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"Il collezionista di ossa" di Jeffery Deaver racconta la prima indagine di Lincoln Rhyme e Amelia Sachs. Il romanzo, da cui è stato tratto l’omonimo film con Denzel Washington, è un susseguirsi di colpi di scena e il ritmo della narrazione, quasi esso stesso cinematografico, tiene il lettore incollato fino all’ultima pagina. Un thriller da non perdere, assolutamente....

Title : Il collezionista di ossa
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ISBN : 9788817022828
Format Type : Paperback
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Il collezionista di ossa Reviews

  • *TANYA*
    2018-12-25 16:27

    I think I found a new favorite series. Rhymes mind is crazy brilliant. And I love the dynamics between him and Sachs. They make a great team, they're ingenious together.

  • Chris
    2018-12-21 15:18

    This is my all time favorite book. When I was in high school I hated to read. The only books I would read were the cheesy movie knock off books. I read Mission: Impossible, Batman and Robin, and The Saint. My mom had said this was going to be a movie and the movie paperback edition had just come out. I read this book in record time for me and was captivated. No book had ever held my attention, or kept me up at night with a flash light because I had to find out what happened next. Jeffery Deaver was the first real author I had ever read and he left an impression on me that has caused me to be the avid reader I am today. I have read every one of his books, some of those haven’t been in print for years and never will be again. I searched so hard years later to find a hardback first edition of this book and found one. Last year I met Deaver for the first time and had him sign my copy. This is the first Lincoln Rhyme novel and it made me love the character so much I began to study forensics when I got to college. The Bone Collector is a vicious killer who leaves clues to his next victim at the crime scene. The victims are left in some of the most grisly situations and the suspense is so intense I had a hard time sitting still. I couldn’t read fast enough. This book and the writing style of Jeffery Deaver brought the joy of reading into my life, and helped me expand my horizons to find some of the best authors I have ever read.

  • RedemptionDenied
    2018-12-23 23:23

    I can't believe I haven't read anything by this author before - was I in a fugue? I read this as part of - The Lincoln Rhyme Collection books 1 - 4. Because I seen the movie first - a myriad of times - I couldn't help but visualise Denzel Washington and Angelina Jolie in their respective roles. Bad idea. In the book, Rhyme is Caucasian and Amelia Sachs' is a fiery redhead. So that took some getting used to. There's a killer on the loose - and ex IRD (Investigation and Resource Division) head, Lincoln Rhyme (a C4 Quadriplegic), has two unwelcome visitors, Lon Sellitto and Jerry Banks, requesting his assistance on a case. Rhyme' is in a very dark place and has a date with Dr. Berger of the Lethe Society (death doctor) - and he's adamant that nothing is going to change his mind.He gradually gets interested (though he still wants to die), and requests the officer who found the first victim, Amelia Sachs, be brought in - as she showed ingenuity - by sealing off the crime scene. Although, not everyone is impressed, when she stops the traffic, whilst the UN conference is in town.The first two victims were passengers in a taxi, John Ulbercht and T.J. Colfax. Sachs' was the officer who found Ulbercht - and now it's a race against time to try and find/save the second kidnap victim, Tammie Jean Colfax. The killer leaves clues,'s just a case of deciphering what the unsub is telling them.Rhyme' lives in a Gothic style townhouse on the Upper West Side of the city, overlooking Central Park - and his bedroom on the second floor, soon becomes the CP (Command Post) - which is bustling with activity. Thom, his aide, is designated the task of adding annotations to a poster, basically detailing what they know about Unsub 823 (Unknown Subject) - so far. Mel Cooper, turns Rhyme's bedroom into a mini lab, so he does a lot of tests on the samples collected by Sachs' from different crime scenes. The Hardy Boys, Bedding and Saul - do the canvassing, and they're skillful in interviewing people who live close to crime scenes - and Sachs' is Rhymes eyes and ears - and isn't too pleased about it; as she was supposed to be transferring to Public Affairs at noon, for a training session - and she's been waiting eight months for this reassignment. I really enjoyed the book - though some of the authors/characters dialect was a bit antiquated. You've got words like: Limo'd, brother'd, whatta, myself'd, this's, offa (off of), figger (figure), grounds're, dincha (didn't you), he'd've, ever'body, to've, etc. So that took some getting used to, as well. There's a few acronyms throughout, though most of those are explained in the following sentence/paragraph via the author or character: COC ( Chain Of Custody), CI (Confidential Informant), ESU (Emergency Services Unit), PERT (Physical Evidence Response Team), ALS (Alternative Light Source.) The appendix at the end, explains some of them in more detail.In summation: This was very good. I liked the forensic work, which was done in minute detail, at times, with Sachs' walking the grid: north/south - then perpendicular - east to west - looking for clues, in the hope of catching the killer, as well as finding the location of the next victim. There's a lot of humour and banter throughout, so that was quite amusing, too.

  • Diane Wallace
    2019-01-09 20:22

    Fantastic series! an engrossing,entertaining,fast-paced,plot-twister of a series..Lincoln Rhyme is just stunning in this mystery,with all his brain power than he has to rely on..action-pact (paperback!)

