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Dru and Gina are young, in love, and can’t wait to get out of Marshall, Nebraska, a town where bloodline means everything and whoever has the money makes the rules. But all their dreams are shattered when Gina has a monstrous run-in with the son of the richest man in Marshall—an incident that leaves her broken, battered, and violated. Driven by rage, Dru and Gina take mattDru and Gina are young, in love, and can’t wait to get out of Marshall, Nebraska, a town where bloodline means everything and whoever has the money makes the rules. But all their dreams are shattered when Gina has a monstrous run-in with the son of the richest man in Marshall—an incident that leaves her broken, battered, and violated. Driven by rage, Dru and Gina take matters into their own hands, and quickly find themselves in over their heads. Without any other options, Dru and Gina are on the run. But there’s more chasing them than they think, and love might not be enough to save them....

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Dead End Reviews

  • Ava Oceana
    2018-12-20 02:24

    I received a copy via my amazing Goodreads friend Christina, who shipped it to me after not being able to get past page fifteen. I was sure I could read the whole book, and I plan on sending DEAD END around the country to various of my friends if they believe they can handle it.Upon cracking this relatively small book open, I thought:Marshall is a corrupt town in Nebraska where Dru and Gina, two teenagers, live. Dru and Gina are very much in love and plan to leave the town as soon as they can. However, a disastrous confrontation in which Gina is gang-raped by the son of the richest man in Marshall and his friend crushes their hopes of escaping. Dru and Gina are forced to escape Marshall, but they're being followed by an assassin, and it's not going to end pretty. Pretty much my entire reaction for DEAD END.No, this is not young-adult. It is not new-adult. Is this even adult? How about PORN?I get it. This is supposed to be about teenagers - about the way we talk, about the way we think, and pretty much about how we always think about sex.This crosses the line. It crossed the line a long time ago. This can't even be described as new-adult, because the words used are just vile for this genre.Example?"He pinned my legs above my shoulders and fucked me for maybe twenty minutes, who the fuck knows or cares, actually, and then he pulled his amazing dick out and came all over my tits and stomach. I rubbed the come around and licked my fingers and then he chugged a whole beer and started fucking me again."The third freaking page talks about how Gina loves the way Dru fucks her. Literally, she says I love the way he fucks me. I don't know if you've ever had that feeling, but sometimes I read books that just feel surreal. It doesn't mean I liked them, but it's definitely dream-like. That's how I felt about DEAD END. The plot was okay enough, but the constant swearing, context, and unlikable characters dragged it down.The word faggot is used tons of times, fuck is seen at least twice on every page, I can't even count how many times pussy is used, and it's just full of unnecessary crap. I'm all for swearing, but it's just too damn much when it doesn't have to be.see? necessary.DEAD END is written in third person limited, but there are also various points of view. It gives the story more content and background information, but it's also annoying to stray away from our two main characters. The writing is pretty terrible. But that, I don't mean that it's filled with spelling errors or grammatical mistakes (actually, there was an error)- I mean it reads like a horny fourteen year old that hasn't yet realized it's really not cool to say the word 'pussy' and 'fuck' every two seconds. Even from Gina's point of view - they sound exactly alike.It's gritty, raw, morbid, dark, and disturbing, but it's also such a strange and weird book. That's the only thing I can describe it as. There is no happy beginning, middle, and end, but it's not realistic, either.You know early on in the story that Gina is going to be gang-raped, but when you actually get to the part, it's... I don't know. You read about how Gina is terrified, but you don't feel it. It's more of a tell-than-show writing style, and that's how you feel most of the time in the book. It's really rather emotionless, and there is no gray in the story. It's black-and-white, evil-and-good. The world is against Dru and Gina, the angelic lovers of the world.The characters are absolutely horrendous, especially Gina and Dru. I know you're not supposed to dislike Gina, but there's really no way you couldn't be annoyed by her.This is how teenagers, girls and boys, are portrayed in DEAD END:This is how I felt about Dru:First of all, he has no personality whatsoever besides being a possessive, unromantic, stupid, abusive jerk.When Gina doesn't show up to his meet because, you know, she's just being FUCKING RAPED, Dru gets super mad and starts yelling at her when he sees her again:"Were you with another guy? Is that it? Huh? Did you sleep with some other guy tonight? Just come out and tell me, Gina. What another guy did you fuck tonight? [...] Don't lie, Gina. You weren't at my meet and I find you here crying. What guy's dick was inside of you tonight?And this? This bullshit is supposed to be our Romeo? Our swooning love interest? We're supposed to like this guy and adore this love story? It makes my blood boil! This is how abusive relationships start - with an out-of-control guy screaming at his girlfriend, asking her who she slept with.Right after Gina tells him she was raped, he gets furious at her and blames her. He's blaming the victim of a fucking rape! It doesn't matter if he feels bad for it a couple pages later, HE DID IT.He wanted to yell at her. He wanted to blame her. [...] Blame the victim. Hate them until it hurts. Dru screamed and pounded his chest. "Did you even fight back?"(remember what I said about bad writing? Is he part gorilla now?)Dru protects Gina while they're on the run, and apparently he's so in love with Gina he can't see straight. But what's so great about Dru? What's so great about Gina, except for the fact they sound exactly like each other? There's no chemistry in their relationship besides lust.This is how I felt about Gina:Now, Gina.I'm supposed to love her and feel terrible for her and just not think about how annoying she is because she's been raped. But being raped doesn't make you a better person, so I'm going to put it aside and just talk about Gina, pre-rape or no-rape.What was I saying about no personality?Gina is full of angst and depressed and sad and lifeless, and she's constantly taking Dru's crap. In an odd way, she's a strong female lead (she has done so much for everyone), but it's also a pain to be in Gina's head. She pretty much has no will to live, and even Dru can't save her from that.This is how I felt about Lyle, the town sheriff:I liked him well enough. He was an independent, powerful character who really needs to get the fuck out of Marshall and try to live a less depressing life.This is how I felt about every other character:The other characters were bland, especially Gina's rapists. They were made out to be immature boys, easily forgiven, when rape is a disgusting action and should always be taken seriously. Beau was a rich daddy's boy, and Corey was just a weak, poor little follower. Gina should get over it, right?Beau's father Curtis was scary, and so was the assassin. They practically made my eye twitch and for that I applaud Myers. But they were supposed to be hated, anyway.In the end, this book tries too hard to end it tragically. It did, of course, but it's not even a good tragic ending. I didn't feel bad and I didn't think twice about it. No sleep was lost over it.I didn't like DEAD END at all, and this is how I felt about it:I no recommend.

