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La vita di Phoebe MacNamara, tenente della polizia di Savannah, è stata segnata per sempre quando, da bambina, è stata minacciata per ore da un folle sequestratore. Oggi è la migliore tra i negoziatori in caso di sequestro di ostaggi, e mette in gioco la propria vita ogni giorno per sventare situazioni esplosive e salvare vite umane in pericolo. Phoebe sa quando è il momenLa vita di Phoebe MacNamara, tenente della polizia di Savannah, è stata segnata per sempre quando, da bambina, è stata minacciata per ore da un folle sequestratore. Oggi è la migliore tra i negoziatori in caso di sequestro di ostaggi, e mette in gioco la propria vita ogni giorno per sventare situazioni esplosive e salvare vite umane in pericolo. Phoebe sa quando è il momento di attendere e quando occorre entrare in azione, anche rischiando il tutto per tutto. È proprio la combinazione tra sensibilità e coraggio ad affascinare Duncan Swift. Dopo averla vista salvare uno dei suoi impiegati che stava per tentare il suicidio, Duncan vuole a tutti i costi portare nella propria vita quella donna così attraente e decisa. Phoebe è abituata a stare da sola, eppure nessuna delle sue abilità di mediazione riesce ad allontanarlo da lei… L’emozionante storia di una donna capace di lanciarsi senza paura nel pericolo… ma che dovrà mettere da parte il coraggio per far entrare l’amore nella sua vita....

Title : Due vite in gioco
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Due vite in gioco Reviews

  • karen
    2019-04-17 11:20

    just so you know, i really tried. anyone who knows me knows my - let's call it lack of enthusiasm - towards the romance genre. but i went into this with an open mind, thinking, "i didn't want to read the children's books when i took the children's class either, and look at me now!" but so i went in thinking it would make me a better person or a better, more rounded i tried.but shit - this is a pretty bad one. and it is more than just a matter of preference/taste for the genre, it is just...turdy.backtrack - i had a choice of authors to read for this part of the assignment, and i figured i would go with this nora roberts one over the other choices, which seemed to be more hearts-and-flowers with, like, swans, on the cover and lavender cover-text. this one was about a hostage negotiator in the south (how many hostage situations are there in savannah?? a lot.), living in some estrogen temple (stately southern gothic mansion with mother, daughter and female "helper") getting sexually assaulted in her own precinct etc etc... it sounded like it would at least be page-turning.but, man, there is such a conflict in tone between this high-stakes hostage negotiator who is super-feminist in her priorities and career, but who says some corny-assed shit. voici:"There were long legs in those jeans, she noted"."Oh Duncan,you're awfully cute, and you're rich, and you've got a very sexy car. I'm just not in a position to start a relationship""If she'd been wearing socks, Phoebe thought as she aimed for her bedroom, they'd have been blown clear across Jones Street during that good-night kiss"."I thought I forgot how to need somebody to stay... lucky for me I remembered when the somebody can be counted on"and it's not just her with the lame-ass talking:"You were in the FBI? Like Clarice Starling? Like Silence of the Lambs? Or Dana Scully - another hot redhead, by the way. Special Agent McNamara?" he let out a long, exaggerated breath. "You really are hot".fucking yokel.if you don't believe any of these quotes, read it yourself. ms. robb/roberts has her strengths - she really knows her audience and she cannily addresses them in a thousand different ways:"Tonight you represent every dateless women in this city, every woman who's about to sit down to a lonely meal of Weight Watchers pasta primavera she's just nuked in the microwave. Every woman who'll get into bed tonight with a book or reruns of Sex and the City as her only companion". "You", she said, pointing her finger at Phoebe, "are our shining hope". as nora roberts is the shining hope to all the single mothers juggling the demands of career and family, waiting for their knight in shining-Porsche who knows about flowers and is the perfect man, lover,father all in one. and when Phoebe proposes to Duncan (yeah, spoiler alert, i don't even care) it's all i could do to keep from gagging. (remember - i really tried)but it's such a farce that indulges all the secret fantasies of the women drawn to this kind of escapist fiction:watching your deadbeat ex-husband blown to bits from a bomb strapped to his chest as he cries and begs you to save him? checklottery-winning (read: wealthy without having to spend potential sex-hours at that pesky office) dreamy man who loves your daughter and your mother as much as he loves you? checka man who will stop you mid-lovemaking to give you a brief lecture about gun control, proving to you he cares more for family than your vagina. oh,swoon.check.the dialogue is not restricted to the cheesily-romantic, it also nods to the cartoonishly villainous:"i want you to shove some of this C-4 up your twat, you useless cunt"(you can tell he is the bad guy because he used two different female-taboo words in one sentence!)and i don't care if you aren't a 14-year-old boy - there is no way you let this sentence into your final draft, not from your scary villain:"you read, or i blow him. Going to take a few other people out and bring serious hurt to the others. But what the hell, I'll blow the big one,too, and that takes it all"erm.i really, really tried.

