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Sixteen-year-old wizard-in-training Alex Taylor and his band of fellow adventurers battle a goblin army, navigate an enchanted forest, and try to solve the sphinx's riddle in their quest to find the lost Horn of Moran and return it to Norsland before the nation erupts in war....

Title : The Horn of Moran
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ISBN : 9781606412268
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The Horn of Moran Reviews

  • Mike (the Paladin)
    2019-05-02 07:05

    Okay...second book in this YA (emphasis on the "Y" somewhat I admit) series and I like it. Why?It's fun. If you ever played D&D this book will make you feel like you need to go get your box of dice and play along.A young man has fallen into an adventuring universe where he travels through what are called. "the known lands". Getting back with some friends from an earlier adventure and some new friends he (we're) now off on a quest to make sure the rightful king ends up on the throne. In a land of magic swords, wizards and fantasy creatures...enjoy!What more can I say? I really enjoyed these books, I look forward to the next. Oh, and if I need to say it...pure brain candy.:)

  • Mindy
    2019-05-19 10:08

    If you liked the first one you'll find this more of the same. Same plot formula, same strangely formal dialogue. It's nice that they are very polite and respectful, it just seems like a bit much, forced, a little more reality wouldn't hurt. Lots of talk about honor and some strange rules about it as well. Everyone but the main character are just shells of characters, but even if it's meant for a younger audience I think they could use some fleshing out... They could handle that.

  • Dani - Perspective of a Writer
    2019-05-03 14:03

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  • Ashley
    2019-05-07 06:11

    Despite what i am about to say, i really did like this book, i am just being was still great, but maybe the fact that i read the acknowledgments at the beginning of the book made the book seem forced. It seemed a bit more of that Forman was just flat out telling you what was happening in the story that you very well should have been able to figure out for yourself. It also seemed a bit predictable like *************SPOILER****************** when he introduces Val, he makes him out to be a bit... shifty (?), so later on, something he does isn't very surprising. I would recommend having Slathbog's Gold fresh on your mind because there are a lot of things in the book that directly mention things from the first book that, unless you either have excellent memory or you just read it, you wouldn't remember. It was still very good, though it is directed a bit more at a younger audience. I'm sorry, I'm making this book out to be not very great but, believe me, it was worth reading it. I really did like it is exciting to watch as Alex's power as a Wizard in training grows and he is able to more fully master it. And of course, there are twists on the road that make it a lot more interesting and ******************SPOILER************************** another journey to the wall. it was a very good read despite what i have said.

  • Bill Tillman
    2019-05-25 09:01

    Wow another action packed adventure, Alex just keeps getting deeper into being a Wizard, in fact the best wizard in a thousand years. Of course this does come with a price but Alex is will to pay. Magic, evil, danger, long quests are all part of the adventure. Alex finds he is on his way to becoming a billionaire. I cannot in good conscience reveal even a small bit of this adventure as I want you to read it for yourself. Enjoy.

  • Mukund
    2019-05-19 10:06

    Another great read for me as it was a continuation from the first book and I really liked it. Again I felt as though this was a binge read as I would read this book for a long amount of time till I felt tired. In this book, I felt the story line was a bit slower to read as it's a more complex story compared to the first book. But overall I really liked this book. Again, I recommend this book to anyone who wants to read adventure/fantasy related books.

  • Matt Hayes
    2019-04-29 10:00

    I didn't think it would be better than Book 1, but, boy, was I wrong! THE HORN OF MORAN delivers action, suspense, and great storytelling! I couldn't put it down, and I read it in a day!

