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After a near fatal car crash leaves him scarred both physically and emotionally, Matt Harmon finds the solitude of his huge, lonely house too much to bear. Hiring nurse James Hayden to look after him seems like the best idea for Matt, whose fierce independence has been compromised by his injuries. The two men clash from the start as James struggles to help Matt rebuild hisAfter a near fatal car crash leaves him scarred both physically and emotionally, Matt Harmon finds the solitude of his huge, lonely house too much to bear. Hiring nurse James Hayden to look after him seems like the best idea for Matt, whose fierce independence has been compromised by his injuries. The two men clash from the start as James struggles to help Matt rebuild his shattered body and heal his crushed soul. The bond they form is forged in fire and ice, and the wounds they inflict on one another can only be erased by Matt's admission that he can't live without James's loving touch. Will Matt realize too late that James is the only one who can rescue him from himself?...

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Rescue Me Reviews

  • Ami
    2019-01-11 04:57

    So here's the thing ... when you read ANY of Scarlet Blackwell's stories, you have to prepare for few things: (1) She has this ability to write such a prick characters, you want to bodily harm them (at the least) and kill them, probably (at the worst) ... (2) She also has push-and-pull "theme" between the two main guys (usually one is the determined and the other is the prick) that can get you frustrated ... and (3) She doesn't do sugary sweet saccharine; her stories are usually intense, raw, or complicated, that you don't know whether you root for the relationship or wonder if the two guys are best to stay apart.AND how I LOVE Ms. Blackwell's stories. I always prefer this type of stories rather than the sugary sweet ones. Why? Because the sugary sweet ones are usually forgettable for me. But this complicated relationship, that is the one that stays. In Rescue Me, Matt Harmon hires a male nurse, James Hayden, to nurse him back after a fatal car crash that almost gets Matt killed. The accident leaves Matt scarred both physically and mentally. Added in with an lack-of-love childhood, Matt is cold, insensetive, and OMG, one of the biggest bastards in all of Scarlet Blackwell's stories! He plain hurts people with his attitude and sharp words -- and he also sort of a homophobe in the beginning, which just makes me itch to seriously hit him in the solar plexus. When he starts to have feeling for James, and they both act on their attraction, the relationship is toxic, twisted, and volatile. They keep going back and forth, even if Matt treats James like sh*t, and more than one occasion, I wish that James can say "no" and leave Matt forever, since I'm not sure why James lets himself being emotionally abused like that. ... I guess that's the beauty of this story. You either think that the relationship is plain abusive or complicated. And honestly, you will either hate this story or love it. Me, I love it. Of course, I'm used to Ms. Blackwell's stories. The way she pens out Matt and James's relationship is brutal, but I stick to it because I become emotionally involved with it and I want to see how Matt redeem himself. Matt might still need to do a lot of grovelling to James, but when he surrenders to his feeling, he does it thoroughly. The ending is so rewarding, I'm happy that I make it to the end (some of you probably need tissue when you get to that part ^_^)This kind of stories are the one that has impact for me longer than the angst-free ones.

  • Emma Sea
    2018-12-30 06:32

    OMG, why did I read this book!!? I was compelled to stay up half the night begging James to leave - leave now, running, and don't look back!I've only ever read one Scarlet Blackwell before; Inferno. Friends did kind of give me the impression Blackwell enjoyed giving her readers a healthy dose of angst and lovehate, but still, I was clearly unprepared for this. Loins ungirded. There was imaginary kindle throwing. And interior screaming. And a lot of facepalming. But. I. Couldn't. Stop.The rating is for the compelling nature of the story. Not for the MCs. Who should be separated immediately. Forcibly.

