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Heather Hamilton is always wishing for things. Not just big stuff like world peace or a date with Brad Pitt, but little, everyday wishes, made without thinking. One day she buys some heather from a gypsy and suddenly her bad hair days stop, and a handsome American answers her ad for a housemate, and she starts seeing James....

Title : Be Careful What You Wish For
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ISBN : 9780340841129
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 358 Pages
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Be Careful What You Wish For Reviews

  • Tea Jovanović
    2019-03-28 14:33

    A onda kao treću njenu knjigu pročitala ovu... I zaključila da njeno pisanje sazrelo, da je knjiga dobro i da upravo s ovim naslovom treba da počne s objavljivanjem u Srbiji... I onda sam se bacila na sve svoje uredničko-ubeđivačke moći da je Laguna objavi... I posle nekoliko dana natezanja, nisam uspela da ubedim gazdu... I onda ju je godinu dana kasnije objavio uspešno Alnari... :)

  • Alexandra
    2019-03-28 17:29

    This was the first romantic comedy I wrote that had that touch of magic. It was so much fun to write. Thinking of all the tiny little things I wish for every single day... it's quite incredible... and it really did make me realise that I needed to be careful what I wish for!

  • Norah Una Sumner
    2019-04-15 15:29

    Real rating : 4.5 I CAN'T BELIEVE THAT THIS HAPPENED.ALEXANDRA TWEETED ME.I'M IN HEAVEN.So,this is my second Alexandra Potter book and I love it!Like the last one I read,this one is a chick-lit with a touch of fantasy.Great characters who definitely develop a lot by the end of the book.The ending is great,too.I love the fact that Heather turns down her job at Sunday Herald when she thinks that she didn't get it because of her talent.I personally love to know that my hard work paid off and is appreciated and that I got something and acomplished something thanks to my hard work and talent,not because someone else just gave it to me,so I understand Heather completely.Great read and I would recommend it to every chick-lit lover.Things I really liked:1.) Every character in this book.They are all very interesting and loveable.(even James is ok.)I really liked Heather's father Lionel-he's such a funny guy.And Gabe:Favourite quotes:''Consider the implications. We think we know what we want, but we can never really know until we've got it. And sometimes when we have, we discover we never really wanted it in the first place - but then it's too late.''‘You know I once read somewhere that yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That’s why we call it the present.’ Absorbing the words I’m struck by its profundity. I wonder which philosopher came up with that. Presumably some Buddhist monk or another spiritual leader who had spent his life doing good deeds and existing on the love of others. Someone who lived without possessions. Someone who probably didn’t even own a pair of shoes. Let alone a pair of overpriced sandals that ended up in the bin. Suddenly I feel ashamed. ‘Who said that?’ I ask, reverentially.Having drunk its fill the bird darts away and my dad turns back to me. ‘I think it was Joan Collins,’ he confesses, and linking his arm through mine we begin walking slowly to the house.'

  • Shannon
    2019-04-16 15:16

    This book is amazing! The story is really fairytale like and yet so realistic, that is just insane. I love how the story unfolds and they way Heather wishes for things we all wish for sometimes. Oh and I might have a little crush on Gabe, he sounds like the perfect boyfriend

  • Ena Hasečić
    2019-03-28 12:36

    4.5Veoma dobar chick-lit roman koji daje odgovor na pitanje "Da li nas zaista usrećuje kada dobijemo sve što želimo?" :)

  • M
    2019-03-20 11:20

    But when wishes start coming true, what do you wish for? You can have anything, but are those things good for you? You never know till you actually try it out. And then probably along the way you find out it's not all that. An idealistic wish is just that - maybe when it translates to reality it's not really something you'd want.Heather is our leading lady. Heather, lucky Heather. Heather gets lucky, gets happy, and comes to terms with the reality of wishes coming true.But when things start to come true in ways that are different from what she expected them to be, that's when it hits her.A couple of incidents happen that show her what she really needs, what truly makes her happy.This book is very well written, and I enjoyed reading it. I read chick lit quite quickly, and a well written one draws you in beautifully. This definitely did.Some of it, you may say, is unrealistic. But the basic premise is magic, charms and a sprig of lucky heather. Don't try and debate the premise.A lovely book, it'll put you in a good mood and make you count your blessings.And being blissfully aware of our blessings and happy little moments, well that's something we should all wish for.