  • Alhamm11
    2018-12-18 18:13

    I'm pretty sure I don't care what anyone else says when I state my opinion that this book is amazing.It's about 2 teenagers who are in love and they run into trouble with a rich boy who has a crazy powerful father. I shant disclose any information but I can say that the book isn't "lovey-dovey" and it's not for the faint of heart in a sense if you're looking for a happily ever after. It's heartbreaking and tragic when you read it and your heart breaks for them because everyone wants a love story to work out. The point is that Jason writes so breathtakingly well that you want a happily ever after because their lives have gone through so much already that they deserve a fairy tale ending. He really makes one aware of how people are on this earth and what people should approach with caution about. He writes the ugly stuff and it's so rough around the edges that it's hard to put it down. His books are nothing less than addicting and if you enjoy teen angst and true love and all of that, this book is for you. It's real and it's not pretty, the story is ugly and doesn't have a happy ending but it's worth the time to read. Nothing is sugar coated and as long as you don't mind the F-bomb a lot and some inappropriate words like "pussy" and what not, it's just things that can be overlooked. The story has loads of violence but I feel like it just adds to the story line and pulls you in further. You won't be disappointed with this book!

  • Christina Wilder
    2018-12-04 01:40

    Pgs 1-2: "Sure."Pg 3: "WHOA. This is a young adult book?! O_OPg 4: "Ew, dude! Not necessary!"Pgs 6-7: "Not loving the dialogue here."Pg 8: "Really? Again?"Pg 11: "Son of a bitch. You used the F word. And I don't mean 'fuck'."Pg 12-13: "Whatever."Pg 14: "Seriously?"Pg 15: "Nope, we're done here."

