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The science fiction tale set in 2019 in Tokyo after the city was destroyed by World War III, follows the lives of two teenage friends, Tetsuo and Kaneda, who have a consuming fear of a monstrous power known as Akira....

Title : Akira, Vol. 4
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ISBN : 9781569715260
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Akira, Vol. 4 Reviews

  • Jedi JC Daquis
    2019-01-06 13:24

    The first part of volume four, despite a tense cat-and-mouse fugitive type of action set in a post-postapocalyptic world, felt flat and a bit of a drag. The sense of vagueness that radiates around the numbered people irritiates me sometimes (so I am glad that 19 gave a bit of backstory about them). Aside from Tetsuo who got a cringy sexy time with three girls and got trippy high as f*ck hallucinations, the others, even Akira himself didn't do anything.Chiyoko. By all means, do not mess with this woman.Chiyoko, that fine brute deserves a standing ovation in what she did in this book. Cheers to your sheer strength and braveness, ma'am!But everything once again becomes a solid piece of material once (view spoiler)[the assault on the temple (hide spoiler)] commences. From there on, Katsuhiro Otomo once again delivered a spectacular display of chaos and destruction.["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Maja Shinigami
    2019-01-06 05:30

    This shit is epic.

  • ダンカン
    2019-01-20 13:08

    One of the Best Manga Science Fiction Ever Published. If there is one thing when it comes to anime, people will always remember Akira. When it comes to manga, this is a one read people should invested on. I love Akira personally because of its sheer epic story of man versus Godhood and any thing that writes about power, this is the book people of all reader types should read. 30 years ago in 1992, an explosion in Japan cause the beginning of World War III. In 2028, Tokyo has become Neo-Tokyo, a place where society is on the rise of political distrust and Japan's top secret military army is trying to prevent one of its biggest secret to leak out to the world... until an accident on a highway towards where the origin of the explosion starts a chain of events that will lead to... Akira. Two friends (Kaneda & Tetsuo) will be fighting for their lives on friendship, love and the fate of Japan. I love Akira ever since its anime was released in 1989. When I watched it, I was floored by its cell animation, its story and its science fiction action dystopian future. I never knew there was a manga series (but that was after I read Yukito Kishiro's Battle Angel Alita, and it still is one of my favorite mangas of all time, next to Akira) and it took me a while to finally waited long enough to get the compilation series in six volumes and read it at one go. This to me... is nothing more than one of the best sci-fi manga series ever written and drawn. There is so much to explore here and so much to love. Not many authors or creators these days are bold enough to write some thing this good and this is one of the best 1200 over pages I have ever read. Yes, there are some issues on the book that is overlook and not answered at all but to much of its own, it has answered a lot when it comes to its main story, not the back story. For me, if you want to pick up a manga title and its your first time ever - this is the manga series to invest on.  p/s: Lately my reviews are getting shorter and shorter in writing. I would definitely explore back and write more if I had time.

  • Sharath
    2019-01-16 08:07


  • Saurabh Modi
    2019-01-07 06:19

    Just one word, epic. Now I see why people keep raving about this manga.

  • Gustavo
    2018-12-28 09:17

    La historia se toma un descanso para mostrar las repercusiones del final del tomo 3, por lo que la primera parte es medio lenta, aunque sigue siendo interesante. La segunda parte es lo usual: violencia, sangre y descontrol. Otomo si que sabe como terminar un tomo, vamos a ver que pasa en el quinto.

  • Jocelyn
    2018-12-31 08:15

    Volume 4 seems to continue a little bit after the ending of Volume 3, maybe a few months; I'm not entirely sure. Either way, a lot of stuff happens, whether it's the creation of the Great Tokyo Empire that follows the lead of our eponymous character Akira as supreme ruler (which I personally think is hilarious because Akira is still a child with the most petulant look on his face all the time. Plus, all he seems to do is eat and sleep and sit around on his chair, looking like he would really like to play with toy trucks or something) or the downfall of the radical group, of which Kei and Ryu and Chiyoko were all a part. Kaneda, our mouthy protagonist, isn't a part of Volume 4 and you would understand why if you'd read Volume 3. Is his presence really missed? Nope, because we have a whole bunch of really interesting characters separated by the chaos who are going through some interesting shit and we don't really need to see what Kaneda is up to because that would be way too much to keep track of.Otomo is still amazing at drawing the destroyed landscapes and destruction scenes. His storytelling is great during the trippy dream sequences, making you really want to know more about both Akira and Tetsuo. There's some tell-not-show parts with Miyako-sama, but it's a manga and that's kind of expected with the genre. There is still a decent amount of showing within that telling sequence however.The badasses of the manga series continue to be Kei, my homegirl, and Chiyoko (man, this lady is FIERCE).