  • Vinaya
    2019-04-20 11:03

    So, this book marks a big moment for me...Yes, that's right, I have now finished ONE HUNDRED books this year. *cue applause*A couple of months ago, Flannery and I discovered that we shared a mutual love for Nora Roberts. We then decided that we would devote an entire week to Nothing But Nora, revisiting all of our favourite Nora novels. High Noon is the first in my NBN book list. High Noon is not my absolute favourite Nora novel, but it is amongst the ones I like best. Actually, the reason I started off with this one was because I watched The Negotiator (Kevin Spacey, Samuel L. Jackson) about a week ago, and it reminded me of High Noon. The book's been stuck in my head ever since. Phoebe MacNamara is a negotiator for the Atlanta PD, cool, composed and tough. Duncan Swift first meets her when she arrives on St.Patrick's Day to talk one of his suicidal ex-employees off a ledge. He's impressed by her abilities and struck by her sex appeal. But Phoebe's not an easy woman to have a relationship with; she's got a seven year old daughter, an agoraphobic mother and very many professional and personal responsibilities. And worse, it appears that she is being stalked by a psychopathic co-worker. One of the things I like best about Roberts's novels, both romance and romantic suspense, is how her MCs always have such cool jobs. She really puts time and effort into detailing the vocation of each of her heroines, be it a baker, or a sculptor, or a cat burglar. It's like a fun career guide, drawing you into the lives of people with these careers, giving you a taste of what it's like to be a wedding planner or a hostage negotiator. Nora Roberts is also one of the best romantic suspense authors out there. Despite starting her career in mainstream romance, she manages to skilfully juggle the romantic and suspense elements in her book, without giving undue precedence to either. (Julie Garwood, I'm looking at you!)High Noon builds both suspense and romance very well. Phoebe is beautifully drawn character, tough, independent and smart. She has a quick temper and an inability to lean on other people for support, but she's never stupid, and doesn't give independent women a bad name. Too often, being independent in romance novels means being blindly stubborn and bitter about men, but Phoebe skilfully avoids this cliché, and her interaction with Duncan made me feel all gooey and warm.Another thing that Nora Roberts portrays amazingly well is the bonds of family. From the MacGregors to the Stanislaskis, many of her books have the kind of family ties we all dream of. Her families are loving, boisterous and tied together by strong bonds. In a genre where secondary characters are two-dimensional, at best, Roberts' draws a moving picture of Phoebe's relationships with her mother, surrogate sister and brother. Duncan, too has a family, of the heart, if not by blood. His best friend is black, but you don't see Roberts making a big hoo-haa about it. She mentions the info, and then drops it; even though Duncan is an integral member of Phin's all-black family, you still think of it as natural-- no trumpets about race, and racial integrity are blown to show off the author's all-inclusiveness. I heart Nora. All in all, High Noon is a fast-paced, satisfying read for anyone who's looking for an action-packed family drama with a suspense element. This book was a great start to Nora Week, and I'm looking forward to rediscovering other old favourites...

  • Karla
    2019-03-24 17:12

    5 Stars! Exciting, gripping and brilliantly narrated by Susan Erikson! Another fantastic read/ listen from the talented Nora Roberts. The plot had me on the edge of my seat nearly the entire time. Phoebe McNamara is a hostage negotiator for the Savannah police department. At the scene of an attempted suicide she meets Duncan Swift, former employer of the distraught man who is a jump away from committing suicide. Duncan is drawn to this strong confident woman, and she is taken by his charming personality. I loved them as individuals and adored them as a couple. Phoebe is viciously attacked and seeks aid and comfort from Duncan. Shaken by what’s happened to her, he vows to seek revenge, but Phoebe won’t have it, even though Duncan has the financial resources to launch his own investigation. This is what I loved about him. He hovered in the background, but never overstepped his bounds and let Phoebe take the lead. He was there to support her, but never doubted in her or her ability to do her job. It was a pleasant change from the way these issues play out in this type of read. Phoebe was the star of this show!The plot intensifies as Phoebe and her family becomes the target of a madman hell bent on seeking revenge…but who, what and why is the mystery…and at times it was vicious and brutal! Thrilling! There is a whole host of lovely secondary characters, from Phoebe’s delightful daughter Carly, who added a layer of reality and softened the read, to her colleagues at the police department. Chocked full of action, with a dramatic ending, a sweet, spicy romance, the book was almost perfect…ALMOST, but not quite. I’ve only read a few Nora Roberts books, but the trend with her seems to be that she very rarely offers an epilogue and when she does it’s bare bones. Again I’m left wondering about the fate of some of the characters and I don’t like that. It’s more a personal issue for me, so I detracted nothing from my rating, because in all due respect it ended well. Susan Erikson I want to bring you home with me, sit you in a comfy chair and let you read all my books to me!!! You are AWESOME!! Your lovely voice characterized each individual perfectly. I knew whose dialogue was being presented at any given time, because of “voice” you gave them. The inflection was never overdone, soft, harsh, excited, sexy, sweet, scared, tense…just flawless! She is the narrator for the Nora Roberts/J D Robb In Death series and I’m excited to continue this series in audio format so that Susan can wow me again!!

