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Natasha Friend is a Judy Blume for today -- clearly evident in this remarkable new novel about a girl whose father is an alcoholic and how she and her family learn to deal with his condition.It's hard to be a 13-year-old girl. But it's even harder when your father's a drunk. It adds an extra layer to everything -- your family's reactions to things, the people you're willinNatasha Friend is a Judy Blume for today -- clearly evident in this remarkable new novel about a girl whose father is an alcoholic and how she and her family learn to deal with his condition.It's hard to be a 13-year-old girl. But it's even harder when your father's a drunk. It adds an extra layer to everything -- your family's reactions to things, the people you're willing to bring home, the way you see yourself and the world. For Samantha, it's something that's been going on for so long that she's almost used to it. Only, you never get used to it. Especially when it starts to get worse......

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Lush Reviews

  • Paul
    2019-01-07 10:27

    As part of my long-term banned book project, I'm reading a few of the young adult novels that have shown up on the ALA's Top Ten Banned and Challenged List. Natasha Friend's Lush made the list in 2010, so I sat down to read it. And I have to say, I'm baffled. Why anyone would object to this book is beyond me. But according to the ALA, parents (and right wing religious crusaders) object to the book for the following reasons: it deals with drugs, it contains offensive language, it is sexually explicit, and it is unsuited to the age group for which it is intended.Drugs? The book is about growing up with an alcoholic parent. Of course it deals with drugs. Offensive language? Samantha's boobs develop a little earlier than some of her classmates', and some junior high boys tease her about that. Unless I missed a purple passage somewhere, a couple of repetitions of the word "boobs" is what they're calling offensive language. Sexually explicit? Oh give me a break ... some teenage boys hit on Sam, but she's a virgin going in and when the book ends she's still a virgin. There is no explicit sex whatsoever in this book. Unsuited to age group? How many young teens have alcoholic parents? Unless the answer is "none," how could this book be unsuitable for young teens?Sorry, I'm not buying it. This is a helpful YA novel for troubled kids. With alcoholism as big a problem as it is in our society, there are a lot of kids with alcoholic parents, kids who could get support and direction from a book like this. Lush is everything you want a YA novel to be: kindly, understanding, full of good advice, supportive of good morals ... it even has a happy ending, for crying out loud.My opinion only, albeit an opinion informed by previous research into banned and challenged books for children and young adults: the right wing religious crusaders who want to ban this book aren't objecting to Lush for the reasons stated. They're upset about Jesse, the young gay library assistant who becomes Sam's friend and confessor. I'll put money on that. They want to ban this book for the same reason they want to ban that other perennial top tenner, And Tango Makes Three.So how's the book? Great. Natasha Friend tells a compelling story, perfectly tailored for the young adult audience but one any adult will find readable. Very few of us are untouched by alcoholism, so Samantha's story gets its hooks into us quickly and doesn't let go. There are a lot of YA books about the dangers of drug addiction, but I was happy to see one ... and such a readable one at that ... dealing with the most common, arguably hardest and most addictive drug of all, plain old alcohol. This is a book all kids should read, and maybe all parents too. I'm glad I read it.

  • Sams_D1
    2018-12-22 08:15

    Lush is a short realistic fiction about a overdramatic, drama-indulged eighth grade girl named Samantha (whose name was the only thing that brought me to read this monstrosity). Instead of going to her trusted friends for help about her alcoholic father, she decides that it's a good idea to pick a random high school stranger in the library and send them notes.Sam is incredibly unlikeable. She's described as a "thick-skinned girl", but she comes off as incredibly rude and self-centered. Natasha Friend has failed to write in the voice of a thirteen-year-old and I found myself cringing about every other sentence.Lush is a coming of age story, but Sam comes of age in all the wrong ways. She is sexually assaulted and harassed multiple times throughout the book and is claimed to have "matured because of her father", but the way she speaks and handles things does nothing to prove this. I would recommend a majority of people to stay away from this book.

