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In Morrison's debut young adult novel, TAKEN BY STORM, Michael faces incredible loss, but he finds Leesie. UNBROKEN CONNECTION is Leesie's story. By the final page, she is broken and battered--physically and spiritually. Morrison vowed to her readers not to leave her that way. CAYMAN SUMMER recounts Michael and Leesie's final journey.Michael takes Leesie to the Cayman IslaIn Morrison's debut young adult novel, TAKEN BY STORM, Michael faces incredible loss, but he finds Leesie. UNBROKEN CONNECTION is Leesie's story. By the final page, she is broken and battered--physically and spiritually. Morrison vowed to her readers not to leave her that way. CAYMAN SUMMER recounts Michael and Leesie's final journey.Michael takes Leesie to the Cayman Islands to heal. Time, sunshine, and Michael's devotion free her of physical pain, but grief and guilt haunt her. Michael will do anything to find the old Leesie who prayed, spoke of visions, and kept the rules. For Leesie, that girl is lost forever. Rules? What's the point now? She's ready to break every one.Morrison wrote CAYMAN SUMMER with fan critique and input at

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Cayman Summer Reviews

  • Zoe and the Edge
    2019-05-01 14:18

    3.5 Stars I jumped straight into this one after finishing Unbroken Connection. It's a nice read and a good ending but nothing amazing.Michael's in a tough spot but I'm glad that the crisis brings about a bond between Michael and Leesie's family. They're finally on the same page. They all want to see Leesie pull through this. I love how Michael respects Leesie's dad.And I loved the way he protects Leesie from herself.Leesie has become a whole other creature. It's funny how Michael is so attune to all of the Morman rules. So. Much. Cuteness. Michael loves Leesie unconditionally and the author really knows how to show it. Leesie wants to self-destruct but he won't let her. I glare back at her, and she gets the message. No tea. No shopping on Sunday. I’m not that dumb, babe.Michael refuses to let her leave her faith. And Leesie, being extremely unstable likes testing boundaries with him.“Don’t send me home.” She blinks fast. Her eyes have gone pink. “I’ll be good. I won’t drink tea.”They move in with some new friends and I enjoyed the secondary characters. Alex - “Don’t clean it for them.” She sticks her tongue out at all her male roomies. “They don’t deserve it.” Leesie - “But it reeks.” “Keep the door closed.” Brock pushes himself back from the table. “No way we’d suffocate.”This is a fun read but did lag a bit towards the ending when the author makes a last bid to instill Mormon teachings.

  • Nicole Allen
    2019-05-06 12:02

    Wow... It's not often when you can LOVE the first two books in a series and then want to give the final enstallment a negative star. Even if I didn't have such high expectations, I wouldn't have thought it could possibly be as bad as it was. Take EVERY Mormon cliche in the book and shove them into the epilogue and that is what you get with Cayman Summer. I am so disappointed in the direction that this book has taken that I am kind of upset I started the saga to begin with. I loved the story of Taken By Storm and Unbroken Connection especially the relationship with Michael and Leesie, so I had to keep going until the end. I wish I hadn't. It could have ended with Leesie and Michael running off together after the accident and that would have been fine by me. Not only are teenagers going to read this book and believe that their non LDS boyfriend will indeed join the church, serve a mission, take them to the temple, and -la la la- be the man they always dreamed he would be, but it is so far fetched that it leaves a sour taste in my mouth. Michael changes his entire life and Leesie gives up NOTHING for him. It is completely one sided. She says that she would marry him no matter what direction he took, but when put to the test (which she never really was), would she really stay with him? I doubt it. Even when Leesie falls away from the church it is so mild that it wouldn't even be considered losing her religion. More like just taking a break from it all. I felt as if Leesie manipulated Michael every step towards the outcome she wanted. I would have preferred Leesie to have gotten pregnant and had to marry Michael then what had actually happened. There were many times throughout Cayman Summer that left me feeling frustrated and upset. Certain topics of the LDS religion were brought up that did not need to be brought up. I felt extremely unsettled after reading the second part of the epilogue where she comes out of the bathroom all dolled up for her FIRST TIME and they kneel in prayer before anything happens. Let's keep those moments between the two of them, they don't need to be shared with the world. I was talking with my husband about how uncomfortable I felt with the entire book (explaining some of the events that took place- which made him shake his head and roll his eyes) then he asked "Why even read LDS fiction?" Of course the author will make sure the ending is tied together with a perfect little bow, leaving nothing unfinished and their life is PERFECT. Which no one can ever relate to. I love my religion, in fact both my husband and I served LDS missions (at the same time after dating a year before we left) which we loved, but it put such a strain on our relationship that we broke up in the middle and I thought I would never speak to him again. The fact that we are married now, doesn't change the fact that almost all of the time, it doesn't work out. So why on earth do they have to complete every step before marriage. Go to BYU and UVU, attend singles wards, serve missions, get married in the temple... It is all so typical I am surprised he wasn't her blasted home teacher! So no, I would not recommend this book, my dear friends. Just steer clear!

