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The beloved author of the modern classic book All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten  now tackles life's most mysterious, joyous and most confusing topic -- love. An irresistible collection of real-life love stories, mixed with Robert Fulghum's own quirky insights and unmistakable homespun observations, True Love tells the many unpredictable tales of love. HerThe beloved author of the modern classic book All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten  now tackles life's most mysterious, joyous and most confusing topic -- love. An irresistible collection of real-life love stories, mixed with Robert Fulghum's own quirky insights and unmistakable homespun observations, True Love tells the many unpredictable tales of love. Here it is: the intriguing story of the woman who marries her mother's high school flame; a man who learns that "old love" and new pajamas are a dangerous mix; a man who miraculously reunites with his first love (after 20 years) on an LA freeway; the touching tale of a husband's love for his wife after her disabling stroke; a 14-year-old's philosophy of looking for love on the boardwalk; the brief moment of connection of a smile shared at a stoplight; and so many more....

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True Love Reviews

  • Esther Warnke oakes
    2019-01-20 11:12

    This is a wonderful collections of love stories, even though most of the stories told are not love stories in the common use of the phrase. It's a feel good book with anecdotes on every aspect of love.

  • Theresa ♫
    2019-01-10 08:16

    Yup, I read through all of these stories! I didn't skip a single one!WHOOOOOOOO HOOOOO my first Robert Fulghum book! I've been wanting to read a book of his since I saw this huuuuge picture frame in my biology classroom.It was the main article of "All I Really Needed To Know, I Learned In Kindergarten". MY FAVORITE ARTICLE EVER!So anyway, this book...this book...this book...Is pretty short.It's made up of these short love stories (short meaning "2-4 pages long each") that have been sent to the author from all over the country, and of course, the stories he gathered while sitting in a coffee shop beside his sign that said, "Tell me a love story and I will buy you coffee and make you famous."JEEZ, that seems outgoing! I WANNA DO SOMETHING LIKE THAT SOMEDAY!This book might be short (about 200 pages long and the print isn't very tiny), but I COULD NOT read all of it in one sitting. Like the author advises, YOU SHOULD READ A COUPLE OF STORIES AT A TIME!DON'T GO THROUGH THE WHOLE THING ALL AT ONCE!!And I figured out why.After reading through A BUNCH OF THEM, I noticed how I was starting to speed-read a little through them. I was turning the pages a little faster each time.I don't know why, but it just started to happen.I stopped reading when I did this.The next day, I pulled the book back out and started reading a little more again, and my reading pace had returned to normal.I have NOOOOO idea why that had happened to me, but seriously. Read a couple of them a day. Read slowly and understand the stories instead of zipping through. ('re capable of zipping through and sucking in every word of every story. I don't think I can do that too well.)Anyway, I liked the idea of this book in the first place. I liked how the author wanted to create a book filled with love stories.These stories are short. They're not long, descriptive, absolutely melodramatic romances. They're long stories short. And they were written by all sorts of people with all sorts of different handwriting and thoughts.I can't judge on whether or not I liked the love stories. And since there were all sorts, there were a few that didn't make sense to me and a few that did.What I can judge is the author's perspective. AND I LOVED HIS PERSPECTIVES!Robert Fulghum, to me, is a VERY VERY WISE MAN!"There is a lot of pain in these true love stories. Love causes pain. Love cures pain. And love is a pain. Where love is, pain is never far away. Love will fill your heart, break your heart, and heal the heart that's broken."Love is confusing. It can occur with "both sides of the coin". It can make you feel happy when you have it and totally depressed when it's taken away. It's weird and hard to understand, and you can't see it or touch it or hear it coming...or smell or taste it, but it can affect the heart and the mind so much.How? Why? What? I have no idea.Anyway, his perspectives were very accurate. He's thought about the consequences of love. In this book there was a quote that said something along the lines of "As long as you live, love one another and take the consequences."If you love someone, you should be willing to take the consequences, no matter what. If you're thinking, "Um, I don't think suffering through this is worth it," then do you really love them?LOVE CANNOT BE DOUBTED, can it??Anyway, this guy knows what he's talking about. It's not just some love advice book where the advice given look like"1. Flirt with power.2. Fluffing your hair is attractive to guys.3. Do not come on too strong."There are some books like that.Oh, plus, do you believe in love at first sight?I don't. Not a single bit.There was a story in this book that stated that you should become friends before you become lovers with emotions and all that mushy stuff. I TOTALLY AGREE.What if you see some hot person and you go out with them only to discover that underneath that thin layer of good-lookingness, there's a little devil ready to pounce on you?What if you see some...not-as-hot person and you wrinkle your nose and say "ew" when if you decide to get to know them a little better and actually look into their eyes, they could be able to hold your hand and smile at you in a way that seems to hypnotize you? Hmm?ANYWAY, this book seems to show ALL SORTS OF STORIES, from the kind of love where all that happens is that you just look at the person and they're caught in your view right away to the kind that takes years to weave.You don't know what kind of love story you'll be reading next. Its a lot like a box of assorted chocolates that don't come with the flavor guide thing. There are all kinds of flavors, but which one are you gonna get when you get to it?But some of these stories are so short that they seem fast, as if it just HAPPENED. I'm not sure if love can just happen in the blink of an eye, but yeah.What I probably like most about these stories is the fact that it is possible for a couple to get together and STAY together, right to the end, through all the consequences and stress and hardships that you can find in life.I love knowing love like that exists. It's not just some fairytale that I've been dreaming.I'll grow up, show someone that I know how to love them, and I'll live through those fairy tales in reality! They exist, I know they do! And this book's stories proves that.So yes. FOUR SPARKLY SPARKLY STARS FOR THIS BOOK!!If you're a fellow review reader, I just want to add one thing more.Run after what you care about. If the person you love turns away from you and tells you they want to be alone--well do you seriously think someone who's upset would want to be alone?!Run after them. Tell them you love them. Show them. And don't regret it.