  • Moneybaby
    2019-01-13 06:03

    The title of this book is Lush by. Natasha Friend. I enjoyed reading this story. The setting of this story takes place at Sam’s house but some other events occur at the library and school. The main characters are Samantha also known as Sam, Luke Sam’s little brother, Sam’s dad and Sam’s mom. This is what the story is about.Samantha’s father is a terribly bad drinker and she hates it about him. She hides this from all her friends but she feels it’s time to tell someone. Sam goes to the library a lot and one day she leaves a letter stating things about her dad in a book hoping someone finds it, and they do. She continues to talk to the mystery person. One day Sam’s mom leaves her and Luke alone with her father and he gets drunk and hits Luke with a beer bottle. Luke is rushed to the hospital and the father is sent to a type of rehabilitation center. When Sam tells the mystery person they decide that it is time to meet. When they meet Sam finds out that it’s a boy. He, the boy takes Sam to visit her father Sam is a mad at first but she gets over it, and talks to her dad a little while. Weeks later it is time for her dad to come home. Sam and her mother are both nervous but they are hoping to become a happy family.I enjoyed this book a lot. The author’s purpose is to inform others. She is informing the world to control their drinking and to talk to someone when something is bothering you. The deeper meaning for this book is when your family is not getting alone and something bad happens almost every night get help. Tell someone and express your feelings. It’s best to not hide things, especially from you’re your friends. I liked this book and its message a great amount. If I had to rate it out of 10 I would give a perfect 20.-Tamara Jones

  • Madison Narcross
    2019-01-20 13:29

    Lush by Natasha Friend Lush is a good book, not my all time favorite but I enjoyed it. This short read is about a girl in 8th grade, Samantha (Sam), who has a family situation unlike her friends. Her father is an alcoholic, he has bottles "hidden" all around the house but Sam knows where they all are. Sam hates hiding her secret but she knows she can't tell any of her friends, her mom is no help, and her brother is too young. Sam feels desperate so one day in the library she writes a note to someone, with all her secrets and sticks it in a book wishing they will write back. They do, and they help her a little but also tell her some of their problems. They continue to write each other and talk about their problems. One night her father was working on something super important for his job and he told Sam and her brother to be quiet. However, they weren't. Sam's little brother, Luke was bouncing around on the couch. When their father came out of his office he was clearly drunk, bottle in hand. Luke didn't know any better since he is 4 so he tried to get his dad to "wiggle" with him. His dad was so mad he hit Luke in the face with the bottle, glass shattering everywhere. Luckily, Luke survived but finally the mother sent him away to face his problem at this "farm' for people that have substance abuse. While all this is happening, in the library she meets a boy in high school and he takes her to a huge party where she gets drunk. He tries to take advantage of her but she stops him by telling him her age. However, some other boys at her school do, and it happens to be the guy one of her best friends likes. Her best friends leave her and she is even more alone. Her "friend" from the library is not who Sam thought it was and it was interesting who it really was. They take her to see her father after they become real friends. She talks to her dad for hours and it happy he is getting help and can finally admit he is an alcoholic. Finally she explains to her friends the sad truth, they forgive her and understand. Also Luke's face heals and her father comes back a new and much better dad. I think the part where the dad hit Luke had a huge impact, it really pushed the seriousness of drinking so much. Also at the party when Sam got drunk she got into trouble too. The book really portrays problem well. I also really liked the twist of who was writing Sam back in the library. I recommend this book for young adults, approximately 7th grade and up. The content of constantly being drunk and the things that happen at the party are serious and may be too much for younger than 7th graders. This book is very good and proves alcoholism as a contemporary issue very well. I think this book will teach many people and everyone should read it if possible.

  • Alysha Speer
    2019-01-17 06:23

    Samantha's dad is a drunk. She's thirteen, she doesn't know what to do about it. She keeps it a secret from everyone. Well when her father starts to get worse and worse, finally hitting her little brother Luke with a bottle, and causing him to have to go to the hospital and get 24 stitches, Sam starts to hate him.Patrick (Sam's father) is sent to a rehab center. Sam doesn't exactly miss him. She needs someone to tell, though. Just someone. So she writes notes and leaves them in a book in the public library. A.J.K picks it up and they become really good friends.She also is in love with a high school boy names Drew Maddox. She dates him, they make out by the drinking fountain. But on Saturday night when she goes to a party with him, she feels what it's like to get drunk. She hates it.Then soon before Patrick comes back, Sam finds all his old bottles and smashs them in the back yard. Then she tells her friends. She feels so much better. I loved this book. It was very inspiring. Sam has a great way of coping. She's one touch chick. Great story! And the title is so meaningful to it!

