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Librarian's note: Alternate cover edition of ISBN 0446364282.Two years ago, Camille Jameson and Zack Prescott shared a single night of passion. Now Camille has the chance of a lifetime--the opportunity to renovate Mississippi's proudest plantation house. The decorator accepts the dream job, not knowing that it's the Prescott family who has commissioned her. Or that Zack, tLibrarian's note: Alternate cover edition of ISBN 0446364282.Two years ago, Camille Jameson and Zack Prescott shared a single night of passion. Now Camille has the chance of a lifetime--the opportunity to renovate Mississippi's proudest plantation house. The decorator accepts the dream job, not knowing that it's the Prescott family who has commissioned her. Or that Zack, the man she couldn't forget, would be there daring her to risk heartbreak--and love--again....

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Love's Encore Reviews

  • ♥Sharon♥
    2018-12-29 20:34

    3.5 StarsBy now you must know that one of my recent favorite authors is Sandra Brown. This is my 17th book by her. I have read a variety of her books; old and new and for me my favorite’s land within the late 1990’s through her current books. Love’s Encore is a romance novel and was originally published back in the early 1980’s so you have to get yourself in that mindset when you start reading it. There is something to be said about the way romance novels were written thirty years ago. It wasn’t graphic or over done. It was just as inviting and sexual. Sandra Brown writes in a way that she allures you in, creates a level of anticipation and then allows for your imagination to take over. Camille is hired by Rayburn Prescott to renovate his beautiful home in Natchez, Mississippi. It is her dream job and she couldn’t wait to get started. What she doesn’t realize is that she will be coming face to face with the one man that ruined her for all others and is the one even after two years she craves.The past that they share has left them each in a tailspin of their own. On the outside, neither appears happy about having to spend time together but for the happiness of his father Zack will do whatever he has to and Camille can’t turn her back on the job.Zack has never confided in anyone about that weekend two years ago. The time he spent with this girl who got under his skin and one that he would never get out of his system. The way things ended left him angry and confused. But it wasn’t any easier for Camille. What they shared was something that she would never forget but it was also something left her feeling ashamed.Camille and Zack continue to try and resist these feelings that have resurfaced, feelings that are laced with hurt, confusion and desire. But when Rayburn realizes what is going on between these two he takes matters into his own hands. But will it be enough to heal the hurt that neither Zack nor Camille can shake.Overall I enjoyed this one. It had all the SB trademark writing but I felt that there was too much back and forth with Zack and Camille. I loved the anticipation, the sexual tension and the challenges they faced, but I was getting whiplash with the back and forth with these two. In the end I was happy. So all is good!! ❤

  • Mo
    2019-01-04 15:22

    This book is almost 40 years old. Can you tell? Definitely. It was a different era back then for romance authors. It is a bit cheesy and corny, but sometimes the brain is only in the mood for that. I was kinda tired yesterday and didn't want to use too many brain cells while reading so this fit the picture for me.He is a bit of an asshole. She is a bit of a doormat. A few eye-rolling moments. The kiss was tender, but masterful. She didn't feel plundered, but rather discovered.Yeah, I rolled my eyes a few times. But I knew what I was getting into when I started. Some of her older books are a bit cringe-worthy.Of course we had a hairy chest. Now, it wouldn't be a SB book without the obligatory hairy chest.The hair that spread like a fan on the upper part of his chest tapered to a silky golden line that disappeared into the waistband of his pyjamas.An OK read but nothing too exciting.

