster, but because of what happens during this story, he changes and grows. Stefan is in a new city, and is forced to face a myriad of new challenges. Damon goes through his own tough times, but his character doesn’t grow much. And don’t go thinking that you could go through a whole Vampire Diaries novel without any romance, oh no there is plenty in this book. Even though L.J. Smith isn’t the true writer of these books, nor is Kevin Williamson or Julie Plec, the ghostwriter for this series is doing a tremendous job. I like to think of Stefan’s Diaries as a separate entity from the show or the original novels by Smith, and I advise anyone interested in this series does so as well, if you are looking to enjoy them fully.Bloodlust has a very interesting storyline. Within New Orleans, readers get to experience the nightlife of the city, a circus that may just be the end to the Salvatore brothers, and a house filled with vampires. Suffice to say, the story was quite unlike anything I’ve read before.You don’t have to have read any of the books or have watched the television show to enjoy these books. In fact, I feel as though readers who haven’t yet experienced the world of The Vampire Diaries will enjoy these books even more than those who already have expectations from what they have seen or read previously. I am definitely a fan of this series, and am counting down the days until the final book is released. I cannot wait to see where the story will all tie up in The Craving. Even Bloodlust isn’t truly an L.J. Smith novel, I will continue to read anything she ever writes, or anything that claims to be written by her. Story: 4/5Characters: 5/5Originality: 4/5Writing: 5/5Ending: 5/5Cover: 3/5

  • Lunatalib
    2018-11-14 21:25

    Disappointing.Reads like bad fanfiction by someone that has read descriptions of the characters but never actually watched the whole show.Introducing Lexi seemed like a good idea, until she's drinking only animal blood which is in complete contradiction to her character on the show in which she is specifically shown drinking from blood bags (i.e. human) and she compliments Stefan on his restraint that she cannot match.Damon's acting suicidal yet according to the tv series, he currently believes that Katherine is alive and trapped in the tomb having bargained with Emily for her protection. I know he's pissed off at Stefan but why would he risk death if he believes that Katherine's alive (undead)?Then there's Stefan. Who falls in love again...wait what about Katherine and Elena, or does he just fall for every pretty girl that passes his way? According to this storyline Stefan has more reason to hate Damon than Damon him, yet in the tv series it is Damon who is set on tormenting Stefan for all eternity while Stefan just wants to get along.Will probably try to read the third book but in the meantime I'm sure there's better in-character storylines in fanfiction.

  • Kate
    2018-11-15 00:17

    Stefan and Damon are on the run after being found out as vampires in their hometown of Mystic Falls. They hop a train to where else but the vampire mecca of New Orleans. Stefan is feeding on humans left and right, while Damon refuses, angry that Stefan has condemned him to an eternity without Katherine. Once in New Orleans, Damon takes off and Stefan falls in with another group of vampires led by Lexi (you might remember her from season 1), who do not drink human blood. Then Stefan finds that Damon has been captured by Gallagher, the head of a circus, and is going to be forced to fight a lion in an arena. He rushes in to free Damon, but Damon doesn't want to be freed. And Damon is much changed...Finally Stefan goes back to his role as the long-suffering "vegetarian vampire" and Damon becomes the blood-thirsty one. The adventures in New Orleans are exciting although a bit far-fetched. I wasn't so sure about the relationship between Stefan and Callie Gallagher, since it makes it look like Stefan falls in love too easily. But this was a fun, fast read.