  • Madison Murray
    2019-01-02 09:00

    I absolutely loved this book. There was not one part that was boring, it made you want to keep reading it. I love how Sam is always on the run and checking on her her dad, how nice. I think that she should of talk one on one with him thought. But other than that, it was great!

  • Cassandra
    2019-01-19 10:23

    For kids who have parents who have alcoholic problems,should read this!!

  • Alana
    2019-01-03 08:10

    I like this book a lot. I think it is writen very well and it kept me wanting to read and read.

  • Chloe Zuber
    2019-01-16 05:12

    Lush is a very entertaining book! It is suspenseful and I promise you wont be able to put it down. It is about a thirteen year old girl named Samantha, she believes she has hit rock bottom. Her father is a alcoholic and constantly comes home late, she lost her best friend because of a deal, and is forced to protect her brother from being hurt by their fathers absence. She is overwhelmed by all the chaos and decides to ask for advice . One afternoon she picks a girl in the library, slides a very personal note onto her seat, and hopes the girl will reply with helpful advice.If you like realistic fiction, with a hint of romance and suspense this book is for you. The moment I began reading it I didn't want to put it down, and so I finished it in a couple days. I was very excited to read each and every page, before I knew it the story was over and I was trying to find another book in the series. This is one of the type of books you can imagine in your head like a movie, every sentence is so descriptive and detailed you feel like you are there. I loved every part of the book,from the beginning to the end. I felt like I could relate to Samantha even though I've never experienced anything she went through. Overall, I highly recommend this book. If you can read every book in the series, you wont regret it.

  • Sophia
    2019-01-17 07:13

    The main character Sam was very confused. She always wanted two different things and got upset if she only got one even though only one was possible. Because of this Sam was very predictable, I think it gave the other characters a sense of understanding. Sam loved her dad but also hated him, she wanted to believed he'd stop drinking but also wanted to prove he was lying.

  • Beatrice Masaluñga
    2018-12-20 06:12

    The story is about Samantha Gwynn.She is a thirteen year-old girl who has an alcoholic father (he is an Architect) and her mother a yoga freak, she has a little brother named Luke. She was protecting him because she's protecting him from his father's crazy-drunk-acts. She was unease with her family and spends more time w/ her true friends Tracey, Vanessa and Angie. She used to have a good friend Charlie Parker wherein she shares her secret to him. Unfortunately, their friendship was broken because She accused Charlie stealing her Bra.Due to her frustration, she leave notes on a book to a stranger in the library and soon, she has this friend with a code-name A.J.K they exchange notes to each other on a book, where Sam shares about her sadness and frustration because of her father. She met this high school boy named Drew Maddox and she fell for him. Drew Maddox is a pervert but Sam doesn't know it.. Next day, Her father was promoted in his job to the Feingold project, but Sam still doesn't feel happy about it. The eight grade boys are having like silly sessions and voted Sam as Best boobs, She decided to tell her friends about Drew.. But then, Drew kissed her on the lips.Her mother attended Yoga class, and her father was at his room focusing with his Feingold project . Sam and Luke both are jumping on a couch, while Luke is holding his glass of juice. They were happy and both of them made noises w/c Mr. Gwynn caught his attention. Luke accidentally splashed his juice onto his Father's blueprints. To his Anger, and Frustration, He smashed his bottle to Luke's face. Luke has a fracture with stitches and bruises on his cheek bone. And her father was nowhere to be found. Charlie tries to get Sam that he was not the one who stole her bra, but Sam denies it.Drew asks Sam to a party at someone's house and she says yes. But to her friends, she also has to lie about not being able to come to their usual Saturday sleepover at Vanessa's house in order to go to it. At the party, Drew asks Samantha what she drinks. Not having to drink before, Samantha decides to drink anything but Jim Beam. After she is fully drunk, Sam wakes up in a room where she is surrounded by coats, her shirt taken off. In the middle of their "sex", Drew leaves after hearing that Samantha is only thirteen, basically a kid. Crying, Samantha walks out of the room - only to bump into Andy Shaver, the party host's brother. Andy persuades Samantha into looking at his room, where he pins her against the dresser and starts to forcefully mash with her. To make it worse, Kyle Faulkner and Danny Harmon (Angie's Crush) are there too, mashing with her. It continues until a friend of Marybeth (Angie's Sister) takes Samantha home. She went home drunk but Mrs. Gwynn doesn't ask her about Sam's night. Instead she told Sam everything about his father and what he'd been through. And how Mrs. Gwynn got pregnant to her, still Sam is bitter and being born was a mistake. A.J.K finally decided to meet Sam in person, Sam assumed it was a girl.. But she was wrong. It's a guy. And he was the library shelf cleaner, Alexander but prefers to be called Jesse. He brought her to father's usual drinking bar. Approaching her father, Samantha slaps him across the face, still her father hugs her. Back in school, she discovered that Charlie didn't stole her bra, but it was a guy named Jacob Mann.The friendship between Samantha and her friends is falling apart. Now that they have learned where their friend really was and what she did. Angie, especially, is mad at Samantha. Sam, ashamed, tells Vanessa that she'll be at the sleepover on Saturday no matter what. Once at Vanessa's house, she cannot hold it any longer. Crying, Samantha spills every one of her secrets.. Though Angie still has an edge to her voice.While having one of her normal midnight snacks it occurs to Samantha that she can smash all of the bottle her father hides around the house. Once she has done that, he will not be able to drink, for a while.***********************************************************************************It was a nice novel, there's lesson to learned. Good for teenagers especially for those who have an alcoholic parent. Keep in mind that love your parents no matter what, they are not perfect they also have flaws, but do not forget their sacrifices.Mr. Gwynn was a good man. It's just that his life was complicated, I was touched when Mrs. Gwynn told Sam that her father gave his new ski-jacket to a homeless woman though it is cold. Nice novel. It is worth reading :)

