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"The Best Laid Plans" tells the explosive story of the beautiful and ambitious Leslie Stewart, who learns that for some men power is the greatest aphrodisiac, and of Oliver Russell, the handsome governor of a small southern state, who finds out why hell has no fury like a woman scorned. With the unexpected twists and turns that are the hallmarks of his novels, Sidney Sheld"The Best Laid Plans" tells the explosive story of the beautiful and ambitious Leslie Stewart, who learns that for some men power is the greatest aphrodisiac, and of Oliver Russell, the handsome governor of a small southern state, who finds out why hell has no fury like a woman scorned. With the unexpected twists and turns that are the hallmarks of his novels, Sidney Sheldon spins a tale of two equally determined people headed on a collision course. Oliver has a strategy to win the White House; Leslie has a scheme to make him wish he'd never been born. They both should have known that even the best-laid plans can go dangerously astray...with deadly consequences. "The Best Laid Plans" takes readers inside two of America's most powerful and ruthless institutions: the world of politics with its scandals, corruption, and cover-ups; and that of newspaper publishing, where it is not unusual to use the power of the press to destroy lives -- or bring down heads of state -- in pursuit of a story or to settle a score....

Title : The Best Laid Plans
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The Best Laid Plans Reviews

  • Tea Jovanović
    2018-12-21 22:55

    Srpski prevod nema materijalne i logičke greške koje je imao original... :) Šeldon je bio već u dubokoj starosti kad je pisao ovaj roman... Istraživanja za knjige mu je radio neki asistent koji se nije baš proslavio... a kako se radnja dešava na našim prostorima, i kako je Šeldon na Balkanu omiljen autor nisam mogla da dopustim da razočara svoje verne čitaoce... :)

  • Ebehi
    2018-12-18 22:01

    I'm a Sheldon fan. His books usually make quick reading and are entertaining. He is not one for deep, haunting tales but it snags me everytime the way he can spin almost any story and make me stay up reading it. However, for this one, he seems to have lost quite a bit of his spinning abilities.There was the usual twist where things don't end up how you would expect. I was mildly surprised with this one but the problem was, it wasn't an "Ah! I've figured it out" moment. I was more like, "are you seriously expecting me to accept this?" It felt like he had cheated me with this story. He spent a lot of space giving background information on minor characters and it seemed like he was just filling up space. Then at the end he gives some hastily compiled explanation for a character that was actually very central to the story. It just wasn't acceptable.Now, for the third missing star. Dana. I was given the impression that Leslie was basically the female protagonist here, and Sheldon continues to give this impression by following her story. Then suddenly, he abandons her personal issues and we start seeing her through strangers' eyes, effectively alienating the us. As a reader I had invested a lot in her lifestory and I hated to be cut off like that. Then as if to pacify the reader, he tries to slip in tidbits about Dana, to substitute one herione for another. Frankly, it didn't work. Dana was just not as interesting. And he didn't give enough information to make me care. So I was left with two semi-protagonists I didn't care much about. And no other likable character that I really cared about either.The end just worsened everything. He could at least have devoted a good segment to how Leslie ended up but she was just glossed over. So why the two stars? One for coming up with a storyline that helped me through one more sleepless night.The other star? Well, as I said before, I am a Sheldon fan.

  • Srikari
    2018-12-22 18:45

    Wait, what? 2 stars?Yes I know, I know. I couldn't believe it myself. I mean I HEART Sydney Sheldon but this book was annoying. I saw the plot twist coming, there was absolutely no action until three fourths of the book and I thought the characters were CREEPY!but I didn't give up hope. I went on and on, looking for the revenge, for something unexpected but I just grew sadder and tired. At the end I just wanted to stare into nothingness, wait, then I have to read the book again, it had NOTHING! So at the end of the book I felt bad and cheated.AND that's what made me feel better!