  • Andrew Huey
    2019-01-16 12:30

    I read the first three volumes of Akira several years ago. (And I read about half of the Marvel/Epic color version, *many* years ago.) I decided today that it was finally time to finish reading the Dark Horse volumes, which have been sitting on my shelf for quite a while.I was afraid I would have no clue what was going on, since I finished volume 3 so long ago. But there's a recap page, and volume 4 is a good place to pick up the story.I remember being somewhat exhausted with Akira after finishing volume 3. So I probably wouldn't be too enthusiastic about this volume, if I'd read it right after finishing volume 3. But, coming back to this after a long break, I can look at it with fresh eyes. It's quite a story. Despite being a hefty size (about 400 pages), it's a fairly quick read. (I finished it in a day.) I'm actually pretty enthusiastic about reading volumes 5 & 6 now, and finishing the series.The artwork is great, and reproduced well, in black & white with grey tones. The translation is pretty good, I guess, but maybe a bit clunky at times.

  • John
    2018-12-22 07:29

    The end of Volume 3 and the beginning of Volume 4 is where the manga and the anime make a definite split. Having recently watched the anime, I'm struggling to not judge it too harshly for what had to have been really difficult changes. That they managed to fit a 6 volume series into a 2-hour film is amazing but certain points in the film that seemed a little strange the first several times I watched Akira suddenly have become these significant plot points that either should've been scrapped entirely or changed significantly so that they wouldn't draw undue attention to themselves. As to the book itself, I'm enjoying it quite a bit (that may sound confusing, since it's a series, I'm thinking of it as one large narrative broken up into parts or chapters). I appreciate that the characters get a lot more chance to grow and develop, particularly Akira, and that we get a much clearer picture of "The Project" which is only barely touched upon in the film.

  • Marcos Francisco Muñoz
    2019-01-01 05:01

    La historia se está poniendo cada vez más ominosa, y personajes que ya eran despreciables siguen cayendo más y más bajo. El arte de Otomo captura perfectamente la desolación de los parajes a los que nos transporta y en definitiva, Chiyoko es una BAMF. Como en los tomos anteriores, el final te deja con ganas de más.

  • Brynna
    2019-01-01 09:10

    These are some of the most incredible graphic novels I've ever read in my life. If you are looking for something that contains depth of character, well developed storyline, incredible imagination, and spectacular art, you've found it. Akira pulls no punches and is not interested in playing it safe - it'll grip you from start to finish and have you itching for more. I highly recommend pacing yourself with these. I was so excited to read the next one that I couldn't wait to get my hands on it. Because my local library at the time had a waiting list for them, it forced me to be patient. This is how I would advise you read them - in chunks. Savor them like a good dessert or wine, because you will have a LOT to think about.

  • Social_Sloth
    2019-01-09 05:14

    It's getting way more confusing, but still amazing. Akira has become the Ruler of a new kingdom, ruling in one section of Neo Tokyo. Lady Miyako "ruling" the other section. Chaos has consumed Tokyo, and honestly not sure what happened, but it was amazing.

  • C
    2019-01-10 05:13

    Intense, metaphysically-enhanced, and politically philosophical entry into an ever-evolving AAA series. Just as nerve-jangling as the previous entries, while pulling the reader onto further volumes of the post-apocalyptic masterpiece.

  • Chauncey Bird
    2019-01-19 05:28

    Quality Akira.

  • nooker
    2019-01-12 10:05

    Well worth the read

  • Andrew
    2019-01-20 11:27

    Loved it.

  • Justin (JustinisWesley) Mackie (andnotDavid)
    2019-01-05 11:28

    brilliant. keeps getting better by every volume. I can not be excited more, for the fifth installment. honest, brutal, philosophical and creative. I'm in love and I want more.

  • Sean O'Hara
    2019-01-05 13:27

    So it turns out that once you get past the bit covered in the film, the story turns into The Stand.