  • Jessica
    2018-11-18 17:32

    The Vampire Diaries: Stefan Diaries vol 2: Bloodlust by L.J. Smith, Kevin Williamson & Julie PlecPlot: In Bloodlust Stefan chose’s to forget his human side and kill whoever he please and is trying to teach Damon that vampires kills humans, that´s just the order of things. Damon is filled with disgust and hatred for his brothers’ behavior and leaves him with a promise that if they ever meet again he will make Stefan pay for all the lives he has taken. But soon Stefan sees Damon locked up in a cage in a circus and he has to save him no matter what. And in order to do that he needs the help from a human, Callie. And slowly she awakes the human side in him and he begins to regret all the awful things he´s done. But Damon is not one to forget, he has made a promise and he´s sticking to it. And there the century old torment between the brothers begins.Title: This book is a follow up series for the TV show The Vampire Diaries, which is based on a series of books with the same name from the 90´s. They wrote these new books so that the viewers of The Vampire Diaries could get to know what happened in the very beginning when the main characters Stefan and Damon became vampires.Setting: Mystic Falls, Virginia in the beginning, but mostly in New Orleans, 1864.Characters: The main character Stefan Salvatore and his brother Damon Salvatore. Stefan was an obedient and loyal son when he was a human. He was very thoughtful and always did what he could to please others. But then when he turned into vampire it wasn’t just his teeth and instincts’ that changed. A vampire can choose to live entirely as a vampire, as a hunter with no guilt but vampires can also choose to keep their human side but then they´ll have to live with the pain and guilt for taken so many lives. And I think that Stefan got overwhelmed when he turned and he didn’t even consider living any different way because he was so caught up in it. But after falling for a human girl he remembers how it was to be human, and slowly he understands that what he´s done is wrong. And he tries to live only on animal blood. And he begins to see a future with this girl. Damon Salvatore was a confederate soldier who stood up to his father and refused to fight a losing war. He is a charming, handsome ladies man who always goes his own way. And then he falls head over heels in love with the vampire Katherine. And unlike his brother Damons accepts and loves Katherine for what she is. And when his always good brother gives in to the edge of blood Damon can’t see himself live a life without her, let alone all eternity. He is an honest down to earth guy who gets enough of his brothers’ sick behavior. It seems like Damon took all Stefan’s killings very personally, cause he was against taking innocent lives. That is a part of why he left the army I think. And then I simply gets enough when Stefan comes to rescue him. Sure he is about to change but that doesn’t change the past so Damon is determined to make Stefan pay.Themes: The major theme I think is the bond between the two brothers. And love, but also guilty pleasures, like killing.Perspective: In a historical perspective it seems correct. Everything from the clothes and to the songs that they sing, like God save the south by Charles W. A. Ellerbrock. The language and their manners are also very old-fashioned. They escort women home, bring them flowers and maybe steel a kiss or to but never more. Well if not Stefan takes a chunk off their necks.Interesting scenes: Damon says this to Stefan before he leaves in page 46. “I´d rather be weak than a monster. I want no part in your killing spree. And if our paths ever cross again, I swear I will avenge all of your murders, brother.” I think that this is a very interesting scene because in later on in the present time Damon is the one who acts like a true vampire and Stefan only drinks animal blood and has turned good. And he has the nerve to call Damon a monster, even though he knows well how it feels and that it is his fault for pushing him to be who he is today.Composition: This is the second book in the Stefan Diaries series so it picks up right where it left off in 1864 when Stefan last wrote in his diary. The two brothers Stefan and Damon Salvatore both fell for the same vampire woman Katherine. But only Damons feelings for her were true while Stefan was compelled to do whatever she wanted him to, like drink her blood. Damon on the other hand did it by free will. When the town found out that they had befriended a vampire they all got killed, Stefan and Damon shot by their own father. The next day they stood before a difficult choice, whether to drink human blood and become vampires or die in a matter of hours. Stefan accidently tasted human blood and discovered his new powers, like speed, strength, better eyesight and the power to compel humans. Of course he wants Damon do turn as well so that they can concur the world together. But Damon doesn’t want to live without his great love Katherine so Stefan forces him to drink. And then they have to flee from their hometown where they are considered demons. This is from the end of the book when Stefan writes in his diary after Damon has killed the girl Stefan was I love with. Page 225 “So I made a vow to always keep moving, to never stay in one place too long or grow too close to anyone. That is the only way I´ll do no harm. Because God help us all if I ever fall in love with another human…” This is the last sentence in the book. And it is such a great ending for everyone who watched the TV series because it is exactly what the series is about.Own opinion: I absolutely loved this book! The story, the honest, revealing way it was written. I believe that anyone who is hocked on the TV series is always hungry for more and this book stills the hunger. Or well, at least for a while. You always want more and they keep bringing it. It is such a detailed book that answers many of the questions you get from watching the show. And I think it´s incredible that the author of the original Vampire Diaries books and the two writers and producers on the TV show could write this series together. It´s a beautiful cooperation.Jessica Svensson RosbergMP3