  • Fangtasia
    2019-01-07 06:57

    In my years reading M/M Romance, I've gathered that the majority of its readers are women. Still, it has been demonstrated that it is also read by young men who are either questioning their sexuality, or are in the process of discovering/accepting they are bisexual or gay. It's been said that the books in this genre can provide a frame of reference for these men, giving them some form of validation and hope. With that in mind, I direct this part of my review to those young men in particular: Please, do NOT read this book and think that this is an acceptable example of a romantic relationship. The relationship between the main characters in this book is nothing but an example of typical domestic violence and co-dependence. There are no healthy interactions between them. At all. Neither is there any positive influence from the friendships Matt supposedly has. There are many other books in the genre which can provide that which you are searching for. I can recommend Something Like Summer, Bear, Otter, and the Kid, Shattered Glass, among others. Now, for the actual book review. Beyond my disgust with this story being presented as a romance, I had several issues with the characters, plot, and the writing itself. I'll enclose in spoiler tags because there's no way I can say what I need to say without spoiling the story. Click at your own peril.(view spoiler)[This story had me confused from page 1. The inconsistencies succeeded each other so quickly that I could never actually figure out what was going on. For example:*Joel is the first one to bring up Matt's homophobic tendencies, asking how come he was willing to let himself be bathed in bed by a f**. A couple of pages later, Joel is confessing to Matt that he has had sex with men, saying he goes for men when he wants it "quick, hard, and dirty." WTF? O_o*When Nick leaves Lewis immediately after their first sex scene, Matt calls Nick and insults him. Yet Matt does the same exact thing to James. Again, WFT? *Matt is homophobic, and an irredeemable asshole. He does not have, as James once said, one single redeeming quality, except for being "hot." Yet James says, in the latter part of the story, that he has always known Matt is a warm, caring person. How did he arrive at this conclusion? When did Matt show any of this? What did I miss? *James is a floor mat. How does he not recognize that Matt is a bully? How can he be a nurse and not recognize that he himself is a victim of domestic violence? How can he not run, stamping the back of his head with the soles of his Nike, when Matt tells him "I'll kill you, so nobody else can have you?" As for the plot, it is nothing but repetition of the same thing over, and over, and over: They fuck, Matt cums, he tells James he's not gay, hurls insults at James, and runs away. Matt is an asshole to all those around him, but to James in particular, he is horrendous. James takes it. His friends take it. Always. And yes, I understand Matt had a difficult childhood, and some really bad breaks with his parents, but nothing that can justify his behavior as an adult. I even thought, as the book progressed, we'd learn about worse stuff in his past that might put some of his actions in perspective, and maybe even justify his friends' loyalty to him. Alas, no. It's his party, and he'll be an asshole because he wants to. Everyone else seems to be okay with his assholishness and want to take his shit. Whatever.Last, a couple of issues with the writing: I have a BIG problem with the repeated use of the f-word in this book. Also, the story is set in the US, California to be exact. Yet it's clear the author is either British or something like it. For example, the use of "tyre" instead of "tire." There was one particular instance which confirmed it, in a scene where Matt arrives in NY and James is waiting for him "as he gets out of Customs." This is a domestic flight. No Customs in domestic flights. Clearly, a lack of research or even a good beta. (hide spoiler)]The only acceptable part of this experience was that I got the book free-of-charge. Not recommended.

  • Fonzie
    2019-01-05 08:35

    Worst book ever. The main characters can only either have sex or fight.With all the fistfights and drunkenness the main character is involved in, there is no way he could be a successful businessman. He also has no tact whatsoever. I also cannot imagine a grown man unable to control his urges to this extent.The other characters suffer from a painful lack of personality with a side of Mary Sue-ness.Also, to read this you'll need to suspend all disbelief, because you'll see the most unprofessional nurse ever, who leaves in a bitchy fit every time the traumatized car crash victim he is nursing back to health makes a snarky comment. Yup, the nurse walks out on a recently disabled, very traumatized man he is paid to help because said disabled man says something rude.Throw in absolutely no character building, the frequent use of the word "fag" and other assorted derogatory terms, plus the most bipolar protagonist possible, who alternatively craves and is disgusted by (and wants to pummel into a bloody pulp) another guy.