  • Rav
    2018-12-27 05:07

    The collection of stories in this book is admirable, however I only enjoyed a few of the stories. Love is a topic very dear to me, and a lot of my life and ethics are based around the idea of romantic love, and I must admit, my personal values and biases unfortunately influenced my enjoyment of the book. On the positives, it is a very easy book to read; light reading, with numerous happy stories of love. There is a good mixture of stories, ranging from childhood puppy love, to deep emotional connections between young men and women active in the dating scene, yearning for Mr/Mrs Right. There are also stories of platonic love, and one or two fleeting, sensual romantic affairs from holidays. Finally, a few stories are about love in the older years, and the importance of being with a soul that shares your destiny, when the days of beauty and passionate love are numbered. I give a lot of credit to the author for being true to his title, and including love stories free from overt sexuality and hedonism. All the stories in this book speak of love in one form or another; whether it be the pleasures of romantic sensual love, to the deep emotional bonds of mutual existence, to the love of sharing dreams and happiness together. It is free from many modern ills of the pursuit of pleasure without love, and the meaningless chase of sex as a recreation, without the wholeness that is added by love. Improvements could be stories that divert from the "love at first sight" theme, and attraction to love based initially on superficial aspects such as physical beauty, wealth and personality. It would be great to see more stories about love where the partners met as friends, or were attracted to each other based on mutual enjoyment, or shared values and dreams - and love blossoming and growing from this. It would be also great to see love stories from other cultural backgrounds, such as Asian/Arabic/Indian subcontinental, where notions of arranged marriages, and partnering based on wealth or status can complicate partners drawn in romantic love. TlDr: Easy read of love stories with happy endings and good moral messages. I wouldn't take any advice from here for the real, complicated world of love however.

  • Jess Driscoll
    2019-01-18 07:13

    page 4: People sometimes said they had a story but needed to get permission from someone else before they could share it. One example was a middle-aged man in suit and tie, carrying the Wall Street Journal both times I met him. The second day he came back to give me a pale blue envelope--perfumed--the kind used for personal correspondence. He said, "Before you read this, you should know that I've had it for at least ten years, that it's from my wife, to whom I am still married." Inside the envelope was a matching sheet of stationery, with these words written with pen and ink:My dearest Harry, I hate you, I hate you, I hate you.Respectfully, with all my love, Edna.I smiled and looked up, anticipating the rest of the story.He smiled as he refolded the note and put it back in the envelope."That's it," he said, and walked away.

