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Two young men, on the cusp of adulthood go on a hunt they want to remember forever. When they cross a ridge and leave the protected boundries of their kingdom, they find themselves a cavern to explore. Inside the cavern they find exactly what they were seeking..... Lurking inside this hole in the earth is something they will never forget.... If they can live to remember!**Two young men, on the cusp of adulthood go on a hunt they want to remember forever. When they cross a ridge and leave the protected boundries of their kingdom, they find themselves a cavern to explore. Inside the cavern they find exactly what they were seeking..... Lurking inside this hole in the earth is something they will never forget.... If they can live to remember!** A Note - Though March is the "First Dragoneer," he does not enter the Dragoneer Saga in Book One - The Royal Dragoneers. He arrives though, in the early chapters of the Dragon Saga Book II - Cold Hearted Son of a Witch, and remains in the series from that point....

Title : The First Dragoneer
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The First Dragoneer Reviews

  • Bookwraiths
    2018-09-11 14:31

    Originally reviewed at Bookwraiths ReviewsThe First Dragoneer is a short introduction to The Dragoneer Saga by M.R. Mathias. Never having encountered any of the books from this young adult series, I went into this read without any pre-conceived like or dislike for it.As the misty haze begins to fade from a new reader’s eyes, two teenage boys, Bren and March, begin to take shape upon the pages of this tale. They have been friends for years, growing up together in a tiny settlement on the edge of nowhere, but now, it is time for them to be parted, as March prepares to leave the village forever. Wanting to send off his best friend with good memories, Bren convinces March to take one last hunting trip together. And so, they trek off into the hilly countryside seeking laughter and adventure only to stumble upon unexpected creatures and a large, ominous cave that they can’t help but explore. What will the two friends find inside the cave? How will it change their lives? And will they survive their last grand adventure together? These questions and more are answered in this novella!While reading this one, I couldn’t help but compare it to another young adult fantasy with dragons and dragonriders. You might have heard of it; it is called Eragon. And whether it is fair for me to look at The First Dragoneer and view it as a simulacrum of Paolini’s work, I can’t help but do it. Teenager(s) out hunting in the wilds. Boy(s) find(s) mysterious object. This object changes his (their) life (lives) forever. And there are dragons involved. You have to admit, those are some fairly significant similarities.But even with that being said, reviewing a story always comes down to “Was it entertaining and worth reading?”And with that simple criteria in mind, I can say that I enjoyed The First Dragoneer. No, I didn’t love it. Nope, it isn’t on my all-time favorites list. Nah, I don’t believe it truly reflects M.R. Mathias’ storytelling abilities. Definitely, it could have used a bit more characterization. But, it was still a solid, straightforward YA fantasy with enough mystery and action to entertain a true Dragoneer fan, a YA fantasy lover, or just a bored reader looking for a quick fantasy fix. So feel free to give it a try, it won’t hurt at all.

  • Fellshot
    2018-09-05 16:27

    I think I would have preferred this novella if the characters weren't shallow jerks with no sense or motivation and if they weren't so determined to get a Darwin Award. Seriously! They were more or less interchangeable, to the point that I couldn't care less that anything bad happened to them. I was deeply disappointed that everything was rendered "all better" for little reason and zero motivation. Come on, there has to be someone with common sense in the entire valley!The plot could not exist because there was utterly no motivation to go wandering off on a long hunting trip when anyone else would have just taken a long walk around the pasture to shoot the breeze. I would have preferred some slightly nonsensical slashy goodness from the fan fiction pit of voles than the character interaction in this novella. At least I would have gotten some hilarious longing gazes of the love that dare not speak its name between the two characters.The descriptions reminded me of a very generic first level D&D adventure, except without the forethought that all of the DMs I know put into their settings and plot hooks.If you want to waste an afternoon and you have the requisite gallon of brain bleach handy... then go to and click on something random. It would be more entertaining than this and take up less of your time.EDIT: Fixed a few typos.

