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The fight against darkness rages on for the next generation—in New York Times bestselling author Keri Arthur’s exciting new series set in the world of the Guardians. Being half werewolf and half Aedh, Risa Jones can enter the twilight realms between life and death and see the reapers, supernatural beings that collect the souls of the dead. But she soon makes a terrifying dThe fight against darkness rages on for the next generation—in New York Times bestselling author Keri Arthur’s exciting new series set in the world of the Guardians. Being half werewolf and half Aedh, Risa Jones can enter the twilight realms between life and death and see the reapers, supernatural beings that collect the souls of the dead. But she soon makes a terrifying discovery: Some sinister force is stealing souls, preventing the dead from ever knowing the afterlife.Reapers escort souls—not snatch them—but Risa is still unnerved when a reaper shadows her in search of someone Risa has never met: her own father, an Aedh priest, who is rumored to be tampering with the gates of hell for a dark purpose. With the help of her “aunt”—half-werewolf, half-vampire Riley Jenson—and an Aedh named Lucian who may have lost his wings but none of his sex appeal, Risa must pursue whatever shadowy practitioner of blood magic is seizing souls, and somehow stop her father . . . before all hell breaks loose....

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Darkness Unbound Reviews

  • Felicia
    2018-12-20 05:12

    So I guess this is a spinoff from the Riley Jensen series (which I really enjoyed for several installments, then stopped reading because I got frustrated with the main character and her wolf problems). ANYHOO, I walked into this one with somewhat less backstory than a spin-off-savvy read would have, but I felt like I was along for the ride enough that I wasn't lost. The world is interesting and the bad guys were motivated and some twists at the end were pretty awesome. I liked her friends too.I guess I don't feel strongly one way or another about this book. I enjoyed the plot, I enjoyed the side characters somewhat. I think I lost respect for the main character when was acting soooo stupid with the guy she "randomly" hooked up with half-way through the book. I mean, as a reader I'm like "THIS GUY IS GONNA SCREW YOU OVER ARE YOU SERIOUS YOU THINK HE HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH YOUR OVERALL PLOT?!!?" It's like she had orgasm amnesia. He's acting SO SUSPICIOUS and she has no red flag whatsoever, which seems JUST for the writing, not character. ALSO:SPOILER:I'm all for interesting naughty scenes, and I guess when you're in a werewolf club it's orgy-timez in this world, but seriously her giving some random wolf some "handling" on the dance floor while her dude was participating behind her was just TOOOOOOOO unsanitary for me to be like, "YEAH!" I mean, at least get the guy's name, right!?!? And how could those club hottubs be clean after behavior like that? I was thinking about skin rashes the whole time. Whatever. I might pick up the next one later. But she seriously needs some hand sanitizer in that club.

  • Julie
    2019-01-12 09:15

    Posted at Unbound is the first book in Keri Arthur’s newest series, Dark Angels. I have not read this author before but I am aware that her Riley Jensen series appears on many favorite lists. Therefore, when I found out that Keri was writing a new series that takes place in the same world as her Riley books, I jumped on the chance to give it a try. And after reading this book and finally experiencing this author’s writing, I can see why she has such a loyal following.Darkness Unbound is an angel book…but not. It’s a ghost book…but not. It’s got shifters and mages and vampires and reapers…yet it’s not like any paranormal book I’ve ever read. The mix of all of these beings in one book, while you think it would be daunting, really wasn’t. It reads like you’ve been in this world many times before and like you know what is going on, but you don’t feel lost. I did not feel as though I was missing out on some vital information not having read the previous series. Was I curious about how some couples and situations came to be? Of course. But did it hinder my reading experience of this book? Not at all.The main heroine in this new series is Risa Jones, a half werewolf and half Aedh. An Aedh is…well, it’s tricky to explain, but I’ll give it my best shot. An Aedh is a being that can take human form while on earth or can turn into a sort of mist. When in mist form, no one can see or hear them and they can travel to the gray planes, the place between light and dark. There is more to it that that, and it is way cool, but that would be the best I can do. Risa can call on her Aedh side but not on her wolf side, so she can’t shift into a wolf, but she does have some other wolf-ish traits. And since she is a Halfling, she stays in her human form but can call on her Aedh side and transform to mist. Yeah….cool.I really liked Risa. She is strong and self-assured (I loved her confidence when she went into any situation) but she knows how important a strong support system and is not afraid to admit when something is way over her head. She is very close to her mother, to her ‘aunt’ Riley and to Riley’s family. She has two best friends/roommates, Tao and Ilianna, whom I also loved. I was glad to see that the author didn’t kill any of them off in this first installment and therefore allowing them to appear in future installments of this series. *g*Lucian is another character I can’t wait to learn more about. He is an Aedh but has a story to tell about it. And boy oh boy is he yum-my! He and Risa together are electrifying! I hope hope hope he is a constant in this series because they are great together. A heads up though, you’ll need a fan handy for after you read some of their scenes. Wowza.The world Keri created here is very intricate and the details of it are amazing. Reapers follow people around for a little while before they are due to die. (Risa can see them and it kind of bums her out.) A reaper’s job is to help the newly departed’s soul navigate through the gray space. Souls can be redeemed and almost all are one day reborn. Ghosts are the result of a person not dying when they were supposed to or when the person’s soul refuses the reaper’s help. And as I said, all the different beings and characters mixed into all this makes this a really cool world. But I never felt overwhelmed by information. The first few chapters bring you up to speed and that’s that. The story happens while you learn and then takes off from there. I can’t say that I felt as though one part of this book was slow or sluggish. I enjoyed the pace and found it read really well.The story itself consists of one big constant story that looks like it will be the focus for this series’ story arc, and a smaller story line that wraps up at the end of this book, but still goes along with the main story. I like when a UF series is written that way. Then you get some closure at the end of each book but there is still so much going on that you can’t wait to get your hands on the next book to see where it will all ultimately lead you. (In this series’ case, the next book is Darkness Rising and it’s due out October 25th 2011. I already have it written in my planner.) I won’t go into what the stories are because I really think any fan of Urban Fantasy books should give this one a try. But I will say that there are gates opening that shouldn’t be opening and many people who may or may not resort easily to violence looking for answers. And keys. There are keys involved. And a creepy dark mist thing who is stealing souls *shudder*. And there is a very emotional scene that you know is coming but you still can’t prepare yourself fully for and it will make you cry. It still breaks my heart just thinking about it. *sigh*This is a series I am excited to get addicted to. With amazing characters, riveting storylines that weave together beautifully and action mixed with emotion that grips you from page one, Urban Fantasy fans will find it practically impossible not to dive in and not look back.

  • ᴥ Irena ᴥ
    2019-01-16 10:14

    Riley Jenson Guardian is one of my favourite urban fantasy series. Unlike some authors, Keri Arthur managed to keep Riley tough and awesome for nine books. I love the world, I love its politics, its problems, its heroes and villains, various rules and all those different races and beings that inhabit it. So I knew Dark Angels had some big shoes to fill. I will be able to see just how well it does that after I finish this series too since it's not fair to judge it by one book compared to the nine I loved.Risa Jones made her first appearance in Riley Jenson Guardian series as a beautiful half-Aedh, half-wolf tiny girl with some very intriguing talents. While one can enjoy this series without reading the previous, certain things which Keri Arthur doesn't bother to explain here (a great thing in my opinion), are explained in Riley Jenson Guardian. Their attitude towards sex, for example, is great and unapologetic. Neither series is for prudes! I won't even bother listing stuff that annoyed me (there are a couple of them). This first book is an introduction to Risa Jones and the things that probably shape her into something even greater later on. Same as Riley.The only thing I would recommend is to read Riley's stories first if for nothing else but to know this world a bit better. The important thing here, also, is that while this is set in the same world, Dark Angels expands it rather than use what is already there. The Aedh are not simply mentioned here. Overall, as far as I am concerned this is a great continuation of an already well established and interesting world.