  • Morgan
    2019-05-08 16:20

    CLICK HERE TO READ MORE YA REVIEWS AT READING, EATING & DREAMING I WAS BLAIR WALDORFMy parents raised me to avoid public conversations, especially with strangers, on two main topics: politics and religion. (Therefore, I am assuming that blogging about one of them probably wasn’t what they had in mind.) However, I am about to go against their advice because today I am going to blog about RELIGION (Well sorta). (I’ll save politics for …well hopefully NEVER!)Let me start by saying, I LOVED the Taken by Storm trilogy by Angela Morrison. I really wish I could recommend this trilogy for everyone, but I can’t because not everyone is going to love it! I think a lot of people will really enjoy this series, but some people won’t care for it because of the religious theme throughout the series. The Taken by Storm series is built around Lessie, a Mormon who struggles with staying true to her religious beliefs. (I am not Mormon. In fact, before I read Taken by Storm my knowledge on the Mormon religion was basically nil.) A large part of the plot in this novel is about Lessie’s faith, and a large part of who Lessie is is tied into her religion. However, Morrison shows us how much Lessie’s faith is a part of her life without being “preachy”. In my opinion, Lessie is a great protagonist. (In fact, she is one of my favs!)After reading the Taken by Storm series, I developed a strong respect for Mormons who practice their faith because, from what you read in this book, they are very dedicated and have very high standards. Lessie doesn’t drink, smoke, experiment with drugs, cuss, go to parties, lie to her parents, etc. In fact, she lives by a set of rules that are, in my opinion, admirable: Do not go into the house alone with a member of the opposite sex. Keep both feet on the floor. Never go into a guy’s bedroom. No parking. No necking. No petting. No fornication. No tongue. Etc. She also attends church every Wednesday night, Sunday morning, and wakes up every morning before school for seminary- where her dad teaches her and her brother more about their religion. Morrison doesn’t really go into details about what goes on at church or seminary. In fact, she only very briefly mentions that Lessie attends seminary every morning. What I am saying is: Morrison doesn’t try to covert you over to the Mormon faith by writing scripture, she simply shows you how dedicated Lessie is to her faith. Again, I am not Mormon. But I do have my own values and morals that I live by, and I can understand what it’s like to have those values tested. In fact, when I was a teenager I lived by pushing my limits. I think no matter what your religion, or even if you don’t have one, almost every young adult can relate to this novel (no, maybe not the religious aspect, but having faith in other people, pushing your limits, having your values tested, etc.)This series is told through Lessie’s poems, Michael’s dive log (which is basically his journal) and IM chats. I appreciated how Morrison gave us her characters raw, uncensored feelings, especially Michaels. He doesn’t immediately love Lessie, and it wouldn’t have been realistic if he did. Also, she tells this story within a very realistic time frame, and we get to see Michael and Lessie’s relationship develop, falter and progress. I really connected with Lessie and Michael and I think it was mainly because Morrison showed us their raw thoughts and feelings. The Taken by Storm series made me feel such a wide array of emotions: sad, depressed, happy, ecstatic, frustrated, pissed, embarrassed, livid, hopeful, angry. AGH! At times I wanted to punch Michael in his face. A few pages later, I’d want to give him a hug. I’d want to shake Lessie and a second later I just wanted to cry for. Angela Morrison – Thank you so much for introducing me to your characters and your beautifully written story. I gave the Taken by Storm series by Angela Morrison 4 STARS. My recommendation: read this series!!READING, EATING & DREAMING