  • Sharon
    2018-08-21 19:28

    The premise of "The First Dragoneer" is a good one. Bren and March are two good friends going on their last hunt before one of them leaves the village. They run into some unanticipated adventures in the process.M.R. Mathias starts off with a really good idea. However, I found myself distracted by homonym problems (e.g., arrows are properly referred to as "nocked," not "knocked" and one lights a fire using a "tinder box," not a "tender box."). There were several other similar issues that gave away Mathias' using his spellchecker instead of a human proofreader to look at his manuscript. This kind of stuff leaps out at me, as I was a newspaper copy editor for a long while and still do editing on a freelance basis. The editorial problems caused me to take a star off of the rating because they were so pervasive.This novella also includes a two-chapter preview of "The Royal Dragoneers," for which "The First Dragoneer" is a prequel. I think that Mathias has a great idea for a series, and am hopeful that some judicious editing will lead to success for him.

  • Lauren
    2018-09-16 18:24

    This was deceiving; it appeared as though it were a book whereas it is actually the beginning of a book, or two books perhaps. It was quite disappointing.

  • Sheila
    2018-09-02 14:24

    The First Dragoneer by MR Mathias, is a fun adventure story for middle-grade and older. Two young boys face that time when the world changes, when they have to grow up; and though their world is very different from ours, their feelings will be familiar to many readers. March will leave to find his fortune elsewhere. Bren will stay to fulfill his family obligations. And each imagines they’d rather be the other.The author creates a pleasing “other world” with words that are close enough to familiar to avoid that sinking alien-ness that so easily alienates readers. March calls Bren a “giboon” and imagination furnishes the image—nicely done. Meanwhile the hunting and tracking skills of our own world work just as well when entering forbidden caves in another.As boys will everywhere, each tries to act unafraid in the quest for just one last adventure. Each sees the other as confident. And each is just a little too curious.The danger, when it comes, is swift and vividly described. The author certainly writes a good fight scene, and an aftermath that’s all too plausibly painful.The First Dragoneer is a nicely complete novella in its own right, and a good introduction to the author’s Dragoneers Saga; intriguing fantasy, fun characters, and lots of questions to carry the story onward.

  • Barbara ★
    2018-09-11 13:31

    Link to free ebook: stumbled upon this series by accident and thought I'd give it a try when the prelude was free. Friends Brendly and March are hunting in the woods of their kingdom for the final time since March was leaving to find his adventure. During their last hunt, they come across a white stag and decide they cannot kill such a beautiful creature. This is probably the best decision they made that fateful day. When the come across a hidden cave on the other side of the mountain, the young boys (17 years old) decide to investigate. They stumble upon a nasty wyvern who give them a run for their money. Both Bren and March are injured but March is able to get them both back to camp where the white stag is waiting.I really liked the authors poetic prose, his descriptions of the area and his depiction of the boys' friendship. You could really tell that they were the best of friends and would miss each other once March departs. I will definitely be picking up The Royal Dragoneers to see where March winds up and what the great quest is really about.

  • T. Tolles
    2018-09-04 18:26

    Wow! Can't wait for 'The Royal Dragoneers' in Oct 2010I've never written a review before, so bear with me. This Novella was recommended to me and though this is not a genre I usually read I was happily surprised at how much I liked it. Why M.R.Mathias is slumming with Indie writers like me, I'll never know. I have no doubt 'The Royal Dragoneers' will be awesome. The author draws you into his fantastical vortex from the first chapter and you are compelled to read on whether you want to or not. The characters are believable and engaging. It's obvious to me he either researches a lot or is very knowledgeable in archery, hunting and just plain survival. I left feeling I learned a thing or two. I highly recommend this pre-cursor to 'The Royal Dragoneer' and am sure that you will be impatiently awaiting its arrival. In the meantime though, you should checkout his other books...'The Sword and Dragon' it too is a page turner. I'm only into the fourth chapter, but I can't set it down.

