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Meet the H.O.T. Cops, a group of alpha males trained together in law enforcement but naturally skilled at the arts of pleasure and seduction.The people of Turnbridge, Michigan see Carly Winters as the respectable—yet painfully single—good girl. None of them knows what she does miles away – where she becomes Desiree, a seductress who lures (do you think “lure” is too strongMeet the H.O.T. Cops, a group of alpha males trained together in law enforcement but naturally skilled at the arts of pleasure and seduction.The people of Turnbridge, Michigan see Carly Winters as the respectable—yet painfully single—good girl. None of them knows what she does miles away – where she becomes Desiree, a seductress who lures (do you think “lure” is too strong a word?) men into nights of heated passion. There she is free to experience what she can’t with local guys: uninhibited sex. On the night she meets Jake Lockhart, she suddenly finds herself in the middle of a fantasy she’s longed for but has never dared try. And after it’s over, she walks away and goes back to being sweet, small town Carly.Until the day when she’s introduced to the new cop in town –Jake, the man who knows her deepest, darkest secret. His arrival in Turnbridge turns her quiet, safe world upside down. As they are relentlessly drawn to each other, Carly’s good and bad girl personas clash – yet she clings to her image even while Jake challenges her. Soon Carly must decide what she’s willing to lose to become who she really needs to be…...

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Bad Girl by Night Reviews

  • Auntee
    2019-04-13 18:04

    I found the latest by Lacey Alexander (aka Toni Blake), and the first book in her promising new H.O.T. Cops series, deliciously smutastic, and quite hard to put down! I raced through it one day (a rarity for me lately), and put everything on the back burner until I could finish this steamy page turner. And for 98% of the book, I was not disappointed! Yes, there were a few scenes that pushed my boundaries a bit (well, maybe not pushed my reading boundaries, but made me think a little less of the h/h), but who am I to judge two consenting adults?Our heroine is pretty blonde, small town "good girl" Carly Winters. Carly's the quintessential nice girl. Everyone in her small, quaint Michigan town of Turnbridge likes and respects the talented furniture maker. Carly's single, rarely dates (not since the breakup years ago with her first love), and lives a rather boring, predictable life. Except on those days when she leaves Turnbridge, drives hours out of town so she can become Desiree, the sexy seductress who lures men with her charms. As Desiree, and with all Desiree's protective "armor" in place (hair, makeup, clothes, attitude), Carly is free to unleash the part of herself that she is unable to do in her hometown, and loses herself in wild, uninhibited sex with strangers. As the story begins, Carly/Desiree has driven 2 hours to the upstate Michigan tourist town of Traverse City, dressed in a slinky, revealing red dress, hair out to there, heavily made up, and wearing her sexiest, strappiest heels. Dressed like this makes her feel most in control. Desiree is ready for some action, and the hotel bar is her arena. After rejecting a couple of potential suitors, Desiree hits the jackpot with handsome, dark haired, blue eyed 34-year-old Jake. Jake's in town for a reunion with his buddies, flirts a little with Desiree at the bar, and the next thing you know, Desiree is inviting him and his friend Colt for a rendezvous back in his hotel room. Things get hot and heavy, Desiree, Jake, and Colt get down and dirty, and everyone is verrry satisfied. Desiree/Carly does her usual bed-'em-and-leave-'em, but she can't help feeling that she and Jake "connected'.Days later, when Carly is introduced to the new cop in town, her whole world nearly falls apart. Officer Jake Lockhart is Jake, her Saturday night conquest, the man who knows her dirty little secret! Suddenly, Carly's quiet, safe little world has been thrown a huge curve ball. Will Jake tell? What would her friends and neighbors think if they knew the other side of Carly?Jake...If you think that this is just a fluffy erotic romance with no real substance, think again. The author gives us plenty of story, and really delves into the character of Carly. We learn what makes her tick, why she feels the need to hide her sexual desires, and how her past helped make her the person she is today. We see why she and Jake have a special connection, how Jake understands her and why he relates to her like no one else ever could, and we see how their similar experiences help to bond them. The book deals with some heartbreaking topics that brought a few tears to my eyes (incest, child molestation), and also helped me to better understand Jake and Carly. I got totally immersed in their world. I loved how Jake was able to free Carly sexually, to let her see that there was nothing wrong with her being true to herself and her sexual desires, and to realize that Desiree was an important facet of Carley's personality. Jake was the perfect man for Carly--determined, patient, loving, good, and a fantastic match for her sexually. Yes, they both had 'control' issues, both wanted to be dominant in bed, but they worked it out. Oh man, what these two did together...words cannot describe the heat they generated. Be prepared to squirm and blush and fan yourself...Now, as I said, I was happy with 98% of the book. What I wasn't too happy with (although I have to admit this was hot) was I thought that Jake pushed Carly a bit too much sexually. (view spoiler)[There was a scene where Jake came off like a bit of a pimp and Carly was just a bit too slutty for my tastes. And afterwards, Jake regretted his actions, which made Carly feel like a slut. And then Jake decided that maybe they weren't right for each other because he shouldn't be pushing her to do these things, and she's bringing out the controlling, dominant side of him that he thinks isn't right! I just thought this was kind of crummy of him. Throughout the whole book, Jake encouraged Carly to acknowledge her sexual self, to not run away from her desires, and when she does (with his encouragement) he starts to have second thoughts? And even though she tells him that he didn't push her into anything she didn't want, he decides that's it, they have to stop seeing each other? Ack! Jake drove me crazy there. Look, I think you guys went too far, but you loved it, and Carly loved it, so what's the problem? Work it out and don't unilaterally say "it's over". (hide spoiler)] So that scene caused me to take Jake off of his "perfect man" pedestal.:)So, if you're looking for an erotic romance with not only some really, really scorching hot scenes, but a substantial story to it as well, I think you'll be pleased with this book. There's plenty of detail, lots of small town atmosphere, and of course, plenty of heat. The characters are not perfect, they make mistakes, but they are likable, and I'm sure you'll root for them to make it work as I did. This is the first book of a new series (H.O.T. Cops--which stands for Hostage Ops training--all of the heroes in this series trained together in the same program), and you briefly meet Jake's buddies Shane, Quinn, Cameron, Rogan, and Ethan--all hot, all intriguing. Unfortunately, the next book in the series (Party of Three: A H.O.T. Cops Novel, will not be released until March of 2012. Hmmm...I may have to do a re-read of this one in February... 4 1/2 starsWarning: This book contains explicit sex (including oral and anal), some anal play, graphic language, mild spanking, m/f/m ménage, the use of handcuffs, and verrry creative use of a chocolate pie. Not for the faint of heart.The chocolate pie...["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Shawna
    2019-04-21 17:49

