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When schoolgirl Takiko Okuda attempts to destroy her father's translation of "The Universe of the Four Gods," she is instead literally sucked into the story, becoming the Priestess of Genbu in an epic journey to find the seven Celestial Warriors! In her first encounter, she meets the mysterious outlaw Limdo, a Celestial Warrior with a tattoo of the Chinese character for "wWhen schoolgirl Takiko Okuda attempts to destroy her father's translation of "The Universe of the Four Gods," she is instead literally sucked into the story, becoming the Priestess of Genbu in an epic journey to find the seven Celestial Warriors! In her first encounter, she meets the mysterious outlaw Limdo, a Celestial Warrior with a tattoo of the Chinese character for "woman" on his chest. Limdo can not only summon the wind as one of his special powers, but he can also transform into a woman! Takiko meets up with the bowman, Chamka, who is hunting Limbdo. It seems Chamka is one of the seven Celestial Warriors as well......

Title : Fushigi Yûgi: Genbu Kaiden, Vol. 01
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Fushigi Yûgi: Genbu Kaiden, Vol. 01 Reviews

  • Keely
    2019-05-23 12:53

    [This review covers all twelve volumes]Back in sixth grade, the entire class almost religiously watched the anime Fushigi Yuugi every Friday night and then talk about it in groups come school day. The classroom would be filled with lively chatter about what happened in a recent episode, most especially when my best friend at that time would bring along merchandise such as posters, action figures and copies of the English translated manga itself she tirelessly looked for so she can share them with me. At first it started with the girls but pretty soon the boys joined in, mostly because the anime is scandalous in itself, featuring semi-nude and acceptably sensual scenarios that are not that aggresively sexual. It's a love story about the star-crossed lovers Miaka and Tamahome that got the girls hooked while it's an action-adventure fantasy that the boys could enjoy. Three years ago, I re-watched the anime again and the nostalgic charm was still there. I was compelled to read the manga and also pick up the other spin-off series and I was glad I did because Yuu Watase creates really riveting female-centered stories. Though the very first Fushigi Yuugi is my first love, the third and final installment of the series Genbu Kaiden was ultimately the greatest love of my life, shoujo manga-wise. I could compare the first FY to a high school boyfriend. He was your sweetheart and you grew up together but he will always belong in the past. Genbu Kaiden is the man you eventually settle down with and marry, and together you are partners celebrating and honoring your sacred union no matter the difficulties of every day life and obligation. This is resonant in the deeply contrasting ways Yuu Watase wrote the love stories between Miaka and Tamahome, and Takiko and Rimudo; the former was the definitive young love that often consumes itself and burns quickly while the latter is the kind of love that knows there are worlds outside its scope that are just as meaningful and so the lovers become mature enough to accept their relationship should not be codependent and they don't end up entiterly losing themselves in each other. They have other important relationships outside one another, and decisions to make where their love for each other sometimes don't have to be the only priority.Takiko is the very first maiden to be whisked away during the 1920's in Japan, transported by the magical Book of the Four Gods into ancient China. According to an old legend, a woman from another world will appear as a prophecy foretold where she will become the priestess of a certain country, a representative of one of the four gods, depending on the geography she will make her appearance in. In the first FY, high schoolers Miaka Yuuki and her best friend Yui Hongo took the mantle as priestesses for Suzaku and Seiryuu of the South and East Kingdoms respectively. For Takiko, she became priestess for the West, representing Genbu. The storyline for this manga follows the same formula as its predecessors Fushigi Yuugi and Ayashi no Ceres where the young, impressionable maiden gathers the seven warriors of the god they are aiming to summon. The story dictates that the priestess is allowed a wish if she successfully gathers all warriors and summons the god. It's a premise as predictable and universal as any hero's journey, only this time making the hero in question a heroine and she always develops romantic feelings for one of her warriors, almost always the first one she encountered the moment she gets transported. The central conflict lies in how they endure the varied tests and threats to their blooming romance.The same thing happens to Takiko in this manga, much like Miaka was with Tamahome. The glaring difference, however, is the characterization and development of their individual arcs and as a couple's relationship. I would like to believe that Watase has learned from her mistakes with handling Miaka and Tamahome's love story which was essentially a really flawed and superfluous one. "I'm sorry but I don't have magical powers of my own that you can absorb from my body. That light you see is simply my heart's way of expressing how devoted I am in becoming the priestess. And nothing will take that away from me."As a supposed prequel to the original FY but written much later on, Genbu Kaiden retains a freshness and vitality to it most likely because of its lead character Takiko. Unlike the unassuming Aya, clumsy and fickle Miaka and the vengeful Yui, Takiko was instantly likable and admirable in her courage and purity of the spirit. I think it's her family situation that enabled her to deal with things more maturely. Her mother has consumption while her father has always been neglectful of her, always buried in his work. Her unrequited love for a childhood friend remained unfulfilled after he married another woman, leaving Takiko generally all alone and ignored. After her mother fully succumbs to her illness and dies, Takiko's father returns but was more concerned with publishing his latest translation on an old story about the Four Gods of Ancient China than attend to the funeral arrangements. Angry and betrayed, Takiko takes away the copy of the book from her father and boldly questions him if he wished she was a son and if she was indeed male, perhaps he may have paid attention to her; even love her. Her