  • Cyndi
    2019-04-02 15:23

    Romantic suspense!! So good!!You might think it's a bit like an In Death book, but you'd be a bit wrong, even though she is a cop and he is handsome and rich. Duncan is not Roarke, but he is still a good character and not quite as alpha.Love me some Nora!!😁💕

  • Jane Stewart
    2019-04-07 12:03

    Audiobook narrator was terrible. Story, characters, and chemistry were weak.NARRATOR SUSAN ERICKSEN:Imagine someone with a hair trigger temper, quick to yell and always ANGRY. That is how the narrator interpreted most characters. I don’t like to be around angry people, and that was how I felt during most of the book. The second most common interpretation was SMUG. Others: sarcastic, slick, arrogant. There was no warmth, vulnerability, sensitivity. My favorite narrator Frank Muller reads with a sense of wonder. This narrator does not.A different narrator could have made Phoebe likeable. But this narrator made Phoebe unlikeable - because she was SMUG or ANGRY in every conversation. Another character: Someone gives a mother flowers. The mother was pleased, but she used an impatient and ordering voice telling her daughter to go get a vase.There were a couple conversations where I did not know who was speaking. The author did not use he said, she said, which is ok, but the narrator should have used different voices.THE STORY:There is a romance but it didn’t feel like romance. The story is mostly mystery suspense.I was bored. The plot had bad guys attacking Phoebe and her loved ones. She had to survive, react, deal with it, investigate, and other things you’d expect. Nothing stood out as special for me.Things were started about Essie and Ava, but not developed or finished. I would have liked more about them. I suppose readers who want to read about hostage negotiating might find this more interesting. There are a few scenes with Phoebe doing that. Although I was bored during one long scene where Phoebe repeats everything the hostage taker says.There is one scene with a beating and partial rape.OTHER BOOKS:Nora Roberts is hit and miss with me. My favorites are: Carnal Innocence, Born in Fire, Angels Fall, The Witness, Northern Lights, and Sea Swept.DATA:Narrative mode: 3rd person. Unabridged audiobook length: 16 hrs and 34 mins. Swearing language: strong including religious swear words. Sexual language: none other than the f-word used negatively. Number of sex scenes: 5 scenes briefly referred to no details, plus a few references to sex acts, plus 1 partial rape scene. Setting: current day Savannah, Georgia. Book copyright: 2007. Genre: mystery suspense with romance.

  • Duchess Nicole
    2019-04-06 15:16

    This is not my favorite Nora, but still good. I tend to rate her against herself anyways. I think the tough woman cop thing is a little overplayed. I really enjoy when she writes a heroine who is a bit softer, and Phoebe is definitely not that. I thought that Duncan, Phoebe's love interest, was sort of blah. I just never fell in love with him. As always, there is a secondary love story going on between Ava and Phoebe's stand in Daddy and boss. But I was very frustrated to realize at the end of the book that there was no resolution. She didn't even allude to a happy ending for these two. Seriously, it's like she just forgot that these characters had their own little story going on. Urg!I suppose that sounds all bad, but the book was still enjoyable. I like that Phoebe was a mother and that her daughter was priority #1 in her life. She's had a tough life and overcome a lot to be a strong willed woman, taking on the world and all of it's evil people.

  • Melisa Ramonda
    2019-04-10 09:59

    What the...?If this is the "great" Nora Roberts, I'm awfully disappointed. This story is a compendium of cliches, one after another after another after another...

  • Carla Johnson-Hicks
    2019-03-30 13:14

    This Nora Roberts standalone novel starts off with a bang. Phoebe McNamara is the top hostage negotiator for the Savannah Police Department and she is called in to talk down a man threatening suicide. She heads out on the ledge with him and is able to get him to put down the gun and come inside. This is just part of the job for Phoebe as she has worked suicides, kidnappings, hostage situations and robberies gone wrong with very few fatalities. The man who is talking to "suicide Joe" when she arrives is Duncan Swift who recently won several millions in a lottery. He falls for Phoebe and will not give up until she agrees to go out with him. Phoebe is not looking for a relationship as she is a single mother to a 7 year old daughter and she is the breadwinner and caretaker for her agorophobic mother. Unfortunately for Phoebe, something is happening and she does not know what. Someone is stalking and tormenting her. Dead animals are tossed on her porch steps, a man she has spent hours negotiating with is shot down as he walks out with his arms in the air, and Phobe doesn't have a clue who is taunting & terrorizing her. She is also dealing with a suspended police officer who hates her and when she is attacked in the stairwell of her own police building he is fired and only given community service. As the violence escalates, she fears for her family and the man she is falling in love with, Duncan Swift.Nora Roberts never fails to deliver action, suspense, intrigue, chemistry, and romance. The plot development and action were well written. The suspense kept building and building as the stalker grew more violent and brash. I was never sure who the stalker was and neither was Phoebe until just before the final showdown (hence the title, High Noon). The family dynamics and history added another interesting storyline which added another dimension to the characters. The chemistry between Phoebe and Duncan was believable even if it did happen very fast. He was a great character, honest, loyal, loving and putting Phoebe's family right up there with her. He was the prince on the white steed, but not mushy or unbelievable. My only complaint was the abrupt ending. I would have loved an epilogue of what happened after that final scene where the showdown takes place. I assume they got married, but would love to have had something end the story a little less abruptly. A great romantic suspense novel for anyone who likes reading this genre.