  • Evgeny
    2018-09-12 20:36

    A prequel to Dragoneer Saga books. Two young boys Bren and March are going on a hunt during which they found a cave. They do exactly what any normal young boys would do - they go exploring it. Unfortunately, they run into trouble while exploring which will change a life of one of them.This is fairly short story. The ebook also contains first chapter of The Royal Dragoneers. It is not exactly clear how it relates to the prequel. As to the story itself, it is too short to give a good judgment. I was not impressed and found hard to feel any sympathy for any of two boys.

  • Richard Jackson
    2018-09-14 18:14

    This novella serves as a prequel to The Royal Dragoneers. The novella is about forty three pages long. The remaining twenty or so pages is an excerpt from The Royal Dragoneers.The author lays a strong foundation for The Royal Dragoneers. His world and characters are constructed with care. The writing is solid. The action is believable. My only complaint is that the last part of the novella feels rushed. This is due in part to the way the novella ended and the fact that a key description is missing.I liked the novella but the length was a concern for me. If you plan on reading the Royal Dragoneers, I would recommend this novella. Not only will you get a hint of things to come, you can also use the opportunity to decide if you like the author’s writing style or not.

  • Rebecca
    2018-08-31 14:13

    The First Dragoneer was a really interesting novella that hooked me into the story straight away. I’m always a fan of fantasy and this one was definitely interesting. Of the two main characters I believe that Bren was my favourite. There was one part in the novella that I got a huge surprised and was really hoping that things would turn around for the best. Overall, I really enjoyed The First Dragoneer and definitely piqued my interest enough that at some point I shall be reading the series.

  • Thomas Maher
    2018-08-29 18:12

    To much hurtI want dragons saved not hurt. This just shows human greed and how evil they are. Going into dragons home then when dragon tried defend itself from intruders the human kills it and praised hero when it murder and dragon should be hero. Human should be dead. Ending was ok, trying book 1 now and am wondering where female dragons and male human bond pare? If I could I say them all especially the female dragons.