  • Preeti ♥︎ (Romance She Reads)
    2019-01-12 16:21

    The h/H meet and have a holiday romance/ons and then the h runs away while he’s still asleep. Now they meet again 2 yrs later when she takes up a commission to renovate a colonial mansion in Mississippi, and of course her employer’s son turns out to the H.This book had some old-world moral code in it, especially coming from the h. The H and his father showed some southern sensibilities but nothing like our girl here.“ I . . . I was . . . ashamed, humiliated. I went to bed with a perfect stranger and you took . . . It is the only thing a woman... It should have belonged to the man I'll marry."“I ruined myself. Every time I think about it, I feel cheap and dirty. No decent man will ever want me.”I had to go check the publication date. I’m sure in 1981, no one got ruined because of pre marital sex. But our h is distraught and keeps having hysterical swoons over it. Although I‘ve got to admit, her behavior stemmed from her dashed hopes that the H had used her for casual sex. Not siding with the H or anything, but they had known each other for just 2-3 days and as he says he dint promise her anything and “didn't think up names for our first three children. Do you condemn me for following through with an instinct as old as time, Camille?” It’s the H’s reaction that really normalizes things. If he had acted guilty or offered to make an honest woman of her, I would have swooned myself! “Ruined? Cheap? Dirty?" His volume rose with each word. "Well, thanks a helluva lot. I didn't think my lovemaking was so bestial that it could reduce someone's self-esteem to such a low level." “You make me sound like a hoard of Vikings looking for the village virgins and you being the only one found. I don't remember it that way. You weren't raped, Camille.” There was no real conflict, just self presumed wrongs and talking at cross-purposes. The back-story and characters were well created and could have been so much better.As much as I love SB’s books, this one was a drag. More so because of the h’s peculiar peccadillos.

  • Christine
    2018-12-18 15:20

    This book was everything trite and meaningless about romance. Neither Camille nor Zack, at any point in the book, lifted one finger to try to achieve their own happiness. This was one big self-pity fest, complete with obvious misunderstandings, idiotic self-righteousness, and a series of deus ex machinas to bring the pair together. kind you will always assuredly be to two people who are meant to be. They fell in love at first sight and he has some kind of magical power to make her body do anything he wants it to do, regardless of her feelings. C'est L'amour? All right, so Camille is hired to restore a beautiful old house in Natchez, Mississippi. She doesn't realize that the man who hired her has a son, Zack, who she had a one-night stand with almost two years before. They met on a ski vacation, had sex, and she ran off in the middle of the night because....well, there were a few explanations proposed, all of them bad. Among the worst were fear that she might have become pregnant. (Because you know, if she did, the best thing to do is to run away, leaving no forwarding address.) Oh, and she felt shame and guilt because he "took" something that was supposed to belong only to her husband. (ie her virginity) Now, she's ruined! Ruined! And will never love anyone else again because any decent man....Wait a, this isn't a Regency.......any decent man would hate her for being a weak-willed trollop who allowed herself to be seduced so easily by the man with the magic touch. Oh, and the best reason of all -- she was already half in love with him and feared rejection, so she left before he had a chance to tell her she was just a great lay. (Granted, if he had done this it would have hurt, but come on -- at least then she would have had closure!) So wait, where were we? Oh, yes! Restoring daddy's plantation. Zack is a disgusting pervert who delights in making crude remarks, teasing her, and then giving her a disdainful look before going out with his girlfriend. Don't really know much else about him, since we never actually got inside his point of view.Despite all that, it wasn't quite bad enough for a one-star review, which I tend to reserve for things with no redeeming qualities whatsoever. In this case, I suppose, that if you want to live a certain kind of fantasy in which life makes all the tough decisions for you, you might enjoy this quest for the three magic words, but I don't recommend

  • Heather
    2018-12-23 22:43

    This novel has almost everything I despise about a badly done romance novel. I'm not buying the whole "You seduced me, I was innocent" B.S. Um, you enjoyed yourself and then jumped to conclusions honey! And the silly back and forth where they kiss passionately, and then she's all angry at him but she was an equal participant in the whole situation. I have got to, at least, be able to root for the couple. Instead I feel like I'd like to put their heads in a bucket and kick them around the room. They're just that stupid. 'nough said!

  • Lady Raven RAVE!
    2018-12-29 21:40

    This book was written beautifully. Though Sandra Brown always mentioned Camille's breasts and that kind of bothered me. But over all it was great! I found that Zack was a little superficial but his personality and sense of humor made you fall in love with him and the book. It was very good I enjoyed every second of reading the book.Also recommended: All books of Phyllis A. Whitney's is strongly recommended. And Angel Creek by Linda Howard, Kindom of Dreams, and Perfect by Judith McNaughtJoin my book group on Facebook (Romance Novel Junkies) and fan page (Romance Novel Junkies Book Reviews). We have over 500 members, which includes well known and indie authors and avid readers as members, who are apart of this group. We would love to hear about new books and thoughts. Also check out our kindle and ebook lending library.Twitter@romanceJUNKIES.