  • Ramie
    2018-12-05 22:16

    I said in my review of Shadow Souls that it was time for L.J. Smith to hand over The Vampire Diaries series to someone else and work on an other series. I meant it in the best possible way, I like her books and want those that have her name on them to be good and to continue to be published. It feels like she's going off track and maybe her heart just isn't in this series anymore. Her other stuff is dying for some attention where as people working on this series on tv are doing a good job with saving it in my eyes. This book / line in the series is a good example of that. With the newer "Return" line of the series (which she is writing) I feel like I am reading because I have some sick devotion to the series, a "well I have to know what happens to the characters I love" thing.. But this (which she isn't writing) well I sincerely can't get enough.It's a darker and grittier story than the books usually have been but very much in line with the television show. They are newly made. Loving the fact that they'll be young and beautiful and powerful forever. Hating it. Feeling betrayed. Wanting to kill kill kill. And not wanting to, preferring to die themselves. Oh wait, that's just Damon.Yes, we learn how they change. How they become who they are as we see them today (again I cannot say this enough - this particular series is clearly meant for fans of the tv show but works for fans of the main book series too). The plot of this one is simple - the boys have been run out of town for being demons. Damon wants to die, resenting what Stefan has made him, resents the loss of Katherine, is angry, depressed, sulking, etc. Stefan, however, is enjoying his new life. They catch a train to New Orleans but split up once there as their different ideas of being a vampire and all of the anger are no good. Of course, nothing ever just ends just like that. One of them ends up captured and in danger. The other must play the hero. Along the way they must decide what it means to be vampire. If they have any humanity left. If vampires and humans can mix. If they're even still brothers and friends.I cannot wait for the third one. The best thing L.J. Smith did was let someone write this line for her. I hope she's off pushing for the newest Night World novel to get to us or even something new as she's brilliant when she's doing her thing, same as whoever took this one over is. 5/5 stars

  • Tatiana
    2018-12-01 18:19

    Bloodlust, volume two in Stefan’s Diaries, explores the (mis)adventures of Stefan and Damon during their early vampire existence in New Orleans (though in the show they don’t immediately leave Mystic Falls after the vampire eradication as they do here). At this point, their roles are reversed, with Stefan embracing the traditional vampire lifestyle and Damon shunning his new nature, choosing capture and torture over self-preservation. What has the TVD world come to!We meet fan favorite Lexi, though I’m now confused. In the show, episode 2x15 The Dinner Party, we were led to believe Stefan and Lexi first met at a Civil War campsite and he took her in, whereas in this novel, Lexi’s motley crew of vampires find Stefan in a butcher’s shop and she takes him in. It’s discrepancies like this, and the timeline of living locations for the brothers, that decrease the validity of these novels as true prequels to the show.However, the events in this book do lend more justifiable reasoning to the cantankerous relationship between the Salvatore brothers on the show. It’s one thing to have exposition dialogue and hazy flashbacks explain that Damon and Stefan were not always the best of friends because of their doomed love triangle with Katherine; it’s quite another to see how the feud extended beyond the locus of unresolved issues with their sire. Damon vowed to make his brother’s life a living hell, and boy does he ever follow through. I especially enjoyed when Damon and Stefan were pit against each other, Roman Gladiator-style, i.e. to the death. Now that would make one amazing, and revealing, flashback!By the end of this novel, their defining characteristics—Damon as the human-killing-blood-thirsty-egomaniac and Stefan as the good vegetarian vampire/brother—take and hold shape. While I do not look forward to more puzzling revisionist history/back story, I do want to read the next and last novel in this first series of prequels. I quite enjoy them, more than L.J. Smith’s original TVD series. P.S. I feel bad for whoever is writing these prequels, because they get absolutely no credit, poor dude/dudette.