  • Eviltwinjen
    2019-04-10 11:03

    I'm a total sucker for Nora Roberts, and as long as she's not recycling characters too obviously I have few complaints. Say what you will about Roberts and her incredibly prolific career, she's an effective writer. I laughed, I cried, I was concerned about whether some characters would make it out alive. So the hero is just a bit too good to be true--an emotionaly open, handsome, loyal lottery winner, fer chrissakes--the heroine is a hostage negotiator who's truly ballbusting. The opening, which plunks you and her right into a negotiation with a potential suicide, is corking good. The relationship progresses realistically, and the suspense plot conveniently provides enough distraction to prevent our lovers from fully committing to one another long enough to have a book and not so long that we lose respect for them (thank God, no "big misunderstanding"). In romance, the setting is a big part of the hook. All romance plots and characters are essentially cast from the same set of molds, so the trappings are a big part of what makes a new romance interesting to fans. In this case, Roberts has lifted her setting and even some incidental characters right out of Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. Which...huh. I love to hear about quirky Savannahians, and she makes it work--Roberts always writes characters who are just plain good people, but not boringly good, people you would be happy to know exist. There's even a fabulous drag queen, who seems to appear just so Roberts can remind us that GLBT folks are our friends. Hey, I'm all for that. I could have wished that the villain was introduced a bit earlier, and didn't spring up fully formed as a plot point halfway through the book, but then the mystery is never really the point of romantic suspense. All in all, it's Roberts doing what she's good at, and the kind of romance you can give to the disbelieving who think the genre is all heaving bosoms and "I hate you...but I love you!"

  • Carina Carvalho
    2019-04-02 09:56

    Nora Roberts nunca desilude

  • Cathy
    2019-03-27 10:58

    I've must've seen the movie version of this before or at least parts of it. There were certain scenes where I knew exactly how it was going to play out, I could predict it down to the letter. Then again, the entire middle section of the book was unknown to me so I figure I must've caught it while channel surfing and not knowing it was a Nora Roberts adaptation.Things I liked:1) the romance.I wasn't head-over-heels with it, but Roberts does what she does best and I did like it. Or certain aspects of it, rather. Phoebe and Duncan's issues felt like real issues. Whenever they bumped heads, the conflict at the root of it made sense to me, and they talked about it like the adults they were and I love that. Grown-ups being sensible and cautious for all the right reasons and then proceeding to talk through whatever's going on is my kryptonite. Bonus points if these adult conversations and run-ins happen to lead to make-out sessions with pent-up frustrations being released. ALL THE BONUS POINTS.2) the secondary characters.On both sides of the couple, there's an excellent cast of characters surrounding them and they all warmed my heart.3) the hostage negotiation.I've always been somewhat fascinated by this branch of law enforcement and I liked this aspect of the book a lot.Things I hated:1) the clichéd, bigoted and entitled cop.Why is there always one of those running around?2) the obligatory sections/paragraphs told from the villain's POV.I cannot repeat this enough but I almost always dislike those intensely. There are exceptions, such as psychological thrillers that are centered around this type of narrator, because then it fits better into the framework of the story. I don't like Roberts' typical bad guys' voice, though, and there were essentially two of them in this.3) the suspense.There was too much of everything going on for my taste. How much bad luck can one person have in a lifetime? Let alone in the span of a couple of weeks/months? One bad guy, I can deal with. Two at the same time with a third one having wreaked havoc in the main character's past is too much. I understand why the past trauma was necessary, and the author builds up the suspense well, don't get me wrong, but even before the main part came up we'd already had too much drama and I grew tired.4) the length.The book could easily have been 100 pages shorter. I felt like the characters kept having the same conversation over and over again at some point.Now for a bit of a rant: “I’m thirty-three years old and I haven’t had sex in fifteen months. What’s wrong with me?”I object to these kinds of statements, to be honest. I object because it seems to be so damn present in romance novels. And tv shows and movies for that matter. Where the idea of not having sex for any amount of time is deemed as abnormal and oh, the disgrace! I don't get this. Maybe because the concept of dating itself is pretty foreign here (although what with the rise of internet dating, that's starting to change); you're either together or you're not. Which doesn't really leave too many opportunities for casual sex or hook-ups. That seems easier overseas, for example, where there does actually seem to be a dating scene. Or maybe there's not and it's all just a big lie. Either way, I object to this quote."[...] it was time to break the fifteen-month deadlock. Not just with anyone, she reminded herself. She wasn’t a slut [...]." I object to this quote even more. Don't do that. There is nothing wrong with a woman aiming for a casual hook-up or a fling if that's what she wants. If that kind of thing isn't for you, that's fine, but don't start the shaming process. Don't be that person, Nora. /end rant. This review is too long, but all in all this is a decent read.

  • Sandra ~ ♥ Cross My Heart ♥
    2019-03-26 11:23

    Nora Roberts never fails to deliver in her standalone novels. Action, suspense, intrigue, chemistry, romance - High Noon has it all. And it'll be some time before I get that tune out of my head! This one starts off with a bang - straight into action as Phoebe is called to the scene of a man threatening suicide. As a hostage negotiator with the Savannah police department, Phoeboe goes out on the ledge to talk him down. It's just another day in her life as a police hostage negotiator, single mother, caretaker of her mother & breadwinner of the family. But things are changing as someone is stalking and tormenting her. Dead animals are tossed on her porch steps, she is attacked in the stairwell of her own police building, a man she has spent hours negotiating with is shot down as he walks out with his arms in the air, and Phobe doesn't have a clue who is taunting & terrorizing her. As the violence escalates, she fears for her family and the man she can't seem to get out of her mind, Duncan Swift.What works? I loved the plot development and suspense in High Noon. The story never lags as the action revs up with the mystery stalker growing more violent and braver day by day. The author did a good job building the suspense while keeping the identity of the stalker hidden from both Phoebe and readers. The family dynamics are intriguing and add another plot line to the story. The chemistry between Phoebe and Duncan is believable with just the right amount of angst and obstacles thrown in their path along with a good dose of sizzle! I loved Duncan - the character he portrays is the kind of man every girl deserves. And yet, he didn't come across as too sweet or good to be true. Although he's a gentleman, he's also a man who sees what he wants and goes after it with every intention of winning. Phoebe never stood a chance. What doesn't work? Honestly, it all works. My only wish would be for an epilogue to tie up some sub-plot lines concerning relationships with secondary characters. While the ending is satisfying with things wrapped up neatly with the main characters and the mystery, there are some other characters that also stole my heart. While a hea was hinted at for them, it would have been nice to "see" them all about a year in the future. But this in no way distracts from the overall enjoyment of the book. This is a great read for fans of romance suspense. As I said, Nora Roberts never fails in this genre, in my opinion. A must read!http://crossmyheartbookreviews.blogsp...

