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Based on the talks bu his holiness sri sri ravi shankar....

Title : God Loves Fun
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ISBN : 9781885289032
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 167 Pages
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God Loves Fun Reviews

  • Anjali
    2019-03-31 05:28

    This is the first SSRS book I've read and came away with a few beautiful phrases stuck in my mind - ".... you be a lump of love" (which translates to - it doesn't matter how the whole world behaves around you, you be a lump of love ... show unwavering love to those in your life regardless of their behavior towards you for people are like mirrors they reflect what you project). Another one - "If you live your life based on feelings you will be forever unhappy" (which translates to - Stop acting based on your feelings whether good or bad for the feeling will pass but you will be stuck with the consequences of your actions taken during that passing phase). And lastly - "God loves fun" (which means that our whole life is a "leela" a play ... very temporary very short .. we're meant to enjoy each and every second of our lives and radiate unwavering love to others. This is the best form of prayer). The book is written in very simple prose, I had to look past the over-simplistic prose and focus on what was being said rather than how it was being said. The book radiates love and calm :-D Read it!!

  • Vibina Venugopal
    2019-03-31 09:16

    I happened to attend a workshop organised by The Art of Living., though I am not onto Godman and preachers of spiritual life., Sri Sri Ravishankar is more on to Yoga., and he chooses yoga , meditation as a tool to make his points., though I am not so fond of him or his work., its always pleasing to hear his voice or to see him talk., there is a positive aura that surrounds that is quite contagious..There is no denying that his yoga workshop through The art of living is amazing too..Being said that I was reminded of this book that I read couple of years ago..As the title goes it is indeed fun reading the book., though the subject that it deals are quite serious., he chooses fun and humor to convey a broader message..Ravi Shankar insists that Gods is not someone who has to be dealt seriously and its not just prayers that you approach god or the high existence., He distinguishes between the spiritual life from religious life and the similarities between them...He also points out that laughter is the best therapy., okay that one we all know isn't., but what he suggests are paths to attain that happiness and peace..One of his messages are that., in a relation its not the person who hurts but the expectation that one attaches .,this one particular quotes somehow stayed with me ....There are paths described to reach spirituality in an enjoyable way...I liked the way he made use of examples that we get to observe everyday around us to make his point., like a leaf floating on a flowing water is compared with a free mind that can happily travel any curve., while troubled mind is compared with a stone that sinks onto the bottom of the bed unable to move...According to him to make opinion can get a person to be attached which would never let a person to live freely...He says not to hurry in love., for love is always relaxed ( that again was good one)...There is another quote that I found interesting "Thinking is like chewing gum...It doesn't produce anything..You can think about only those things which you know.." I am sure if I were more in to spiritual philosophy I would have enjoyed it even more...This book is an enjoyable read to even a person who is not interested in a spiritual way of life......

  • Rashmi
    2019-04-03 11:15

    No words are enough when it comes to writing a review of this book. All I can manage to say is..."Exceptional...!!!"I have never ever read such a wonderful book, and I doubt if ever in my life I will come across a better book.

  • Aditya Maheshwari
    2019-04-03 10:16

    A funny yet knowledgeable book!! The best i have read so far!! Sri Sri rocks!! :)

  • Iman
    2019-04-18 06:12

    waaaw book :) I LOVE IT

  • Dimple
    2019-04-17 04:28

    i think its a nice book

  • Ada
    2019-04-25 03:40

    The first book that I read from this author, and still my favourite. God loves fun- no doubt.

  • Shreya Banerjee
    2019-04-11 07:37

    luckily i was not brought up in a house with any strict spiritual practices, which make my understanding of this book simple. God Loves Fun is a book simplified enough to help you realize that God is not anyone with a stick waiting for you to do a mistake so that he can hit you hard and punish you, instead his role is of a peeping tom looking at the foolishness in the men's life which entertains him because he is terribly bored of the serious books written about him, he is bored of the philosophies and the wise men.There is no such action by a being that can please or displease God. All that has happened, happening or going to happen is a form of entertainment for him. Through and through it is mentioned "wake up here and now, life is more than a complaint! "... it is laughter in which dwells the Big Mind, God. God will dance in our lives when the day dawns in laughter and love.This collection of talks by Sri Sri can clear many clouds, illuminate ones intellect and provied practical guidance in life. Sing. celebrate. love. Have fun ...for God loves fun!!

  • Maya
    2019-04-03 09:35

    نظن أننا نمسك القمة. الأشياء تحدث لوحدها. من الممكن أن يكون في هذا قلبل من التطرف، ولكنه يثير لديك العديد من الأسئلة. أنظر بعمق إلى الأحداث التي حصلت معك قي حياتك. تجد أنها حدثت جميعها لتكون في هذا المكان الذي أنت به الآن. رأيت؟ ما حدث معك طوال حياتك قد حدث من تلقاء نفسه. ما عليك إلا أن تراقب.

  • Munkhbayar Baatarkhuu
    2019-03-29 11:19

    This book is the seed of his love for himself.

  • Richa
    2019-04-07 09:14

    Oh God..This one book is sufficient for life time...Each page and each word is a gift from Gurudev...I simply love it and the rating is not suffice to justify its worth..

  • Parik Jayashree
    2019-04-17 04:18

    a really good read.. it gives a very positive feel good factor in this book it is fun to read. i personally recommend it as must read for all especially the youngsters.