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Never before has the world seen such a princess.Nor have her own subjects, for that matter. Mia's royal introduction to Genovia has mixed results: while her fashion sense is widely applauded, her position on the installation of public parking meters is met with resistance.But the politics of bureaucracy are nothing next to Mia's real troubles. Between canceled dates with hNever before has the world seen such a princess.Nor have her own subjects, for that matter. Mia's royal introduction to Genovia has mixed results: while her fashion sense is widely applauded, her position on the installation of public parking meters is met with resistance.But the politics of bureaucracy are nothing next to Mia's real troubles. Between canceled dates with her long—sought—after royal consort, a second semester of the dreaded Algebra, more princess lessons from Grandmère as a result of the Genovian parking—meter thing, and the inability to stop gnawing on her fingernails, isn't there anything Mia is good at besides inheriting an unwanted royal title?...

Title : Princess in Waiting
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Princess in Waiting Reviews

  • April (Aprilius Maximus)
    2019-01-09 06:04


  • Jessica (priceiswong)
    2019-01-17 12:09

    I had to give this one a four instead of a 5 like the others.. Mia was SO whiney.. She was in Europe yet l she could think about was missing Michael.. That part didn't really bug me. BUT once she got home, she started just acting crazy. First, she goes through that phase where she reads Jane Eyre and thinks she should ignore Michael and basically play hard to get. Okay girl, I just read pages after pages of you missing him and now you're NOT going to call him back? Are you kidding me? I'm glad her mom set her straight. Then, after she finds out she will have to cancel their first date because of the ball, she just ASSUMES he is going to break up with her. *sigh* and don't even get me started on the whole is he in LOVE with me or does he just LOVE me bit.. Geez that part drove me nuts. I guess Mia is only 14 and in love.. She is expected to doubt herself and their relationship (I mean like Mia said they haven't even been out yet) I'm just looking forward to the future books when she matures a bit. I didnt hate the book of course. I still love this series and enjoyed this book, Mia just annoyed me a bit though.

  • Shannon (leaninglights)
    2019-01-06 13:00

    Actual rating 3.5 stars Least favorite so far in the series. Mia took a drastic turn in this book and was pretty obsessed with a boy and nothing else. Granted, she is 14 years old so it's understandable to a point, but she was a bit melodramatic in this one. Still enjoyed overall and will continue the series though!

  • Chelsea (chelseadolling reads)
    2019-01-03 09:59

    I can praise Michael Moscovitz forever and ever and ever. Mia was a little more annoying in this one than I remembered so I docked it a star, but still so fun!

  • Norah Una Sumner
    2018-12-22 04:59

    "How do I know Michael hasn't met some other girl?Some Floridian girl, with long,sun-streaked hair, and a tan,and breasts? Who has access to the Internet and isn't cooped up in a palace with her crazy grandma,a homeless,Speedo-wearing prince and a freakish,hairless miniature poodle?"I missed The Princess Diaries so much!I loved reading about Mia's adventures in Genovia and Grandmère's schemes.Also,love the movie refrences-Meg Cabot sure knows how to make her readers laugh!"Hello," Lilly said."Movie. Of your life.You were portrayed as shy and awkward.""I am shy and awkward," I reminded her."They made your grandmother all kindly and sympathetic to your plight," Lilly said."It was the grossest mischaracterization I've seen since Shakespeare in Love tried to pass off the Bard as a hottie with a six-pack and a full set of teeth.",hi Michael.Favourite quotes:"But a sweater? I mean,that is so unromantic.It is the kind of thing I would get my dad — if he wasn't so in need of anger-management manuals,which is what I got for him for Christmas.""Really,Mia,"she said. "You know I don't like to contradict your grandmother ..."This was the biggest lie I'd heard since the Prince of Liechtenstein told me I waltzed divinely,but I let it slide,on account of Mom's condition."