  • Ginger
    2019-01-14 15:24

    Awesome start to a new crime detective series for me!Lots of plot twists and I really loved the characters of Lincoln Rhyme, Amelia Sachs and Thom. I definitely plan on continuing with the books.The forensics was excellent and very detailed in this book along with the clues to catch "The Bone Collector". The action was gripping and the suspense of the book was great.I loved the whole cat and mouse chase of this book to get to the next victim. The ending was epic with who the killer was and the beginning of another search for the next impending disaster.Excellent writing, characters and unforgettable plot twists! Kudos Jeffery Deaver for adding another fan to your fanbase!

  • Tim The Enchanter
    2018-12-16 21:37

    My #6 Read of 2014 Awesome, Awesome, Awesome - 5 StarsI contemplated adding a few more Awesomes to the review heading but I didn't want to overdo it. I read this as part of Book Pal challenge in one of my Goodreads groups. I have a tendency to read crime and mystery fiction written outside of North America or by lesser known authors. Given that I am apparently some pretentious snob, I assume that the more popular an author is, the more watered down and crowd pleasing the story will be. Jeffery Deaver shattered that assumption with this book.You don't need a plot summary from me or a long review. I know I am late to this party. At this point you have either seen the movie or read the book. Suffice to say, it is compelling read that fuses an exciting mystery while touching on some compelling social issues.The story's protagonist is Lincoln Rhyme, a criminalist/Crime Scene Investigator/Forensic Expert. Years prior to the events of this story, he was injured at a crime scene and as a result, he is a quadriplegic. He has the movement of his head and neck as well as a single finger. He is called on to help solve a gruesome string of crimes and as result, comes to work with the responding officer and beat cop, Amelia Sachs.Right from the outset, the book makes it clear that it is going to deal with some issues that contentions moral and social issues. Specifically, the issues surrounding assisted suicide. While this book was written in 1997, the issue is as contentious as is was in the days of Jack Kevorkian. Having lived my whole live in Canada near the border of Detroit, Michigan, I clearly recall the obsession with Jack Kevorkian a.k.a. Dr. Death and the ongoing discussion of assisted suicide. In the Bone Collector, we have a brilliant mind that is a locked within a body that cannot be used. In this novel, Lincoln Rhymes in on a quest to have his own suicide assisted and we are privy to the characters mindset and internal struggle in getting to that point. Neither the book nor the author make bold declarations as to whether there should be a "right to die" but it does give food for thought. Personally, I found this subplot to be fascinating and as equaling compelling as the main story line.In addition to a well written story, the characters of Rhyme and Sachs are dynamite. They are both complex, well drawn and there is superb character development. The dynamic between the characters is unique as Sachs is essentially the eyes, ears and hands for Rhymes who can no longer walk a crime scene. There is great potential in this duo and I look forward to future novels.If I have any complaint, it is that Rhymes is to "all knowing". He has a what seems to be an encyclopedic knowledge of just about everything but I was so engrossed in the story and the characters that I just didn't care.Again, this novel is superb. If you enjoy strong characterization or great crime thriller plots, pick this one up today.Content AdvisoriesIt is difficult to find commentary on the sex/violence/language content of book if you are interested. I make an effort to give you the information so you can make an informed decision before reading. *Disclaimer* I do not take note or count the occurrences of adult language as I read. I am simply giving approximations. When reviewing language, mild obscenities are words like, shit, hell or damn. Religious exclamations are words such as Christ or Jesus when used as profanity.Scale 1 - Lowest 5 - Highest Sex-1.5 There is some discussion about Rhymes desire and ability to engage is sex given his disability. There is some sexual tension but nothing graphic. LanguageMild Obscenities - 122 F-Words - 87 Religion Exclamations - 42 Turns out there was far more adult language than I thought. I can say that in this one I did not seem as if there was as much language. It may have been that I was so taken up in reading the book that I did not notice adult language. Violence-3.5 There are multiple murders/attempts. Given the bad guy and his predilections, this could have been much more graphic. There are some graphic elements that some people will find disturbing but I would consider it to moderately graphic.

  • Gina
    2018-12-29 19:13

    Everyone was right... the book is waaaaay better than the movie. I adored the characters very much. All of the down-to-earth in their own sort of way, including Lincoln. I don't know how Deaver did it, but you really feel what it's like to be his character; all trials and tribulations. I do have to admit that, after watching the movie, I believe that Denzel and Angelina played their characters very well.The novel isn't just fast-paced, it's lightening speed! Hell, you get as much sleep as the characters do in a 24 hour period, LMAO! So many twists, turns, suspense and action, you can't help reading it until waaay after the midnight hour. What I loved about this book is the details! Whether it's the crime scene, evidence or the cop lingo (terminology of forensics)... everything is well put together, and you don't miss a beat. Snap, snap, snap, one thing right after another. This is one of the best novels I've read. Can't wait to read more of Deaver's work!