father acquiesces that this was true which forever devastated Takiko beyond words so she tries to rip the book in two but ends up getting magically transported within its pages.In ancient China, she encounters a strange man who can control the winds and even turn physiologically into a woman. She then meets one of the bounty hunters looking for this person and was caught up between their rivalry immediately. Later on, she discovers the purpose of her coming to this land; about being a prietess foretold to save the kingdom from destruction and ruin. Unlike Miaka who agreed so she can wish herself home or Yui who wanted to take revenge, Takiko readily accepted the prophesy as her calling because of the most heartbreaking motivation ever: SHE WANTED TO FEEL NEEDED AND BE OF USE TO PEOPLE. She cared for her sick mother as a young girl and never felt like her father wanted her (which she had confirmed before coming to China) and was relieved--joyous, even--to feel like she can help people if she took the role of the priestess, not fully aware of the consequences and repercussions of such a role. It's all because Takiko's inherent brokenness lies in her desperation to give love and hopefully, mercifully, receive a piece of it in return.In spite of such a sad and seemingly defective trait, this is actually what makes Takiko such a well-developed and compelling heroine to root for. This girl is unafraid to pick up a weapon and fight. She has some training in kendo so she is capable enough to hold herself during duels which is great to see because she never has to be a helpless damsel in distress all the time. Most of all, what I believe is the most amazing thing about Takiko is her compassion that enables her to identify with people's suffering and spiritually heal them. In Genbu Kaiden, people consider the priestess prophesy to be a bad omen. Anyone they discovered to be one of the potential seven warriors of Genbu was shunned, ostracized, exploited or driven away from their homes. This is the greatest challenge of Takiko's journey in finding them: some of these warriors already hate Takiko because of her priestess role and would never join her cause…until Takiko finds a way to touch their soul and make them believe they have a place in the world, that they do belong and they matter.I get so choked up in every encounter she has with a Genbu warrior who all have tragic tales to tell about being outcasts and victims of their fates. Reading Takiko reaching out to them and earning their trust and devotion is so wondrously thrilling and emotionally resonant, further strengthening my admiration for Takiko. She is a person who knew rejection so well and has become loving and patient because of it. Each Genbu warrior knew rejection themselves firsthand; either through their own families or at the hands of their own clan/community. Takiko finds them and saves them, gives their lives meaning and urges them to fight not for glory or reward but merely for the sake of their countrymen even though many of them despise the Genbu warriors for what they are.Takiko is never discouraged. She continues to thrive and serve her role faithfully…even if it meant never having a proper relationship with Rimudo, the first warrior she encountered and who gradually captured her heart and made it soar heights she never would have fathomed possible. Much like Takiko, Rimudo has upsetting daddy issues; his own father is having him hunt down to be killed all because of the prophesy that guarantees Rimudo will be his undoing. This is what initially drew the two together other than the usual physical attraction. Rimudo likes Takiko's ferociousness in accomplishing her tasks and the passion imbued in every selfless act of hers. Takiko likes Rimudo because he is burdened with a tragedy he constantly tries to overcome, and surprises her every time he puts aside his self-interest to lend her a hand in her calvary. Pretty soon these feelings deepened until they could no longer hide from their respective masks and costumes as renegade crowned prince on-the-run and savior priestess for long and they professed their love as they make a promise every day to stay in love even if duty and the upcomig civil wars have to be prioritized. I love the fact that they are both of independent will; they don't get so obsessed with each other that nothing else matters. Takiko and Rimudo were never selfish people that sometimes when they do get a little selfish, I encourage it because both deserve some kind of happiness as young lovers.Genbu Kaiden is understandably not a happy ending in the romance side of things, at least not in a conventional sense. Takiko and Rimudo may love each other so much but have accepted that they could never be together at least not in body. The priestess after all has to be virginal. They could never be wholly together in heart and spirit either because Takiko is steadfast in fulfilling her role as priestess of Genbu and securing peace for the country. And, because Rimudo loves her for her unique courage, he decides to fight by her side for the good of all even if it meant losing her in an ultimate twist: if you have seen FY anime before then you know the price of summoning Genbu. Once Takiko discovers it, she never wavered from her obligation. She readily accepts its steep price and gives herself to the fate awaiting her to save her friends and the country and its people she has learned to love and be fiercely protective of. Overall, Genbu Kaiden is intricate, heartfelt and engrossing with well-rounded characterizations composed of sensible conflicts and small yet satisfying resolutions in between. It has an empowered lead female character who is unafraid to define her relationships and not the other way around. It has an elegantly resonant and moving love story as its centerpiece but in spite of its love-story trappings, Genbu Kaiden is also a story about rejection and acceptance both from self and others as well as the transformative powers of friendship and community.You can start reading the manga HERE and I hope this review will convince you. It's such a spellbinding tale about love in all its beautiful and often painfully cathartic forms. I guarantee that you will fall in love with Takiko as a person and root for her and Rimudo because they are inspiring individuals who luckily happen to be a romantic couple. The other Genbu warriors are also endearing and special in their own ways and their separate relationships with Takiko enhance the magic and poignancy of the narrative.RECOMMENDED: 9/10DO READ MY REVIEWS AT

