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Recently married to James Lacey, the witty and fractious Agatha Raisin quickly finds that marriage, and love, are not all they are cracked up to be. Rather than basking in marital bliss, the newlyweds are living in separate cottages and accusing each other of infidelity. After a particularly raucous fight in the local pub, James suddenly vanishes-a bloodstain the only clueRecently married to James Lacey, the witty and fractious Agatha Raisin quickly finds that marriage, and love, are not all they are cracked up to be. Rather than basking in marital bliss, the newlyweds are living in separate cottages and accusing each other of infidelity. After a particularly raucous fight in the local pub, James suddenly vanishes-a bloodstain the only clue to his fate-and Agatha is the prime suspect. Determined to clear her name and find her husband, Agatha begins her investigation. But her sleuthing is thwarted when James's suspected mistress, Melissa, is found murdered. Joined by her old friend Sir Charles, Agatha digs into Melissa's past and uncovers two ex-husbands, an angry sister, and dubious relations with bikers. Are Melissa's death and James's disappearance connected? Will Agatha reunite with her husband or will she find herself alone once again? ...

Title : Agatha Raisin and the Love from Hell
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Agatha Raisin and the Love from Hell Reviews

  • Nancy
    2019-04-11 01:42

    Agatha keeps pulling me back; I cannot say that each book is better than the last, because that is not always the case, but I find myself wanting to be Agatha’s cheerleader. She constantly makes bad choices, but I am not sure that she does it intentionally. She seems to be that person who always fails at doing the right thing. For instance, the ink is barely dry on her marriage certificate to James Lacey when already the marriage is over. Agatha is just too independent to be married to the demanding James, so when their small community witnesses a very public argument and then James turns up missing with blood on his front doorstep, Agatha is most assuredly the prime suspect. Nevertheless, there is more to this story since James himself seems to have a wandering eye and the town knows about that too.Now it is up to Agatha to find James, prove her innocence, prove that James did not murder the trollop that he was rumored to have been having a not so clandestine affair with and tie it all up in a neat bow so she can move on with her life. I know it sounds like just another day in Agatha’s life, but somehow this book is just a little bit different. Agatha comes across as bit more human, a bit less assured and possibly a bit more likeable, even if she does have hard cruel bearlike eyes.As I have said before, you really do have to begin these books at the beginning to get the full Agatha effect. Some are better than others; some leave you wondering what goes on in Agatha’s mind, but in the end, she is an endearing character that makes you wonder what she could get up to next.

  • Ali
    2019-03-23 22:49

    The 11th in the series - I am amazed at how quickly I have got through this series - but then they are a little addictive. I really enjoyed this installment - where we discover that, as predicted by the marvelous Mrs Bloxby and the also marvelous Sir Charles Fraith, Agatha's marriage to James is a complete disaster. James disappears leaving blood in his house, and then a woman he was apparently involved with is found murdered. A rather vulnerable Agatha - accompanied by the faithful Sir Charles is soon investigating. I did think the plot of this book was less predictable than some of the others - and I only guessed whodunnit - half a page before Agatha - after the reader has had enough clues to do just that. As always good escapism and perfect for a lazy Sunday/bank holiday Monday morning read.

  • Fiona MacDonald
    2019-03-25 23:51

    One of Agatha's better adventures. This time she's on the pursuit of her husband James who has gone missing under mysterious circumstances after forming a close relationship with an emotionally unstable woman in the village who is murdered. Agatha can be a huge pain but also utterly hilarious. I wouldn't mind spending a day in her company!!