  • Laura's Book Addiction
    2019-05-12 12:11

    I have loved the Taken by Storm series from book one and has so lucky to win a copy of Cayman Summer from Angela's cayman summer blog.I loved being back with Leesie & Michael. Leesie is still stugling with the death of her brother Phil. While her and Michael are in the cayman island she try's to push away her morman believes I loved how Michael helps Leesie and really tries to stay stonger for her and help her keep to her believes.I loved all of this book and I cryed my eyes out like a baby at the epilogue It was the perfect ending to the perfect series.The Taken by Storm is a completly unforgetable YA series One that will stay with me for a very long time to come. I look forward to whatever Angela writes next.

  • Emily Cox
    2019-05-21 16:17

    An incredibly disappointing end to a terrific beginning. I kinda wish I hadn't read this wonder people think Mormons are weird.It's a shame, too, because Angela Morrison's writing is incredible--unique and poetic--but this book gets hijacked somewhere in the middle by Jack Weyland. And that's not a good thing. I'll just pretend it's a two-book series and leave it at that.

  • Nyra
    2019-05-06 16:01

    THE BOOK:" En la novela debut de Morrison para jovenes adultos, TAKEN BY STORM, Michael hace frente a una increible perdida, pero encuentra a Leesie. UNBROKEN CONNECTION es la historia de Leesie. En la última página, ella está rota y maltratada-... Física y espiritualmente. Morrison prometió a sus lectores no dejarla de esa forma. CAYMAN SUMMER relata relata el último viaje de Michael y Leesie.In Morrison's debut young adult novel, TAKEN BY STORM, Michael faces incredible loss, but he finds Leesie. UNBROKEN CONNECTION is Leesie's story. By the final page, she is broken and battered--physically and spiritually. Morrison vowed to her readers not to leave her that way. CAYMAN SUMMER recounts Michael and Leesie's final journey.Michael se lleva a Leesie a las Islas Caimán para sanar. Tiempo, el sol, y la devoción de Michael la liberarán del dolor físico, pero el dolor y la culpabilidad la persigue. Michael hará todo lo posible para encontrar a la antigua Leesie , quien oraba, hablaba de las visiones, y seguía las reglas. Para Leesie, esa chica está perdida para siempre. Reglas? ¿Qué sentido tienen ahora? Ella está dispuesta a romper todas y cada una ".Michael takes Leesie to the Cayman Islands to heal. Time, sunshine, and Michael's devotion free her of physical pain, but grief and guilt haunt her. Michael will do anything to find the old Leesie who prayed, spoke of visions, and kept the rules. For Leesie, that girl is lost forever. Rules? What's the point now? She's ready to break every one." FRAGMENT: FRAGMENTO Leesie I get to board our plane first. We don’t bother with a wheelchair. I start to hobble through the gate, but Michael sweeps me in his arms again. __The doctor said I should walk. __Walk tomorrow. His breathe tickles my ear. __Aren’t you tired of this?” I let him into my eyes where all my fears hide. He cradles me close. __I’ll never get tired of this. Llego a bordo de nuestro primer avión. No nos molestamos con una silla de ruedas. Empiezo a cojear por la puerta, pero Michael me arrastra a sus brazos otra vez. __El Doctor me dijo que debía caminar. __Camina mañana. Su aliento me hace cosquillas en la oreja. __¿No estas cansado de esto? " Lo dejé mirar en mis ojos, donde todos mis miedos se esconden. Me acuna cerca. __Nunca voy a cansarme de esto. Michael I raise my head, sit back on my heels. “This isn’t about love.” I don’t want to continue, but I can’t stop. “You want to sleep with me to prove that you’re lost, a sinner—mound up the guilt. Add to the pain. I’m not helping you with