    4 ½ stars – Contemporary Erotic RomanceH – Holy Hot Tamales Batman!O – Our grandmothers would be shocked and appalled to discover their beloved chocolate meringue pie being used in such a naughty fashion. Chocolate pie as a sexual turn-on? Meringue as lubricant in unmentionable, private places? T – Tsk-tsk, tut-tut! Can’t you just see the stunned, disapproving headshakes? This book is fire alarm smokin’ HOT, the sex is raunchy, and there’s dirty talk aplenty, but it also has a poignant storyline about two damaged people who connect sexually but may or may not be best for each other emotionally. 4 ½ stars!

  • Kathleen
    2019-03-27 18:57

    LOVED IT!!! If your in the mood for an extremely HOT one this might just be for you. Despite ton's of kinky sex, some M/W/M and M/M/M/W action this book had a very good story line. The H&h had many of things to over come from their pasts and it was very interesting reading how they were coming to grips with them. I loved how the setting is in Michigan because that is where I live and have been to many places that were in this book.The big problem is I read the sneak peek for the next book, Party Of Three and I want it NOW! Thing is, it won't be released until March of 2012.

  • Danielle
    2019-04-21 13:47

    Holy Hell! Okay so this book kind of caught me off guard. Its not that I didn't love it which I did, but the emotions and the hot sex was just chart topping. In my next life I want to be just like her. Now this was my first ever Lacey Alexander book and boy was it amazing! Now I am so intrigued I want to go back and read some of back list. So before I get on to the review. I must say I have had this thing for Strong Alpha Males in Law Enforcement so this to me was a must read. This book is just more than a steaming romance but starts off with a big explosion!!!! Getting involved with the characters was not an issue. They became so lovable in a way.Carly Winters lives in a boring little town called Turnbridge where everyone knows everything about everyone. She is known not to date, but these people of her hometown that on some nights she turns into her alternate personality and calls herself Desiree. Desiree is different from Carly. She dresses up in more fitting clothes and travels to a town nearby to have some hot and anonymous sex. And its really hot sex I must add.In a bar one night she meets Jake and his friend Colt and they have one of these hot nights. What she doesn't know is this might all come out to play differently than she expects.Jake is a newly hired officer in her small town. He wanted a change from the big city. One day he is eating lunch and is introduced to Carly. He looks into the eyes of a woman who left him a sleep and he never thought he would see her again. Jake can never forget Desiree and the hottest sex of his life. He is shocked beyond belief when he sees her and finds out that her name is actually Carly. Jake is determined to uncover Carly’s secrets and make it back into her bed but of course Carly is scared that everyone will find out her deepest secret.Now believe me their is a plot so do not worry. Actually it becomes into kind of an emotional one when they finally get together. The scenes between these characters will more then set you on fire. Lacey Alexander bring you some really hot men who happen to have some troubled past but want to work through them. This is a must read for anyone who loves erotic romance. I actually enjoyed all the characters. The plot kept me interested. And it is truly one hot read!!! I am dying to get my hands on the next book in the series called Party of Three, which will be available in March of 2012. Its a wait ,but I have this feeling it will be worth the long wait. I hope you enjoy this scorching read as much as i did. Happy Reading!