  • Gina
    2018-12-28 07:58

    I was told this has a MC that you either love or hate, well I didn’t love him. I recently read Ms Blackwell’s awesome book Inferno, and I completely fell in love with the total A$$ Dante…Dante…*swoon* I learned the author creates characters that don’t seem to have any redeeming qualities, you want to hate them, but in my case and Dante I just couldn’t….OH MY! In the case of Matt Harmon in this book, no problem. He is a bastard, callous, cruel, violent, awash in self pity and vain. He is a miserable, lonely, jealous man who I really can’t understand how he has any friends. But he does, and he treats them badly as well. Matt is in a near fatal car accident, which has left his body broken and scarred. After months in the hospital he is allowed to go home, but needs a nurse to take care of him. So after firing the first two female nurses he decides he needs a male nurse, a straight male nurse because he doesn’t want some fag leering at him (I dislike him already at this point). I won’t go into the rest of the story, but suffice to say lonely, bitter, jealous bigoted Matt tries to fight his attraction to James. he does this by treating him like $hit. Honestly some of the things Matt does just almost had me DNF'ing this book. But knowing the author and her formula for redeeming these type of characters I had to know how it ended, and if it would make a difference to me.Well not only does Matt make a complete turn around, but he becomes this tiny puppy completely and hopelessly in love with James. You know how puppy’s are, you walk out the door to retrieve the mail and they completely fall apart, they absolutely know you are never coming back! Their whole world is threatening to fall apart because you are leaving them behind. Well IMO this is Matt at about 80%. Ok so does it work for me…well I have a dog and every morning when I walk out the door she sits and stares out the window and her big eyes look lost and afraid….I melt. SO YES, it worked somewhat on me, I actually started to melt a little of my icy wall when it came to Matt. But only enough to give this 2 stars. But I will say, I like Ms Blackwell’s writing and i will continue to seek out more of her books. I loved inferno and in the end I think this story and Matt went to far me to enjoy.

  • Kaje Harper
    2019-01-05 04:32

    2.5 stars. I just couldn't get attached to the main characters in this work. Matt is too nasty and callous, over and over, making the same mistakes. I kept waiting for the author to introduce some kind of major childhood sexual abuse to justify the flaws in this man's character. James is too perfect and too willing to be a doormat. The sex is way too freaking desperate. (I'm sorry, but at a dinner party on a friend's table over the dishes!!!) And then when it switches to HEA it is saccharine sweet. Just a good story desperately seeking a balance and not finding one.

  • Chris
    2019-01-23 04:54

    Excellent m/m romance about a rich, angry, nasty homophobic guy who nearly dies in a car crash. When he's eventually able to go home, he needs home nursing care and finds himself uncomfortably attracted to his male nurse. I'll warn you that I suspect some people are probably going to hate this as much as I loved it - there's a lot of angst, a lot of being stuck and not making any progress, a lot of lashing out at others because of how he feels about himself. And it all manages to feel more real to me than a lot of GFY tends to.

  • Mandy*reads obsessively*
    2019-01-04 03:58

    I finally decided to move this one to dnf ! I tried, I picked it up a few times and each time got a little farther in but more and more aggravated and frustrated! I seldom want to actually do something violent to an MC, but here the temptation just got to be to much for me, so in the interest of my sanity I'm moving it into storage and I will try and remember that I really shouldn't buy a book because I fell in love with the cover!

  • MsMiz (Tina)
    2019-01-07 05:35

    I do not think I have ever read a more emotionally stunted asshole in all my reading as Matt was in this story.

  • Nichole (DirrtyH)
    2019-01-05 08:44

    I really loved this book. It was everything I was looking for - characters that sucked me in, love that could not be denied. I read all 400 pages in one day.This book gets knocked down a star for:Matt is such a prick. Even though I loved him and wanted him and james to be together, I was also yelling at James to run far far away. Not only is he a prick, but he's a jealous, abusive prick and I would have liked the HEA more if he'd gotten some counseling to handle his anger.There were some cultural inaccuracies that were ignorable until the end. Dear Scarlet: California is behind New York. If Matt called James at 9:30am, he would not be waking James up, it would be 12:30 in New York. Also, you do not go through customs on a domestic flight.