that.” She clenches her fist and pounds the bed. “You don’t understand.” “Yes. I do. More than you know.” I sit on the bed, clasp her face between my hands so she can’t look away. “I refuse to be that guy.” Levanto la cabeza,me siento sobre mis talones. "Esto no es sobre el amor." No quiero seguir, pero no puedo parar. "¿Quieres acostarte conmigo para demostrar que estás perdida, que eres una pecadora__ amontonar la culpa. Aumentar el dolor. No te voy a ayudar con eso. " Ella aprieta el puño y golpea la cama. "Tú no lo entiendes". "Sí. Lo hago. Más de lo que crees". Me siento en la cama, encierro su cara entre mis manos para que no puede mirar hacia otro lado. "Me niego a ser ese hombre."AUTHOR PROFILE: ANGELA MORRISSON Ángela Morrison es autora de la serie TAKEN BY STORM (Libros 1-3) y SING ME TO SLEEP, Nominado 2010 en Goodreads Choice para YA Ficción. Se graduó de la Universidad Brigham Young y posee un MFA en Escritura para Niños y Jóvenes de Vermont College of Fine Arts. Creció en el este de Washington en la granja de trigo que es la locación de TAKEN BY STORM. Después de más de una década en el extranjero en Canadá, Suiza y Singapur, ella y su familia están felizmente asentados en Mesa, Arizona. Angela disfruta hablando con los escritores y los lectores de todas las edades sobre su arte. Ella tiene cuatro hijos-en su mayoría adulto, y el nieto más notable en el universo. fuenteAngela Morrison is the author of TAKEN BY STORM (Books 1-3) and SING ME TO SLEEP, a 2010 Goodreads Choice Nominee for YA Fiction. She graduated from Brigham Young University and holds an MFA in Writing for Children and Young Adults from Vermont College of Fine Arts. She grew up in Eastern Washington on the wheat farm where TAKEN BY STORM is set. After over a decade abroad in Canada, Switzerland and Singapore, she and her family are happily settled in Mesa, Arizona. Angela enjoys speaking to writers and readers of all ages about her craft. She has four children-mostly grown up-and the most remarkable grandson in the universe. sourceSi deseas conocer más sobre esta autora, puedes mirar leer la entrevista que le hice aqui en el blog recientemente. Angela respondió a una serie de preguntas muy interesantes que es posible que desee saber.If you want to know more about this author, you can watch read the interview I did here on the blog recently. Angela answered a series of very interesting questions that you might want to know.Mira Aquí / Look HereBlog where she blogged CAYMAN SUMMER while she wrote it--using lots of fan input.Website Facebook TwitterThe Taken By Storm Series Nyra Says: Cayman Summer es el final de la historia entre Lessie y Michael, la cual comenzó con el nacimiento del Romance surgido entre ellos en Taken By Storm, de allí sus vidas sufrieron una separación abrupta en Unbroken Connection, por lo que nos queda un final para ellos paradisiaco con sabor a mar y verano.Cayman Summer is the end of the story between Lessie and Michael, which began with the birth of Romance arisen between them in Taken By Storm away their lives had an abrupt separation in the second book Unbroken Connection, so we have a final them with heavenly taste of the sea and summer.Lo primero que debo decir es que, Cayman Summer es un libro lleno de peculiaridades, todas ellas buenas. Su autora escribió capitulo tras capitulo en su blog, y desde sus inicios, hemos compartido el crecimiento de esta hermosa pareja y ahora tenemos el ansiado final.The first thing I say is, Cayman Summer is a book full of peculiarities, all good. The author wrote chapter after chapter in his blog, and since its inception, we have shared the growth of this beautiful couple and now we have the desired end. Para entender esta historia te recomiendo a ti que, antes