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Legend says that whomever possesses the St. John talisman ring will find their one true love. Now that the ring rests in the pocket of renowned scoundrel Brandon St. John, the dashing rake must decide whether it is a blessing…or a curse.Never has the irresistible rogue, Brandon St. John, pursued a woman with more fervor—but his ardent suit of Lady Verena Westforth has a diLegend says that whomever possesses the St. John talisman ring will find their one true love. Now that the ring rests in the pocket of renowned scoundrel Brandon St. John, the dashing rake must decide whether it is a blessing…or a curse.Never has the irresistible rogue, Brandon St. John, pursued a woman with more fervor—but his ardent suit of Lady Verena Westforth has a different purpose. The delectable blond lovely is indeed enticing, but Brandon suspects her of hiding a valuable missive that he has sworn to recover. With a sensuous kiss and a passionate caress he intends to lower Verena’s guard…and then discover where she’s hidden “the goods.”Without the missive, Verena stands to lose the one thing dearest to her heart. And now an extraordinary man has entered her life…at the worst possible time! Vulnerable though she may be, Verena vows she will not be just another of Brandon’s “conquests,” even as she aches to melt in his arms. But is he a needed friend or a foe in alluring disguise…and will she be able to prove to him that love is their true destiny?...

Title : Confessions of a Scoundrel
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ISBN : 9780380820801
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Confessions of a Scoundrel Reviews

  • Lady Gabriella of Awesomeness
    2018-09-16 18:47

    3.5 Love is a grand thing,'tis. An' the best parts of all is the kissin.' stars Favorite Quote:Men never understand that all a woman truly wants is a man who will listen.Understand.Pay her bills.And,of course,love her madly even when her hips wide due to an unfortunate addiction to bon bons.

  • Lover of Romance
    2018-08-31 22:52

    Brandon St John, is one of out five siblings, and as much as he despises it so, he is in possession of the Talisman Ring. Which is quite a legend within his family and has been passed down the generations. Although he refuses to believe in such a legend, which says that whoever is in possession of it shall find true love. Brandon is not eager to find love, settle down or have kids. He is more than ever content as he is. His younger brother Chase, has just bought a special license and Brandon and his other brothers and brother n law endeavor to stop this marriage, believing the one Chase wants to marry is a golddigger. So Brandon goes over to pay a visit to Lady Verena Westforth. Verena, having been alone for four years since her husband passed away, is quite amused by the visit of Brandon. Tempers exchange, since they have both strong personalities. Verena considering Chase no more than a good friend, is outraged that his brother would try to buy her off to never see him again. Verena wanting to play a trick on Brandon and to teach him a lesson, takes his five thousand pound note and comes up with a plan to teach the arrogant St John a lesson or two. With Verena's brother in town and visiting and knowing that he is being blackmailed, Verena was tempted a little to cash it in, but knowing she can find another way to help her brother comes up with a way to trick Brandon. Brandon when finding out the truth from his brother, that she hadn't accepted his proposal was amused by Verena's hairbrained plot. He finds her enchanting, and like no other woman he has ever encountered. When his close friends come to him with a dangerous plot that could endanger many lives, he decides to help him out. Apparently there is this important list and he believes is in Verena's possession and he must find it or those after it that are very dangerous, will kill many to get it. Thus Verena and Brandon are thrown in together in a dangerous plot that could destroy everything that they love, and they both have much risk. But even though they work together there is also a rising desire that is quite explosive between the two of them.I found that this was quite an amusing, yet intense story, one I thoroughly enjoyed. I found I just fell in love with all characters both main and sub. I found myself either laughing my head off or feel so tense from the suspense of the story. This plot is filled with danger, a mystery that needs to be solved, passion, and a love that will entrance you. I love reading Karen Hawkins, all of her books I have loved reading. This is one that I haven't read and definitely was one of my favorites of hers. But with all her books, I know I will be drawn into a good plot that will be filled with wit, romance, and an exciting story line with a mystery that keeps you surprised and amused. I know this one was filled with all these aspects and I am definitely glad I picked it up. You can never go wrong with Karen Hawkins.