  • Alaina Meserole
    2019-01-01 09:06

    It's been a while since I've read the first three books from The Princess Diaries series and I kind of forgot how Mia was but this book definitely reminded me pretty quickly. I can't wait for Mia to get more self-esteem. I CAN'T WAIT GUYS! The constant whining and everything was so god damn annoying. UGH! Can that please not happen in the next book?I didn't even care about Mia and Michael's relationship throughout this book. It was just so boring to me and I'd rather have something weird happen in this book, like a meteor crashing or something - just so it could have been more interesting. I pray to god that the next book wont be so boring because I will have regretted trying to finish this series so much.

  • Sonja ✧ Badass Wanderer ✧
    2019-01-15 12:06

    Because even a princess has to have fun sometimes. 'The Princess Diaries: Mia Goes Fourth' is a short but delightful read. I loved reading this novel and I'm looking forward to picking up the next book in the series! ^ ^On a whole another note: I love Chris Pine in Princess Diaries 2 (the movie) :D

  • Emily (Obsessed Reader)
    2018-12-31 12:21

    3.5 stars.Soooo much of this book was Mia doubting Michael's love for her, and that drove me a bit crazy. However, the cuteness level is still through the roof & I love it. Also, I adore Michael as a character.

  • Mayra Sigwalt
    2018-12-30 07:55

    Esse foi o mais fraquinho até agora. Ele se baseia mto na insegurança na Mia no relacionamento (o que é muito crível pra uma menina de auto estima baixa como ela), mas por conta disso a história não andou. Se vc for resumir não aconteceu quase nada e o payoff foi mto no finalzinho. Quero mais Michaeeellll!!

  • Bruna Miranda
    2019-01-10 09:11

    Eu tinha esquecido como esses livro se passam em um período de tempo tão curto. As referências são maravilhosas, mas esse foi o mais monótono até agora porque a Mia é insegurança em pessoa e a minha vontade era de chegar: MIGA SOU LOUCA, MENOS! E aí lembro de como todos fomos com 14-15 anos. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Anusha Narasimhan
    2019-01-20 09:57

    It is hard to love a book when you are annoyed by the protagonist. And boy, was I annoyed of Mia's insecurity! When you are emotionally invested in a series, and halfway down the line, the lead starts to piss you off, it gets awkward as a reader and you don't know whether to continue the series or not. I'm glad I decided to continue because the climax was awesome. Meg Cabot surely knows how to end a book in a way that makes the reader swoon!

  • De'Siree Fairley
    2018-12-28 11:22

    This like all of them so far was cute but now I'm thinking about Mia outside of her journal and I think she's a pretty normal girl that we've all hung out with but didn't know her deepest insecurities. So they come off as extra annoying in the book but in reality she probably doesn't seem so insecure. Michael is just so dreamy but I'm literally reading all these to see if he's in it for the long haul with Mia lol he is going to college soon. Also why is the U.K. Version so different? Mia writes about missing Michael in the American version, in the U.K. version she's calling him all the time after he finally figures out her number, I'm confused by this modification.