  • Abi
    2018-11-22 19:37

    This book was a TOTAL WASTE OF TIME. Honestly, I regret the moment that I picked it up and though, "oh this should be interesting." NO. This was the MOST poorly written trash I have ever read. I walked into this book with an open mind, but seriously this book was a pile of poop. Take this for instance:*spoiler alert, spoiler alert!*When Gina gets raped for the first time, it is WAY TOO DESCRIPTIVE. It doesn't even give you that stunned and frightened feeling you should get when ready about something so ghastly. The rapists were immature and completely FLAT characters. Which brings me to another thing that bothered me. Every person is the book was either GOOD or BAD. There was absolutely no middle ground! Of course, Dru and Gina were depicted as angels from above. LITERALLY. Which also reminds me of another annoying thing about this crappy book, NOBODY TALKS LIKE THEY DO. The word "baby" is nearly at the end of every sentence. Or "love", "babe", even "darling." The author seems to also be obsessed with Dru to the point where it makes the reader uncomfortable. The end of this book is absolutely stupid in the highest form. It tries way to be hard to be Romeo and Juliet in the end. The rest of the book is super trashy and FILLED WITH PLOT HOLES. Even the way that Gina is depicted is genetically impossible! It was just awful. Don't waste your time on this.

  • Rebecca McNutt
    2018-12-11 21:40

    Dead End is so much more than just a sappy teen romance. The author's capturing of Nebraska and the thrilling atmosphere in general are enough to make me love this story, as well as the two main characters. :)

  • Brit Hemp
    2018-12-18 22:32

    As always, Jason Myers did it again and left me feeling like I was a character in the book.I think "Dead End" is Myers most powerful book so far. The love between the characters is undeniable. The way they react in the situations make me question how I would react. Everything was so raw, unedited, uncensored, and beautifully written. The metaphors, word choice, pacing, and plot made it an amazing book. The story was so original, too. The thing about Myers is that he is ALWAYS original. I am amazed that he is on a book contract and can just churn a book like this out. The thing I noticed about this book compared to the other ones, too, is that there was not a lot of partying. There was just the Beau and his friend partying briefly, but after that the focus was on love-- which was a nice switch up.Once again, Myers has left me amazed.

  • Christine Murray
    2018-12-02 02:28

    Probably one of the best books I ever read! I read this book a couple of months ago and I still think about the characters and the events that happened. This story is one of the most memorable that I came across so far. When it came to the characters, I felt like I could truly understand them and felt what they were feeling. Very well delevoped and different personalities. I also have never felt so many emotions. Jason Myers was to establish emotions from great anger to blind love and deep desperation to happiness. However, this book is NOT ment for "virgin" eyes. Some things would be found disturbing to younger readers. This book is more ideal for teens in High School. I couldn't put this book down the moment I picked it up. I could go on forever about how great I found it:)

  • Scott
    2018-12-04 19:26

    *There are spoilers and some coarse language in this review*Alright, so I am on the fence about this book. It is easily one of the worst books I have read. Hands down. The writing is terrible. It is gritty and edgy, but without any grasp on reality. Yet as I wrote before, it's kind of this oddly readable trash . . . like Nicholas Sparks was asked to rewrite No Country For Old Men as a trashy teen soap for HBO. Like a horrid teen soap, not something with some weight that people wanna watch. No this is a gag-me-with-a-spoon after school special meets Lifetime only without the heart or moral compass. One wonders who the audience is? Who are we supposed to root for? It's a young adult book, but the only character that is really sympathetic is the town sheriff (who is in his 50s or 60s). One would think we could feel sympathy for Gina, the girl who is raped, then murders her attacker, then is raped again, then kills herself. But the author treats her like such a slut that I felt more sympathy for him. Like, does he think this is how women act? Are they ready to just start screwing again after being brutally raped? I mean, seriously, what happened to Evans that his characters behave this way? Dru, his main boy, isn't much better. He's mean and angry, which is nice, but then he's mushy putty the next second . . . well, horny mushy putty. I can't believe I continued reading this book. I mean, I almost stopped after 5 pages. Then I decided to give it the benefit of the doubt. Then I almost stopped after the author kept referring to Gina's vagina as her pussy during and after her rape. I mean seriously? Seriously? Have some respect for women dude. So why did I keep reading? Well, it's a spectacular train wreck . . . and did you not read that part about Nick Sparks/No Country for Old Men/Soap? Don't read it. But then again . . . do read it. You will regret either choice.

