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Bernard Covington, suicidal and not the most-handsome man in the world would be happy to leave the world behind altogether. That is until he meets Dr. Jack Larson. The physician takes his wounded heart and soul and patches them back together, but is he Mr. Perfect?Bernard and Jack develop a romance, but soon the tide begins to shift as Jack’s past is revealed and it becomeBernard Covington, suicidal and not the most-handsome man in the world would be happy to leave the world behind altogether. That is until he meets Dr. Jack Larson. The physician takes his wounded heart and soul and patches them back together, but is he Mr. Perfect?Bernard and Jack develop a romance, but soon the tide begins to shift as Jack’s past is revealed and it becomes a game-changer for the couple to deal with.Will Bernard and Jack have a happy ending or will he succumb to his desire to end it all or will dealing with Jack's phantoms keep him going? Only Bernard's diary knows what secrets lurk in his soul......

Title : Bernard; Diary of a 46-yr-old Bellhop
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ISBN : 9780557828432
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Bernard; Diary of a 46-yr-old Bellhop Reviews

  • Nikyta *Miss Forgetful*
    2018-12-21 16:58

    I really liked this book. It was simple and entertaining and had elements about it that most writers wouldn’t write about. What I didn’t like, though, was how Jack did a complete one-eighty out of nowhere. He went from being loving and kind and supportive to being mentally abusive and I didn’t like that. I liked Jack at the beginning and knowing he wasn’t perfect, even though he seemed to be, made me like him even more but about half way through the story, he started mentally abusing Bernard and that just didn’t seem to fit his character up to that point.But I loved Bernard, he was sweet and all he wanted was to be loved for who he was. He’s not the typical character written about, being middle-aged with grey hair, obese and suicidal to boot. I just wanted to give him a great big hug. Throughout the whole story, he’s never once sugar-coated into being anything else. He doesn’t lose weight miraculously and become super thin but instead gradually loses it over time going from obese to chubby. I loved that because he’s still a flawed character which appeals to me tremendously. Jack, up until half-way through, was supportive of Bernard. Healing him where he could emotionally and falling in love with him even though Bernard was obese. It was a perfect example of don’t judge a book by its cover or beauty is only skin-deep. I thought it was sweet how Jack fell in love with who Bernard was and not what he looked like on the outside. Besides me not liking Jack towards the end, the ending seemed a little rushed. You go from Bernard leaving Jack because he’s finally gained some confidence and knows how Jack’s treating him isn’t right, to just about the next day him going back to Jack and believing Jack is going to change just because Jack says so. I thought it would have been a little better if maybe Jack proved over a few months that he could change but I know that when you truly love someone, you’d go back to them in a heartbeat if the chance arose. I liked the secondary characters like Bernard’s sister and mother and Jack’s co-worker, Nancy. They made the story seem a little more bubbly. Lol. I admit, I was a little skeptical that this was written in just diary entries but it wasn’t. The story was told just as any other except for the very small diary-type writing at the end of just about each chapter and it made the story a little more interesting going from Jack and Bernard’s third-person pov to Bernard’s first-person pov. Overall, I liked the story. Bernard has to be one of my favorite characters, flaws and all. Recommended. For spoilers go here.