  • Sara
    2019-04-20 17:19

    Ok, I give up. It’s official, I don’t like Alexandra Potter as an author. She has great ideas as plots go, but then the delivery is awful. This book was no different.It was slow paced; it took a while for me to get into it, and loads of will power not to quit it altogether. I had to skip-read a bit towards the end, when a useless and page-wasting family tragedy takes place, in order to finish the book.The general feeling I got from this book was meh.There are also three general line of writing that I’ve read too many times and that are really starting to annoy me:1. Heroin sees guy with a gorgeous girl, she misunderstand her for his girlfriend, and it turns out she actually is the sister.2. The oh-too-perfect-man – Please stop the madness.3. Stand-up comedy, why? I think I’ll start some discussions about these three point because it’s becoming annoying to have to read them over and over again, I want to see if I’m the only one.

  • Martha
    2019-04-18 11:30

    Absolutely amazing!!!! :D It's a book I've read over and over again and yet I still love it. Highly recommended if you want some light, funny, feel-good reading :D

  • Raven and Beez
    2019-03-28 10:27

    Read on the blog!!A classic Alexandra Potter. Somehow she takes one idea and turns it into a book! Alexandra Potter is the ultimate chic lit. Her books have ways of being incredible fun and insightful and eye opening. The moral of this book is in its title, Be careful what you wish for. I mean its no secret that every time I see a pair of pretty shoes(or anything) I wish I could have them(I know you do too). And its not that I don't want all my wishes to come true, all I'm saying is that if they did there's hardly any fun in it. And if you read this book, you'll come to know that maybe all wishes coming true doesn't necessarily make you happy.Let me warn you beforehand that unlike other books in which cute American girl falls for sexy English guy with British accent, in this book cute English girl falls for the American guy. Who happens to be a stand up comedian. Who(stand up comedians, not the guy) Heather hates. I am going to shut up(or stop typing) before I spill all.Heather is one of those characters that leads a completely messed up life and though that might sound good on paper she is really in need of some vigorous shaking up. Heather's wishes are pretty much a way of convenience(a place in the tube) and honestly there is no need to stop wishing for them. Heather is a comical person. She sends texts in the midnight to ex boyfriends asking if they fancy a shag(she was drunk). Heather is also a wedding photographer(I love them). And always late. Which is how the story begins.Now let me tell you about Gabe James. James has all the qualities of Heather's perfect guy. Actually before that he was Heather's completely hot neighbor with amazing cheek bones on whom she had a huge crush on but always met in horribly awkward or embarrassing situations. But in the wishes-come-true period Heather without knowing wishes for her perfect man and James asks her out. Because he has also always had a crush on her. James is perfect in every way but not so much for Heather. I won't list his qualities and his bad points but to be truthful I didn't really like him. Or I like him but I feel a bit sorry for him(sorry James). But on a side note I felt that he and Jess(the best friend) would be perfect together(don't ask how, I could just picture them looking cute together).Now the guy Heather falls for aka the american shall not be named(oops) in this blog. He shall be called "The guy" from here. The guy is cute, has a weird dressing style, ridiculously funny, and my best part argues with Heather on a totally cute topic that I'm totally not telling. The guy is an utterly fun character and his imperfectness makes him so much perfect for Heather. The guy can make you(and Heather) laugh and can cheer up the most down moments in your(or Heather's) life. The guy makes a very good friend.This is a teeny-meeny part I did not like.The guy and Heather are very good friends who enjoy each others company, no pressure. I felt that their relationship never had time to develop. Now normally if a girl falls in love with a friend, they have incredibly awkward moments and she has a whole denial period, then comes the by-mistake-deep-heart-eye staring then those few stolen kisses, stammered apologies and finally confession of love from both sides, but this book lacked that. Heather just comes to a realization that she loves him after she has mmmmm(sorry got mute). Also I do not like the way they make up. Alexandra Potter could have made it so much more romantic. There are some moments but its nothing like your typical heartfelt moment.I rate this book a 3.5. I know that after you read my review you'll think how come? but I've never been madly in love with Alexandra Potter. She has the perfect settings but she ticks me off in a few places. Now on my advice whether to read it or leave it...Honestly its ones own choice. I wouldn't undo my reading it. Its not all romance, its a mixed bag. It totally depends on your mood and genre choice(I don't advice this for Raven types). So honestly(and no offence), do what you want.Lots of love and donutsBeez.

