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Private investigator Vivi Angelino loves living life on the edge, but stepping into the shoes of a movie starlet to bait a serial killer isn't just a thrill . . . it's a ticket to the big time for her fledgling security firm. That is, as long as a certain risk-averse FBI agent stays out of her way-and out of her fantasies.Assistant Special Agent in Charge Colton Lang isn'tPrivate investigator Vivi Angelino loves living life on the edge, but stepping into the shoes of a movie starlet to bait a serial killer isn't just a thrill . . . it's a ticket to the big time for her fledgling security firm. That is, as long as a certain risk-averse FBI agent stays out of her way-and out of her fantasies.Assistant Special Agent in Charge Colton Lang isn't above using his well-worn rulebook to stop Vivi's latest walk on the wild side. But when they learn her client is involved in something far more insidious than bad acting, Vivi and Colt must work together despite the electrifying attraction arcing between them. For each new clue is bringing them closer to a high-profile crime with a dark and deadly truth at its core . . . and a cold, calculating murderer with nothing left to lose....

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Face of Danger Reviews

  • Auntee
    2019-02-27 06:37

    My favorite of the series! I absolutely loved everything about this book--the characters, the plot, the romance, the suspense, the who-done-it, the action...all of it worked for me, and as an added bonus, it even made me cry.Face Of Danger is the third book (you must read these in order) in Roxanne St. Claire's Guardian Angelinos series, and it was a real pleasure to read. We first meet the heroine, 32 year-old tomboy skateboarder, Vivi Angelino of the Boston area in book #1 (Edge of Sight), where she sets up her security company (The Guardian Angelinos) along with her twin brother Zach and her Rossi cousins. In this book her company is making progress, taking job referrals from their FBI acquaintance Colton Lang, and is on the verge of big success, but she needs to make a mark with a big client. Vivi hears news about a possible serial killer stalking some Hollywood actresses--the Red Carpet Killer--and because of her resemblance to Oscar nominated actress Cara Ferrari, she comes up with an idea. Since the Red Carpet Killer has murdered the last two female Oscar winners, and the Oscars are just around the corner, maybe Cara would consider hiring Vivi as her body double? That way Cara could go into hiding (assuming she wins the Oscar), and Vivi would lure the killer to make a move on her instead? Sounds like a plan, right?ViviVivi tells her plan to her FBI friend (and secret crush), the straight-shooter, by-the-book, take-no-chances, hunky nerd, Colton "Cautious" Lang. Lang doesn't like the idea, doesn't like the thought of cute (but not his physical type) Vivi putting herself in the path of a killer, and secretly hopes that Cara Ferrari doesn't hire Vivi. When Cara wins the Oscar, Lang's FBI bosses order him (with a promise of a huge job promotion to their L.A. office if he's successful) to be part of Cara's security team to protect her and catch a potential killer. Cara has plans to return to her childhood home in Nantucket, and Lang is aboard the private jet that will take her (and her pet dachshund "Stella") there. But when he sees Cara, he does a double-take. That's Vivi playing the part of Cara, right? Or is it? Vivi has been sworn to secrecy (and an iron clad non-disclosure agreement) not to let anyone know that she is impersonating Cara, so convincing Lang that she is really Cara will be a true test of her acting skills and her disguise. Can the skater girl who hides her femininity behind oversized clothes, a pierced nose, a funky short haircut, and a lack of makeup become the sexy, long-haired siren who is Cara Ferrari? Will a lap dance right out of one of Cara's movies (complete with thigh-high stiletto boots) convince Lang that who he thinks might be Vivi is really Cara?Colton LangOh wow, the lap dance (and what follows it) really kicked things into high gear in this book. Vivi and Lang have some serious, serious chemistry in this story, and I loved seeing Lang trying to resist Vivi. Because of something in his past, Lang is dead set against taking risks (mostly of the emotional kind), and Vivi is one giant risk-taker. But can he help it that he's attracted to her and her risk taking behavior? She makes him feel alive, but that could be risky for his heart.Cara’s Nantucket houseVivi has her own past, and in this book we learn what she's been hiding for 16 years, and how it's affected her romantic life, and her perception of herself. I was heartbroken to learn her secret(s), and the fact that she couldn't bring herself to confide in anyone. She has this wonderful connection with Lang (rarely did she call him 'Colt'), filled with plenty of teasing dialogue and physical and emotional heat. It's easy to see their connection, and why Vivi trusts Lang like she's never trusted anyone before. The only question between the two seems to be if they're ready to admit their feelings for one another and be brave enough to take the next step. Each has their reasons for holding back, and it's not until all the secrets are revealed that they can they move forward.What I loved about this story: first of all, the chemistry between Vivi and Colt. Simmering, simmering...and then explosively hot! There's not many scenes, but what is there is sooo good. Oh, the bathtub scene...Second: the characters. I absolutely loved Vivi--she's bold, fearless, a risk-taker, compassionate, brave, and vulnerable. It was very easy to root for her, and my heart just about broke when she was upfront with Lang (view spoiler)[ and he ran away when he couldn't face his feelings (hide spoiler)].Colton Lang? Beneath those golf shirts and khakis and old-fashioned phrasing was one smokin' hot sexy man. Yes, he was a straight arrow, a "Dudley-Do-Right" as Vivi called him, totally by-the-book, except when Vivi's life was in danger (which it was many times in this book). That's when you could see the enormity of his feelings for Vivi, but darn it that past of his was holding him back, and you just wanted him to break free of it!Third: the suspense plot. RSC serves up quite the suspense plot, filled with a potential serial killer, child slavery, human trafficking--and you're not really sure who's all caught up in it. She gives us plenty of suspects to wonder about--Cara's drunken sister Joellen, her agoraphobic housekeeper Mercedes, her homely assistant Marissa, her former lover Roman, and Cara herself. Many times throughout the book I thought I had figured things out, picked out my suspects, figured out their motives, only to have RSC throw a little curve-ball, a little twist, to keep me guessing.Fourth: the action. Lots of bursts of action throughout the book as Vivi and Lang put their heads together to not only figure out who is threatening Cara's life, but why? Is it really the Red Carpet Killer who wants her dead, or someone else? Is Cara connected to a human trafficking ring that is operating right out of her house in Nantucket and the cranberry bogs on her property? Is something from Cara's past threatening her future?Cranberry bogBy far the most intense action comes at the end of the book, when Lang realizes that Vivi is in danger and tries to save her in a heroic move that is straight out of an action movie (OMG, I was biting my nails over that move!) Even little Stella (the weiner dog with a crush on Lang) played an important role in the climax!StellaSo yes, Roxanne St. Claire got it all right in this one. Just the right blend of hot romance with two very special, passionate characters, a plot filled with plenty of twists and turns, and a riveting ending (plus a juicy, romantic epilogue to boot). Oh yes, we also get to see (or hear about) Zach, Sammi, Marc, Devyn, Uncle Nino, Chessie and Gabe (who's up next)--love that Angelino/Rossi family. This is shaping up to be quite a series--but I think RSC may have a hard time topping this one. I enjoyed everything about this book, and the nerd in me even had to do some research about cranberry bogs--I never gave a thought about how cranberries came to be! So far Vivi is the star of this series, but I do have some high hopes for the intriguing Gabe. I just hope his story will somehow involve Vivi and Lang too, because I'm not quite ready to see them go. 5 stars ["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Leah
    2019-03-16 06:20

