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Alex's second attempt to break out of Furnace Penetentiary has failed. This time his punishment will be much worse than before. Because in the hidden, bloodstained laboratories beneath the prison, he will be made into a monster. As the warden pumps something evil into his veins--a sinisterly dark nectar--Alex becomes what he most fears . . . a superhuman minion of Furnace.Alex's second attempt to break out of Furnace Penetentiary has failed. This time his punishment will be much worse than before. Because in the hidden, bloodstained laboratories beneath the prison, he will be made into a monster. As the warden pumps something evil into his veins--a sinisterly dark nectar--Alex becomes what he most fears . . . a superhuman minion of Furnace. How can he escape when the darkness is inside him? How can he lead the way to freedom if he is lost to himself?...

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Death Sentence Reviews

  • PaigeBookdragon
    2019-05-21 15:48

    What the actual fuck.Death Sentence is the wild card in this series. This book is definitely a game changer.If you're the type of person who is scared riding a roller coaster but wants to experience the thrill, then read this one. It's one hell of a ride.

  • Melissa **Just Really Loves Musicals**
    2019-05-12 15:59

    Ugh. Maybe it's because it's nearing the end of the year and I'm behind on my GR goal, but my patience for reading books I'm not enjoying has dramatically decreased. I used to try to finish books no matter what, but I can't be bothered. If I'm over half way and still bored, I think it's time to give up. It helps that my boyfriend has read it and told me what happens, so it's not like I really don't know what goes on at the end of this book. It's just disappointing after a pretty good, enjoyable first 2 books in the series, to dislike this one so much. But oh well. On to my next read.

  • Amy Jacobs
    2019-05-09 14:50

    Just when I thought Alex had no hope or strength left inside of him, the author renewed my hope in this story. When we last saw Alex he was burning in the incinerator. He had been pulled from the flames by the Black Suits and taken to the lab -- a lab that holds even more evil than we have seen so far. The Warden has decided to make Alex into one of them. The Alex of old will be nothing but a memory and a new but stronger Alex will emerge. I finally understood the meaning of remembering your name when captured by the Black Suits. It actually does make sense once you get to book three. What Alex is turned into is a stronger and darker side of his true self. We also learn about how Alfred Furnace invented the Nectar and his reasoning in creating Furnace Penitentiary. Involving WWII and Nazi history within the horrors of Furnace Hell, plots are revealed and surprises are around every corner. I loved the return of previous characters and the mental strength that Alex realizes he has had. Has Furnace created their perfect monster, or have they created their own terror they can't control?An amazing addition to the series that is quickly gaining attention from readers everywhere! I can't wait for the next book in the series that features Alex as a fugitive on the run from Alfred Furnace!

  • Kimberly
    2019-05-13 11:02

    What a massive wild ride. My eyes hurt from reading the words so fast, my fingers hurt from turning the pages so quickly, my mind hurts from the unbelievable story this book threw at me. Yes, this is book 3. When I thought the horror couldn't get any worse, this was the best most awesome horror read ever. This has got to be the best horror series EVER!! Addictive, totally adrenaline pumping. Reading this book was like being on a treadmill on high speed with the inability of never being able to stop.The story will flood into you like a cold rush. Wow, Mr Alexander Gordon Smith. He could be the next King, even better than King ever could have thought to be.Yes, mighty powerful words, but read it for yourself, starting from book one and I am confident you will see it my way here.In this read without giving too much away, Alex the main character has been caught, again and as far as the prison sees it, the last time he will ever outwit this horrid hell that is Furnace. Its his turn to become a Black suit, a monstrosity. What happens to him is just gut wrenching. BUT...there will be HELL to pay...Ive gotta know what happens next, on to book 4.

  • Cindy Newton
    2019-05-11 13:44

    I dunno--this one just didn't captivate me as much as the previous two. We definitely find out more about what is going on and the origins of things in this book, but it just wasn't as gripping to me, and actually got repetitious at times. There's still plenty of action, including escapes from tight situations, life and death struggles, and psychological battles that Alex has to overcome with himself. Again . . . I dunno. Now that these operations they're doing on everyone are actually described, they sound far-fetched. I know, I know--this whole premise is not exactly rooted in reality. However, if you are dealing with the human body, it should at least be something that is actually possible. These operations do not sound possible at all. Anyway, I'm going to continue reading because I want to see where this ends up, but I'm just not as engaged as I was.

  • Courtney
    2019-04-29 14:49

    This series just gets grimmer and grimmer. Also, I was kinda hoping this was the conclusion to the series, but such is not the case. At this point, Alex has tried to escape, twice. This time he falls (literally) directly into the hands of the Warden and the blacksuits and is quickly taken off to be turned into one of the blacksuits. Here we get to see the "transformation" process as well as learn a bit about this history of Furnace Penitentiary. I don't really want to go too far into to it, but it involves Nazis and WW2. Don't ask...I didn't see this coming either. The really hard part about making through the transformation (aside from, you know, not dying) is attempting to maintain any semblance of humanity. You're really not supposed to and the Warden gets pretty upset if one remembers one's name. Of course, it's no where near as upset as he gets when one makes yet another attempt at escape.Maybe I just wasn't in the mood for this right now, but this one didn't really hold my interest as much as the first couple of books in the series did. It was interesting enough, I guess, but I'm not sure that I was really feeling the whole "blacksuit experience" and I really had trouble with the nature and origin of the "nectar", not to mention the intentions behind Furnace itself (hint: not just an insane prison). But, as usual, the ending's a cliff-hanger and I wouldn't be surprised to find myself reading the rest of the series just to see if any of this makes sense in the end.