  • Nadia
    2019-01-15 16:37

    I found the first few pages of this book so interesting that I read it through at once. I thought the theme of the novel was about revenge - "Hell hath no fury than a woman scorned" and all that. But halfway towards the end, the plot got so convoluted it might as well be a soap opera in text form. The heroine turned into the villain of the story and a new heroine was introduced. The evil Senator Davis and President Russell (who's not really evil but just a jerk of the highest order) came out unscathed and never get their comeuppance. Leslie Stewart on the other hand, doesn't get her much deserved revenge and also loses out afterwards.This book smacks so much of sexism - women get treated like doormats or sex objects or victimized that I should have given it just 1 star. But then, I'm judging the book by the whole story and not just by some of the ideas embedded in it.

  • Salymar
    2018-12-23 22:04

    Love and betrayal linked in the world of politics.Written by the master of deceit, Sidney Sheldon <3Sidney Sheldon's "The Best Laid Plans" intrigues from the very beginning and compels the reader to continue reading until the last page (Message to the future readers of Sheldon's novels: Forget about peeing! It ain't going to happen until you finish this in just one sit)OSM SHELDON.

  • Joy H.
    2019-01-06 21:45

    Added 4/25/15. First published in 1997.Well written. Excellent plot development. Written with amazing clarity, despite the large number of characters and the many shifts in time and place. Easy to read. A page-turner!The plot concerns the machinations of politicians for power and the role of the media. There's even some romance, such as it is.

  • Michael
    2019-01-15 16:47

    Not Sheldon's worst, but certainly not his best. There's a little too much going on here that felt irrelevant. Nonetheless, a page-turning read, ideal for the beach.

  • Pooja
    2018-12-30 21:45

    What I like about Sidney Sheldon books is that the female protagonist always (well most of the time) looks back in their life and think about how and what went wrong, that led them to this state of destruction. At least, the books I've read till now, are based on this statement. Isn't that fun to see a character in complete puzzlement and to find yourself perplexed too thinking and asking the questions as them?What I don't like about Sidney Sheldon books is that when the female protagonist is getting all the joy in the world possible, sometimes more than that, are never into thinking oh what did they do right to have this state of bliss. They always think that they must have a brilliant fate bestowed upon them. They never sit for sometime thinking this is what should I do continuously. They progress in their lives but their morals degrade. They are exposed to the bad bad world and will let bad things happen to themselves.This is what happened in this book. I won't say I liked all the female characters in this book, which I usually do, thinking of their bravery and ready to face anything personality. Keeping in mind which Sidney Sheldon books I've read, I'll say after Rage of Angels, this is the second on my list.Thank You Archit, for not revealing the story. You never do.

  • Sifat
    2018-12-19 20:59

    A wore out political assistant stops just before a decision - yet is compelled to run a sad crusade in transit out. He makes an arrangement with a dried up old Scot, Angus McLintock- - a designing educator who will do anything, anything, to abstain from instructing English to engineers- - to give his name a chance to remain in the race. No compelling reason to crusade, sure to lose, et cetera. At that point an awesome outrage overwhelms his rival, and sadly, Angus is chosen. He chooses to perceive what great a fair M.P. who couldn't care less about being re-chosen can do in Parliament. The outcomes are silly - and with chess, an air cushion vehicle, and the affection for a decent lady tossed in, this extremely entertaining book has something for everybody.

  • Sindhuja Anbazhagan
    2019-01-02 16:45

    The Best Laid Plans by Sidney Sheldon - Wonderful suspense.I am a big fan for Sidney Sheldon's book. After so many years, I picked up his book with so many expectations. This book dint fail me. Got more thrilled than expected. Guaranteed to keep you turning pages.. He is a master storyteller. The plot centers on two characters : Oliver Russell and Leslie Stewart. Oliver promising to Leslie that he will marry her. But because of Senator Todd Davis's greedy words(marry my daughter and I will make you President), Oliver marrying Jan (Todd's daughter) for political power. Leslie feel betrayed and vows to take revenge.Such an interesting story and 'cant-put-it-down" type of book.