    I won this book in Goodreads First Reads.I'm surprised by how much I love this book. The first book of this series, Edge of Sight, was pretty much an Epic Fail. The second book of the series, Shiver of Fear, was a Mild Epic Fail, due in large part to Devyn's ridiculousness. So, the whole time I was reading Face of Danger, I really was surprised by how much I was actually enjoying it, and that it ended up being an Epic Success for me by the end. I was actually really intrigued by the whole concept and all the characters.I was extremely interested in the dynamic between Assistant Special Agent in Charge Colton Lang and Viviana Angelino ever since they met in Shiver of Fear. There was instant sexual interest and tension between the two of them, and couldn't wait to see when and how they were going to act on it. Colt is a by-the-book, follow-the-rules golfer, and Vivi is a spunky, punky skater who started up her own security company with her brother and cousins. By all accounts, complete opposites. I guess it's true what they say: Opposites attract. There was legitimate chemistry between these two. I didn't feel a lot of chemistry with Marc and Devyn in Shiver of Fear, and I definitely didn't feel any with Zach and Sam in Edge of Sight, but I could see that Colt and Vivi actually cared about each other. Sure, they had their spats and arguments, but they could talk to and listen to each other; they could appreciate the opinions of the other. Colt and Vivi are by far my favorite couple of this series so far, and they are two of my favorite characters.I sincerely hope that Gabe's book is the next one in the series. He is the one person that I am most interested in within the Guardian Angelinos. We don't know much about him except that he's a spook and has access to unlimited information, and he loves his family. I am really interested to learn his secrets and see what extraordinary woman can convince Gabriel Rossi that love is worth it. So she better not suck, Roxanne St. Claire!Another reason, aside from the awesome main characters, that I gave this book five stars is because I was actually interested in the plot and I was intrigued by the story the whole time I was reading the book. I liked the different mysterious plots and cases, and I loved watching Vivi and Colt work together to solve not one but two huge FBI cases.I also appreciated the fact that Vivi and Colt had real issues that took them a while to get over. And they didn't just get over them as soon as they fell into bed together. Vivi's sexual fears were real and she wasn't able to just go off and have sex with Colt right away just because she wanted to. A lot of the time, authors make everything suddenly all okay after some kind of sexual trauma by just having the heroine and hero fall into bed together. Well, people, that is not reality. So, yes, I liked the fact that Vivi's situation was somewhat real. Also, Colt had genuine difficulties getting past the death of his lost lady love. It's not easy to get over the death of someone you have loved and lost, and some people never do. Therefore, I felt that it was entirely realistic for Colt to have taken over five years to finally accept and move on. Again, authors often make everything Okey Dokey Smokey just because the hero meets the heroine. Like with Vivi's situation, that just doesn't happen most of the time. So, like I said, I'm glad that St. Claire made their situations and reactions real.I just have to say again that I really loved this book. I'm still a little shocked that I enjoyed this book so much, but alas, I did. I would recommend this book to many. I wouldn't necessarily recommend the first two, but you need to read them to understand everything because the books are very closely related. I eagerly await the next installment (GABE!!!!) of the series.

  • Saly
    2019-03-21 06:27

    Face of Danger was fabulous and it has to be one of the best books of 2011 for me. Move over Bullet Catchers, this is my new favorite by Roxanne St Claire.Vivi Angelino the heroine is the one who came up withe the idea of the Guardian Angelinos and her family thought she was crazy. Vivi is a former reporter, newly licensed PI and she is determined to put her company on the map, no matter what it takes. Colton Lang is a by the book FBI Agent who Vivi loves to call a nerd and he is the complete opposite of Vivi. Breaking the rules ultimately is detrimental is what, he believes(and his past experiences prove that). He is very skeptical of Vivi's idea.The suspense plot of the book revolves around the idea that Oscar winners are suspected of being killed and Vivi decides to masquerade as one (with permission of course). Much to the chagrin of Colt, Vivi succeeds and becomes a part of his mission(the actress she is pretending to be). It becomes a test for Colt's promotion to LA and for Vivi it is a gamble for her business. But there is a catch Cara(the actress Vivi is playing), makes her sign a non-disclosure agreement under which even the FBI shouldn't know that Vivi is not Cara.Since, Colt knows her it is a bit difficult and what Vivi does to stop Colt has given the romance world one of the most hottest and erotic scene I have read. Man, if the book could smoke ;)The lap-dance Vivi does is something I have no words for.But things are not so simple and there is more heavier things going on over-lapping with another mission.Vivi she is amazing. She is truly fearless and determined and willing to take risks, but the way the book is written Vivi never crosses the line to TSTL(too stupid to live). She relives in her self and her business and knows that certain things are needed on the way to success. She challenges Colt and loves to needle him.When we find out that Vivi wasn't always a tomboy, skate loving girl that is one moment I was not expecting and what she went through when she was young was very painful but she hides it really well that people don't get what is at the bottom of Vivi. She never even told her family and that has to be difficult for her.There are moments when her old fears come to the surface but Colt is there. Colt has been attracted to Vivi from the start but she scares him and being thrown in proximity slowly changes things. Vivi interferes in the way Colt does things and he lets her. He without wanting to falls for her and when he has this epiphany it is hilarious.The book works because of the awesome characters and the human trafficking part was so heart-breaking.I hope we get a story for Gabe.

  • Jess
    2019-03-22 10:20

    Review posted at: www.happilyeverafter-reads.blogspot.comFace of Danger is book 3 in one of my current, favorite, must read series, The Guardian Angelinos. These are absolutely standalone books, but I enjoy the layers you get when reading a series starting at the beginning. We first meet Vivi Angelino in book 1 as a feisty reporter who’s trying to talk her brother, Zach, into starting a family owned security firm. After much convincing, the firm is started up and The Guardian Angelinos are born.I’ve loved Vivi and her skateboarding ways from the very beginning and her story was everything I hoped it would be. She doesn’t just want their family business to succeed. She wants to be the BEST. Period. And the key to becoming the most sought after security firm in the country (Vivi would say the world!) is Vivi’s newest case. There’s a Red Carpet Killer who’s killed the last 2 best actress Oscar winners and with Vivi’s resemblance to this year’s winner, she’s hired to be a body double in the hopes of drawing out the killer. Enter Colton Lang *SIGH*. Assistant Special Agent in Charge Lang has also been around the Angelinos throughout the series as he’s farmed out cases to them through the FBI. He’s by the book, he dresses the part, he uses words like malarkey and cockamamie and gets under Vivi’s skin like no other. Thrown together in this case, they uncover more twists and turns than I saw coming, and fight for their lives even when they’re not sure who they need to be fighting against.I love a good romantic/suspense story and Roxanne St. Claire delivers. Vivi and Lang are the couple that you cheer for. They have hilarious banter, work great together as a team and have some of the most touching, sweet moments of the series to date. Both characters have survived horrific pasts, continue to deal with and move beyond pain and loss and watching them want to trust each other and learn to trust each other, was a joy to read.