  • D.P. Prior
    2018-09-05 20:36

    The First Dragoneer is a brief induction into the world M.R. Mathias has created for his epic novels. The reader is immediately dropped into the midst of a hunting trip – the last such to be enjoyed by childhood friends, Brendley and March.It’s an easy task for the reader: the dialogue is so natural and genuine, the descriptions succinct and yet hitting the mark with exactly the right amount of imagery that it almost reads itself. I started to enjoy the tale from the outset because of this deceptively simple writing style and because so much information (back-story, mise en scene, motivation) was established contextually and without lengthy exposition.The narration blends seamlessly with the characters’ thoughts and feelings, which are never obtrusive. Mathias makes good use of his writer’s palette, taking from his toolbox just what he needs and no more.There is a degree of head hopping but it’s well-controlled and there are only two main POVs so it never gets confusing. Sometimes, early on, I got the rwo main characters mixed up. It was a little hard to tell them apart, but this ultimately emerged as a strength: Bren and March are joined at the hip and this is the story of their parting.Editing is fair. There were one or two malapropisms, some missed apostrophes and some redundant adjectives that weakened otherwise strong lines, but these are few and far between. There were also some minor problems with word repetition which didn’t jolt me out of the story but would add polish if modified.Generally Mathias writes fluid prose that the eye skips over with ease. He has a knack for finding just the right word for the character and context and is never pretentious. He allows the reader’s imagination to form the images with just the right stimulus (“fist-sized spiders scurried from the noisy brightness...”). Rarely does Mathias overcook his adjectives. He also understands the importance of vernacular and specificity:“and who is gonna race me to the short dock when the krill begin to spawn?”Mathias writes about what he knows: the hunting scenes are easy and lucid, full of appropriate and uncontrived spiel. He’s also good at the small details that evoke all the senses: fiery brandy, crisp air, the food:“March handed Bren a pan full of scrambled grouse eggs he had collected and cooked earlier.”Little things, little details that convey real people; people we can identify with. Lots of outdoor craft – torch making, fire building, construction of a litter (maybe “travois-like device” was a bit too specific but that’s a minor gripe).Ordinary, believable people moving into uncharted waters. Chesterton would have loved this.There’s also a nice use of mythology with the introduction of the white stag and the near “Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner” albatross moment. To his credit, Mathias doesn’t waste this either. He introduces these elements with purpose: the decision over killing or sparing the stag is a critical moment determining the outcome of the story and the vector of the novels that follow.The action sequences in The First Dragoneer were a delight, full of human idiosyncrasies and those odd little accidents that real people are prone to under situations of duress.It’s not just action and characterisation that Mathias is good at either. There are some stunning descriptions of the landscape that pulled me right into his world:"The rich, dark shades of the green tree tops flowed down the mountainside on their way out into the lower slopes of the valley. The trees thinned into large clumps, only to disappear completely in the valley floor. There, squares and long rectangles of brown, gold and russet took over. Some of the greener fields were speckled with the black and brown dots that were livestock, but most were empty of life save for the rows and rows of crops. The silvery-blue thread of the Prominence River wound its way through the pastures and crop-fields, splitting the valley into two misshape[n] halves."The sense of place is further enhanced by the characters interacting with their environment – the hunting, the descent to the cavern, the practical solutions they need to come up with for their survival.I thought the ending was a little hurried. There was a great description of the dragon’s approach but then all its knowledge is conveyed to March instantaneously, thus short-changing the reader. There’s also a very sharp change of gear at this stage – and perhaps there needs to be. We are about to be jolted from one world to the next. The familiar hunting grounds of Bren and March give way to the world of the Dragoneers and their war against the coming Confliction.The First Dragoneers is by no means perfect, but it’s a very strong introduction to the author’s oeuvre and a thoroughly enjoyable read. A bit of spit and polish and it’s as good as they get.As to the little matter of rating, I don’t think a book has to be perfect to earn 5 stars (if that was the case I’d never dish any out). What it does have to do is engage me and make me want to read more. Mathias does this and does it well.

  • Pat
    2018-09-19 17:22

    A good beginning. Interesting enough to make me want to read more.

  • Sean
    2018-08-26 14:11

    Really enjoyed this little taster for the Royal Dragoneers

  • Eric Townsend
    2018-09-21 17:34

    The First Dragoneer is a short prequel to add some depth to one of the main characters that will appear in the second book in the Dragoneer Saga, March. In Mathias’s usual detail-driven and slow-paced style March and his friend Bren take a hunting trip, the last the pair will take together as March prepares to leave their small village. They encounter a few things they didn’t expect, a beautiful creature, a dark and rather large cave, and even a familiar race of being to those who love these types of tales. The build up is worth the wait as the pair find something lurking inside the cave, will they be able to survive? If they do, will they ever be able to make the journey back across the ridge? You’ll have to read to find out.I enjoyed the prequel though I felt the ending was quite rushed. It was as if Mathias just couldn’t hold back anymore and had to release a plethora of splendid things at the end in order to convey some of what awaits the reader should they proceed to read the Dragoneer Saga. While I don’t blame him for this approach, it did take away from the tale of the two friends which was interesting in its own right. If you want some extra backstory for March then by all means read this short piece, but otherwise I’d suggest you go straight to the full stories as they are more representative of Mathias’s true style.