  • ♥ Ashleigh ♥contrary to popular belief i'm not actually mad!
    2018-12-23 13:34

    Keri Arthur is clearly a talented author and i enjoy reading her writing - she would be one of those wonderful/magical writers that can utterly suck you into there "world" if only it wasnt for her sucky-ass characters! they just ruin everything!let me give you an example,The apparent main male character rocks up wearing nothing but jeans and a sword that perfectly frames his chiseled good looks and wicked tattoo.... seriously?? thats how your going to introduce your male character?? WTF.and to make things even worse he starts off by stalking the main female lead, Risa. but its all ok because he's super BadAss and delicious so he can do whatever he wants. O.oRisa is no better! she has this uber sex vibe going on and clearly needs some hot man meat, so she doesnt mind that this unknown guy who is clearly very deadly is following her. cause that makes perfect sense and everything!i also have the problem that Risa is... like a rich little white girl thats playing dress up with leathers and a motorcycle thinking she's pretty tough, it just doesnt suit her at all from what i read, it feels like the author is forcing her to be two different people and its annoying.but then i only got up to the third chapter before i gave up on this book so i could be wrong.i had been looking forward to this book for ages so im pretty disappointed - though a friend of mine, Tammy, did warn me that this book wasnt very good! i doubt i'll be picking up this author again, sorry Keri!

  • Amber I. (AwesomeSauce Book Club)
    2019-01-12 12:30

    I loved Darkness Unbound! I think I am going to be just as addicted to this series as the Riley Jenson ones.Risa is just as kick ass as Riley is. We haven't seen her since she was a little girl but Risa is all grown up now and I LOVE her! This book was seriously so addictive, I didn't want to stop reading it. Its packed with some awesome and unique supernatural characters, a few sexy men ( I am loving the reaper) lots of action and mystery and a few heart breaking moments. I am so excited to read the next book. If I had the money I would be buying it tonight at midnight and probably staying up all night to finish it. I definitely think you should read all the Riley Jenson books first, mainly because I love them and you would be missing out, but really its not necessary. And if you have read the Riley books then you need to read this one, its amazing, I love it!

  • Shera (Book Whispers)
    2019-01-10 08:26

    After finishing Riley Jenson's series I immediately looked towards the Dark Angels series. After all it follows the grown up Risa from Riley's books! Definitely a character that would be worthy of having her own series! After chatting with a friend she told me that “Risa slut shames Riley!” Riley's sexuality and overall owning of it is what I loved about her books. And there was no way that I'd read about a character slut shaming my girl Riley. Years later chatting with another Goodreads friend and discussing why I hadn't read the Dark Angel books it hit me. That other Goodreads friend wasn't telling me that Risa had slut shamed Riley, but that Goodreads friend was slut shaming both Riley and Risa!Grrrrrrrrrrr!Strong female leads who own their sexuality are so hard to find! Ones who are brave with their image and body. Female leads who aren't hung up on a million different reasons why their first time was bad, that sex is bad, and all kinds of other sex issues. Risa owns it! Just like Riley. Maybe even a bit more. While the sex isn't anymore over the top than some of the Paranormal Romance series out there, it is maybe a bit more then what some Urban Fantasy fans are used to. But let's be honest sex is a big part of both genres anymore. So when a female character owns her sexuality I am for it. Nuff said. Risa isn't an amazing character just because she owns her sexuality. No she's awesome because she's really smart and badass! But she is not Riley. There are definitely some traits and I’m starting to see with Arthur her leading ladies tend to share a few. Risa is a rich spoiled girl who is still afraid of bugs and other strange things. She owns a restaurant called RYT—Rich Young Things—with two of her other rich friends that she lives with. At first I found her super rich status with a famous mother to other famous people annoying. It didn't take long for me to warm up to Risa. Her life hasn't been easy. If her friends or loved ones are in trouble girl steps up! With Riley, Quinn, and Rhoan you know the girl has some mad skills! There are some fun tie-ins to the Riley books with plenty of cameos. None of it feels like oh-here-is-a-character-you-love blatant cameo! Besides awesome female leads Arthur always populates her worlds with fantastic and diverse characters. Which is exactly what she does here. Not only am I looking forward to seeing old favorites, but now I care about the new cast and I’m invested in what happens to them. Ah! I wish more authors, when done with a beloved series, could still write in their old series universe. Arthur does it beautifully and while this was a bit of an average read Arthur’s talents make this a nice introduction to a new series, and probably what will become a great series for me! Sexual Content: Plenty of sexual humor, talk, thoughts, and so on. Sex, and even a mild threesome.3/5- Adored it, just a few minor details held it back.Originally reviewed at Book Whispers.

  • Shalisha
    2019-01-13 09:32

    I am disappointed in this book. I went into it expecting to read a new story - not another story about Riley. Now - do not get me wrong, love, love Riley - but I thought her story had ended. Not only did she play too big of a role in the story, i.e. moms friend, my play aunt etc, but she also played too big of a role in the story. Really - Rissa is just mini-Riley. All of her values, mores and desires imitated every one that I read in Ms. Jensens story...not what I was looking to read. Big fan of the world the author creates, the story she weaves, but I thought I was reading a new one.

  • Jennifer (Bad Bird Reads)
    2019-01-14 13:21

    The GoodMaybe something is wrong with me because I just couldn't get into this book but many seem to have liked it. But this is the good part of my review, so let's start with that. We meet Risa as a baby and then child in the Riley Jenson series. I was super excited for Risa to have her own series because her character always interested me. She was a little freaky and adorable at the same time. And anyone who has read the Riley Jenson series knows that Arthur can write an amazing book. So suffice it to say, I had high hopes. Risa is a one of a kind character when it comes to abilities. She is half werewolf and half Aedh. Though she can't change into a wolf, she has a whole other bag of tricks, like changing her facial features to resemble other people and becoming one with the air (having no physical form so no one can see, hear, or feel her). Her unique abilities did make the book a little more original for the genre. We get to see our old, beloved characters from the Riley Jenson series which was nice. They are Risa's second family and would move mountains for her if asked. They are more behind the scenes, helping Risa and working on cases since that's what they do. And even though her family wants Risa to stay out of this soul-stealer case, she simply can't help herself. Especially when her friends might be the next targets. Risa's friends, Tao (werewolf) and Ilianna (witch), are her other second family. They work as a team and will do almost anything for each other. They have a really cute relationship, and I loved the story on how they came together. Oh, in case you didn't catch it, this girl has a lot of second families. Lucky wench. Give me a sec, have to let the jealousy simmer down...okay, better. Let's move on. Risa's love interest is Lucian, a full Aedh. You can't help but like him, he has a straight-forward attitude and just wants to have fun. He has this air of mystery about him, too. There is more to him than meets the eye and that only makes him more yummy. But the true mystery is Azriel, the reaper charged in following Risa until he gets the answers his superiors desperately need. He may seem unmoved for most of the book but we all can see there is something deeper, something raw about him that is just dying to get out. If anything would make me continue this series, it would be him. I want to know his story. The BadVery little gets resolved in this book which was frustrating. But that didn't bother me too much. What really bothered me was Arthur's need to tell instead of show. As a writer, I am actually surprised that this book got published. There were so many scenes that could have been more intense, more frightening if Arthur followed the basic writing rule of showing instead of telling. I found myself bored most of the time. It has taken me over two weeks to get through this book. I found myself putting it down and reluctant to pick it back up. Plus, the plot was predictable and I could often guess what was going to happen next. I was really disappointed with how average Risa is as a character. She is nothing like how I envisioned the little girl from the Riley Jenson series would be as an adult. Maybe if I hadn't read the other series, my expectations wouldn't have been so high and I would have liked this book more. Some of the characters' interactions were very "Brady Bunch." This kind of emotional and hokey dialogue seems very unnatural to me and I was often rolling my eyes.The SnugglyOf course there's sex scenes. Arthur always has sex in her books. Werewolves are lascivious beings who need release often. Risa is not much different. There are two hot sex scenes that I thought were fun to read. They were playful, which helps the blush that will no doubt cover your face when reading these scenes. OverallThere was some very scary and suspenseful scenes throughout the whole book that held my interest. The plot was simple which is acceptable on occasion. I did like some of the characters and would be very interested in learning more about them. But as a whole, I did not enjoy this book. I would only recommend it to people who want to test out the series because they loved the Riley Jenson series so much. Many have enjoyed Darkness Unbound, so let your gut tell you what to do. I did want to mention that many of my gripes are based on my writing experience. I do believe people who just read for fun and do not care about the technical may find this more enjoyable than I did.http://readingandwritingurbanfantasy....