  • Manda Collins
    2019-02-21 12:16

    This book was so good I don't even know where to begin. I have to admit, I was not Vivi's biggest fan before I started this one. It's not that I disliked her, but her feisty nature and tomboyishness were problematic for me. But once I started the book and got inside her POV all my hesitations were washed away. I've always been a sucker for a straight-laced hero paired with a troublesome heroine, and from the first Colton Lang pushed all my hero buttons. The story itself is intriguing, involving a serial killer, human trafficking and one very determined little doggy. One of the things I admire most about Roxanne St. Claire is her willingness to go wherever the story takes her. And this foray from Hollywood to Nantucket and back again is just as action-packed as any she's written. Lang and Vivi's HEA isn't achieved easily and they've both got some hurdles to get over before they can trust one another but once they do...well, let's just say that they've got some serious chemistry. Fabulous read.

  • LaFleurBleue
    2019-03-02 05:10

    Much better than the previous book, as this one managed to have both a solid investigation with several layers of mysteries to unwrap and discover, as well as an undeniable attraction between the leads, both physical and emotional.The heroine Vivi, playing the body double to protect an Oscar-winning actress from being victim to a potential serial killer, provided the background for several interesting topics: a complete sexy makeover and transformation for someone who protected herself so skilfully that few were even aware that she was doing it, some situations in which the hero wasn't so much sure of himself and wondered whether he dealt with his actress-fantasy or with his real-life one. I liked discovering about the several skeletons in the actress' closet and understand how those would impact her career.

  • (Tori-Smexybooks) smexys_sidekick
    2019-02-28 08:24

    Originally posted at Quote: “No, I’m not really big on the whole screw and shoo gig. But thanks for the offer. “Vivi Angelino owns and operate the private security firm-Guardian Angelino with her brother Zach and extended family. Vivi wants to take the company to a higher level, but in order to do that she needs a huge case to put her on the map. When she hears of the Red Carpet murders, Vivi sees her chance to make the company shine. A natural risk taker, Vivi decides to switch places with Oscar winning actress Cara Ferrari who may be the next victim of the Red Carpet killer. Nobody has a problem with this but Special Agent Colton Lang. Agent Lang has been sending Vivi’s company business for the past few months all the while trying to deny the attraction he feels for her. When he hears of Vivi’s plan, his first instinct is a resounding, “NO.” But Vivi didn’t get where she is today by playing by the rules and since Agent Lang may or may not be accepting a promotion in LA-Vivi does what needs to be done.Face Of Danger is the third book in Ms. St. Claire’s Guardian Angelino series. More light hearted then the first two, in here we focus on carefree skater Vivi Angelino and the straight laced Special Agent Colton Lang. Fast paced with a smooth writing style and a tense mystery. The romance is a strong presence in here; overshadowing the plot as we have watched Lang and Vivi dance around each other the entire series.When Vivi takes matters into her own hands and approaches Ms Ferrari about being her body double. Ms. Ferrari agrees but makes Vivi sign a severe non disclosure agreement. This puts Vivi in a precarious situation, especially when the FBI take matters into their own hands and make Ms. Ferrari agree to their protection. Vivi has to work double time to convince Lang that she is Cara and not Vivi. When Vivi arrives at Cara’s home in Nantucket, (disguised as Cara), she is immediately attacked and realizes that Cara may know more about the Red Carpet murders then she let on. As Vivi and Lang start investigating, they find information that blows the case wide open and leads Vivi and Lang to believe that the murders are just a ruse to hide something more explosive then they ever could imagine.Vivi and Lang connected for me at the beginning when I first met them. Opposites in every way, the sexual tension was a viable presence starting in book one and increasing into book two. It feel off to me in here though. Both Vivi and Lang have experienced a devastating event in their past which emotionally restricts them from committing to a serious relationship. While I understand both their reasons (they are valid) the path to enlightenment felt superficial. All you hear about is the physical connection they both want. I never felt it went deeper then that. Their scenes together intertwine into the mystery of the storyline, often pushing it to the side lines.Vivi is a wonderful heroine but a bit childish for a 32 year old. She came across more mature in the previous books. She is a pistol though and the first to leap into action. Intelligence, strength, and courage are all facets of her personality and they shine through. She shows a remarkable lack of caution with Lang though. Vivi teases and taunts Lang to the breaking point-yet never takes that final step. She finally commits but only after he saves her life. That cheapened the moment for me. There is a VERY hot scene between Vivi and Lang in the beginning that really blows you away. It sets the stage for what could have been a magnificent romantic entanglement but the resulting scenes didn’t back it up so it sat in my mind-filed under confused.Special Agent Colton Lang is a true alpha who deals with life in a clear and concise manner. Rules are important to him and he has a hard time dealing with Vivi and her lack of discipline. I had a problem with him in the beginning because he used his strong personality to try and bend Vivi to his will. It felt like her was talking down to her. Even though under the guise of protection-it still felt wrong. But she can more then hold her own with Lang and when Ms. St. Claire draws out his background and divulges more of his personality-you understand why he is as he is.Our secondary characters are a mixture of old and new. Gabe (yum) appears and hints that his spying days may be over. Could the next book be about him? We can only hope. Uncle Nino is still cooking yummy foods and offering invaluable advice. and more Rossi’s are being roped into working for what Vivi calls, “the dark side”. The villain in the story took me by surprise and Ms. St. Clare does a great job of offering us viable suspects to watch while the real villain slips by unnoticed till they reveal themselves in the end.The suspense of the story was a twisted devious ride that has us racing down paths of misdirection that keep us guessing till the end. Ms. St. Claire tries to keeping the romance and suspense running side by side without sacrificing either but unfortunately it doesn’t happen.The main conflict falls flat for me and I found myself growing bored towards the end. A tense climatic situation towards the end adds some punch, but not enough to blow this reader away.All in all most fans of this series will be pleased with this newest installment. I am going to hope that book four will being us back to the astounding level of romance and suspense we had in her first book-Edge Of Sight.Rating: C-