  • K-ci Hobbs
    2018-11-30 21:21

    These books were amazing. especially the origins.

  • Marina
    2018-12-12 19:36

    Probabil am eu o problemă, însă acest ghostwriter schimbă înfăţişarea personajelor de la o carte la alta. În aceasta, Damon are ochii albaştri. Şi nu ştiu ce se întâmplă cu moartea mamei fraţilor Salvatore, care, NU este spoiler, de moartea ei ştiindu-se încă de la începutul seriei "Jurnalele Vampirilor". Spun că nu ştiu ce se întâmplă pentru că în T.V.D., Stefan i-a spus Elenei că mama lui murise atunci când el se născuse, în timp ce aici, în "Sete de sânge", ghostwriter-ul a scris că mama lor a murit atunci când Stefan avea 10 ani. Citeam rândurile astea şi am rămas cu gura căscată... Editura Leda nu are absolut nici o vină pentru ceea ce a scris ghostwriter-ul respectiv. Mi se pare ciudat că cineva decide să continue o serie a altei serii, neştiind însă ce se întâmplă în seria respectivă. Acum îmi pun întrebarea la care chiar mi-aş dori un răspuns: De ce oamenii scriu cărţi doar pentru a fi scrise? Aşa cum am mai spus, în afară de cele 2 chestii pe care trebuie să le iau în considerare în notarea ei, cartea este chiar bună. Nu e un stil mediocru, nu e ilogic firul narativ... Nu. Totul e ok, în afară de cele 2 mici dezamăgiri. :D Revenind... În incipit, autorul descrie o zi normală din viaţa lui Stefan: urmăreşte fete, le bea sângele, omorându-le astfel, apoi se întoarce acasă, la Damon. Ziua respectivă se transformă într-una ciudată în momentul în care Stefan îi sugerează fratelui lui să meargă la înmormântarea tatăl lor (NU este spoiler). Ei sunt descoperiţi de busola făcută de Jonathan, care detecta vampirii. Unii dintre săteni încep să fugă după ei, moment în care cei doi fraţi o iau pe Mezzanotte, iapa lui Stefan, şi pleacă. După ce sunt fugăriţi şi aproape prinşi, Stefan şi Damon se urcă într-un tren care, aparent, ducea către New Orleans. Stefan credea că un oraş nou îi va aduce o altfel de viaţă, departe de necazuri, însă ele apar atunci când, ajungând în oraş şi atras fiind de mirosul de sânge, el este prins într-o capcană de 3 vampiri şi de liderul lor, Lexi, o fată cu un păr bogat, blond. Această Lexi îl ia sub aripa ei protectoare pe Stefan, însă nu şi pe Damon deoarece cei doi fraţi erau... certaţi. În timpul în care Stefan stă la Lexi, Damon este capturat de un vânător de vampiri, Gallagher, care deţinea un circ şi care îl forţează pe Damon să se lupte cu diverse animale, Damon fiind ţinut captiv într-o cuşcă, strâns cu lanţuri îmbibate în verbină (plantă mortală pentru vampiri) şi nefiind hrănit. Atunci când Stefan află că fratelui lui i se întâmplă ceva care îi poate aduce moartea, decide să se angajeze la circ, moment în care o va întâlni pe Callie Gallagher, fata deţinătorului circului, de care, în mod surprinzător, se va îndrăgosti. Callie era blondă. Sinceră să fiu, cred că acest ghostwriter a vrut ca Elena să semene cu Callie (amândouă firi puternice), fată pe care Stefan chiar a iubit-o şi de care s-a ataşat încă din prima clipă în care s-au văzut.Va reuşi Stefan să îl salveze pe Damon? Îl va trăda Callie? Dar Lexi? În ciuda aparenţelor, seria "Jurnalele lui Stefan" are poveşti frumoase, care te fac să pluteşti pe nori şi dincolo de ei. Ok, poate pe nori din Iad, dar nu contează. :)) Ceea ce vreau să spun este că seria, dincolo de faptul că personajele nu sunt la fel cum le-a creat L. J. Smith, este frumoasă şi captivantă. Se pare că m-am răzgândit şi nu voi lăsa un ghostwriter să îmi strice seria "Jurnalele Vampirilor", serie pentru care, sinceră să fiu, am nutrit nişte sentimente. Oare este posibil aşa ceva? Posibil sau nu, simt că este seria mea de suflet. A doua serie a mea de suflet, de fapt.