  • Antagonistkinja
    2019-04-14 10:22

    Supposing I won't like this at all, judging by the cheesy title, I still read it out of politeness because I got it as a present. As I read a couple of pages, I couldn't believe that someone actually sees this as literature. It seems as someone wrote this book just to make a joke.As someone who passed the age of twelve, I couldn't see how this could be taken seriously by anyone pass that age, but sadly I've seen grown woman reading Alexandra Potter. It may seem as cruel but I find this writer awful as well as this book. ( I read another book of hers just to make sure).Anyway, the story is a very bad blend of reality and fantasy concerning a young woman with many desires. She buys a magical good luck charm from an old woman and suddenly all her wishes come true. After some time she finds out that all those things realized do not please her, but bother her. Not even having to think about the moral of the book, you see that it want to spread the message to think carefully before you wish for something because it may not be what you want.Nothing wrong with the moral, but I'm very displeased it's displayed in such a shallow way. This book, with all it's exaggerations, very bad humor and above all, shallowness enters my list of worst books ever.

  • Liv (Оља)
    2019-04-20 10:19

    I've been looking at my favorites shelf recently and thought that I should probably explain why this one ended up there, since I am really not one to read chick lit and enjoy it in such huge amounts that I would give a 5 star rating (not to say that chick lit is bad or that I can't enjoy it that much, just that it doesn't necessarily happen). This was something I read when I was fairly young and not that much into reading in general. I was maybe eleven when I got this as a birthday present, which is really a weird age to read this genre, but eh. I gave it a go and honestly, I don't remember my first impressions of it. I also didn't have any criteria back then whatsoever, so not that it mattered. I ended up rereading it multiple times afterwards and lending it out to people. My copy is literally falling apart, but every time I look at it I just feel this nostalgia and familiarity to the story that I can only say that I truly love this book and will forever do so. Of course, if I stumbled up upon it now, after the reading experience and taste I acquired through years, I doubt that I would have seen anything in it, let alone loved it near as much. So I can't be objective here, nor am I trying to be. I've never picked up anything else from this author and I don't know if I ever will. If anyone has a recommendation for any of Potter's other works I would really appreciate it tho. Thanks for reading folks <3OH OH OH And also, Gabe is probably the reason why my ideal type of guy looks and acts just like him, lol.

  • Winna
    2019-04-09 16:36

    Be Careful What You Wish For.Heather is quite an unlucky girl. She wishes to have some luck, at least once in her life. And then she buys heathers from an old gypsy down the street - and miracles start to happen.Ceritanya lucu sih.. very chick-lit, almost a Sophie Kinsella style. But Potter definitely has her own charms, giving readers twists and turns to make us want to read till the last page.A brilliant read if you have free time, lazying on the couch with a bunch of snacks.

  • Bennetelizabeth
    2019-04-05 12:45


  • Lightrainbow
    2019-04-01 11:33

    Уморительная книга. Легкая, простая, смешная и не лишенная смысла. Отличный способ отвлечься и приятно провести время. После прочтения остаются очень приятные ощущения, будто поболтал с хорошей подружкой. И даже некая мистическая составляющая была к месту и не вызывала ощущения нереалистичности. С удовольствием почитала бы у нее что-нибудь еще.