  • VampireNovelFan
    2019-01-08 12:15

    FBS (First Book Syndrome) strikes again!I will start off by saying that I have not read Keri Arthur's original Riley Jenson series. I honestly went into this thinking it was the beginning of a new series, not a spin-off of 9 prior novels. Maybe that's why it was hard to really get into this book and into this world, but I did try. The leading lady of the Dark Angels series is Risa Jones, a psychic Aedh/werewolf hybrid whose day job involves running a restaurant with her buddies, but her most important job includes talking to souls of those who are near death's door, helping them realize whether or not it's their time to go. She also has the added perk of seeing soul reapers who guide these souls to the next life.It's not Risa's favorite thing to do. And we soon learn why when she is sent to help a little girl who is comatose in a hospital. A somber, but routine visit goes horrible wrong when Risa learns that the little girl's soul was actually stolen, robbing her of the choice to move on. It leads back to a supernatural creature that's been collecting souls. Risa will have to do all she can to solve stop them. It leads to revelations that put the world as she knows it at risk. She has a daunting task ahead of her and needs all the help she can get. But will she get it?This series has a well developed world, which seems to go back to the Riley Jenson novels. It's so developed that I couldn't always keep up at times; I will be honest and say that there are things I can't even remember now. It made it somewhat difficult to get into the story. Not to mention, there are a number of characters introduced so it's hard to pin down their personalities and decide on how I feel about them. I tend to read novels primarily for the characters and if they are lacking, then my readership follows.I don't like how the sex is handled in this book. I wasn't expecting Risa to be such a hoe, being quick to hop in the sack...with multiple parters no less. She doesn't even need to know their names, or their true intentions towards her! I'm no prude or anything, and the books thankfully don't make it the main focus of the plot, but this is a double edged sword because it feels arbitrary and pointless. It was a failed attempt at being edgy and the characters' relationship suffers for it because it doesn't give the reader any sense of a genuine bond, especially towards the end where one lover is completely MIA and a chance for decent development outside the bedroom (or club dance floor) is lost.I wasn't completely gripped with this book until the very end if you could believe it, but I was determined to keep trucking on. I feel like it has potential with the number of creatures we learn about and worlds that we'll no doubt continue to explore in future novels, so that alone is why I will give the second book a chance. And by the end Risa has motivation, drive, and an overarching mystery plot line that I genuinely want to see her solve. But does this make me want to backtrack and read the Riley Jenson books? Not really, though that could change later on.*Review also posted to Amazon

  • Pamela / SpazP
    2019-01-13 06:26

    Originally posted at WickedLilPixie Reviews4.5 StarsNew Keri Arthur fans and old ones alike are going to love this new series.Risa Jones is half-werewolf and half-Aedh, enabling her to enter the realm between life and death. She can also see the reapers who collect the souls of the dead. Reapers are the beings who guide souls to heaven or hell, while the Aedh are the gatekeepers guard the gates between heaven and hell and mortality. Either the gatekeepers are no longer able to guard the gates, or they simply no longer want to. They might have decided it would be simpler to permanently close the gates to heaven and hell, not only stopping demons from escaping but preventing souls from moving on. Keys were created to permanently lock the gates, but now they have gone missing before they could be used (oops!). The only person who can find them again is the blood relative of the man who is believed to have stolen them… Risa’s father. The Aedh and the reapers are not the only ones looking for the keys and Risa’s father (whom she has never met), but so is the vampire council, and Risa is unknowingly front and center of all of these various groups’ plans.This book is like WHOA. If my summary above is any indication, this is some seriously dynamic world and character building. Keri Arthur has built a very complex and unique setting here and magnificently so. In fact, most of this book is really setting up all the different fractions and players that are vying for the keys to the gates between the light path and the dark path. She does all of this with ease, while never dumbing-down anything. You are given a lot of information and are expected to keep up, but never does it feel like the dreadful “information dump”. The pacing is awesome, and she keeps the action going. The sexual content is exactly what I’d come to expect based on my experience with the Riley Jenson series. Risa is an unabashedly sexual creature and she owns it. Lucien Dupont, the Aedh who Risa meets and takes as a lover kept me on the edge of my seat because on the one hand his chemistry with Risa was just smokin off the pages, but I never fully trusted him either even though he appears to have genuine motives. Regardless, I wanted to definitely know more about him. Then there is the mysterious reaper, Azriel, who has synced himself with her chi and follows her around. Yes, you read that right. Oh and her two roommates are wonderful additions to the cast, and Risa was perfectly happy running their 24/7 hour restaurant with them that caters to the shifter crowd.Riley Jenson fans have nothing to worry about if they were concerned how the series would shift to centering around a “child character” 20 years later. In fact, I completely forgot even knowing Risa as a “child character” the minute I entered this world until someone asked me how it felt about it specifically. Ha! Also, there are a lot more characters that appear and play critical roles in this series from the Riley Jenson series than I was expecting, and I loved it. But don’t you worry, you do not in any way have to be familiar with that series to pick this one up! Go forth and read, my friends.Here is the Dark Angels reading order:Darkness UnboundDarkness Rising 10/25/11Darkness Devours 6/5/12

