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Harry Stanford is one of the wealthiest men in the world, and his family one of the most respected in America. When he mysteriously drowns while cruising on his yacht, things begin to change. Is the beautiful young woman who appears at the funeral really who she claims to be, or is she an imposter?...

Title : Morning, Noon & Night
Author :
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ISBN : 9780006498063
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 375 Pages
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Morning, Noon & Night Reviews

  • MarnieKrüger
    2018-12-30 17:20

    2018 Subjects Specific Reading ChallengeI have 30 books with specific subjects that I need to read Book 2: A crime novelA quick readFirst Sentence: Dmitry asked, 'Do you know we're being followed, Mr Stanford?'Sidney Sheldon is one of those easy reading writers. You pick-up the book and before you know, you've read have of it.Gripping, full of plot twists and interesting characters you can't help but like what's in your hand.I should definitely make a priority to read the other Sheldon books on my shelf.

  • Lynai
    2018-12-27 17:11

    The downside of having read too much Sidney Sheldon is that you already know what to expect – surprising plot twists. That is why while reading this book I was already making bets with myself as to who the real culprit was. The thing is, Sheldon spoiled the fun for me as he already revealed the perpetrator early on in the story. Or so I thought. Because a few pages before it ends, something turns the story around. But still, the surprise I was preparing myself for wasn’t as that much of a surprise. Just an “oh okay” reaction from me. Nothing mind numbing. Nothing that made me turn to the previous pages so that I can fully grasp what happened.AND. I couldn’t help comparing it to Rage of Angels, which for me is Sheldon’s best, so far.Morning, Noon & Night is divided into three parts: Morning, Noon and Night. (Why aren’t you surprised?) And just as one day consists of a morning, a noon, and a night, one day is all you need to finish reading the book. Or less.A fun read. I liked it. Now, on to something new.A more detailed review on

  • Salymar
    2019-01-07 16:53

    This was the first Sidney Sheldon book I have read. After reading this, I'm inlove with Sidney Sheldon. VERY INLOVE.OSM characters. OSM AUTHOR. OSM story. OSM conflict. OSM. VERY OSM.

  • Ajla
    2018-12-20 17:05

    And my 7th book for the Booktube-a-thon is done!!Amazing read, just like you would expect from Sidney Sheldon.

  • Avanthika
    2018-12-16 17:06

    Harry Stanford - Cruel, self-made millionaire is falling off from his yacht into raging sea. Before his murder mystery gets solved, his children are gathering to share their father's wealth. Story starts when his illegitimate child Julia Stanford joins the race. Mystery unveils slowly & steadily. The final twist about the supposed "wealth" proves why Sidney Sheldon is the best storyteller of the century.

  • Renuka Dixit
    2019-01-09 22:08

    I have read lots of sidney sheldon novels...are you afraid of the dark,bloodline,if tomorrow comes,tell me your dreams.....all of them being fantastic novels i expected a bit more from this ended just as the steam had started gathering suspense..a bit predictable...not one of sheldon's best for me...

  • Una Tiers
    2018-12-23 20:16

    Nice plot twisting all over. Characters I couldn't invest in one bit.

  • H.M. Flath
    2018-12-30 19:07

    Morning, Noon and Night by Sidney Sheldon is an easy, quick-read and enjoyable novel filled with intrigue and subterfuge. Having read several novels by Sidney Sheldon, I was looking for and anticipating interesting twists which I have come to expect from this author. I certainly was not disappointed as many curve balls were thrown but I was surprised by the one where I learned that the cruel, wealthy billionaire, Harry Stanford, actually had no money at all. I guess that is what makes Sidney Sheldon such a wonderful storyteller.The main characters, Tyler, Kendal, Woody and Julia, were all strong, real, believable characters and all were consistent in their own character throughout the entire novel. My disappointment in the novel, rests with the conversations. In my opinion, I found the conversations stilted, shallow and often unbelievable. Also, my personal preference when reading a novel is to enjoy description and detail which was very sparse in this novel.Sidney Sheldon created a story that again kept me reading right to the end even though it certainly is not his best work and I definitely will continue to pluck his books from the shelves for a good read.

  • Abdirahman Nur
    2019-01-03 19:22

    One of the best books I've ever read. It was amazing. I would recommend this to anyone one out there.

  • Σπυροπούλου Άσπα
    2019-01-04 19:59

    Εξαιρετική η γραφη του Σέλντον μεταδίδει τέλεια στον αναγνωστη πολλά συναισθηματα και ξεχυλίζει απο αγωνία και μυστήριο!!Χαίρομαι αφανταστα που εχω κ αλλα δικα του βιβλία στα αδιάβαστα!!

  • ijul (yuliyono)
    2019-01-15 23:05

    Oke, ini perkenalan pertama sama Sidney Sheldon. Suka, jadi kepingin baca yang lain. Saya selalu nyari novel lokal yang bertema romance-keluarga-drama tapi dengan tambahan konflik pembunuhan atau misteri apa gitu, jadi kan bisa seru. Mungkin semacam Maria A. Sardjono, V. Lestari, gitu, ya? eh, Mira W. atau Marga T. juga suka, sih.