  • agirlwithoutwings
    2018-12-30 07:44

    4.5 StarsI can’t put into words how intense this story was, and that’s not due to the plot as much as it’s due to the main character, Matt. He’s a homophobe, and in many parts a complete asshole; believe me, reading his thoughts is a very challenging experience. But I found all his struggles and emotions real, he’s never wanted anything as much as he wants James now. And that’s hard for him to accept. He starts fighting his interest in James, he thinks by getting repulsive he can put an end to it! But no such luck! He’s fallen badly and he goes back and again he becomes an asshole! And this is what I felt to be real, I liked it that he didn’t easily accept his homosexual love, because nobody was accusing him of this love except himself. What I didn’t find very real however, was the ending, I think Matt changed a bit fast, regarding his earlier uncertainties.

  • Deeze
    2018-12-25 04:35

    Boy this book had me going between 1 2 and 3 stars. Theres were parts I really hated and came close to just stopping, then other parts that I really felt for the characters. Some of the emotions they went through had me rooting for them, but no sooner did I start liking them, they would go and ruin it all and I'd be ready to just quit again. The rest of the time I was kinda bored. I don't think I can really give this more than 2.5 stars. Too much against V's the small amount for.

  • Don Bradshaw
    2019-01-19 05:30

    This would have been a 5 star book if the author had just combined the first 100 pages with the last 100 pages. The middle 200 pages of the book were boring and dragged the story down. There really should be a limit on the amount of angst and self-loathing a book can have. Ms Blackwell would write a much better story if she was less concerned with word count and more concerned with word quality.

  • Popcorn
    2018-12-29 10:41

    Wow! That was a fecking fantastic read! It was difficult to read at times and I wanted to smack Matt for most of the book but it was a more than satisfying ending! Totally recommend it, lots of angst!

  • Steelwhisper
    2019-01-22 10:50

    This review says it perfectly:

  • Nile Princess
    2019-01-12 07:35

    Now that I can breathe again, I am compelled to review this book. Matt suffers an almost fatal car accident and, upon release from the hospital, hires James as his nurse. Matt is an extremely difficult man. Lack of love from his foster parents and/or significant adult romantic relationships have left him a sarcastic, bitter man who does not like to be touched. The huge scar that now runs down one side of his face doesn't help. His three friends, Lewis, Nick and Joel are all that keep him from becoming a complete recluse. James is attracted to Matt from the get go. He senses the inner turmoil in his new charge and is empathetic to his body image issues. Unfortunately, Matt is so nasty to him that he eventually quits - but not before they share not one, but two passionate kisses. Did I mention that Matt is homphobic? This new attraction to James, another man for Pete's sake, is simply too much for him to handle, especially considering his best friend Lewis and his other friend Nick are in the fledgling phase of a love affair. James and Matt run into each other at various events and soon find themselves in the middle of a full blown affair..or something. Matt hates himself after every encounter and, because he's such a generous guy, he's sure to share that hate and disgust with James. He is undeniably attracted to James, yet looks down on him because James is the 'bottom'. Slurs get tossed around repeatedly and will offend some readers. It can't get any worse, I can hear you thinking. Oh, but it can. I haven't mentioned the violence. Yes folks, Matt and James beat the crap out of each at every turn and, even if it doesn't devolve into full blown violence, rest assured Matt will find a way to ruin a perfect moment. He's just consistent like that. So now you're thinking, why on earth would I want to read this book? Answer? Because it's so gut wrenchingly good. I haven't read the 1 and 2 star reviews, but I pretty much know what they'll say and you know what? To some degree, they would be right. The relationship was dysfunction at its best/ worst. In real life, no one in their right mind would have cheered for Matt. He was mentally and physically abusive, selfish and he repeatedly hurt James only to apologize afterwards. James was the perfect abuse victim. Always accepting the apologies, always making excuses, always giving Matt another chance. BUT somehow this story worked and I can only attribute this to the author's immense talent. Because we get such comprehensive access to Matt's thoughts, emotions and remorse, it's very hard to fully hate him. Everytime he messes up you find yourself going, "Oh Matt! Not again,' because you know that you can't hate him anymore that he does himself when he lashes out (no pun intended). You don't always agree or understand but you empathize. And empathy is important in this book. Without it, you WILL throw the towel in after the first few chapters. The passion is evident throughout. Even through the worst of times, there is no denying Matt's need and desire for James. It is always there, over and above his denial and self hate. Having said that, I did have issues. I think the abuse went on too long. I was especially bothered by the James character. Other reviewers mentioned counselling for Matt. James needed it as well. Allowing someone to repeatedly crap on you is not normal. He frustrated me at times because I would have liked him to be a stronger character. He embodied the wrong message. Put up with abuse, and eventually you will be rewarded when your jerk bf turns into a prince. He should have stepped back long before he did, been firmer ('I never want to see you again' should have meant just that) and the self flagellation (blaming himself for Matt's actions) left an especially bitter taste in my mouth. The ending? Yes, it was nice and made me smile and the HEA crowd will love it but, for me, it would have felt more complete had they gone to counselling. Granted, on the surface, it didn't feel like they needed it. Matt had truly changed. He had opened up, accepted himself and his relationship, but too much had happened for 80% of the book and his jealousy/anger issues were still there below the surface. It felt like a HFN for me, like they were in the honeymoon stage until they settled down to everyday life, where shit gets real and Matt is truly tested. This book just screamed 'sequel'. Read this book if you are ready to be taken on an emotional rollercoaster. The men are hot and the sex is hotter, but you will definitely be put through the paces. All I can say is stick with it. It's one I will definitely read again.