  • Michelle, the Bookshelf StalkerQueen of the Undead
    2018-08-21 18:34

    Brendley Tuck and March Weston are best friends. More importantly, like all young men on the verge of becoming an adult, they are deciding what they want to do with the rest of their lives. Brendley does not think he has the options that March does and is envious that his friend can leave Prominence Valley, where they currently live. As best friends, they do not want to leave each other, they have been friends all their lives.The young men decide to do one last hunting trip together. This hunting trip will change their lives forever.While this Prequel-Novella is a very short read, it is also very good. In a short amount of pages, you learn plenty about the boys and the courage, and loyalty they have for each other. Like any good fantasy, it has action, fantastic creatures, and it made me want to read what happens next.The end of this short story is clearly the beginning of what I predict will be a very good book. All wrapped up in 48 pages!One note- I received this book as part of the author's promotion by going to smashwords. I used the code ZQ99Y.

  • Adrian
    2018-09-21 15:27

    My rating: 3.5 starsAudiobook narrator Christine Padovan rating: 2 starsI grabbed this book on another Audible sale for the first four books in this series. It sounded mildly interesting and I haven’t heard a good dragon book in a while.I was first disappointed with the narrator. While she did a good job with somewhat changing her voices for the two main boys, I don’t know what she was doing with the end of each and every sentence. It sounds like there’s an ellipsis (a …) at the end of each sentence with how she is reading this book. Like, it kind of trails off or so (it’s hard to explain). It drove me nuts and became all that I could focus on.The book was short (it’s a prequel to the main book in the series) and mildly kept my interest. I like where the plot is going and it sounds like it is heading into something more interesting but I am not sure that I can bring myself to listen to the next book, unfortunately.

  • Annette McLean
    2018-09-03 21:17

    Anyone who knows me, knows I am a sucker for a book about dragons. Fantasy books to me play in my head like a movie as I picture what the characters look like and their mannerisms. So I thought I would give this one ago.I downloaded this prequel to see if I liked the way it presented it's story.However, no sooner had I started to read it, in which I felt only a couple of memorable things happen, it seemed to end suddenly, leaving me with a sort of blank feeling. The characters to me were not really interesting, the writing was very descriptive in certain areas and sparse in others.If you are going to write a prequel, at least end it in a way that makes the reader want to find out what happens....this one didn't do that for me.I am sure I won't be purchasing the rest of the series.....sorry MR Mathias, it just didn't capture my imagination.

  • Melissa
    2018-08-25 18:33

    Going beyond the kingdom's borders, two friends' final hunting trip together turned into a nightmare as they face a ferocious beast living in a cavern they've dared to explore. Bren and March's misadventure led to a grave problem for one of them, and a pledge to fight the coming Confliction for the other. March pledge maybe a desperate act to save Bren, but it also sets in motion the saga of the dragoneers.There isn't much to say except that this very short book serves as a prequel to the first of The Royal Dragoneers series. As far as prequels go, this succeeds in giving me an idea of the magnitude of the tale, and a promise of a magical epic adventure. I do hope book 1 will live up to my expectation.

  • Lora
    2018-09-19 13:29

    I enjoy bromance hunting fantasy immensely, but I'm displeased with how it ended. Several structural problems (inconsistent POV, grammar errors, incorrect word choices like "viscous scream"), plus factual errors (the hunting had a lot of mistakes, particularly with the archery; no hunter would even consider taking a doe and her fawns as trophies; and there were some problems with the injuries) rankled me enough to take off a star. The biggest thing, though, is that the story builds up this friendship, which I really enjoyed, only to undermine it at the end. We're to understand that one moment of soul-bonding with a dragon overwrites their 17 years of friendship? No goodbye, no regret, nothing? I realize it's a setup to a series, but I'm still left dissatisfied.

  • Jaime
    2018-09-01 16:35

    Let's face it, over the years dragon stories have decreased in value because they're a dime a dozen and all the same. But, Mathias has a gift where he delivers this fascinating tale with heart and conviction, which makes it different and rise above the rest. An added bonus besides his writing talent, is that he has the ability to gain a wide audience because the drama soaked plot contains younger characters that will appeal to YA fans, but the fast paced, action packed storyline commands interest and attention to the older crowd. In this novella, the author builds a solid foundation for what's to come in the fantasy series dubbed, The Dragoneers Saga. Please be prepared to get swept away to an adventurous world where only the unthinkable could happen and dragons soar.