  • Tony
    2019-01-05 12:15

    I'm changing my review! I decided to re-read three of Fulghum's books that I had not liked at first. This is one of them. 15 years later, I'm finding that I really missed the boat on this little gem. Unlike Fulghum's other books, this is a compilation of stories sent in by readers / fans of his previous books. These stories are short, true essays on everyday people's experience of love. Some are touching...some are heart-warming...some are heart-breaking and most put a smile on your face. I'm glad that I've chosen to re-read this one and give it a second chance. It's worth the read if you're in the right head space for it.

  • Anthony
    2018-12-28 13:01

    Having come out of my first real relationship, I've naturally gravitated towards anything love related. Experiencing love as I had in this relationship was like no other experience I've had before, and it's left me intrigued/enchanted/enamored with the feelings and concepts of love (both positive and painful). This book was the perfect choice for me given my mindset. Fulghum relates personal anecdotes from all sorts of strangers, from toddlers to seniors, about love in all of its manifestations. Fleeting love, passionate love, tried-and-true love, lustful love, love that cannot be explained, secret love, love you'd assume only happens in fairy tales, love that never leaves you, love that pains you to your core. I read this book because I wanted to immerse myself in love, and I needed to know that other people have been through the emotional trip that I went through because of love. On both accounts, this book delivered.

  • Michael John
    2018-12-24 11:11

    Eh... That pretty much sums this one up. The fact that money from the sales of this book go to Habitat for Humanity earned the book it's second star. Most of the stories were pretty forgettable. The one that stands out in my mind was about a student who tracked down the former owner of a used textbook and became friends with her. She was much older but in the end she said if they both had been the same age, they might have gotten married. You see, as I have gotten older, I have found that love is a much deeper well than just a committed couple. Most of the stories are about such relationships and sometimes read like a bad hallmark card. But one of the lines I liked was "love is holy" and that seems to reflect more of what I wanted from this book. This book may be great for a mass audience, but it's treatment of love in some ways seemed superficial to me.

  • Jenny
    2018-12-29 07:58

    Imagine PostSecret, but more than just a sentence, and without pictures. Robert Fulghum invited people to tell him true love stories - not stories they'd read about, but stories they had experienced. He's compiled a group of them for this book. The stories are short - a page or three at most, and cover all different aspects of love... the beautiful and the painful. It's a great book to pick up and set down - the stories taken all at once are a bit overwhelming. That being said, I read it in two sittings, and almost cried over several of the stories. It's a look at love that's not overly sweet or too good to be true - it feels real.A good read-aloud with a friend or a loved one.

  • Amanda
    2018-12-31 13:26

    One of the few authors who can truly write for any age. I love everything about this book, especially his method of collecting the stories. As with all of his books, it's something you can read starting in the middle, put down for a month, and come back to start somewhere completely different. And every bit that you read makes you feel more human and more content. I always feel like I have truly gotten "it," whatever it is, after reading Robert Fulghum.

  • Claudia Harrington
    2019-01-09 08:09

    I wish I could give it 3 and 1/2 stars but I can so I gave 3. 4 would be to many for my own taste. But at the same time how do you rate other peoples experiences. This book has a bunch of "True Love stories" written or told by ral people some of them cute, some suprising and some very endearing. It very entretaining. If you like to read stories you'll like this book.

  • Jacqueline
    2018-12-25 06:06

    Love this book still read it to this day. It opened my eyes to many forms of love. It also helped me to look for love is the strangest of places.

  • Joseph
    2018-12-26 08:07

    As the author is wont to do, he chose one of the more important topics to being human: love. Coverage spans from mostly romantic to familial and fraternal. Variations go from infatuation, fleeting, and imaginary to deep, lasting, and indelible. Different permutations are shared from first crushes to ones that got away and from 50-60 years of marriage to trysts and infidelity. Through the several stories shared with the author, he curates them expertly, adding his commentary when needed and presenting them in a spectrum of the types of love that we as humans are capable of experiencing.