  • Ellie Wenck
    2019-04-20 17:42

    Agatha Raisin has finally married James Lacey.  Agatha has had a big fat crush on James for ages now, for 10 books, in fact, and now she has finally married him.  Happily ever after.  Or so she thought.  Agatha is a strong-willed woman and is smart, independent, witty, observant and interested in things that others don't notice.  To anyone else, these would be positive features, but to James, everything that Agatha stands for seems to be an annoyance.  'Agatha desperately wants to be the perfect wife, but she's not willing to give up her work, she thinks microwave oven meals are a safer bet than her attempting to try her hand in the kitchen and she'll wear what she damn well wants to, thank you very much.After James and Agatha marry, they continue to live their lives in their separate cottages.  It seems that James takes advantage of Agatha's independence, stating it makes sense that they live separately as each cottage is too small to house two people comfortably. Agatha agrees, not realising that James simply wants to continue living the bachelor life while enjoying the fringe benefits of having a wife.Can you tell I don't like James?  Charles, one of Agatha's dearest friends, says it best - I think you fell in love with a dream James who does not exist.Me hating on James, while (in my opinion) completely justified, may seem a little harsh given he's missing for most of the novel ... and he's facing a fairly major illness.  He and Agatha have a(nother) row at the start of the novel, and then, as if timed perfectly, he goes missing.  His blood is found at his home, and everyone assumes the worst.  Then, a woman who James had an affair with turns up dead, which is kind of bad timing (especially for her, obviously) for Agatha as most of the village is assuming she did it, averting their eyes at the local store and gossiping at the pub.I found the pace of Love from Hell a little slow.  M.C. Beaton's writing is quite old fashioned, which I enjoy, but I found Love from Hell a little boring at times.  It would have been great to see Agatha working independently, but poor Aggie feels as if she can't achieve anything without the help or company of a man.  I understand this comes from her own insecurities, especially from her childhood and failed (first) marriage, but it is frustrating to see her make poor choices and immediately look for a knight in shining armour, not realising that she has the strength (physical, mental and emotional) to rescue herself.  Perhaps she will learn, one day.

  • Yvonne
    2019-03-20 19:39

    Agatha Raisin can’t believe it. After working hard to win the love of her neighbor, James Lacey, they are finally married. Much to Agatha’s dismay, marriage isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. Agatha and James have problems from the start. They even retain separate residences. After a particularly loud public disagreement, James goes missing. Then, his mistress turns up dead.The police’s attention is immediately pointed in Agatha and James’ direction. Even though James is nowhere to be found, Agatha believes in his innocence and is determined to prove it. Not to mention proving her own innocence. In Agatha’s eyes, the big puzzle is where is James? With the help of her old friend Charles Fraith, Agatha searches for answers.This is the 11th book in the series. I can’t believe how quickly I listen to them. These move along at a great, fast pace. I’m warming up to Agatha all the time. She’s still rough around the edges, but she has a heart of gold. She just keeps it well hidden. LOL I’m looking forward to listening to Agatha’s next adventure and see where that takes her.

  • _inbetween_
    2019-03-27 20:54

    Grrrr argh. Once upon a time, due to many bad experiences with authors going out of print, I tended to buy series as they came, even if I hadn't been able to catch up with reading them. This explains Cornwell et al, but MCBeaton is a case of her own - worse, in a way. There ae many (esp. contemporary American female authors) who basically just describe their daily routines and add some "crime" elements around it; some are cozies, many aren't. "The Cat Who" series degraded into one of the most boring of them, and I have half a shelf of other perpetrators - but nobody did or does it with the same outrageousness as MCBeaton (aka Marion Chesney aka others). You can read any of her slim volumes in an hour or two, and you can reread them because there IS nothing to remember them buy. So why buy another if they are all absolutely the same, again and again? Because you (meaning me) CAN'T BELIEVE THAT IS POSSIBLE. As in the parallel series of Hamish McBeth, Agatha Raisin constantly pines for the love of her life, but they never get together - only Hamish is a hero, and Agatha gets shat on, not just by the other characters but by Beaton. For years I tried (see also: -i- read Cornwell) to see it as intelligent, sarcastic meta writing - Beaton started out with Regency romance (yes, I'm stupid enough to still wait for one of those, it's in Australia ATM) and now writes anti-romance. Beaton knows the realities women face, esp. less attractive, older women, so she shows their hopes and illusions being burst. BUT she does it over and over again, each chapter, each novel, and it's a see-saw, the constant put-downs and humiliation change nothing. We are meant to see that that is why Agatha deserves all she gets? We are meant to laugh because everyone is a nasty piece of shite? The feminism of this is that the vicar's wife states she shaves and waxes because hair on her skin is itchy, and the state of Agatha's hair and make-up isn't something nasty outsiders comment on but the only good thing about her (ie. if she spends half a day on it)?Oh but it gets more devious - while Hamish doesn't fuck the blonde of his dreams, Agatha gets to bed her James - only James really is an asshole with no redeeming feature. So Beaton later introduces Sir Charles, who on the surface seems even worse - he's younger than Agatha, more fey, and sometimes openly rude, he also leaves her when bored - but the thing is, he's the only damn person around who seems intelligent, attractive and is actually nice to Agatha. He might say she looks old and he might have other women (they all do) but he actually defends her against others and spends a lot of time with her. That is the worst perfidity, three measly sentences thrown into the 220 pages of limited-vocabulary tripe and there I go, hoping against all wisdom that something or someone will EVOLVE and stop stagnating ... *pant pant* ok, no, that's it, I'll get rid of this series ... but somebody please let me know if she actually brings it to some conclusion before she dies (shouldn't she be dead by now?).Before I forget: the mysteries - aren't. In each book Agatha drives around and talks to everyone (like the police did) and nothing interesting is ever said (two-syllable words rule). But of course James is the one who actually once points out that that's all they do. Still - DON'T! IT'S NOT FUNNY! IT'S NOT ENJOYABLE!