  • Annie (Under the Covers Book Blog)
    2019-03-11 12:15

    I’ve had this book sitting on my bookshelf for years it seems and for whatever reason, I didn’t read it until now. While I hoped to try and read the books in order, I just decided that I would try this one first and see how I liked St. Claire’s suspense style. Before this, I only read her Barefoot Bay series so I was curious to see how she started out.FACE OF DANGER works as a standalone although I think it would’ve been nice to get to know the rest of Vivi’s family since the whole series is about a family-run security firm. Private investigator Vivi Angelino jumps straight into the action when a suspected serial killer is on the loose. The killer has been targeting Hollywood high-profile celebrities and Vivi has reason to believe that another world-class celeb is next on the killer’s list.To stop this from happening, she proposes to be the star’s body double. Since agreeing to the idea, the star’s only condition is that no one else can know or it will ruin her reputation. So despite being surrounded by people who can help in in times of trouble, Vivi must keep her mouth shut in order to fulfill this mission. The only thing is, Assistant Special Agent in Charge Colton Lang can spot Vivi from a mile away and he won’t stand for me being in harm’s way if he can help it.Let’s start off with that I liked about this book. The whole premise is quite unique and I loved the idea of family run security firm. Anything with family like that just reels me in. I started the book with liking Vivi immediately. She and Lang have a very fun relationship. Though Lang is supposedly the more straight-laced kind of guy, I didn’t get that impression throughout the entire book. He likes to tease Vivi when he can and I think that’s far more interesting than a guy who broods too much. So hands down, the best part of this book was the romance.Unfortunately for me, the problems that I did have with this book has mostly to do with the suspense aspect. I told a friend of mine that I would have loved this book more if it didn’t have the suspense plot but that defeats the whole purpose of this book, doesn’t it? I just didn’t like how unbelievable some of the events were in this book.First of all, the celebrity who Vivi becomes a body double for takes her on pretty quickly for it to be believable. I also wished that she was a little more nicer. It would’ve made the mission more meaningful if she was made more into a victim. It would also paint Vivi in a more sympathetic light I think because we could relate to her more rather than think she’s doing something reckless. Readers could maybe understand why she was putting her own life in danger for someone.Also, while some of the sexual tension is well done, I just didn’t really like how some of it played out. Take this for example… When Lang recognizes her, Vivi tries to save her cover by BLOWING HIM on a plane. Out of context, it seems a little ridiculous but in the book, it felt a little forced too.While I did enjoy the writing and the romance a lot, there were just some parts that didn’t play out so well for me in this book. I’m still going to try the others in the series and see how I get along with those.

  • Mary
    2019-03-16 06:40

    I just finished reading this book. I wanted to wait for it to be on Kindle, but yesterday I was at a neighborhood bookstore and the owner was putting it out, so I grabbed one. I'm so glad I did, just because this one needs a place on the keeper shelf.This book had absolutely everything I want in a romantic suspense. The main characters were wonderful, funny and real. The story line was "big" like a movie (in fact, it would make a wonderful movie) with action and plot twists and surprises. And the secondary characters were amazing! Everyone of them were fleshed out and believable. Even the setting was magnificent. I cannot recommend this book highly enough.What I liked the most: Vivi and Colt! They had sizzling chemistry from the very first page. She's a risk-taker and he's a rule-follower but they have mutual respect on top of delicious attraction. I love that they both have secret crushes on the other, and heartbreaking reasons for being scared to let their walls down.I also liked the plot, which starts out a tad "hokey" with a possible serial killer "The Red Carpet Killer" going after actresses, but moves into something so much deeper and horrible. As the mystery deepens and they realize how serious the issue is, both of the characters are affected.The love scenes are so great! Very sexy, even funny, and very touching. Especially at the end - so good. What I didn't like: the cover! Why put such a cheesy, run of the mill guy/picture on a book with so many possibilites for something better. Readers shouldn't be fooled - this wasn't a run of the mill book.What I want next: Gabes book!! And soon!

  • fleurette
    2019-02-21 12:36

    I have read some books by Roxanne St. Claire from her Bullet Catcher series and rather enjoyed them. This was my fist book in The Guardian Angelinos series and it was also quite good.I definitely liked the characters and the fact that it was an opposite attraction. Colton and Vivi are so different that it was nice to read about the feelings between them.Although, the best part of the story was the suspense. Though the idea of Vivi making as a double for Cara seemed a bit unreal and strange to me, the whole intrigue was interesting and well-constructed. The ending was really surprising.I will continue reading books by Roxanne St. Claire and I am definitely going to read a book with Gabe as a main character.

  • Hbeebti
    2019-02-23 05:21

    This author is wonderfully creative! I love this series. This was fast paced and action packed. I had no idea that Vivi (from the previous books) was so darn cute. I had to say that sense that is what Colton always says. lol There things about her that I didn't know and at first made me think I missed something. But then it all came out and yeah no one knew. The plot was great lots of twists and turns totally Roxanne St.Claire style. Colton Lang was just wonderful and yummy with issues of his own. The chemistry between them was always there even in the previous book. All my faves were in this book and I am hoping the next one is about Gabe!!

  • Lisa
    2019-03-23 10:34

    Love how the characters in this book Colton (Lang) and Vivi are brought to life. You get to see them in the other books but here they get to shine on their own. It's their story. You get a smidgen of Gabe in there and Chessie she's a little stingy of the giving the rest of the family a spot in this book lol. I do love my glimpse's of past and future characters and there is a surprise appearance by a bullet catcher at the end that i loved. Colton and Vivi both have some tough personal hurdles to get past in this book not to mention the case they find themselves involved in together. Vivi snags herself a huge client for a payoff of a cool million dollars she only has to be a decoy for a famous actress who may or may not be the target of a serial killer dubbed The Red Carpet Killer. Vivi signs a agreement she won't tell anyone that she not Cara the actress she's doubling for. Thing is 5 minutes into the assignment she comes face to face with one Colton Lang FBI special agent in charge. She's worked with Colton a lot so he knows her very well. She's got to try and either make him believe she's Cara or make sure he doesn't give her away since she was told someone would be watching and listening to her every move. Things get crazy right from the start when she gets attacked and get crazier from there. There's alot more going on than the possibility of a Red Carpet Killer. This story has many twists and turns and surprises. When you read this see if you can figure out who the blue eyes muscle man is before it's revealed towards the end. lol Now that I've warned you might think a little harder than i did ( which was not much at all) and figure it out. Vivi is such a strong person you'd never think she has personal demons but because of Colton she decides she needs to face them once and for all and then maybe Colton can face his too. There is some emotional stuff and funny stuff and suspenseful stuff with plot twists you won't see coming. Your kept guessing right til the end. I loved it right down to the ending. Ready for the next one please! Great series.

  • Christie
    2019-03-22 06:36

    Vivi Angelino is on a mission to get the name of her new company known. She decides to approach famous actress, Cara Ferrari, about working as a body double in order to protect her from a possible serial killer. When Cara agrees, Vivi finds herself disguised as Cara and under the protection of Special Agent Colt Lang. They’ve worked together before and she knows hiding her identity will be even harder than hiding how bad she has the hots for him. Colton has always thought Vivi was cute, but won’t get close to another woman who is a risk taker in order to protect his heart. The sexual tension grows almost as quickly as the danger in this edge of your seat page turner.Holy cow! The chemistry between Vivi and Colt is seriously HOT! I didn’t expect Colt to be such a stud, but I’m smitten. I couldn’t get enough of these two. I don’t usually go for the preppy type, but I’m crushing on Colt in a bad, bad way. Thankfully he doesn’t let his straight laced demeanor carry over into the romance department of his life, but his intense nature never waivers. This is definitely a good thing if you’re the girl he is getting intense with ;) I’ve loved Vivi since I first met her in Shiver of Fear, but never would have guessed based on her fun loving demeanor how much emotional baggage the poor girl is carrying. She hides her past traumas behind her sassy attitude and tomboy attire. Colt could not be a more perfect match for her even if his rule following and khaki wearing self couldn’t be more different from Vivi. She deserves a man that makes her feel safe, and Colt is qualified to do just that.Some parts of this book are really graphic and down right heartbreaking. A very emotional read without a doubt. There isn’t anything fluffy about this romance novel. The author tackles tough topics, but balances out the plot perfectly with well timed romantic rendezvous to keep it from getting too heavy.I’m 100% addicted to this big Italian family, and can’t wait to see where their adventures take them next!

