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In his debut adventure, Tintin is pursued by Bolshevik agents trying to prevent him from exposing the new Soviet regime. Punctuated by slapstick and political revelations, this story is based on the writings of an anticommunist Belgian ex-consul to the Ukraine. Herge's early style revealed strong graphics, influenced by photo-reporting from the period, marking the historicIn his debut adventure, Tintin is pursued by Bolshevik agents trying to prevent him from exposing the new Soviet regime. Punctuated by slapstick and political revelations, this story is based on the writings of an anticommunist Belgian ex-consul to the Ukraine. Herge's early style revealed strong graphics, influenced by photo-reporting from the period, marking the historic debut of a major artist....

Title : Tintin in the Land of the Soviets
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ISBN : 9780867199031
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 120 Pages
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Tintin in the Land of the Soviets Reviews

  • Ahmad Sharabiani
    2019-02-22 15:00

    Tintin au pays des Soviets = Tintin in the Land of the Soviets (Tintin, #1), HergéTintin in the Land of the Soviets (French: Tintin au pays des Soviets) is the first volume of The Adventures of Tintin, the comics series by Belgian cartoonist Hergé. The story tells of young Belgian reporter Tintin and his dog Snowy, who are sent to the Soviet Union to report on the policies of Joseph Stalin's Bolshevik government. Tintin's intent to expose the regime's secrets prompts agents from the Soviet secret police, the OGPU, to hunt him down with the intent to kill. Hergé continued The Adventures of Tintin with Tintin in the Congo, and the series became a defining part of the Franco-Belgian comics tradition. تاریخ نخستین خوانش: دهم ماه آوریل سال 2005 میلادیعنوان: فرار از شوروی از ماجراهای تن تن خبرنگار جوان و میلو جلد نخست #1؛ نویسنده: هرژه؛ تهران، نشر رایحه اندیشه، چاپ سوم 1383؛ در 64 ص؛ شابک: 9647706154؛ موضوع: داستانهای فکاهی مصور؛ قرن 20 مهرژه در این ماجرای تن‌تن در سرزمین شوراها، با نگاهی انتقادی به اتحاد جماهیر شوروی، ادعای کمونیستها را مبنی بر جهش اقتصادی شوروی به سخره میگیرد. ا. شربیانی

  • Dirk Grobbelaar
    2019-02-06 16:07

    Despite suffering from a lack of any cohesive plot, poor art (compared to later entries) and political naiveté, Tintin in the land of the Soviets is still a worthwhile read for Tintin completists. Even so, it’s not a book I would ever recommend to first time Tintin readers. It is worlds away from the genius of later entries. I would suggest reading it along with a companion work like Tintin: Herge and His Creation, which explains the troubled publication history and the influences prevalent in the author’s life at the time. What we have here is a young artist only discovering his craft, and with no clear direction in which to steer it yet. There are some bright moments that foreshadow the great things ahead, and the hokey situation comedy even makes for one or two smiles, even though it is clearly more suited to a Roadrunner cartoon than a Tintin story.I love the Tintin books, but I can hardly give this more than three stars, since that would diminish the significance of the true five star entries.

  • Poonam
    2019-01-29 18:16

    3.5 starsOriginally written in French, I read the English version.I have seen the movie and heard a lot about the comics but never read one. And I think if you haven't read Tintin, this book is a perfect way to start, it being an introduction to Tintin, his dog snowy and their adventure!!Being the first book in the series I was lucky enough to get the beautiful colored edition which added to the pleasure of reading this.One thing hit me squarely after finishing this is how it portrays communism as an evil force and Russians as the balant villains. Well, this was first published in 1930, right around when Russian revolution had taken place and formation of Soviet of Russia was on it's initial stages. So maybe this is a general idea of what people around the world felt of what is happening in Russia. This part has to be read with a grain of salt.What I most enjoyed in this book was the thoughts of Snowy and the conversations that Tintin has with Snowy. For me snowy was the most fun to read and I actually had some laugh out loud moments on reading Snowy's thoughts.