  • Gerry
    2019-03-21 20:01

    "I think I've gone through every motion from grief to anger," says Agatha towards the conclusion of the book and much of those emotions came in her ill-fated marriage. Her husband unaccountably goes missing after being attacked and, with a murder committed just after his injuries, he is suspected for the crime. The police can't find him but, needless to say, Agatha does but only after the usual trials and tribulations. She also unmasks the killer, but once again as usual she gets little credit for her efforts. A great character, good storylines and humourous and enjoyable reading.

  • Tressa
    2019-03-30 20:44

    I pray when I start each book that Sir Charles Fraith will be in it. What a hoot!

  • Mikela
    2019-04-12 18:35

    I just love Agatha Raisin, the protagonist in this series. She's pushing middle-age, shortish, stocky, the total opposite of politically correct, independent, a highly successful retired public relations agent, brash, pushy but with terrific hair and legs. Agatha loves a good mystery and just can't help herself, she has to solve the case, to find that murderer. Her main problem is that she's absolutely besotted with her uptight, stuffed shirt next door neighbor, James Lacey, and is ruthless in her pursuit of him.In this book we find that Agatha's dreams have come true and she and James finally married, but then she asks herself, why is she so unhappy? Marriage isn't supposed to be an early introduction to hell but this one appears to be. When James disappears leaving behind evidence of injury and a struggle as well as a murdered mistress, Agatha, along with her friend Sir Charles, springs into action to clear James' name and find not only the real murderer but also the whereabouts of James himself.I really enjoyed this cozy mystery, there were moments when I just couldn't stop chuckling as Agatha found herself in one scrape after the other...and losing her dignity a little more each time as the clues are unearthed.

  • Sara
    2019-04-16 17:48

    Cranky, funny, smartI just love the cranky smart and stubborn Agatha Raisin, she makes me laugh. Agatha gets herself in situations and says things that would only happen to a "wanna-be" sleuth character. She is perpetually single and unlucky in love, one just has to relate as we all know an Agatha! In Love from Hell, Agatha's dreams have come true, she is finally married to the handsome James Lacey! Alas, happiness doesn't last long. James has been seen in town with a younger, prettier tart. Agatha goes bonkers and has a loud brawl with James at the local pub. And, in a small town, Agatha and her marriage soon become the talk of the town. Soon James is missing under suspicious circumstances and his tarty girlfriend turns up dead. Agatha grabs her friend Charles and soon investigates the murder while trying to find out the fate of James. And despite their tumultuous and obtuse friendship, Charles is starting to have some redeeming qualities...hmmm

  • Claude
    2019-04-03 22:02

    "Agatha climbed out of bed. Her knees were stiff and she stared down at them. Here was another bit of body betraying her. She did some exercises and took a hot shower. By the time she had dressed, the stiffness had gone. But, she wondered, was this the beginning of the end? Good-bye healthy life and hullo rubber knickers and support hose? What would it be like to creak about on a Zimmer frame? She had a sudden craving for life, for excitement. She had an impulse to ask Charles to go upstairs to bed with her that minute. Then she thought, was this how James felt? If I can feel like this over a brief ache in the knees, what did he feel like when he learned he might die?"

  • Cyndi
    2019-04-03 23:40

    Gotta tell ya, I love Agatha! She's so human. She hates all the stuff that comes with middle age and fights it with everything short of healthy eating and exercise. Let's not be nuts here. If facials and high heels can't handle it, what can?Her marriage to to one of the worse husbands in the world crashed and burned. James is a major jerk! But his ridiculousness is kind of funny. But, his character changes a lot.Agatha says she's done with murders, but since there a lot more books in the series, I'm guessing she's going to be tripping over another one soon.

  • Lizzytish
    2019-04-08 20:45

    A couple years back I remember reading an AR book and was not too keen on it. Alas, my library did not have the books I wanted so I thought I would try Agatha again.Agatha has got to be the most annoying, confused woman around. The writing is so-s0, they mystery was not gripping. Okay, I'll try one more, 3 strikes and AR is out!Funny thing is, I love Hamish!