  • Alison
    2019-01-16 15:07

    Another delicious revenge/love/backstabbing story. Leslie's character's ending is so appropriate and I was surprised to find out who was responsible for Chloe's death.

  • Ioanna Xristodoyloy
    2019-01-11 17:42

    ενθουσιαστηκα!αλλο ενα βιβλιο του σελντον ελαβε τελος!αυτη τη φορα αλλαζουμε θεμα και τη σκυταλη θα παρει μια γυναικα που βαζει σκοπο της ζωης της να εκδικηθει τον ανθρωπο που την προδωσε!η απελπισμενη προσπαθεια της να αποκτησει δυναμη και κυρος..το δευτερο μισο του βιβλιου θα το χαρακτηριζα ως αστυνομικο,σελιδα τη σελιδα το παζλ προσπαθει να συμπληρωθει και οι ενοχοι να ξεσκεπαστουν..5 σελιδες μενουν για το τελος και συ δεν εχει ιδεα ουτε τι εχει γινει αλλα και ουτε πως διαολο θα μπορεσει να ξεδιαλυνει ολο αυτο το κουβαρι μεσα σε τοσες λιγε σελιδες!και τοτε μπαμ!η ανατροπες ερχονται απο κει που δεν της περιμενεις αφηνωντας σε αφωνη!ο ανθρωπος αυτος εχει πουλησει πανω απο 300.εκ βιβλια σε ολο τον κοσμο...για μενα ειναι ενας μικρος θεος!!!

  • Leer En el Sur
    2018-12-27 14:55

    Entretenido para pasar el rato, pero tiene libros mucho mejores. Final muy precipitado.

  • The Writer
    2018-12-24 14:38

    I’m still having Sidney Sheldon marathon, folks and this is the third book I have read in the past three days. Yep, you got that right, I read one book a day, nothing difficult with this one as Mr. Sheldon’s works are quite “light and entertaining”.How can I start with “The Best Laid plans”? Before I picked it up this morning, I only remember that I have read it once and I thought it was awesome, but that was me – 15 years ago perhaps and I’m sure that I have changed a lot since then, including the little segment in my brain that produces something called “opinion”.The thing is Sheldon books are always entertaining, I guess it’s formulae numero uno if you want to sell your books and he’s quite damn good at it, but then the reality hits you hard in the face as there are only few pages left, you begin to realise that you’ve been cheated and that the author should have devised some sort of “twistier” (is there such word?) plot to make everyone’s happy. At least make me happy!The Best Laid Plans is a story about a woman who was scorned. Yes, you all know the phrase: Hell hath no fury like a woman’s scorned. So is this one. Leslie Stewart – a bright (but nobody) girl suddenly found herself dumped by the Kentucky Governor-to-be Oliver Russell few days before the wedding ceremonies and the fiancee didn’t even bother to tell her that he went off to marry his ex-girlfriend in Paris in exchange for more power. Of course Stewart was pissed. I would be too if I was her and since then she cleverly developed a plan how to acquire more power than Russell and make him wish as if he was never born before.As Russell’s goddess of luck brought him all the way to the highest political seat in the country – The President of the United States – Stewart’s own ambition led her to be the owner of several newspaper and television companies across the globe, including the influential The Washington Tribune, and you could guess the rest: the war was getting ugly and uglier. It’s always ugly in politics, they say.The book is alright, it doesn’t suck but doesn’t impress either. What’s the best laid plans anyway? There’s a possibility that I’m too thick to see it through the storyline but there’s a huge chance that the author couldn’t name his works properly (I have seen this before with the previous two I have reviewed: Are you Afraid of the Dark? and Windmills of the Gods). The titles always leave me scratching my head.Anyway. Like I have previously said: Good for rainy days, when you can’t do a thing outside and the TV programmes aren’t worth watching at.