  • Annie (Under the Covers Book Blog)
    2019-01-06 12:13

    Posted onUnder the CoversI worried that Risa Jones would not live up to her Aunt Riley. I should never have doubted Arthur. Loyal and new readers alike will love the Dark Angels series. Risa is such an amazing heroine that I instantly loved. Now twenty-eight years old, Risa isn’t the little girl we know from the Riley Jensen series. Arthur has made a fun, kick-ass heroine who possesses wit, intelligence and determination that I admired. Risa is half werewolf and half Aedh which allows her to see reapers. I have to say that the Aedh part of her really intrigued me. Having never read anything like it, I found myself glued to the pages, anticipating the next time she “shifted”. In addition to a great lead in Risa, there were two other things that really made this book for me.The first is Risa’s supporting cast. Like Riley’s gang, I fell in love with all the supporting characters in this book. Risa runs a restaurant called RTY with Tao and Iliana, her best friends. Iliana is a witch whereas Tao is a werewolf who wields fire. I have to say out of the two, Tao really stood out. He provided that comfort and strength that Risa needed many times during this book and I found that his presence really made the book for me. Also, Risa has a love interest in Lucian Dupont, a fellow Aedh. This man is sexy. That is all. Then Risa has her very own reaper in the form of Azriel, the sword-wielding warrior. Surprise, surprise, I loved him too! Arthur does a really great job of creating distinguishable characters that are fun and memorable. When I love characters enough to remember specifics, I’m much more likely to continue a series to find out what happens to them. Secondly, the pacing of this book is perfection. The words just flowed. There were no dragging moments. Arthur allows for small reprieves for her characters but this book is really action-packed, filled to the brim with the paranormal. And I loved every moment of it! I highly recommend this series. Readers will love Arthur’s take on the paranormal

  • Michelle, the Bookshelf StalkerQueen of the Undead
    2019-01-15 10:22

    Ms. Arthur,Great book. Loved it. Great urban fantasy. Besides being a great UF writer, you also have a very vivid naughty mind. Love that about you and your books. Now one request please...I'm not going to even request it outright...let's see if we can figure it out...Liander, Ilianna, LianaRiley, Rhoan, RonanReally, seriously, I love your books so I'm willing to forgive the crazy name thing you have.Sincerely, a fan

  • Carmel (Rabid Reads)
    2018-12-24 13:27

    Reviewed by: Rabid ReadsI hadn't realized how much I'd missed Keri Arthur's writing until I read Darkness Unbound. I absolutely adored her Riley Jensen Guardian series. In fact, I was one of those crazed fans lining up at the bookstore every time a new installment was published. Yeah, they're that good. It came as no surprise to me when I gobbled up the first Dark Angels book in one day. What an unbelievable story, packed with enamoring characters and unparalleled story telling! Thank goodness that Darkness Rising is just around the corner otherwise I think that the wait might actually kill me. Melodramatic much?I was incredibly pleased to see that Riley and her crew make a few cameo appearances. There was no mention of them in the blurb so it came as a complete surprise to me, albeit an extremely welcome one. This is a brand new series so Keri doesn't give us much Jensen action but hey, I'll take what I can get! Risa is Dia's daughter, who was a side character in the Guardian series. I was always extremely fascinated by her. She has remarkable skills and her supernatural powers are off the charts. Jones is a new half breed freshly hatched out of Keri's imagination. The combination of her mother and her father's blood flowing through her veins packs one hell of a punch. I don't know where Arthur came up with the concept behind Risa but kudos to her! Not only are her origins astonishingly intriguing but her personality is a real winner. I fell in love with her after the first 50 pages. She has a backbone of steel yet has no desire to follow in her aunt Riley's footsteps. Jones has her feet planted firmly on the ground and only seeks trouble out after it makes the first move in finding her.Darkness Unbound is overflowing with a five star cast of supernaturals. There's angels, clairvoyants, vampires, werewolves, reapers, demons, shifters and others who's paranormal side has yet to be revealed. I'm sure that you'll find at least one character who suits your taste! By the end, I was so immersed in Keri's world that I was reluctant to return to reality. Fortunately, my guy is incredibly understanding and can quickly identify when I'm in "fiction fantasy heaven" with no chance of returning anytime soon. While I'm on the topic of hallucinations...Time to fawn over Lucian and Azriel Yes, there are TWO smexy men in this book! Risa only does the deed with one of them so it's hard to pick a favorite yet but for me, the reaper is slightly in the lead. He has yet to demonstrate his sexual prowess although, if the heat that radiates off him is anything to go by... The flaming sword and his mysterious personality don't exactly hurt either! Lucian's a lot more straightforward. Well, at least he appears to be so far. An Aedh's kiss is capable of melting rock as well as hearts. There's some food for thought for those of you still considering reading Darkness Unbound! The only problem that I have with this book is the fact that I'm now stuck waiting until October 25th to find out what happens next! I don't think that it's essential to read the Riley Jensen Guardian series before tackling this one but if you have then you'll definitely experience a few extra thrills that newcomers will miss out on. Being an existing Keri Arthur fan does have its advantages! She can weave her magic on me anytime. I have yet to pick my top Urban Fantasy reads of 2011 but Darkness Unbound is definitely a contender it. Not surprising coming from one of my all-time favorite authors. It's been a while since I've lined up outside of a bookstore but if I'm going to do it for anyone it's going to be Keri.

  • Valerie ~ Val Hall ~
    2019-01-07 10:28

    First book in the Dark Angels series takes place several years after the Riley Jensen Guardian series, based in Melbourne, Australia.The child that was introduced in the Riley Jensen series has grown up. 20 years later Risa Jones is making a comfortable living as a partner in a very trendy restaurant, RYT’s, catering to the sup community. Risa has made some long time friends and roommate in the form of Iliana, a horseshifter and Tao, a werewolf fire-starter in a converted high tech warehouse.Risa’s occupation is twofold, by day she runs the restaurant and occasionally makes visits hospitals when her mother succeed in cornering her to go. Being half-Aedh she can walk between worlds and communicate with the souls of the sick, helping them move on or live. It’s on one of those visits at the hospital to the young daughter of an old client of her mother’s that she finds a terrible discovery: the soul of the little girl has been torn out from her flesh. This sets the stage for her adventure and her meddling with the sword carrying reaper Azriel stalking her.The people: Risa is half Heli werewolf, half Aedh that enables her to see reapers and walk the gray plains. The reaper Azriel, who has synced himself with Risa’s chi, follows her around in hopes that her absentee father will contact her so that he can stop his evil plan. Iliana, a witch and clairvoyant dodging every attempts by her parents to fix her up with a nice stallion because she has not the heart to tell them she is a lesbian. Tao, chef extraordinaire of RYT’s when he can be pried from the bed of his latest conquest. Stane Neale is the computer genius and cousin to Tao. Lucian Dupont is Rias’s love interest, a cast out Aedh with more than meets the eye.Riley, her brother Rhoan and Liander make an appearance. Can you believe it, with 5 kids the house is never dull. From the Directorate’s side, Jack’s sister becomes a prominent character in the story.Thoughs: . Risa is not as wolfie as her Aunt Riley and it’s full of new twists so it feels like a different but familiar series. The battle is on another plain so to speak so there is less cool spy gadgets needed. Most of this book is really setting up all the different fractions and players to be incorporated in the Riley universe. The pacing is not affected with all this information and keeps the action going. As I have come to expect of Keri Arthur, there is sexy, smoking hot loving of course. Risa has little battle training so it's not fair to expect a kick-ass heroine like Riley (even if I did). The intrigue and conspiracy is less thick so I am hoping that Darkness Rising evolves more. I am curious to see what the second book is like and the third is out in a few weeks.