  • Mary
    2019-05-24 08:15

    Can I ask Goodread friends a question? Why WHY can I never accept the main guy as the love interest? I know he is but I hate the fact that I always find a minor character much better. All you read about now is some girl meets this "mysterious guy" and you instantly know they will end up liking each other..... WOW its frustrating. I like Chamka in the manga. Yes this is MUCH better than Fushigi Yuugi with Miaka who I HATED. i loved the story but tomoe.....why? Miaka is just annoying! But then again if Miaka ended up with Tasuki there would be some serious hating. Haha its funny how worked up I get over characters:) Anyways... I will definitely continue reading even though Im sooooooooooo mad that Rinbuawhatshisname is gonna end up with Takiko. ANd to add a quick note: Her character is AWESOME!!!!!!!

  • Shawna
    2019-05-09 09:12

    I love the Fushigi Yugi world, so much. Yuu Watase is my ultimate favorite shojo writer/mangaka.

  • Lapis Lazuli
    2019-05-22 12:17

    *** Attenzione, questa recensione copre l'intera serie, dal volume 1 al volume 12 ***Premessa: amo la Watase. Credo di aver letto quasi tutti i suoi fumetti pubblicati in Italia (perlomeno i principali) e non ce n'è uno che non mi sia piaciuto. Avevo amato Fushigi Yugi e quando ho saputo che usciva questa seconda serie, l'ho presa a scatola chiusa. Tra la lettura del primo Fushigi e questo però sono passati più di dieci anni e quindi ogni richiamo alla storia precedente mi è sfuggito, o era solo un vago ricordo. Tuttavia, le due opere possono essere lette separatamente senza problemi.Ma veniamo a questa serie. C'è tutto ciò che amo in un manga. Una storia appassionante, antichi miti e leggende, ambientazioni in stile giapponese fantastico, magia, dedizione, sacrificio, lotte, speranza, intrighi, sofferenza, lacrime, dolcezza, amore e... bishounen a volontà! *_* Sul serio, amo come la Watase disegna i ragazzi, sono uno più bello dell'altro. Ovviamente i miei tre preferiti sono quelli a cui è riservato un tragico destino (non sarebbero i miei preferiti se non avessero ogni capello intriso di quell'aria tragica che mi piace tanto e lo sguardo triste pronto al sacrificio), ma anche quelli che se la passano meglio, come il protagonista, mi hanno fatto palpitare in più di un'occasione. La protagonista è un gran bel personaggio, anche lei una ragazza altruista, che matura molto nel corso della storia, che da ragazzina triste e amareggiata diventa una donna pronta a dare tutta se stessa per le persone che ama, passando da essere una semplice intrusa venuta da un altro mondo a incarnare la sacerdotessa di Genbu in tutto e per tutto. Molto belli anche tutti i comprimari; a ciascuno è riservato un momento di gloria e di tutti viene rivelato un pezzetto di passato, in modo da poterli comprendere meglio e da poter accettare le loro scelte.Il finale è dolceamaro, come spesso accade con la Watase (ho appena letto Sakuragari, che ne è il perfetto esempio), ma è l'unico finale "giusto" che poteva esserci. Insomma, un manga promosso a pieni voti, una lettura consigliata per tutti quelli che amano storie romantiche ambientate in un mondo fantastico di grandi eroi e leggende.