  • Jackson Porter
    2019-05-25 14:23

    I don't much remember the first one, but I remember I really liked it, and I really liked this one, to. It is a simple, fast read that is fully entertaining and will have you laughing in every chapter. This book doesn't reach much of a climax like the last one did. The main "battle" happens more towards the middle, and from then on it's a fantastic tale about their return. One of my father's queries about the first book was how come it took them so long to travel to their destination but not as long to travel back. Well, for the most obvious reason, it was because they had reached their goal and it didn't need to focus on their return. Well, this hook thought it had to. It took them about just as long to travel back as it did to travel there. I liked that, a lot.Forman has created a world that I wish I could live in. It is complex yet simple enough that you can keep track of most things unlike Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time which, if you wanted to keep track of, you'd have to take thorough notes. The book did annoy me at points, though. The characters seem real enough to me, but the only thing that makes them more unreal than real is the fact that they don't have many flaws. Alex's only flaw is the fact that he is short tempered. Most everyone they come across is very nice and kind and I just can't see everyone being like that. Of course, there is the exception of Oso. Hahahahahaha! One of my other complaints was the use of the word "honor". Forman used that word like commas. I swear I read it at least every other page. 'It is our honor.' 'It will be our honor.' 'We are honor-bound to do so.' 'Your honor will grow.' 'Honor, honor, honor, honor.' it was put in there way too much, especially around the middle. Alex's companions on his quest kept telling him he was so generous and his honor has grown much. And it explains that being kind and generous will help your honor grow, and I couldn't help but wonder, "Everyone's honor must be huge, then, because almost everyone is super kind and super generous." I just found that a little unrealistic. Then again, it is only a middle grade book. And my last and final complaint is the dialogue. Whenever someone would invite them to stay at their home for supper and to spend the night, or whenever they would have to pay somebody the dialogue seemed repetitive and rehearsed. At some points I found myself guessing what the character was going to say next. I found myself surprised at the end of the book. It was a simple, amazing story of 6 adventurers who went on a quest to retrieve a magical object. The characters were likable, the humor was plentiful, and the action was exciting! It is so worth reading!

  • Mikayla Haven
    2019-05-08 07:12

    For this round of reading, I chose to read the sequel to Slathbog’s Gold, Adventurers Wanted: The Horn of Moran, by M.L Forman. This book, just like Slathbog’s Gold, was a birthday present from my mother. The Horn of Moran is about Alex’s next adventure, to Norsland in order to find the legendary Horn of Moran, which was lost by a foolish prince somewhere near the Tower of the Moon. On this adventure, Alex meets various magical creatures, many of which are quite friendly, and some, whom of which Alex has already unknowingly encountered, are not. I find it sad to say that I am, again, giving a book in this series a four out of five rating. While the story does offer the same expected amount of silly conversations and serious discussions, the story offers very little in the terms of new and creative ideas. The lack of female characters in this series is made especially obvious in this book, even when compared to Slathbog’s Gold. The only woman that shows up and is given a proper name and personality is Tara, who is given no description except for “not quite human” and “incredibly sad,” and she is present in the book even less than The Oracle of the White Tower. The descriptions in the Horn of Moran, or lackthereof, are even worse. The only descriptions we get in this book is, again, a vague feeling that Alex has and the person’s race, sometimes not even that. The only exception to this is Val, who is described as extremely thin. A good example of the lack of descriptions in this book is Sindar, an old feeling elf…. this is literally the only thing Forman uses to describe him, and we are not even told that Sindar is an elf when we first meet him. Of course you would probably assume that he is because he speaks to Alex about Calysto, but for all we know, he could actually be a satyr. I am also still imagining all of the elves as silver haired Legolas’s…. and I am also still not enjoying that fact. While I have named more than a few flaws for this book, I would still recommend it to my fellow fantasy lovers who enjoy experiencing the journey alongside Alex and his friends. Still, I cannot, in good faith, recommend this to my female protagonist loving brethren, as there are still none to be found.

  • Lisa Nocita
    2019-05-24 10:19

    In book 2 of this series we find our young wizard in training acclimating quite well to his new found identity and studying in earnest to improve his talent and skill. Six months have passed and Alex has contented himself with a distance education course in wizardry from the esteemed Whalen Vankin. Now 16, Alex is eager for another adventure. He soon finds himself joining up with his former adventure leader who is leading a rather personal quest to recover the long lost horn of Moran for his beleaguered cousin, disputed King. Many of the former adventurers join the new adventure along with a couple of new faces. Other adventurers make appearances and references to characters from the first book abound. The fantasy worlds are growing complex and I would personally find a map on the end papers helpful to track the places traveled. I also may need to keep a list of names and identities for future reference if I am to keep reading. I liked the story equally as well as the first but have the same reservations too. Master Alex develops his wizarding talents with ease and aplomb. No task is too difficult, including taking on a horde of menacing goblins singlehandedly or evil incarnate. And he has a very Polly Anna-ish kind of personality which is sweet and possibly heroic, but hard to completely accept and like. Even Harry Potter and Frodo had their dark moments of the soul which made them fallible and thus more "human" and, ultimately, heroic. I think there is something here but it hasn't quite developed its full potential yet. I think the author is still finding his voice. Sometimes he tells too much rather than shows and Alex's narrative voice changes when he passes from Clutter's bookshop into the fantasy worlds to a more stilted and archaic voice, very formal and a tad affected. I am unclear what time period his modern non-wizard self lives in. Probably not 2011. However, as I said before, I think Forman will be one to one to watch. He has a rich imagination and with tighter plotting, richer rising action, and stronger character development, his books will be sure to please young fantasy readers.