  • Giridharan
    2019-01-03 16:04

    Wow!! One of the best Sidney Sheldon I have read.The book is a classic.You never know what to expect as you keep turning pages.The plot is a good old one - a wealthy father cruel to his children and the children trying to get hold of their father's wealth.But Sidney has made it a refreshing tale filled with twists and turns that make you feel if riding in a roller coaster is better.The witty and cold - blooded Judge Tyler Stanford, the soft Kendall Stanford, the drug addict Woodrow Stanford make a great combination and add to it Julia Stanford! now thats what I call a family.The dreary life of Woodrow and Peggy Stanford and the blackmail letters received by Kendall add spice to the central plot.The character of Julia Stanford is a thing of beauty.She could have been portrayed a little more deeply.The various crimes committed by Tyler Stanford eventually dig his grave.A perfect entertainer that keeps you glued to the pages.A must - read for all ages.The master story - teller has stood up to my expectations again.This time in an even better way.For more such reviews, visit my blog.

  • Sifat
    2019-01-02 23:12

    A wonderful lady goes to a family gathering following the secretive demise of Harry Stanford, guaranteeing to be his departed tyke and expressing her rights to an offer of the investor's bequest, in an entrancing, crazy ride novel."Marry him. Good dull husbands are hard to find.” ― Morning, Noon & Night

  • Aman Bajwa
    2019-01-09 15:14

    a big NO!

  • Henri Moreaux
    2019-01-16 20:08

    Another excellent Sheldon page turner, one of the world's wealthiest men dies leaving behind a billion dollar estate. Following the funeral a woman turns up claiming to be the illegitimate child and entitled to a portion of the estate. Typical of a Sheldon novel there is layers of detail and numerous twists.

  • Doctor
    2019-01-07 22:18

    This thrilling book of intrigues,fraud,betrayal, and suspicion fittingly ends in exposures,arrests murderous attempts,and murders.All kinds of tricks have been employed to hoodwink the suspected which include husband, wife,brother, sister, and father.It is a no-holds-barred thriller of felony made vivid by twists and turns many times more than a plot needs. But all of those spring from certain idiosyncrasies and hideous intentions of the lead characters.For example, Harry's larger-than-life personality is without compassion; sadistic and vindictive, he believed in indulgences of food and other things and had an enormous ego which he often bent to prove. He believed that his god wanted him to be rich and successful,"and his enemies dead." p.4. etc. etc. One suspects purpose when Harry, the principal protagonist, dies early in the book and when Mega's fingerprints yield positive results.These incidents and the like in the plot provide the much needed platform to launch the multi-staged rocket of the plot.Appearance of new characters all through the plot divides the reader's interest in the story.

  • Sara Kamjou
    2018-12-20 17:21

    اگر شما هم کتاب‌هایی مثل اگر فردا بیاید یا خشم فرشتگان رو از سیدنی شلدون خوندین و محو داستانش شدین، توصیه می‌کنم هرگز سراغ این کتاب نیاین تا به کلی از سیدنی شلدون ناامید نشید!شروع، ادامه، پرداخت و پایان کتاب واقعا ضعیف بود. شخصیت‌پردازی‌ها حتی تا پایان داستان خوب جا نمی‌افته. اگرچه شوک‌هایی تو داستان وجود داره اما به حدی کل داستان سرهم‌بندی شده هست که شما رو در خودش غرق نمی‌کنه تا احساس غافلگیری داشته باشید.شخصیت هری استنفورد که کل داستان بر محور اون می‌چرخه حتی با پایان کتاب در هاله‌ای از ابهام باقی می‌مونه!خلاصه اینکه، کتاب صبح، ظهر و شب رو حتی برای یک بار هم نخونیدش!

  • Julie
    2018-12-29 17:59

    Once again, everything you could hope for in a Sidney Sheldon novel: bland title, power-hungry and deceitful characters, and many twists and turns along the way. I had fun guessing what would happen, and even though I got most of them right, I also guessed a few of them incorrectly (the fun part about his books is that anything can happen, so it's all fair game). Done in 2 days

  • Nyla
    2018-12-26 14:54

    a story of four siblings where fame,ambition,money and deception lies ahead of them as their longing for their father's well as the wealth with gives much terrifying,explosive revelations from the beginning to the end....Morning,noon & night... a book you could'nt help to drop off at your hands until you finish.

  • Mayuri
    2018-12-31 20:17

    The book was good. A very typical Sidney Sheldon book. Hence, there is lots of twists and turns. But since there was so many big twists in the middle, that the final twist was expected and it rather looked like a smaller twist than the first one. When everything fell into piece, one can certainly predict what the final twist is going to be. I certainly did. But all in all, it was a good read...