  • Nanna
    2019-05-27 14:50

    Untuk vol.1-12 (tamat)Ini merupakan prekuelnya Fushigi Yugi, dan jujur saya lebih suka yang ini:1. Humornya ga se -'wah' komik-komik sensei yang lain (seperti Appare Jipangu, Imadoki, Arata, Alice 19th, Delicious Study, dll), tapi tetep enak untuk diikuti. 2. Ga ada cinta segi-segian sampe rebut-rebutan lalu persahabatan rusak gara-gara seorang cowok. Ga ada! Yeyy! 3. Lebih masuk akal. Yang mati ya mati, ga hidup lagi atau rohnya membantu yang masih hidup untuk memenangkan pertarungan.4. Dan yang utama itu endingnya... yang menurutku lebih bagus dari sekuelnya, walaupun di seri ini endingnya tragedi! (view spoiler)[Chamuka dan temennya itu (lupa namanya) mati, Takiko mati, ayahnya Takiko juga mati (ಥ﹏ಥ)(ಥ﹏ಥ) Watase-sensei tega~ (hide spoiler)]Dan sampai sekarang saya masih belum bisa move-on sama kematian Soruen (ಥ﹏ಥ)Sayangnya saya masih penasaran sama asal muasal dari kitab itu, masih butuh penjelasan asal mulanya, kenapa bisa ada, dll (atau ini sudah dijelasin tapi saya terlewat?)

  • Sara
    2019-05-09 07:59

    This story takes place in Japan in the 1920's. Takiko is a teenager with an absent father and a sick mother and she's tough - really tough. When her father, the novelist, returns from China having translated an ancient manuscript, Takiko ends up swept into the story - literally. She finds herself in China as the prophesied one - she has been sent to save the people.I found it interesting and I'd like to continue on for a while. At time I was confused as to who was speaking and exactly what was going on in the battle scenes. I like the characters. I found the beginning of the book that took place in Japan in the twenties to be the most interesting but I tend to like reality more than fantasy which is where the story is taking us.

  • Kelsey van Dillen
    2019-05-23 14:00

    Because it's so short and only the beginning of the story, I give it three stars. Otherwise I would've given it four or more stars. The drawings are very good, and I really like the story! Although Manga is not my cup of tea and I never read graphic novels, I enjoyed it for one time only. Part of me is still curious about how the series continues but I prefer a normal book with more words!

  • Loren
    2019-05-02 08:06

    This was great but at times I did find it confusing but it was really good!Can't wait to read the rest of the series :)

  • Alisha
    2019-05-06 10:07

    A pretty solid start to the series. I never completed the first series: fy/ss and this one is a prequel, not a sequel. Yuu Watase writes in her author's notes that this series is more "adult" than fy/ss. I didn't get the sense of that yet unless she's referring to boobies. This series has boobies. I don't know how I feel about gender-swapping characters especially in this era of manga. At least the character in question doesn't seem to feel like it's a curse (I'm looking at you, Ranma 1/2). I like the protagonist of this series, Takiko. She seems cool and strong. Not a huge fan of Daddy Issues (TM) and Sickly Mom (TM) in my fiction but hopefully this plot line turns out well. I'm looking forward to what the rest of the series offers.