  • Kelsey Pugh
    2019-05-25 13:05

    I really like it is a good book. It is about a 15 year old kid named Alex, and he lives with is stepdad. He goes on adventures with other people. In this book he went on an adventure to find the Horn of Moran and he becomes a wizard. With his sword Moon Slayer he goes to the Moon tower to get the Horn of Moran.

  • Samantha wickedshizuku Tolleson
    2019-05-03 14:25

    Good... Good...Interesting.Hoping that 16 year old Alex will eventually stop sniveling. He seems overly humble and it seems like insincerity. I mean is this what I have to look forward to when my kid's go into the teenage years? The 'tween years' are pissing me off, and driving me...I loved how many magical creatures were included in this installment. Much of the other characters are interesting, but the adventure has seemed a little too structured for my taste. If this was a story written for adults instead of children, I most likely would have given this five stars.

  • Heather
    2019-05-19 11:16

    A lovely sequel to Slothbag's Gold. While at times it feels, again, like you've heard some of these plots before, it's still a fun read. We meet some of the characters from the first book and are introduced to several new ones. We learn a bit more about the lands and peoples. I love Alex, the main character. He is kind, generous and always, always does what is right. Sometimes with a little help. This is a series I'd gladly hand to my boys to read or read out loud to them. While there is action and violence, it's not graphic or scary.

  • Johnny Bennett
    2019-04-30 10:02

    ML Forman has an interesting writing style. Horn of Moran carries on the adventure from Slathbog's Gold and leaves one wanting more. The characters continue to grow, though some will complain Alex is growing too fast, too strong. A great teen adventure with nothing grotesque about it, unless you are opposed to conceptual magic.

  • Callie S
    2019-05-26 14:11

    This is the second book in the series known as "Adventurers Wanted". The book starts once again with Alex Taylor preparing for a new adventure. His company consists of some old friends and a couple of new ones. Their goal is to find an ancient horn that will determine who the new king of Alusia will be. Along the way, they encounter a band of goblins, a corrupt leader, and a dark creature that Alex had encountered in the last adventure. Alex's magic and wisdom grows stronger as each day of his journey goes by. I loved this book. It's really good for anyone is looking for something exciting and, well, adventurous. It was a little slow getting started for me, but after a little bit into it, I couldn't put it down. It has funny parts, but also some emotion to it as well. I'm really looking forward to reading the rest of the series. I think that this book would be enjoyable for boys, even if they don't care to read. It's fast-paced, exciting, and doesn't have long drawls of exposition without being confusing.

  • Elijah Barnum
    2019-05-15 11:12

    "we will hope for such happiness."- M.L Forman (p.260). The book adventure wanted horn of moran takes place in a magical secret world. Where animals beasts and monsters are real. The main character is Alex his first adventure was to kill a very powerful dragon and to take his gold as prize. This adventure he is on right know is to find a missing horn the horn tells the king if he is the real king. But it was lost about 400 years earlier then the adventure was put together. The problem is that another person is trying to say he is the king people are starting to side with him and their is only one way to stop the war that is on the edge of happening.... The horn.

  • Treylon N.
    2019-05-07 10:18

    "'So tell us about Norsland weddings," said Halfdan as the fire burned down. "What customs should we know about? What kind gifts should we give?-Halfdan (pg 51). As Alex goes through Mr. Clutter's shop again, he finds about that Bregnest is leading a new quest and was wanting Alex to join. With a little bit of a different crew, Alex sets off with his friends toward Norsland and a new adventure! And what better to start this book off than a wedding! The author shows great examples of metaphors at the beginning of the book when Alex says that Val is as thin as sticks. I would recommend this book to my friends because it is action packed and full of fun.