  • Baba
    2019-04-03 17:53

    I guess I wasn't prepared for such a book. I was only reading the blurb and I think that was not enough – my mistake. And I'm really no wimp but this was indeed too much.At least after reading 79 % of this book, Jake had no choice but to face what he knew: "This kind of extreme sex wasn't really good for either one of them." Yeah, good old Jake was prodding Carly into hypersexual behavior. And even Carly felt it was weird to have a foursome. Wow, how revealing...75 % of this book is about sex. And I mean not just hot and inventive was about vulgar and at times extremely kinky sex. And the f word was used AD NAUSEAM. Where is the good storyline here? It was nonexistent. It seems that the author used the issues about sexual abuse to justify the kinky sex. And that's not good enough. In my entire life I never had the urge to have sex with 2 or 3 guys at the same time. And don't get me wrong – I am not the little shy mouse and I enjoy to have hot and inventive sex. And of course I enjoy special erotic encounters with my boyfriend. But this??? Actually, this book could be a screenplay for a porn movie. This book had nothing to do with erotism. Personally, I prefer it a bit more subtle.

  • Holly
    2019-03-26 16:48

    LOVED THIS INCREDIBLY HOT & DIRTY BOOK!!!!Lacey Alexander does it again with this awesome beginning to what looks to be a smokin' series!! Also, being a Michigan girl through and through, I absolutely LOVED that this book was set in Northern Michigan, kind of a fun treat for me!

  • Juliana Philippa
    2019-04-15 20:00

    2.5 starsDefinitely had problems with this book; almost felt like two different stories and for me, they did not meld well together.I loved the first half of the book. I really liked seeing the relationship develop between Carly and Jack. I *loved* (and was so anticipating) the confrontation when he would run into her again as "Carly" and thought how that played out was so entertaining. The chemistry between them was hot and I thought that their relationship was so open and honest. I loved it. Jake was patient, caring, and accepting and Carly was trusting and brave. So, so far so good. It felt like a Toni Blake book (her other author persona), but a little spicier.Minus the first interaction, which if I was reading it to be a romance I could have really done without. Call me vanilla or prudish or whatever, but if I'm reading a book as a romance (includes romantica) - spicy or not - I prefer to keep it between the hero and heroine. Get wild, sure - really enjoyed Willing Victim a few weeks ago - but I'm not one for more than two players (only exception has been Sweet Seduction by Maya Banks, where I thought it actually worked very well with the romance/story). Also, I feel like the point and contrast of that could have been made without Colt there. All of Carly/Desiree's past one-night adventures had been one-on-one, so I think this one could have been as well. This was nothing compared to later on though ...Took a turn for the negative around pages 210+. This follows with the above paragraph, because I was in the "romance" frame of mind and so did not like it going so wild and crazy and was not at all expecting that. And how it's set-up? Jake saying beforehand that her being with him and another guy as "Carly" will be part of her self-healing and personality-melding journey? And then they go on the boat and two of his friends join in?! My romance/romantica mode doesn't get along well with that particular cup of tea. And with all of the great character and relationship development and the serious issue that Alexander writes about - and well, I thought - it seemed so out of place and just ... inappropriate. It felt so out of left field for me, caught me completely off guard, and really turned me off.It felt like it dragged on for too long, because it was as if Alexander all of a sudden realized that there need to be a relationship conflict - as opposed to just Carly's internal one - and so things go from going great to Jake being convinced there not right for one another because of their shared history and the issue of control. If she was going to make that the conflict, should have been started earlier and more clearly written; it seemed like Jake was worried about the control issue, and because Alexander gave them that shared history she decided to make that the reason why.That ending was ridiculous. So pat, so tied up with a nice little bow, and all happening within a short amount of pages, so unlikely as to be completely implausible, and that after that Jake is not convinced ... and after they have goodbye sex he's not convinced ... but when Carly decides to repeat (again!!!) what she said before, that all of a sudden is a magic wand and everything is hunky dory. Way too easy.Basically, not my cup of tea. Plenty of people enjoyed it and I really did like the first half and loved what Alexander was doing with these complex characters. In the beginning they're so sweet - and so sizzling and sexy! - with one another. After that though, it began to transform into a different book and given how much I liked the story up till that point, I was really disappointed. Am the odd woman out on this one, but that's how I felt.(August 5, 2011)