  • Macky
    2019-01-22 05:29

    This is Scarlet Blackwell at her best, as an author she never fails to write compelling uneasy romances that you are going to either love or hate because she pushes boundries in her books that do not conform to the ' norm ' in m/m romance and personally I love that! This book is no exception it contains a main character who in another story would be a sympathetic character because of his circumstances ( the product review gives a good account of the basic premise ) but in this book Matt is in so much denial about his unhappy past, his tragic accident that has caused both physical and mental scars, and his deeply hidden sexuality that he covers up by making homophobic comments and slurs around his few friends, two of whom are straight but have fallen in love whilst supporting each other when it was touch and go with his accident. In truth he is not very likeable and a total PIA and when kind hearted and caring James enters his life the ensuing ' romance ' is at times hard to watch as these two guys battle against their feelings and spend most of the time purposely ( and at times physically ) hurting each other unmercifully, Matt in particular because of his coldness and inability to express his feelings, so why do I love this story so much? Beneath the hurt and anger you know that these two stubborn men are absolutely crazy about each other and like all Ms Blackwells stories the sexual tension is off the charts so the love scenes, which at times are not always in the comfort zone, are never short of a passion and intensity that is palpable. Phew! If you like your romances sweet with a touch of angst before the HEA then this probably won't be for you. I have read this twice now and could quite happily start again asap. I get lost every time in this compelling love story and however much I find myself grinding my teeth at the pair of them and their sometimes shocking love/hate relationship, I can't help rooting for the eventual, hard earned conclusion that finally redeems Matt and gives James his deserved HEA. Wow, what a ride.A definite keeper and favourite of mine but others have felt differently. I like marmite so perhaps that accounts a bit for my tastes!

  • Irina
    2019-01-16 06:55

    AudibleWhat an angst-feast! Full of drama, immature sulking, misunderstandings and a complete lack of communication. Oh, and not to forget about those crazy anger management issues - drove me mad too. Still, despite all that, I understood why the MC was such an ass so I was curious to see how he would 'redeem' himself. And by 'redeem' I meant acknowledging and working on his issues, not being a short-tempered bastard for 95% of the book and then miraculously taking a 180° turn and acquiring a complete different personality. That disappointed me more than anything. It was so far from reality that I felt cheated. ***Rounded up to 3 stars*** and that's me being generous.