  • Sarah
    2018-12-23 18:10

    THERE WILL BE SPOILERS THROUGHOUT THIS REVIEW18/8 - I have seen the movie a number times so I know who the killer is, but I can't remember his exact motive, so at least there'll be one surprise for me at the end. I really enjoyed the movie and was always disappointed that there weren't further instalments in the series. For me, Angelina Jolie is Amelia and Denzel Washington is Lincoln Rhyme (funny that they've both got American president's names), they are now inextricably linked. I will never be able to think about Rhyme or Sachs without seeing them as the actor's portrayals of them.I'm loving the extra details I'm getting from the book that weren't included in the movie due to time constraints. More details about the first two victims (who are completely different people in the movie), more background on both Sachs and Rhyme, including Rhyme's connections in the police force. It's funny what details get left by the wayside on the journey between a book and the movie/tv show. In the movie Amelia's last name is changed from Sachs to Donaghy (I never get the reasons behind name changes, they seem so arbitrary and pointless) and her arthritis is no longer a contributing factor in her desire to leave Patrol. In fact if I remember rightly there's no mention of her wanting to leave Patrol, she just does spontaneously in order to help Rhyme and solve the case. To be continued...21/8 - Bloody review-eating website! I can't remember all of what I wrote before it got eaten, but it went something like this. Now that I've finished the book it turns out that the movie is quite different from the book - everyone except Lincoln has had their name changed (or their race, or gender), the killer and his motives are different, the victims are all different as are whether or not they survive, what he does to the victims and the clues he leaves are different. Only Lincoln and the general idea of the story are carried over from the book to the movie.I really enjoyed the frantic pace injected into the 'evidence examining' scenes by the constant pressure of getting to the victims before they die. In my head I could see the camera flicking from one character to another as Rhyme fires off questions or instructions regarding some bit of evidence or other. I think I might enjoy the next book even more than this one, not having any preconceived notions of the plot, except for what Rhyme and Amelia look like.PopSugar 2015 Reading Challenge: A Mystery of Thriller

  • Anne(Booklady) Molinarolo
    2019-01-08 18:28

    4.5 StarsI've read several of novels in Jeffery Deaver's Lincoln Rhyme Series, but never The Bone Collector. Here we meet the brilliant, impatient, and rude Criminologist. Lincoln Rhyme was a genius in Forensics when he worked for NYPD until a serious accident left him a cripple (Rhyme's word). He can move everything above his shoulders and his left pinkie finger. He has lost interest in everything and is awaiting a doctor that may give him what he's been praying for - help to kill himself. The doctor is late and a former colleague stops by his brownstone about noon on a Friday with a horrific case. Rhyme can't himself. He's hooked.His bedroom becomes a war room of detectives and forensic equipment. They must catch Unsub 823 before he kills again. The only clues they have are the ones that "the bone collector" leaves. The evidence points to another victim and place without much time to save the innocent soul. Amelia Sachs is his eyes and legs. She walks the grid of each crime scene. And she really doesn't want to. She'd rather be anywhere and she doesn't particularly like the former detective. When she goes to a supervisor about Rhyme and what she's doing, the Feds come and jerk the case. Oops. But the case returns to Rhyme and his team and now it's a race to stop "the bone collector."I really enjoyed the book and it's so much different than the movie, thank goodness. The pace of the novel is heart pounding fast for both the reader and characters. The novel only covers the weekend and into Monday. So I was surprised that the characters were so well developed. And I loved that we got to see "the bone collector's" POV. Deaver uses italics when we see him and delve into his deteriorating mind. This villain is intelligent and deliciously evil. And I love Lincoln Rhyme the most! And I thank Deaver for giving us a complex flawed protagonist who just happens to be disabled.

  • Drew
    2019-01-01 21:10

    It's a page-turner, and to Deaver's credit, the extensive scenes about collecting and analyzing crime scene trace evidence rarely get boring. Unfortunately, it's also pretty far-fetched. I'm willing to accept the elaborate murder methods, the exacting evidence collection, and the rapid clue-solving because they're the point of the novel. I accept that Lincoln Rhyme is a superhuman genius up against a larger-than-life serial killer because that's what makes this worth reading. I can ALMOST accept that all this happened in a day or two for the same reason. But the killer is presented both as a psycho with a bone fetish and also as a man driven insane by trauma and personal vendetta, and the two personas don't quite match up. Then there's the climax (including a revelation whose essence I saw coming but whose details I didn't, which was a nice bit of misdirection), in which Lincoln Rhyme does something I still can't imagine being possible for a human being let alone a quadriplegic.It's a good airplane book.

  • Rebecca McNutt
    2018-12-17 19:30

    Exciting, powerful and thrilling, The Bone Collector is an unforgettable crime novel with one of the most interesting characters I've ever read of in the genre.