  • Niki Hawkes - The Obsessive Bookseller
    2019-01-17 05:05

    Via Book Reviews by Niki Hawkes at www.nikihawkes.comKeri Arthur is my favorite paranormal author! I love her characters: they are all well-developed and evoking, and their unique personalities get me emotionally attached every time. The reason they affect me so much is partly due to Arthur’s excellent sense of humor – it translates to her writing in a way that makes the characters more realistic, and the overall story more enjoyable. I also love the story-lines of her books: while primarily romances, these books have dynamic and interesting plots that have you unraveling mysteries with the characters from start to finish. Finally, I love the content… these are incredibly sexy books!As a spinoff from Arthur’s “Riley Jensen” series, “Darkness Unbound” is every bit as good as its predecessors. Not only is there great development of the characters, but the plot is also fresh and interesting – you wont be able to put it down! In fact, I recommend you have the next book already handy. Overall, I enjoyed this book immensely, and look forward to what Keri has in store for us next!While this was an excellent read, I’m not sure that it would have the same impact as a stand-alone novel. There are countless references to characters and events that took place in Riley’s series, and I can see how the story would be a little flat if you didn’t know the backstory on most of the referred characters. I’ve had nine books to get to know these people, so their thoughts and opinions have a lot more significance and meaning than would any random character. Also, there are certain familial connections that would be quite confusing if you haven’t read the other books. Therefore:Recommendations: if this is your first introduction to Arthur’s books, I strongly recommend you start with “Full Moon Rising” (Riley Jensen #1). They are sexy, dynamic, engaging, and memorable, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I did! On a side note, readers who dislike strong language and sexual content should proceed with Niki HawkesOther books you might like:“Blue Moon” by Lori Handeland“Guilty Pleasures” by Laurell K. Hamilton“Moon Called” by Patricia Briggs“Stray” by Rachel Vincent“Succubus Blues” by Richelle Mead

  • Danielle (Danniegurl)
    2018-12-20 13:14

    *Reader Note Read Riley Jenson series first to get more background as to who Risa's mother is and all her other family is, it'll help it make more sense*Excellent book!! Why did I not read this sooner? I think I was over Riley when I finished her books just because how frustrated I became with her but I didn't realize this was a spin off. Oh my god, it's excellent! It brings us back into Riley's world with a few cameos from our favorite people. Speaking of favorite people I'm talking about you Quinn, I love you, you remind me of my buddy Elijah Mikelson and I'm sorry for butchering that last name. You and Elijah are a lot alike and you're awesome. Ahem moving right along, this book is great. There is a moment that actually brought me sadness and I wanted to cry with Risa's, the story is very compelling, vivid and just great. There is so much promise here. Risa is not a warrior but yet she is. She doesn't hold herself up high and does want sometimes to be rescued, but she also relies on her own strength as well. I like that she doesn't think she's a badass and is fully able to admit she is scared but also still able to trudge along and try to make it out alive. Oh man onto the next one for sure, like now!!

  • Fabienne Gilbert
    2019-01-11 10:25

    I am so happy that I went back and re-read this series, not only and I in love with the characters but I could happily read it over and over again. With this book I like how it has the series running plot and then an investigative case which runs along side. Plus before I say anything else where the hell can I find myself my own sexy ass reaper? And can someone find a way to get rid of Lucian, I'm not his biggest fan to say the least. Anyway, I really enjoyed the story line with the soul stealer and the attack on Risa; that bit was amazingly written. Hell the whole book was incredible! Also heart wrenching to say the least, my heart wept for Risa and her family at the end. Also little miss vampire Hunter is a monumental cow! I really hate her and hope she doesn't really play much of a role in the other books.

  • Jessie Potts
    2019-01-10 13:08

    Fantastic start of a new series. This is a spin off of the Riley Jenson series and stars Risa. unlike her Myth and Magic series (which wasn't a favorite) we're back with the wolf shifters and all that entails. There are so many plots twisted together, and also a couple romantic interests *wink wink* though we don'tsee any steam until page 170 or so. I love the action, the violence, and that we get to see all our beloved characters while still learning and loving Risa's own voice. I recommend and I read it all in one sitting. The second book comes out October 25,I will post the full review in a week or so, enjoy!

  • Stacey Kennedy
    2018-12-31 06:13

    This book is a prime example of why Keri Arthur is one of my favorite authors! Her memorable characters, impressive world-building, intriguing plot lines, kick-ass action scenes, scorching love scenes that had me rereading them to savor them just a little bit longer, and even that very last chapter that had me blubbering all over the page...ALWAYS leaves me wanting more!Outstanding new series!

  • Jessica ❁ ➳ Silverbow ➳ ❁ Rabid Reads
    2019-01-15 13:32

    Overall a decent read. BUT . . . what seemed to be presented early in the story as the main plot for the book turned out to be (presumably) the main plot for the overall series, elevating what seemed to be a minor sub-plot in this particular book to main-plot status. Minor sub-plots do not make very good makeshift main-plots. That is all.

  • Jess
    2019-01-12 13:07

    Review posted: Happily Ever After - ReadsBeing a huge fan of Keri Arthur’s Riley Jenson series, I was more than a little curious to see how Risa would hold up as the lead in her new spin off series, Dark Angels. My last mental image of Risa was of a little girl pulling Riley back from death’s door and while it maybe wasn’t explained in great detail during Riley’s story about how she did it, we find out exactly what Risa’s capable of now, how she managed to help Riley come back from being near death and what Risa’s life is like because of her Aedh abilities. Gone is the little girl we last knew and in her place is a dangerous half Aedh who finds herself caught in the middle of a bad situation, thanks mostly to her dear father, who she’s never met.Risa is in her late twenties, and co-owns a restaurant with her 2 best friends and roommates Illiana and Tao. She’s half werewolf/half Aedh and we learn throughout the book what her abilities are. I think she’s still learning exactly what she’s capable of, and I doubt we’ve seen everything that she can do. Having Aedh abilities, means having incredible power. The extent of that is seen when Risa literally turns her body into mist to get from one place to another, avoiding would be attackers. This ability, while extremely handy, exhausts her so much she has to pick and choose when to utilize it, and for her, less is more.The plot of this story, while not hard to follow, is complex. I’m not going to go in depth about the plot because frankly it would take up pages to try to explain everything that Arthur details throughout the entire book. We’re introduced to some new characters, and when Risa finds out at the beginning of her story that someone is literally stealing souls, preventing them from ever being able to be reborn and exist again in another life, she’s pulled into the middle of the hunt to figure out who or what is doing this. There’s also speculation that someone is trying to gain access to control the gates – yup, those gates, heaven and hell. With this ability, souls could be lost forever, and without those souls being able to be reborn, human life would cease to exist. So…no pressure on poor Risa to figure all this out.While the plot may be complex, in addition to keeping track of the new characters and who has what ability, what I really want to talk about is Risa. Having only known the young Risa through the Riley series, I wasn’t sure how it would feel reading about her as a grownup – in my mind she’s still that young little girl, but that didn’t last long. We’re thrown head first into Risa’s big girl world, which includes her as a business owner, seeing her relationships with her 2 best friends and we’re also reminded that while Risa might be half Aedh, she’s also half wolf, and that means she feels right at home in a wolf club. She's not driven by the moon and doesn’t have to deal with strong wolf urges, but she definitely enjoys herself in the clubs and lets loose in a way I wasn’t expecting from her. Of course having Lucian, an incredibly hot, and potentially dangerous man going with her to one of these clubs doesn’t hurt matters at all!“My pleasure,” he murmured, voice low and seductive. I rolled my eyes – an action he caught, because he rewarded me with another of those high-wattage smiles. Only this time, it was accompanied by a sparkle in his eyes that somehow suggested his pleasure would soon be mine. The scent of arousal surged, and this time it was mine.It wouldn’t be a Keri Arthur book if I wasn’t getting teary about something. As much as it kills me to read, I love that she doesn’t hold back in her books. If someone needs to die for a storyline reason, they die. If a couple needs to be apart for multiple books at a time, they are. As a reader it hurts (yes, I get VERY invested in the characters and their lives) but it makes it all that much sweeter when the good moments come along. There is tragedy in this story and it’s tough to read, but it’s something that will absolutely propel Risa’s storyline forward in the coming books.I’ve mentioned them briefly already, but I’d be a bad Arthur fan if I didn’t give a little blog love to one of my favorite heroines, Riley Jenson. We find out what Riley, Quinn, Rhoan and Liander are all up to, little bits of what their lives are like and how big their family is now. What I loved most about catching up with them again, is that they weren’t just tossed into the story for no reason. They all play important roles in Risa’s life as she turns to them when she needs help, and they’ll no doubt be very important to her as her story continues.This is a must read for all fans of Keri Arthur. Risa is complex character with crazy (cool) abilities that she’s learning to control more and more each day. She’s got some equally crazy (hot) men in her life and while I might have an early favorite hero in the series, in true Keri fashion, each man is intriguing, sexy, and really at this point, Risa can’t go wrong having them all in her life. The question now is, which of these men are there for good reasons, and who does Risa need to never turn her back on. I can’t wait to find out!