  • Diana~ (Kiss Me Books)
    2019-04-18 14:47

    Hot damn! This book defines the words hot, sexy, and just "delicious" wrapped up in one awesome package. I truly had a fun time reading this book and I'm pretty sure those who have read it did so as well! You'll love it if you're a fan of Toni Blake, that's for sure. I adore Carly Winters and I really liked Jake Lockhart... until he made that idiotic move by breaking up with Carly. I still don't get his reason! Anyway, if you're looking for a small-town sexy and sweet erotica/contemporary romance book, this is the one for you! The romance between Carly and Jake pretty much started out with a bang, literally. In all seriousness, Carly has been living two lives; one as herself and the other as Desiree, who is both sexy and confident-- something Carly is not. Everything changes when she finds out that the man that she had a one night stand and menage with... was no other but Jake! On the other hand, Jake is shocked to see "Desiree" in an entirely different attitude and outfit in this small town that he just moved into. Her name is in fact not Desiree... but Carly?! Wow, what a shocker huh. Well, their relationship started out pretty rocky because Carly was always avoiding him-- thinking that he will blurt out her secret to the entire town. Fortunately, that turned out to be untrue and their attraction for one another is undeniable.And while everything may 'seem' perfect, it was in fact not. Jake and Carly have both had a pretty rough and bad childhood. One of which is Carly being molested by her father and messing up her entire sexual-adult life and the other is Jake being molested by a violator when he was a child as well. Overall? I thought this was definitely an extremely satisfying with some very hot scenes between Jake and Carly. They were meant for one another! I definitely recommend this book to everyone who loves this genre. 5/5 stars!

  • Lauren
    2019-03-21 11:58

    Bad Girl By Night3 StarsUncomfortable with the idea of becoming sexually involved with a man from her small home town, Carly Winters releases her pent up frustrations under the guise of an alter-ego, Desiree. During one of her excursions in the big city, Carly/Desiree meets Jake Lockhart, a sexy as sin stranger, and finds herself engaging in one of her most secret fantasies. Never expecting to see Jake again, Carly’s quiet life is turned upside down when she learns that he is the new cop in town and that he refuses to let their night of passion remain in the past.The first half of the book is completely captivating as Carly lives out her secret fantasy and then comes face to face with the man who played a leading role in it. The chemistry between Carly and Jake sizzles on the pages and their clash of wills leads to some incredibly steamy scenes.Unfortunately, the book takes a turn for the worse at the halfway mark when Jake’s angst raises its ugly head. It does not bode well for a story when the alpha male turns into a quivering mess and his sexual hangups overshadow those of the damaged heroine.The menage trope is usually one that I dislike as it is difficult for me to believe that an alpha male who loves the heroine would accept her having sex with another man. However, the initial encounter in this book is more plausible as Carly and Jake are strangers. The same cannot be said for the second encounter, which epitomizes everything that irritates me with this theme as (view spoiler)[Jake encourages Carly to engage in sex acts with not one, but two of his closest friends (hide spoiler)]. A hero who behaves in this way loses all of his appeal and Jake is no exception.All in all, Carly and Jake’s romance has potential despite the problematic elements and Lacey Alexander is very skilled at writing an incredibly HOT sex scene.

  • Amy
    2019-03-26 11:49

    When I first started reading Bad Girl By Night after the first chapter I thought, this is going to be another erotica screwfest with no depth. Boy was I wrong! I was ready to put it down after the first chapter but soooo glad I didn't! This was my first read by Lacey Alexander and I was very impressed. Ms. Alexander delivered I'm sure what she is known for, steamy, uninhibited sex that fires up the pages and the reader's libido, but also a well developed storyline as well as characters to invest in. She tackled some hard issues within her characters in a very realistic way to where not everything in the end was wrapped in a nice little bow. I'm looking forward to reading more of Ms. Alexander's work. 4.5/5