  • Julie Barrett
    2019-01-13 15:45

    Love's Encore by Sandra BrownRayburn Prescott hires interior designer Camille.She is amazed when she meets his son, Zach-who she had met once in Utah skiing after she had graduated from college. She was to stay at the plantation while it was restored. She never wanted to meet Zach again and wonders if she can do her job with Zach around...Love detailed descriptions of not only the estate of the driving tours, gardens but the skiing lodge in Utah.Hot steamy sex scenes add to this story. Zach takes charge when the servants have the day off and he prepares their meals-I was glad to see he didn't rely on them.Medical emergency, natural disaster and an abrupt wedding really upset the household...

  • Judy Churchill
    2019-01-07 16:25

    Sometime you are just in the mood for an easy, happy ending story. This one captivated me from the start. The book is set in the South - Natchez. Talks about the historic mansions and the beauty of the foliage. The characters in the story are lovely. I feel like they are friends and was sad for the book to end.

  • Holly
    2019-01-07 15:33

    Was it attractive in the 80s to be insipid? What about insufferably arrogant? These were really annoying protagonists.

  • Emily
    2019-01-15 20:37

    Two years ago Camille Jameson acted on an impulse and slept with Zack Prescott. Having been an innocent, Camille freaked and left before he woke up. Now Camille is designing his families Mississippi plantation and Zack wants answers. Zack wants to know why Camille left, she was what he believed his one but he never got the chance to explore if it was true. Zack can readily admit he is baiting Camille, she is frustrated but so is Zack. He wants her, but both Camille and Zack need to let their pride move aside and really see what is in front of them.Entertaining read. The chemistry between Zack and Camille is highly entertaining. If you enjoy a story where the hero and heroine are to afraid to get to the heart of the matter, their feelings, but instead lash out and taunt, this is one for you.

  • Rebecca
    2018-12-21 16:22

    Loved itThis was such a great read from beginning to end. The passion between Zack and Camille was so wonderful. With each book of Sandra Brown I become a bigger fan. I would highly recommend this book.

  • Wendell Hennan
    2018-12-24 18:26

    Camille is an Interior Decorator and takes a contract with Rayburn to fully redecorate his southern mansion, Bridal Wreath. Upon arrival she meets his son Zack whom she encountered two years earlier on a ski trip. A somewhat shallow story which drags as both stubbornly avoid their real feelings and communication. Not one of her better books.

  • Jannah
    2019-01-02 15:50

    Liked the plot. A romantic story but still has a few twists to keep you intrigued and wanting to keep reading. The visualization of the area and the buildings makes you feel like you're really seeing them/

  • Beverly
    2019-01-09 18:24

    Loved the setting of this book. Got anger with both main characters because of their stubbornness. Happy with the twist at the end that brought them together. It did seem rather abrupt for an ending since the book took so much time with their separation. Will continue to read Sandra Brown