  • Cathy DuPont
    2019-01-16 19:39

    According the number of feathers I found in my yard Sunday, a neighborhood cat stalked, caught and killed what appeared to be a seagull. Its feathers looked like a gull and I’m close to Matanzas Bay and although not an expert on birds, I can surely identify a gull’s feathers. As I was inspecting the ‘crime scene’ I looked at my feet and thought, “oh my God, I’m contaminating the scene of the crime!” I don’t think I’ll ever look at such scenes the same after reading about Lincoln Rhyme’s keen eye for evidence even though he’s a quadriplegic. His reluctant ‘sidekick’ is a beautiful patrolwoman, soon to be moved to public affairs. Simply not beautiful but model (which she was) gorgeous.My friend Sandy is passing Jeffery Deaver books to me regularly saying you’ve got to read him and I thought I had but no, this is my first Deaver but certainly not my last. Deaver’s storyline was exceptional and his characters, including Rhyme, were top notch. I felt as though I knew them, knew them well. Although I’m not one to try to figure out the ‘who dun it’ I was about three quarters though, and I’m thinking the guy has to be a character already introduced. Came up with a zero guess though. It would be my guess that Deaver read Sherlock Holmes over and over because Rhyme’s sleuthing abilities reminds me of Holmes, with Holmes flat on his back, of course. Some of Deaver’s favorite writers/poets which I found on his Web site are: J.R.R. Tolkien, Mark Helprin, Saul Bellow, John Updike, Ian Fleming, Gabriel Marquez, John LeCarre, Thomas Harris, Rober Heinlein, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle(no surprise), John Cheever, John Fowles, Robert Frost, Kenneth Robeson, Harper Lee, Truman Capote and Theodore White. Quite a list of authors but few surprises.Deaver has been nominated for seven Edgar Awards from the Mystery Writers of America, an Anthony Award and a Gumshoe Award. I tend towards reading Edgar Award nominees and winners. That list just seems to be getting longer because the bar seems to be setting higher and higher each year. Writers are getting better and better with more intricate storylines and well-drawn characters which are a must for readers. (I must add that for as many good/great writers, there are an equal number of not so good writing, due in part, to self publishing of ebooks, I believe.) And surprise, folks, I have another protagonist to put on my list of series I’m reading, Detective (retired) Lincoln Rhyme and gratefully, there are only six or so. I say greatfully because I’m running quite a few series and characters I’m reading, checking them off one by one, slowly but surely. I've read some more than others. For instance I can only read Vachss infrequently because of the subject and his writing which is very vivid and strong with a sensative subject. Here’s my updated latest list:• Raymond Chandler (Philip Marlowe),• Michael Connelly (Harry Bosch) • Robert B. Parker (Spenser)• Ross Macdonald (Lew Archer)• John Lescroart (Dismas Hardy)• John Sandford (Virgil Flowers/Lucas Davenport)• Ed McBain (Matthew Hope)• Lawrence Block (Matthew Scudder)• Andrew Vachss (Burke)• Sara Parasky (Victoria Iphigenia "V. I. or Vic" Warshawski) • Jeffery Deaver (Lincoln Rhyme)I need to do myself a favorite and just stop adding authors/protags to the list and finish up the ones I’ve already started. Anyone have any ideas on how I should go about doing that, let me know. Or I could just stop it and determine that I'm reading a series to the end. I love anticipating the reading of any one of these guys, the characters; no the guys are real to me!

  • La TonyaJordan
    2019-01-11 22:09

    This book is taking me longer to read because I am enjoying looking up criminologist terms I do not know. This helps with the proper pronunciation and function of the word. I saw this movie a long time ago starring Denzel Washington as Lincoln Rhyme and was fascinated with the technology and science. But, reading about it is slow going. The entire NYPD and eventually the FBI is looking for the Bone Collector. He is a madman living out a fantasy from another century. The rat scene with Morella was horrible. Amela Sachs has been pulled into the field of forensics. She is getting better at walking the gird (crime scene). As for Lincoln Rhyme, for a man who only has use of his mind, one finger, head, and shoulders, he has it going on. What can I say? A mind is a terrible thing to waste and Lincoln Rhyme is not wasting his. Education Counts.Quotes:Sellitto said delicately, "Borrowing federal evidence is one thing. Destroying it? I don't know 'bout that, Lincoln. If there's a trial ...."She continued quickly, "I only took that call this morning because someone was home sick. I didn't plan on it." "Yes, well I had other plans too," Lincoln Rhyme said, "Now, let's look at some evidence.""Cover you? Wait a minute. I don't do that."

  • Nikki
    2019-01-06 16:22

    Once upon a time, during my undergrad, I did a module on crime fiction. It was fascinating stuff, but I had major problems with the lecturer. One problem was that when I sent in an anonymous suggestion that she warn students of the level of sexual violence in one of the books, she responded that students shouldn't be such "fragile little flowers", and should have expected it on a course about crime. I constantly regret not standing up and pointing out to her that I am not weak for wanting a warning before I read stuff like that -- I am, after all, someone who has been sexually assaulted -- and that "crime" does not and should not automatically mean "rape and torture". In all the other books we read for the course, it just meant murder. Anyway, that took my breath away, but the following week was even worse.She told us that she was thinking about adding new books to the course, and asked for suggestions. This, as near as I can get it with an imperfect memory, is what she said: "Should I add more feminist crime novels? More female detectives? Gay and lesbian detectives? A black detective? A dog detective? A disabled detective -- no, that would be really scraping the barrel."I am extremely tempted to package this book up and mail it to her with the words "Scraping the barrel?", except that they won't stick in her mind as they did in mine and doubtless in the minds of other disability-knowledgeable people.This is a pretty smart book. It deals with the issues of its disabled protagonist without making him a superman. It deals with the reactions to him honestly. It deals with the idea of euthanasia and the protagonist's desire to go through with that -- and other people's reactions to that. It doesn't, so far as I could see, fetishise disability (there were one or two points where I went, "uh, y'what?", but they were minor quibbles) or diminish it. We get the details of Lincoln Rhyme's bodily needs in the same way as we get crime scene info.It is a bit graphic in some places, but there's a sort of clinical tone that carried me through it, unlike in Val McDermid's work. As far as I can remember, thinking back through it, there isn't much sexual content, at least.The thriller aspect, for me, took a backseat to my curiosity about Rhyme, the way he thought and felt, the way he dealt with the situation. I didn't work things out ahead of Rhyme, and I'm not sure you're meant to, though this isn't to make you feel stupid -- Sachs and the other people assisting Rhyme are also intelligent and sharp, just not in the same way. I think if you know the ending or have a mind like Rhyme's you could keep following the evidence, but I stuck to the human interactions...In any case, I enjoyed reading it, and while I'm sure that there are quibbles to be had with the portrayal of disability, I thought it was a solid effort. And I think I will send an email to the lecturer I had for that module with some more feedback...