  • Jade Crowell
    2019-01-06 09:13

    This book was good, while I did enjoy it some parts seem stretched out. It took me a while to read it partly because I was reading another book. But overall it was a good book that taught about friendship and how someone can help you through a rough situation.

  • sierra calhoun
    2019-01-20 11:22

    Sierra Calhoun810June 2, 2002Reading Response The book entitled Lush by Natasha Friend was a very interesting book that shows just how much alcoholism can negatively affect a family. It really captured the downside of alcohol abuse. It is a book that everyone should read, especially young teens because I believe that teenagers sometimes have the wrong idea about drinking and what it can do to a person. In the story, the father in the family is an alcoholic. His alcoholism causes tremendous pain to his family. The daughter named Samantha seems to be the one most affected by her father’s alcoholism. However, everyone in the family suffers. Samantha experiences different emotions throughout the story. She is suffers embarrassment because she doesn’t want her friends to know about her father’s disease, but she also loves her father and wants him to change. She has a lot of confusion as well because her father continues to say that he will stop drinking, but he doesn’t. This cause Samantha to lose trust in her father and even causes her to want to know the feeling of being drunk. Her mother is in denial, and the son actually suffers physical abuse from the father at one point. Every family member is negatively affected in their own way. The book teaches a very important lesson. It shows that too much drinking can cause people to do things that they wouldn’t ordinarily do. Samantha learns about what it feels lose control because of drinking, but more importantly she learns that alcoholism is a disease and you can’t just stop because you say it. It takes hard work and commitment to change. It also takes support. I believe that every teenager should read this book to clear up any confusion they might have about drinking alcohol. Movies and television shows often depict teenagers and young adults drinking, but it’s glamorized. They show them at parties and other social gatherings drinking and then going home to lead a normal happy life when they truth is that drinking alcohol is not like that for everyone. This unrealistic portrayal may lead many teenagers who watch these shows to think that drinking is okay. The truth is that these movies and TV shows don’t show the reality of alcoholism. They don’t show the person who after having a drink has to have another one and then another. They don’t show them thinking all day about where there next drink will come from instead of living a healthy, productive life. This book was eye-opening. It shows the realities of alcoholism and proves that alcoholism is not a choice- it’s a disease. It shows how alcoholism destroys families and ruins lives.