  • Miaoxiaoyan
    2019-04-03 12:36

    What a girl wants isn't always what a girl needs...I wish I could meet a perfect man for my Mr. Right.   I wish I had bought that lottery ticket, otherwise I would have won the biggest prize.   I wish...      We are always making wishes, big or small, about the past or about the future... even though we know most of them are seldom achieved.      Heather Hamilton is always wishing for things as well. In Alexandra Potter's book "Be Careful What You Wish For", this 30-something girl used to make little, everyday wishes without thinking. With her luck, she knows they'll never come true. Deep in her heart, however, she still wishes that they would become reality someday.      She made hopeless wishes until one day she came across a mysterious gypsy, who gave her a so-called "lucky feather". Soon after that, a lot of changes start to take place in her life.      She was surprised to see that her luck was dramatically changed for better. Besides an empty seat on the tube or a vacant parking place in her neighbourhood, a new flatmate came to share her rent and Lady Charlotte came to save the wedding photography agency she worked for...She was even overexcited to make aquaintance with the man she had crush on for a long time and fell in love with each other...      Seemingly, everything went on well until...gradually...she came to realize...good luck does not necessarily mean happiness.      She did date with that perfect man, but she found actually she didn't love him.      Lady Charllote did hire the service of the agency Heather worker for and her wedding would no doubt bring the near-bankrupt agency a great fortune, but it soon turned out that the groom-to-be is Heather's ex-boyfriend. Just imagine how Heather would take photos at her ex's wedding.      ...      Poor Heather was sad to find most of those changes or so-called good luck had not brought any happiness to her. On the contrary, she got in trouble again and again, which she was almost unable to deal with.      Her father's sudden heart attack almost led to her regret for a life time. Fortunately, he was saved from the death and slowly recovered under the care of all his families. Exhausted Heather, after a series of unexpected incidents, came to realize what matters most in her life.      What's more, she at last admitted to herself that she had already fallen in love with Gabe, her flatmate, who had just had a quarrel with her because of some misunderstanding and left their flat for the Edinburgh Festival, when she just accepted a new photographing task to go there as well.      Of course, the author has the ability to offer the story a happy ending, which is to all readers' relief.      Finishing the novel, I couldn't help thinking about my life.      What if I also had a luck feather?      What wishes would I make?      On the cover of this book is an interesting sentence: "What a girl wants isn't always what a girl needs."      Doesnt that make absolute sense?      I do agree with that.      So I do hope that every girl, whether you have read the book or you are going to read it, think carefully about your life and make wishes carefully. After all, our life is under the control of ourselves, not a so-called feather.      Don't believe it? You just go to read Heather's story and you'll learn a lesson like she. I'm sure.

  • tutut indah widyawati
    2019-04-17 11:35

    This is the first English Book Novel that i read. By reading this just like reading our own story as a girl because the same feeling occurs in every girls' life.And here are some quotations i got from this whole novel.."Life is full of experiences.. One has finished but that only means another is about to begin..""If you like someone, why can't you call straight way?? Why can't you be honest and say how you feel??""I think the perfect man does exist.. He's just different from different people..""And sometimes when we have, we discover we never really wanted it in the first place - but then it's too late..""we think we know what we want, but we can never really know until we've got it..""It's fine having another person around..""Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is gift.. That's why we call it present..""Because life's far too short to waste a single drop of it..""As I near him my heart speeds up, like the beeping of a metal detector when it's found treasure.."

  • Anna
    2019-04-16 17:40

    AAAHHHH THIS WAS SO CUTE!!!!!! Possibly one of the cutest endings ever :D I LOVE GABE <3

  • Lina
    2019-03-22 12:45

    Funny, interesting, a little too fast forward in the end but the topic was creative and I just wish...Ops! Never mind...