  • Keri
    2018-09-17 01:32

    So next up with the Talisman ring is Brandon St. John and no little ring is going to get him tied in knots or tie the knot with any lady. He is after all strictly a two week love and leave them type of guy. Then he is on to greener bored-but-married-society ladies, it is his motto. But Chase his beloved younger brother has got himself in a mess and about to pop the question to a lady of questionable nature. A Ms Verena Westforth has managed to get Chase so worked up, he has a special license in his pocket, so Brandon with the backing of all his brothers will go forth and pay her off. After all a fast lady like her is always looking for a quick quid to ensure her way of life. Now I must say, Verena's butler, Herberts, almost stole the entire show with his antics. You know what kind of quality you are getting when you get your staff from The Society for Wayward Women's Servant Referral Service and Herbert was hilarious, as Verena constantly has to remind him that no we don't pickpocket our guests and no we don't try on their coats after we remove them. Those were funny scenes in the book. But back to Brandon's buy off of Verena. Once Brandon gets there, he acknowledges that Verena is attractive in a floosy kind of way, I mean gold hair and violet eyes are common, as well as dangerous curves...a dime a dozen..well ok maybe 1/2 dozen, but that bears no relation to Brandon's duty. So Verena takes Brandon's money after she negotiates it up to 5,000, she ain't stupid. The she proceeds to make a mockery of Brandon as she has the check made into a table center piece and has a big party so everybody can see Brandon's name on the check. Then if that isn't enough, she has it made into a necklace with his signature boldly displayed. Brandon for his part, didn't find the necklace as shocking as he should have. As a matter of fact, he liked it all to well. He found out after the fact that his brother Chase had been firmly turned down two days before he had made his grand payoff gesture. So he sets out to show Verena who is boss and storms over to her house to make her pay with his kisses. He can give her two weeks, even though she doesn't meet his criteria of being married, his nether regions are in revolt and will fall off if him and his buddies don't get in with Verena. ;-) There is a mystery about a list and Verena's brother, but it took a back seat to Brandon and Verena falling in love with one another. It was a cute read and I had a couple of laugh out load moments as Brandon figured out how to deal with Herbert and his pickpocket ways.

  • Farhanah Nurhidayah
    2018-09-21 01:56

    Honestly, i bought it just because there was a book fair came up last year, the book was cheap and i was in the mood for historical romance. So, i just randomly pick it up and i thought i should give it a go and oh boy, i was wrong. Here's a habit of mine, i do not like read multiple books at the same time and i wont move on unless it was really really bad except for some occasional moment where i was determined to finish this book as a challenge for myself. The book was bad. I mean like the writing style was okay. Easy words, not hard to follow but sometimes the author wrote like modern consersation at times. Or maybe it just me. The plot was cliche and predictable. Sorry for spoiler: the plot have Love at the first sight thingy, endless of going on searching a piece paper which had nothing to do with them at all but just an excuses for the hero to barge into the heroin life. In the end, it was right in front of them all along and they lived happily ever after and magic talisman was passed down to the next St. John family. Overall, the book was a waste of time but it was entertaining most at the sex part. lolz.

  • Shasha
    2018-08-25 18:32

    The title could apply to both the MCs. I was entertained by their first and second meeting but then it became about fighting their lust for each other. The H had some misunderstandings about the heroine that made me uncomfortable and lose interest in their growing relationship. The spy plot felt vague with obvious villains and made me like this less. The ending was very tidy and happy, so much so that it felt out of place.Overall, not something I want to read again despite some humor and wit. And sex.Mature content

  • Jessica
    2018-09-06 23:40


  • Barbara Rogers
    2018-09-13 01:58

    Talisman Ring Series, Book 2Legend says that whomever possesses the St. John talisman ring will find their one true love. So, none of the brothers want possession of the ring and they pass it back and forth through all sorts of trickery. The oldest brother was snared in the 1st book of the series. This time it is Brandon St. John who has the ring. Brandon is the 'perfect' one of the bunch -- never makes a social mistake, manages his money well, is always perfectly dressed, etc. -- and he's very pompous -- but -- since he really doesn't know it -- everybody likes him.Brandon and his brothers are concerned about their brother Chase (he'll be book 3) who has not been his usual happy, high-spirited self for a number of months. Chase has taken up with what the brothers consider an inappropriate woman and has even procured a special license. Brandon gets the assignment to buy off the woman so she'll go away and not see Chase anymore.Brandon goes tearing into the home of Lady Verena Westforth in a very pompous, high-handed manner and demands that she leave his brother alone and offers her money. He already has the bank draft in-hand and gives it to her. She tears it up and throws it about his head like confetti. He keeps insulting her and and finally ends up offering her 5,000 pounds. She agrees -- and he sends over the bank draft for the money. She then takes it and has it folded into an origami animal (with his signature prominently displayed) and uses it in a table arrangement at her next dinner party where she tells everyone the story. After that, she tears his signature off the draft (and destroys the rest of it) and has a necklace made with the signature displayed in it -- which she wears to a gaming hell. He is so embarrassed and she enjoys ridiculing him.He soon comes to find she isn't what he thought AND that she had already turned his brother down and sent him away before he ever showed up to buy her off. They are both involved in a bit of intrigue that keeps throwing them together. So, they have to fend of the bad guys and the Home Office and still manage to fall in love.The best part of the book is Verena's butler -- he steals the whole show. You have to read the book just to see his antics.A good read -- I recommend it.