  • Jane Stewart
    2019-04-12 19:04

    2 ½ stars. The purpose is lots of explicit sex scenes. I wanted more personality development and more story.STORY BRIEF:Carly makes and sells wood furniture. She lives in an apartment above her shop/store in Turnbridge, a small town in Michigan. She hasn’t dated anyone in her home town for about 12 years. Every six weeks or so she drives to Traverse City wearing seductive clothes and a lot of makeup. She sits in a bar until she meets someone she likes for a night of anonymous sex. She uses the fake name of Desiree and wants no future contact.The story begins with Jake and Colt on vacation in Traverse City. They meet Desiree at the bar. She likes both of them so she suggests the three of them go to Jake’s room. The three of them have some pretty wild sex. In the middle of the night Desiree sneaks out and returns home. About a month later to her horror, Carly sees that Jake has just moved to Turnbridge as the new cop in town. She is afraid he might tell others about her Desiree activities. When Jake sees Carly he recognizes her as Desiree. He wants her but she won’t talk to him.REVIEWER’S OPINION:This book is for readers in the mood for lots of sex scenes – very explicit. There is self-pleasuring, rear door activity, performing in front of others, and group sex MMF and MMMF. She’s hot and hungry for the guys. They are the same for her and tell her how beautiful her body parts are and how great she makes them feel doing this or that. I usually like explicit sex scenes, but for some reason I felt a need to skim through these. I’m not sure why, maybe because I wanted more emotional development or more story. Some readers will like this; it just didn’t work for me.The story was ok, nothing new or different. Carly avoids talking to Jake as long as possible. He continues pursuing until she finally agrees to talk to him, and then they begin seeing each other. They each have issues from their pasts which cause each of them to want to be in charge during sex. So that adds some conflict about who’s going to be on top and how wild they become. Unfortunately the author uses the overused plot line of “I love her but I’m going to break up with her for her own good.”Other than one minor scene, this story is not about cop activities. It’s about Jake’s and Carly’s interaction.The characters: She loves sex with Jake. She likes making wood furniture. The local people think she’s a good girl. She is pleasant to people and has some friends. She’s pretty. He was a big city cop wanting a change from stress. So now he is a small town cop. He’s good at it. He’s handsome. That’s the best I can come up with to describe them – nothing is being done with their personalities. He treats her well. Whenever they get together the first thing they do is have sex because they can’t stop themselves.AUTHOR:Lacey Alexander also writes as Toni Blake.DATA:Story length: 307 pages. Swearing language: strong, including religious swear words. Sexual language: strong/erotic. Number of sex scenes: 12. Estimated number of sex scene pages: 79. Setting: current day Turnbridge and Traverse City, Michigan. Copyright: 2011. Genre: erotic contemporary romance.

  • Bookaholics
    2019-03-28 14:05

    Bad Girl by Night by Lacy AlexanderContemporary Romance- June 7th, 20114 ½ starsThis book is a steaming romance that starts with a bang! I was surprised at how deeply involved I became in the lives of the two main characters.Carly Winters is boring and predictable to the people of her home town of Turnbridge. She never dates and her past relationship failed because she can’t ‘let go.’ But little do these misguided residents know of Carly’s alternate personality - Desiree. Desiree dresses up in sexy tight fitting clothes and finds men for a nights of hot and anonymous sex miles away. One night she spies Jake and his buddy Colt and they share a wild night of no holds barred sex. Carly is happy to have scratched her ‘itch,’ but to her severe dismay, it comes back to bite her when she discovers Jake is the newly hired officer in her small town and that he recognizes her! Jake can’t forget Desiree and the hottest sex of his life. He is shocked when he sees her and finds out that her name is actually Carly. Jake is determined to uncover Carly’s secrets and get her in her bed!The scenes between the characters are scorching. Readers who enjoy erotic romances will love this book. But this book also has depth as each character’s sexuality has roots in their troubled past. Each of the main characters are wounded and healed by their love. Surprisingly heartwarming, this book tackles serious issues with sensitivity and insight. This scorching book is a gem! Sympathetic characters and a real plot quickly got me involved in their relationship.Reviewed by Steph from the Bookaholics Romance Book Club

  • Brianna (The Book Vixen)
    2019-04-13 14:03

    Why I Read this Book: When I read the blurb for Bad Girl by Night, I couldn’t wait to read about Carly’s double life. From time to time, I like to read books that are so far from my own life (and lifestyle) just so I can take a walk in someone else’s shoes. Sort of like a farfetched escape, if you will. I was curious to see how Carly handles Jake entering her ‘normal life’. It seemed like there was going to be some tension and hot romance and that’s exactly what I got.What I Liked: I felt so connected to the story and the main characters. Carly and Jake are both struggling to deal with their own tormented pasts. While it brings them closer together emotionally in their relationship, at the same time it pushes them apart. The battle for control in the relationship starts to take a toll on Jake and there’s a moment when I wasn’t sure if he was going to be able to push past that.This was the most erotic book I’ve read to date. I blushed a few times. Okay, more than a few times. To give you an idea if this book is for you, here’s what you can expect when reading Bad Girl by Night: m/f/m, ménage a trios, sex involving food, back-door sex, sex with an audience watching and strong sexual language. While there are lots and lots of sexually explicit and risqué content in this book, there are no BDSM or f/f scenes.What I Didn’t Like: The name of this series is H.O.T. Cops – now don’t get me wrong, that’s sexy. Who doesn’t love a man in uniform? But the story in this book doesn’t really touch on the cop aspect. Yes, Jake is a cop but he’s in a small town where crime is at a minimum. There’s no action really, save for one event – a personal one for Jake, that takes place towards the end of the book. Other than that, he’s helping ducks cross the road. I would have liked to have seen a little more action.Overall Impression: Erotic romance isn’t something I would read on daily basis but it is a nice treat to indulge in from time to time. When you’re in the mood for a titillating, sizzling erotic read, I’d definitely recommend Bad Girl by Night. In order for you to enjoy this one, erotica has to be your cup of fiction and you need to totally let loose your inhibitions. After reading the excerpt for Party of Three (provided in at the end of Bad Girl by Night), the next book in this series, I’m definitely looking forward to reading it.Side note: About half way into the book, I discovered author Lacey Alexander also writes under the pseudonym Toni Blake. If you’re looking for a tamer romance novel, I’d recommend the books under the Toni Blake name. Those books are more heavy on the storyline but still have some sexy scenes. So it all depends what you’re in the mood for.