  • Julie
    2018-12-30 16:39

    Love's Encore by Sandra Brown is a 2014 Grand Central Publication. I was provided a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.Camille was on a ski trip with a couple of friends after graduation when she met Zack. A night of passion caused Camille to panic and she left Zack without explaination. Now two years have passed and Camille has been offered a job restoring an old antebellum home in Nachez, Mississippi. The very last person on earth she expected to encounter was Zack. His father is in ill health and so Zack tries to not to cause a scene that might upset him, but behind his back Zack and Camille put on quite a show.This book is Sandra Brown's very first novel. It was published in 1980 then re-issued again in the mid-eighties and made the NYT bestseller list. Grand Central is making this book available for the first time in digital format. For the modern reader it is important to stress that this book was not updated to represent the attitudes of modern society. While it is hard to fathom, back when this book was first published it was still a really, really, really big deal to save one's virginity for the man you intended to marry, especially if that was how you were raised. Yes, the sixties brought about free love and the seventies saw couples co-habitating instead of having a wedding ceremony, but many in middle class America still held onto certain values. While we may roll our eyes at those moral codes now, I still think it' s sweet to wait until you know this is right person for you and you are in a committed relationship. But, back in this era a one night stand was something that a girl like Camille would feel very guilty about the morning after. She feared pregnancy and she felt that no man would want to marry her if they knew she had just given away her viginity to a guy she had just met and had no reason to believe she has a future with. For Zack it was a blow to his male ego, but it was also heartbreaking for him. He would have looked for Camille but didn't know where to find her. When he sees her again he is bitter and angry because she just took off without a word to him. The attraction is still there, but the hurt feelings and wounded pride get in the way of a simple explaination and an adult conversation about what happened in the past. Instead, there were strong words, attempts to make the other jealous, and hot and cold passion. When Zack's father's health takes a turn for the worse, Camille and Zack find themselves doing something for him they never would considered. Now they are stuck with each other.There are some really big holes in the plot especially in regards to a quickie marriage. For instance, laws were ignored and if this happened today the legality would certainly have been questioned.It looks like Zach and Camille may not be able to forgive each other and move on with their lives, but when things take a life or death turn they realize how silly they were being and finally have that long overdue air clearing talk. It's amazing what a little communication can accomplish, but it seems like something catastrophic has to happen in order to make people open up. I really don't know how to rate this one. Due to it's original publication date and having to keep that in mind, as well as this being a first published novel I think a 3.5 is a fair rating. I'm rounding it up to four stars because I don't think a 3 is high enough and a four is a little optimistic , but works better.

  • Dee McGee
    2019-01-08 22:46

    *I was given a complimentary copy of Love's Encore for an honest review.Love’s Encore is a second chance romance. Camille Jameson owns her own decorating business with her mother. Commissioned by the Rayburn Prescott, she gets the chance to renovate a Louisiana plantation house. Little does she know that the estate she will be working on is home to the one guy that she really loved…then ran from! Why Camille? He was totally into you! Camille see Zack Prescott again, sparks fly, and then they proceed with the “I love you, I hate you” dance we all love in these type of romances.I love the majority of the characters in this book. Rayburn Prescott is very charming and wonderful. His love for Zach and his late wife are endearing. The house staff Dearly Beloved (the back story to this name is cute) and Simon Mitchell are great, too. Unfortunately it’s Camille and Zach that are the most frustrating. Zach’s character bugs me. He has very poor communication skills and is overly grouchy. I feel we don’t get enough of a back story as to why he is the way his is. And some of his behavior toward Camille is infuriating! Camille’s character lacks a self esteem. I would think she would have more self confidence considering she owns her own businesses. But when it comes to Zach, she seems to put up with his terrible behavior and not engage her back bone.The sex scenes in the book are pretty modest considering our modern day romances. I actually enjoyed the word play to describe Camille and Zach during the steamy situations. And Sandra does a great job of building the chemistry between the two.The plot twist and the ending of Love’s Encore did not make me happy. I felt the plot twist was out of the blue and a bit unfeasible. And the ending really made me mad! We see this poor guy go through all of this plotting and conniving to get Camille and Zach together and we don’t get the full HEA with babies? You owe this to Rayburn Prescott, Sandra Brown! He needs to see his grandchildren running around on his plantation! Geeze! hahahahaLove’s Encore is an okay book. I cannot complain about the writing. Sandra’s writing is stellar. She transports you back into the 1980s and you feel like you’re sitting in your fresh from the cleaners creased Gloria Vanderbilt jeans and silk long-sleeved blouse with a slim gold belt while a guy who looks just like Tom Selleck woos you with a steak dinner! My problem is the plot and the main characters need more development. And I just can’t with the ending. I give Love’s Encore 3 out of 5 stars.Written by Dee McGee - Booze, Bookz, and Bad Boyz