  • Dianne
    2018-08-29 21:49

    Confessions of a Scoundrel by Karen Hawkins is the second book in the Talisman Ring series. This historical romance centers on Brandon St. John, the less than proud current owner of the Talisman ring. Those who follow the legend of the ring believe that whomever carries the ring will find their true love. Of course, Brandon does not believe in the legend. How could he when he is never interested in a woman beyond two weeks at the most?Brandon is tasked by his brothers to pay off Lady Verena Westfort, the woman his brother Chase is currently interested in. Her father-in-law blames her for the death of his son and has worked to ruin her reputation to the point that she is only accepted by the demimonde. Assuming she is nothing but a tart, Brandon attempts to bribe Verena to leave his brother alone. She has already turned down the brother’s proposal but decides to teach Brandon a lesson. She accepts his bank draft and then uses it as an ornament for her next dinner party making Brandon the center of much laughter.The attraction between the two is immediate. They both have a similar sense of humor in the ridiculous and often end up laughing while they battle one another. When it turns out they are both seeking a missing paper, they work together to solve the mystery and foil those who would cause them, and those they care about, harm. I really loved this book. It had enough of a mystery to keep me interested. The characters were strong and intelligent. Hawkins managed to create characters who interacted and exhibited the usual angst without spending paragraph upon paragraph discussing the woes and problems along the way to true love. This is a book worth reading.

  • Chastity
    2018-09-03 01:56

    I loved this book, but I love every book I have read by Karen Hawkins! She is one of my very favorite authors! Thanks Karen for yet another awesome book!The story description: Legend says that whomever possesses the St. John talisman ring will find their one true love. Now that the ring rests in the pocket of renowned scoundrel Brandon St. John, the dashing rake must decide whether it is a blessing ... or a curse." Never has the irresistible rogue, Brandon St. John, pursued a woman with more fervor -- but his ardent suit of Lady Verena Westforth has a different purpose. The delectable blond lovely is indeed enticing, but Brandon suspects her of hiding a valuable missive that he has sworn to recover. With a sensuous kiss and a passionate caress he intends to lower Verena's guard ... and then discover where she's hidden "the goods."Without the missive, Verena stands to lose the one thing dearest to her heart. And now an extraordinary man has entered her life ... at the worst possible time! Vulnerable though she may be, Verena vows she will not be just another of Brandon's "conquests," even as she aches to melt in his arms. But is he a needed friend or a foe in alluring disguise ... and will she be able to prove to him that love is their true destiny?

  • Angela
    2018-08-22 00:50

    For most of this book I couldn't get over the fact that Brandon was under the impression that Verena had slept with his brother AND his best friend. This is all cleared up in one tiny paragraph at the end, but still, it was distracting. Also, the missing list suddenly became less important to the Home Office for some reason, even though they had been threatening a number of things to retrieve it throughout the book. The whole plot was only half conceived. The final scene with the bad guys happened really quickly with minimal explanations, then all the drama was promptly forgotten about and a wedding was planned. Who was driving the runaway coach? Who bonked Verena on the head? Was Chase completely cool with Brandon going after his girl (the very girl he planned to Marry via special license at the beginning of this)? The unprofessional butler tried to lend the story some humor, but really, it was too little too late.