  • Darcy
    2019-03-30 14:53

    I really liked this one, I loved how Carly was able to change over the course of the book. At the start of it she needed Desiree, having that other personality allowed her to embrace a side of herself that she couldn't face up to. At first I thought it was just the small town dynamics at play that forced Carly to split her lives up. But once Jake was able to sus the details out, things made perfect sense.I really liked how Jake was able to get Carly to face up to those horrible truths and get past them. He understood where she was coming from and allowed her to integrate the two sides of herself, of course all the hot sex helped too.I was so angry with Jake at the end, I didn't get where he was coming from all of a sudden. Everything they had done was consensual, they both wanted it, yet all of a sudden he seemed to think that he was the bad guy and pushing her into all sorts of sordid acts. It took finally facing his own personal demons to make him realize just how full of crap he was.I thought the ending was great, they both had to lay everything on the line and see just what they wanted. I look forward to reading more in this series.

  • Melissa Wehunt
    2019-03-27 16:49

    YOWSA! This book is hot! So, based on what it is, why didn't I give it a 5?? Well, because while it does have more plot that a lot of just didn't quite have enough for me to stay truly glued to the storyline. I'm more of a special ops erotica girl...but alas, it was still pretty darn good. Much better than a lot I've read lately. So anyhow, I'll have to get my good friend Jan at the library to order the rest of the series...not that I want to read them right now because I'm over it for now, but the next time I need to read something dirty I'll be looking for this author. :)

  • SassySami
    2019-03-25 15:59

    This is surprisingly touching, with some difficult subject matter, but it's handled exceedingly well. The sex is hot and the love story is sweet - not too easy, but not so difficult that I was pulling out my hair. I did wonder why Carly's mother wasn't an active character given Carly's small-town ways, and I would have liked for her to at least go through the decision on whether to tell her mother her big secret, but that would have brought another level of gravity to an already hard subject, so I understand why it was overlooked.

  • Smileyluvsbooks (Faz)
    2019-03-24 19:11

    Not reading because contains scenes of lead female with other men and encouraged by lead male even when in relationship.

  • Kim BookJunkie
    2019-04-12 15:48

    STORY: 3.5 stars PERFORMANCE: 4 starsOVERALL: 4 starsSTORY Having read some very entertaining stories by this author years ago, I was eager to get started on this audio book. The opening to the story was hot and exciting, giving me hope yet so I soon realized that everything I read during the entire first day of reading was one long, long, long sex scene. It was a well written, sexy ménage but I had no idea which man was which as we'd only been briefly introduced to each of them. Character development does improve later yet the length of the sex scenes does not change. In this book, Ms. Alexander tells a story with a very interesting, entertaining premise and storyline yet most of the pages contain sex scenes. This is erotica so that's not necessarily a bad thing yet for me, I personally felt it was a bit excessive. Because so many pages of this book were loooong sex scenes, at times the book felt like it was dragging on and on. Occasionally, I even found myself zoning out during sex scenes. PERFORMANCE: Narrator Julia Duval slightly altered her voice while reading male dialogue which was appreciated and she REALLY altered her voice while reading the many sex scenes. What I appreciated most about her performance during these scenes was that she spoke with a breathy/breathless tone of voice that for most of the recording wasn't exaggerated or excessive.

  • Lisa Jass
    2019-04-16 15:55

    Lacey Alexander does it again. The first book in the H.O.T. Cops series is smokin' hot. Carly, a small town girl seen as sweet, shy, and opposed to sex has a secret life. She sneaks into a neighboring town to become Desiree a women with no sexual hangups whatsoever. After her first encounter with two men she returns home only to find that Jake Lockhart, one of the two men she had been with, has moved to her small town of Turnbridge, Michigan where he has become a local cop. In a struggle to come to terms with the two sides of herself Carly and Jake uncover more about themselves and one another than they bargained for. This is one of my favorite Lacey Alexander books so far (Voyeur will always be my number one as it was my first erotic romance). These characters have a deep story that engages the reader while also making sure that the heat of the sex scenes is so hot it scorches. I look forward to getting to know some of these other H.O.T. cops in the future.