  • Susan
    2018-12-30 10:05

    Love that Fulghum!

  • Jessica Gultom
    2018-12-21 07:22

    Saya betul-betul menikmati kisah-kisah cinta yang dimuat didalam buku ini. kisah cinta yang mengharukan, mendebarkan, unik, lucu dan bahkan sangat singkat benar-benar mengubah pandangan saya secara keseluruhan.kisah-kisah yang disuguhkan didalam buku ini benar-benar membekas dalam hati saya. bagaimana saya bisa lupa cerita cinta mengharukan yang tumbuh diantara lansia dipanti jompo (salah satu favorit saya), atau kisah tentang seorang wanita yang merasakan perasaan bahagia saat melihat pria asing tampan yang berpapasan dengannya tersenyum kearahnya dan saya rasa orang tak mungkin bisa melupakan cerita tentang seorang gadis yang menikah dengan pacar Ibunya dulu.untuk beberapa cerita yang terdapat dibuku ini, terdengar sangat dramatis, tidak mungkin, dan absurd. namun, terkadang cerita yang disajikan terkesan sangat sederhana dan mungkin anda tidak yakin apakah itu adalah kisah cinta.Namun dengan membaca keseluruhan buku ini anda akan menyadari, cinta tidak melulu soal kisah-kisah asmara antara dua insan. dari prespektif saya saat membaca buku ini, bahkan senyuman singkat yang tulus pun dapat dikategorikan sebagai cinta. perhatian dan kebaikan dari orang asing merupakan bukti cinta yang terbesar, mengutip salah satu kalimat dari kisah dibuku ini "bila yang berbaik hati adalah orang yang kita cintai, selalu ada kemungkinan mereka mengharapkan kebaikan atau balasan. tetapi orang asing tidak mendapat apa-apa selalin membantu menambah jumlah kebaikan yang sudah ada didunia" (paragraf ke-3, hal 96).intinya buku ini benar-benar memberikan banyak sekali "jenis" percintaan yang menarik dan mungkin bisa menjadi pelajaran untuk kita. anda akan menangis terharu, tergelak, atau tertegun karna mungkin kisah cinta anda ada didalam salah satu cerita dalam buku 180 halaman ini :)

  • Angela
    2019-01-18 06:07

    I enjoyed the many little tales of love. Not all of them were romantic love, and that made it interesting. So many different ways to define the same word.In honor of this book, I am going to share my own love story: My husband and I met at a wedding in Dallas. At the time, he lived in Houston and I lived in Littleton, CO -- After the wedding we each headed back home (despite being engaged ourselves - but that is another tale). Three weeks go by. I have heard nothing from my new fiance with the beautiful eyes. Turns out, he sent me a rather stalkery email shortly after he returned home, that I didn't get. When the bride and groom returned from their honeymoon, he was talking with the bride, being sad that I had not returned his email. She told him to try again, and thankfully, he did. A week after I got the email, we each had plans to be in Vegas...we met on the one day our vacations overlapped for the best date EVER. We started emailing after our returns home from Nevada...and our work schedules worked so that he called me on his way home from work, and I was getting ready to go to bed - nearly every day. He came up for a visit the following month - and then we saw each other 3 weekends out of the month thanks to his frequent flyer miles. 9 months after we met (give or take a few days) we bought a house together and moved in. Close to our one year date anniversary, he asked me to marry him. And a year later we were married. In a few months we will be celebrating 8 years married.

  • Terka Zítková
    2019-01-10 07:05

    protože láska je něco úžasného!

  • Christie Bane
    2019-01-16 10:18

    To get the stories for this book, this guy sat outside a coffeeshop with a sign that said he would buy people coffee if they would tell him their love stories. Then he took those stories and turned them into this book.I have read a better collection of love stories than this one, though I can't remember the name of it. The thing I didn't like about this one was that about half of them seemed to be stories about what I would NOT consider true love. Things like, a crush on the woman who makes your sandwiches at the deli. Or a glance exchanged with a stranger in an airport. Those things, to me, fall under the heading of "infatuation" or "lust" or, in some cases, "stalking". The stories that really were about love were awesome. Of course my main gripe about this book is that I did not come up with the idea to write it before he did. I could have had it written in a week and then just sat back and made money from it.