  • Cassandra Page
    2018-12-25 08:09

    I had a vague idea that this was the first book in a series set in a world already established by a previous series. But, because it was the first book, I figured I'd be safe not to read the other series first. I was only partially correct in that assumption.Keri Arthur's world is ... complicated. By way of example, her main character, Risa, is the daughter of a woman who is a cloned werewolf psychic consultant to celebrities; her father is an Aedh (a spirit being roughly akin to an angel). Her housemates and business partners are a horse shapeshifter who is a powerful witch, and a half-werewolf with pyrokinetic powers.I managed to wrap my head around that part, but then you have all of Risa's "aunts" and "uncles" (who I thought were really her aunts and uncles until towards the end of the book, when I realised they were her mother's friends, presumably from the first series). They include half vampires, werewolves, guardians and I don't even know what else. There were so many names and supernatural backstories that they blurred together. But I found once we got past the cameos and associated info dumps and I decided it didn't matter, Darkness Unbound was an easier read.The other thing I had to put to one side was that Risa is a bit of a Mary Sue character: gorgeous, with a selection of awesome superpowers and scad-loads of money. She even describes herself as "obscenely wealthy" at one point, and she had her housemates co-run a successful restaurant. I found her a little hard to relate to, because she never seems to really struggle for anything in her day-to-day life (and her restaurant income doesn't seem to explain her alleged wealth). Again, this might be a symptom of the second-generation nature of the story -- maybe her mother and the aunts and uncles already did the struggling so that Risa could benefit? I don't know.All of that being said, I still gave Darkness Unbound three stars. There are redeeming features in the story itself: there are bad guys with dastardly plans that Risa gets drawn into investigating. There's a fair amount of shirtless eye candy (although a baffling lack of regular humans given the story is set in Melbourne!). Risa does get her ass handed to her on occasion, but she is also competent and quick-thinking when she gets into a jam, and can kick a decent amount of butt in her own right. That's my favourite kind of heroine, so she gets points for that too.One thing I should point out that didn't bother me but that may not be to everyone's taste is that werewolves in this world have the morals and sexual drive of a cat on heat. It may be related to the moon being full? I wasn't clear on the details, but the upshot is that Risa is part-werewolf and casual sex is a thing. (I gather she has also used male werewolf sex workers in the past to satisfy her lusts -- I personally like that girl power angle!) There's even an orgy at one point. We're not talking "Anita Blake later in that series" numbers of sexual encounters, thank goodness -- it's not the point of the story by any means. But the sex scenes in Darkness Unbound are explicit to the point of being erotica.The last quarter of the book is where things really pick up pace and get more interesting, and that's what saved Darkness Unbound somewhat for me. But there is less closure than some might like. The plot involving the "gates of hell" mentioned in the blurb is obviously the meta-plot for the series, and -- although some questions are answered and there's a twist that I found motivating (if not that surprising as it was well foreshadowed) -- there are a lot of threads left unresolved.If you're looking for a complex urban fantasy world with some steamy sex, then I'd recommend this series. Actually, no, I think I'd recommend the other series first. That way this one will be less of a shock to the system.

  • Kt
    2018-12-24 08:30

    There isn't anyone quite like Risa. Her mother, a lab created clone, is an extremely strong clairvoyant and also a very special kind of werewolf, able to shift facial structure. Her father is an Adeh, capable of becoming only mist, as well as several other perks. This mixed heritage has made Risa incredibly unique and powerful. Yet all she wants is to live a normal life. Yet, when her mother asks her to help out with a little girl whose soul has been stolen, Risa finds herself in the middle of a very dangerous plot. While she has trained with her guardian "aunt and uncle" nothing could have prepared her for what happens next.If you are a fan of Keri Arthur's Riley Jenson books, then you won't want to miss this new spin off series. Favorites return, but the real focus is on Risa. However, don't be expecting her to be a Riley 2.0, as she is very much her own person. Yes, Risa is part wolf, but unlike Riley, she isn't chained as much by the sexual nature of her wolf side. In fact Risa is more Adeh than anything, making for a fresh new set of skills. She also is her mother's daughter, in that she has plenty of physic abilities. It would have been so easy to follow down the same path her "Aunt" Riley had with the directorate, but for the moment, Risa seems happier to live a normal life. Or, well that was the case until certain events were set into motion in this book. Now it looks like that normal life will be thing of the past, which is bad for Risa, but very entertaining for the reader.There are two very sexy men that show up in Risa's life in Darkness Unbound. A sexually frustrated werewolf is an incredibly dangerous thing, so their arrival was just in time, since Risa's wolf side, while much milder than most, was starting to show the signs of neglect. Lucian, being a full Adeh seems to be surprisingly straight forward, a rare occurrence. Of course there still could be more to him than meets the eye, but only time will tell. Azriel on the other hand is quite mysterious, making me desperate to know more. He's a reaper charged with following Risa around until he gets his answers. Despite his outward demeanor, I don't think he is quite as aloof as he pretends to be towards her. One made some progress with Risa in this book, (I won't say which) but to be honest I'm more intrigued by the other one. I'm quite curious to see how things will play out for Risa, and how much of her wolf side will come into play. Does she have a soul mate like most wolves? It is a pair like her aunt's due to their dual natures, or does her Adeh nature cancel all that out? I cannot wait to see the answers to these questions, and where Risa's love life goes.On a slightly side note, it is mentioned that Riley and Rhoan haven't aged at all, yet Liander is showing some signs. This worries me immensely, as Rhoan cannot survive without him, and in turn Riley wouldn't survive without her twin. Then that leaves Quinn and I'm not so sure how he would fair in all that too, as they are all a package deal. I'm kinda hoping Liander gets turned or something, as him aging is sure to cause a massive domino effect. But that is enough of those worries for now, and I'll get back to the book at hand. Keri Arthur once again proves just how good she is at writing an intriguing book with a fast moving plot that has plenty of steaminess on the side. I'll be counting down the days until the next book releases.