  • Dale
    2019-01-14 09:04

    It's been more than 30 years since Akira originally began appearing in serialized form, which means that its future setting is getting closer and closer. The main story is still set somewhere beyond tomorrow, but the fictional Neo-Tokyo is established as being built upon the ruins of the original Tokyo, destroyed in a disaster which precipitated World War III sometime in the 1990s. Nonetheless, the story still has tremendous relevance today. The questions raised in the series, about the use and misuse of all kinds of power - personal, political, religious, military - still have no easy answers. Akira continues to hold up as a modern classic, as dense with ideas as its artwork is with texture and details. I'm still in the slow process of acquiring all the volumes in the series, but when I do so, I foresee a complete re-read to take in the whole masterpiece at once.Speaking of re-reads ... I have been spending a lot of my free reading time lately re-reading George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire, when I haven't been reading the massive and mind-numbing study guides for a technical certification exam my job is now requiring, and also when I haven't been dealing with the recent arrival of our third child. Thus I haven't been posting many new reviews here at GoodReads. I'm hoping to get back into the swing of that in the summer. In the mean time, if you are curious about more of my rambling reactions to Akira, or details on all of that other stuff keeping me excessively busy, you can find those topics plus more at my blog: Parenthetical Asides.

  • Helmut
    2019-01-13 05:30

    Die zweite ApokalypseEine düstere Vision eines postatomaren Polizeistaats, in der die Armee genetische Experimente an unschuldigen Kindern durchführt - das ist schon harter Tobak, was uns bis Band 3 präsentiert wurde. Doch nun, nachdem Akira gezeigt hat, warum die Militärs ihn (zu Recht?) eingefroren hatten, wird das ganze noch getoppt: Nach der zweiten Apokalypse Neu-Tokyos bricht die soziale Struktur völlig zusammen, einige Gruppen bilden Pseudostaaten und in den beeindruckend dargestellten Ruinen einer eh schon kaputten Gesellschaft kommt der dunkelste Überlebenstrieb jedes einzelnen zum Tageslicht, in der Vergewaltigung, Kampf um Lebensmittel und Medikamente und auch fast schon religiöser Wahn alles zu zerstören scheinen. Tetsuos Psi-Kräfte werden immer stärker und, durch die zusätzlichen Drogen, die er nimmt, kommt er immer weniger mit seiner Wandlung zurecht, während Akira nur da sitzt und mit Steinen spielt. Der glatzköpfige Oberst schließlich taucht inkognito wieder auf, und er hat noch ein Ass im Ärmel...Opulent gezeichnet in einem extrem detaillierten Stil legt Otomo immer noch eine Schippe an Action, Tempo und der Offenlegung menschlicher Bösartigkeit drauf. Sehr empfehlenswert für alle Freunde der dunklen Zukunft.

  • Eric
    2018-12-23 06:13

    (I read Akira in one huge go over a weekend, so I will be cutting and pasting this review for all 6 volumes)Akira is an epic work of science fiction sequential art. The storyline is complex and consistent. There is social commentary, ethical musing, and morality woven through an action packed storyline of science gone wrong. The "romance" portion of the story is believable as well. The two characters are drawn to one another over time, and the world doesn't stop for them to wallow in their newfound twitterpatedness.The art is beautiful, especially the detailed cityscapes and technical drawings. The main characters were easy to recognize, regardless of their circumstances or outfits, which is not true of many manga.My complaints about the work are small. The placement of speech bubbles, particularly when characters are shouting, was not always clear. The foreign characters were really just Japanese with funny hats on. The difference between Akira and Tetsuo at the height of their powers is never really explained.I first became aware of the manga because I was a fan of the anime. The manga is far more complex and satisfying.

  • Joe Henthorn
    2018-12-26 10:20

    A welcome change in pace from the 600 page never-ending chase scenes that were volume two and three. That's not to say this is slow, not by any means; there are still 30-page stretches filled entirely with meticulously annihilated city-scapes featuring some of the most ridiculously onomatopoeic words ever committed to paper scrawled across the top in 86pt comic sans. BWAAAAARRRRRM. VAHOOOOOOOF!!! TSCHAWOOOOOOMMMM!!!But yeah, really enjoyed this. The post-apocalyptic world is fleshed out nicely (never more than it needs to be, though - instead of pages of written lore Otomo lets his fantastic art do most of the heavy-lifting), and we get to spend more time getting to know Kei and the utterly unstoppable Chiyoko.I would have rushed out to buy volumes 5 and 6 immediately, if they weren't so improbably expensive...