  • Quynh
    2019-03-05 07:15

    I can't say enough how much I LOVE this book in the series. I love everything about it: the writing, the characters development, the plot twists, the melt-your-heart-make-you-sigh-longingly moments.We met Colton Lang in Shiver of Fear, and there was already some tension between him and Vivi. Vivi is all about getting the results, even if it means breaking the rules. Colton, however, the FBI agent that he is, is all about doing things by the book, which means, no rules breaking. These two opposites attract in more ways than one. Vivi isn't feminine by any means. She's a skateboarder with a nose piercing. Colton wants a woman who actually looks like a woman and not a boy from a distance. Or so he thinks.Both of them have a past they need to get over. For Colton, that past lingers in Boston, which was his main drive to get a new job in LA and leave his past behind. For Vivi, the past will always be with her. On the outside, she's a tough woman, kicking ass and taking names. But on the inside, she hides a secret so terrible that not even her closest family members know about it. She wasn't always a tomboy as a teenager but something happened one night that changed her forever.When Vivi takes a job as a body double for an actress who is the next target for a serial killer, little did she know that a Pandora box will be opened into the world of human trafficking and child prostitution. As Vivi and Colt race to find out the people behind this organization and what connection the actress Vivi is protecting have to these crimes, their lives become entwined and the heat between them ignites.I love that St. Claire didn't throw the H/h together right away to build up a connection between them first. For Vivi to come to terms with herself before taking the next step, it made me admire her more. And Colton... well, I just want to yank his clothes off myself. The tug and pull between these two was really sweet that makes you want to root for them from the beginning.Now I hope there's going to be a book for Gabe. He needs his HEA too!

  • ElaineY
    2019-03-14 12:22

    REVIEW OF AUDIOBOOK: COMING MARCH 2014Auntee had already posted a great review of this 3rd installment so I'll just say that I agree with her twice over. After the disappointing Shiver of Fear, Face of Danger was refreshingly, and thankfully, satisfying on every level.The sexual chemistry between Vivi and Lang had already been primed and prepared from the previous book from which we know Vivi's vivacious personality versus Special Assistant Agent-in-Charge Lang's (or is that Asst Special Agent-in-Charge?) calm & collected, Dudley Do Right demeanour. You know already that some breath-stopping clashes are bound to happen. Some authors manage to set the stage but then fail to follow through.Not. In. This. Case.Ms St Claire has rocketed to the top of my auto-buy list (not that that's very long) and my all-time fav Romantic Suspense author. Face of Danger has 99% of the ingredients of that make a perfect RS book and that's way better than what's being published these days and even by authors that used to be auto-buys but who have long dropped off my radar. So what's the missing one per cent? The culprit is that scene (view spoiler)[where a bomb is made, ready to blow Vivi to smithereens (hide spoiler)]. I thought that was way overdone for the character who made it and though critical to the climactic ending, it would have been better if the author had gotten someone else to be there to do it. It was just a tad too much to add to this character so yes, rather over-the-top, over done. But, again, a small quibble compared to how much I loved everything else.Probably the best part is that I wasn't made to suffer any scenes involving Marc and his nutjob girlfriend.

  • Cynthia
    2019-03-13 07:31

    Reviewed at Bitten By Paranormal RomanceBy far the best of The Guardian Angelinos series. After SHIVER OF FEAR, I was a bit leery of picking up and continuing with the series, but I did want to read Vivi and Lang's story. WOW - What a ride! Ms. St. Claire did not disappoint.These two, Vivi and Lang, would be voted the least likely to succeed: Opposites attract. Vivi has kept a dark secret from her family for many years and it has affected her relationships with men. Slim to none would be the case. Lang's previous partner was KIA and has had a lasting effect on him. Although, from the first opening sex scene you wouldn't think so. The way Vivi seduces Lang just so he won't say her name. Well, now, it goes way past a lap dance!Add in to this emotional quagmire a serial killer, a body double, and a man on the FBI's most wanted list and you have a story that will keep you riveted till the last page turns.Ms. St. Claire touches upon a topic in FACE OF DANGER that is rarely approached in the romance genre. Granted, she does not delve deeply into the subject (that is for another forum), but I give her kudos for bringing it to the forefront of her audience; even if briefly.The characters are vividly drawn and the reappearance of a few of the Angelino and Rossi family members only add to the enjoyment of FACE OF DANGER. Ah yes, Gabe Rossi makes a GRAND entrance. I'm hoping Ms. St. Claire is furiously penning his story next.

  • Rinou
    2019-03-01 13:36

    I really liked Vivi, she's strong even if she may seem a little too risk-taking. I liked how the attraction she feels for the hero makes her overcome her trauma. I liked Lang, he's strong, resolute, quite stubborn, and it was delightful to see him struggle between reason and feelings. The plot is interesting, but I found the final culprit was dealt with a little too quickly.

  • Anita
    2019-03-18 07:26

    Loved this book. Gabe! Please let his book be next. Im glad Vivi and Lang finally got their story. We learned a little back ground on both if them and why what's happened to them in the past has shapped them today and how they approach relationships. Uncle Nino is a favorite and makes an appearance as do other family members. Hope Roxanne St Claire writes some more of the Guardian Angelinos!

  • Jennifer Harper
    2019-03-03 10:30

    I didn't enjoy this third instalment of the Guardian Angelino's series as much as I did the other two, perhaps because Vivi and Colton didn't really capture me as much as the previous heroes and heroines did. However, that being said, this is an enjoyable series. If you want a quick, romantic read with a twist of mystery, then you'll enjoy all three books in this series. Wouldn't mind a fourth one with Gabe as our hero. What do you say, Roxy?

  • Melodie
    2019-02-28 11:25

    I love it!! Vivi and Lang are amazing together.

  • Vicki
    2019-03-14 13:25

    Loved it , hope there is a lot more in this series.