  • J.G. Keely
    2019-02-10 18:15

    It can be an odd experience to look at the early work of an author (and artist) who later proves to be innovative and masterful. The work here is sou rough, the plotting so silly, and the characters unrecognizable to fans of the later series.But then, no artist emerges into the world fully formed, and even Moebius had his awkward stage. In this fisrt story, Tintin himself is less the clever, charming figure of the later books. Much like Mickey Mouse in Steamboat Willie, the character starts off as an unpleasant prankster eager to fight anyone he meets.The story, itself is very goofy and cartoony, full of pratfalls, one-liners, fights, and spectacular crashes. Guns and bombs are not frightening things, but tools of slapstick.The book also has none of the painstaking research which marked Herge's later work. His depiction of Russia is simple propaganda with the Soviets as overblown villains. There is no attempt to look at any real cultural differences.However, there are some glimmers of possibility here. The clean lines and motive sense of gesture is present, and the influence of American cartoonists like McCay and McManus are very clear. But anyone looking for a genuine Tintin story is not going to get one, here. The only reason to read this volume is for completeness' sake, for those who are curious to see the sketchy, awkward beginnings of a series that became a worldwide phenomenon.My Suggested Reading In Comics

  • Nandakishore Varma
    2019-02-18 21:01

    OMG! I never knew Tintin was such a right-wing fanatic! No wonder this book was never published in India!

  • Γιάννης
    2019-01-28 15:13

    Είναι το κόμικ που δημιούργησε αυτό που ξέρουμε σαν γαλλοβελγική σχολή. Σε 2 χρόνια κλείνει τα 90 και είναι κακογερασμένο εν συγκρίσει ακόμα και με μεταγενέστερα έργα του δημιουργού του.

  • Luís C.
    2019-02-11 15:23

    Tintin discovering Russia, escaping from the Soviet policies and the Cold War.

  • Maria Carmo
    2019-01-25 17:02

    This Tin-tin adventure is quite comic, albeit the exaggerated picture about the Soviets - like a caricature of sorts! In fact, I did not know this had been the first of the series, so I assumed it was Tin-tin in Congo - less fun...I loved reading this book and had a lot of fun with Tin-tin and Milu's fights and adventures...Maria Carmo,Lisbon, 2 January 2015.

  • Kimia carstairs
    2019-02-14 16:12

    I'm 16 but still a child :))I love this seriesI love Tintinand his smart dog.I love every single thing about this series

  • Tristan
    2019-01-30 23:20

    I'm revisiting this classic series in Franco-Belgian comics. Among Belgians, Tintin is something of a national symbol, almost a source of pride. In a country this small and inconsequential on the world stage, one has to savour his nation's small victories, in whichever field they may transpire. Anyway, as a result, it hardly was possible to get away from the character in one's youth. Luckily, I was -and still am -rather fond of the series. Tintin in the Land of the Soviets , the first instalment, is very early, very - oh so very - rough Hergé. Apart from the look,Tintin bears little resemblance to how he is characterised in subsequent stories. He's more of a rascal here, even a bully. In essence, it's pure slapstick. It's also quite progagandistic in nature, as all the Russians are portrayed as villains and communism receives a fair bit of critique. I guess this is forgiveable, since little was known about the communist regime at that time (1930). Uncertainty breeds fear and hostility, after all. It doesn't dominate the narrative, though. It consistently remains very light, escapist fare.As an introduction to the splendour that is Tintin, I'd recommend looking elsewhere. It's amusing and informative to see the early germs of things, but the gold lies in what comes after this one. Skipping it will bring you no great shame.