  • Baily Volpel
    2019-05-10 17:04

    “Death Sentence” I thought was a great book. It is very suspenseful and the action never stops throughout the whole book. Alex is the main character in this book who, in the second book thinks he found a way to escape. As he was getting close to freedom, he and his friends were captured by the warden. After he was captured, the warden started experimenting on his body and filling him full of a fluid called ‘Nectar’ which is of the warden’s special design.This book is about Alex who, with the help of his friends, tried to escape from the Furnace. Alex is a sixteen year old boy who was thrown into prison on false pretenses and has been serving his time thus far. One of his companions, Simon, is a mutated boy about the same age as Alex and has been trying to find a way to escape for the last few months. Now with the help of Alex, he has been able to do that.This story continues during modern time in the Furnace where it began in the first book, “Lockdown.” It is down in the transformation room where they take the prisoners and turn them into the warden’s prison guards, also known as Blacksuits. This is a time where Alex has to decide whether he is going to side with the warden or if he is going to fight back and stay true to himself.I think this book is very suspenseful and is a great read for anyone who likes books with turmoil in it. I would recommend this book for teenagers and up, because anyone younger wouldn't understand it as well.

  • Brittany
    2019-05-05 14:50

    Death Sentence lost some of the momentum that was present in the previous books in the series. At times, it also seemed to be a bit too repetitive for my liking. I found I was forcing myself to pick it back up to continue reading, or I could only read a chapter or two at a time. It's not because it was a bad book, it was still good, but because it lacked something major that the previous two books had for me. The last half of the book did pick up the pace and upped the entertainment level enough to convince me to continue the series. Hopefully the next installment brings back the zing to the series.

  • Aaron Batten
    2019-05-08 11:41

    Personal Response: I really liked this book because it kept me guessing what was going to happen next. It was a great horror story with a little mystery too. I was only given as much information as the main character. This really left the reader with a lot of questions about what was really going on in Furnace. The biggest mystery that was presented in this book was the existence of Alfred Furnace and what his plans were.Plot: This book was about a teenager named Alex Smith. He was locked in Furnace for a crime he did not commit. He was a common bully in school and occasionally broke into houses. He was framed for the murder of Toby. He was sentenced to life in Furnace penitentiary. He nearly escaped from the prison only to be caught even deeper in it. He was turned into a Blacksuit. The Blacksuits were superhuman furnace guards. This book was all about his transformation and constant mental battle to remember who he was. A nectar was always injected to keep all the Blacksuits from remembering their former lives. It also kept them alive. Without it they would have died. The nectar also gave the Blacksuits all of what they needed so they never had to eat of drink.Characterization: Alex was the main character in this book. At the beginning of this book Alex was humbled by his time spent in furnace. He had seen horrifying things in Furnace. His time made him want to help everyone escape. His time made him very weary of others as well. He was experimented on and turned into a superhuman Blacksuit. The whole purpose of the experiment was to make a superhuman guard driven by rage like all of the other guards. Alex was able to remember who he was even after given extra doses of the nectar. He had all of the power of a Blacksuit but kept his own thoughts and memories. Impact of Setting: This book took place in the present. It was an enormous prison for secret testing, which was unknown to the inmates. The prison had a big, black fort at the surface but reached miles into the Earth through one elevator. All of the inmates were kept below the surface. Further below the general population of the prison was where all of the testing and monsters of furnace were kept and experimented on. One elevator also connected the underbelly of the prison to the general population of the prisoners. The lack of escape routes and number of tunnels made escape very difficult. Thematic Connection: A strong recurring theme throughout this book was isolation. The prisoners of Furnace were isolated from the outside world. All of them were sentenced to life in furnace. They were completely isolated from the outside world. Another form of isolation was the hole. This is where Alex stayed for most of this book. The hole was Furnace’s idea of solitary confinement. The prisoners went here after doing something that the warden disapproved of. Alex stayed there throughout most of the book for his first attempt at escape. The hole made the prisoners lose their minds. This made Alex much more susceptible to the procedure. Alex was barely able to keep his sanity by talking to Zee through the toilet pipe in their cells.Recommendation: I would recommend this book to male or female teenagers who like science fiction or horror books. I gave this book five stars. It was a great book for anyone who likes a thrilling horror story.

  • Gus
    2019-05-16 11:49

    Personal ResponseThis book was amazing. My opinion was that this book was far better than the previous two. The plot of this book keeps the reader on the edge of their seat. I especially liked the constant action throughout the book because there was never a dull spot to get bored at. I thought that this book deserved the five stars easily. PlotAlex is very unaware of what is going on around him. Alex is severely injured after falling from the walls of the smoke stack and into the flames below. He has sustained severe burns on every inch of his body. To make matters worse he is still alive in the hell hole that is Furnace. He is recaptured by the black suits and is personally watched by the warden himself. Alex is experimented on by the wheezers and is slowly starting to physically resemble a black suit. After Alex's second attempt at escape, the warden takes a special interest in Alex and he regularly visits Alex throughout the transformation process. The warden also tries to alter Alex's mind by showing Alex videos and talking to Alex in an attempt to warp his mind to crave violence. When the physical transformation is complete, the warden puts Alex through a series of tests to see if he could join Furnace's ranks of black suits. Alex passes the physical tests with flying colors but it is the mental tests that show where he falters. Alex is unable to kill Zee and is deemed as a failure by the warden. Alex is able to incapacitate the warden and he tries to escape with Zee and Simon. They are able to get back up to general population and they free all of the prisoners to defeat the guards already up there. Alex gets the prisoners to back him and together they repel the black suits and the warden. The warden unleashes a new type of creature called a berserker on the rioting prisoners. Alex defeats the berserkers that attack them and he is also able to climb the elevator shaft to freedom with Zee and Simon. The three escape into the night with the other prisoners as the sound of sirens follows them. CharacterizationAlex's character leaves the reader in a lot of doubt throughout the book. There are times throughout reading where the reader questions where Alex's loyalty truly lies. It seems at times like Alex will give in to the warden's evil influence but when he chooses to save Zee it shows the reader that Alex has only changed in appearance. He also becomes a huge leader to the prisoners above and he is able to turn them into a strong threat bent on freedom.SettingThe setting of the infirmary leaves chills down the readers spine when they read the things that Alex goes through. You can feel a feeling of nervousness and uncertainty as Alex is sliced open by the wheezers in their operating rooms. When you read about general population during the riots, it adds a feeling of pent up aggression inside the prison. When the characters emerge into the rainy night, it gives the reader the sense that all pressure of being underground has lifted and hope shines bright. Rating/RecommendationThis book was easily deserving of the five stars I gave it. The plot was very fast paced and kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time I read. This book was very gruesome in content and had a lot of violence so I wouldn't recommend letting people under middle school read it. I would recommend this book to readers of both genders but the lack of a female character may leave female readers a little uninterested. I think that the book is great for people who like to read science fiction or books with a lot of action.