  • Alicia (is beyond tired of your *ish)
    2019-04-11 17:04

    Oh, God, I loved this book.Review to come after I make sweet love to it down by the fire.

  • Paraphrodite
    2019-04-03 12:05

    4.25 stars.I really enjoyed this... for some reason, I keep seeing shades of Eve and Roarke in Phoebe and Duncan. Not sure if it's because Susan Ericksen narrated this and I could hear Eve's voice or because Phoebe is a cop and Duncan is rich. Phoebe is not a kick-ass cop like Eve as she talks her criminals into surrender instead. However, the way she thinks and the way she protects those she loves are all very Eve-like.Duncan is definitely not as dark as Roarke.... I love that he enjoys playing with children and has a somewhat playful personality. I don't know much about the movie with Gary Cooper though... and I wonder if I missed some of the nuances because of that.This is definitely one of NR's more excellent works.

  • Tânia Tanocas
    2019-04-18 13:10

    2.5*Nora Roberts fez parte da minha adolescência, acho que é melhor não estragar essa época e não remexer mais neste ciclo... ;)Opinião completa aqui:

  • Gina
    2019-04-09 10:25

    Pretty good by not her best work…I liked the characters, especially Ma Bee and Duncan. Ma Bee understands Duncan like no other - the only mother figure he’d ever known. Duncan is a take charge kind of man, one who does what he wants when he wants, and pursues Phoebe like a pitbull - jaw locked and refusing to let go. Phoebe needed him to balance her, and I’m glad they found each other. And Carly, Phoebe’s 7-year-old daughter - very much like my own 7-year-old daughter. The only difference is my daughter likes numbers, LOL!I liked the plot, even if there were loose ends. It’s not very often when you have a hostage negotiator as the main character. I liked how it all played out. I’d have liked to see Duncan settly into Phoebe’s house, them getting married, more about Phoebe’s mother as well. And her trademark is all over this book - all the descriptions she gives buildings, gardens, etc…, they suck you into the story. You’re seeing the building like you’re standing in front of it. You smell the flowers in the garden. And it was pure delight how the very flower that Duncan first gave Phoebe is my absolute fave flower.However, the climax of the story happens in the last chapter - something I don’t ever remember NR doing before; where the climax and closure of the story happens in the last chapter - about 10 pages. Lots of dialogue, lots of action and suspense that gives it the perfect height of the story, the tension everyone feels in the situation. But all crammed into the last few pages of the last chapter? Come on! I’d have liked to have seen them settle, maybe a little more something from Arnie.I really enjoyed how the characters came together I found that a lot of the scenes between the characters were so much like my family; ie: for instance, the banter between Duncan and his best friend’s wife, Louise. They’re banter is very close to the banter my husband has with my best friend - and I got a really good kick out of that! The family closeness - how they treat each other - is very much like my own family, and I like it so much when NR makes me feel like I’m part of the characters’ families.But the ending… that’s the only reason why this doesn’t get my usual NR 5-star rating.

  • Cata
    2019-03-24 16:00

    Ser negociadora de reféns não é uma profissão fácil, ainda para mais quando se é mãe solteira e a nossa mãe vive fechada em casa. Porém as coisas podem sempre piorar. E é isso que Phoebe MacNamara está prestes a descobrir.Depois de ter sido atacada na própria esquadra por um polícia que acabou de suspender, Phoebe começa a receber animais mortos à porta de casa. Quem anda a fazer isso? E porquê?Mas os animais são apenas o principio...Ele esperou muito tempo por vingança. Ele planeou cada passo, cada detalhe. Agora ele vai saborear cada momento. E Phoebe vai suar antes dele acabar!Este livro lembrou-me imenso o Fumo Azul que eu também adorei, apesar da história em si ser diferente.Phoebe é uma mulher forte e determinada, acostumada a tomar conta dos seus. Duncan ,à primeira vista, é apenas um tipo descontraído e divertido, mas à medida que avançamos na história percebemos que ele é muito mais que aparenta. Ambos completam-se de maneira perfeita e será Duncan que ajudará Phoebe a superar momentos difíceis. Outra coisa que adorei neste livro, tal como adorei em Fumo Azul nos livros que já li da série In Death, são as partes narradas na 1ª pessoa pelo nosso criminoso psicopata. É sempre interessante ver as coisas pela perspectiva dele e sentir o que ele sente.O final podia ser um pouco mais desenvolvido, mas não foi mau de todo. Enfim, é mais um grande livro da NR.