  • Brittany
    2019-01-09 07:10

    This is a wonderful collection of short stories that Robert Fulghum has gathered, some told to him over a cup of coffee, some sent to him anonymously, all dealing with a type of love that’s been experienced. After reading this collection it's amazing to find how that one little word inspires different emotions amoung all who it touches and how they decode that feeling. Love.It evokes different reactions among people we know, among the strangers we pass on the street. While some of these stories are sad, some poignant and some romantic, these are all different interpretations of love.“Love causes pain. Love cures pain. And love is a pain.”

  • Simone
    2019-01-12 10:22

    A cute, funny collection of love stories told to the author, and an interesting look at the different ways people define love. I mostly just picked up the book because it contains one of my favorite quotes about love (which I've seen mistakenly attributed to Dr. Suess many, many times):“We’re all a little weird. And life is a little weird. And when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall into mutually satisfying weirdness—and call it love—true love.”

  • E
    2019-01-04 08:07

    This book was still very Robert Fulghumy, but about about Love, and I really liked it. Best of all, at the end of the book they asked for more love stories to be submitted by readers to possibly be published in a sequel book, and I submitted one! I was 19, I think, and very much in love with some guy who didn't care two shakes about me. Ha! It makes me laugh whenever I think of it. What a funny memory for me.

  • T.
    2019-01-14 11:05

    "My dearest Harry: I hate you, I hate you, I hate you. Respectfully, with all my love, Edna."I bought this book when I was so much younger and impressionable. But the stories do stand the test of time, and youth, and idealism, and the world. Which is why this book matters, and why I will still read it, years from now, after I have been battered and bruised and got the shit kicked out of me by love.

  • Danijel Brestovac
    2019-01-04 09:20

    Iskrena ljubezenstr. 70- ljubezen se nikoli ne konča - vedno ostane nadaljevanje ali upanje nanj.Str. 89- vsi smo malo čudni. In tudi življenje je malo čudno. In ko najdemo človeka, čigar čudaštvo je združljivo z našim, se mu pridružimo in zapademo v skupno čudaštvo, ki nas zadovoljuje - in to imenujemo ljubezen - iskrena ljubezen.

  • Sue
    2019-01-15 10:19

    I was disappointed. I thought that more of his insight evidenced in his other books would be expressed in this book, and it wasn't. It was just a collection of stories from different people describing their best love stories. Several of the stories were about people that the authors had seen only once in a fleeting instant. It was very much like chicken soup for the soul.

  • Margie
    2019-01-02 09:58

    Love comes in so many ways, in so many different forms. This collection of true stories shared with the author is sometimes heartwarming, sometimes laugh-out-loud funny but all remind us of the power, and value of love. It was wonderful to revisit this book which I originally read when it was first published and considering it is around the time of Valentine's Day, the timing was perfect.

  • Dome ^O^
    2018-12-21 10:22

    It's a collection of love stories from many people. There're wonderful, lovely stories in this books. This is the book you will love. Each story has its own charm and memory. You'll love this book like me,check it out!

  • Pam
    2019-01-11 07:57

    This is a slightly different road Mr. Fulghum took, but I enjoyed it! If I recall, he asked people to tell him a 'love story', then he would proceed to give us his thoughts and comments. Simple idea, but because of the author, it was just as priceless as his previous writings.

  • Faith
    2018-12-29 04:59

    There were a lot of stories that I wasn't crazy about, but it was a quick read, and there were enough good ones that it was worth it. (I definitely recommend the advice about only reading a few at a time.)

  • Laura
    2018-12-22 08:56

    I love other people's love stories, and this is a great collection of them!

  • Kayla
    2019-01-04 08:04

    a book to read when you need to smile

  • Veronika
    2018-12-29 11:23

    Příběhy, které dojmou i mě, starého cynika.. :-)