  • Sarra Ouali
    2018-11-15 23:40

    Once again, as with the first book... I LOVED reading this! It was a quick read and really gave sooo much insight/backstory about Stefan and Damon and their world!

  • Tanja
    2018-12-09 16:18

    SOME MINOR SPOILERS (I think)It's been a few weeks since TVD season 3 ended. It's one of my favorite Tv shows and I can't wait for the next season to start.In the meantime, I decided to read Stefan's Diaries series. I've read the first book, Origins, some time ago, but I wasn't really impressed. I enjoyed Bloodlust a lot more. The writing style is better than L.J. Smith's.The book is written in 1st person, from Stefan's POV. That's probably obvious, from the title 'Stefan's Diaries', but I'm not happy about that, because Stefan's never been my favorite character. I would like to read at least a few scenes in Damon's POV. 'Damon's Diaries' would have been perfect.The book opens a week after Stefan and Damon are turned into vampires. Stefan likes being a vampire a bit too much and has no trouble killing people (mostly pretty girls). He's discovered that he needs two feedings a day, so I guess that's two dead people a day (he just doesn't seem like the type to save some blood for later). Damon is a different case: he hates being a vampire and he's still in love with Katherine. He hates his brother and he wants to die. Or kill Stefan. Because they can't both live at the same time or something like that. It's a little bit like Harry and Voldemort.So, at the beggining of the book, they attend their father's funeral, but thanks to that handy little device that points at vampires, they are discovered. They run away and end up in New Orleans. After spending some time in a brothel, they separate. But other vampires are also in New Orleans. And some crazy humans, too. Of course, the Salvatore brothers are lucky enough to meet both. AND THAT'S WHERE THE TROUBLE BEGINS.Damon getting in trouble leads to Stefan meeting his new love interest, the mountain lion Callie. I don't like her. I felt more chemistry between Stefan and the girls he killed, than between Stefan and Callie. They like each other? Oookay. They're in love? Please.I also would have liked a bit more information about other people in the 'freak show'. Are they there beacuse they want to be, or are they forced, like Damon?(view spoiler)[I'm glad that Lexi's in the book. I liked her in the show, especially her first appearance. I didn't even know it's her in the book until she said 'I'm Lexi.' Then I was like:"Of course! How didn't I figure that out..."(hide spoiler)]The point of this book seems to have been explaining how Stefan turned good and Damon bad. I think the transition is too fast. (Seriously, Stefan? Do you ever change without a girl being involved?) This book is only a few weeks in Stefan's life. I think going from bad to good would take a bit longer.Stefan: "Vampires kill. It's what we do, brother."Damon: "It's what you do... Not me. Never me."And the last sentence is a bit too dramatic: (view spoiler)["Because God help us all if I ever fall in love with another human . . ." (hide spoiler)]After writing this, I'm not really sure why I gave the book 4 stars. It seems like 3 would be more fitting.I wonder if one of the later books in Stefan's Diaries covers the time he spent with Klaus and Rebecca in Chicago? 'Cause I'd love to read about that.