  • Zach Hansen
    2019-05-07 10:53

    The third book in the “Escape From Furnace” series is named, “Death Sentence.” Just the name itself is able to make anyone suspicious and wondering if this is the book where it all goes bad and Alex Sawyer and the rest don’t make it. The book follows the previous events where Alex, Zee, and Simon were trying to escape through the incinerator smoke duct. The Warden figured out their little plan and had turned on the incinerator in order to smoke them out. That’s when they realized they had all failed. Now it takes you directly into the accursed hospital branch of this deadman’s wonderland and witness all the gruesome horrors of the Warden’s foul beasts. You read as Alex himself is put below the blade and is cut to pieces and then rebuilt to be one of the Soldiers of Furnace. What Furnace doesn’t expect is that Alex refuses to forget his name. That’s what kept him going. You follow Alex as he is put to the test with his new body and as he continues to try to find some way around Furnace’s keepsake, the nectar. As it courses through Alex’s veins and all throughout his head, it clouds his thoughts and actions.This story is still taking place within the bowels of Furnace Penitentiary, housed in Europe. Time was lost after the countless days that Alex has been drifting in and out of consciousness and trying to stay in control of his body. Alex, being put into the brainwashing process, has started believing that the prison was his home all along and that he had no need for parents. He only thought of the Warden as his parent. He had to sleep while hooked up to a machine inside of a tiny little room where dozens of others that were like Alex had to sleep. One in all, they became his new brothers. The Soldiers of Furnace. Alex has made many friends and allies within the prison, all of whom help him out greatly along the way. Zee, his most trusted friend, has been through this whole prison and its deepest darkest corners with Alex. He has been with him since the very first day they had been sent down here. While in the caves, Alex met some of the kids who escaped, and Simon is one who Alex becomes great friends with. Simon has had first-hand experience with the horrors that Alex is going through. Simon was undergoing mutation as he escaped from the hospital. He now has one rather bulky arm along with two silver eyes instead of the normal human eyes.I recommend this book to all who have read the first and second books in the series and who have all really liked it. It has that slight sense of humor in some of the parts where they actually have fun exploring and surviving along with other people who were just like them. This book is rated at a five out of five in my opinion. It has a great plot, characters, and overall value of the suspense. It keeps that suspenseful feeling the entire time when you know that danger is lurking around just about every turn.

  • Tiffany
    2019-05-06 10:56

    “And if there's nothing left of you but darkness, how can you not become a monster?” After Alex, Simon, and Zee failed in their second attempt to escape Furnace Penitentiary, Readers are left wondering what will become of them now they're in the Warden's evil clutches. Author Alexander Gordon Smith delivers another riveting entry to his Escape From Furnace series with Death Sentence. In this novel, Alex has been captured following his failed escape up the chimney and discovers firsthand the secrets of the prison. This book was even more horrific than the previous novels in that it dealt more with the ideas of what makes us ... us, the dichotomy of good and evil, and whether or not someone can experience horrors yet remain unchanged.While the previous novel had more gross-out scares, this one seemed to possess more psychological horror. Readers experience Alex's captivity, brainwashing, and horrible body modifications. Many of the scenes of Alex in the prison hospital reminded me of A Clockwork Orange. The Warden works to eradicate everything that makes Alex the character we've rooted for, and coupled with everything he has experienced since his incarceration I was left wondering if Alex would survive. This added a different level of suspense than existed in the previous novels. Now, readers don't just worry for Alex's safety, but whether he'll remain with any of his humanity intact.Though Alex went through a lot in this book, it still felt like a bridge from the second to the fourth novel. I honestly don't know if this has to do with Smith's writing or the fact I know that there are two books after Death Sentence. Sadly, I will admit that this knowledge removed some of the danger of Alex dying in the book. Luckily, the idea that Alex could become a "soldier of Furnace" became more of a possibility and allowed the book to stay as suspenseful as the other two. Even though this book read like a bridge from one book to the next, it still was an addictive read that left me glued to the book from one page to the next.This review was originally posted on I Was Angelized_1st

  • Grey Liliy
    2019-04-25 10:00

    If you picked this up without reading the first two books in the series--please go do so now. This is pretty much a direct continuation of the first two and makes enough references that it pays off to have read the others first.Now, for thoughts on this one:We went from prison life in book one, to a sci-fi laboratory setting in book two, and now that we're on the third--it's an all out monster movie, baby. Monsters, fights, daddy-issues, and full blown riots. Everything is amped up, and Alex is a whole new man lucky to have two very supportive friends behind him. The action is upped, the plot gets deeper, and everyone starts showing their true colors--all things you'd expect by the time you get to the third book in a series of five.Probably my favorite of the books so far, if only because this one just felt more fun, or more energetic if you prefer.Lots of love.The Warden and Zee are competing for favorite character, by the way. Great stuff all around. Can't wait for the next book. <3

  • Ron
    2019-05-08 08:45

    While their first attempt for escape was completely botched, then the second got f*cked up, now there’s no escaping from what the warden has in mind for them.Continuing the events from Solitary, after being caught with their second attempt for escape, Alex Sawyer was taken to be used for the warden's experiment, he was injected a substance that Alfred Furnace discovered and it consumed both his mind and body, but fortunately, our kid was able to fight it.In this installment, it was explained how and why Alfred Furnace created Furnace Penitentiary during the second world war. We are also presented another creature from their experiment, a killing machine they called BerserkerAlthough this book may not be as intense as the previous two, it gave a satisfying but still a cliffhanger ending, for I would not want another volume set in the same place all over again.