  • Kathy
    2019-03-04 11:22

    Setting: Los Angeles - , star’s dressing room/trailer; Boston – Charles River Skate Park, Angelino Guardian’s office; Nantucket – estate on cranberry bog island; private planes; beach houseCharacters:Viviana ‘Vivi’ Poison Angelino: PI; gets inside track to a potential Oscar winner – in the 3rd year of where the Oscar winner had died within a month of winning – and she looks like her double, and will act the decoy; we learn her skateboard , tough persona came about when she was 17 – h.s. cheerleader, ballerina, feminine but raped by the boy next door, quarterback star, future doctor, future inmate for beating his wife… telling her she was asking for it by the way she dressed… so she didn’t tell anyone, and cut (butchered) her hair, and changed into a tough, skateboard chick… creative investigative reporter (often melting into the background with her skateboard)… now the glue that brought the family together as PIs – the Guardian Angelinos… Love/hate relationship with Lang – the FBI agent that regularly referred pieces of cases to them – she gets things done, he doesn’t always agree withher methods… Assistant Special Agent in Charge Colton Lang (aka Colton Cautious Lang): attracted to Vivi, but he was hurt badly once when his risk taking, FBI agent fiancé died in his arms in the pursuing of a criminal – he has hardened his heart, and will never allow himself to be vulnerable again… has applied to move to west coast office, to be away from her, and near dad… and told if he can keep the Oscar winner safe, he has the job…Cara Ferrari (aka Karen Mugg): daughter of an immigrant, owned land on Nantucket – cranberry bog; small house abandoned, when they returned, a gangster had taken up residence… he offered them safety and security, building a big house, getting engaged… and using their island to develop his human trafficking … Karen left him for Hollywood, making herself over… and uneasy agreement not to report the other…. She has been nominated for an Oscar… and the previous 2 years’ winners died under questionable circumstances, and that leaves it open for Roman to kill her, and have all assume it is the Ocscar winner killer; so she hires Vivi – sending her to Nantucket, while her sister takes her to a hidden beach house;Mercedes Graff: Karen’s mother; raped at Nantucket, daughter killed him, hid him in the old house, and has become a recluse / housekeeper in the big, new house; Joellen Mugg: Cara’s sister; killed mother’s rapist, was involved with Roman’s evil, and now drinks to bury her guilt… hangs out with sister… and we think she’s the one setting up her sister, and maybe even the Oscar killer;Marissa Hunter: Cara’s less than attractive, but efficient personal secretary… ends up she is Roman’s spy… and she attempts to kill Cara…Roman Emmanuel: human trafficker; trying to kill Cara and set up the blame to the Osacar killer;Gabriel Rossi: CIA undercover--- seems to be separating from CIA, and helping Vivi on this case;Summary:As Lang and Vivi work together on the case, and uncover much more than they expected… and their personal secrets are exposed… and both fluctuate as they work to overcome their own demons, to find each other….Memorable scenes:“And now he would see her with three inches of hair standing on end from her last trip down the vert pipe, her face damp with sweat, her clothes hanging off her like she’d grabbed them from her bedroom floor and stepped in without even glancing in the mirror. Because, well, she had.”Disguised as Cari, told no one must know, she tries to distract Lang in the private plane by undressing and giving him a blow job… it pretty much works, until they get to Nantucket… Lang and Gabriel go to a house, looking for Cari… and find a house of prostitute, where children are offered for $20…

  • Sharon
    2019-03-14 08:21

    http://obsessionwithbooks.blogspot.comREVIEW: 5 out of 5 stars Face of Danger is definitely my favorite in the Guardian Angelino series; I have been eagerly awaiting Vivi's story along with the delectable Special Agent in Charge Colton Lang and I loved absolutely everything about it.Vivi is a 31 year old skate-board loving tomboy and former Investigative Reporter who along with her brother Zach and her Rossi cousins run the Guardian Angelinos agency, she wants nothing more than to see the Guardian Angelinos become a force in the security business so when the Red Carpet Killer case is bought to her attention, Vivi automatically sees the resemblance she has with one of the targeted actresses and takes action to offer her services as Cara Ferrari’s body double.With 2 award winning actresses having already been murdered, this case has been passed onto the FBI to investigate & when Lang hears of Vivi’s plans to act as the body double he’s none too impressed.Colton ‘Cautious’ Lang is a by-the-book agent and has been offering Vivi and her company business on a regular basis; he has formed a professional relationship with Vivi but outside of work has also secretly fantasized about her much to his own dismay.He has lost love previously so tries to keep himself at arms length which is not easy when he has been assigned to protect Cara 24/7 or in this case, body-double Vivi,The initial plane scene (lap dance) between them was hot & certainly not expected given what we learn of Vivi’s past but with the iron-clad non-disclosure she has been given by Cara, it is the only way she feels she can stop Lang from talking & boy did it work.This case is one that will seal Colt's promotion to L.A and for Vivi it is the make or break of her business, there is a lot at stake for both of them.There was mystery, suspense and danger in trying to not only work out who was behind the Red Carpet murders but also of why Cara had dealings and attempts made on her life by a known FBI suspect, Emmanuel Roman who is involved in dealings which included child slavery and trafficking.There were many characters who could have been a potential suspect in wanting to harm Cara but I was clueless throughout, just as I thought it could be one character, the plot would change and I would suspect another, it kept me guessing which I always enjoy.I love the chemistry and sexual tension between Lang and Vivi, they couldn’t be more different but they worked well as a team; their emotional history has left them both feeling detached and they find it hard to admit their true feelings. Seeing the slow build-up to their relationship and the trust they forged cemented the start of a loving partnership.I was saddened to hear of what Vivi had to endure as a teen, it explained why she was the way she was, she hadn’t trusted a man in a long time so the faith she placed in Lang was a huge step for her. I loved Vivi as a character; she was compassionate, strong and determined, she seemed fearless and liked to live life on the edge.The secondary characters are wonderful, their interactions at times had me laughing out loud and I was pleased to see more of the mysterious Gabriel Rossi; I have been intrigued by him since ‘Edge of Sight’.Face of Danger was an action packed, emotionally charged and very sexy story. Colton 'Cautious' Lang & Viviana 'Poison' Angelino are definitely two of my favorite St Claire characters.It is best to read this series in order. 1. Edge of Sight 2. Shiver of Fear 3. Face of DangerI look forward to the next book in the Guardian Angelinos series and I am hoping it is Gabe’s story.

  • Judi
    2019-03-22 05:32

    Vivi Angelino may look like a Sk8ter girl but sometimes looks can be deceiving and sometimes they can land you the gig of a lifetime. Vivi’s the brains behind the Guardian Angelinos Protection and Security business she runs with her extended family and she‘s very proud of the company she‘s built from the ground up. She wants nothing more then for the Guardian Angelinos to be the best in the business evah! And she's willing to do whatever it takes to ensure that happens. This is the 3rd book in Roxanne St. Clair’s Guardian Angelino series and if you’ve read the other books, then you already know that Vivi and Assistant Special Agent in Charge Colton Lang are in the flirty-dance stage of their budding relationship. Vivi takes great joy in butchering the good agent's title every chance she gets and it's a running joke throughout the book.Cautious Colton Lang's a preppy, buttoned up, Izod polo shirt and khaki pants wearing by the book Feebee while Vivi...she's a sk8ter girl in her baggy cargo's, t-shirt, spiky hair and nose ring, her skateboard close at hand and the attitude to carry off the look...she said see you l8ter boy. They are total polar opposites, but that's what makes their relationship soooooooo interesting as it develops. Vivi’s newest case for the Guardian Angelinos could potentially put her life in grave danger, but if she can successfully pull it off...well she can‘t buy that kind of notoriety for the company or make a million dollar pay check at the same time.Luckily for Vivi, she bears a striking resemblance to Oscar award winning actress Cara Ferrari who may be in danger from The Red Carpet Killer who has killed the two previous female Oscar winners. Vivi agrees to impersonate Cara in public for one month in order to bag the killer. The catch is she can’t reveal the terms of the agreement or reveal to anyone who she really is. That includes the FBI agents who will be protecting her and it’s gonna be awfully hard pulling the wool over a certain Special Agent in Charge. I mentioned Vivi going to great lengths to do her job and that included a smoking’ hot little scene on an airplane that left cautious Colton Lang in no doubt the “lengths” to which Ms. Angelino aka Cara Ferrari was prepared to go to maintain her “deep” cover. It was one of the most memorable scenes in the book for me. With the scenic island of Nantucket as the backdrop, Vivi and Colton hide-out, make-out and try and figure out who’s trying to kill the real Cara and in the process puts Vivi right in the killer's crosshairs. The relationship between Vivi and Colton rocks in Face of Danger, but Ms. St. Clair also does a great job of keeping the tension and suspense of the story evolving and the killer‘s identity concealed right to the end. I can’t wait for the next book in this series. No idea whose story it will be, but Ms. St. Clair has lots of options. Personally I’m betting on the elusive cousin Gabe Rossi.