  • وائل المنعم
    2019-02-15 15:11

    TINTIN !... ARE YOU DEAD ?... SAY YES OR NO, BUT ANSWER ME !لماذا الآن؟بعد خمسة وعشرين عاما تقريبا أعود لقراءة تان تان، القصص المصورة المفضلة لدي، قرأت في طفولتي وحتى المرحلة الابتدائية المئات من القصص المصورة (ميكي وسوبرمان وجرينديزر وغيرها الكثير) بعدها اقتصرت قراءاتي للقصص المصورة على أعداد ميكي التي احضرها لأطفال العائلة.أعود لقراءة تان تان الآن لسببين:الأول أنني في انتظار طفلي الأول (عليا) - باقي لها من الزمن حتى تراني ثلاثة شهور بإذن الله - والصورة الأكثر جاذبية لفكرة أبوة طفلة صغيرة هي طفلتك بين يديك تقرأ لها قصة مصورة وتستمتع بتعليقاتها، أقرأ تان تان الآن في انتظارها.الثاني أن أميرة - واحدة من بطلات روايتي الأولى التي أرجو الله أن تجد من ينشرها - تكتب قصص قصيرة لا يقرأها أحد وتعشق قصص تان تان هي وبطلة قصصها.على هامش الذكريات والآمال:خفة الدم الحقيقية والبساطة تقضي على عيوب السخافة والمبالغة الفجة ولذلك لم أفقد استمتاعي بالقصة رغم تفاهة المعالجة وفجاجة السخرية من روسيا الشيوعية.

  • Dr Rashmit Mishra
    2019-02-02 22:10

    Re - read this today and i gotta say i still like it , ofcourse having been first published during the 1930s the book has it's fair share of problem like the whole Soviet propaganda and being focussed more on a goofy take on adventures of tintin rather than the later days mystery / detective style . To be fair the Comic hasn't aged well at all and yet , there's something about Tintin that i really like ,the adventure of Tintin is especially fun as no matter how many tough corners Tintin found himself in , the Duo of Tintin and Snowy always found a way out only to be trapped in another . Granted there's not much in terms of art and sure in this day and age this kind of story won't capture one's imagination but thinking the story to be one set in 30s and still finding it amusing is a Achievement well worth recognition , ergo 4 stars

  • Nabila Tabassum Chowdhury
    2019-01-23 16:10

    কেউ কেউ ভাগ্যক্রমে কখনোই পুরোপুরি বড় হয়ে যায় না। আমার বলতে ভাল লাগে আমি তাদের একজন। টিনটিন রিভিশন শুরু... ঝকঝকে স্ক্যান করা সবগুলো পিডিএফ হাতে পড়েছে তাই। যদিও আমার সংগ্রহে পাঁচটি অথবা সাতটি (পাঁচটি দেখতে পাচ্ছি, হিসাবে আরও দুটো থাকার কথা কিন্তু পাচ্ছি না) বই রয়েছে। তবে এবার সিরিয়াল অনুযায়ী পড়া যাবে। যেগুলোর কখনো নাগাল পাইনি সেগুলোও পড়া যাবে। খুউউউউশিইইই!!

  • Farhana
    2019-02-18 18:15

    ১৯২৯ সালে শুরু হওয়া কমিকস সিরিজটির ১ম গল্পের পটভূমি ১৯২২ এ নব্য সংগঠিত দেশ সোভিয়েত ইউনিয়ন। এ গল্পে লেখক সোভিয়েত সরকারের সাম্যবাদী কমিউনিস্ট দের স্বর্গ ভূমি গড়ে তোলার ফাঁকা প্রতিশ্রুতির আড়ালে চলা প্রশাসনের দুরাচার ( কমিক্সে জোর করে কমিউনিস্ট সরকারকে ভোট প্রদানে বাধ্য করার চিত্র, কমিউনিস্ট বাদে অন্যান্য রাজনৈতিক মতাদর্শীদের ওপর চলা অত্যাচার – যেখানে অনাহারে থাকা গরিব শিশুদের মধ্যে রুটি বন্টনের সময় অন্য রাজনৈতিক মতাদর্শী দের বঞ্চিত করা হয়) এবং দেশের আর্থিক ( কমিক্সে দেখা যায় আমেরিকান কমিউনিস্ট দের কনভিন্স করার জন্য একটা মিলের বাহিরে দাঁড়িয়ে মিল থেকে বের হওয়া চিমনির ধোঁয়া দেখিয়ে বলা হয় যে প্রচুর উৎপাদন হচ্ছে। কিন্তু আসলে মিলে খড় পোড়ানো হচ্ছিল আর ঠুকঠাক আওয়াজ করে মেশিন চলার শব্দ করা হচ্ছিল) ও সামাজিক অবনতির স্বার্থক চিত্র এঁকেছেন । টিনটিনের সহচর স্নোয়ি সে তো খুবই কমিক্যাল, টিনটিন-অনুগত এবং বুদ্ধিমানও। ফ্রোজেন টিনটিন কে বাঁচানোর জন্য তাকে দেখা যায় বুদ্ধি করে ফ্রিজিং পয়েন্ট ডিপ্রেসর লবণ ব্যবহার করতে।

  • Alireza
    2019-01-29 19:20

    اولین تن تن و شروعی بر این شخصیت همیشه جذاب.