  • Kristina
    2018-11-19 19:40

    Shortly after the television show, The Vampire Diaries began, I read the original series from LJ Smith and I hated it. I hated the characters and I hated the plot. I was even stupid enough to read the next Vampire Diaries series, The Return, and that was even worse. I love the show so much though, actually I'm borderline obsessed with it. Everything I hated about the original series, I love about the show. I think Damon and Stefan are my favorite vampires out there today, and I love that Elena is not your typical teenage girl who would die without her vampire love (aka-Bella). Elena is a kick-ass strong character who loves her friends and family and would do anything to protect them.Since I hated the original series, but love the television show so much I wasn't sure if I should read Stefan's Diaries, which is based on the Stefan from the TV show, who became a vampire in 1865 in Mystic Falls, instead of the Stefan who became a vampire in 1600's Italy. Then I received an advanced copy of Stefan's Diaries-Volume 1: Origins, which is about Stefan's life before he met Katherine, up to when he became a vampire. I decided to give the series a try.I was disappointed with Origins. There were too many inconsistencies with the television show. Season 1 had many flashbacks (my favorite scenes!), and since the book was supposed to be based on what we have seen, what we already know, with new added information, it angered me that the book did not keep with the same information as the television show.Anyway, I decided to still give Bloodlust a chance, and I enjoyed it a lot! It begins two weeks after Stefan and Damon become vampires. Stefan is feeding on the local girls he used to be friends with, and Damon refuses to eat anything. It was really interesting to see Damon being the "good" vampire. On the show he acts like he doesn't care about anyone, or anything, but that isn't true. He just does not let people see his insecurities. One scene in Bloodlust really struck me as ironic: "Vampires kill. It's what we do brother," I said calmly, my gaze locking on Damon's blue eyes. "It's what you do," he said. "Not me, Never me." (p. 46)For anyone who watches the show, Damon and Stefan are the opposite of what they say right here. Damon is the monster who doesn't care who he hurts, and Stefan is the brooding, emo one, who will only eat deers and squirrels.In Bloodlust, Stefan and Damon head to New Orleans where Stefan meets his BFF Lexi!!!! I was so excited to learn how they became friends. Ever since Lexi was staked by Damon in season 1, I wanted to learn more about her, and be able to spend more time with Lexi and Stefan together!In Bloodlust we learn how and why this switch between the brothers occurred. I would recommend this book to any hardcore Vampire Diaries fan. You don't really need to read the first volume, unless you want too, but it isn't a necessity if you know the TV show.