  • Td
    2019-01-01 08:57

    ANGST ALERT! :)There are some great reviews here already I mostly agree with that will give an accurate idea of what this story is about. Matt was one of those characters you just love to hate. Totally obnoxious, self centered and plenty of other things I can't write here. I wanted to reach into the screen and smack some sense into him quite a few times. First book I read from this author and I very much enjoyed it.

  • Catherine
    2019-01-21 05:44

    When I started writing this review, I had no idea how to rate this book.None.When the story begins, Matt has been seriously injured in a car accident. He’s broken and scarred, wracked with pain, and mostly bed-bound. I’ve never been in a car accident that serious (knock on wood!), but I know how grumpy I get when I’m sick, so the man immediately had my sympathy. I completely understood why someone in his position would feel vulnerable, irritable, and defensive. I even understood why he might lash out at those taking care of him.Unfortunately, it quickly becomes clear that it’s not only the accident and his resulting injuries that are causing Matt to act like an ass. No, he’s always been a short-tempered, ill-mannered, homophobic, emotionally-stunted asshole with anger management issues and quick fists. And the things that he says and does to James practically every time they are in the same room together? They’re vile (I still cannot get what happened at the dinner party out of my head or my heart).To put it boldly: Matt had no redeeming qualities. Not one.As a reader, I didn’t quite know what to do with this realization. I mean, I’m glad the author didn’t try to pass off Matt’s behavior as something that we were supposed to accept and love him in spite of. No, Blackwell called Matt out repeatedly - he was an unlovable dick. So that’s good… right?!Well… not exactly.Because at its core, Rescue Me is still supposed to be a romance novel. And what do most readers want from a romance novel? Two flawed but likeable people to meet and fall in love. Instead, we got Matt and James.And while I loathed Matt with the power of a thousand fiery suns until 85% of the way through the novel, James wasn’t always my favourite person either. Admittedly, James is patient. James is kind. James is sexy. James is way more than Matt deserves. But James is also a little shallow; he believes Matt’s good looks are a good enough “redeeming quality” to justify sleeping with him (even in the face of his atrocious behavior). He’s also indecisive and weak; I lost count of the number of times that James supposedly cut off all ties with Matt only to turn around and sleep with him again a few days - sometimes only a few hours - later. Where was his backbone? Where was his self-respect?!* Face palm! Face palm! FACE PALM! *When James eventually tells Matt that he loves him, I was both moved and furious. I was moved by James’ willingness to make himself vulnerable to Matt, and furious because Matt still hadn’t done one thing to deserve James’ love. He hadn’t said one kind thing to him. He hadn’t done one kind thing for him. Let's face it, he hadn’t even asked James something as simple as how he takes his coffee or what he likes to do when he’s not nursing cranky, closeted homophobes back to health. Instead, Matt had physically and emotionally pulverized James at every opportunity, shaming him for his sexuality and the honesty of his emotions.How can anyone fall in love with someone who treats them like that? It makes no sense to me.And so I struggled with this book.I even struggled with its ending. When Matt finally realizes that he could lose James forever, he turns into this sweet, vulnerable, attentive guy that wants to cherish James for the rest of his life. But as much my sappy, romantic heart wanted this to happen, and as much as I wanted Matt to be this guy, everything we know about him up to this point says that he’s just not wired this way. It was as if the author gave him a complete personality transplant at the last minute in order to give her readers a happily ever after. It just didn’t feel authentic.So after reading the epilogue and watching the characters fuck their way into the sunset on the hood of a sexy black Ferrari, I was left a little stunned, having no idea how to rate a book I had nearly DNF'd several times. Was it worth 1 star because I have never hated a main character more than I hated Matt (and seeing him get a HEA after what he put James through seemed not only undeserved but also cosmically unfair)? Was it worth 2 stars because I liked James’s character and was happy to see him get a happily ever after (regardless of who it was with)? Should I give it 3 stars because even though I loathed James, the writing was compelling enough to keep me reading for more than 400 pages? Or, does it deserve 4 stars because I liked James, thought the writing was well done, and the last 15% of the novel gave me the sweet, vulnerable, attentive James I had been hoping to see way earlier in the novel?!It was a tough decision, but I ultimately gave Rescue Me 3 smooches. While it wasn't exactly my cup of tea, and I don't think I'll be picking up another book by this author in the near future, I still think that objectively it was a good book.