  • Ylva
    2018-12-21 17:20

    This is Sandra Brown's debut novel, and as such I wasn't expecting a masterpiece. This certainly was not. I docked three stars for two main reasons: 1) The whole plot hinges on the heroine making assumptions about the hero and what he's thinking, yet she doesn't confront him about these grievances. Worse - sometimes these assumptions don't even really match his behaviour. It's like she's just willfully contrary towards the latter half. He on the other hand, not being a telepath, can't really follow. He does however do his own hot/cold routine. Still, Camille's tendency to leap to wild conclusions about Zack, getting angry and then not tell him why grew old pretty fast. Then it grew REALLY ANNOYING. Especially when she just never ever talks. She doesn't talk. WHY CAN'T THESE TWO ADULTS HAVE A FREAKING CONVERSATION. I docked two points because for the latter half right up to the ending I wanted to give Camille a smack or two every other page. That being said Zack doesn't really help either and so the plot drags on. 2) The whole feminine/masculine thing was overdone. I get it - Camille is dainty and feminine and Zack is a manly man who runs a plantation. It doesn't have to be hammered home constantly. Also, maybe because it's dated, but the issue of sex is handled badly. The heroine is always unwilling, but then succumbs to her baser instincts or whatever - it's not very appealing to this reader. Two minor things: Sandra Brown really wants you to know what her characters are wearing. At all times. I can't remember the last time I read a book where there's so much description of every change of clothes. Also, for every time Zach's chest hair was described I just imagined him hairier and hairier - like a pelt ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Not very sexy. On the other hand I liked the language, the restoration plot (which I wanted more of) and a fair few of the interactions between Camille and Zach (mostly when Camille wasn't interpreting Zach's behaviour completely willy-nilly). On to the next!

  • Julie Bain
    2019-01-09 20:23

    Georgia native Camille gets the dream job redecorating an antebellum house in Natchez Mississippi. Little does she know that Zachary Prescott, the only man she has ever really been with, is heir to this illustrious home. They butt heads from page 1 all the way till a literal brick knocks poor Camille over the head. Thankfully knocking sense into her.What I love about this book: If you have not experienced firsthand "southern hospitality", you'll fall in love with Rayburn Prescott's( Zachary's father). He is portrayed as a southern gentlemen who expects nothing less from his cantankerous son.Tight jeans, boots and a hat- that is the uniform of out hero( although he doesn't do much saving.)The book is pretty old( in years since published not in setting) and my 2nd time reading it but there is something timeless about two people falling in love. I love the butting heads and the quippy comebacks that only Sandra Brown can write.Get used to the setting giving a kick of its own (falsh floods, mudslides and snakes).What might throw you off:This is a classic romance story where the hero is strong and the protagonist is fragile(ish). Sandra throws this on its head when Camille risks her life for Zachary because she thinks he's in love with someone else. Well, at times, it was a bit unbearable how clueless Camille really was. She withheld all her thoughts from Zachary and that delusion steamrolled this wild fantasy that even after he kissed her, sought her out and whispered her name in an endearing way, she still didn't get it. Urghh... Did I tell you Camille is like 24? (I don't remember much at 24 and maybe this is why Camille is clueless too.)But with Sandra's easy style of writing, you can get frustrated at this main character because she is portrayed so beautifully. If you have never experience Sandra Brown as a romance writer, it is a little different but well worth the read into Love's Encore.

  • OceMei Belikova♥
    2018-12-28 16:31

    Camille Jameson harus kembali mengingat masa lalunya ketika ia disewa untuk mendekorasi ulang Bridal Wreath miliki Raybrun Prescott. Ia tak pernah menyangka bahwa ia akan kembali bertemu dengan Zack, lelaki yang pernah singgah di hatinya. Zack adalah putra tunggal Rayburn. Pertemuan itu membuat mereka berdua canggung. Tapi Zack segera memulihkan diri dan mulai mengejek Camille.Pertemuan singkat mereka dulu ternyata menorehkan cerita tersendiri bagi Zack dan Cammile. Awalnya Camille membenci Zack dan Zack pun berperilaku tidak menyenangkan. Camille berniat membatalkan proyek itu namun Zack meyakinkan ayahnya bahwa Camille akan tetap melaksanakan proyek tersebut.Bagiku Zack dan Camille seperti anak kecil. Sama-sama cinta tapi nggak mau jujur. Akhirnya Zack selalu mencari cara untuk membuat Camille cemburu dan Camille juga kurang lebih melakukan hal yang sama. Walau begitu Erica, janda tua yang dipacari Zack tidak disukai oleh keluarga Zack terutama ayahnya. Dan sebaliknya, Camille dengan mudahnya disenangi keluarganya tak terkecuali pelayan-pelayannya.Beberapa buku Sandra Brown yang kubaca mengangkat tema yang sama, yaitu reuni. Reuni yang tak disengaja namun akhirnya mempertemukan si pria dengan si wanita kembali dalam satu tempat. Aku suka dengan temanya, tapi tidak dengan pernikahan yang bagiku sangat mendadak, tidak terencana, dan tidak ada gereja T-T Aku ingin menikah di gereja, mengucap sumpah sehidup semati di altar, dan mengakhirinya dengan sebuah ciuman.