  • Battameez
    2019-02-21 15:16

    3.5 stars I know these books are quite colonial, racist and derogatory. But, these are the very first French comics I fell in love with as a teen, so it does have sentimental value. Going back to Tintin, I've realised quite disconcertingly that all I feel is annoyance for Tintin. I'm a forlorn mother, thinking, "No Tintin, you cannot blow up shit in another country and avoid prosecution" "No, that's not how gravity works" "What are you doing ramming full speed into a train HAVE YOU NO BRAINS, THINK OF SNOWY/MILOU AT LEAST" "Calling people "savages" in their own country is just bad manners" "You're a piece of shit, at least Captain Braddock will show up in the next book". This book just has pure sentimental value for me, and a whole lot of nonsensical plothole funtimes.

  • Patrick Fisackerly
    2019-02-19 23:22

    Unlike the other Tintin books, this was written in daily (or possibly weekly?) installments and not as a "graphic novel" (for lack of a better term). And it reads that way - it's incredibly episodic and repetitive (how many times will Tintin dress up as the bad guys to fool them? A lot), but it's cute and there are glimpses of the kind of humor for which the series would later come to be known. Not a great book, but cute for what it is.

  • Jon(athan) Nakapalau
    2019-02-17 21:02

    Written in 1929 this Tintin adventure gives us a glimpse into the recent Bolshevik revolution in Russia. As such it is a very important document that will be enjoyed by those who are interested in the history of modern Russia.

  • Ramin Azodi
    2019-01-26 23:22

    بعد از یه هفته دنبال کتاب های قدیمی تن تن ام گشتن بالاخره پیداشون کردم و زین پس برنامه بیست و چهار شب آینده اینه: شبی یک کتاب تن تن قبل از خواب

  • Pramod Ks
    2019-02-21 17:54

    crude black and white cartoon from 1920s but nevertheless same fun

  • Martyn
    2019-02-07 18:04

    This was so horrible that I'm worried that my review will sound like the typical 'looking at the past through a modern lens' type of thing, which I can’t stand.I hope my reaction is not based in the clumsy political propaganda that the book exhibits, that is obviously one of the reasons for the book being written in the first place (it was commissioned for the purpose of distorting the negativity of life in Soviet Russia). Nor, I hope, is it based in the poor humor – I get that language, humor and audience expectations were much different back then.I think that there are enough clunky moments in this book and things that should not have gotten past an editor in any age, that it is possible to criticize it for being a rush job and for being crap to the point of stupidity and not fall pray to simply misunderstanding the age that the book was written in.For one example (out of many) look to the scene early on where Tintin makes a car that will ride on train tracks out of a bunch of scrap metal that just happens to be waiting by the track, he’s a genius crows Snowy. Only he isn’t because later in the book Tintin takes a whole motor car apart only to find that the problem is a flat tire, Snowy points out ironically that “you’re not much of a mechanic Tintin” when he can't get the parts back into the car again. Wait a second here. I thought this was some weird early nineteen hundreds joke at first but no, not twenty pages later and Tintin is making a rotor blade for his crashed plane out of a tree that he’s cut down with a penknife – back to being a genius again! This sort of thing makes me quite distraught.After I read it I found out that Herge himself hated the first two Tintin stories and tried to have them written out of his personal history. He succeeded for a long time with this one, managing to prevent its printing for years. He also had no intention of using Tintin again, he never thought that the character would become so popular, and so he dashed this off without a second thought. These facts alone tell me that it's ok to dislike this book. It really has very little to do with the later Tintin stories (thankfully) and so can be treated as a weird first step for an author who didn’t know what fate had in store.