  • Don
    2018-12-29 09:21

    It takes a certain genius to spend nearly 1000 pages building up an environment like Neo-Tokyo, only to so thoroughly destroy it in the final pages of Vol 3. In this book the apocalyptic cityscape is almost unrecognizable, and Otomo admirably spends just as much time and attention detailing it: the physical ruins, as well as the shifting alliances and vicious new factions that rush into the vacuum left behind.At 400 pages this is one of the longer volumes. Made even longer (which isn't a complaint) because it's hard not to find yourself occasionally stalling in your progress, as your eyes linger over the compelling draftsmanship of even the quietest scenes.

  • David Basora
    2019-01-06 12:24

    Chiyoko is a tank. Does Japan have some form of weaponry named after her yet, because they should. And the mystery of the psychics begins to unravel. What a crazy, windy story. And where has Kaneda been! Tetsuo's awakening surely can't be good, but what can be done?I love how the reactions from other nations makes perfect sense, because of course the CIA would be crawling all over the place, even in the wasteland of Neo-Tokyo. I just can't understand where all of the weaponry is coming from. That Imperial lieutenant in the suit has got to end up dead soon. he over reaches far too much. In the home stretch!

  • Julie
    2019-01-02 07:17

    another volume consumed. I have to agree with some of the reviews that there are too many complicated actions scenes. all the more reason to make Akira into a movie, I suppose. in defense of Otomo, I have certainly read much more muddled fight scenes in other graphic novels. volume 4 is definitely at least 80% action but Otomo's well-articulated panels were only hard to follow on two occasions, for me anyway.I personally love all the wide panel illustrations of destroyed Neo-Tokyo. also, someone shoots a kid in this volume. instant R rating!

  • Neville Ridley-smith
    2018-12-27 06:10

    More awesomeness. This is *so* much more enjoyable to read than watch.There was a bit of oddness at the start of this volume. How come Akira/Tetsuo's army is all made of young males. Where are all the older people/responsible adults/families in Neo-Tokyo? Surely they didn't all die? We some at Lady Miyako's but it still seems odd. Oh well, I can overlook that.Keeping it spoiler free... best single double page spread? Some people looking out a window as that thing falls past. Oaaah yeah. Whoa indeed.

  • Andrew
    2019-01-05 09:05

    SO the saga continues - they are highly addictive and amazingly engrossing - I still refuse to give away the storyline as it take a dramatic shift away from the famous film of its name- you can see from this story why they are labelling the film project the unfilmable film - strange that the other recent story that received that title was also a graphic novel. Either way even though this is highly addictive and such a rush to read the huge volume was read in practically a day. On to volume 5 and see where the story goes next.

  • Adrian
    2019-01-08 10:26

    V. 4 Now we get to see the power they Akira on mere humans. The empire gets set up and Tetsuo is but a pawn. The friction between the east and the west is interesting as Lady Miyako seems to be the good guy probably with an agenda. Tetsuo seeks power so he goes to the lady who I tells him to avoid taking the pills. He does and everything goes crazy. The fighting at the ground level. So much violence it seems pointless. And throughout all this Akira doesn't even utter a single word.

  • Spicy T AKA Mr. Tea
    2018-12-26 13:16

    I feel like I set these down just as fast as I pick them up! In this vol., the action continues! Something different that I appreciated about this vol. was the delving into philosophy and spirituality. Kind of tells more of the back story. So many characters who you just see a glimpse of in the film are so amazingly fleshed out and far more meaningful than I realized before reading the graphic novels. so good! Onward!

  • John Schneider
    2018-12-25 10:21

    From civil war to post apocalypse, the Akira manga series continues to impress me. At this point the manga has gone in such a different direction than the movie did that it's not even worth comparing the two. Instead, I would compare the manga too itself. I have never read a manga that had such a breadth and depth of expression - truly epic. For me Akira has earned its right to be compared with science fiction great epic's: Dune, 2001: A Space Odyssey, and The Foundation to name a few.