  • Darcy
    2018-12-24 09:13

    I started to read this one with trepidation. I really liked the Riley Jensen series, learning that it was coming to an end was sad for me, but I perked up when I heard about this spin off series and hoped that it lived up to the first one. It is with great enthusiasm that I can say that this is how a spin off should be done. We get new characters that you instantly fall in love with and root for them to overcome the obstacles in their way and we got to see the old characters that we came to love.Some of my favorite parts of this book was when Risa would call Aunt Riley, Uncle Quinn, Uncle Rhoan, and Uncle Liander, along with all their kids. I was a big fan of the last book in that series, so seeing how they are in the future more than makes up for it. These 4 old characters seemed to claim Risa just like they do their own kids, so the protective instincts from them are there along with the kid rebelling from a parent from Risa. It was interesting to see Risa as a grown up instead of the precious child we have seen in the past. I think Risa is a great blend of her mother and her aunts and uncles, and since she is only a half werewolf and half Aedh the book is somewhat familiar, as it is set in the same world, but different enough that I had a hard time putting the book down.Risa and her BFF's/roommates are at the heart of the story. I love that they all feel like misfits and as kids banded together. While each of them are extremely wealthy in their own right and could live apart, they choose to live together. With their history and the openness that is the shifter culture they are all in each other's lives, meddling away. Each of them has their own talents, but when trouble comes to Risa those talents get put to good use as there is no way they won't go into trouble with her.Risa's parents play a large part in this book as well. We learn more of what Aedh's are and what they are capable of and of course Dia is there as always. Risa's love life is interesting when you compare what we know of the previous series, against that she is almost a prude. While there does seem to be one main candidate, I have my reservations about him. He, along with what he is, seems awfully convenient. Risa says she was betrayed in the past by a lover and I have a feeling that this new lover could go that same road. The other candidate doesn't really seem like he is even in the running, but there is something there that makes me wonder when, not if. Being that this guy is something wholly new it brings all sorts of possibilities and I seem to trust his more as he is brutally honest.The ending had me in tears, events coming to a head that I didn't want to see happen, but knew it was coming. Risa's actions and her "deal with the devil" should bring about some great new stories, but I wonder just how high the price will be for her. I can't wait to read the next book!

  • CarolynStorer
    2019-01-11 10:17

    2.5 StarsI was really looking forward to reading this book. I’d heard so many people praising the author’s Riley Jensen series that I was positive this would be an amazing urban fantasy.Unfortunately, Darkness Unbound reads life a debut novel with all the trappings of a new writer than one so seasoned. There’s awkward dialogue, info dumping, a heroine who doesn’t know who she is, acting like a child one minute then trying to kick butt in the next, all wrapped up in choppy writing.For the first hundred pages or so, I thought I was reading a young adult novel with regards to the way Risa Jones acts. Stomping around after being told what to do by her uncle and then pouting. From her actions I thought she was a teenager rather than twenty eight years old.There is a lot of unnecessary descriptions added at very odd moments. For instance, after being kidnapped and abused, Riley returns home to be told that they must leave as soon as possible due to the baddies heading their way.“Please, we must be going. We have delayed here too long.”Again his words held an edge that motivated. I grabbed my Coke and gulped it down so quickly the gas rose back up my throat. I smothered the burp, then stood…”This is meant to be a really tense and highly charged moment, did I really need to know she stifled a burp?Also dialogue like this:I half smiled. “Because I am sometimes my mother’s daughter, and I can sense the avoidance in your words.”You can’t be your mother’s daughter ‘sometimes‘ (even if you may want to).These type of instances were dotted throughout the book and slowly wound me down. Darkness Unbound was a bitter disappointment, even to the point that I’m not sure I want to continue with the series, or begin her others.Much of the dialogue was just information, someone (mainly Risa) asking the question and another answering it. This is just info dumping disguised as dialogue in my opinion and soon became very tedious. Also the fact that Risa is the daughter of a very powerful psychic and werewolf, an Aedh father and an aunt who to all accounts is a serious kick-arse, it is slightly unbelievable that she didn’t know the answers to the questions she was asking, which made the whole situation unrealistic.Because Risa didn’t act like a 28 year old, some of the sex scenes seemed to come from know where. These I must admit were written and flowed well but were pretty explicit, which is fine if it fit with the heroine’s personality but it didn’t. There was also an orgy scene that felt so out of place, it was distasteful and crude rather than erotic.Darkness Unbound was a disappointing read, with characters that didn’t ring true, far too much info dumping in disguise as dialogue, and a heroine that didn’t really inspire.

  • Heather Book Savvy Babe
    2018-12-24 10:05

    I read Keri Arthur's Riley Jensen series last year, and I loved that series. I was sad when Riley's stories ended, so when I saw that Keri Arthur had started a spin-off series, I jumped on the chance to read Darkness Unbound. I have to say, I think I like this Dark Angels series even better than the Riley Jensen series.Creating a world that is dark, sensual, and full of powerful supernatural beings, Keri Arthur strikes gold with Darkness Unbound, the first novel in her new Dark Angels series. In this new series, half-werewolf, half-Aedh Risa is all grown up. She has good friends, a job she enjoys, and she is close to her family (including her Aunt Riley). Risa's life is turned upside-down when she is targeted by several individuals seeking her father's whereabouts and believing that Risa could help find the keys to the afterlife. A dangerous, but sexy reaper is following her around, but doesn't step in to help when Risa is attacked by by thugs. Risa never expected that her half-Aedh heritage would be so important, or dictate her life, but it seems that her heritage will change her future.Keri Arthur does an amazing job creating new characters for this series. Risa is a fantastic heroine, she accepts situations for what they are and does everything she can to do what's right, to kick-butt when she needs to, and to be there for friends and family when they need her. She had no desire to be the kick-butt heroine, but as the story develops, so does her character. Circumstances make Risa use her abilities and powers in ways she never needed to before, and she comes out changed. She doesn't whine and complain about her problems, she faces them and the dangers head-on. Risa has really good friends, Tao and Ilianna who are more family than friends. Riley is in the book a little bit, but her character is pretty limited. This Dark Angel series is very different than the Riley Jensen series. Where Riley Jensen was about guardians and the directorate, Darkness Unbound is about the Aedh and the spiritual afterlife, and beings who are completely different from vampires and werewolves. Risa is half werewolf though, and the werewolves in this world are sensual, sexual creatures. Therefore, Risa does not have sexual hang-ups, and there is some pretty hot sex in this book. With that said, I would not qualify Darkness Unbound as a romance, it is more an urban fantasy, with a darker sexual nature. I really loved this book, the world is one of my favorites, the characters are engaging, and the writing is exceptional. Darkness Unbound is a fast paced adventure with a powerful and smart heroine. Urban Fantasy and paranormal readers, Darkness Unbound is a "must-read."

  • Tishia (Paperback Opinion)
    2019-01-15 11:16

    Darkness Unbound is the first book in the Dark Angels series by Keri Arthur. It is a spin off of the popular Riley Jensen series. In this book we follow the brave heroine Risa Jones. Being half werewolf, half Aedh has given her some awesome powers that she rarely uses. However, when a creature starts ripping souls out of bodies, including an innocent little girl, Risa must use all her available powers to stop it.I have decided that Keri Arthur books just aren't for me. I read Full Moon Rising awhile back – the first book in the Riley Jensen Guardian series, and didn't really enjoy it. There was too much meaningless sex in it and this book was no different. I like romance and passion but I felt like this book had none. Risa meets a couple of sexy guys. The first is Lucien, an Aedh who hits on her and they hook up before really even knowing each other. I felt no spark whatsoever between them, and actually felt that Lucien's character was a little shady. The second guy, is Azrael – a reaper who helps Risa take care of the soul-stealing creature. He is a very guarded being who tends to keep his distance from Risa – yet I felt a spark between them. And NOTHING happens. The only reason I finished this book was because of the small hope that something would happen between them.Risa really is a likable character who would do anything to help others. She is strong, confident, loyal, etc... She's just a bit, uhhh, slutty. I mean, who would go to a club and give a complete stranger a blow job while your date is taking you from behind? I know she's part werewolf, and this is the way werewolves are in these books, but it's just not for me. Don't get me wrong, I like reading about sex – just not emotionless sex. Besides all that, the book is packed with action and it has a fairly interesting plot. This book has some great reviews, so I'm part of the minority giving this book less than 3 stars. If you are an Urban Fantasy fan you might love this, it just wasn't my cup of tea.