  • Natalia
    2019-01-25 23:11

    De los tres que he leído, este es el que menos me ha gustado; de hecho, lo he disfrutado más bien poco. Sé que Tintín no es solo una historia de aventuras, que tiene un transfondo, que se centra en otros temas. En este caso, la política impregna las páginas de este tomo, y es por ello que lo he disfrutado menos. También es verdad que las ilustraciones no tienen el encanto de los otros. Reseña:

  • Gina
    2019-01-27 15:56

    This very early Tintin is all black and white line drawings. The art is quite expressive and there is a lot of physical comedy. This is sort of the Three Stooges Tintin, I think. The story is even more ridiculous than in later Tintin adventures and while Tintin shows signs of the sanctimonious little guy he becomes later, he's actually a bit of a jerk. I think this is a must for any Tintin fan, if only for historical interest.

  • itchy
    2019-02-17 22:24

    there certainly is room for improvement

  • Indah Threez Lestari
    2019-01-30 16:20

    #Program BUBUReview komik Tintin di Tanah Sovyet? Lho, kayaknya sudah pernah deh!Iya benar, review komik ini sudah pernah kuposting saat Posbar BBI bulan November 2012. Dan di situ dengan pedenya aku menyebutkan bahwa koleksi lengkap Tintin versi Indiraku aman sentausa di gudang rumah Cirebon. Padahal mah... .·´¯`(>▂<)´¯`·.Marilah kita bersama-sama berdoa bagi para buku yang telah meninggalkan kita...Mengheningkan cipta, mulai...Nah, akibat tragedi bablas bukune yang menyayat hati itu, aku memulai Program Beli-Ulang-Baca-Ulang alias #Program BUBU yang sangat menyayat dompet. Dan Program BUBU untuk Seri Tintin--dari Tintin di Tanah Sovyet sampai Tintin dan Alpha Art--ini rencananya bakal kureview juga satu-satu, seperti niat awalku waktu selesai membaca Tintin The Complete Companion-nya Michael Farr.Oh iya, sebelum kita mulai, perlu ditegaskan bahwa aku belum pernah beli komik Tintin terbitan GPU sebelumnya. Alasan pertamanya jelas, aku sudah punya koleksi versi Indira (tadinya), dan alasan kedua... ya itu, nama-nama yang digunakan versi GPU tidak familiar, karena menggunakan nama versi asli, bukan versi Inggris seperti yang biasa kubaca sejak kecil. Ya sudahlah, berhubung kalau beli ulang versi Indira harganya bikin sakit hati, jadilah aku beli satu set versi GPU. Untungnya beberapa bulan lalu aku menemukan bundel Tintin 1-4 lengkap di Gramedia Central Park, dan kebetulan juga pas sedang ada program diskon 25%.Nah, kali ini, apa sih yang ingin kukomentari dari komik Tintin edisi yang satu ini?1. CoverDibandingkan cover komik Tintin lainnya, cover ini tampak simpel dan minimalis, hanya menampilkan Tintin dan Snowy Milo, dengan latar belakang siluet istana Kremlin. Karakter Tintin versi awal juga tampak simpel, meskipun ciri khas rambut jambulnya sudah mulai terlihat. Karakter Milo sendiri yang merupakan anjing jenis fox terrier putih kelihatannya tak akan ada banyak perubahan di kemudian hari.2. UkuranBuatku yang sejak kecil terbiasa dengan komik eropa yang lebar-lebar, ukurannya yang cuma sedikit lebih besar dari buku tulis ini membuatnya lebih mudah untuk dipegang dan dibaca. Khusus untuk buku pertama ini, tebalnya dua kali komik Tintin pada umumnya, yaitu 142 halaman, sedangkan buku-buku selanjutnya rata-rata 62 halaman. Kelihatannya ini berhubungan erat dengan banyaknya panel gambar per halaman, karena di buku ini umumnya 6 panel per halaman, sedangkan di buku-buku berikutnya bisa mencapai 12 panel per halaman.3. GambarNamanya juga versi awal dari komik Tintin yang diserialisasikan di  Le Petit Vingtieme, suplemen anak-anak Le XXe Siecle, formatnya hitam putih seperti layaknya komik strip. Jadi rasanya seperti membaca manga saja. Manga versi sederhana, tentunya, karena gambar karakternya masih sangat sederhana, sementara gambar latarnya juga terasa kasar