  • Christa
    2018-12-27 22:35

    At the beginning of this book, I wondered if it would really be possible for Deaver to take a quadraplegic who is planning suicide and make him into a credible main character. I'm still not sure how he accomplished it, but Lincoln Rhyme turned out to be a great hero. I really liked his character, even when he was grumpy and ill tempered. I enjoyed seeing him open up to others again as he became involved in the investigation. I felt very sympathetic toward him when he showed vulnerability in how others, especially Amelia, received him. I wasn't too certain of how much I would like Amelia when she was so obviously against helping with Lincoln's investigation and caused it to be taken over by the FBI. In her defense, she was only trying to make certain that she was able to report to her new assignment and had no idea that there would be any repercussions to the investigation. From the beginning, I thought that she was a strong character, and when she turned up with the evidence that the FBI had taken, I began to like her immensely. I enjoyed the dynamics between Lincoln and Amelia and thought that they made a great team. Several of the minor characters were also very interesting, and I thought the storyline was extremely gripping. The book was action packed and I could not put it down. I found the story to be very suspenseful, and it kept me guessing until the end. I had no idea of the identity of the serial killer until it was revealed. I will definitely be reading the rest of this series, as I can't wait to see what happens to Lincoln and Amelia next.

  • Minh Nhân Nguyễn
    2019-01-08 16:10

    5 saoMột cuốn truyện trinh thám tuyệt vời!Cuốn sách này sẽ làm thỏa mãn những ai yêu thích tính trí tuệ, suy luận, tỉ mỉ nhưng còn ngại cái không gian bức bối, khép kín của trinh thám cổ điển. Và cũng sẽ làm hài lòng những ai say mê sự ly kỳ, mạo hiểm, những kỹ thuật mới lạ, tiên tiến của dòng trinh thám hiện đại, nhưng cũng đã chán sự khoa trương, chỉ mang bề nổi của dòng sách này.Phải nói là có rất ít cuốn sách mà mình cảm thấy không chê chỗ nào được như quyển này. Hệ thống nhân vật của sách rất đa dạng, cùng không gian rộng mở, dù trớ trêu là nhân vật chính hầu như suốt quyển sách chỉ nằm tại phòng ngủ của mình. Tác giả có một kiến thức rất phong phú (dù mình không biết có chính xác hay không :p) về các tổ chức chuyên sâu điều tra tội phạm của chính phủ Mỹ, cùng cách tả những cảnh đang hoạt động của họ rất thú vị, làm mình có cảm giác đang là một người đứng tại đó quan sát vậy.Còn về phần khám nghiệm hiện trường, nội dung chính trong việc điều tra, được mô tả rất chi tiết, đặc biệt là nhờ tình huống nhân vật "được" đưa đi khám nghiệm hoàn toàn không biết gì về chuyên môn, phải nhờ sự chỉ dẫn từ căn bản của Rhyme, cũng cho phép người đọc tiếp cận với lĩnh vực thú vị này từ những nguyên tắc căn bản nhất. Làm cho ta có cảm giác hào hứng đón nhận kiến thức mới này chứ không như những cuốn trinh thám khác, nhân vật chính lúc nào cũng diễn giải kiến thức một cách không tự nhiên và giáo điều. Và mình cũng rất bất ngờ khi cuốn sách đã ra mắt gần 20 năm, các kỹ thuật khám nghiệm hiện trường hay pháp y đã quá cũ so với tiến bộ hiện nay, nhưng khi đọc mình hoàn toàn không có cảm giác là nó lỗi thời, thậm chí các kỹ thuật lấy dấu tay cao cấp, quang sắc ký... đối với mình còn rất mới lạ. Lượng kiến thức của Rhyme, cũng là của tác giả, về lĩnh vực này thật là đáng nể. Nhưng yên tâm, như mình nói nó không mang tính khoe kiến thức lộ liễu kiểu như Dan Brown mà được thể hiện rất hợp lý, vừa phải, đúng lúc.Điểm đặc sắc nhất của quyển sách này, không chỉ nằm ở các vụ án mà còn ở hệ thống nhân vật của nó. Rhyme là một nhân vật chính vô cùng đặc biệt, là kiểu nhân vật mà khi ta muốn tạo một nhân vật chính thật đặc biệt cho một cuốn truyện trinh thám thì chỉ có thể đến mức độ như Rhyme thôi. Chỉ còn có từ phần đốt sống cổ 4 trở lên, và an ủi là còn thêm ngón 4 bàn tay trái, là hoạt động được. Hay nói cách khác anh chỉ có mỗi bộ não của mình để đối phó với tên phản diện vô cùng xảo quyệt. Nhưng tác giả không chỉ tạo ra nhân vật như thế rồi thôi, ông còn cho ta thấy cuộc sống của anh nữa. Những bất tiện, đau khổ của Rhyme được thể hiện rất chân thực, từ những điều vụn vặt nhỏ nhoi đời thường cho đến cái sĩ diện tự ái lớn lao, khiến anh chỉ còn mỗi suy nghĩ là kết thúc cuộc sống của mình.Và đó là tiền đề đưa đến một điểm hay của truyện: sự chuyển biến của nhân vật theo mạch truyện, điều mà không phải cuốn truyện trinh thám, vốn chỉ tập trung vào các tình tiết ly kỳ hấp dẫn, nào cũng làm được. Poirrot đầu truyện và cuối truyện vẫn là Poirrot mà ta biết, Jack Reacher cuối truyện này vẫn là Jack Reacher ở một truyện nào khác. Nhưng Rhyme ở cuối cuốn truyện này sẽ có những đổi khác so với Rhyme ở đầu truyện, dù biểu hiện bên ngoài có thể không thay đổi gì mấy. Tác giả còn lồng vào một số hình ảnh xung quanh căn phòng của Rhyme, cùng sự thay đổi giữa đầu và cuối truyện như để ẩn dụ cho nó. Tất nhiên mình cũng nghĩ đây là quyển sách đầu tiên, nhân vật chỉ mới được giới thiệu nên tác giả mới xây dựng một cốt truyện được như vậy, không biết những tập sau của serie còn có thể mang lại cảm nhận như vậy nữa không thì phải xem thêm vài cuốn khác mới biết được.Một nhân vật nữa cũng có sự thay đổi lớn, đó là Amelia Sachs, một nhân vật nữ chính vô cùng ấn tượng, thậm chí còn có phần lấn át Rhyme, khi hầu hết các tình huống truyện đều có sự tham gia của cô. Mở đầu truyện cô cho mình một cảm giác không thật thích cho lắm, nhưng xuyên suốt câu chuyện cá tính thật sự của cô dần được bộc lộ ra, và chắc hẳn cô cũng sẽ bất ngờ trước những thay đổi của chính mình, tiếc là truyện không cho mình thấy cuộc sống sau đó của cô như thế nào.Vì Rhyme là một nhân vật đặc biệt như vậy nên xung quanh anh còn có rất nhiều nhân vật giúp đỡ, và ai cũng được khắc họa rất sinh động, dễ mến, đọc đến cuối truyện rồi bạn sẽ thấy những nhân vật này thân thuộc như chính bạn bè của mình vậy. Mà cũng vì nhiều nhân vật, nhiều dữ kiện nên theo mình thấy đoạn đầu sách đọc hơi bị chậm, nhưng khi các nhân vật đã xuất hiện đầy đủ, cuộc đua bắt đầu thì sẽ khó mà dứt quyển sách ra được :).