  • Kristine Hansen
    2018-12-28 17:40

    For an older book, this one held together really well under modern scrutiny. The plot of girl meets boy that she's met before (with embarrassing results) through a chain of events no one could have predicted is an old storyline, but a good one. I enjoyed the fact that Camille was an interior designer restoring a beautiful old home in Natchez as I've toured down there before and can only imagine what fun a project like that would be. And of course the backup cast of love interest's father, and the staff of the old home added a delightful sideplot to this steamy little romance.That said, it could have been better. I think her reactions felt old-fashioned even for the year this book came out. Would a modern career woman truly feel 'ruined' after a night of passion? It's a question that bothered me, in part because of what that says about how our world has shifted, and how we view morality anymore.His reactions were pure male. At times mystified by Camille, and at times just frustrated as all heck I think he rings true regardless of the year.So overall...this was a fun little book to read. Light entertainment done well. Sure, I'd recommend this if you want something to throw into your purse for when you're waiting at the doctor's office or somesuch. ** I won this book in a Goodreads giveaway which did not influence me in the least to give this book a positive review. It's still fluff no matter how you look at it. **

  • Melissa Jackson
    2018-12-18 19:40

    A friend won this from Goodreads, but she handed it over to me, as she's not a fan of audiobooks.I listened to Love's Encore on a mini vacation to the beach. This is not the type of thing I usually "read," and I was a little leery to give it a go. It ended up being a really fun way to pass the time. The plot is just... silly. There's really not another word for it. Most of Camille's reasoning for things didn't make much sense. Zach saved it for the most part. As for the performance of the reader, Natalie Ross, I give it a 4 out of 5. Hearing it is what kept the whole thing fun. As is always the case, it's a little hard to adjust to one person providing the dialogue for all the characters, regardless of gender. I giggled like a loon when I first heard Ross's voice for Zach, but I got used to it pretty quickly. She did a pretty good job of making all the southern men sound different, too, even making Rayburn sound sufficiently elderly. If you're looking for a fluffy romance (a guilty pleasure, really), to listen to on a short trip (it's only 3 hours and 26 minutes), this one is pretty entertaining. Just try to ignore how terribly silly Camille can be ;)

  • Gramedia Pustaka Utama
    2019-01-05 22:43

    Bukunya bagus, khas Sandra Brown classic romance lah. Bertemu seseorang setelah kabur begitu saja pada pertemuan pertama pasti bikin seseorang merasa serba salah. Yah, ini yang dirasakan Camille saat bertemu kembali dengan Zack Prescott. Perpisahan mereka memang tidak mengenakkan, Camille kabur begitu saja di tengah malam buta, tanpa pemberitahuan atau surat kepada Zack.Tak disangka, 2 tahun kemudian Camille diminta untuk mendekor ulang rumah Mr. Prescott yang tak lain tak bukan adalah ayah Zack. Jadilah Camille dan Zack bertemu untuk yang kedua kalinya di rumah Mr. Prescott senior. Tapi, pertemuan ini malah membuat mereka berdua saling menjaga jarak. Zack karena masih sakit hati ditinggalkan oleh Camille begitu saja, sementara Camille karena merasa tidak enak dan berpikir Zack membencinya sejak kasus itu.'Sampai suatu kesalahpahaman Mr. Prescott senior membuat Zack dan Camille harus menikah... Di sinilah mereka mulai membuka diri bahwa mereka memang saling cinta.