  • Stefanie
    2018-08-23 18:52

    I loved both Brandon and Verena!!Brandon is bored, he has nothing in his life he want's to accomplish. Then one day he wants to save his brother Chase from one of 'those women'. But when he meets Verena himself he's immediatly attracted to her. She's no ordinary woman. And she dares to refuse his money and sprinkle his cheque over his head!Verena is a strong and willful woman. She loves her family dearly but she wants to escape her past. Untill somenody threatens her brother and she needs to help him. That when the paths of Brandon and Verena keep crossing.Brandon wants her in his bed... and in his life! It's great to see how he tries to woo her, how his feelings for her start to enfold. Verena isn't immune to him, but she's afraid to allow her feelings. Until they decide to face life... TOGETHER.

  • Brittany
    2018-09-10 18:56

    By finished, I read the first fifty pages and said "nope"

  • Fairy / Anna
    2018-08-26 01:45

    Boring, DNF.

  • bell
    2018-09-18 21:43

    I found this book tedious and silly. The best part of the story were snip its of overheard conversations of various members of society that prefaced each chapter. There are a whole gaggle of brothers, one brother (Chase) who is always getting into trouble and always has to be recused from himself, is hanging about with a women who is not considered good company. Verena, the heroine, is a widow who's father in law blames her for her husbands death. Due to that, her reputation has been left in shambles and she has very little money. She and Chase are friends and he proposes to her. She politely tells him No and sends him home. Not knowing this , the hero has been elected by his brothers to go to verena's house and buy her off to leave Chase alone. Verena refuses the money and takes her own revenge out on the hero, Brandon. In the meantime , one of Brandon's old friends show up and asks his help to find a 'list" that has gone missing that he is being blackmailed for. Luckily, this "list" is also the same list, that unbeknownst to the hero, that Verena's brother is also being threatened and blackmailed for. (how convenient plot wise) .The story started off good, but the fake spy plot really brought it down hill.. I want a romance, not a spy story.. What really made this a two star book was Verena's butler, who I think the author was trying to make entertaining, but in reality came off as a silly plot device. This butler pick pockets of every visitors. Talks with a bad cockney accent, and does other "un butler" things like try to wear visitors coats. Comedy is extremely difficult to write, Just putting madcap events in doesn't make something funny. I realize he was supposed to be humorous, but the writing just didn't make it funny, it came off thin and unconvincing and foolish. Not only that, it literally took me 3 chapters to figure out where the list was. I was surprised this was by Karen Hawkins because I generally like her work.Heat level- Somewhat steamyViolence-fistacuff

  • Victoria
    2018-09-10 18:58

    Stopped reading at "captive in her own bed". GTFO of your damn bed, punch him in the head if you have to. GRR.

  • Elisa Vangelisti
    2018-09-10 01:48

    mi è piaciuto così poco che l'ho abbandonato. un gran conciliabolo di fratelli per organizzarsi e impedire al minore di sposare una donna immeritevole e poco altro.