  • Nikki
    2019-01-06 18:36

    Like many book-to-movie adaptions, the film version of The Bone Collector cannot be compared to the terror Jeffery Deaver creates in this chilling novel.The Bone Collector is the first in a series of books about Lincoln Rhyme, a forensic criminalist who had to leave his beloved job in the police force after an accident left him paralysed from the neck down.Depressed by his life as a quadriplegic, Lincoln is planning his suicide… until his old partner calls him with news of a murder. The killer has a mind for forensics, and he leaves staged clues at the scene of every crime that point to the location of his next victim. Once the best in his field, Lincoln is the only person with a chance of solving the puzzles in time to save their lives.Unable to leave his bed, Lincoln overcomes the hindrance of his disability by using Amelia Sachs, a street cop, to act as his eyes at each crime scene. She ‘walks the grid’ (that’s police talk for ‘looks for evidence’) and reports back to Lincoln, who has to unravel the mysteries from his home. We learn a lot about these two characters throughout the book – neither are particularly happy people – but their interaction is a fascinating subplot, and the way their relationship develops adds a lot to the story.This book is incredibly fast-paced once the murders get going, as the team race against the clock to find the next victim before it’s too late. Deaver creates an incredible tension as each grisly death is described in detail. I won’t lie, this is a scary read. The murderer kidnaps his victims using a taxi and drives them to the middle of nowhere, before causing their death in some elaborate and grotesque way… I now have a mild phobia about getting into a taxi alone. Oh, and he likes to cut out a piece of bone as a souvenir. Just in case you were wondering about the title.If you’ve seen the film, I suggest you disregard it. The movie has less victims, different crime scenes, different characters… even the eventual identity of the killer is not the same as the book. I love crime thrillers, and whilst it’s been years since I first read The Bone Collector, it remains to be my favourite. With plenty of twists and turns throughout, this is a must-read for any fan of the genre.This review was originally published at Judging Covers.

  • Mark
    2018-12-18 20:18

    I do have quite a few of Mister Deavers books about Lincoln Rhyme aand when I read this book first CSI and their ilk had not yet caught the interest of the general viewing public. It was still a few years away actually.Lincoln Rhyme's, a quadriplegic forensic criminalist, first outing in which he meets an Amalia Sachs who will be his partner in many ways in the series that would follow this book. Who at the time of release was quite an original with the view at forensic science and its use of it to track down criminals.In this book Rhyme is chasing a serial killer who actually is quite aware about who is chasing him and when it comes to the end of the story you will be dazzled by Deavers' very successful use of leaving false trails and plot twists.A very well and clever written book that made Deaver for me a long time a writer whose books were a blind buy. These days my appetite for the series is spoiled by the series CSI & Bones, which is sad but a sign of a vein of interest that was tapped first with the release of this book.The Movie with Denzel & Jolie was pretty decent too, albeit mostly for the choice of leading characters and somewhat less for the script of the movie which deviates away from the original ending of the book.