  • Victorialove books
    2018-12-26 04:52

    Overall book rating: 4 I am going to kick your ass stars Audio book: Narrator - Jim Bowie 3.6 Stars Book Cover: 4.5 StarsThis book was different but @ the end good. I really can't remember when last I wanted 2 kick the shit out of a MC. Matt was an asshat with capital letters. If I could I would have hanged him by his balls and left him for days!!!! Yes that is how mad he made me!!!!The way he treated James... I felt so sorry for him I just wanted to fold James up in my arms and protect him again's the Freaking Matt I rule the world shit. You just can't but love James, ok @ the end I fell head over heals for Matt as well.... Yeah I know it's crazy shit but at the end the masked came down and I loved how he ended up to be....

  • B
    2019-01-07 10:36

    Love this book I have listen and re read a few more time, I just love me some dysfunction once in a while and miss Blackwell knows how to deliver, I wish this one would get a #2 book or just a 0.5 to see how this 2 sick pups are doing.WOW I love this book my 3th time reading and I did not realize how many typing errors it has....but I love this story; a very confuse homophobic man and his sweet ( very dysfunctional care taker) nurse.The sex was hot as hell and the angst is like a soap opera of dysfunction, loved it, loved it. I would had left Matt suffer a bit longer to make up for his asshole behavior before getting to the Happy ever after. ""And you fucked him three times, at least that I know about. It's a mistake to fuck someone once, man, what's three times? Did you trip and land in his ass?""

  • Valentina Heart
    2018-12-25 06:50

    I was leaning toward two stars just for the annoyance. But overall it's not a bad book. You have Matt who is scarred, emotionally unstable and in my opinion a prick, and you have James who is completely understandable, is not a doormat at times, but very sweet man. It's a romance where you don't really understand what their problem is, or why they keep getting back to each other, but yet they do. I liked the way it was written, and the MC's were okay I suppose, but the character of both men rubbed me the wrong way, and for that I can't really say I recommend this book.While reading it, I've discovered that I truly do have limits, and while they are not drawn at rape, cheating or 'other', they are there. It's the third book I've read this week, were one man treats the other like dirt. From insults to physical injury, it keeps happening and I can't bring myself to excuse it. Matt is having sex with a man, he's enjoying it like he'd never enjoyed sex before, and still he hits James for it, insults him and spews such derogative remarks it's a wonder he still has any friends left. I still don't see what James saw in Matt, or why he kept at it even after all the humiliations or blows. But the thing that I found to be most unrealistic, was the way Matt just flipped from being a d**k to a guy who can actually say 'I love you'. And the change didn't happen over time. After 2/3 of the book he's still acting like an ass, then, 10 pages later he's suddenly super understanding, apologetic and ready to accept everything he'd condemned up to that point. I didn't buy it, and while the ending was kind sweet (although quite reckless with the long looks, cell conversations and hand-jobs - while driving - considering the the beginning of the story and the trauma it had left on Matt), it didn't redeem the whole book for me. Hope you have more luck with it.