  • Eky
    2019-01-06 19:27

    Buku ini sengaja saya pilih untuk dibaca biar nggak 'jetlag' setelah saya membaca The Friday Knitting Club nya Kate Jacobs yang agak mengharu biru. Sejauh ini tidak mengecewakan karena ceritanya ringan dengan akhiran yang sudah bisa ketebak. Dan considering bahwa buku ini diterbitkan 20 tahun yang lalu, banyak norma-norma dan values kuno yang saat ini sudah tidak diindahkan lagi oleh orang-orang Amerika (dimana novel ini bersetting)jaman sekarang, salah satunya adalah mengenai virginity dimana pada masa itu dianggap masih penting tapi di jaman sekarang sudah diabaikan. Jadi dilema yang dialami oleh Camille si tokoh utama saat kehilangan kegadisannya oleh pria yang ia temui saat liburan musim dingin (Zach)mungkin akan dianggap absurd dan terlalu mengada-ada oleh pembaca Amerika generasi sekarang. Tapi kalau di Indonesia masih masuklah. Lumayan untuk bacaan menjelang tidur :)

  • Lyn Richards
    2019-01-06 18:32

    Set in a southern atmosphere full of manners and the beautiful surrounds of a Southern Plantation, Camille is hired to renovate an old homestead by Mr Prescott. The house is magical to Camille and she feels a sense of belonging in the old home. Enter Mr Prescott's son Zack with whom Camille has had a brief interlude with 2 years prior....their love is undeniable.Whilst this book was your typical boy meets girl, something gets in the way of their obvious love.....well several times and as the reader you are left thinking OMG will you two just get together already!!!! The storyline was well written and it kept you thinking where the storyline would go to next.A good light hearted weekend read, very enjoyable

  • Gina Briganti
    2018-12-30 19:37

    I love seeing where an author started, which is why I read "Love's Encore." I like to see where an author's innate talent showed up, and what they added along the way. Love's Encore was great for satisfying that curiosity.I admire Brown's twisty-turny plots in her later books, and I saw the beginnings of that here. I also saw the way that Brown, like one of my other favorite authors, Nora Roberts, started off writing traditional 1980's romances. Brown delivered romance. She delivered fleshed-out characters. She delivered just enough hot and steamy. And sorry for the mock spoiler here, but she delivered a happily ever after.Rayburn Prescott gets points for helping Zach and Camille get past themselves.

  • Bekah
    2019-01-16 23:46

    This was such a stupid book. The heroine was an idiot. I realize it came out in 81, but good grief, some of the things out of her mouth sounded like it was 1881 instead of 1981! And the impromptu idiot wedding. This is one of those books with the "BIG" misunderstanding between the two that is so infuriating and idiotic. The whole, "You mean THAT'S WHY you did that, and you really do love me?!" idiocy is really just an insult to my intelligence. I can understand that sort of misunderstanding happening between people, it does all the time but not for 200+ pages. Yeeesh!The price on the back says $6.50, thank god I only paid about 20 cents at a library book sale for it. I would be thoroughly pissed otherwise.

  • Rocky
    2018-12-18 23:39

    I received this through Goodreads First Reads.Love's Encore is a very typical romance novel. I just happened to be in the mood for one, so I did enjoy the book.This Sandra Brown story was a little shorter than her usual. Camille the main female character has been hired to restore an aging estate. When Camille arrives she finds Zack who is a man with whom she had a one-night stand while on vacation a couple of yeas ago. Zack is heir to the estate. So begins the romance.I was surprised to learn that this was Sandra Brown's very first novel. I guess that explains why she was not as polished as her more recent books.

  • Brinda
    2019-01-06 16:20

    I received this book through Goodreads first reads. It's good for what it is, which is a plain old romance novel. Sure, Camille can be pretty stupid, but who can think clearly when their own insecurities get in the way? Then there's Zack and his pride. It's fun to go along for the ride while these two get their act together.

  • Jennifer M
    2018-12-16 21:35

    This book could have been better if Camille was not so annoying and refused to believe Zack could love her. 90% of the book is about her denying how she feels for him and every time he tried to show her something more she would just make another excuse why he could not love her........uugghhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just have sex and admit your feelings already!!

  • pianogal
    2019-01-14 16:23

    These characters are some of the dumbest, most poorly written characters. All they did was fight the whole time. And she can say no to changing paint color, but not a forced wedding?!?! Really? Ugh. Glad this one is over. And the ending was SOOO predictable. Liked the initial concept, but it devolved from there.