  • Thomas
    2019-05-01 12:49

    Personal Response: The book Death Sentenceby Alexander Gordon Smith was a great book. I really enjoyed all of the descriptive words and how Alex really became a pretty incredible person. He was not really good, but he was far from evil. Now that the warden gave him nectar, Alex was basically immortal as long as he had nectar on hand, which I think was incredible. This whole series of books were so good. They were so descriptive and easy to read and were enjoyable all at the same time.Plot: Alex and his friends got caught after trying to escape furnace. The warden put Zee and Alex into solitary where they escape yet again. The warden was furious, so he turned Alex into a black suit. He put Alex through a bunch of surgeries. When the surgeries were done, he was corrupt because of this nectar. After the surgeries, Alex was a black suit and was supposedly corrupt. The warden made him forget his name and tried to have him kill his friend Zee. Alex snapped out of his trance and hit the warden. Then Alex and Zee started to escape, but got stopped by more black suits. Alex told Zee to run around to the door. Alex went to a cage where there was a giant monster inside. He tried to open it by breaking the chain, but it scratched him. He still got the door open and the monster started killing the guards. Alex and Zee ran out of the room. They went to the infirmary and looked for their friends. They only found Simon. The three of them went to their spot in the rock where they used to hide. The spot was all cemented up which meant that their friend was trapped on the other side of the wall and had no way out. The three boys started to think on how to escape. They decided that they could not escape without a map, so they started to head to the warden's office to find a map of the prison. They found a gun and cameras that looked over the whole prison. They got all suited up and started to leave. Suddenly, the phone rang and they freaked out and ran. They made it to the elevator that lead to the control room. They went through two doors and arrived at gen pop. Alex, Simon and Zee fought off the black suits, then fought two berserkers. They ran to the elevator and to the front gate. They climbed to the top and they got free. They started running. Alex heard the voice of furnace in his head saying, “I'm coming for you.”Characterization: Alex changed a lot since the book started. He was 15 and he had been put through a lot. Now he was muscular and had a lot more strength. He drank nectar and as long as he had that nectar he was basically immortal. He had two friends left, zee and simon. Zee was an average kid. He was 15 and did not have anything bad happen to him since he had been at the prison. Simon had one giant arm and one small arm. He was in the infirmary and was getting worked on when he escaped. His arm was super muscular because of the surgery. Then there is the warden, who was a small evil looking person. He was super creepy. He was very old and the only reason he was alive was because of the nectar. Setting: The setting took place all over the prison. Alex tried to escape the prison then got put into solitary and broke free. He was captured and placed into the infirmary where he was turned into a black suit. Alex then went with the warden on a tour. Alex was told to kill his friend then he remembered his name and knocked out the warden. He left and tried to escape the prison for the third time. Theme: The theme of this book was that prison is a bad place, but a person should never give up. Alex always fought and stayed positive during bad times. I admired that about him. He was very clever and could think of ways to react to a situation in a second. I know never to do something stupid to get myself into prison.Recommendation: I recommended this book to both male and female young adults age 15-20. Either gender would love this book. If these readers love action-packed,gruesome, and descriptive events then this book would be for them. This book was action packed, very detailed, and it kept my mind imagining every scene. I gave this book a 5 out of 5 stars.