  • Sarah Adamson
    2019-05-17 12:09

    The second book in the series. I was so happy to read this book and find the things I liked about the first book - a nice fun adventure fantasy story filled with interesting characters. I was glad that the author has taken some traditional fantasy elements and has made a new story in a much better way than the first book which was a little too close to a Tolkien story! An enjoyable, elementary / early middle school gentle fun book. Easy reading, nice flow in most parts, looking forward to the rest of the series.

  • Elena
    2019-05-16 13:13

    The storyline is more original than that of the first book. I liked the different challenges and creatures on this quest better. My only thought is I wish some of the side characters did more. It must be so easy going on a quest with Alex, he does everything.Yes, I know he's the protagonist, but still. I'd like it more if say Andy had to save him sometimes.

  • Josh Oelrich
    2019-04-27 07:03

    A lot of things about this series are parallel to Lord of the Rings, especially the characteristics of the different races and nature of the fantasy world. But it is an engaging read and a fun story overall.

  • Jennifer Wiser
    2019-04-27 11:03

    I just love this series so much! (Okay, I mean occasionally the dialogue is a bit awkward/wrong period/too formal for the circumstances, but that's totally forgivable). Would definitely recommend to anyone wanting some quick & fun reads!

  • Alisa
    2019-05-20 09:26

    My boys and husband loved it. I liked it fine, I am just tired of young, parent-less boys finding out their are powerful magicians. The narrator is the same as for Fablehaven so we kept mixing up the characters with characters from Fablehaven.

  • Lichelle
    2019-05-24 14:02

    9/10 would recommend

  • Matthew Struckhoff
    2019-05-11 10:17

    I love how it provides the restlessness that comes with being young but, the wisdom to not let it control the protagonist's actions as he goes through his second adventure.

  • Morandia
    2019-05-22 12:26

    Another great adventure!

  • Jay Collins
    2019-05-01 06:03

    An easy 3 or 3.5 stars rated book. I liked this one and if the series continues to be this good the series itself could be a 4-star rating.

  • Huckleberry Rahr
    2019-04-29 13:13

    This series is great!

  • Brandon Vola
    2019-05-16 11:06

    Excellent Book for young children (like maybe 6-10). Too juvenile for most adults IMO.

  • David Hickenbotham
    2019-05-19 12:10

    Although I liked this book, I didn't like it as much as the last book. There were some great scenes, but overall everything ran just a little too smoothly. Alex, for being inexperienced, seems way too experienced. He can do just about everything. I realize he studies, but sheesh. Doesn't he have any limits? I think it's about time he just takes over the world. He's unstoppable! His magic can do everything and is unlimited in scope and amount.Also, there were a lot of boring scenes that didn't seem to further the plot. They were interesting, I suppose, but it was almost like I was watching an unedited feed from some camera that had been left on.The author really loves his rules about treasure and how it is divided up. Again we get a bunch of that in this book, though perhaps a bit less than the previous one. I don't mind it. It's quirky. And kind of fun.If you liked the first one, you'll probably like this one. The world-building is fun and quirky. The author's voice is too. Just don't expect to be surprised. Or fear at all for Alex.

  • Connor Stucki
    2019-05-08 06:56

    The Horn of Moran is an exciting book. M.L. Forman did a great job. At the end of this book you always want more because of the details that the author has put into this book. The author has thoughtfully put this book together and it is interesting to read and think about. I think that it should have more content and more pages so that you could enjoys it more and have fun while reading, which is hard to do with some books. The book is packed with adventure and fun for anyone. If you hate reading but you like adventure I would recommend this book to you. Just read it!My favorite part about this book are the characters. The characters always have something to say and to joke about. Some of the characters I wish would get a little more action in this series but it is great none the less. There is little to none of bad content which makes it easier to read. At the end of some of the books they have some major cliff hangers and it is not fun to sit around for a year and wate. The plot is good always having adventure on every corner.