que nada, leas los dos primeros libros, ya que; en mi opinión, estos son determinantes para entender el este. Para resumir, Lessie es una chica mormona arraigada en su fé y en sus creencias, ella jamás pensó que el amor le vendría de la mano de un chico no creyente en Dios. Michael por su parte siempre ha sido un alma herida, un chico solitario al que una tragedia familiar hizo vulnerable. En los dos libros anteriores, Lessie es quien lleva la batuta, quien pone de manifiesto su fuerza y su entereza al cuidar de Michael.To understand this story I recommend to you that, first of all, read the first two books because, in my opinion, these are crucial to understand this. To summarize, Lessie is a Mormon girl rooted in their faith and their beliefs, she never thought that love would come from the hand of a boy does not believe in God. Michael for his part has always been a wounded soul, a lonely boy who became vulnerable a family tragedy. In the two previous books, Lessie is who rules the roost, who shows her strength and fortitude to take care of Michael.En Cayman Summer, ocurre un cambio drástico, ya que debido al desenlace en el segundo libro, Lessie ya no es una chica segura y fuerte; por el contrario su valor se ve truncado y se nos muestra más frágil, más real y con menos perfección que en los libros anteriores. Eso me gusta, porque nos muestra una parte de ella, que no conocíamos. Sin embargo, ella ve las cosas de manera equivocada y trata de dañar su imagen de nice girl, pecando más y más. Ella supone que el rumbo de las cosas ahora serán irrelevantes a los ojos de Dios, porque las pasadas acciones de ella la condenan completamente. Pero Michael, logra salvarla de sus miedos y penurias, esa es la parte que me enamoró del libro y la que lo hace un final no solo apropiado sino lleno de contratres que nos enseñan una relación no siempre será fácil. Aún cuando, las creencias, los problemas y las tragedias nos rodean; el amor lográ su cometido y triunfa. Queridos lectores, este libro es simplemente precioso, deben sin duda darle una oportunidad a la serie, leerla y disfrutarla.Cayman Summer, a dramatic change occurs, since due to the outcome in the second book, Lessie is no longer a sure and strong girl, on the contrary its value is truncated and shows us more fragile, more real and less perfect in earlier books. I like that because it shows a part of it, did not know. However, she sees things the wrong way and try to damage your image nice girl, sinning more and more. It implies that the direction of things now will be irrelevant in the eyes of God, for the past actions condemn it completely. But Michael, manages to save her from her fears and hardships, that's the part I love the book and it does an end not only appropriate but full of contratres teach us a relationship is not always easy. Although, beliefs, problems and tragedies around us, love doing its job and succeed. Dear readers, this book is just beautiful, they should definitely give it a try to the series, read it and enjoy it. Angela posee una sensibilidad y modo de expresar los sentimientos que conmueve inmensamente, me he deleitado con este libro. Espero pronto leer los nuevos trabajos de Angela en el futuro. Por cierto les recuerdo el concurso que está en el blog de Angela y que está próximo a terminar este 01 de agosto. Es sencillo, internacional y los premios son estupendos.CLICK AQUIAngela, has a sensitivity and how to express feelings that moved immensely, I delighted in this book. I look forward to read new works by Angela in the future.By the way I remind you, the contest is Angela's blog and that is ending this August 1. It's simple, and international prizes are great.CLICK HERE Abrazos y Sonrisas..Hugs and smiles..