  • Whitney
    2019-05-15 11:00

    Now that we're into the third book in the Escape From Furnace series, you wonder if Death Sentence makes up for how boring Solitary turned out to be. Not only does Death Sentence have to make up for Solitary but it also has to begin to set the tone for the rest of the series. Being a five book series means that Death Sentence is the absolute middle book and it's just as important that it delivers. If you couldn't tell by my bumping this book back into the five star category, Death Sentence most definitely does.Alex has been captured after his second attempt at escaping Furnace Penitentiary. This time his luck has ran out and there's no escaping his terrible fate. He's now forced to undergo the terrible process of changing him from a child into a cold-blooded blacksuit. Alex has to now become one of the things he's feared most in Furnace. He knows he's going to become a monster; the true question is whether or not he can still keep his humanity too.PlotAs I mentioned in my review of the previous book, Solitary, the plot got pretty boring and I hoped the next book wouldn't be like that. Thankfully, it wasn't. I won't lie and say that the beginning ofDeath Sentence wasn't a little boring, because it was... somewhat. I say somewhat because when Alex is first being transformed into a blacksuit I was kept on the edge of my seat, hoping that he broke free of the spell before he was actually turned. However, after Alex stops fighting and the actual conversion begins is when things start to get a bit boring. It wasn't nearly as boring as his solitary in the previous book, and thankfully not as long either.After Alex gets turned into a blacksuit, not too far into the book actually, is where the plot quickly picks up. Almost as if to make up for how dull Solitary was, Smith packed Death Sentence full of action. By the end of the book my hands were shaking in excitement. I was very happy with this change of pace from Solitary. If you were worried that Smith would continue on with the slow, boring pace then you will be proved wrong, and be happy about it.WritingThe writing was better this time around in terms of descriptions. I'm pretty sure Smith just isn't good at describing caves. As there were no caves involved in Death Sentence there was no confusion when it came to picturing things based off of their descriptions. Smith also maintains his great style of giving feeling to the words he writes. One thing that I've noticed that has become more prominent in his writing and becomes more obvious in Death Sentence is his ability to drop hints in the writing. The hints are something that will be revealed later in thew writing. It gives the reader a chance to possibly be ahead of the characters. There are many times in novels, especially YA novels, where the adult author, who is writing for teenagers, underestimates how easily their readers can piece things together. What I mean by that is that they usually give readers the hints too early or make the hints way too obvious. In the end all this does is make that characters in the book seem more obtuse than the author meant for them to be.Smith has managed to find a happy medium where he drops the hints and you if find them, you have an inkling of what's going on without you knowing way much more than the characters. This makes his writing great and much better, in my opinion.CharactersGoing into the third book we are still stuck with our little trio from the second book; Alex, Zee, and Simon. Now that we've got to spend an entire book with Simon featured in it I can feel a lot more appreciation for his character. He's written differently than Zee or Alex in that he was in Furnace longer than they were and would give up a lot more for freedom then they would. I think it was good to have a character like that in the books because it shows two different sides of the same coin. Everybody wants to escape from Furnace but you have inmates who have been in Furnace for years and are a different kind of desperate to escape than newbies like Alex or Zee.There is also an advancement in Alex's character that I liked. We get to see a totally different side to him that not even solitary confinement could drag out. I think in Death Sentence he become much more relatable because he becomes much more human, even as he is turned into this not-quite-human creature. As the reader we begin to connect with him during his transformation more because we understand how hard he's struggling and losing and we know that if we were in his position we'd do the exact same things. And he becomes such a noble person near the end, and it is very organic and realistic for him as a character.Things I Didn't LikeMy biggest problem with Death Sentence was a certain similarity it shares with another novel. I've mentioned before that Smith's writing reminds me a lot of Darren Shan's writing. I got this feeling more so when it becomes obvious that Alex being turned into a blacksuit is exactly what he needed to beat Furnace. The character becomes his smaller enemy to help him stand a chance against his bigger enemy. This is reminiscent of Shan's character Grubs in Wolf Island when he turns into the thing that was considered his smaller enemy and this in turn helps him defeat his bigger enemy.I'm sure this isn't a common writing trope. I just feel like they're a little too close to not see the connection to the two. I'm not saying that Smith is copying Shan; it's just that the situations are extremely similar and I feel like Smith should have done it in a different way so that they didn't look the same.One other thing I didn't like, and it looks like I'm not the only one, was the back story behind Furnace. I'm sort of iffy about it and I'll wait and see where it's taken. DiversityIf you've finished reading Solitary then by now you're probably aware that Donovan is dead. He was the only confirmed POC in the story up to this point. We may have two other characters of color, a boy named Bodie who I'm pretty sure was written to talk in a dialect similar to AAVE, and Simon, whose last name is revealed to be Rojo-Flores. Rojo-Flores is a Spanish last name so it is possible that he is Latino. Though there is also a chance that he is white with a Spanish last name as we aren't really given a description of any of the characters.There aren't any mental illnesses that I could tell of this time around. OverallDeath Sentence leads us back up to the exciting levels we saw in Lockdown. Though it was a little boring in the beginning the plot picks right back up in the best ways possible. Even as you're rooting for our poor protagonist, you're constantly wondering "What next?" Smith keeps you on the edge of your seat most of the book. Finishing this series will be a wild ride that I can't wait for.

  • Austin Marker
    2019-04-24 15:39

    The third book in the escape from the furnace series is "Death Sentence" by Alexander Gordon Smith. This book is a very well written book that will had me on the edge of my seat for the whole book. I really liked this book it had me staying up late at night to find out more that was happening to Alex Sawyer.After Alex gets his hopes crushed and everything ruined he thought it couldn't get worse, but he was way wrong. Instead of having Alex die in the incinerator warden Cross took him out seconds before his death and saved him. Warden said that "Alex can’t die in here that the he has bigger plans for him." The warden had Alex go straight to surgery to start making him into a man of his army a man of pure destruction and hate. Alex started to undergo surgery and the black suits where being friendly to him at least friendlier then they ever have been. The black suits told Alex once the surgery was complete he will be just like them a man of Furnaces army one of their brothers. Once the first painful procedure was complete Alex had legs the size of tree trunks and eyes that where gray and made him capable to see in the dark. Alex's rage was getting worse every day because of the warden was giving him nectar, the nectar was the thing that kept Alex alive after he was burned in the incinerator. The nectar was the thing that was fueling Alex now not blood but nectar ran through his veins making him very powerful. After the second procedure Alex was giving giant arms that where over filled with muscle looking like they could explode at any second. Alex would sometimes remember his name what had happened to him and he would fight back trying not to become what he feared a black suit but, the warden would change his mind every time. Once all of Alex's surgery's where finished he had to go through some test before becoming a black suit. Alex was dropped into a whole and had to get out through the tunnels, with his new body he was able to do incredible things run faster, jump higher, and see in the dark. In the hole there was water and it was rising so Alex punched his way through a metal door into a giant room that was filled with rats and one normal boy. The boy was Alex's old friend Monty but Alex didn't remember him all he knew was that he needed to kill all of the rats. So that is what he did he killed every single last rat but in the process he killed Monty too, this didn't make him feel bad because the boy was weak and this world should only have strong people in it, people like Alex. Alex completer that task but he had one more before he could become a real black suit so Alex fallowed the warden into a room there was a small boy that was tied up beating half to death. Alex new the kid but, couldn't remember his name the boy called out for Alex saying his name and Alex suddenly remembered. Alex remembered everything that had happened all the things that the warden had done to him so Alex turned and punched the warden knocking him out. Alex and Zee fled the room trying to make their way back to the normal prison. They found Simon and made there way back out of the tunnels while being chased by the blacksuits and the wardens dogs. Once they made it passed a few guards Alex, Simon, and Zee got into the elevator heading back to the prison yard. Once they got on top they found out that the control opens a giant door leading to the main prison yard, but the bad thing is one of them had to stay behind to open the gates. Alex and Simon where the ones who got to go out too the prison yard to try to escape. As soon as Alex talked to all of the gangs they started to tear apart the elevator then all of a sudden the giant door opened and Zee came flying out. Behind Zee where five blacksuits all of the prisoners started to run at them trying to take them out. The prisoners succeeded to kill the guards and then there where things coming down the elevator shaft. These monsters where creations of Alfred Furnace once they came in they started killing everyone, then Alex took some nectar and killed the beast. Then all of the prisoners escaped out the elevator shaft and now they are fugitives.The greatest character change that I saw was with Alex the main character, the warden had broken him and turned him into a god awful killing machine. Somehow though Alex didn't give up and he remembered his name and saved his friend Zee instead of killing him. Alex was turned into a monster but, then is turned back into the boy that he once was just in a monsters body. This book took place underneath the main prison where the warden did all of his cruel surgeries on the prisoners, during a modern time set. Down in the stomach of the prison was the warden’s laboratories where he does sick experiments on the kids in the prison. After Alex is turned into a black suit Alex spends his time in hidden tunnels and sleeping quarters. Eventually the story takes place back in the main prison with the rest of the prisoners when they are trying to plan their escape.I would recommend this book to anyone who has read the first and second book's if they like those books they will definitely like this book it is just as good as the rest. Anyone who likes graphic and weird fictional creatures this series is for you. I would recommend anyone who is ages 14 and up would like this book.