  • Emily
    2019-05-24 15:19

    Kind of just wanted to see how it would hold up. Decently. I think re-reading the original Miaka stuff might have gone less well in that department. Takiko is a bit older and her historical setting is pretty fun.

  • Anna
    2019-05-23 07:58's a Watase work... with the angry yelling at start, the pointy chins and gorgeous round eyes and "that one face" she always puts on the male protagAt least no rape as plot-starter this time! ... ehh.. not yet anyway?

  • Teetee
    2019-04-30 07:54

    Love this mangaka, love all her stories!

  • Amara Luciano
    2019-04-27 07:11

    4.5Loving this!! I've been a fan of FY as long as I can remember. My mom bought the anime when I was a little girl and to this day it's my favorite anime of all time. Reading the prequel series - in some ways - is an unexpected dream come true. It's so good!

  • Siruisly
    2019-04-27 14:16

    How does one even review a manga like this?Ok, here it goes- this manga changed my life. This work was beyond its times; I have yet to find a flaw with it in my many times of rereading it. It's amazing the kinds of themes that were touched upon in the story- social struggles, culture barriers, relationships, friendships, duty, destiny, sacrifice, identity- I can go on and on, but it's all done with some of the most beautiful artwork I've seen in shojo manga. This story taught me some serious life lessons no other manga has ever taught me, got me through the awkward teenage phase of my life, and made me grow up as a person. It made me laugh, cry, and realize that even as a young woman I can change the world if I wanted to and gave my heart to a cause. This manga also influenced my perspective on storytelling and narration as no works before and since have. Talk about the power of art. Basically, if you can't tell already, this is my favorite manga of all time. If you haven't read it, and would enjoy a fantasy/romance manga set in historic Japan and ancient China, with a terrific, feminist protagonist and an amazing, multi-dimensional cast, this is for you. The relationships are so raw and realistic, and the romance is heart wrenching- you will get ridiculously invested in the characters, and suffer with them, but you will enjoy it thoroughly and grow through it. Beware of the ending though, those faint of heart. Not all those who deserve happiness get what they desire.

  • El Templo
    2019-05-10 10:18

    "Una saga como Fushigi Yugi nunca cae en el olvido; ni para los lectores, ni mucho menos para su autora, Yuu Watase. Por eso, después de varios años y mucha insistencia por parte de los fans, al fin podemos disfrutar de su precuela: Fushigi Yugi: Genbu Kaiden (literalmente: El juego misterioso: el origen de la leyenda de Genbu). La historia comienza en 1923. Su protagonista, Takiko Okuda, es la primera en abrir El universo de los cuatro dioses, traducido por su padre a partir de un manuscrito chino. Una vez en el libro, descubre que está destinada a ser la sacerdotisa de Genbu (la constelación del norte, protectora de la ciudad de Bei-Jia) y que, para poder salvar a Bei-Jia de la destrucción, debe encontrar a las siete estrellas: personas con poderes especiales que tienen la misión de proteger a la sacerdotisa. Y ahí se acaban las semejanzas con la primera saga, el menos en lo que al argumento se refiere. El modo de dibujar de la autora ha evolucionado, sus personajes son más complejos y la historia tiene más calidad. => Lee la reseña completa en"

  • Lila
    2019-04-30 08:59

    Untuk semua volume sampai tamatKalau membaca buku satu ini setelah Fushigi Yuugi Vol. 1, mau tidak mau pasti akan membandingkan hampir setiap elemen komik ini. Dari sisi cerita, intinya hampir sama kok... bedanya tidak ada rebutan cowo antara dua sahabat (Yui vs Miyaka). Heroine-nya jauh lebih kuat dari di buku satunya dan saya lebih salut sama heroine di komik ini yang ga cuma mikirin diri sendiri. Ceritanya jauh lebih mengaduk emosi tapi saya suka. Semua "ksatria bintang" yang muncul juga kereeeeeeeeeeeen, pertarungannya, pokoknya dibanding Fushigi Yuugi Vol. 1, saya lebih suka Genbu Kaiden ini :D Art-nya juga ga perlu diragukan lagi... Yuu Watase-sensei emang pujaan hatiku hehehe...