  • Gerold Whittaker
    2018-08-29 18:37

    Described as a fantasy Prequel Novella, it is very short (43 pages) and a prequel to the Dragoneers series. Two young men, about to go their separate ways into adulthood, go on a hunting trip together. They want the trip to be a memorable one, and indeed, it turns out to be so after they explore a cave.....The free ebook downloaded fromSmashwords includes a few chapters of the follow-on book, The Royal Dragoneers. This I also read and enjoyed, but not enough to buy the rest of the book.

  • Melanie
    2018-08-30 20:30

    I actually read this after reading "The Royal Dragoneer's" and it didn't disappoint. This being the prequel to the aforementioned book, it took me by surprise because it didn't mention any of the characters from the second book. So that really excited me towards the story line because there are things mentioned that tie it all together and I found that knowledge rewarding. Sometimes in life, looking back, you can see how things were actually tied together that going forward looked disjointed or disconnected. From that perspective I'm delighted to see how it meshes and compiles in book three.Thoroughly enjoying this series.

  • sue anne
    2018-09-06 20:37

    A very good start that left me wanting moreAfter reading The First Dragoneer, and the free chapters of The Royal Dragoneers, I am eager to continue this series. I am also pleased that all six books are available and have high review ratings. These things get me excited. It isn't often, as a kindle reader, that you know you have weeks of great reading ahead. I've flipped through at least a hundred books that looked or sounded just like this series, only this one started in 2010, so it has to be original.

  • Jensen Carter
    2018-09-09 13:38

    Having read the preview I am running out of excuses as to why I shouldn't buy this book!The style is both gripping and fluid leaving enough to the imagination to excite but offering a perfect balance of description. Often fantasy authors get caught up in the complexity of the world they have created and lose out on telling the story itself. This is no such story.Five stars as there are no faults, it is perfect for the genre and will capture the imagination of many readers; young and old alike.

  • Scott Collins
    2018-09-16 21:33

    While there might have been some editing issues, I found them to be minor and in no way took me out of the story. I am finding that I'm not a big fan of novellas however. They just don't seem to have enough meat to really sink your teeth into. I liked the story and found the characters to be believable but wanted a bit more. Maybe I'll have to go buy The Royal Dragoneers. :) Overall an enjoyable read. I very much enjoy the imagination of MR Mathias.

  • Christie Silvers
    2018-08-22 16:32

    Even though I don't normally read this type of story, I found The First Dragoneer intriguing. It's a heartfelt story with great description and characters you can feel good about knowing.This prequel novella does a nice job at setting up the world they live in for future books in the series. The First Dragoneer will appeal to readers of all ages who enjoy fantasy worlds of dragons, elves and magic.

  • Justin
    2018-08-26 17:37

    This short teaser introduction novella did just what is was supposed to do: I got me wanting to dive right into the series. It was a wonderful story of friendship and fantasy.Set in a world where there are creatures like Dragons, Wyverns, Trolls and Goblins, Mr. Mathias starts to etch his story of a dragon rider named March.Can't wait to start the series and dive deeper into this world.

  • ZaBethMarsh
    2018-09-07 16:14

    Interesting introduction to a fantasy tale. The prequel doesn't really give you much of the story except March's background. March and his best friend go on one last hunting trip before March is leaving. They end up having an adventure. Where this will take them, I guess we'll have to read the rest of the series to find out.

  • Kirsten
    2018-09-18 13:21

    Extremely short but interesting- reminiscent of the Eragon books. I think I will enjoy this prequel in context more as opposed to a standalone prequel. In general it is well written, suitable for most ages I would say. The world as it has been described so far seems good, and I think the series will help pan out this good idea.