  • Jenna Howard
    2019-01-13 09:28

    I want to enjoy this book more than I did. First I'm not entirely sure how this is categorized. It's sold in the romance section but read more like an urban fantasy but it's in the future so wouldn't that make it...sci-fi?My head...hurts.More than that Risa confused me. For all her "I just want to run my restaurant" declarations, she wasn't doing a lot of that. At all. She was busy solving the mystery of why every paranormal creature on the planet (and not) were suddenly looking for her father.While she's a strong creature, I wouldn't classify her as kick ass. Azriel (ooooh Azriel) did all the ass kicking. Risa mostly got hers handed to her...when she wasn't having hot steamy sex (and some very publicly I might add) with an Aedh named Lucian who I couldn't help but feel is a part of this mess and is working with her dad and has something to do with that company doing bad things. I'm such a suspicious reader. He just happened upon her getting her ass kicked? Really? -insert suspicious reader music-As I've never read the Riley Jenson series, I found myself very confused by this world. So much wasn't explained to me. Like what the heck mares/stallions like her roomie Iliana is. Do they shape shift into horses? Do they just have horsey DNA? It took awhile to get lost in the story because I had so many questions. I doubt I'll be continuing on with the series even though Azriel (ooooh Azriel) is really yummy and I want to know if my suspicions with Lucian are correct.

  • Chad
    2018-12-23 06:32

    It's really a4.5 starGOODREADS, LISTEN UP you NEED to let us READERS on your site have the 1/2 star option on here, the whole stars are good BUT we also want to have the 1/2 star too...

  • Mariachiara
    2019-01-19 10:26

    1. Darkness unboundInedito in ItalianoTrama: Essendo metà licantropo e metà Aedh, Risa Jones può entrare il reame del crepuscolo tra la vita e la morte e vedere i raccoglitori, esseri soprannaturali che raccolgono le anime dei morti. Ma presto fa una terribile scoperta. Una forza misteriosa sta rubando anime, impedento ai morti di raggiungere l'aldilà.I raccoglitori scortano le anime a destinazione, non le rubano, e uno di loro segue le mosse di Risa per poter trovare suo padre (che però lei non ha mai conosciuto) un sacerdot Aedh, che si sussurra stia inteferendo con i portali dell'inferno per oscuri motivi. Con l'aiuto della sua "zietta" Riley Jenson, e dell' Aedh Lucian che ha perduto le sue ali ma non la sua straordinaria bellezza, Risa dovrà scoprire chi sta usando la magia del sangue per rubare anime e fermare anche suo padre....prima che l'inferno si scateni.La mia opinione:Parto prima di tutto col dire che il personaggio di Riley anche se marginalmente è piuttosto presente nel libro. In questo modo possiamo scoprire come si è trasformata la vita della mezza vampira mezzo licantropa negli ultimi venti anni, da quando la sua serie di libri è finita.Ritroviamo una Riley piuttosto diversa sotto certi aspetti da quella che conoscevamo, ora ha ben cinque figli, nati dalle sue "uova" e dallo sperma di Liander, il compagno di Rohan, il fratello gemello di Riley. Due coppie di gemelli (una maschio e femmina mi sembra e una di due non ne sono sicura, viene appena accenato, non conosciamo nessuno dei suoi figli direttamente....) e una figlia singola. La coppia di gemella più grande, maschio e femmina è ormai adulta e contro il volere di mamma Riley stanno addestrandosi per diventare guardiani come lei....Riley vive con Quinn, e con Rohan e Liander tutti nella stessa casa con i loro figli. Un grande famiglia felice insomma. Inoltre Riley e Rohan negli ultimi venti anni non sono invecchiati minimamente grazie ai loro geni in parte vampireschi. Solo Liander è lievemente invecchiato, ha qualche ruga intorno a occhi e bocca, ma essendo licantropo anche lui invecchia lentissimamente.Detto questo partiamo a parlare del libro Darkness unbound in sè. Si sente terribilmente che è ilprimo libro di una nuova serie, molte domande restano senza risposta, e il libro più che altro introduce un sacco di personaggi senza però darci moltissima trama. Un problema capibile, ma che comunque spiace sempre al lttore che resta alla fine del libro con la voglia di sapere e una lunga atttesa davanti a sè.Trovo che bisogna vedere questo libro come staccato dalla serie Riley o si rischia di restarne un pò delusi. Risa non è una protagonista carismatica quanto Riley, è molto diversa da lei...più umana, ma comunque interessante...solo più normale. Mi spiego meglio, mentre Riley colpiva il lettore per quanto era genuina, seguiva il suo istinto lupesco senza vergogna e agiva sempre d'impulso....Risa riflette di più ma è normale, non dimentichiamoci che Risa è sì metà lupo ma per metà è Aedh, e ha anche il dono della precognizione in su questo punto torneremo più tardi.Prendiamo ad esempio come si sarebbe comportata Riley al posto di Risa che durante il libro è attratta da due uomini? Semplice saerbbe andata a letto con tutti e due.Risa no, lei è attratta dal reaper Azrial ma combatte questa sua attrazione perchè molto forte e le fa paura (un pò come la reazione di Riley a Quinn ma Riley comunque a letto con lui ci va subito salvo poi un pò pentirsene) e va invece a letto con l'altro uomo che la attrae un pò meno, Lucian. Basti dire che dopo che ci va a letto commenta fra se che è stato bello ma non quanto baciarlo.....insomma c'è un approccio amoroso più freddino da parte di Risa che è un personaggio totalmente diverso da Riley.Poi un altro difettuccio del libro è il fatto che sia un tantino telefonato, cioè è facilissimo sapere cosa accadrà dopo nella trama. Questo fatto è comprensibile visto che ben tre personaggi del libro hanno il dono della precognizione, e ripeto tre. Ma da comunque fastidio al lettore che in questo modo non muore certo di suspance. Insomma prendiamo il finale del libro ad fatto che un personaggio importante muoia non soprende nessuno visto che lo stesso personaggio aveva accennato alla cosa più e più volte durante il libro e piuttosto esolicitamente tra l'altro, perciò non si capisce la sopresa di Risa.....visto che lei stessa era preoccupata per il destino di quella persona e aveva un presentimento....Queste pecche a parte la Arthur sa comunque scrivere e questo libro ci apre un universo molto nuovo, con le figure dei reaper conduttori di anime, gli aedh guardiani dei portali, una misteriosa chiave destinata ai portali.....i misterui non mancano e il lettore giunge alla fine del libro più curioso che mai.Io stessa non vedo l'ora di leggere il seguito, in special modo per conoscere meglio il personaggio del reaper Azriel, credo il personaggio più interessante di tutto il libro, ma parte di me, è inutile negarlo, rimpiange una protagionista come Riley. Risa per ora non è alla sua altezza.I lettori americani non dovranno aspettare molto per il seguito Darknes Rising che uscirà a fine ottobre, mentre il terzo libro della serie sarà pronto solo a giugno 2012!