  • Aly's Bookish Wonderland
    2019-01-13 19:26

    So I watched the movie the other night (I know, I know) and I had no idea this was a book until it said so in the credits!My local bookshop has this on sale for £2.99. I may be on a book-buying ban but my mum isn't. *PUPPY EYES*

  • Freda Malone
    2019-01-10 22:31

    Having watched the movie before reading the book, it wasn't difficult to get through. However, the forensics as it is written can get pretty confusing. I kept thinking if the forensics were this easy we'd never have a problem solving a murder. I was given the impression by several readers that Rhyme was a 'whiner' and a 'disabled' asshole. Meh, no more than what was shown in the movie. Now having read what Rhyme was going through, I'd have seriously thought of assisted suicide myself. No human or animal should suffer needlessly, ever. No wonder he was such an ass. I suppose I did have a hard time not thinking of Denzel Washington while reading this novel and really wished some other actor played the part in the movie. I don't much care for Denzel. Never have. I really enjoyed the plot, though it was confusing sometimes. It seems a little more clinical to me than other thrillers and with no way to get to know the victims or the killer in a simple way. The suspense is there, but when you have to concentrate on the in's and out's of forensics, you can lose some of the anticipation that is supposed to build. I found myself so wrapped up in trying to understand the forensics that I became frustrated with certain parts and had to skip them. The writer is certainly brilliant though and I would pick up the next in the series, if I can just remind myself to visualize a different actor.

  • The Books Blender
    2018-12-28 15:20

    Per la precisione: 4,75 ★Questa recensione è presente anche sul blog: un po' tardi a leggere questo libro (considerato che sono un'avida lettrice di thriller) e ammetto d'aver ritardo a scrivere questa recensione, perché...Deaver scopre subito le sue carte: un folle assassino particolarmente affascinato dalle ossa, un (ex)poliziotto tetraplegico intenzionato a farla finita con la sua vita e una poliziotta nel posto sbagliato (poveraccia, si ritrova davanti una mano scarnificata, il cui proprietario è stato interrato… non una bella scena) con l'artrite cronica. Insomma, un bel tris; è solo questione di mescolarle bene e giocare un'ottima partita.E, a mio parere, la partita è ben giocata. Per questo, ho ritardo a scrivere: ho ben poco da dire.La storia prende subito (giusto come aspetto folcloristico, ho cominciato a leggere nel pomeriggio per finire il giorno dopo… diciamo che sono rimasta incollata alla lettura XD). Insomma, entrando subito nella dinamica della follia dell'omicida, abbiamo anche modo di seguire la polizia nella scoperta dell'indizio successivo, della vittima successiva. Praticamente all'inizio di ogni capitolo, c'è una tabella che segue gli aggiornamenti dell'identità dell'assassino. In più, ogni volta che viene trovata una nuova scena del crimine, seguiamo passo passo Amelia nell'investigazione e nella ricerca delle prove. Gli indizi trovati vengono presentati al lettore così come se li trova davanti anche la polizia. Diventa, quindi, automatico immedesimarsi nella lettura; cercare di comprendere quegli indizi apparentemente scollegati e assurdi e trovare una soluzione insieme (o, perché no?, anche prima) di Rhyme e del suo poll.Ultima nota relativa alla storia: non ho individuato all'assassino (il primo sospetto sì, ma Deaver mi ha proprio preso in castagna!). E mi piace un sacco restare sbalordita da un colpevole su cui non avevo proprio il più piccolo dei sospetti.Unica nota "dolente" il finale: un po' troppo "americanata"per i miei gusti, ma comunque piacevole.Insomma, se l'impianto narrativo è davvero ben costruito, lo stesso vale per i personaggi. Rhyme, il detective costretto su di un letto, burbero e irascibile. Amelia, la meravigliossima (ok, qui cascano un po' le braccia) poliziotta; tanto bella quanto sola, con un doloroso passato alle spalle.E poi tutto il contorno non è affatto da meno. Si tratta di personaggi forti, ma con le loro debolezze, con i loro segreti, caratterizzati e, sì, molto realistici proprio perché imperfetti.Qui accade proprio quello che io adoro: il carattere dei personaggi prende forma tramite le loro azioni, i loro discorsi, i loro movimenti e i loro gesti. Non si hanno blocchi di paragrafo in cui si descrivono minuziosamente tutte le sfaccettature e le elucubrazioni dei personaggio. Affatto! Loro agiscono, si muovono sulla scena e prendono così vita. È un aspetto questo che davvero adoro.Ehehe: alla fine, ho scritto d'aver "poco da dire", ma qui sto creando un poema. Concludo rapidamente. Per quello che riguarda gli ambienti, vedi sopra. Le scene del crimine sono ben descritte; le descrizioni precise, ma non invadenti, nel senso che permettono al lettore di immaginare la sua versione dell'ambiente.Ben scritto e scorrevole.