  • Jared Shilts
    2019-05-06 14:55

    Personal response: I thought that the Escape From Furnace series could not get any better, and I am glad to announce that I was wrong. In the third installment of Alexander Smith’s series, the reader learns about the true origins of The Warden and his insidious facility.Plot: Picking up right where we left off, Alex has been captured yet again and is being sent to the infirmary. He fights hard to keep the toxic blend of whatever the Warden has made to influence him. Alex does fight on for a few paces, but eventually the poison takes over. Alex is once again tormented by The Warden, only this time it seems that the jailkeeper has direct access to Alex’s innermost thoughts. When Alex regains consciousness, he is terrified to learn that The Warden wishes to enlist him into the black suits. He is helpless to resist to constant brainwashing and the sickening feeling of the evil liquid being supplied to his veins via IV. Slowly but surely, Alex is turned into one of the murderous black suits. Once the poison has settled, all that is left of Alex is a disturbingly large and muscular kid with an unquenchable thirst for murder. The Warden brings his new subject down further below the infirmary to learn the origins of Furnace and its guards. It is revealed that they were all once german soldiers in the Second World War. The soldiers are destined to die on the hostile front, but Alfred Furnace saves them. He is the creator of the wheezers, black suits, the poison and the prison itself. It is revealed that the prison is a front for Furnace’s experiments. Alex’s final initiation is to perform an execution. His target is the boy he entered Furnace with, Zee. In his hazy mind, Alex Sawyer’s old conscious claws its way out from The Warden’s serum. He turns to strike The Warden with his newfound strength and to his surprise, his hit connects straight in the nose of The Warden. The Warden is knocked out cold and Alex manages to save Zee. The two boys rush through the cynical underbelly of Furnace. When they make their way to the general population, the boys release the prisoners. After a few dreadful hours of fighting and planning the boys find how they will escape the clutches of the evil prison. Alfred Furnace apparently knows of the outbreak and sends demonic monsters that have be overdosed on the poison. Alex manages to kill one of the monsters and injure the other. The behemoth escapes the prison, giving the prisoners their golden opportunity. Alex, Zee, and Simon are the first wave of prisoners to climb to the surface. When they reach the top, the three notice that the monster is heading towards the city. Alex has finally escaped Furnace, but Alfred Furnace still gnaws at his very conscientious. Running into the dark of night as a free young man, Alex Sawyer knows that there is still worse to come.Characterization: When The Warden forces his way into Alex’s very thoughts, he shows his true colors. In Alex’s mind there is a picture of a bleak World War Two frontline. Young Nazi soldiers are being relentlessly annihilated by explosions. One of which is The Warden and he is nearly killed. The limbless soldier is dragged away by another swastika bearing man. We later find out that this man is Alfred Furnace. I personally appreciate how vulnerable The Warden is made out to be in this book. When he awakes to find his black suit guards dead and the prison in disarray, The Warden decides to give the prisoners an ultimatum. If Alex, Zee, and Simon are not brought to him, their foodline will be cut for a week. He no longer has leverage over the inmates and Alex leads the prisoners out of Furnace. In short, The Warden goes from Alex’s worse nightmare to merely a pawn in the overall arch of the series.Setting: Much of Death Sentence takes place in the dimly lit corridors underneath the maximum security prison. Alex is haunted by the blood red walls of the underground chambers. The halls beneath Furnace contain The Warden's quarters, the infirmary which contains the sadistic wheezers, and deeper into the earth lies The Warden’s experiments. The setting has a maze like affect on Alex at one point in the story. When Alex is making his escape, his memory of his time in the above cells benefits him. Judging that Alex says that his images of the soldiers were a long time ago, I believe that this book is meant to be set in the present or near future.Recommendation:I would not recommend this for people beginning the Escape From Furnace series for obvious reasons. I think that readers around the ages of 15 and up could understand and deal with the violence depicted in this book. I would say the only real requirement is having to have read the previous two books. I have stated that it is a more male centric tale, but I have witnessed some girls reading into the series and I do not blame them, it is honestly a great book. Rating: I will give this story a 5 out of 5 stars on Goodreads.