  • Jay Jani
    2019-01-16 18:56

    A typical property based novel and yet Sheldon writes it so beautifully to make it immensely captivating. To me its the first Sheldon novel that doesn't feature a strong woman character and sensuous scenes. But it does feature typical Sheldon twists and turns that makes it enjoyable.

  • Jeanette
    2019-01-01 23:10

    I have read several of Sidney Sheldon books and have read this one twice. Plenty of twists and turns and although the killer is revealed, it still keeps you in suspense as to how the story is going to unfold.

  • Ana
    2019-01-06 23:06

    Longe de ser extraordinário, não deixa de ser uma leitura leve e agradável.A fórmula é um pouco repetida, especialmente quando já se leu alguns livros deste autor, mas de evz em quando sabe bem, que mais não seja para ler algo mais leve e para alternar leituras mais complexas.

  • Melanie
    2019-01-12 17:10

    This was my first Sidney Sheldon and definitely not my last. This was a non-stop action book. There were lots of twists and turns... some I saw coming but the majority of them I did not see coming. I like stories with dysfunctional families, and this family sure was dysfunctional!

  • Murat
    2019-01-04 23:14

    It was awesome. I recommend this book. The scenario was well woven and the language was simple, yet superb.

  • Sherina
    2019-01-09 15:07

    fantastici recently bought 4 sidney sheldon books3 of them were crap. but this one was Fantastic!!!

  • Ken carlson
    2018-12-29 17:57

    twist and turns beautifully written

  • Zainab Ahmed
    2018-12-17 15:13

    Another page turner! I am a Sidney Sheldon fan forever! :)

  • Oana Turcea
    2019-01-12 21:13

    Când am cumpărat această carte nu mă așteptam deloc la așa ceva. Este absolut minunată și depășește cu mult unele cărți cunoscute de YA. Dacă ar fi fost publicată cu un alt nume, la o editura lângă alte cărți de top, neștiind că este scrisă de o autoare consacrată ca fiind o romancieră înrăită, această carte ar fi fost adorată de mulți cititori. Nu este mai deloc o carte romantică, în schimb, este o carte plină de acțiune și răsturnări de situație care te prinde și nu îți mai dă drumul până nu îi afli finalul care, și acesta, este surprinzător. Autoarea a reușit să creeze o lume în care moștenirea unui multimiliardar face ca viețile urmașilor lui să se complice. Încă din primele pagini ale cărții am simțit că îmi va plăcea. Erau foarte multe întrebări la care nu găseam un răspuns, foarte multe acțiuni cărora nu le înțelegeam rostul. Am îndrăgit unele personaje atât de tare la începutul cărții încât, la final, am rămas uimită cât de mult le uram. Nimic nu s-a întâmplat așa cum îmi închipuiam, totul se schimba cu fiecare rând pe care îl citeam. Primeam ca o lovitură directă atunci când acțiunea își schimba iar mersul. Îmi faceam mereu câte o ipoteză și toate se dovedeau ca fiind false, mersul acțiunii surprinzându-mă mereu cu întâmplări noi. Personajele sunt si ele foarte complexe, cu schimbări multiple de caracter.Fiecare membru al familiei își schimbă atitudinea și nu știi niciodată la ce să te aștepți din partea lor. Nu am simțit mai deloc ca această carte ar putea fi numită ca fiind romantică sau ca făcând parte din cărțile cu acțiune plasată într-o epocă trecută. Deoarece nu este descris prea mult aspectul exterior al personajelor, haine, accesorii, am putut realiza o imagine a lor ca facând parte din lumea contemporană. Chiar dacă locuințele făceau parte clar dintr-o lume epocală, nu a fost greu să trec cu vederea peste acest lucru. Am dat cărții 5 steluțe din 5 deoarece m-a ținut captivă în acțiune până la ultimul cuvânt. A fost o lectură plăcută, ușoară și interesantă. Recomand cu drag această carte celor care doriți ceva ușor, dar care să vă prindă de la început. Chiar dacă este puțin confuz totul, pe parcurs, totul va fi foarte clar.

  • Diana Nagy
    2019-01-09 22:06

    I don't know how much more I could gush about this guy. When I was a kid I used to see this author on our bookshelves. My Mom read Danielle Steel, my Dad apparently read Sidney Sheldon. Though I never seen my Dad crack open one of his books, they always interested me because they interested him, I guess. Well boy was I missing out by not picking up one of those beautiful hardcover titles back in the day. Because a few years later I did read one of Sidney Sheldon's books and from the beginning, throughout the book and until the end, I found one of THE BEST author's I've ever read in my life. He writes so good and his books are so interesting. They keep you going throughout and you always know you're in for something mysterious and a bit different when you read them. But always always there is some type of betrayal and evilness in one or more of the characters in them and maybe that's what is so great about his books, I'm not sure. I just know they're great just as Morning Noon & Night Was. Got a bunch more just waiting on my shelf I've never read and boy I'm ready to pick up the next one to begin today...they're so good! Don't miss out!