dan seadanya. Tapi minimal, Herge sudah menunjukkan cikal bakal ciri khasnya yang mementingkan detail, dengan menggunakan foto sebagai referensi, untuk gambar kendaraan misalnya. Tintin juga belum menggunakan kostum khasnya di kemudian hari: kemeja putih, sweater biru muda, celana cokelat muda. Di bagian awal ia mengenakan setelan jas kotak-kotak yang jelek, meskipun belakangan gonta-ganti baju terus sesuai kebutuhan.4. CeritaSebagaimana halnya komik strip bersambung, ceritanya penuh aksi, ber-pace cepat, penuh adegan slapstick dan cliffhanger. Kalau aku pembaca pada masa itu, mungkin aku menunggu dengan rasa penasaran sampai terbitan Le Petit Vingtieme berikutnya, apa yang akan terjadi setelah mobil Tintin tertabrak kereta api, atau Tintin dieksekusi mati misalnya. Solusi pada edisi lanjutannya kadang terasa digampangkan dan defying logic banget. Paling kalau menemukan hal-hal seperti ini, dimaafkan saja deh dengan alasan namanya juga komik. Nggak realistis juga nggak apa-apa, mau bagaimana lagi.Cerita dimulai dengan Tintin, wartawan top, diutus oleh Le Petit Vingtieme untuk meliput ke Sovyet, ditemani anjing setianya, Milo. Polisi rahasia Sovyet khawatir Tintin akan mengabarkan kondisi Sovyet yang sebenarnya pada dunia, maka untuk mencegahnya, mereka berkali-kali berusaha membunuhnya, sejak Tintin berangkat dari Brussels, selama dalam perjalanan, selama berada di Sovyet, sampai dalam perjalanan kembalinya. Itu saja plot yang menggerakkan cerita.Jadi, baru saja Tintin ketiduran, kereta api-nya dibom, sepuluh gerbong rusak, dan 218 orang penumpangnya hilang. Garisbawahi: hilang. Entah kemana hilangnya, karena tidak ada mayat yang bergelimpangan. Dan entah bagaimana cuma Tintin dan Milo yang selamat, hanya baju saja yang compang-camping. Karena selamat itulah, sesampainya di Berlin Tintin dituduh sebagai pelaku pemboman dan dipenjara. Tentu saja Tintin berhasil kabur dari kejaran polisi Jerman, pertama dengan mencuri motor polisi, kemudian mencuri mobil mereka.Oh ya, Tintin punya bakat khusus terkait kendaraan: apapun jenis kendaraannya, Tintin pasti mengalami kecelakaan, meskipun tetap selamat, tentunya. Dan hebatnya lagi, biarpun sempat masuk penjara dan mengalami kecelakaan berkali-kali, surat-surat Tintin masih lengkap dan ia tidak pernah kehabisan uang. Entah di mana semuanya disimpan. Mungkin Tintin punya semacam kantong ajaib Doraemon.Pembaca juga tak usah khawatir atas keselamatan Tintin, karena tingkat keberuntungan Tintin luar biasa. Ia selalu bisa melarikan diri, dan kalau ia menyaru jadi penduduk bahkan prajurit Sovyet pun ia tidak pernah ketahuan. Hebatlah pokoknya, jangankan polisi rahasia, beruang saja bisa kalah kalau berantem dengan Tintin.Singkat cerita, Tintin berhasil mendapatkan bahan liputan dengan melihat kondisi Sovyet yang sebenarnya. Tapi sepanjang cerita, cuma ada tiga panel yang menggambarkan Tintin menulis artikel. Itu pun tidak jelas apakah tumpukan kertas yang ditulisinya jadi dikirim, dibawa-bawa terus sepanjang petualangannya, atau ketinggalan di kamar hotelnya. Dan jelas jaminan suratkabar Le Petit Vingtieme bahwa "semua foto autentik, diambil oleh Tintin sendiri" hanya janji palsu belaka, karena dari awal sampai akhir Tintin tidak membawa kamera, jadi bagaimana pula cara mengambil fotonya?5. Akhir kataDalam sejarahnya, komik Tintin di Tanah Sovyet ini memang satu-satunya komik strip yang dibiarkan apa adanya, tidak direvisi dan dibuat berwarna sebagaimana komik Tintin lainnya. Herge selalu menganggap komik ini salah satu "dosa masa muda"-nya, karena memiliki kelemahan utama, sumber informasi yang dijadikan referensi oleh Herge sangat berat sebelah. Tapi bagaimanapun, tanpa komik ini, petualangan-petualangan Tintin berikutnya--dengan riset yang lebih detail dan mendalam yang menjadi ciri khas Herge di kemudian hari--takkan pernah ada.