  • Kelsey Sullivan
    2019-01-13 08:23

    Lush by Natasha Friend is a realistic fiction book about a girl named Sam who has to learn how to cope with her alcoholic father that comes home drunk, late, almost every night. Sam is an eighth grader who has to mature quickly to handle and understand her situation with her father. Her mother is a yogi who seems to never be around and is in denial about Sam’s father. Sam’s brother, Luke, is way to young to acknowledge what is going on in their home. Sam decides to reach out to a penpal who calls themselves A.J.K to get advice on ways to handle her problems she is having in her life. Friend decides to show the brutal truth of what it is like to obtain an alcoholic guardian in a family and seems to think it is okay to share so much about this depressing subject. On the contrary, she shows great examples of how to get help if someone is going through the same situation. Reading this book was a complete flyby for me because it was short with simple text and I could also relate to what was going on. I related to this on a very personal level because my mother is an alcoholic. I had to learn how to treat her differently and more carefully about what I said, I also had to learn how to take care of my siblings at a younger age. Although we knew she couldn’t control herself, we would have some outbreaks with her wondering why she would do this, same as Sam did with her father. I would recommend this novel to anyone who could relate to some of the topics presented in this book like alcoholism because it could be good advice to others who can relate to the problems Sam seems to present. Nevertheless if you cannot relate I do not recommend reading this novel. Lush has the depressing subject of alcoholism and some problems that others may not understand. Anyone who decides to read this novel should be ready for some heavy topics that may not be expected in Friend’s kid-friendly writing that was present in her prize-winning book Perfect.

  • Kharli Farquharson
    2019-01-13 12:25

    I read Lush by, Natasha Friend because it was recommended by a one of my classmates. She told me that the book had a great story line which made me give the book high expectations for what the story line should set out to be. The book ended up having a great story line which demonstrated how to have dignity and one of the more important elements, friendship. Lush showed how friendship is way more important than failing boyfriends, alcoholic fathers, blindsided mothers or even nagging grandmas. In the book the main character gave the reader a lesson on how you should always tell the truth because even though it hurts you end up having a more significant relationship. “It’s sooooo hard to find babysitters on Saturday night, isn't it?” At first I don’t get it… “…Marybeth told me everything. Everything.” Her voice is frost cold- the coldest I've ever heard it… “Angie,” I say. She shakes her heard. “No. You betrayed me.” “Let me explain.” “Don’t bother.” It’s Tracey talking now… “You knew how she felt about Danny. What were you thinking, Sam? We wouldn't find out?”… “If you didn't want to sleep over at my house, why didn't say so?” She doesn't sound angry, she sounds hurt. Which is worse.” (Friend 131) This quote shows just how much friendship is important because you can lose them in the most delicate instances. During this book I was thinking about my personal friendships and I was thinking about just how important friendship is. Overall, Lush by Natasha Friend really showed how friendship is more important than any boyfriends, alcoholic fathers, blindsided mothers or even nagging grandmas.

  • Emma M
    2019-01-04 06:03

    This novel was a different novel, one that is different from all the novels I have read this year. "Lush" contains some inappropriate language so if you are planning on reading this book, maturity is a must!!I loved this book because the main character, Samantha, is also an 8th grade girl who is involved in all the drama you can think of. I was able to relate being that we are the same age. Although Sam has a rough background, she really knows how to hide her feelings by smiling 24/7. Her dad is an alcholic and she is always ready to hear the smashing of doors on the weekends when her drunk father comes home. She never told any of her friends about it until it got serious. You need a good group of friends who will back you up regardless of whats going in your life. I know I have those friends :) I learned that its very important to stay away from alcohol because it can really screw up your reputation. Now, you'd think that Sam would learn from her dad's repetitive mistakes, but, she still got drunk. She was called horrible names when she returned to middle school after the high school party she attended with a 17 year old boy who took advantage of the hammered Sam. Sam also disappointed her mom when she got drunk. I know that there are major consequences for getting drunk and there's really no sense in drinking. Don't you want to remember the fun night you had??? I highly recommend this book for 7th graders through high school. It gives you a reality check, at least it did for me. Even thought its a story and its main purpose is to entertain you, you will get a lot out of it. Its a story you literally cannot stop reading, yet very informative.