  • Sandra
    2019-03-29 10:00

    Sola Ante El Peligro me ha gustado mucho (parece que últimamente sólo leo libros de Nora Roberts, pero es que me encantan!), aunque tengo que decir que la relación entre Phoebe y Duncan es super apresurada. Es decir, ellos se conocen cuando un exempleado de Duncan está intentando suicidarse y Phoebe va allí para evitarlo. Y ese día, sin saber absolutamente nada de ella salvo su nombre, Duncan ya está pensando en salir con ella. A ver, me he enamorado de los personajes, de cada uno de ellos, porque son todos unos trocitos de pan pero hubiera agradecido que fuera más lenta... Menos mal que no se profesan amor en la primera cita *suspiro*. Los últimos capítulos me han tenido en tensión, qué mal lo he pasado de verdad jajaja Eso sí, me hubiera gustado mucho ver algo del futuro de los personajes, en ese sentido sí que he sentido que el final era un poco precipitado. Así que 4 estrellas :)

  • Barbara ★
    2019-04-17 11:57

    I have to start reading the back of Nora's books before I autobuy. This one’s about Phoebe MacNamara, a hostage negotiator, with a young daughter, an agoraphobic mother and someone stalking her. Enter Duncan Swift, a hottie bar owner who just happens to be the boss of the first person she has to talk off the roof. I truly enjoyed the story but I thought it got bogged down in negotiations which tended to be repetitive and rather tedious. I liked all the characters except the asshats but that's to be expected. I never saw High Noon so I didn't get the references but other than that this was a good read.

  • Sarah
    2019-03-26 18:00

    I was not too pleased with this Nora Roberts book. Maybe I've just read too many of her books and they are becoming too alike. I feel that she could have told this story effectively in 200 less pages then it actually was. It seemed to drag on and I wasn't relating to the characters at all... they seemed so one-dimensional. It was a disappointment.

  • JuliaOrlando
    2019-03-28 12:10

    One of my favorite things about Nora Roberts books is not only the relationship she builds between the lead F-M characters, but also the relationships between the secondary characters; and I love when she had kids in her books, they bring a whole new level of fun and charm to the storyline.

  • Florence (Lefty) MacIntosh
    2019-04-08 12:17

    This one’s about a hostage negotiator named Phoebe MacNamara who lives with her agoraphobic mother being stalked by a weirdo cop – it’s great suspense with a perfect multi-millionaire as the love interest thrown in for good measure. Rate 3.5

  • Catarina
    2019-04-22 13:26

    Real Rating: 4.5 / 5Não fossem algumas questões levantas, com a sua habitual mestria pela autora, mas no fim não concluidas ou exploradas devidamente e este podia ser facilmente um livro de 5 estrelas. Ainda assim não deixa de ser um dos meus preferidos e sobre o qual adorei ler.Começando então pelos pontos negativos, a autora pressupõe um casal secundário Dave e Ava e no fim não lhes dá qualquer desfecho concreto, é como se o assunto tivesse sido esquecido. Existe ainda uma questão de parentesco que não é devidamente explorada, no caso da relação padrasto/enteada entre o protagonista Duncan e a filha de Pheobe (a outra protagonita), chamada Carly. Houve também outra situação que me desgostou, a morte de um personagem mesmo não sendo um personagem activo na história. No entanto nenhum destes detalhes, felizmente serviu para abalar o que de tão positivo teve este livro.Primeiro a temática iniciada neste livro é uma estreia, o toque policial habitualmente impresso nos romances da autora, é desta vez uma situação de negociações e reféns. Algo que habitualmente vemos em filmes quando são feitos reféns e um membro da policia negoceia com os criminosos para se irem libertando os reféns em segurança. Penso que se o tema não é retratado na perfeição, é quase. É nos demonstrado como o processo é moroso e todas as teorias inerentes a este que se podem utilizar, é também explicito que não pode ser qualquer um a fazer este tipo de trabalho pois é necessário que se intrepertem os vários sinais que o criminoso vai emitindo por telefone ou por outro sistema que seja utilizado para as comunicações, para posteriormente se saber qual o passo mais acertado a dar.Neste livro, Pheobe, a protagonista é a negociadora tendo um papel mais activo na investigação daquele que vai ser a tentativa de homicido contra a própria, no livros anteriores, os protagonistas ou têm o papel de ladrão, ou são alvos de crimes mas não têm parte activa nas investigações, sendo que essa é outra novidade neste livro.Outra situação que gostei neste livro foi o facto de Duncan, ser um homem perfeitamente normal, romântico, carinhoso, firme e com um grande carácter, e desta vez não ser um suspeito provável do crime a decorrer. Notei também que o romance neste livro não foi tão abrupto como nos anteriores, apesar da atracção sexual entre os protagonistas ser instântanea, o romance foi sendo construido de forma mais lenta e os sentimentos só foram demonstrados depois de muito se ter provado tanto de um dos lados como do outro que era fiável que se sentissem assim.Outro dos temas que nos é aqui exposto é o de uma doença que pode não ser assim tão conhecida - agorafobia - e penso que foi bem retratado de modo a transparecer para o leitor a fobia sentida pelo doente que não consegue sair dos dominios de sua casa.Consegui gostar da maioria das personagens, Pheobe é forte, determinada e com um grande carácter. Todo o passado desta personagem é muito bem explicito e a relação que ela e a sua familia nutrem com Dave é realmente maravilhosa.O passado de Duncan e como depois descobrio a sua "familia" ainda que não seja de sangue, foi também bem explorada e gostei de todas as personagens que fazem parte dessa familia. O criminoso, desta vez não era alguém que pudessemos conjurar teorias para tentar acertar, pois não teve parte activa na história, a não ser quando foi descoberto. No entanto toda a situação foi bem explicada e a cena final é bem retratada e demonstra mais um vez a inteligência e prespicácia de Pheobe. Portanto, considero que este livro tem todos os ingredientes para ser um bom policial romântico, e tirando os detalhes que referi no inicio é sem dúvida um livro que entrou para o meu top de preferidos da autora.