  • فرهاد ذکاوت
    2019-02-09 21:55

    این کار جزو سه کمیک از تن تن هست که به صورت کارتون ساخته نشد. دلیلش هم دقیقاً وجه تمایز این کتاب با بقیه کارهای تن تن هست:۱. نقد و طعنه سیاسی مستقیمی در داستان به کار برده شده که به نظر من جالبترش کرده.۲. نقاشیها درست مانند بعضی از کارهای قدیمی همچون اسنوپی به مرور تغییر شکل دادند. ۳. طنز و همینطور کمدی این کتاب بیش از کارهای بعدش هست و کاملاً جدای از طعنه های سیاسی به شوروی بوده.۴. این کار سیاه و سفید چاپ شده؛ بر خلاف کارهای سوم به بعد که کاملا رنگی عرضه شدند.۵. اسنویی در اولین کمیک درست مانند اسنوپی حرف میزند و درک انسانی دارد. در حالی که به مرور نقش سگی وفادار، گاهی حلال مشکلات و موقعیتهای خطرناک و سوژه داستان میشود. این ویژگی گفتاری اسنویی در کتاب کنگو هم تکرار شده که تقریباً ساختاری شبیه همین کتاب اول دارد.در کل با وجود کمی اغراق به نسبت کارهای بعد به نظرم جزو کارهای خوب تن تن بوده و اسامی و اصطلاحهای سیاسی که آورده شده، تقریباً رده سنی این کار را از کارهای بعدی جدا میکند و میتوانم به رده نوجوانان و چوانان نزدکیتر بدانم.

  • Demetrios
    2019-02-14 18:07

    Η πρώτη περιπέτεια του Τεντέν (1929-30), και η μοναδική από τις πρώιμες ιστορίες του Ερζέ τις οποίεςο δημιουργός αρνήθηκε να χρωματίσει (όταν, στη δεκαετία του 1940, ασχολήθηκε με τον επανασχεδιασμό των περιπετειών του, προσθέτοντάς τους χρώμα). Μια ιστορία αφελής, ακατέργαστη, χωρίς ιδιαίτερη συνοχή. Η δεύτερη ιστορία που σχεδίασε ο Ερζέ, Ο Τεντέν στο Κονγκό, δεν θα έλεγα πως είναι πολύ καλύτερη σεναριακά, αλλά τουλάχιστον τεχνικά είναι μερικά σκαλοπάτια παραπάνω. Η αξία του Τεντέν στη χώρα των Σοβιέτ είναι κυρίως ιστορική, επειδή ακριβώς αποτελεί το ντεμπούτο του δημοφιλέστατου ήρωα, αλλά και επειδή αποτελεί ένα ενδιαφέρον ντοκουμέντο για τις απόψεις που είχε η Δύση για την ΕΣΣΔ (όχι απαραίτητα αβάσιμες). Θα τη συνιστούσα, για λόγους πληρότητας, μονάχα σε όσους αγαπούν πολύ τον ήρωα και θέλουν να γνωρίσουν όλες τις περιπέτειές του.

  • Natalie
    2019-02-02 16:24

    I am a huge Tintin fan. I love the adventure, the humor, and of course, Snowy. This one was not my favorite. It had humor and I love the interplay between Tintin and Snowy, but I thought it ended abruptly. The story wasn't as well done as some of the later ones. This is the very first one in the series so that is probably why. Still, I was glad to read this. Tintin rocks!

  • Heidi (KosminenK)
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