  • Veronika
    2018-12-10 17:17

    V druhém díle se vracíme opět do Mystic Falls, kde však pobudeme jen chvíli, a se Stefanem a Damonem se vaydáme do New Orleans.Poté, co se v minulém dílu bratři staly upíry a přišli o svoji lásku Katherine, mezi nimi vznikly neshody. Ze Stefana se stal krvežíznivou stvůrou, která nemá slitování s žádným lidským životem. Damon se odmítá krmit a po jedné krvavé vraždě se otáčí k bratrovi zády a utíká.Tenhle díl je něčím novým i pro zastánce seriálové podoby. Damon, kterého na začátku knihy sledujeme, není ten sarkastický, nemilosrdný, vše-je-mi-jedno upír. Tenhle Damon dělá všechno, aby ukončil svůj ubohý věčný život a tak se dostává do situace, ze kterého ho bude muset dostat jeho bratříček....Jenže Damon o pomoc nestojí.Jak už jsem řekla, setkáváme se tu opět s bratry Salvatory, ale najdeme tu i nové postavy. Jednou z nich je například Lexi. Lexi je stará upírka, která v New Orleans vede upíří družinu. Ta se stará o to, aby zůstaly ukrytí a nepřitahovali na sebe zbytečnou pozornost. Tahle dáma mi přišla jako takový prototyp Marry Poppins, která má na srdci jen to, aby se ze Stefana stal hodňoučký vegetariánský upír.Jenže Stefan si hodlá zahrát na "Velkého bráchu", jelikož zjistí, že je Damon držen v cirkuse, jako krvelačná stvůra pro pobavení.Tato kniha je pro - ano budu se opakovat - fanouška seriálu příjemným počtením na deštivá odpoledne, která nám odhalí něco málo ze zákulisí seriálu a minulosti bratrů "S".Pro "pouhého čtenáře" to však může být průměrná, místy až podprůměrná kniha, která v něm nezanechá žádnou větší odezvu.Jde tedy vidět, že tvůrci seriálu vzali to, co chtěli vidět diváci, a sepsali to...Olalá máme knihu.Nebudu nejspíš jediná, kdo má u této knihy problém s překladem. Přeci jen se pohybujeme v druhé polovině devatenáctého století a výrazy jako "Brácho" mi tu stále nesedí. A jedno zásadní - ROZRAZIL. Ano, jde poznat že Upíří deníky překládá jiná osoba než Stefanovy. Ať už si tuhle knihu přečte fanoušek knižní podoby či seriálu, udeří ho do očí že tu máme jakýsi rozrazil a ne náš starý známý sporýš.Kniha byla příjemná a čtivá, ale nebyl to žádný úžasný kousek, který si postavím do popředí mé knihovny.

  • Sofia Teixeira
    2018-11-20 16:20

    Se na série televisiva e mesmo nos livros a história se destaca por haver um triângulo amoroso e por Damon passar sempre pelo mau da fita, nestes diários de Stefan começamos a desvendar muitas das razões pelas quais ambos aconteceram.Depois de se terem transformado em vampiros, ficou impossível Stefan e Damon continuarem em Mystic Falls. Como tal, decidem ir para Nova Orleães à procura de uma nova vida cheia de diversão e de coisas nunca antes vividas. No entanto, Damon continua inconformado com a sua nova condição e fica repugnado com a forma como Stefan insiste em alimentar-se sem qualquer controlo sob si próprio. Este decide então separar-se do seu irmão, jurando-lhe que ia viver só para fazer da sua vida um inferno.Após a separação, Stefan encontra Lexi, uma vampira centenária, que o acolhe e tenta ensiná-lo a controlar os seus impulsos. Quanto mais Stefan bebe sangue humano, mais o seu Poder se manifesta deixando-o completamente embriagado e descontrolado. E tudo ia correndo bem até que Stefan descobre que Damon está aprisionado num autêntico freakshow e está determinado a fazer de tudo para salvar o seu irmão.Como disse anteriormente, muitos aspectos sobre Damon vão sendo explicados ao longo destes livros. Damon nunca quis ser um vampiro, nunca se quis alimentar de sangue humano, mas Stefan para além de não lhe ter dado hipótese de voto na matéria, usava a sede de sangue que sabia que Damon possuía para o fazer alimentar-se.Está a ser muito giro ler estes livros. Finalmente a história de Stefan e Damon começa a ganhar contornos perceptíveis e que nos ajudam a compreender os eventos das Crónicas Vampíricas. Gostei.