  • Caron
    2018-12-26 09:24

    This review can also be find on my blog at: https://diminishingthoughts.wordpress...Mia Goes Fourth takes place just before Mia has to go back to school for her second semester. Yes, you read that right. Just before she went back to school. I was actually looking forward to her touring the castle and Genovia in general but that didn't happen. Instead she complained about failed speeches, meetings and parking meters, oh and of course...Michael's unclear stance on loving her as a friend or more. Every. Dang. Page!If you hadn't noticed by the above, I didn't like this book. My rating would've been a dead giveaway in any case. When reading a book, there's only one thing I ask for -besides good writing- and that's a protagonist that won't make me want to throttle them. The older I get, it seems I get more annoyed at obvious immaturity. There's a difference between innocence and just plain stupidity. Mia's stupidity in this novel made her immaturity come so much into the light I'm sure I would've needed sunglasses if it got any brighter. I'm not saying that all teenagers are stupid or immature, but Mia definitely was. I was reminded constantly just how young she is and how little she knows of life. My main clue: her constant fretting over whether Michael loved her as just a friend or whether he was going to dump her because she wouldn't be able to make their date.Lilly wasn't a bother to me in this book. And there were times I wish Lilly would shut Mia up- which she did a time or two- because I couldn't deal with her anymore.I don't know what it was about this book in particular because Mia has basically had a one track mind in the other books as well, but this book made me almost hate her. I feel like this book wasn't needed. It was nothing more than a filler. We didn't get to see Genovia at all, Mia listened to her grandmother- I mean seriously! You know that woman's out to get you, why even take her advice?. She made me wonder if I too was this annoying when I was 14.**Just a little extra thing here: I felt a bit strange (I don't want to say offended because I think that's too strong a word for what I want to say) that they used Jane Eyre as a means of relationship advice/material. Jane Eyre wasn't about 'getting the guy and keeping him', it was about a woman refusing to be tied down and treated the way society deemed 'proper'. She went against the social barriers and put herself first. Not so that she could get the guy, but because she wanted to be certain of herself as an individual! ...Okay so maybe I was a tad bit offended. Give me a break, it's my favourite book so I noticed.One day when I re-read this series, I'll probably ignore this book completely since nothing of great importance happened here. I shall continue on with the next books but of this one I was not a fan. Blog | Twitter | Instagram | Wattpad

  • Katie
    2019-01-19 12:15

    Now this one I liked better than I remembered! Mostly my memories were of Mia's worry about Michael "loving" her versus being "in love" with her. I still think that's kind of silly, but I felt more sympathy for her overall. (I think I read this around when it came out, so I would've been 19 or so. Almost-32 me sees it in a different light, I guess.)And there was more to the rest of it than I remembered. I liked seeing Mia in Genovia. Back in the day, I was just eager for her to get back to Michael, ha! Now I was more princess stuff!Also notable for mentions of teenage heartthrob Prince William! I kind of forgot how into him everyone was once upon a time. I don't know! TIME PASSES. PEOPLE GET MARRIED AND HAVE KIDS AND SUTFF.

  • Julia
    2018-12-27 06:17

    This book is probably the worst princess diaries book I've ever read. It is okay but the entire story is about Mia in Genovia (the small European country she will one day rule) and she is missing Micheal her boy friend. It is very annoying to here her constantly talk about Micheal and if he is going to break up with her or not. After I read this book I decided to take a break from the Princess Diaries books because I just couldn't take it! Mia was becoming too Micheal-obsessed and the books were not interesting anymore. I will eventually read some more of them (hopefully finish the series) but not for a while

  • Daniela Soria
    2019-01-01 11:10

    Not my favorite but still super cute! On to the next one :)

  • Sabine
    2019-01-18 10:18

    Mia has the boy of her dreams, finally! But how fair is it that she is whisked off to Genovia for several weeks before they can even have their first official date? And what with trying to help boost Genovia's infrastructure income, trying to find time to text her beloved, and worrying about the perfect present for his birthday, this Christmas vacation is anything but restful.After reading the first book in this series I went to the library and just happened to see the rest of the books (11 of them) sitting on the shelf so I loaded them into my bag and found myself diving into a week long Princess fest. And I enjoyed ever minute of it!This whole series is a fun, light hearted read, though in some of the later books, it focuses more on sex (talk rather than action) than some parents might find appropriate for their teen daughters. I would suggest a read through first. This book is when they really started getting fun for me. Maybe it was because I started to see all the interests that Mia and I had in common. When she and Lilly posted their Guide to What's Hot and What's Not On TV I think I really began to relate to them.