  • Bunga
    2018-08-29 21:58

    Novel ini menceritakan tentang Brandon St.John. Di ending buku pertama dia dikerjain kakaknya yang menyebabkan cincin pusaka keluarga mereka jatuh ke tangan si Brand. The Talisman Ring adalah cincin milik keluarga St.john yang melegenda, katanya sih punya kesaktian, yaitu bisa membuat pemiliknya menikah dengan cinta sejati mereka. Nah, gara-gara inilah para St.John bersaudara pada gak mau memiliki cincin ini. Soalnya mereka masih betah menjomblo. Hihihi... Singkat cerita, cincin ini 'berhasil' jatuh ke tangan Brandon secara gak sengaja. Gara-garanya, kakaknya Brand-Anthony, yang pemilik cincin ini di buku pertamanya--nyelipin cincin ini ke dalam kuenya Brand. Jadi pas lagi asyik makan kue, gigi Brand hampir patah gara-gara ga sengaja gigit cincin ini. Hehehehe... Di buku ini, Brand dapat amanat dari saudara-saudara cowoknya untuk "menyuap" mistress adek mereka, si Chance. Soalnya kabarnya si Chance hampir nikah sama si mistress ini. Mistress yang dimaksud adalah Lady Verena Westforth, seorang janda yang bermata pencaharian sebagai demimonde--mirip-mirip sosialita gitu, yang kerjanya pesta, minum-minum, dan judi. Verena itu cerdik loh, pinter mencurangi lawan-lawan main kartunya. Yah, mau gimana lagi. Dia butuh duit dan almarhum suaminya gak meninggalkan duit buat istrinya saat dia mati mendadak dalam kecelakaan berkuda. Plus, ayah mertua Verena gak suka sama mantunya ini. Makanya Verena dikucilkan dalam society dan hanya diterima dalam pergaulan sesama demimonde.Nah, Brand kan dateng tuh ke rumahnya Verena buat meminta Verena putus dengan Chance dan menawari duit sebesar 500 pounds. Awalnya sih Verena gak mau, karena merasa dia bukan 'wanita yang dipikirkan' oleh Brand, dan memang bukan mistress atau lovernya Chance. Bahkan dua hari sebelumnya Verena juga sudah menolak lamarannya Chance. Tapi Brand gak tahu itu, dan Verena pun menerima duit 500 pounds tadi meski merasa harga dirinya sudah dilecehkan. Plus, si Brand juga nekat nyosor Verena. Kissu-kissu... Katanya kiss-nya itu bonus, soalnya Verena udah mau nerima uang sogokan. #halah... Gokilnya nih, Verena balas dendam ke Brand dengan cara membuat cek bertuliskan nominal 500 pounds tadi sebagai origami dan dipajang di pesta di rumah Verena. Awalnya jadi origami bunga & dipajang di vas bareng bunga-bunga lainnya, abis itu jadi origami binatang-binatangan, dan terakhir, bagian cek yang ada tanda-tangannya Brand digunting dan dijadikan liontin yang dipake Verena ke pesta-pesta. Hahaha... tentu aja society jadi pada heboh dan Brand pun dipermalukan. Tapi bukannya marah sama Verena, Brand justru jadi semakin tertarik dengan wanita yang satu ini. Di saat yang bersamaan, terjadi kasus pembunuhan yang menimpa salah satu tamu pesta Verena. Tamu itu rupanya agen rahasia yang membawa selembar kertas daftar nama orang-orang penting dan pesta Verena dijadikan lokasi untuk pertukaran kertas daftar itu ke seorang Lord yang adalah sahabatnya Brand (sorry, lupa namanya). Sayangnya sebelum pertukaran itu terjadi, agen itu udah terlanjur dibunuh. SI Lord ini pun minta bantuan Brand untuk mencarikan kertas daftar nama itu, soalnya kalo engga, Lord ini bakal ditahan sama Home Office. So, untuk mencari kertas daftar ini, Brand harus menyelidiki salah satu tersangkanya, yaitu Lady Verena. Di sisi lain, Lady Verena dan adeknya, James Lansdowne, juga di-blackmail oleh seseorang yang menuntut kertas daftar nama itu diserahkan. Padahal Verena dan James sama sekali gak tahu menahu tentang kertas itu. Maka saat Brand datang dan menyelidiki, Verena sempet curiga dan mengira si Brand ini villain. Tapi setelah usut punya usut, akhirnya Verena, James, dan Brand sepakat untuk kerja sama mencari kertas dokumen rahasia negara tsb. Apalagi nyawa mereka taruhannya. Overall, novel ini light reading. Kasus misterinya juga ringan dan gak begitu penting--bagi saya--untuk dijadikan fokus cerita. Tapi interaksi Verena dan Brand lumayan so sweet. Begitu juga dengan unsur komedi, yang di novel ini Butlernya Verena paling gokil (butlernya mantan copet sih, suka nyolongin barang-barang punya tamu Verena). Yah, enjoyable enough gitu deh.

  • penelopewanders
    2018-08-24 22:39

    After far too long spent trying to get the correct edition, I will simply say that this is not the image (or the ISBN) of the book I have. The only one with the right picture that I can access is an e-book. This is the second in the Talisman series, of which I seem to have read almost all but this one. As this was a while ago, I really don't remember the other books. This was very light and somewhat amusing. I appreciated the heroine, but the general feeling was a bit too light and somewhat shallow. A bit of a romp. I seem to have two copies of this, not sure why.

  • Juli
    2018-09-12 00:42

    2 and 1/2 stars

  • Renee
    2018-09-20 00:48

    Very enjoyable read. It's been quite some time since I enjoyed a book this much.