  • Nisha
    2019-05-07 14:18

    2nd Read:Again, I love this series. I read the original FY (the 2nd manga series I read in my life) and when i heard about this, I had to read it. Frankly, I think I like it better in some ways. Takiko is a much more mature heroine and has a greater talent than being a glutton (sorry Miaka). The obvious love interest is Limdo, who happens to turn into a woman when his powers manifest. Take that for being original. Its like my love Nuriko is realized, in some fashion. Another Celestial Warrior is introduced, Tomite, who kinda reminds me of the other guy in Ceres (not Tooya, but the chopsticks guy).The greatest difference is that in this time period, being the Priestess or any of her warrior, is a bad thing. Which adds a nice edge to this series. I also like the various costumes, though I do miss the very attractive FY Suzaku warriors. Yuu Watase has really matured as an artist and a storyteller.

  • Yume Yoru
    2019-05-18 07:50

    Este manga me trae mucha nostalgia porque fue el primero que compré sin conocer si quiera el original. Y la verdad es que sigue siendo de mis favoritos. Empieza fuerte, con el drama familiar de nuestra protagonista, Takiko, en el Japón rural de los años 20. Al final de ese primer capítulo, sin entender muy bien cómo, nos vemos sumergidos en un mundo de fantasía completamente distinto. Me encanta el mundo de los Cuatro Dioses con todas sus leyendas...Puede que me cuelguen algunas personas por decir esto, pero nunca llegué a encariñarme demasiado con los personajes de la original al descubrirla después de esto. Quizás sea porque las estrellas de Genbu ya me tenían enamorada, o simplemente que a Miaka no la aguanto pero adoro a Takiko. En cualquier caso, yo lo comencé por la fantasía y me quedé por los personajes (y las relaciones que surgen entre ellos).

  • Maria
    2019-04-30 10:09

    I started this series forever ago. I think it was like in 2003. I never knew what it's about & just picked it up at my library. I was not even old enough for the rating that they gave it, but I was intrigued. I believe they only had up to volume 5 so I just stopped reading it. Somehow (thankfully) I was reminded if this story and so I began re-reading it online and oh my gods I feel in love. It's great Takiko is such a great priestess and I love her connection with all the Celestial Warriors. I didn't have any idea that it was a prequel, & I'm very tempted to read it just so I can see if the other priestess lives up to Takiko & her journey with the Celestial Warriors. I seriously feel in live with these characters & I'm pretty sure they will be hard to live up to.--M•Planetarium-- Ai Otsuka

  • Kathy
    2019-05-23 10:00

    Prequel to Fushigi Yugi series--Takiko is a school girl in Japan. They have moved to a small town, where her Mother is sick with tuberculosis and stays home. Her father is a professor and scholar, and he is rarely there. He went to China where he writes a translation of a secret document "The Universe of Four Gods" wherein the Priestess of Genbu brings together seven celestial warriors so that the world can continue to exist! His spirited daughter Taikiko is wisked away when she tears the book that has kept her father from caring about her Mom. In China she meets Limbo, a Celestial Warrior who when he is powerful, changes from man to woman, and Chamka a bounty hunter coming after Limbo. YGN

  • Leila Anani
    2019-05-13 15:01

    Yuu Watase does it again! When the first arc of FY ended at volume 13 (where the anime finishes) I couldn't see how there could be a second 5 volume series - but the final 5 FY books are awesome and don't drop in standard at all. Again I was a bit unsure about the idea of the prequel series Genbu Kaiden - Surely it's going to be simply a rehash of FY... But no. It's still FY and if you love the universe of the four gods etc... this has all that, but the characters are different, yet no less compelling - the heroine Takiko is more serious and feisty and as for the Ranma style gender switching hero... just... Coooooool. Great art, melodrama galore and wonderful characters. All I can say is YES! I get to revisit the world of Fushigi Yugi again! Shojo manga at its best.

  • Raymond Regalado
    2019-05-09 14:16

    I really loved this book a lot. The storyline of young school, Takiko Okuda, gets trapped in her father's book named "The Universe of the Four". In order to get out of the book she must find the seven Celestial Warriors as becoming the Priestess of Genbu when she entered the book. So far in this volume of the series, she finds one Celestial Warrior named Limdo with six more to go. He as the special to summon wind and transform into a women. Unfortunately Takiko was taken by people trying to arrest Limdo who is a criminal and he doesn’t try to save her. I really like this book. I would for sure recommend you to read this.