  • Peace Love and Reviews
    2018-12-27 20:52

    Leslie and Stewart, had it good. she was on the top of her game, young, beautiful, intelligent and the number one in public relations field. He was handsome, charismatic and have a lot of potential. They were in love, engaged to be married in a few days until Oliver got a call from his former girlfriend, Senator father.Todd, promised him money and power but he has to marry his daughter. Oliver was sure he would not do it but the Senator's word echoed in his mind and left Leslie to be humiliated. From then on she would not stop until she gets revenge.I am pretty much set that Sidney Sheldon will not disappoint me. The story was engaging without the character's graphic sexual encounters, nor that much of a violence.The order characters of the story complimented the whole plot. Leslie was the epitome of the saying "Hell hath no fury than a woman scorned". I love her character, her drive to be successful to show Oliver, what he missed out, but she should have stopped right there, but no she have to go all lunatic and print that paper without rechecking the information.Moral of the story? Stop obsessing and move one, revenge would only make you more miserable.On the other note, I loved the twist, I really did not see that coming because everything really points towards Oliver plus I developed a dislike on him, (just on the first part of the novel) how could anyone not? I remember the day I had my first ever Sidney Sheldon experience. I was 9 and bored out of my mind, it was holy week in the Philippines, no TV, no radio, no meat and no playing. I was always the most uneventful time of the year. So I decided to raid my siblings' bookshelf. I tossed out History of the Orient, MAD comic books, Yoga, and some smut. After an hour or rummaging I found Bloodlines, read the back cover and started reading. When I finished reading it, I vowed to buy all his books, unfortunately at that time, for some weird reason I could not find any other novels written by him. So now, I'm on a Sidney Sheldon marathon.

  • Sinta Nisfuanna
    2018-12-24 15:07

    Lumayan lama saya berniat ingin membaca karya Sidney Sheldon, bahkan sudah membeli beberapa bukunya. Tapi ternyata baru sekarang saya sempat menekuni salah satu bukunya yang berjudul Rencana Paling Sempurna [Terjemahan dari The Best Laid Plans]. Ceritanya tentang Leslie Steward yang terobsesi menjatuhkan presiden, Oliver Russell, karena sakit hati telah dicampakkan demi kekuasaan. Dengan cemerlang Leslie memilih dunia pers untuk menghancurkan sang presiden. Media koran dan televisi di berbagai wilayah Amerika, hingga ke luar negeri, satu per satu dibelinya. Berhasil? Lumayan, karena pemberitaannya mampu mengguncang pemerintahan Oliver Russel.Awalnya saya berpikir tokoh utama cerita berada di ‘tangan’ Leslie dan Oliver, ternyata ada sosok Dana Evans, seorang wartawati yang tiba-tiba hadir dan menjadi pembongkar aib bejat tokoh pemerintahan terkemuka. Dan taraaa… Dana menjadi tokoh utama dengan akhir cerita yang membahagiakan. Agak bingung juga sih, tapi tetap menarik. Menariknya terletak pada akhir cerita dendam Leslie, sosok misterius si maniak seks, dan cara Dana mengungkap si pembunuh, benar-benar di luar dugaan, Selain itu, konflik Timur Tengah, intrik politik, dan kondisi perang Bosnia Herzegovina menjadi bagian-bagian yang membuat cerita lebih bervariasi. Selama ini kalau membaca novel detektif atau misteri, saya selalu berpegang pada prinsip “curigailah orang yang paling tidak dicurigai”. Tapi prinsip itu sukses gagal [??] diterapkan saat membaca buku ini. Hmmm… Bisa jadi otakku agak lengah, tapi yang pasti SS berhasil menggiring saya untuk mengikuti plot yang dia ciptakan. Sip! Ingin baca buku Sidney Sheldon yang lain.