  • Genesis Aldea
    2019-01-15 05:23

    I read the book lush because I saw it in my ELA class library and thought that it looked like a good book. When I started reading the book I had high expectations. This book told a story and I'm so happy that I read it. It was amazing how well Sam held up with her dad never coming home, and when he does he's very drunk. Sam is strong and hesitant that her father will get better and stop drinking. One example of Sam's father acting out of control, is when he threw a bottle of Jim Bean at her little brother Luke. Luke was fine, although did suffer from damage to his face. On the other hand, after Sam’s dad hit Luke he went to a rehab. Samantha thought that it was a very good decisions to send her father to rehab. She wants her father to be back to normal, where he doesn’t drink every night and doesn’t have a hangover in the morning. Mean while her mother is in denial.Movies and television shows often depict teenagers and young adults drinking, but it’s glamorized. They show them at parties and other social gatherings drinking and then going home to lead a normal happy life when they truth is that drinking alcohol is not like that for everyone. They don’t show the person who after having a drink has to have another one and then another. They don’t show them thinking all day about where there next drink will come from instead of living a healthy, productive life. Alcohol shows how alcoholism destroys families and ruins lives.

  • Ruhama
    2018-12-21 11:01

    Sam has trouble at home: her father is an alcoholic, but nobody is truly admitting it, and her father always swears he’s going to change. This means Sam has to hide her home life from her friends, teachers and the world at large, for as her Nana puts it, they can’t be sharing their dirty laundry with everyone. Things are starting to get really hard for Sam, though, and she decides to try to find an anonymous friend and starts writing notes and leaving them in the library. Eventually, her father gets so bad he physically hurts Sam’s younger brother, and everything comes out in the open.This is a short but very powerful novel. Sam is a fantastically drawn character. In fact, there were times it was hard to read because I struggled watching what she was going through (teen angst should only be lived through once), which says Friend did a marvelous job developing this character, as well as her friends and family around her, and situations in which all were involved. I enjoyed the relationship Sam had with her family, as well, for it was good (except for her anger toward her father and his drinking problem); too often the family gets the shaft in teen books. The ending is hopeful but not cheesy, and Sam leaves the future open. Sam does get into a little trouble by drinking and almost having sex at a party, but nothing is explicit, and she learns her lesson, but this still should go in a young adult area.

  • Britney Low
    2019-01-06 08:14

    This book was recommended to me by my friend. I chose this book because when my friend explained the summary it sounded interesting.One thing that impressed me in the book was how the author described each character throughout the story. One quote that explains what the book was about is “When you see a small change in your life it means it’s a huge change in personality and your trait.” This quote represents what I wrote because in the book a girl called Samantha is living a hard time at home because her dad is a drunk. So in the book she starts writing notes to someone and they keep giving her advice and she feels like she has hope. So she becomes more confident at school and that is what the quote says.CharactersThe characters make me feel confident in myself. This is because Samantha was having a hard time at her home and even when she was having a hard time she still believe in herself and when I was reading the book I felt like I was in her shoes for the entire book.The LessonsAfter I finished reading the book it was really good. I would describe this book to people because this book will make you feel more confident in yourself when you’re reading the book. This book got to me because I wasn’t really confident in myself before, but after reading this book I felt more confident. So this is why this book got to me.

  • Chantal Esquivel
    2019-01-17 13:11

    LuckyI picked this book because it caught my attention since I read the back cover. The fact that it was a fiction book was what first made me interested in it and what made pick this book to read. I kept reading this book till the end because this was a tough time for this girl and to think she tried to go through this along and to trust a stranger with her family problems was brave and made me want to know how it ended. This book kind of gave me a little push as too get closer to a friend, I never know if one of them is going through something like this and I want them to feel like they could trust me. The author did an excellent job at putting it into a teenagers world, it described it exactly how it feels and what we go through which made me like this book even more. M y favorite character has to be the main one, Samantha. She seemed brave in dealing with her alcoholic dad all by herself for so long and not telling anyone about it. The way she dealt with was kind of suspenseful the way she trusted a complete stranger. I would recommend this book to all teens, it could help them. Or maybe they know of a friend dealing with something similar and it could give them some sort of reliability in a friend.

  • Hayley Marchiano
    2019-01-19 05:19

    This novel was about a 13 year old girl Sam. She doesnt exactly have a typical life. The fact that her father comes home drunk every single night makes it even harder. It is something that she has gotten used to because its been going on for so long. Throughout the novel it starts getting worse. Sam knows everything is going downhill but she doesnt know how to stop it.So she started leaving notes in a random book at the library asking for advice. She has to protect her brother. She tries everything to keep her family together but are things better apart?I gave this book a 5 star rating because the book was very interesting and appealing to me. It was just a book that is so interesting you can finish it in 1 day.I think middle school students would enjoy this book because it is a good book and you can relate to some of Sam's everyday problems.