  •  • j o r y•
    2019-01-16 06:02

    I am seriously falling in love with this series all over again. I just love how Meg Cabot writes these books. Mia is like the quintessential teenager (minus the being the princess, obviously), who is just trying to get by in life. And I love it. I love how throughout the entire book she is so worried about Michael dumping her CLEARLY he is in love with her, and has been for quite some time. I mean, that just SOUNDS like a teenage girl. These books will be forever in my heart, I just love them too much.

  • Mehsi
    2018-12-26 05:02

    1.5 stars, this was the worst (as of now at least) part in the Princess Diaries series. Of course, I will still continue this series as it comes out (in the re-released covers thing), but I do hope they will be way better than this crap.This won't be a long review, I just want to throw out my frustrations regarding this book.Let me start that I was completely, and utterly confused at the beginning of the book. Normally everything, and anything is mentioned to great details, but in this one, suddenly Mia has had her speech, her vacation is really far in, and some other stuff. I was like, wait, what? When did she do her speech? Did I miss something? What happened? I grabbed my copy of the previous book, flipped to the last part, and indeed saw that the whole speech thing, the whole Genovia vacation was practically skipped. No wonder I was confused.Normally Mia is already on the border of being slightly annoying, slightly whiny and a bit weird, but it felt like the dial was upped to over 9000 in this book. Seriously, what is wrong with that girl? She kept whining about everything and anything, about nature (but this is quite natural to her, though it is getting a bit tiring, I don't mind people giving their opinion, but this feels so shoved in ones throat it isn't even funny any more), about feminism (urgh, that just gets old), about herself (sooooooo much), and now of course we also have Michael. *sighs*I know this girl is 14, but she acts more like a 10 year old. Instead of just thinking logically, she listened to her Grandmere (whom she hates/disliked), let her life be decided by others, and thus almost ruined things with Michael. I mean, how hard is it to just let a boy know that you probably can't go on the date on Friday? Or tell him you like him?Ah, and that brings me back to another thing, seriously, she is 14? Why is she proclaiming her never-ending love for a boy? At that age I was happy that a guy liked me, but did I want him forever? Um, no. No thank you. So it was kind of weird, and creepy that both Mia and Michael were all professing their love to each other, practically acting like it would be forever and ever.Luckily Mia's annoying friend Lily kept her trap shut for most of the book. Still we get some stupid situations with this girl, and I will stick to wondering on how these 2 are friends.Normally there are various things happening in Mia's world, and a lot of them are interesting, but this book was just horrendous. Nothing happened but whining, whining and more whining. And I keep wondering why Mia keeps falling for the tricks of her horrendous grandmother.All in all, I wouldn't recommend this book to anyone. Sadly, probably for continuity, you need to read this one. Though, I guess, you could also just skip it. Not like anything good happened in this book.Review first posted at

  • Nasty Lady MJ
    2019-01-05 05:57

    To see full binge for books 4, 41/3, 4 1/2, and 5 click here.Groans.Do I have to?If I was reviewing books when Princess in Waiting came out, I’d probably give up on The Princess Diaries series. This is my least favorite book in the series and I really think it was a waste of space-if you would’ve added some of Valentine Princess to it I think it would’ve been a stronger book.The good thing about this particular installment, was I sort of knew what I was getting into when I reread it, so I didn’t absolutely hate it (at least as much).I didn’t like it either.I think the biggest problem with Princess in Waiting is that it takes so long to get started. It’s like the audience is waiting for the actual book to begin and gets stuck on Meg Cabot Airlines reading some stupid day planner.That’s what it really felt like to me.I could care less what happens in Genovia.It’s a fictional country that really bad movies take place in, that’s all I need to know.When the actual book starts-meaning, when Mia returns home to New York-there’s really not a plot. Just obsession over Mia’s first date with Michael and then possibly having to cancel said date.It’s really a big let down after Princess in Love.I don’t think it’s as bad as I thought it was, because there were a few parts of it that were tolerable.Like Lilly.She was actually rationale in this book. Which surprised me, because in most books I really can’t stand her.I also liked the fact that Tina had a bit of a story in this book too. It’s nice seeing supporting characters get a starring role for once.So, props on that.Still though, I really didn’t care for this one.