  • Christi Snow
    2019-02-26 09:17

    Full review reposted from my Smitten with Reading blog...My Review:From the very start of this series, Vivi has been a wonderful character. A skater chick with a tough as nails attitude to match, but the brains of an ace investigative reporter tied up into one sexy little bundle. The Guardian Angelinos is her brain-child and she has HUGE plans for this company going big! I couldn't wait for her story, and OMG, it did NOT disappoint! This story was wonderful!!!FBI agent, Assistant Special Agent in Charge Colt Lang, showed up in book #2, Shiver of Fear, and it was no secret from the very beginning that he and Vivi simply did not see eye-to-eye. He's a by-the-book, straight-laced kind of guy who wears golf shirts and chinos. She has a nose piercing, wears skate-boarding loose, baggy clothes, and has short spiky black hair. She has no issue with making up the rules as she goes along if it nets the right end-result. He had a former partner and fiance who died because of that same personality flaw. He refuses to fall for another girl like that who will shred his heart when she gets killed. They are both drawn to each other, but they each have their own valid reasons for not wanting to get involved. Unfortunately, (well for them anyway...for the reader, it is pure reading gold) they have been thrown together on the same case working very closely to one another which makes temptation really hard to resist. From the word "go", this book is sizzling!! OMG, the scene on the incredibly hot...and the whole book is like that!! Absolutely sizzling with scorching sexual chemistry, incredible twists and turns, fantastic suspense, and in the end...just a beautiful love story between two people who cannot be more perfect for each other. I really, really loved this story. Vivi has this tough, in-your-face bravado, but she is really just a marshmallow inside. She has been crushing on Colt a long time, but has NEVER let on about her feelings until she has to distract him from blowing her cover. Then there is no turning back. BUT she has a reason why she has never approached Colt, or any other guy before, and when it all comes out, it's just heartbreaking.Colt has loved and lost once. He has absolutely NO DESIRE to ever go through that again and Vivi's impulsiveness terrifies him. But it's her impulsiveness and zest for life with their investigations that snags him over and over. He doesn't want to be drawn to her, but he can't help it. I loved that he lost control when he's around her, even to the point of breaking the rules to keep her safe. That was a wonderful twist with his character and so well-written.This entire series, so far, has been absolutely amazingly good!! Roxanne St. Claire is simply an wonderful writer. I cannot wait for more installments in the Guardian Angelinos series!! But while I am waiting, I am adding her other series, The BulletCatchers to my TBR pile!!!

  • Rva Booklover
    2019-03-05 13:24

    I honestly don't think I can put into words how much I loved Face of Danger. Vivi Angelino takes on a new client, becoming a body double of an Oscar winning actress. The FBI also has stakes in the actress, as she is connected to a suspected sex trade smuggler. Agent Colton Lang is assigned to protect the actress, but ends up with Vivi, instead.Colton Lang is sublime. Buttoned down to within an inch of his life, ordered and rule driven, we have been getting glimpses of him from the beginning of the series. In Face of Danger, he just explodes out of the gate, grabbing the reader's attention. There is never a doubt about his agenda and his motivation for his need for rules and control is spelled out early on. Vivi sets his world on edge, flaunting his love for order with her risk taking. But he is drawn to her.Vivi Angelino...what a heroine. I have loved her since Edge of Sight. Confident in her skills, striving to bring her firm to the top of the heap of private investigation/protection agencies. Vivi wants to be the best, and throws herself whole heartedly into the growing of her familiy's business. Vivi has a past, though. Her traumatic experience changed her from a cheerleader/ballet dancer adolescent just coming into the exploration of her sexuality to a tomboy who dressed in baggy clothes, doing her best to hide her feminine side. Learning about her trauma was heartbreaking.Vivi and Colt together...put on a flame retardant suit to read the love scenes! Consider yourself warned... Jaysus....from the airplane to the bathroom to the wall...I kept expecting the pages to go up in flames! Beyond the omg! sex, these two had a connection and an attraction to each other that read as very real and believable. Instead of Colt giving up his rules or Vivi giving up her need to be herself, they learned to work with each other. Their coming together was not without issues. Both have trust issues, and Colt is scared to take a chance on love. He is totally on board for "no strings" sex, but love? That's a little more than he thinks he can do. Vivi wants the whole package.This book has lots of twists and turns in the suspense department, some of which I figured out fairly early on, some I didn't see coming until the details were revealed. There is a lot of action throughout, all tightly written to keep the pages turning. Ms. St Claire is a master of this genre, and this is definately one of her best all time efforts.There is an appearance by Johnny Cristano, of Bullet Catchers fame, at the end. All of the usual suspects are here, and we get a good deal of time with Gabe(please let his book be next!) I am head over heels for this series, can't wait for the next one!

  • Kelly Moran
    2019-02-25 08:38

    Roxanne St. Claire is a bestselling author of twenty-four novels of suspense and romance. In addition to being a four-time RITA nominee, her books have won the National Reader’s Choice Award for best romantic suspense for two consecutive years, as well as the Daphne du Maurier Award, the HOLT Medallion, the Maggie, Booksellers Best, Book Buyers Best, several Awards of Excellence, the Aspen Gold and multiple Gayle Wilson Awards of Excellence. Roxanne holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Market Communications from UCLA and completed several post-graduate courses in Marketing Management at Harvard University. Prior to launching a full-time career as a novelist, Roxanne worked as a television actress and news reporter, appearing in Bosom Buddies and Laverne & Shirley, and hosting a regional news program in southern California. She then launched a career in public relations and marketing, including seven years as a Senior Vice President for Hill & Knowlton, one of the world’s largest communications firms. Roxanne joined the Romance Writers of America in 2000, held a board position in her local chapter and is currently active in three chapters in her home state of Florida. Other titles include: Hunt Her Down, Make Her Pay, First You Run, Then You Hide, Now You Die, and Hit Reply. Private investigator Vivi Angelino started the Guardian Angelinos security firm, and her new assignment could financially stabilize the company, or bring it down. Vivi loves living life on the edge, but stepping into a starlets shoes to bait a serial killer is a bit much, even for her. FBI Assistant Special Agent in Charge Colton Lang follows all the rules, and isn't above trying to stop Vivi in her latest mission. Yet when they learn the client may be involved up to her eyeballs in something far worse than bad acting, they must work together to bring down a calculating killer with nothing left to lose. This is book three in the Guardian Angelinos series, with Edge of Sight and Shiver of Fear coming before. Though part of a series, these are all stand alone reads. Though I read and loved the other books in the series, this one is my favorite. The sexual tension between Vivi and Colton in previous books made me eager to jump in this one, and it didn't disappoint. With a touch of "Miss Congeniality" thrown in, this was both humorous and intriguing. It was hilarious to watch skateboard-wielding Vivi get decked out to double as a movie star. And to watch Colton finally give in. The bantering between these two was phenomenal, and the mystery behind the killer and the family was captivating. Highly recommended. Kelly MoranBookpleasures