  • Suzie Quint
    2019-04-02 13:47

    One of the reasons I read Lacey Alexander is because when she writes a sexy story, there's an actual story there. (Not all erotica authors go the distance on story.)This story focuses on two people who both have a history of childhood sexual abuse. Because of that, they understand each other in ways none of their previous partners ever have. It builds a bond between them. Unfortunately, those who've been abused have a tendency to go to sexual extremes (either frigid or wild). While their extremes are pretty hot, Jake begins to feel that they encourage each other into unhealthy places. They eventually resolve that issue (it's romance, so of course they do) to achieve for both themselves and the reader a satisfying ending.

  • Kerrysullivan
    2019-04-21 19:04

    As erotic romance books goes this feel pretty tame, mainly because of the hesitant use of dirty talk in some places. But it is still a really good read. I like that they are both flawed in the same way and it has messed them up to some degree. it is a story about healing and closure to some extent. but mostly its about coming to terms with who you are in-spite of your history and learning that sometime the past is not as far away as you think. The whole story was skilfully done and pushed all the right buttons in being hot and steamy and so worth it.

  • Kim
    2019-04-01 13:49

    Very HOT! Lacey is such a talented author. She does a great job with descriptions from some really mind blowing sex scenes to describing the characters thoughts and feelings. You can tell that Lacey is a seasoned author and knows what she's doing when writing a book. The words flow beautifully, she keeps it short with secondary characters, and she can fully engage the readers senses by describing in detail every sexual sensation. While I did enjoy it I still gave it a 4 stars because while so much was great about her writing the story didn't seem all that plausable in a few areas.

  • Tamara
    2019-04-08 12:53

    This was a very different story for a romance novel. Kind of heavy subject matter. But, for the most part I feel it was handled really well. It was an endearing story, while still possessing the sizzle you expect form Lacey's books. I won't put in spoilers, but my only qualm with the story was Jake's belief that "he" knew what was better for Carly than she knew herself. Sometimes a little knowledge is a dangerous thing!

  • Lindsay Lester
    2019-03-30 14:59 hot!!

  • ♥Sam ♥ ~S2~Im made of awesomness
    2019-04-03 15:56 heither, and see me review. T'is nice.

  • Nina ~ Social Butterfly PR
    2019-04-20 11:53

    Have to read for the pie scene I keep hearing about....

  • TinaMarie
    2019-04-11 13:06

    Lots and lots of sex. Carly sneaks off to the big city to have sex with a stranger and ends up taking on two men for a ménage. She leaves while they are sleeping and never expects to meet either of them again. Until Jake becomes a police officer in her small town. Both of these folks were abused as children and while Jake works on healing Carly, he learns he still has some healing himself. All the while having lots of sex. Not sure I want to continue with this series.

  • Jessica Miller
    2019-04-14 13:00


  • Jm
    2019-04-02 12:46

    Voilà un Passion Intense qui commence de façon très torride ! Dès les premières pages, nous avons le droit à une scène sensuelle à trois. La fin est tout aussi chaude puisque l'auteur nous écrit une scène à quatre (plutôt rare en romance érotique).Heureusement pour nous, elle ne se contente pas d'enchaîner les scènes hot mais ajoute de la profondeur aux personnages ainsi qu'à l'histoire en développant le passé douloureux des deux protagonistes principaux. L'héroïne, Carly, se transforme en Désirée quand elle en ressent le besoin pour aller draguer loin de sa petite ville de province. Lors de sa dernière escapade, elle rencontre Jake et son ami et va passer un moment torride avec eux. De retour à Turnbridge, elle est terrifiée quand elle le retrouve au restaurant du coin et qu'elle apprend qu'il est le nouvel officier de police de la ville. Si jamais il révélait à toute la ville comment ils se sont rencontrés, elle serait rejetée par tout le monde. Jake est bien décidé à découvrir pourquoi Carly devient Désirée, et peu à peu, il souhaite nouer une relation plus forte avec elle et l'aider à dépasser les traumatismes de son enfance.Vous l'aurez compris, ce livre n'est pas qu'une histoire de sexe. Les personnages ont tous les deux un passé traumatisant qui explique pourquoi Jake est dominant au lit et pourquoi Carly a besoin de Désirée pour se lâcher lors des relations sexuelles. Cependant, certains points négatifs font que cette romance a du mal à nous emballer. Tout d'abord, le vocabulaire utilisé. Tout au long du récit, l'héroïne parle d'elle comme d'une "cochonne" parce qu'elle aime telle ou telle chose. Les autres termes utilisés pour qualifier leur relation font qu'on a beaucoup de mal à croire qu'il y a des sentiments entre eux : ils "baisent" tout le temps, à aucun moment les termes changent pour indiquer qu'ils partagent une quelconque affection. On a plus l'impression de lire un érotica plutôt qu'une romance érotique. Le deuxième point gênant vient du choix de l'auteur par rapport aux problèmes que partagent les deux héros : tous les deux ont connu le même genre de sévices dans leur enfance, et Lacey Alexander décide que c'est Jake qui va aider Carly à aller mieux. Alors oui, il ne s'agit que d'une histoire de fiction mais il est perturbant de se dire que c'est une victime (qui n'a peut-être pas complètement surmonté ses traumatismes) qui va pousser une autre victime à avouer ce qu'elle a vécu. La suite du récit en devient un peu dérangeante : même Jake n'est plus sûr de lui. La domination qu'il exerce sur Carly du point de vue sexuel nous laisse penser qu'il n'a pas résolu tous ses problèmes et qu'il joue à un jeu très dangereux.À tout cela s'ajoute la fin de l'histoire dont on ne comprend pas vraiment l'utilité tant pour le récit en lui-même que pour les personnages. C'est un peu comme si l'auteur avait voulu ajouter un petit côté héroïque à son récit au dernier moment.Lacey Alexander (que l'on connaît déjà comme Toni Blake, auteur de la série Destiny parue en Promesse) a voulu aller trop loin dans son histoire pour vraiment nous emballer. Autant on apprécie une belle romance érotique, bien écrite, même avec quelques vulgarités ici ou là, autant la succession de termes crus destinée à émoustiller le lecteur laisse un goût un peu amer. Les histoires en arrière plan, servant à donner de la consistance au récit, tombent un peu à côté. Reste au final des scènes sensuelles originales, mêlant voyeurisme et parties à plusieurs qui font certainement leur effet. Le rythme global du récit est assez rapide et entraînant et on n'a pas le temps de s'ennuyer. Divins plaisirs reste une lecture plaisante, que l'on oubliera pas de sitôt.Le deuxième tome, Exquise luxure est prévu pour le mois d'octobre et promet d'être tout aussi sulfureux que celui-ci.