  • Bidisha
    2019-04-24 10:57

    Cayman Summer is the much-awaited finale to Leesie and Michael's story that began with a high-school romance in Taken By Storm, travelled through Thailand and BYU in Unbroken Connection and sweeps you to Cayman on the final leg of the journey.Whilst Taken By Storm was a personal struggle for Leesie between faith and desire, between saving the grief-stricken Michael and keeping her feet on the ground in the process, Unbroken Connection was a test of their relationship, taking the two to the opposite corners of the globe. The second book ends on a horrific tragedy for Leesie, and I couldn't wait to find out what happens to them after-this.The level-headed Leesie from Taken By Storm is lost and Cayman Summer shows her bruised and battered, both physically and emotionally. While her faith is thoroughly shaken, Michael tries to find the Leesie he had fallen in love with in the puzzles of her grief. What makes Angela Morrison such a good writer is her ability to portray relationships with lot of tenderness and realism. Leesie and Michael's isn't a love-on-the-first-day story. Theirs is an attraction that evolves to love and then matures to so much more during the course of their journey. Cayman Summer is perhaps their biggest struggle, because the struggle is within. Overridden by pain Leesie is keeping the secret of her guilt from Michael and doesn't seem to care about her Mormon rules anymore, while Michael desperately pulls away from her so he doesn't take advantage of her while her guard is down. And oh yeah, they are Cayman now, away from the prying eyes of their family and friends, having run away from the place of the tragedy.Angela Morrison continues with the writing style employed in the earlier two books. Michael's PoV appears in his dive log entries, while Leesie's is etched in poetry. The poems here often come in fragmented lines, shadowing her mental state. Chat-logs with Leesie's online-friend-who-she-has-never-met, Kim, are longer here and show a deep development in the friendship.Oh, and I adored the introduction of several new characters. There's an entourage of super-hot dive instructors from various parts of the world, who you'd totally fall in love with at first read. They bring in a lightness to the atmosphere with some added drama of the fun, exciting kind. The oddball fusion works wonders for the book.I can't reveal much, without giving away the entire book. Morrison's writing, as usual is something to savour. She strings together sentences that are almost like phrases, in a crisp manner that sends across just the right kind of emotion. Cayman Summer is a lovely summation of an endearing journey of two very strong individuals that ends with the right amount of flourish.

  • Aellai
    2019-05-04 09:04

    Por fin la gran conclusión de esta trilogía.El gran amor de Michel y Lessie se pone aun más a prueba aquí que en los otros libros.Lessie ha decidido no creer más en nada, saltarse todas y cada una de sus reglas y hacer lo que le venga en la gana, en fin, según ella irá al infierno.Michael no puede estar más asustado. Cuando en un principio eso era lo que quería, ahora le da miedo ver a la nueva y loca Lessie, quiere a su religiosa y buena Lessie de vuelta.Y se propone devolverla.Con el trauma que sufrió Lessie en la muerte de su hermano Phil y con todas las heridas que sufrió (dejándola calva de un lado completamente) es muy difícil que tomé razón y vuelva, aún menos cuando Michael apenas y puede resistir los ataques de Lessie que simplemente quiere romper su primer regla: no sexo antes del matrimonio.Y ahí empieza todo, una huía, un viaje, nuevos amigos, secretos y muchas cosas que aclarar.***Por mi parte debo decir que no me esperaba esto. Digamos que amé el inicio. Michael protegiendo a Lessie de él y de si misma, ambos huyendo y con un apartamento en Cayman (imagínense, Lessie rodeada de una chica y unos 6 chicos mega sexy, que más puede pedir?).En fin, el punto es que si, lo amé al principio, me encanto que apareciera Kimbo de nuevo y que la regañara al tiempo que se burlaba y se divertía guardando su secreto.Es un libro de un tamaño considerable (unas casi 300 páginas) y sin embargo, se lee rápido ya que quieres saber el final de esta pareja.No estuve muy contenta con el final, me gustó, pero siento que le faltó un poco y si, ese no era el final que me imaginaba para esta novela, sin embargo, debo decir que es un buen final.¿Me gustó? Si. ¿Recomendaría esta trilogía? Si. Pero a una persona que pueda ser imparcial con la religión.Así que si, se merece esas 4 estrellas. No las 5 porque no era lo que esperaba pero si las 4 porque es una muy linda historia de amor y, aunque no me guste leer de religión, te enseña un poco de Dios y eso, un punto de vista diferente.Por que me enamoré de Michael, me reí con Kimbo, regañé a Lessie, lloré por Phil y sonreí por Michael.