  • Sara
    2019-03-20 09:39

    can i just say, Gregory!?? I still haven't gotten over that middle name. With colton as a first name, i expected something a little bit more orginal. This book was soo much better than the last one, I was relieved to find out. Roxanne St. Claire is too good an author to ruin herself by continuing the bad pattern that could have started after Shiver of Fear. Maybe it was because we already knew the characters of this book and were expecting something to happen between them. Regardless of the reason, this book was very interesting with quite a number of twists added to ensure that we really couldn't see the end coming. (view spoiler)[ personally, I'm still wondering if Cara blew up with the bomb because that part was very unclear to me. Speaking of the bomb... talk about a random twist in the book. Definately one of those that came out of nowhere and led to nothing. Was that really necesary!? She had already confused us enough by making all the clues point to jollene, but to have Cara not only be evil but a bomb expert as well was a bit too much for me to swallow. Throwing Gabe in there as the Blue-Eyed Angel was enough. Although she gave that one away by focusing too much on his eyes. Or maybe she did that so we were reassured that nothing bad was going to come out of this stranger.(hide spoiler)]What Lang said about him and Vivi at the end was true... they really do make a good team. I think that is one of the reasons this book turned out so well. When the main characters are woking together that well, you can't help but strap yourself down and enjoy the ride. (view spoiler)[ Although I would have liked to find out what had happened to the kids that Colt and Gabe ran into. And of course, would someone please tell me about the little girl from the boat. Since she wasn't mentioned in the epilogue I would have to assume that Vivi didn't adopt her.(hide spoiler)]Finally, a word of advise for Roxanne St. Claire. I really do think that she should end the series here and move on to other books. Yes, I would love to hear more about Gabe and Chessie, but i feel like adding any more books to the series would ruin it. She had a good thing going with the books about Vivi and Zach and she should stop there. Maybe write a book that isn't followed by 10 more.

  • Leslie
    2019-03-11 06:14

    I'm really liking this series and not just the close family feel of it. The characters are interesting and not your typical cookie cutter romantic suspense hero and heroine. I was particularity interested in Vivi Angelino right from the start of the series. Now it's time for her story and it didn't disappoint!Vivi Angelino isn't what comes to mind when most people think of a PI. She's has her own unique style that's a reflection of her love of skateboarding. But looks can be deceiving and Vivi is far more than the laid-back skatergirl she portrays. She's smart and sneaky and doesn't like to play by the rules. Which drives Special Agent Colton Lang crazy. Which Vivi secretly enjoys doing. Vivi also has a darker side, a secret in her past that still lays heavily on her. St. Claire does a wonderful job peeling back the layers of Vivi and showing the reader how Vivi the high school cheerleader came to be Vivi the smart tongued, relentless pursuer of justice.Special Agent in Charge Colton Lang is a by the book, FBI agent who likes his life orderly, nothing out of place. Vivi knocks everything off kilter in Lang's world and he doesn't know what to make of it. Lang is a perfect contrast to Vivi. A past loss affects Lang's choices and makes him fight his attraction to Vivi. It's a case of opposites attract but it turns out they also work well together. They play off each other and bring out the best parts of each other. Vivi gets Lang to open up and be more relaxed. The dude was pretty uptight!The suspense is tied up with Hollywood and serial killers. With Vivi posing as a double for a famous actress, Lang gets pulled into the action through the FBI's involvement. It's a complex plot with more than one suspect and the Angelino's adding their expertise to the mix. I love how this family pulls together, with each contributing to the job, none any more important than the other. I do hope Gabe's book is next. I'm not big on men who curse a lot but for some reason it sounds good coming from him. LOLEven with the intricacies of the suspense plot the romance is still well developed with both Vivi and Lang facing their demons and allowing the other to help them work through it. I thought that was really important that they had developed a relationship they were both comfortable in. It not all smooth sailing and the tension does run high in both the suspense and the romance. By the end, St. Claire ties up the loose ends and lets the reader enjoy the HEA along with the hero and heroine.

  • Mary Gramlich
    2019-03-12 11:24

    FACE OF DANGER written by Roxanne St. ClaireGuardian Angelinos Series #305/11 - Grand Central Publishing - Mass Market Paperback, 432 pagesWhat does it take you to forget past pain and let love take control?Viviana Angelino took her family’s love and turned it into a family owned private security business that is just starting to see growth and expand into other areas with every new family member that comes onboard. Vivi loves what she and her family of misfits do but one small factor of following all the exact rules required to be legit is tripping her up. Especially when complete stickler for rules and regulations, Special Agent in Charge Colton Lang the FBI liaison that she is working with and throwing business her way. Now Colton believes in doing things the right and formal way, which Vivi is anything but, yet he cannot stay away from her and his desire for her, makes no sense since she does not even own a pair of Khaki’s. She is nothing like his prior relationships and her looks are over the top nonsense right down to her nose ring and skateboard. Colton knows trouble when he sees it and Vivi is nothing but a bad idea. However, Vivi does have a striking resemblance to a movie star that is in the path of a serial killer who hates Oscar winners. Vivi steps into the latest winner Cara Ferrari’s fabulous strappy sandals and pretends to draw everyone one way while Cara goes another. However, Vivi finds that there is more than one secret hiding beside her in Nantucket and while no one wants to talk, Colton would like to do some investigating of his own one-on-one with Vivi sans any clothing. Colton got lucky being assigned this case and can keep a very special attentive eye on Vivi while trying to prove his muster with the FBI. Occasionally a rule needs to be broken and if Vivi can convince Colton of that, they really might have a great time and possibly a future together. That is after they figure out which was the tunnels go; who this woman is living in Cara’s house; and find out who the Red Carpet Killer is. But other than that, this relationship is moving along nicely.The third book in this series tells the story of the founder of Guardian Angelinos Vivi’s story. She needed a great one and this storyline provides it with killers, mysteries, and mayhem along with a great alpha male by her side. Colton may talk as if it is 1954 but he lives in the 21 century and knows how to get the crook and take home the girl all before sundown.