  • Prima patriotika
    2018-12-26 21:48

    Bercerita tentang leslie steward yang tertarik dengan oliver russel yang mencalonkan diri jadi gubernur... lalu merencanakan pernikahan. Namun ternyata Oliver Russel justru meninggalkannya untuk menikah dengan anak anggota senat yang bisa membuatnya sukses di kancah politik hingga menduduki Gedung Putih.Leslie pun sakit hati dan berusaha membalas dendam. Pembalasan dendam dilakukan melalui media massa... Leslie senga menikah dengan pemilik Media massa, dan mengembangkan perusahaan media untuk menjatuhkan Oliver.Seharusnya sih cerita berkutat di Leslie dan Oliver saja... tapi kenapa juga muncul Dana evans... huuh (serasa kurang penting meski akhirnya dia yang memecahkan kasus pembunuhan-pembunuhan yang terjadi).Sudah lama gak baca karya sidney sheldon, dan saya teringat kembali kenapa meyukai karya-karyanya... bukunya membuka wawasan intrik politik dan fenomena berkuasanya media massa.... Gaya bahasanya ringan, meski menurut saya terlalu banyak tokoh yang diceritakan... tapi lumayan buat mengingatkan kenapa saya suka dengan novel-novel misteri karya-karya sidney sheldon (meski yang udah dibaca jg gak banyak... hehe)

  • আকাশ আব্দুল্লাহ
    2019-01-09 19:48

    Sheldon is an well-known international bestseller writer and in this book he just wrote like a cheap newborn writer. He spend writing more than 50 pages on a minor character! when I was reading the last final pages,then I discovered that particular minor character has not a slightest impact on the story. Then why the hell Sheldon filled the pages just for nothing? to make it a fat,big book? who knows! Besides, I expected the main female protagonist will take her revenge. Here also Sheldon has done a very strange job. At the end of the book,Sheldon make the protagonist to a antagonist. frankly said,I was hurt. I had a sympathy on her. He wrote pages and pages on leslie. And suddenly he gave up on leslie and made an image of her to readers as a tough and badass rich woman. After finishing the book, I don't find any plans,let alone best plans! So why the 2 stars? It's because, After all,It's Sheldon I am talking about. This book literally has a rocket like velocity. You can't drop the book until it's finish. It will hook you from the fast page to the very last page.

  • Azzahro Wijaya
    2019-01-15 16:37

    Leslie Stewart merencanakan balas dendam kepada Oliver yag mengkhianati cintanya untuk kedudukan sebagai orang no.1 di dunia. leslie menikah dengan Henry Chambers yang tak lama kemudian meninggal dan semua warisannya jatuh pada Leslie. Leslie menggunakan kekuatan pers untuk menjatuhkan lawannya.Tragedi skandal dan pembunuhan karena ectasy cair semua buktinya merujuk pada Presiden Olliver. Leslie berusaha sekuat tenaga untuk membuktikan bahwa Oliver bersalah, namun ternya ialah yang salah.Dana Evans mengungkapkan bahwa pelakunya adalah Peter Tager.Satu hal yang cukup mengganggu dalam novel ini adalah siapakah tokoh utama sebenarnya? Di awal cerita Leslie digambarkan sebagai sosok utama yang disakiti hatinya, sehingga para pembaca mungkin akan merasa iba padanya, namun di akhir cerita ia berakhir dengan tragis akibat dendam kesumatnya dan Dana Evans seolah-olah mengambil peran utama yang akhirnya dapat menikmati happy ending. Tapi tetap saja saya tertipu lagi... saya berharap Oliver memang bersalah, dan Leslie akhirnya menang. Sungguh ironi situasi bagi pembaca...