  • Claire - The Coffeeholic Bookworm
    2019-01-11 06:10

    Princess Mia was finally in Genovia with her Grandmere, and her princess lessons continued during her winter break. When she met the people of Genovia, Mia had unintentionally started a debate about the installation of parking meters in the place, which didn't bode well with her constituents. I just thought Princess Mia complained a lot in this book. She always said she had no idea how they ended up together, and that she missed Michael a lot, especially now that they're continents apart, but how come she didn't call him first? Too shy? Too un-princess-like? Whatever, I didn't get why she got so whiny and all but didn't make any effort to confirm or refute her claim. Insecurities aside, I will still continue with the series - I have book 5 ready for my perusal - and hopefully, Mia would grow up and be more mature.

  • Melissa
    2018-12-23 12:18

    This may be the straw. The final one. The whine factor in this book is so rediculously high I may just skip to when Mia is supposed to be older to continue with this series. Mia spends most of the entire book (which only spans a few months) being paranoid or a big mouth. I wonder if I was this annoying when I was 14. If I was I certainly wouldn't have written it down for anyone to find and read. Who goes into their boyfriend's bathroom to for a half hour afterwards to write about their amazing date they just had? Gag a maggot.

  • Melissa **Just Really Loves Musicals**
    2019-01-16 12:15

    Not the best in the series so far, but still a fun, quick read. Mia was a little whiny and annoying in this one, but I did understand. She's 14, it's all very confusing at that age. I was completely stupid at 14, and looking back now I'm really embarrassed at some of the things I did/said. Enjoying my reread of the series a lot, and if I remember correctly, the series gets better as Mia matures!

  • Amy Johnson
    2019-01-01 08:12

    I really enjoyed "Princess in Training" book 4 in the Princess Diaries series by Meg Cabot. I've been listening to this series via audio book and I've really enjoyed the characters coming to life. It's a very light reading and pretty deep in the YA genre, but I've found myself laughing at some of Mia's antics and just love the "first love" between her and Michael.Happy Reading...enjoy

  • Jennifer
    2019-01-19 11:05

    I think that I actually read this previously and forgot to mark that I had, on Goodreads. This wasn't bad, but I didn't enjoy it as much as the other installments. Part of it could be that I'm reading these as an adult, rather than a teenager, now, so Mia's insecurity, while familiar, starts to feel redundant. I had a lot of fun reading all the very 2000-ish references.

  • Sara Saif
    2019-01-04 09:16

    Hey, let’s play a game. What game, you ask? Simple; "Come up with an alternate, better name for the book you have just read!”. I love this game. Here are my top three names for Princess in Waiting:1- Princess in the Psychotic Ward2- Princess Completely Demented3- Hilariously Infuriatingly Stupid PrincessLet me tell you something. The whining was totally controlled and balanced. Mia complained about everything but in a limited and well-proportioned capacity. That’s supposed to be good, right? Well, it would have been if not for the fact that the whining gave way to obsession. And the object of her obsession? MICHAEL MOSCOVITZ. I am not angry at the guy, really. None of it was his fault.The first 2/3 of the book, that is approximately 30 days, she spent thinking and thinking and THINKING about him. She let her imagination run wild in a gazillion different directions, believed what she was imagining to be hypothetically true and then spent every waking moment obsessing over it. The remaining 1/3 was spent in her dreading that she was going to be dumped because she had to say no to a date due to other obligations. For a girl who yearns to be self-actualized (she wrote it in her diary among the list of things she had to do, like it’s that easy), she seemed to be running dangerously low on self-esteem and that comes before in Maslow's pyramid.I was 14 once. *gazes into space longingly* While the pull of hormonal impulses is strong and cannot be resisted, it doesn’t and shouldn’t occupy your every waking moment. Maybe it’s just me, maybe to every 20 year-old, every 14 year-old seems stupid.It wasn’t even funny this time. A single thing of importance did squeeze out, Mia discovered her talent; unconditional whining writing!