  • Maura
    2018-09-15 19:52

    The second in the Talisman Ring series, this one was just okay. This book was seriously redeemed by it's awesome heroine. Verena Westforth is a widow with secrets about her family (though I'm not sure I was able to really understand why her family should have been such a big secret...). She's a member of the demimonde, known to be a seductress (though not really) and has made the St. John family nervous because Chase obtained a license to marry her. Well, she turned him down but the St. Johns didn't know that. So Brandon shows up on her doorstep ready to pay her off and throwing every last insult he can at her. On the whole, she really gets the better of him and makes him a laughingstock Verena is a wonderful heroine. Whether or not she is truly a seductress is irrelevant - the fact is that she doesn't care. She's confident and unique. I liked her very much. Though I think she went through a bit of stupidity by letting the arrogant and overbearing Brandon St. John, who up to that point had mightily disapproved of her and treated her like the "mistress" he believes her to be, in to her bed. It just felt wrong... Like she should have waited a bit longer until they got to know one another better or something. Brandon wasn't my favorite hero. He wasn't an ass or anything, but he was rather pompous. There's something of a mystery/spy story in here as well. And the wrap up of the action was a little less than stellar - needed a bit more angst I think. A decent continuation of the series.

  • Jessi
    2018-09-03 02:53

    Gosh darn it. I remember reading this series and really enjoying it. Sigh. Now I'll probably have to read the whole thing again. Booger.Anyway, this book is th second in a series about a mother who left her "Talisman ring" to her children in the hopes that they could find the same true love that she did. In this book, it's Brandon St. John's turn as he tries to deflect the Lady Verena Westforth from marrying his brother. But, after he offers her a significant bribe, he finds out that she's already let his brother go and she's making Brandon a laughingstock of the ton. But then, it gets more serious as both Brandon and Verena's brother are caught up in finding a list of English spies on French soil before the mysterious blackmailers looking for the list kill Verena's brother.

  • Julie
    2018-09-07 23:32

    Great plot and terrific chemistry between the h/h. Perfect combo. The handsome man about town Brandon St. John finally meets his match, albeit reluctantly, in the form of Verena, Lady Wentworth, a widow of dubious reputation in the demimonde. While trying to resist their mutual attraction, they team up to find a mysterious list that was lost somewhere in her house. Danger, mystery and passion abound! I loved it! 4.5/5

  • Mya
    2018-09-04 18:40

    This is the second in the Tailsman Ring series, and I still enjoy watching the brother get stuck with the ring. Brandon and Verena were good leads, and I loved her quirky butler, Herberts! As always with this author there was great banter and some laugh aloud parts. I am looking forward to reading the third book. Original review posted at http://paragraphsandpetticoats.blogsp...

  • Lynne Tull
    2018-09-11 19:44

    I am really liking this series. This story moves along at a fast pace even though the H/H connection is drawn out to peak the reader's interest. There is actually a story and I was quickly drawn in to help solve a of my favorite pastimes. I love a good mystery. This story left me wanting to pick up the next installment..which I did. At this point at number two of a series of five I am recommending it to you.

  • QiJia 치쟈
    2018-09-10 02:57

    o I so love the chemistry between Verena and Brandon! Nice plot but I was a bit worried with so many characters at the beginning but later on it was fast paced and engaging. Though how big an impact can A LIST be ?If the mystery and excitement is something other than A LIST which brought them together , the story would have been better.This is my first read by Karen Hawkins, and it will definitely not be my last!

  • Rhonda
    2018-09-10 01:32

    Cute story that continues the series well. Some good humor and likable characters. I especially loved the part where Brand got his comeuppance for his behavior when he first met Verena; he was being rather rude at first. I have to admit that I only saw part of the end coming. I figured out about half of the mystery.

  • Sababa
    2018-08-26 00:39

    It's a keeper! loved reading about the ring. I mean, at the end I literally screamed out loud when Chase caught it! Here i thought Brand would give it to Devon. But I am so glad. I get read Chase's story next. :)I loved Herbert, okay? That man is an awesome butler. I don't think the last time I laughed so much reading about butlers! Very strong and balanced characters.

  • Trish
    2018-08-23 01:30

    Another fun read and enjoyable time with the St. John brothers. From what I've ascertained this is a series of historical romance type books incorporating the brothers and their family legacy associated with the St. John talisman ring. Truly funny and interesting reading from a reader who has never been much on historical romance.

  • Shannon
    2018-08-25 23:52

    In regards to my favorite authors of romance, Karen Hawkins is one of the few writers who creates such wonderful settings and passionate love stories that I am sad when the book ends. I want to be one of her characters and experience the story as she writes it. Confessions of a Scoundrel is the 2nd in the Talismen Ring series and each book gets better and better.