  • Estrella Perotti
    2019-05-04 09:21

    For the third book, I may say NO ANGELA, sorry. It's was a big disappointment, really. The first book was amazing! an incredible beginning I need to know W H? between M and L, so I bought the second one and it was good enough so I bought the last one but... ok, first of all - the thumbs up for caymman summer... Him protecting her Him supporting her Him convincing her to return to her church M & L unconditional love Michael finding that there is something else or someone else around us Michael believing in god! ...and period! BIG NO NO Michael turning into??? Are you kidding me???!!! I thought this was a love story of people with different beliefs and the hard work of "find a balance in between" but NO! at the middle of book I found myself wispering "don't turn him ...don't turn him... pleeeeeeeeeeease" and NO! wrong choice! Ok, I think that the quote "almost is not enough" could justify the end of the book...but It's not enough for me, as a reader. I'm a believer in "balances" I know a lot of people with a lot of different beliefs sharing their lives...they found balance and I expect that in the book... I expect a love story not a religious stanza...I expect that love would be enough to soften the stick principle of mormon religion, that love would be enough to close old wounds...but no... I'm very respectful of the differents religion around the world, even though i'm not a churchgoer, so I expected Michale believing in god (damn! I believe in GOD!) but not this ...not this way..It was to much...big dissapointment.

  • Kym McNabney
    2019-05-21 09:08

    I’ve been waiting a long time to read CAYMAN SUMMER by ANGELA MORRISON. I read her first book in the series, TAKEN BY STORM, a few years back and couldn’t wait for the next. But wait I would. Due to a change in publishers it took longer than expected. Next would be UNBROKEN CONNECTION. I enjoyed that one as well. With stacks of books to read, I finally was able to read CAYMAN SUMMER. I wouldn’t say the TAKEN BY STORM series is packed full of surprises and adventure, yet it will keep you turning the pages. I love the story of Michael and Leesie. Throughout this series they’ve become lifelike. Michael is so endearing, and Leesie solid and pure. I love the way the story moves for Michael’s point-of-view to Leesie’s. From chatspot log, to dive log, to most private chapbook. It’s well written, and a quick and easy read. I loved both Michael’s and Leesie’s journey, how two opposites worlds come together to become one. The TAKEN BY STORM series is one without a predictable outcome. Up until the very end I had no idea how two very different worlds would mesh together. It sadness me that their story is over. I’ll miss them.

  • fennie
    2019-05-23 12:14

    i really liked the way this saga ended. it was good to get an 'out-of-control' leesie who was ready to give up on all of her ideals and morals because of utter devastation (although let's be real, she wasn't really THAT out of control), only to be pieced back together again. and it was good to see both michael and leesie's growth process despite all of the suffering in their lives. this was by no means a perfect book, but it was a fitting conclusion to a rollercoaster of a relationship.i do have to say that there were parts that were a bit too 'religious' for me, mostly because i didn't really understand what was going on. there are a lot of terms that are thrown around that are probably well-known to mormons, but not so much for non-mormons. i'm glad that the author didn't over-explain, but at the same time, i was definitely lost and probably could've used a bit more explanation.yay again for kindle lending library.

  • Maren
    2019-05-24 17:23

    I read the first book a few years ago and loved it - had no idea it was part of a series. While there are aspects of this book that I really like - Leesie's falling away, Michael's absolute devotion to her - I really didn't like the Mormonily-ever-after ending. There are so many LDS fiction cliches this series avoided and the writing is so fresh and interesting, that it was disappointing to have such an unrealistic ending.Spoilers, if you care: I think it's realistic that Michael decides to be baptized and it's lovely that Leesie's dad baptizes him. To me, it would have been far better (and more true-to-life) if they had been married that summer and waited the year for the temple. Instead, they move to Provo, attend college, go on missions concurrently, and then get married in the temple. Not that things like that don't ever happen, but it was a little too fairy tale for an otherwise realistic depiction of religion and teen sexuality.

  • Charissa
    2019-05-04 09:10

    This was my favorite book of the series. I loved each book, but this one just brought out a side of Michael that awed me. Leesie's struggle to forgive herself and Michael's struggle to find faith in God were very touching and poignant. The style of writing is wonderful--with Leesie's poems, Michael's dive log (his diary) and chat talks with Kim. Even though I tried to drag this book out to enjoy a little longer than a day, I wasn't successful. The story and characters got into my heart and mind...and I was consumed with getting back to the book to see what would happen next. The whole series is one of the best I've read in a long time. The growth you see in MIchael and Leesie through each book is not contrived, but very believable.