  • Alyssa
    2018-12-03 23:18

    This book is good. I will give it that. But this is most definitely not a young adult book. This book would be hardcore for anyone still in required schooling. As a thirteen year old, I was shocked by the sexual acts that happened. The violent swearing also surprised me. I started and finished this book in 4 hours, not because I planned to, but because I was too scared not to. This book is gruesome and details horrible things. There is blood and gore and despair. I would NOT recommend this book to any teenager. I would consider it maybe a pornographic novel or detailed book on how to kill or manhunt people.I honestly feel like this book took a good chunk of my innocence from me. Besides the gruesome story and horrific pornography, I rather liked the charecterizations. The plotline could have been mellowed and this could have made a very nice YA book. But the main topic was death, death, sex, death, money, sex, death and corruption. I don't think this book is appropiate for anybody under 18, and even above 18, if you are at all sensitive or easily scared, don't read it. I finished the book at 1 am or so, and finally managed to sleep at 3 am, despite my fear.DON'T READ UNLESS YOU ARE VERY EMOTIONALLY MATURE.

  • Lisbeth Avery {Domus Libri}
    2018-12-09 20:25

    So, because I'm an idiot I read the kindle sample which was around 20 pages. Guess what I found? • 13 uses of fuck (6 of them sexually)• 2 sex scene that were NOT YA• the f word • descriptive stuff• terrible wife beating dialogueIn all, I will never read this. EVER.

  • Dylan
    2018-12-05 21:21

    Wow...that is definately one of the most Dark YA novels I've ever read. Amazing.

  • Julie
    2018-11-22 21:39

    What made this book awful for me wasn't the graphic sexual scenes, but pretty much everything else. It reads like a 13-year-old boy wrote it after having his first girlfriend for a week, in my opinion. The language is immature and I felt like I was reading bad fanfiction throughout the entire book. For example, I must have read the words "baby" and "fucking" about 1,000 times each because the language is so much like a teenage boy's. I understand that it's from the point of view of two teenagers, but I honestly don't know anyone who talks or thinks like the characters in this book. Furthermore, the storyline is highly unrealistic and underdeveloped, with plot holes destroying the story.

  • Brooke
    2018-11-27 02:37

    I actually finished this. I must say that I'm glad I did because it did get interesting. I felt that the young lovers, Dru and Gina, were unbelievable and the dialogue was corny. All of the characters were stereotypical indie movie types, and it truly felt like this author tried too hard to be edgy, shocking, and brutal. Yes, some might be surprised to find this on a YA shelf but it really is a very easy read, and a sloppy one at that. All of the fucks and pussies were unnecessary as well... I wasn't shocked. I was rolling my eyes. Nice try though.

  • Brady Crocker
    2018-12-15 21:15

    Really well written. Jason Myers is a pretty good author. Although this story is like super dark, its a good story, "the mission" was my favorite by Jason Myers. But its still a great book, and I can't wait to read his next one.

  • Cat
    2018-12-03 22:20

    I really did not like this book. I almost stopped reading about 50 pages in, but decided to give it the benefit of the doubt. I wish I would've stopped. It definitely was not worth my time.

  • Taylor
    2018-11-24 19:34

    A beautifully, tragic book that I couldn't put down. Such raw emotion. I could relate to certain aspects of the book. Amazingly written, great pace.

  • veganhamsandwich
    2018-12-07 18:27

    Possibly the worst book I have ever read..

  • Shea
    2018-12-03 19:21

    This book is easily one of the most powerful books I have ever read. It begins with the average lives of two young people who have fallen in love- although, in my opinion, the author should have created a more developed relationship in the beginning (have the two be dated longer before the story begins)- and they both are headed off to college soon. Their strong connection is undeniable, and the characters are very well portrayed. When tragedy strikes, the two are on the run. The tragedy that occurs leaves the reader with feelings of hatred and despair. I got very into this book, and felt as though I was right there watching it all. I am not too sure why all books written by this author seem to have overall negative reviews from readers; his raw use of words without censoring and descriptions is a signature move from the author, and anybody who complains about that should steer away from books written by him. I happen to appreciate it.It took me one day to read this book. I simply could not put it down. I needed to know what happened in the end, because it was driving me mad. I wanted to know what happened to the characters and if they would end up having a happily ever after.The light hearted should also keep away from this book. It is extremely mature, and handles matters that some may not be able to endure reading. I will admit, I cried countless times throughout this novel. It was extremely powerful and hit straight home. I couldn't have asked for a more perfect read to see things from a new perspective.If you are looking for an emotional rollercoaster of a read, and can handle the explicit context, I would HIGHLY recommend this read.