  • Jesse
    2019-05-11 09:04

    Personal responseI read the book Death Sentence From Furnace by Alexander Gordon Smith. Death Sentence is about a boy named Alex. Alex gets convicted of a crime he doesn’t do for killing his best friend, and he is sent to the Furnace. The Furnace is the world’s worst, hardest, and secure prison for the worst kids and teens. Alex learns the Furnace is evil. Alex knows he doesn’t want to live here forever so he tries to find a way out. In the first bookLockdownAlex does escape from the Furnace, but is captured by the Warden. Then he gets put into solitary confinement. Alex does try to escape again but fails. Now the Warden, along with the help of the wheezers, turns Alex into a black suit. Alex first get injected with the necator, a dark liquid with tiny golden flecks. The Warden waits for Alex to forget everything he ever knows and become a killing machine. When he becomes a black suit, he learns why the Furnace is started and what the goal of it is.Plot Throughout this book a lot of different things happen. Alex is in a different part of the furnace compared to the other two books. Now Alex is in the other part of the Furnace where solitary, infirmary, and the wheezers, black suits, and the Warden live. For the beginning of the book Alex is in the infirmary becoming a black suit. When he has become one, he is put to the test to see if he can handle being a black suit. Alex does pass and he lives in an area with the other black suits. The Warden shows Alex the rest of the Furnace and tells him the goal of it. The Warden puts Alex to the final test to make sure he is a killing machine. Throughout the rest of the book he goes to many different parts of the Furnace.CharacterizationThe main character of the book is Alex. Alex is 14 years old. Alex is an average kid, but he takes a wrong path and starts robbing houses for money and other things. In this book Alex tries to remember who he is but the nectar started to take over and he forgets everything. Throughout this book I think Alex is more of a protagonist, because he is the leader throughout the book. He is always trying to find a way out of the furnace. Since he became a black suit, the other kids listens to him a lot more.One friend that Alex has is Zee. Zee is one of the first people who Alex meets at the Furnace. Zee has been through a lot just like Alex, and they tried to escape from the Furnace together both times. Zee doesn’t get turned into a black suit. Zee helps Alex try to remember who he is, but he has a hard time. I think Zee is more of a problem solver, because he thinks twice about things before they try something. Also without his help they probably wouldn’t have tried to escape two times. Impact of SettingMost of the book was in London at the in the 21st century. In the Furnace there are many different rooms that things happen in like the kitchen, shower, laundry, courtyard, gym, but now Alex is in the other part of the Furnace where solitary, infirmary, and the wheezers, black suits, and the Warden live. When Alex is becoming a black suit, he lives in the infirmary, chained to a bed, so he can’t escape. When he becomes a full black suit, he lives with all the other blacks suits.Recommend I would recommend this book to 12 to 18 year old boys and girls. I would think this book is good for those ages, because those kids can understand how doing those little crimes can get them in big trouble. I think this book is on the weird side, so if people like those types of books it would be a great book to read.

  • Quentin Borremans
    2019-04-30 11:44

    Personal Response: Death Sentence is a great book. It fits in well with the other books. I really enjoyed reading it. The book kept me wanting more and more. The ending is very mean, but I think it ends well. Plot: The book starts with Alex laying in the bottom of the furnace, burning up. The warden saves him from the flames, but then proceeds to turn him into one of his soldiers. Alex is injected with the nectar. The nectar basically gives him power, but he won't remember anything. Alex is different though. He remembers things, like his name, which helps him out later. Once he is fully a black suit, the warden takes him for a walk. Deep down in Furnace Alex discovers what really is happening. The warden shows Alex the true reason behind Furnace. It all started back in WWII when the Alfred Furnace discovers the nectar. He used it on wounded German soldiers. He found that you can live forever with the nectar, and it makes you extremely strong. The nectar can heal you so fast that you do not even realize that you are hurt. Alex is astounded by that. The real reason for Furnace Penitentiary is to make the super army and eliminate all the weak people. Once they reach their destination, Alex finds his final test. He is ordered to kill his best friend Zee. Alex does not kill Zee and then decides to attack the other black suits and the warden. Zee and Alex escape that room, only to keep running back into the prison. They meet up with Simon, another of their friends. The three of them then ride the elevator up to general pop. They then get the other inmates to help them find a way out through the main elevator. Once they got the elevator open, the automated machine gun kills a few of them. They retreat and think of another way. That's when the Berserkers come out and start shredding them. Alex finds a way to make them run out of the prison leaving the exit wide open. They then climb the wires to the top. Once they get to the top, they then send the elevator up with inmates. They then run out, and the cops are after them.Characterization: Alex is a good person. He was injected with pure evil, and were still able to fight it off. Alex is a good friend. He helped everyone escape, and beat the pure evils of furnace. Alex was a criminal, but I think he changed his ways. He now knows what means the most to him in life through his struggles in Furnace. He wants to go back to his family, and never commit crimes again. The warden is a nasty person. It turns out he has been turning people into monsters since World War 2. He has became immortal by having the nectar pumped into him. He realized what kind of army he could make with injecting nectar into people. He wanted to make his own army that would be nearly unstoppable due to their size. The warden is doing inhumane things to kids, which makes him a pretty bad person. Impact of Setting: The prison is in England, the year is around 2012. Being so deep in Furnace makes the book eerie. I can almost feel the terrors of Furnace just by how the place is described. It is described as being worse than hell itself. There are mutants everywhere, all of which could kill anything in a heartbeat.Recommendations: I rate this book 5 of 5 stars because it adds to the series. I really enjoyed this book. I recommend it to boys and girls of the age 13 and up. I think that they would be mature enough to read and handle what happens in this book.