  • Alyssa
    2019-01-14 13:21

    Alyssa MorresContemporary Realistic FictionIn the book "Lush" it talks about a 13 year old named Sam who is in desperate search for answers. Why is her dad an alcoholic? Why can't she tell her friends this secret? She ends up writing a note to someone she doesn't know to help her find answers. In the end she gains a relationship with her secret friend and also finds the answer to her questions along the way. This book is really well written and gives a great perspective of someone who is affected by alcoholism in the family and how it affects their everyday life. Natasha Friend really goes deep inside the characters life by describing her with this family problem along with boy issues, peer pressure, and friendships at this age in a girl’s life and the effect it has on every single aspect.

  • Gina Richardson/Mengarelli
    2018-12-20 10:19

    the reason why i choose this book is beacuase when i read the summary of it, it grabed my attention and made me wanna read it and it looked really good,which it was. the genre if this book would be realstic fiction. setting took place in school and out of school, mostly at home.the main character is sam is quiet and keeps to herself,and doesnt really talk to anyone. Sam wants to fix things with her dad and family beacuse her dad is a drunk and her mom is wacked in the head. Sam dad drinks everyday and doesnt stop. and her mom is saying its fine and they all have a family yoga class that they all go to.this problem is not resolved. but her trys to stop and it doesnt work things dont get much better. my opinion on this book, is that if you wanna read about something that intense then go for it, but i thought it was a good book,

  • Jensen Gomez
    2019-01-04 05:06

    Lush by Natasha Friend is a realistic fiction story about a young girl named Sam. On the outside Sam seems pretty typical, she gets good grades and hangs out with her friends every Saturday night. But on the inside she has some secrets that not even her best friend knows. She has kept this secret from all her friends only one kids knows and now she hates him. So one day In the library she writes a note to a random person in the library asking for advise and what she gets is a lot more than she bargained for.Lush is a good easy read and defiantly a goo over all story. Some parts of the book are a little confusing but the end toes up loose ends. Overall this is a good book.

  • ♥ Sandi ❣
    2019-01-01 06:14

    This banned YA book was a good read. Short book with a quick easy story dealing with an all too well known family affliction. It dealt with the problems a family faces when one lives with an alcoholic. Living with a enabling Yoga obsessed mother, a younger brother who may have ADHD and a fully functioning alcoholic father, teenager Sam is trying to make the correct choices. Thanks to two young men, Sam veres in both directions - the right one and the wrong one - until she finally decides where she belongs. 3 stars

  • Jadmary713
    2019-01-01 09:28

    I thought that this book was really good because it was about a complicated girls life. I also liked it because this book teaches a strong lesson about how you should chose your paths wisely in life.I can connect with Samantha because she felt like at the time she did not have a father, and sometimes, alot of the people in someone's life can feel the same way about someone in their life. My favorite part was when she slapped her father, but soon finally connected with him.

  • nora
    2019-01-18 08:20

    It's great how Samantha finally finds a friend to weather through everything with her. Her friends also help her a bit, but not very well. It's sad how Sam can't tell anyone how her father is an alcoholic and how much she hates him for it. My favorite part is when she pours out her heart, her life, to her friends and shows them the garden with all the broken glass bottles.

  • Linda
    2018-12-28 05:20

    I was desperate for a novel because I feel like these days only series seem to catch my eye. And woaah I didn't expect much from this. Finished it in about 3 hours, and it gives an insight for children who have alcoholic-parents. Not as bad as I would've thought it would be.

  • Alisa Pelkey
    2019-01-01 11:27

    This book was amazing! I can't even imagine my father being an alcoholic. It's amazing what this girl and her brother goes through throughout the story. I would recommend it to anyone who thinks it sounds interesting because it really is!

  • Jocelyne Stone
    2019-01-19 09:00

    I did enjoy the book. It took me a while to get used to her voice. There was a lot of telling instead of showing. Glad there is a book out there that deals with such serious topics.