  • Muse-ic ♬
    2019-01-16 06:09

    2.5meh. Mia really got on my nerves on this one. She is so insecure about her relationship with Michael and way too panicky about every thing.She also comes up with too many worst case scenarios.I also got annoyed with her because she was self-contradictory. She worried about misogynistic undertones in Michael's band name but she likes it when Michael takes on an authoritative air and bosses her around! Get a grip Mia! Aside from being so weak and despicable, Mia is supposed to be the princess. She's supposed to be the one with the authority. I like kick-ass females, and Mia has the potential of one, but she really isn't one.I don't have to much to say about this one. I still like Michael :)One of my favorite quotes was: "It was the grossest mischaracterization I've seen since 'Shakespeare in Love' tried to pass off the bard as a hottie with a six-pack and a full set of teeth."~Lilly talking about the characterization of herself in the movie made about Mia's life. I wonder if The book was referring to the actual Princess Diaries film....hmmmmmThe other quote I really liked was: "Grandmere shouldn't yell at me for reading at the table. She's the one who gave me this book in the first place!"LOL that cracked me up because I totally feel that way sometimes!That's pretty much it. The books are all similar and I don't want to repeat my reviews of the first few books of the series.

  • Jill
    2018-12-22 13:04

    1. So far, the most amusing of the Princess Diary series. It's written in short journal style form where you are basically reading Princess Mia's personal diary.1a. If you haven't figured it out yet, once I read one book in the series, I have to read the entire series.2. I like that someone managed to write a teen series without explicit sex and use of profanity. I'm fine with explicit sex and profanity, and I know that's part of the world today, but come on. It doesn't always have to be used. (I'm looking at you Gossip Girl and How to Teach Filthy Rich Girls.) 2a. I really love Gossip Girl. The show.3. I was pissed to get to the end of this book and discover that the next one is Princess Diaries Four and a Quarter, because I thought it was Princess Diaries Four and a Half. Which I have. Now I have to track down the next book.Excerpt, which sadly I can identify with: Saturday, December 27Royal Daily ScheduleV. depressing day, as twenty-fifth anniversary of Grandpere's death. Had to hang wreath on grave, wear black veil, etc. Veil stuck to lip gloss, could not get it off by blowing, finally had to pull it off, causing hat to be swept by wind into Genovian harbor. Prince Rene fished it out with the help of some friendly topless sunbathers, but hat will clearly never be the same.

  • Candi
    2019-01-14 11:01

    Oh man, I wasn't sure if this series could continue after such a great ending to book #3, but I have now found one of my favorite quotes ever:"There was a DJ who stayed up for eleven days straight, the longest recorded period of time anyone has ever gone without sleep, and he started playing nothing by Phil Collins, and that's how they knew it was time to call the ambulance."It's like me and Meg Cabot are besties, because Phil Collins is THE WORST.Ah crap, now I'm starting to write things like Mia, the main character.In all seriousness I liked the references Blue Crush and Jane Eyre that ran through the book, it made me chuckle, a lot. I also don't think Mia's insecurity is overdone, it is very real to being a 14 year old girl and so funny it doesn't get annoying.

  • Sheida
    2018-12-29 07:14

    Part of me wanted to roll my eyes every time Mia talked about how she's been in love with Michael forever since she kind of only figured it out a few months ago, but then the other part of me remembered that this is supposed to be the diary of a 14 year old and if my own diaries at 14 are anything to go by then at that age (and well ... kind of when you grow up too) it's normal to exaggerate to make everything seem more dramatic than it is. Anyways, I'm enjoying my re-read of this series a lot even though the pop culture references are now extremely dated. I mean ... I actually laughed out loud at the part about Brad and Jennifer being soulmates.