  • Boyboygirllove
    2019-01-22 06:40

    Where to begin...There are so many good reasons to read Rescue's a beauty and the beast tale with so much passion and heart-wrenching horror it was like riding a roller coaster and hoping someone didn't die along the way.This was my first read by this author but boy...she does't pull any punches...she just goes right for the jugular. I wasn't quite prepared for how much she puts her characters through and there were many times I found myself pulling away from the story because it just hurt too much. I must be a lot like James though because I just kept coming back for more!Matt did not have a lot of redeeming qualities in my eyes but I am a sucker for a tortured soul storyline. In this case, Matt's disfigurement was not his scars but what was on the inside...he was cold, sadistic, short-tempered, homophobic, hurtful and violent at times. It was in those times with James reeling from Matt's inexcusable behavior that I wanted to stop reading but I was so invested in James right from the beginning that I forced myself to continue, desperate for James to have his HEA.I will say that the sexual tension in this book is out of this world...and the times that these men come together was filled with so much passion! It's during these moments that Matt manages to communicate his feelings for James in the only way he knows how. In the end we are rewarded for all of the abuse the author puts us through with a truly beautiful and emotionally satisfying end to the story. So, if you are up for a love-hate story with all if the good stuff thrown in the mix, Rescue Me is sure to satisfy!

  • Ayanna
    2019-01-06 05:42

    This book has so much potential, but there's just so much that doesn't quite work together.The characterization started off rather okay, but then seemed to degenerate into loads of wangst all around. There's so much emotional whiplash and inconsistent characterization that I really don't get a read on any of the characters. There were good scenes, but those just put into sharp relief how awkward and noncohesive the rest of the narrative was. The friends were especially weird because they brought out all of these extra conflicting attitudes...None of the characters really seemed to have much in the way of redeeming feature. (view spoiler)[I think I literally laughed at the part where James says that Matt really does have 1 redeeming feature and that it's that he's hot. IMO, a physical appearance really isn't a redeeming feature. How sad is it that the only thing someone can say about you is that you are physically appealing? Isn't that...objectifying and rather demeaning? (Meh, you probably think I'm getting too preachy now). Seriously, though, as a romance, it just doesn't work. I didn't really like any of the characters and they only really seemed to get worse. There were too many illogical actions at the weirdest of times that didn't fit with any of the characterization...or lack thereof. The two stars I was originally going to give it went down to 1 as it "progressed." (hide spoiler)]

  • Julz
    2019-01-12 07:53

    3.5 starsAhole MC needs a nurse because he got seriously banged up in an auto accident. Nurse turns out to be a hot and bisexual, flipping on the ahole's gay switch. Ahole is in denial about his homoerogenous tendencies but can't resist falling for, then emotionally abusing the hot nurse. As a side plot, ahole MC is one of four friends from high school (or was it college?) who coincidentally all turn out to be gay. (Well, at least part time for one who went for some man-on-man action when he wanted it "rough and dirty". Mmmmm) Must've been why they clicked. Back to the nurse. They have this tumultuous relationship involving the ahole MC repeatedly banging Nursie, then being filled with self-disgust and dumping him in some mean and cruel manner. The nurse reverts from being smart and stable to becoming reciprocally violent and codependent, always allowing the ahole back in to repeat the pattern. Of course they got their HEA, but just between you and me, this relationship could easily be depicted by one of those cycle of violence wheels. The relationship conflict got a little repetitive and made me seriously doubt the longevity of their relationship. However, I'm a big fan of mean and angry so it kept me interested.

  • R.J.
    2019-01-09 05:33

    Really enjoyed this book. This is sometimes an incredibly painful read. The main character seems at times to have no redeeming qualities, but that is what makes this such a satisfying read. I read so much into what was written, had my own opinions on motivation and being allowed that freedom was a refreshing change... 4.5 stars.

  • Amanda
    2018-12-26 07:49

    This entire book has the theme of how fantastic it is to be in an abusive relationship. Matt is either verbally, emotionally, or physically abusive to James- and James takes it over, and over, and over again. There's even my favorite line: "You can't rape the willing". Really?! Let's just think about this for a minute....

  • Amanda
    2018-12-30 03:31

    3.5 stars.Not a bad book but some of it could have been cut out. Matt only left James how many times after he ripped his heart out and stomped on it? Sheesh. After a while it got old.

  • Heather K (dentist in my spare time)
    2019-01-21 08:43

    Today only from the publisher, 88% price drop to $0.99! 10/29/13 :)