  • Elisa Rolle
    2019-01-01 22:23

    At the beginning I thought Bernard was a bit too romantic and pink glasses perspective story, but that was all right, it was a romance. Then it took a turn that brought it on a more realistic track, and again, that was more than all right, since it bittered the plot that was, maybe, a little too sugary. Bernard is an overweight, virgin, gay and 46 years old bellhop without prospective in life. Since he is also without any self-esteem, he is also easily depressed, and at a minimal sign of rejection he answers with suicide. It’s the 4th time and this time he was really near to succeed it. At the hospital he meets his doctor, Jack, 10 years younger, handsome, gay and single. And interested in Bernard. That is good, isn’t it? Romantic and sweet, how wonderful Jack is, a man who can have everyone and instead pick up Bernard. The 40 pounds making Bernard an obese soon are gone, and a good psychiatric helps Bernard to regain his self-esteem (big obstacle this one since Bernard is really without any of it, sometime I wanted to shake him and tell him, go on, you cannot really think like that, you don’t have any backbone, but really, that was probably the best characterization for Bernard, otherwise there was not chance he could have attempted suicide 4 times, and for quite “stupid” reasons). Bernard is another man and Jack asks him to move in… that is, Bernard IS another man, someone Jack helped to shape, someone that maybe is a little more similar to his dead partner. That is the catch, Jack is not exactly perfect as it seems, he is still mourning the death of his partner, he is alcoholic and can be really cruel. Not exactly the right companion for someone like Bernard, but at least in this way he can be on a same level with Bernard. If he was really perfect, if he was the handsome and kind doctor he at first appeared, I had the feeling their relationship would have not last, since, once Bernard was right, Jack would have moved on his next pity case. Maybe he didn’t realize it, but he came out like a good Samaritan, someone who wanted to right things for a man, and then moving on another man and so on. Being Jack not perfect allows him to be someone that actually can be a long-term companion for Bernard, not just a passing miracle.

  • Ike Rose
    2018-12-26 16:57

    Bernard is a gay underemployed bellhop in a hotel. He's a 46 year old virgin who attempts suicide for fourth time in ten years. His self esteem is so low, he has to look UP to see bottom.In the hospital he meets handsome Dr. Jack Larson, the man of his dreams. Dr. Jack is not actually as perfect as he looks, although he is beautiful and built, and Bernard has trouble understanding why the handsome doctor says he is in love with HIM, of all people.They enter into a love affair, but there is an imbalance in the relationship: Bernard is what is called in psychology terms "The identified patient" while Dr. Jack, who is far from perfect man that the insecure Bernard sees, has assigned himself the psychological role of "rescuer".Bernard's suicide attempt resulted in his having to be in therapy, in inevitably that begins to improve his self image, which threatens Jack.I'll avoid a spoiler here, but things change so radically that in spite of his deep love for Dr. Jack, Bernard feels that the only way both men will grow into a mature, equal relationship is to leave the doctor. who does NOT deal well with the "abandonment".Bernard accepts a promotion which will take him away from town since his manager cannot see his value as a worker. He manages to confront the cruel man who not just caused his last suicide attempt, but abused female hotel workers. His bravery at the hotel leads him to getting the one reward he'd ever wanted, allowing him to make a mature decision about his future with the Jack.Does love conquer all?

  • Jennifer Rainey
    2018-12-17 23:08

    If you're in the market for a bit of light reading that will leave you feeling hopeful, check out Bernard: Diary of a 46-Yr-Old Bellhop by S.L. Danielson. The far-from-typical protagonist of the story is a middle-aged man complete with believable flaws that make him one who the reader can relate to. Hunks and heartthrobs need not apply, and this reader truly thanks Danielson for creating a likeable main character that shatters that mould. His progression as a character throughout the story is believable and engaging to watch unfold, as well. Also a joy to read was his mother, Molly, who is a trip and a half.The plot is quick moving and the writing style is easy to digest, though at times, perhaps too easy. There were moments that felt as though they moved too quickly or that not enough detail was given to the reader. The dialogue, in some instances, felt unnatural or terse, as well. For the most part, however, Danielson's sparse writing style is a good thing and keeps the story moving forward. The text does have some errors, incorrectly formatted dialogue and missing commas, sometimes making the work seem like a draft rather than a finished product, but Bernard's story is interesting enough to keep a reader's attention. Give it a look! (2.5/5 stars)

  • Paula Ratcliffe
    2018-12-30 16:20

    I enjoyed this story, quick off I think many can relate to Bernard some stuck just going through life, not admitting what he really wants for fear of rejection, which seems to be Benard's hardest part that he's always being rejected. And as with any book mix in a attractive male doctor and Benard sees that maybe someone could love him. Among it is a lot of fear and terror with Bernard. How someone could love him. I really enjoyed this story and loved how in the end they gottheir happily ever after. Definitely I would recommend to someone who likes m/m stories. I rate this 5 stars cause I really enjoyed it and could see reading it again.