  • Meka
    2019-04-08 14:08

    First of all, the book description does not nearly give this enough justice. Yes, there was a great deal of erotica in this novel. The language was bold and gritty, and the hero and heroine had plenty of steamy funtimes, but that is not the entire crux of the novel.Carly is a furniture maker in her small town in Michigan. Occasionally, she feels the built up urge to be someone else--Desiree, a woman of mystery who is controled, seductive, and everything that Carly is not. She finds herself going to towns that are at least two hours away to get what she craves..anonymous one night encounters.When the book opens, she meets Jake and his friend at a local bar. I think that the author did a very good job of writing out how Carly/Desiree felt about the encounter and about herself. Desiree comes off as a strong, independent, dominant woman who has to have absolute control. I loved how the author showed this side of her. She is nothing like the seemingly innocent Carly, from her style of dress to her attitude. But this encounter is different, and some of Carly's thoughts start coming through. It is a tug of war.Jake is everything I love about alpha heros. He's that combination of a little bit demanding and inflexible about the issues that hold the greatest swayin his heart, but he is totally sweet and adorable. although in the first scene, he is dark and dealing with a power struggle. he was sensual and fun, and definitely trying to gain the upper hand.alexander did a great job of describing these characters. Carly the small town girl was very different from Desiree the seducer. She was someone who was loved by her town, but who was also talked about behind closed doors by some well-meaning people. I found myself truly wanting the best for her.Jake is a cop that was trying to get used to small-town living. He wanted to help people and was generally an all-around good guy.When Jake is introduced as the town's newest police officer, Carly does a double take and is shocked. I could really understand her dilemma and her fears that everyone would find out about her secret life that she felt a great deal of shame about.I loved how Jake and carly came together. She was distrustful of him, he was angry about being lied to, and yet bit by bit, they were able to forge through their issues. There were some really powerful moments in the book where Jake encouraged her to simply be who she was and not be ashamed of her sexual expression.This book had a lot of depth and dealt with some very tough issues. Lacey Alexander did a wonderful job of describing why Carly did the things that she had, what caused her to seek pleasure from strangers, and why she felt such shame about it. Jake had issues of his own, and while he did something toward the end of this book that made me want to pull myhair out, I understood why it had to happen.There are very triggery subjects that the author deals with such as sexual abuse. I found myself hoping for this couple to really get their happily ever after and for both of them to see themselves as the other saw them.This book brought me to tears, and it takes a lot for that to happen. It was also very steamy, moreso than a lot of novels that I have read. So why is this book not getting a five star review? One reason, and one reason only. There are simply some things that even in erotic and romancelandia one does not do with pie. That moment made me stop, go 'what in the world?' and roll my eyes.Other than that, it was well worth the read. I really enjoyed the ending as well. It wasn't the perfectly neat ending, but one that was very realistic.It was emotional, touchingly thoughtful, and very enjoyable. I will definitely read more by this author.