  • Megan
    2018-11-27 23:20

    Dead End By Jason Myers361 PagesEverything seemed like it was going as plan for young lovers, Dru and Gina. Dru was the all-star wrestler with a dark family past and Gina was a average teenager that fell in love with bad boy Dru. However everything seem to change, the day Gina did not attend Dru's wrestling match. Confused and bothered, Dru went to confront Gina, but only to find out the tough truth that put these couples at risk for their lives.Dead End is a heartbreaking graphic book that would send many readers into disbelief on how potentially violent the world can really be. When I read this book, I knew from the start, that Dru's and GIna's love was undeniably true love. They both seem to have that comfort and as I continued reading the book, it felt as if they were similar to each other, when new problems were presented to them and at the time of need, they seem to be fit to one another perfectly. Meyer's did a great job with displaying the cold reality of the world in this book.I found this book a bit disturbing in some of the chapters of the book. So, it is not advise to read this, if its to a younger reader. However, this book could either go two ways. You love it or you hate it. Regardless of which side you go on, it will leave a definite impact. Chilling and haunting, Dead End shows how far true love is willing to take two individuals and go against the world.

  • Kelsey Trinkner
    2018-12-09 19:23

    I love Jason Myers. I love his work, though this is only the third book by him I have read. I intend to read his final book next quarter. Anyway, I liked this book because it kept moving. He does a great job of keeping the reader interesting. I also liked how this book was written. The other books I have read by him were both narrated in first person. However, this book was narrated in third person. I also liked how every now and then, there would be a short chapter, narrated in first person, about the two main characters and their thoughts and emotions. I thought these were very good for understanding the background between Dru and Gina. It also allows the reader to get inside their minds. This book was not difficult to read for me. This book went by rather fast. On every single page, something would happen. I never wanted to put this book down. So I didn't. I read it in a few days. Though, some of the subject matter in this book is not for all people, I would recommend it to mature high schoolers and anyone older. I liked this book over all, though I was not content with it's ending, but I don't want to give anything away.

  • Courtney
    2018-12-11 18:35

    Love at first sight, thats how it was for Dru and Gina. So young but so in love, but it takes a turn for the worst when Gina's Step mom sends her to the richest mans house, only to find his intoxicated son. With a past with matt Gina is terrifed of the things he may do but decides to take him up on his offer for a few beers, one thing lead to another and Gina and Dru are on the run from marshall and headed to a happy ending. This Book was grusome,violet and explicit but thats the way it should be. Finally a book that doesnt sugar coat it and Jason Myers tells it how it is. Real life tragedy, a modern day Romeo and Juliet.

  • Luna
    2018-11-28 01:30

    I love this story! A lot of people are saying they didn't enjoy it because it's nothing like his first two novels, but do you honestly expect the same book over and over again? No, there is no sunshine and rainbows in the end, but that's what a good writer is about. He/she tells the truth and the gritty reality without fluff. There's a lot of conflict going on in this story, which includes sexism, classism, and greed. There's also the relationship between Dru and Gina which grows even deeper as the novel unfolds. A great story!

  • Ashlyn Koch
    2018-12-10 01:41

    loved it !! second time i read it i cried the whole way through the book! Like when they said that they loved each other and the plans for the future! All of it just made me full out cry! It was frickin insaine! The ending the worst part of the book, it was sick and cruel and sad, but i loved it! i still read the ending over and over again!

  • Precious
    2018-12-06 02:21

    this was a really good book. it showed the meaning of true love and is very detailed about EVERYTHING. this book is a mystery and once you start reading it trust me you will never stop. READ THIS BOOK!!!!!!!

  • Kelly
    2018-12-16 20:35

    I can't really say much about this book without a lot of spoilers. I wanted to hate it at the end, until I realized there was no other way to end it. And then I realized these are exactly the books I usually love, because the author didn't cop out on the hard stuff.

  • Lee Miller
    2018-11-26 21:13

    Boring, flat characters combined with a stale plot and an overabundance of violence, profanity, and sexual imagery earn my lowest ranking: pure crap. Can I please get back the five hours of my life I spent reading this tripe?

  • Jessica Suhr
    2018-11-20 23:22

    Most amazing book I've ever read. I'm to the most extreme end of obsession with this author, and his writing. <3

  • Jared Vincent Lacaran
    2018-12-12 01:35

    seems rather interesting :)

  • Logan Huerta
    2018-11-26 19:20

    This book was so good!! But it was so dark and mature!! Jason Myers made me feel so much sympathy for the characters!!! Gosh! What a great book!

  • Cory
    2018-12-12 23:36

    I read the kindle preview.I don't have $8 bucks to waste on a tragic romance that does nothing but me laugh. What I read is not good.