  • Bill Lynas
    2018-12-27 15:18

    Having read all of Deaver's Lincoln Rhyme novels I thought it would be nice to go back to the first one & remind myself how it all began. However, with a huge TBR pile to contend with (well, who doesn't ?!) I went for the shorter audio version.Kerry Shale does a good job as narrator & the story still holds up well after twenty years. Deaver may use the same formula time & again in future stories, but he is undeniably skilled at building tension worthy of a Hitchcock movie.

  • Ashish Iyer
    2018-12-17 16:26

    Deaver is a terrific storyteller. and he takes the reader on a rollercoaster of teeth chattering suspense and mystery. Plotting were brilliant. Everyone was right, the book is way better than the movie. It's a page-turner, and to Deaver's credit, the extensive scenes about collecting and analyzing crime scene trace evidence rarely get boring. The pace is terrific. This book is indeed ticking bomb suspense.

  • Saša
    2018-12-27 23:25

    Mnogo, mnogo bolje od filma. Mnogo paznje posveceno detaljima, pristojno uradjeni karakteri i odlicna jeziva atmosfera.

  • David Highton
    2019-01-02 20:39

    I read a Lincoln Rhyme book a while ago, so thought I would start at the beginning of the series. Although I saw the film ages ago, that did not spoil the book at all - excellent character development, massive knowledge and detail of the forensic process, and expertly plotted. Brilliant!

  • Janie Johnson
    2018-12-22 15:32

    Another great Deaver novel. This was so much better than the movie was. So much more in depth, from the investigation itself to the personality of Lincoln Rhyme. So glad I decided to finally read it. I was not sure I would enjoy it as much as I enjoyed the Kathryn Dance series simply from the forensic aspect. I am more about the action side of mystery, but this one has plenty of action involved. The imagery of this story is amazing. I could not believe how visual it was for me.So we have a serial killer called 'The Bone Collector', who is actually not a killer at all, but a planner that leads his victims to their death. He sets the victims up and lets life and nature naturally take it's course. He gives clues to the whereabouts of each victim and watches Rhyme and his team try to find them before the inevitable happens. Why the name? Because he loves bones.All of the character's are created beautifully! Lincoln Rhyme is much more over the top in the book than he is in the movie. And this is not necessarily in a bad way. I am talking about his personality. Sometimes he really rubbed me the wrong way. But it also seemed to make him more real, more believable. He is a quadriplegic, unable to use any of his extremities, of course he would have a bad attitude and Deaver really developed him well. I also look forward to watching Amelia grow through this series. She is a little hesitant at first in this book, but as I read through it she started to open up more and more and became a lot more confident and I loved that. I am not sure how much more she can grow but she is definitely one of my favorite characters and I think she will continue to be a force in this series.This book has a great plot twist and even though I watched the movie there was a lot that I had forgotten about. So much more detail in the book. I could not put the book down till I was done. I look forward to the rest of this series! I recommend this book to anyone who likes a great story with lots of forensic elements and a lot of great mystery to solve.

  • John
    2018-12-30 22:22

    Well, it was certainly better than the movie...but not by nearly as comfortable a margin as I would have expected. What's surprising is just how far-fetched and borderline ridiculous so much of this novel is. Despite the fact that author Jeffery Deaver obviously did his research down to the slightest detail, very little of the plot comes across as even remotely believable. The last fifty pages made my eyes hurt from rolling them so much. My favorite thing about THE BONE COLLECTOR is that the main detective character is quadriplegic--a very creative notion and certainly a first for the genre. But Deaver ruins it by somehow managing to make him completely unsympathetic despite his handicap. He also grants him such a vast array of collected knowledge and superhuman powers of deduction that he could probably out-fox Sherlock Holmes. And when you invent a character who can solve crimes better than Sherlock Holmes, that's when you know you went too far. And if you think that his being a quadriplegic jackass will stop him from getting the girl in the end...well, just you wait and see. THE BONE COLLECTOR was entertaining (though way too CSI-heavy for my taste), but its cheesy dialog and overall implausibility make me more likely to dump my ragged, old copy in the wastebasket rather than give it away to one of my friends or coworkers.

  • Evangeline
    2019-01-09 20:33

    Forensics was definitely the main plus-point of this book. Its graphic scenes of torture were definitely its biggest drawback. It was far too much, everyone in the book club felt the same way. The rat scene in particular was atrocious. I still baulk and shiver thinking about it now. Ugh. It's a shame as the author clearly did a lot of research into forensics and some of that was interesting (although it still wasn't water-tight, there were some little mistakes). But there were other problems too, such as with characterisation; I know this is never usually a priority in these types of book but I feel like the author was trying to humanise his characters but failed, and I also thought a lot of the drama related to Lincoln and whether he would or wouldn't attempt assisted suicide was pointless when the book cover screams out to us that this is the first book in a whole series of Lincoln Rhyme. I did really like the twist at the very end, but it was too little too late I'm afraid. The graphic descriptions of torture were just too much and, though I like a good mystery this has reinforced to me that I shall have to tread warily in this genre from now on. I have definitely been put off reading this particular author again.

  • Gary
    2018-12-16 17:38

    The 1st book in the excellent Lincoln Rhyme series by Jeffery Deaver.I had already watched the film previously but this did not detract from the book.

  • Христо Блажев
    2019-01-06 23:18

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