  • Ebthal Eisa
    2018-12-24 19:50

    as it usually is with Sheldon, I finished the book in one day!! mind blowing as usual...Oliver Russell kind of reminds me of Obama; charming, well-meaning and absolutely useless!the part about the Arab king and the peace treaty is my least favorite of course...I found it stupid which is a shame cuz Sheldon doesn't do stupid.I cried when Kamel cried in the van. which by the way reminds me of how infuriating the whole it's-nobody's-yet-everybody's-fault explanation Sheldon appointed to both mentioned wars (Israel/Palestine and Sarajevo). innocents are hurt from both sides, that's a fact, just like the fact that in both cases, there's an aggressor and a victim and confusing them is a grave mistake indeed. And I almost fell on the floor laughing about the senator's speech concerning Israel..Does Sheldon really believe that America is holding back on "defending" Israel because they wanna keep selling weapons?!!I mean I know the book is fiction, but COME ON!!

  • Rita
    2019-01-02 16:42

    Read it in a handful visits to the toilet at my parents' house. This is the first book by Sheldon I've completed... and probably the last. The writing technique is basic and unskilled. The characters are flat and uninteresting. An example: the omniscient narrator tells us the main character, Leslie Stewart, is very intelligent. He repeats it about three times over the first pages instead of showing it via the character's actions of AT LEAST making other characters say it. The ending is very predictable.

  • Tim
    2019-01-13 22:50

    I liked this story until its less than fulfilling ending that left things unresolved for me. 6 of 10 stars

  • Harish Kumar Challapalli
    2018-12-23 19:06

    What a gripping story!! u can see Mr.sheldon's trademark twists and turns!! didnt feel boring through out the book!!

  • Ros
    2018-12-29 19:56

    A half-heartened mixture of Sheldon's previous works. A familiar plot: intelligent, attractive woman takes revenge against the disarmingly charming and speciously sincere man, who doesn't hesitate to throw away love for ambition. A guaranteed page-turner. I was excited, I read the whole book in one sitting. However, there are a lot that are missing. Compared to Sheldon's similar works, the book seems like a hurried project, rushed out to meet the publishing deadline. Talking about revenge, Leslie Stewart's scheme is by no means as titillating as Noelle Page's (The Other Side of Midnight) or Tracy Whitney's (If Tomorrow Comes), nor it is as sophisticated and hence, satisfying. In the end, the revenge plot is left hanging as Stewart saw herself becoming the "laughing stock for failing to double check her facts", but where to from here? Will she give up preying on Oliver Russell just because he is only an adulterer and not a murderer? Talking about character development, Leslie Stewart seems confusing enough and she did a lot of unnecessary things. What's the point of acquiring newspapers and TV stations in Brazil and all parts of the world if in the end, The Washington Tribune is enough to fulfill your defamatory scheme?. What's the point of turning all respectable newspapers into tabloids? Beyond a show-off, most of Leslie's steps throughout the story do not necessarily build up towards her eventual revenge, don't they? Oliver Russell is even more pathetic a character. He is confused of what he wants? Cannot put his libido under control but is constantly torn between guilt and "sincere" love for his wife? If he has always considered Jan a great companion, an attractive woman, why has he not tried to spend more time with her but only planned on it throughout the whole book? Compared to other ruthless and blatantly unfaithful f**kboys we love and hate in Sheldon's (Larry Douglas!!!!), Oliver Russell is severely under-developed and ultimately lacking in depth. Finally, Dana Evans, allegedly the saving grace of the novel. She is the only character that is developed and deserves readers' sympathy. However, I wonder what is her role in the main storyline? We could have done away with the whole character of Dana Evans and still have had the same revenge storyline intact. Dana can be said to be a side-story that is in fact, more logical than the main story, which I don't think is praiseworthy. One thing about this book is that as I keep questioning how the press can be so much beyond control, how there seems to be no regard for "facts" anymore with news. And then I realize how it has always been that way, and even more blatant now than ever before. An exciting book nonetheless, Sheldon never fails to excite readers. But definitely falls flat against If Tomorrow Comes or Rage of Angel.