  • Gina
    2019-04-15 00:47

    Gah, in spite of the lame storyline they gave James, at least he was out of the way for a while. These books are so much better without him. Still hoping Agatha gets it together and writes him off completely sometime soon. Charles is starting to grow on me too. Interesting mystery this time...I admit I figured it out shortly before Agatha did, lots of little twists here made it a fun read. I do love this series despite Agatha's refusal to accept that she does not need a man to be happy.

  • Vanessa Diaz
    2019-04-11 22:52

    My first Agatha Raisin! Truly I think it deserves more like a 3.75 so I’ll round up. The bit about James and the monastery was a little out they’re for me but I really love Agatha as a character- stubborn, cranky, and a total jealous scene-maker. She’s flawed and human and pretty fun to spend time with as a character.

  • Emily
    2019-04-03 18:57

    Took this book and several other Agatha Raisins as we were cleaning out grandma’s bookshelves. I realized toward the end that I’ve actually read this one before, but I still enjoyed it a second time through.

  • Tracy
    2019-04-12 20:36

    So unexpected!

  • Lynn Lowery
    2019-03-31 01:52

    This was such a good read. Agatha went thru so much to come out in the end and on top of everything. this is why I love this series of books. No on to the next one.

  • CatarinaG
    2019-03-24 23:44

    Ok, este foi o 1º livro em que tive pena da Agahta... Ela continua a fazer péssimas escolhas e tudo lhe corre ao contrário.No final do anterior ela acaba por ser pedida em casamento por James mas a coisa não parece correr lá muito bem pois ele é pouco dado ao sentimento e incapaz de lhe expressar o que quer que seja. O casamento está longe de corresponder aos sonhos de Agatha e corre mal desde princípio. Não percebo mesmo esta fixação da Agatha em James já que da parte dele nunca vimos, até agora, sentimento nenhum que passe do 'morno'. É mesmo só o pavor de ficar sozinha que a faz meter-se nestas situações (com o Charles ou com o polícia de Wyckhadden, dois livros atrás)...Nesta história Agatha fica a saber que foi traída por James e que, ainda por cima, este terá um tumor no cérebro e foi incapaz de partilhar isso com ela (mas soube fazê-lo com a amante). James, por seu lado, depois de ser atacado, foge de Carsley sem saber que Melissa foi assassinada entretanto. Mais uma vez Agatha terá a ajuda de Sir Charles (com quem não se volta a envolver) não só para descobrir quem matou a Melissa e ajudar a ilibar-se a si própria e a James (já que também são considerados suspeitos) como para tentar encontrar James e perceber o que se passa.-----------(SPOILER ALERT)----------------------Já no fim do livro, Agatha encontra James num mosteiro em França e ele resolve ingressar no mosteiro como monge não sem antes voltar fugazmente a Carsley para se divorciar de Agatha.E eu, que já estava a ficar um pouco aborrecida com estas histórias da Agatha (sobretudo da incapacidade de estar sozinha e da sua necessidade de saltar de 'companhia' em 'companhia') fiquei novamente curiosa para ver como se vai continuar a desenvolver a vida dela em Carsley daqui para a frente e, por isso, ainda não é desta que deixo esta colecção em paz... ;)

  • Dolly
    2019-04-02 22:38

    Oh, Agatha, when will you ever learn? This is the eleventh book in the Agatha Raisin series by M.C. Beaton. The plot centers on Agatha's disastrous marriage to James Lacey and his subsequent disappearance. When a woman he was once connected with is murdered, Agatha has to find a way to clear his name. I've been steadily reading this series and I like it; Agatha is such a contrary, but entertaining character. The stories are short, entertaining brain candy. However, I am starting to feel like there's a lot of repetition in the stories and I'm not sure if I will still enjoy the series after 22+ books. Will Agatha ever make a wise decision in any matters outside of business? interesting quotes:"But there are happy marriages. You know there are.""Some are lucky; most go in for compromise." (p. 15)"Being a city mouse down to her bones, Agatha often envied the skill of the country mice." (p. 59)"Live people can hide, dead people usually get found." (p. 118)"God, for Agatha, stood for Grand Old-fashioned Disapproval." (p. 209)new words: panniered, raddled, acidulous

  • Rosemary
    2019-04-02 18:01

    This is book 11 in the saga of Agatha Raisin's life. And what a fun saga it is! Agatha is always making the wrong decisions and doesn't understand why life is so tough. I can identify with her in so many ways. In this installment, she has married James, the man she has been wanting for years. But, of course they are all wrong for each other and it becomes the marriage from hell quite fast. Then there is a murder in their sleepy English village and her husband goes missing and it seems he was having an affair with the dead woman. Agatha is furious about the affair and sad that James is missing all at the same time. She teams up with her friend Sir Charles Friath and they go searching for clues to find James and clear him of the murder. This leads to all manner of chaos. I can't wait to listen to book 12.