  • Filipa
    2019-03-27 13:21

    Acabei. Este Refém do Amor é um bom livro. Tem qualidade suficiente para fazer parte do meu top 10 da autora. O enredo está todo muito bem estruturado. Digamos que me fez relembrar o que eu gostei tanto à primeira vista na escrita da Nora Roberts.Este é um dos livros dela com mais suspense. Era completamente impossível de descobrir o assassino e nem por isso deixei de criar imensas teorias para a identidade que eu achava mais provável.As cenas mais dramáticas e de acção estão todas muito bem feitas, porque têm um toque de realidade.Esta situação de reféns e de negociações é já um assunto que todos vimos - nem que seja uma vez - em filmes, ou em livros. É muito usual esta temática. No entanto, esta é uma primeira para a NR e acho que ela se saiu mesmo muito bem.Gostei muito dos personagens que ela retrata. A Phoebe e a força dela; o carácter e a personalidade. A autoridade. A determinação. Mas com algumas falhas humanas, como todos temos. O facto de as personagens deste livro estarem dotadas de defeitos - mais do que é normal num livro da Nora - fez-me desenjoar da perfeição das personagens que ela costuma construir.Curiosamente e não só por causa dos defeitos, a Phoebe faz-me recordar da personagem Eve da série Mortal, editada pelo pseudónimo da autora, a J.D.Robb.Criei também muita empatia com as personagens secundárias - a mãe da Phoebe, a Ava e a Carly. Ainda também a Ma Bee, a Loo e o Phin. Gostei imenso da relação familiar deles todos e com o Duncan.Já o Duncan, também um personagem masculino muito forte. Demonstrou muita consistência de carácter. Não é toda a gente que ganha a lotaria e continua a ser um homem tão bondoso assim. Tive realmente pena que o final fosse tão fraco assim. Merecia um epílogo, para mostrar como toda a situação assentou. Depois, tive imensa pena que o casal secundário - Dave e Ava não merecessem tempo de antena. Não é normal isto acontecer nos livros da autora. Tive também pena que a autora não explorasse também a vertente do Duncan ser padrasto da Carly. A Nora costuma fazer umas cenas muito giras entre crianças e o amante do protagonista, de como é exemplo a cena entre o filho da Zoe e o Brad, no livro A Chave da Coragem.Pela primeira vez a autora introduz um tema nada difícil de retratar, seja em que livro for. Que é a doença. E acho que ela foi bastante bem sucedida. Conseguiu expôr bem o que é uma pessoa com agorafobia. E fez passar ao leitor o sentimento de termos um familiar/ ente querido, que por mais que lute, se sente incapaz de passar o território da casa em que se vive. Mas a doença e os antecedentes que levaram a que a mãe da Phoebe ficasse assim foi tudo muito bem explicado. Tal como o passado deles, e a carreira da Phoebe. Por outro lado, acho que a questão da casa e da prima Bess deviam ter tido um fim. Ou melhor dizendo, o assunto era até interessante, mas caiu assim do nada e desapareceu também muito rapidamente. Este assunto só teve direito a duas menções em todo o livro. Sendo que era da importância que era, acho que a autora poderia ter gasto mais umas páginas a compôr mais esse aspecto. O assassino. Bem, ele foi realmente uma dor de cabeça. Por muito que eu fizesse teorias, nada encaixava. Este livro também é uma primeira vez neste aspecto. Um assassino que não fez parte da história, ou pelo menos não activamente. As ligações que tinham com a protagonista eram impossíveis de descortinar, porque nunca vieram à baila durante o livro todo a não ser quando foi para revelar os motivos dele.Mas, mesmo assim foi um assassino convincente. Também foi tudo muito estruturado e explicado. Os motivos, oportunidade. E uma dose saudável de coincidências. Uma boa leitura.