  • Olivia
    2018-11-26 00:32

    I can't decide which book out of the Stefan Diaries I like better. Origins was great, we got to learn some more about Katherine and other details we didn't know about Stefan while he grew up in Mystic Falls. But then again, Bloodlust was great cause we got to learn a story that we never knew of before. We find out about how Stefan overcame his darkest days and how Damon turned into a monster. One of the things about Bloodlust I loved was Lexi. We got to learn about her back-story, something we never knew of in the TV Show. I will say the story is somewhat different in the TV Show, saying that Stefan met Lexi in Mystic Falls when he tried to eat her. I don't know which story I like better, the TV Show's or this book. They are both great in their own way! I don't know if I liked the whole Callie and Stefan romance. I enjoyed seeing how Stefan was back then with a girlfriend, but I didn't like how it ended for the two. I was not expecting Damon to do that to Callie. That was actually a jaw-dropping moment for me, something I wasn't expecting. It is so weird to see Stefan act evil and killing girls and Damon barely not even drinking human blood! It is like seeing their roles reversed. I also want to point out how much I love the diary entries. They sound so poetic and like Stefan, which is perfect! I am really looking forward to The Craving. I have a feeling that it's going to be epic!

  • Brandy
    2018-12-07 23:25

    New series of books based on the tv series. Since the tv version is SO different from the original series, this is nice. There are essentially 2 completely different storylines going on in the two series even though they share the same main characters.After Stefan forced Damon to change in Origins, the two brothers are at odds. Stefan revels in the feeling that he gets when he kills, and Damon is miserable. He tries to let himself die, but Stefan keeps bringing him victims and refuses to let him go. When they go to New Orleans, the two brothers part ways, but not for long. Stefan meets Lexie, a fellow vampire, and her followers and begins to learn how to regain his humanity. Unfortunately, it may be too late for Damon. He has been captured by a sensational freak show owner that knows who and what he is and has a plan to use him to make money in death matches.

  • Ettelëa
    2018-11-19 21:18

    Lepší než první díl a i když to mělo své nedostatky, líbilo se mi to. Hlavně proto, že jsem opravdu velká fanynka seriálu. Konečně se dozvídáme něco nového, něco, co ze seriálu neznáme. Například se dozvíme, jak Stefan po své proměně žil, jak poznal Lexi, atd. Škoda jen, že tam bylo tak málo Damona, protože Stefan mě někdy opravdu přiváděl k šílenství, pro mě je to prostě úplný psychopat, narozdíl od Damona, který prostě ví, co chce... Ovšem překlad zase hrozný, i když možná o malinko lepší než u předchozího dílu. Musím říct, že na rozrazil jsem si už docela i zvykla, ale jejich oslovování "brácho" mě fakt irituje! Vždycky jsem si to v duchu přečetla jako bratře, protože si myslím, že právě tak by Damon oslovoval Stefana. S překladem se však nedá nic dělat, čtenář si prostě musí zvyknout nebo si slova předělat k obrazu svému :). Jsem zvědavá, co přinese díl třetí.

  • Kaye
    2018-11-21 16:17

    This was probably my fault for reading Vol 2 without reading Vol 1. These books are only for fans of the TV show on the CW and not the original novels the show is based on. (The backstories differ between the two.) This is suppose to show what a villain Stefan was when he was first changed into a vampire and how he began to control his new abilities. Simple writing, simple story. Unless you can't live without knowing everything about this TV character, skip it. If you love the show you might love it.

  • Jenn
    2018-12-12 19:35

    Once again, as with the first book... I LOVED reading this! It was a quick read and really gave sooo much insight/backstory about Stefan and Damon and their world! I said this about the first book, but I will say it again... Highly rec. to all fans of the show!

  • Kim Baccellia
    2018-11-29 19:16

    I'm a huge fan of VAMPIRE DIARIES. This story shows us more of Stefan's friend Lexie and how he met her. Can't wait for the third book in this series!

  • Andrea
    2018-11-28 23:40

    It was ok. A little boring in places and it's still a little disappointing that it veres off from the original The Vampire Diaries.

  • Lamya ❀
    2018-11-21 16:32

    Loved it.made me miss Damon and Stefan all over again.It made the story of Damon turning to a monster very clear.

  • Borris Norris
    2018-11-20 23:23

    review to come

  • Binti
    2018-11-24 23:32