  • Andrea Smith
    2019-04-28 11:09

    This one is a hard one for me to rate. There were aspects of this book and the whole trilogy that I loved and would give 5 stars-- other aspects I didn't like so much (it's clean--but still a little lusty for my taste). I loved the relationship between the characters and really enjoyed watching it grow throughout the 3 books. I loved how they each took turns being strong for the other. That give and take, the sacrifices they made and the deep connection they had for each other was compelling, especially with the character Michael. I thought the ending was a little rushed and contrived, but I am still satisfied.

  • Amy
    2019-05-13 13:17

    I think I might have enjoyed this book in the series more than the previous ones. The relationship between Leesie and Michael continues to progress. Leesie is struggling with her faith after the accident and Michael tries to help her. I love how Michael helped her find her way back from the dark place she was in and in the process begins to develop his own faith and testimony. The end wraps up a little quickly for the form of a quick run down of the last 3 years and what happened for them. But I loved the sweet ending. :)

  • Kelly
    2019-05-16 15:05

    I loved the first two books and was anxious for the third. I followed along on Angela Morrison's site while she let us into the writing process but it wasn't fast enough for me. So I decided to wait and get the book. I really didn't know how it would end. I couldn't see it, and neither could Leesie. I loved the story. It was heart breaking and tender. Michael is a good man! I cried for Leesie as she struggled to heal both physically and spiritually, my heart went out to both of them. I just didn't see the ending coming and I just LOVED it!

  • Laura
    2019-05-08 11:09

    Michael and Leesie drew me in and wouldn't let go. I read the entire series in no time, and the ending did not disappoint! This third installment of the TAKEN BY STORM series made me realize why I like Michael's character so much. Lessie saves Michael in TAKEN BY STORM. Miachael saves Lessie in CAYMAN SUMMER. I loved the change that took place in both of the lead characters by the end of the series.

  • Susan
    2019-05-09 14:19

    I'm really only giving it 3 1/2 stars. It is pretty cheesy. I do love cheese though .... the hero is just do darn dreamy in this one! Honorable and yet wild, who doesn't love that combination. One review I read of this book said that every mormon cliche is in this one and I have to agree. Just keep reminding yourself (and all teenage girls out there) that this is just a novel and holds NO resemblence to real life.

  • Paula Bothwell
    2019-05-24 10:27

    PG13 - Language: a couple of swearsViolence: no violenceSex: no sex, descriptive kissing. Definitely an LDS/Latter-day Saint/Mormon novel, but is a perfect HEA. Glad to have read the first two in the series. Great book!

  • Erika
    2019-05-22 10:19

    Mixed feelings... I don't know if it was because it was more emotional or longer, but I got a little bogged down, started reading it backwards, chapter by chapter. Kind of just glad it's over. I think I liked the first one the best in this trilogy.

  • Tressa (Wishful Endings)
    2019-04-25 16:02

    Loved it like the other two. I did think the MC took her guilt a little far and overacted, but otherwise it was good.

  • Julia
    2019-05-20 16:08

    Love it x 5000

  • J.E. Kaster
    2019-05-25 09:58

    After the first two, this one was a let down...

  • Stephanie
    2019-04-25 14:06

    Best of all 3 :)

  • Penelope
    2019-05-17 09:15

    THIRD BOOK I READ IN 12 HOURS! Couldn't let this series go without finishing it all, and ended up reading all three books last night (or should I say this morning?). Review to come.

  • Christina
    2019-05-06 16:23

    There is not much to say. IT'S ANGELA MORRISON GODDAMN IT! This series is stuck in my heart and forever it will stay :) Wish it didn't end...

    2019-05-03 12:02

    So you can read this book on Angela Morrison's site. Just look up cayman summer post by post or something like that. And it will show every chapter.

  • Suey
    2019-05-17 09:08

    A nice sweet wrap up of this intense love story which began with Taken by Storm.

  • Michelle
    2019-05-03 12:00

    Somewhat predictable end to this trilogy. A little rushed at the end.

  • Stefanieq Banner
    2019-05-19 13:22

    Shallow Mormon fiction with R-rated language. Meh. Just the type of book you'd find lining the dusty shelves in the rec room of an old folks home.