  • Natasya Wiah
    2019-03-28 09:24

    3.7 star

  • AndRea
    2019-03-23 17:42

    3,5*Čo by ste si priali, keby ste mali istotu, že sa vám to hneď aj splní?Svetový mier? Vynájsť liek na rakovinu? Precestovať svet?Alebo by ste si priali zo začiatku len také malé veci ako Heather.... mať miesto na parkovanie, voľnú cestu, upravené vlasy, zhodiť tri kilá?Nemusela som pri tom vôbec rozmýšľať, stačilo prevracať stránky, vžiť sa do Heather a už sa len smiať sa na všetkých blbostiach, čo povyvádzala. Ak máte radi nedokonalé hlavné hrdinky, ktorým sa lepí smola na päty, tak túto si zamilujete. Bolo to také milé, oddychové čítanie. Alexandra Potter dokázala presne vystihnúť všetky ženské problémy a podať ich humorným spôsobom... ak si ju prečíta nejaký chlap, tak zistí, že normálne ženy vôbec nie sú také ako vo filmoch - dokonalým príkladom bola jej kúpelňová scéna. Veď prečítajte a uvidíte! :D

  • krisy
    2019-04-05 15:24

    The first book I managed to finish on my Kindle. Seems like getting a e-reader wasn't that much of a bad decision.It was nice, it was lighthearted, and made me snort and make weird faces while reading it in front of other people. It also made me realize that I wasn't really right about the chicklit genre being my kind of thing - not that I would abandon it, but I doubt that I'll read sweet girly prose as often as I thought I would.

  • Amaal Ibrahim
    2019-04-18 17:27

    قصة هيذر هاميلتون التي لاتكفّ عن تمنّي ليس الاشياء العظيمة فقط بل ابسط الامنيات إلى أن تشتري نبتة الحظ التي قلبت حياتها إلى الحياة المثالية وحققت ابسط...moreقصة هيذر هاميلتون التي لاتكفّ عن تمنّي ليس الاشياء العظيمة فقط بل ابسط الامنيات إلى أن تشتري نبتة الحظ التي قلبت حياتها إلى الحياة المثالية وحققت ابسط ماتتمنى. لكن السؤال: هل كل ماتممناه البنت هو ماتريده فعلاً؟! مفردات الرواية غريبة قليلاً لمن تعوّد على الروايات الامريكية لكن هذا مايمنع من التمتع بها بصحـبة dictionary

  • Jenna Suvi
    2019-03-27 13:17

    I usually love A.P books, but this time I simply have no idea why.. But I wasn't that convinced. I kept on losing my concentration and wanted to start reading something else. Maybe it was the level of cliches, maybe the predictability, but Heather's character left me a bit colder than A.P protagonists usually do. But being a fan, I still like her style of writing and how she captures the English urban vibe from a young woman's perspective. Heather's struggles finance- and career-wise felt real.

    2019-04-03 11:23

    Okay. It was a good story. The begining seemed monochrome but things got interesting soon after Heather purchased lucky Heather. Gabe is my favorite character. He's very normal and easy going. I loved James when I read Heather's description about him but realized that he's surreal soon after they started to date each other.I'm happy with the way things ended.

  • Stefanie
    2019-04-05 15:28

    This was my first book by Alexandra Potter and I didn't like it. I even put it aside at page 104!I don't like Jess at all. She's selfish, obsessed with any guy she sees and she likes to hear herself talk. And Heather is a bore. I didn't want to read this book and I'm not sorry I didn't read it until the end.

  • Isabella
    2019-04-14 16:20

    This book was so slow that it almost put me off reading... it took me forever to finish it!The wishes were lame... and I hate when the men are labelled too perfect in books... I can't stand reading about women annoyed that they receive too many flowers or get bored with too much foreplay... not my cup of tea!

  • AnaVlădescu
    2019-04-06 10:41

    Boring, boring, boring. Thought it would be better. Seemed to get better at one point. And then it crashed and burned, all within 20 pages. I won't find time again to read this book once more. Sorry, Potter.

  • Alice Turner
    2019-04-16 12:31

    Loved this book, actually got really excited to keep reading. This book reminds us that we should appreciate everything that we already have. Instead of wishing for more, when really we have it all already. Made me chuckle more than a few times too. 5*

  • Tini Abdullah
    2019-03-24 11:28

    A very simple story but funny. Can actually guess the story from the title. Wish Alexandra Potter could use less F**k words the it would be a better read. Too much F**k makes it irritating to read.

  • Lizzy
    2019-04-18 14:39

    This book was OK, that's all I can say about it really. Nice idea behind it but the plot was one I've seen many times before. Pleasant to read, though.