  • İlkim
    2019-04-11 10:25

    Okuduğuma değdi doğrusu. Heyecanlıydı, romantikti, tatlı sahneleri de vardı. Karakterlerin her birini sevdim açıkçası. Phoebe rehin alma vakalarında görev alıyor ve rehineciyle görüşmeyi yaparak rehineleri kurtarmaya çalışıyor. Tabi bu görevde geçmişinin ve babası kadar yakın Dave karakterinin etkisi var. Bir gün intihar etmek isteyen bir çocuğun yanına gönderiliyor ve orada Duncan ile tanışıyor. İşte klasik etkilenme felan oraları geçiyorum. Bunlar bir yandan birbirlerine aşık olurken psikopatın teki Phoebe'ye takıyor ve hayatını mahvetmeye çalışıyor. Arnie faktörü var her şeyden önce, bu adam bir kadının emrinde çalışmaya dayanamıyor, onu taciz ediyor ve meslekten atılıyor en sonunda. Sonra bir başka kişi var - psikopat olan bu - yazar en başta bu şahsı Arnie sanmanızı istiyor ama tabi ki o çıkmıyor. Her şey geçmişteki bir olaya bağlı, Phoebe'nin görüşme yaptığı bir vakada ölen kadınla ilgili. Bu psikopat Phoebe'yi çok zorluyor. Mesela kızının babası Roy'u öldürecek (Roy'u sevmiyoruz zaten neyse ki) ve sevdiği bir kişiyi daha öldürmeye çalışacak. Finale doğru adam ölümcül vuruşunu yapmaya karar verecek ve özel bir kuyumcudaki insanları rehin alacak. Ama müstakbel kayınvalidesi ve onun gelini de orada bulunuyor olacak. Bundan sonrası dil dökme ve kandırma çabaları ile geçiyor. Yazar güzel kurgulamış, bu yüzden kitap boyunca olayın içindesiniz. Kitabı okurken dedim ki filmi vardır bunun, haklı da çıktım. Başrolü Emilie DeRavin oynuyor (Lost izleyenler hemen tanır) ve filmin adı da orijinal isim High Noon. Şu an kendileri bilgisayarımda inmekte, bakalım filminden o zevki alabilecek miyim? edit: Vasat bir film. Sanırım kanal sahibi 1.5 saatlik film yapın demiş bunlar da nasıl sıkıştıracaklarını şaşırmış. Hata ve eksiklik saymayı ilk 10 dk'da bıraktım, baş edemedim. Ah ben çekeydim öyle bir çekerdim ki... senaryoları harcıyorlar yemin ediyorum.

  • LJ
    2019-04-03 15:04

    HIGH NOON (Police Proc/Romance-Lt. Phoebe MacNamara-Savannah, GA-Cont) – VGRoberts, Nora – StandalonePutnam, 2007, US Hardcover – ISBN: 9780399154348First Sentence: Jumping to your death was a crappy way to spend St. Patrick’s Day.*** Lt. Phoebe MacNamara is single mother who lives with daughter, Carly, her mother, suffering from agoraphobia, and Ava, a family friend. As a hostage negotiator, she talks down a man threatening to commit suicide and meets the man’s attractive former employer. Phoebe is violently attacked within the station house, threatened by a fellow officer and is being stalked by someone who wants to destroy her.*** One can trivialize the basic formula of a Nora Roberts book as much as one want, but that fact is they are well done, compelling stories and they work. Ms. Roberts knows how to create characters, good and bad, who are fully-developed, interesting and have strong back stories. The relationships she establishes between her characters, the dialogue and the sense of place all are true and effective. Even though you know, because it is romantic/suspense, after all, that her characters are going to be fine in the end, the suspense has you on the edge of the seat and turning the pages. I don’t think I’ve ever started one of her books without finishing it the same day, and “High Noon” was no exception. I am, as always, looking forward to her next book.

  • Colleen
    2019-04-11 10:15

    I picked this up in an airport bookshop last weekend, when my plane got stuck in Atlanta. High Noon wasn't a bad read and certainly kept the boredom at bay as I waited for my flight to depart, but it wasn't up to Roberts' usual standard. The plot is laid out above and I will say that the characters were interesting by the end of the novel. Unfortunately, it seemed like two much was going on with the thriller plot to allow Roberts to flesh out the characters early enough for me to really connect. By the time we got around to Duncan's backstory I wasn't even that interested in learning about it which is a shame. Too many characters and way too many subplots made this a messy read for me; I think the bones of the plot were good, but the editor should have put this book on a diet. I find it interesting that the problems suffered by Phoebe's mother did not get resolved in the blink of an eye through the intervention of the hero; for that alone the book probably deserves 3.5 stars.

  • Lea's Audiobooks Hensley
    2019-04-21 10:07

    I couldn't finish. Just too many highly unusual factors mixed together in one story. First, what community the size of Savannah needs a hostage negotiator every week or more? I know sometimes it's to prevent suicide but still...The heroine was almost killed along with her mother and brother when she was young when they were all held hostage by the mom's boyfriend. Okay - that's tragic. Now her mom won't leave the house even years later. Tragic again.The hero won $132 million in a lottery.The heroine is attacked by a fellow police officer but I'm betting it's someone else trying to kill her at the same time the police officer is giving her hell.And more...Susan Ericksen is usually a favorite of mine but there are too many times that I had difficulty determining if it was the hero or heroine speaking for an easy listen. And I didn't care for the spin she gave the heroine - hard to describe but it made me like the heroine less than if I had simply been reading.

    2019-04-12 12:15

    Ne yazayım ???Bayıldım...Nora Roberts'in eski kitaplarinin tadı bambaşka ...Heyecanlı ve aksiyonlu bir polisiye en romantik film ve kitaplara taş çıkaracak bir aşk vardı ...Eve Dallas'in bu kitaplarda temeli atıldı gına inanıyorum .Zira kadın dedektifimiz Phobe karakteri Eve Dallas'ı çok animsatiyordu..Duncan ah...Roarke özelliklerinde süper bir aşık ...Yazarın eskilerden okumadigim Anahtar Üçlemesi kaldı sanırım..Hala okumayan varsa tavsiye ederim..

  • Wendy Darling
    2019-04-15 15:26

    I picked this up for 10 cents from a library sale, since I like NR's In Death series. But this felt like a less cool, less focused version of Eve and Roarke. The first 200 pages were pretty good, but honestly this thing was just too long and drawn out for what it was. I lost interest, starting skimming, and eventually just gave up. Meh.