  • Green Singh
    2018-12-19 20:51

    'Boring'... If I have to describe this book with one word,that's the one I choose..sidney Sheldon clearly wrote this when he was bored out of his mind... in all the other books of his I've read, the protogonist always accomplish what they're set out to..but in this one,he made Leslie Stewart a laughing stock in the does one expect to give the lead role to another character in the middle of the damn story... Moreover the whole book rides on the simple twist at the end (no spoilers) ..but other than that the story is utterly boring... 2 stars... nothing more...

  • An Odd1
    2018-12-29 21:58

    Author is Sidney Sheldon corporation, suggests owners of a name hire ghostwriters to capitalize on previous successes by the original name. Formula seems to be power-hungry characters of importance, fame and physical beauty threatened by affairs and murder, international research, with a surprise twist or two. Lead female cleverly outwits men to success. Action avalanches so fast, I forgot previous reading and whodunit. Others use the same title, Terry Fallis for an honest Ottawa candidate, and poking fun at Canadian politics. hot-blooded lawyer Oliver Russell is manipulated into U.S. presidential office and marriage to daughter Jan by rich puppeteer Senator Todd Davis, fiancee Leslie Stewart is jilted a week before their wedding. "I can't fault you for being horny - just don't let it turn you into a toad" p142 (Todd to Oliver). She vows revenge, marries old Phoenix Arizona millionaire Henry Chambers for his failing newspaper. Widowed after two years, she builds a national communications empire. Todd donates money, influence, and religious rakishly eye-patched campaign manager Peter Tager, who brings conservative voters, reputation of family stability, skill, confidential access to private apartments, and supplies bottles of clear liquid Ecstasy drug for Oliver's groupies. But bodies mount up - six young beauties die of overdoses, the last Chloe Houston 16 on a school White House tour. Her mother, Colorador state governor, had torrid affair with Oliver 17 years ago, hinting at incest. Oliver's repeated affairs and the author lead the reader to suspect he is the killer. Leslie obeys a horoscope columnist, and the author (not always accurately) foreshadows action. When Dana learns about "live feed" broadcasts, "She had no idea that one day it was going to save her life" p129. "He had no idea that that action was going to cost him his life" p230. Whether "he" refers to Oliver or Peter, neither comes true. "He was too late" p289 does happen. Characters have selfish dishonest agendas except one, the feel-good influence. Pretty Dana Evans grows from army brat to Sarajevo combat correspondent to burned-out Washington DC investigative beat, linking other plot lines, and triggering final close-to-death climax. (view spoiler)[ Dana befriends armless orphan Kemal, feeds dozens of other homeless Serb-Croat children, arranges their escape to Paris, and is almost shot as a spy till elected Oliver, Leslie's empire, and others, cooperate to free her. She broadcasts live while Peter's strong-arm threatens to shoot her and admits his employer's guilt. Sports reporter Jeff Connors teaches baseball to underprivileged boys, proposes to Dana, and Kemal joins their family. Oliver's alibi is overnight with an ambassador's wife, he confesses to his wife and arresting DA's group who agree to confidentiality. So all round happy ending. (hide spoiler)]

  • Bidushi Das
    2018-12-19 22:50

    The biggest problem with this book is that it tries to handle too much at the same time. There are so many sub plots that the main plot sometimes gets lost. There's romance, betrayal, revenge, adultery, politics, murder mystery, investigative journalism, war, insatiable libidos- and very few of them receive adequate treatment. There's even substance abuse thrown in for good measure. Although some of the subplots do tie-in with the main plot, a majority of it is left hanging and unused. The protagonists are actually given very little importance, especially the female protagonist who remains absent for a major part of the book. The ending is rather unusual and indeed unfair and unjust to the female protagonist. With all the promise that the jacket excerpt showed, this book is highly disappointing and below expectations. The only saving grace is the fast paced narrative, which ensures that the book is not boring and doesn't drag.