  • Elizabeth
    2019-04-10 18:34

    So this is the first book i have read this year. I'm actually pretty proud that i picked up this book and finished it today after my reading block. Agatha Raisin was as good as ever and i loved this one as it featured my firm favourite Sir Charles...clearly meant to be together! This book showed what happens after james and agatha get married and his disappearance shortly after. I liked this book as she had seemed to have forgotten her detective skills when it involved the man she loved and had to be reminded to revisit the villagers. Can't wait to read the next book...fingers crossed that Mrs Bloxby and Sir Charles are in it. And thanks to my sister Victoria for getting me the books for my birthday....

  • Michelle
    2019-03-28 22:53

    This is the 11th book in the Agatha Raisin series. Agatha and James are settling in to not so happily ever after. Thankfully, Agatha has kept her cottage, and after a spate of arguments and angst over James’ flirting behavior, she moves back home after a particularly nasty argument in public. Things get even uglier when James disappears, his girlfriend turns up dead, and both he and Agatha are suspects. Agatha is devastated, but must clear her name and hopefully find James. She is aided by Sir Charles and they begin to dig into the girlfriend’s unusual past in hopes of finding the killer. She also finds out a terrible secret that James has been hiding from her and must come to terms with a new life that is far different than what she planned.

  • Berit☀️✨
    2019-03-25 17:49

    Agatha has finally married James, the Guy she has been obsessing on forever.... he wants a traditional wife that cooks, cleans, and stays home, however they are living in separate houses??? As you may have guessed, this marriage goes south quickly... and then James disappears, and the lady he was involved with before he married Agatha is shocker ...... killed... turns out she was a bit psychotic, and now Agatha with the help of Charles and a little help from Roy is trying to figure out where James has gone, and who has killed Melissa.....Not sure where this series ultimately goes, however I think Charles and Agatha should ultimately end up together....

  • Correen
    2019-04-01 23:56

    We took care of that unlikely marriage. Agatha seems to ever be in angst and to make her way out but with great psychological pain.

  • Hildigunnur
    2019-03-23 19:53

    Always a pleasure :)

  • Angela
    2019-04-11 17:48


  • Linda C
    2019-04-03 17:59

    Agatha and James are barely back from their honeymoon before they run into trouble. James is overly critical and wants to maintain his own space, i.e. cottage. Agatha is jealous of James continued friendship with an old flame, insecure about her age and looks and wanting to maintain her occasional consulting career. They get on each other's nerves and have public rows. Then James disappears leaving a bloody cottage behind and Agatha gets suspicious looks. When she and her friend Charles go to question the old flame, Melissa, they find her beaten to death. Now James may be suspect. Charles and Agatha try to look into Melissa's background for other enemies and hunt for James. This is an interesting twist in the series. Our sleuths solve the mystery but there are significant changes in store for Agatha at the end of this. I have a like/dislike feeling for Agatha that makes me want to see what will happen next.

  • Damaskcat
    2019-04-14 22:40

    Agatha's marriage to James Lacey has not started off very well. They are living in their own cottages and he seems to be having an affair with Melissa Shepherd - a glamorous newcomer to the village of Carsely. Then James disappears, having been attacked and Melissa is found dead. Agatha is immediately suspected as is the absent James.Sir Charles Fraith comes to Agatha's aid and together they try to find the murderer and track down the missing James. Both tasks prove difficult and dangerous. I enjoyed this story because it develops the relationship between Agatha and Charles as well as Bill Wong. There are plenty of suspects as no one seems to have liked Melissa very much even though on the surface she seemed quite charming.There are some dark undercurrents to the story though it can be read as light entertainment as well. I enjoyed it - even on second reading. Maybe not a good one to start with if you have not tried the Agatha Raisin series as you need to know a bit more about the main characters to understand all the nuances.As ever Penelope Keith is the ideal reader for the unabridged audio book version.

  • Emi
    2019-03-24 22:44

    I continue to love this hilarious ruder series of a retired British public relations person and her ability to find murders at every corner. Agatha has finally married James Lacey, and now everything goes to hell. Considering that we have been led to believe that they are meant for each other in this fictional world, the result of their marriage is a disaster. About the only pleasure you can take from reading that section is that your marriage can't be any worse. James acts in ways that I find deplorable, and the way he ends his marriage with Agatha is amazing in its hubris. This was probably was y least favorite of the books as it took the fairy tale love story and turned it on its head. However, Agatha continues to be a hilarious character that you can't help rooting for.