  • Night Fury
    2019-05-02 11:49

    To be honest, I began reading Genbu Kaiden before I even realized it was the prequel to The Mysterious Play. And, after reading up until about book four, I decided to read the first Fushigi Yuugi while I waited for book five to come out. I was shocked. The entire series starts out with two back-stabbing fifteen-year-old school girls?! It was sad to see that Miaka and Yui were too obsessed about winning Tamahome that they left their duties as priestesses slip into the background.Ranting aside, Genbu Kaiden is the best manga I've read so far. It WAY surpasses The Mysterious Play, espescially in the depth of the characters. Takiko, you're the better priestess!

  • Christina Gonzalez
    2019-05-01 11:53

    Review for series up to volume 11 as currently available. This is a re-take on the Fushigi Yugi story from Watase's previous series but a prequel to those events. Again, a young girl is drawn out of the real world into a book to save the world with a ragtag group of fated warriors, most of whom have no interest in working with her. Here the celestial marks are considered a curse and harbingers of the end of the world, a rumor potentiated by the king who's reign is threatened by said celestial warriors. Family connections and ill-fated romance also complicate the pursuit of their mission.Looking forward to the rest of the story!

  • Krystal Hughes
    2019-05-17 09:03

    I enjoyed the previous Fushigi Yugi series when I was younger, so when I learned about the Prequel, I had to read it as well. Let me tell you this story doesn't disappoint fans of the old series, and it allows a new group of fans to be brought in, because you don't have to read the other series to understand what's going on. Whether you are a old fan or someone new, I suggest you pick up this story, about a girl who gets trapped in a world not her own, told she's the one who can save them and along the way falls in love, but there are forces that might result in her death. Currently, there are 11 of the 12 manga that has been released in North America.

  • ◕ ◡ ◕ Mayday ◕ ◡ ◕
    2019-05-09 07:13

    I usually hate reversed-harem and the first chapter cover screams about it loudly. A girl sucked in to his father's book, The Universe of Four God, world to find seven legendary warriors? Huh? And the first warrior is a hermaphrodite who loves his/her manservant? The premise of A girl and seven boys should have made me dropped manga in an instant. But, I crave Watase Yuu's work after looking at my angsty-manga collection. I would love to read another angsty manga like Alice 19th. Btw, her main male character always looks the same, always. She is just like Adachi Mitsuru in that department.

  • Kit
    2019-05-12 06:58

    This is the prequel to Fushigi Yugi: The Mysterious Play (in the process of being rereleased by Viz Media). It's rare for a manga to make me this interested in the characters in the first book of the series, but I was - despite not being quite sure what was going on. The historical setting of the real-world part of the manga (early 20th-century Japan) is well-researched, and the notes are interesting. Yuu Watase is also the author of Alice 19th, and some of the same themes of belonging and family ties are evident here.

  • Fatima
    2019-05-07 12:10

    At first I wasn't into it, but the more I read the more I liked it. I haven't read FY:SS and I guess this is the prequel? So it's a little confusing also it takes place like 80 years ago??? Also it was confusing just like keeping track of who was talking and saying what and what was happening for the first chapter mostly. The speech bubbles threw me off a bit as they didn't really specify who was talking... Also not sure if it was just my copy but the last like 10 pages? repeat at the end. Will probably continue reading the rest of the series.

  • David Guzman
    2019-05-26 15:04

    The book FUSHIGI YUUGI was made by Yuu Watse. I think that the book is out going and funny there are some funny moments in the book. As well there are people who would do anything to help there friend. In the book the girl goes into the book and she goes to is the one her dad wrote, she lands in a winter land and she is walking and she finds someone in chins and she helps the person down and they both head to the closest town and and the person she saved was wanted by the town. So she and the person she saved had to leave the town but the person who can be a women and a man.

  • Laura (ローラ)
    2019-05-05 15:03

    It's the same story, and you already know how it ends if you've read the sequel... but, it still blew-me-away! Takiko is a strong, sad, but worthy protagonist. Watase leaves off the twists and turns that just add pointless length to an otherwise good story (unlike the original). Yes. This series is better than the original. I can't wait to see what Watase does with the byakko protagonist in the final story... if she ever gets around to writing it! Oh, please, someone convince her to write it!Read it with a box of tissues.