  • মাহাতাব রশীদ
    2019-01-03 16:59

    আমার পড়া প্রথম সিডনি শেলডনের উপন্যাস।পলিটিকাল থ্রিলার বলা যেতে পারে। পুরো ওয়াশিংটন লেজলি স্টুয়ার্ট কে চেনে আইস প্রিন্সেস নামে। তার বরফ শীতল হৃদয় এই তকমা এনে দিয়েছে। সাধারণ এক শহরের রিপোর্টার থেকে ম্যাগাজিন, রেডিও স্টেশন, টিভি চ্যানেল আর ওয়াশিংটনের সবচেয়ে বড় পত্রিকা দ্য ওয়াশিংটন ট্রিবিউনের মালিক সে। ছোট্ট একটা শহরের একজন পত্রিকার রিপোর্টার থেকে আজ এ পর্যায়ে উঠে আসার পেছনে উচ্চাকাঙ্খা বা আশা কাজ করেনি, কাজ করেছে ভয়ংকর এক প্রতিশোধস্পৃহা। আর যেই মানুষটার উপর প্রতিশোধ নেওয়ার জন্য এতোগুলো বছর কেটে গেলো, সেই অলিভার রাসেল এর বর্তমান অফিসঘরটা পুরো পৃথিবী এক নামেই চেনে। আমেরিকার প্রেসিডেন্টের হোয়াইট হাউজের ওভাল অফিস না চেনার কোন কারণই নেই।খুবই উপভোগ্য, আর ফাস্ট পেসিং। ঝরঝরে ইংরেজি, কাহিনীতে খুব সহজেই ডুবে থাকা যায়। ক্লাসে বইয়ের ভেতর লুকিয়ে আর ব্রেক টাইমে পড়ে পড়েই শেষ করে ফেললাম।শেষের টুইস্টটা একটা চমকই ছিলো, হালকা ভাবে পড়তে পড়তে কাহিনীতে মজে ছিলাম, আর কিছু ভাবার সময় পাইনাই। আরেকটা মজার ব্যাপারটা হচ্ছে প্রটাগনিস্ট নিয়ে কনফিউশানটা, শেষে গিয়ে সেটার পরিণতিটাও ভালো ছিলো। তবে একদম শেষে গিয়ে একটু অপূর্ণতা থেকে গেছে মনেহলো।গুডরিডস অনুযায়ী রেটিং ৩.৬৪। ঘেটেঘুটে দেখলাম যে অনেকেই আশাহত, শেলডনের বই এর তুলনায় খুব একটা আহামরি কিছু না। তবে আমার যথেষ্ট পছন্দ হয়েছে।

  • Ririn Marina
    2019-01-07 18:02

    The first Sidney Sheldon's book for me.Seems like I'm going to be a fan of him after reading his other titles.It's full of drama and unexpected twist towards the end!!!Love and revenge seems to be inseparable for Leslie Stewart, towards her former fiancee who left her days to their wedding, to wed a Senator's daughter.As Oliver Russell, her former beau, got a place into politics, and as he climbed up the political ladder to become the President of The United States, Leslie built her own empire, controlling the numerous printing tribunals to news stations and channels. And each time, Leslie got hungry for sensational news related to The White House and Mr President Oliver Russell, in the aim to bring him down.Leslie took the opportunity to "showcase" her power in the event after a young teenager, Chloe Houston, was found murdered in a high class hotel suite usually booked by high ranking officials, ministers and presidents.However, there was a twist to who was the actual murderer of Chloe Houston and other women (due to overdose of liquid ecstasy) as well as the coincidence murders of the key witness leading to Chloe Houston's death and a FBI official.

  • Anna
    2018-12-28 14:56

    Love, jealeousy, crime and revenge in world of US politics and press market. Characters of The Best Laid Plans are of flesh and blood - they love, betray, get married cause of reason to make a carrier, kill to hide their secret passions. Sheldon's book is similiar to Kane and Abel by Jeffrey Archer. Those books aren't so FBI or CIA as Tom Clancy's stuff. Good for reading while travelling by a train, a tram or a bus.