  • Michael Mandrake
    2018-12-19 20:22

    What a great book.Romance, a little twist. Bernard is definitely an unlikely hero!:)

  • Ike Rose
    2019-01-06 16:02

    Available from pdf, epub, kibdle and "custom pdf".

  • Anke
    2018-12-25 23:20

    I'm at a loss how to rate this book.

  • Julie Hayes
    2019-01-03 17:13

    Bernard Covington is at the end of his rope in more ways than one. At the age of 46, he is unlovely, overweight, stuck in a dead end job as a bellhop at a hotel – and on top of all of that he’s a virgin who hasn’t got the balls to admit that he’s gay! What’s life got to offer him? Not a whole lot, so he’s opting out! Suicide attempt #4 – coming up!Bernard utilizes both a large butcher knife and a bottle of pills this time, to “get ‘er done”, but instead he finds himself inside the ER of the local hospital, and the doctor who is on call on that particular night is gorgeous, while his nurse is incredibly kind to Bernard. Too bad he thinks he’s too much of a loser to deserve any sort of attention from anyone. And he feels it’s only a matter of time until he tries it again.Doctor Jack and Nurse Nancy are determined to help Bernard, whether he wants it or not. They call in his mother, who is naturally concerned about him. They set him up with a therapist, Dr. Rasmus, whom Bernard finds he gets along with, surprisingly, and he discovers that he can talk to him about different things. When the time comes for his release, not only does Doctor Jack drive Bernard home, but he offers to spend some time with him, having taken the afternoon off in order to do so! Bernard is beyond speechless, he can’t believe that this beautiful man actually wants to be his friend. The more time he spends with Jack, the more he knows that he feels things for the doctor that he feels compelled to conceal, lest he ruin their growing friendship. Looking like he does, and being some ten years older than Jack, how can he possibly think that Jack would be interested in a loser like him, even if Jack were gay?With the support of his doctor/friend, Bernard tries to put his life back together and make some much needed changes in himself. He and Jack only grow closer as time goes on. Bernard is becoming stronger, in some ways, but in others, he’s still the insecure overweight guy he always was, who is prone to tears and depression. When financial woes threaten to overwhelm him, Jack steps in and suggests that Bernard move in with him! Bernard decides to confess everything, and he finds that Jack has a story of his own to tell. When the scales tip in the other direction, and their relationship becomes unbalanced, can they put it back on an even keel?You can read my complete review at Yaoi Radius!

  • S.L.
    2019-01-04 19:05

    This is from Amos Lassen:SecretsAmos LassenI want to give a quick nod to S.L. Danielson's new story, "Bernard; Diary of a 46-yr-old Bellhop" because it is such a good and well-written story and is on my "to review" list. Because I am so far behind, I just want to acknowledge Danielson's story and will eventually give it a full review. Bernard Covington is a nerd and he knows it. He feels like getting out of the world all together because he knows he will never be able to fulfill his sexual and romantic desires but then something happens that changes him altogether. He meets a physician, Dr. Jack Larson who gives Bernard the attention that he so craves but there is something mysterious here. The two men begin a romantic relationship and all is fine until Jack's past begins to surface and it could ruin what they have.This is a light easy reading in Danielson's excellent narrative style and with the same wonderful character development that she has given us before. Have a look and see what good writing is.

  • blub
    2019-01-11 15:53

    A really heart wrenching read, my chest was really hurting throughout this story. Bernard is a 46 virgin yo bellhop who believes he has nothing to live for. He's attempted suicide four times and it's on the fourth try that he finally gets the help he really needs. Help comes in the form of Dr. Jack Larson who manages to bring some light into Bernard's bleak life by giving him hope and supporting him with the changes he's making in his life. However as time goes discoveries are made about Jack's past, mistakes are made and problems seems to be resurfacing.Overall an enjoyable story but there were portions where I thought the story could have gone in a different direction and not have been so sappy. There were also times when I just felt the story was dragging on.

  • Kiki
    2019-01-11 21:01

    2.5 sweet and sincere, but also a bit awkward and amateurish in terms of writing