  • Genna
    2019-05-23 09:45

    Personal Response:This book was a very action packed book that always kept me wondering what would happen next. I gave this book a 4 out of 5 stars, because I liked it a lot. I think that Death Sentence is such a good book, because it's very unpredictable. I would want to read the rest of this series and I plan to. Plot:Alex was put into The Warden’s infirmary where he was injected with The Warden’s "nectar". This nectar turned Alex into a superhuman, and made him forget everything that happened to him before he got the nectar. When Alex went through all of his training, he had to go through an obstacle course. At the end of the course he was forced to kill his friend Ozzie. Alex thought that he wouldn't have to kill any more people until The Warden told Alex to kill his old best friend Zee. Before Alex killed him, Zee made Alex remember who he was. Alex and Zee beat up The Warden together and run to find their other friend Simon. They went to The Warden's office, and found a blueprint of the entire Furnace. They made a route to follow, and they made it back up to the main level with all the prisoners. When they were all trying to get the elevator to the surface doors open, The Warden made contact with them on the televisions. He proposed a deal with the prisoners that if they turned Alex in, no punishments would be enforced. When they denied his deal, he sent two berserkers into the Furnace. One was black with a shell, and the other was pink with huge needles like a porcupine. Simon had been hiding a pouch of nectar for Alex, so he gave it to him to help him kill the monsters. Alex ended up killing one of the berserkers, but the other went through the elevator door, opening it for the Furnace people to go through. When everyone got outside, the police were already starting to come so Alex, Zee, and Simon ran as far away from the Furnace as possible.Characterization:Alex is the main character in this book and the story is told from his point of view. Alex is a very determined person, and he will keep any promise he makes. Zee is another important person in this book, and he is Alex's best friend. Zee is a conserved and quiet kid that Alex met when he first got into the Furnace. Simon is a rat that becomes friends with Alex and Zee. He is the one who saves Alex's life when he gives him the nectar again.Setting:The time period this book takes place in is in modern times. This is shown when the warden talks on the phone, and the Furnace has televisions in it. Most of this book takes place in Solitary which is below the Furnace. It's important that this book takes place in modern times, because if it took place in older times there wouldn't be any guns. Without guns, the Furnace wouldn't be able to control the monsters it makes so it wouldn't be able to work.Audience:I would recommend this book to anyone above the age of 14. I think both girls and boys would find this book good, because it has a lot of different twists in it that keeps the reader's attention. I wouldn't recommend that any kid under the age of 14 should read this book, because it could scare them and it could be hard for them to understand.

  • Blake Palmer
    2019-05-08 15:35

    This is the third book in the series Escape from furnace. In the last book it ended with Alex and his friends zee and simon burning in the actual furnace in furnace. This book starts with the awesome conversion of alex being put the torture of becoming a blacksuit. through the transformation alex starts to lose himself in the necter and actually enjoyed being a blacksuit. I really liked this part in the book because its a time where you get to see alex happy for once in a while. After the blacksuit transformation alex learned they are going to turn zee in to a weezer so he saves his and simon and lock the warden and the blacksuits under the main prison. while they are back they get all of the prisoners to ally and eventually escape the prison and that is where the book ends.

  • Luke Sands
    2019-05-22 16:54

    Personal ResponseI think this was a really good book because I liked how the author constantly brings more and more action. I also liked this book because the setting was great. I liked the setting because it fit well with the characters and the characters seemed to work well together in this setting.PlotDeath Sentence is the third book in a science fiction series about a teenage prisoner, named Alex. Right away Alex is punished for escaping. His punishment is a medical procedure turning him into a black suit. The warden gives him nectar to make him stronger and have no weaknesses. Alex fights this as much as he can. The warden threatens to kill him if he doesn't cooperate. Alex still tries to remember his name. After his training, he is officially a black suit, Alex realizes he knows his name and he remembers his friends. He quickly fights the warden and runs to free the rest of his friends. They wander through the prison until they find the warden's office and they find a map. The group creates an escape plan. They eventually recruit all of the other prisoners and climb the elevator to the top. They all escape, but Alex is still hears Furnace talk to him.CharacterizationAlex changed a lot throughout the book. At First Alex was an angry prisoner that hated everybody. Then he became a black suit and completely forgot who he was. He didn't care about any prisoner and he didn't mind the warden. Then he remembered his friends. He found a desire to escape. Another character that changed was the leader of the skulls, Bodie. Bodie was very hesitant of Alex and his friends. Then, once a decision had to be made to either kill them or follow them he pick their side. He helped them as much as he could and saved all of their lives by telling the prisoners they were their only hope.Impacts of the settingThe setting of this book was a futuristic world where teenagers got sent to a prison a mile underground. Nobody realized that the prison actually framed the teenagers. The Prison has been just like a huge science experiment. It used the hatred of the prisoners to make them more powerful. Furnace made the prisoners his army without them knowing. RecommendationI would recommend Death Sentence to any high school student who likes action books. This book is great for any gender, but guys will probably relate more because most of the characters are male.RatingI give this book 5 stars because it is a great book and it has a creative plot and setting. This book is also awesome because it very creative and i never saw what was coming next. This book was great.

  • Kimberly
    2019-05-17 12:01

    Escaping once was tricky, but escaping twice was a death wish. In the end of Solitary, the second book of the series, Alex, Zee, and Simon were climbing the incinerator trying to escape again when they fell. When Alex woke up, he discovered he was in the infirmary, and then noticed he was fitted with an IV of nectar. Soon, the warden would make him into a monster he never wanted to become. Alex went back and forth from operating room to infirmary bed. The first time he woke up from his first surgery, he knew something was different, his eyes weren’t his. They were silver; they belonged to a monster of Furnace. And when he healed from the surgeries, he found himself in a movie room, watching horrific films and clips. Spending hours in this room started to get to Alex. He started to forget things. He started to forget his life in Furnace, his friends, even his own name. Soon, he only thought of cruel, merciless hatred. He was becoming a monster, one of the warden’s soldiers. But to become a real blacksuit, he had to pass a test. It was a test that required Alex to end a life. When he was just about to, he remembered something; he remembered his name. This gave Alex enough strength to fight back. He teamed up with someone he never thought he’d see again and fought to get to the surface. They made it to the infirmary and found another friendly face. Together, the three boys raced against time to find a new escape route to the surface. There were so many surprising events in this book that kept me hooked the entire time. I really enjoyed this read. I was upset with the ending of the last book due to the boys getting caught, but it kept it interesting and made me want to read this one right away to see what happened next. There were so many ups and downs for the boys; at one moment they were trapped and near death and at another, they were outsmarting the warden and blacksuits. Near the end of the book, I didn’t want to stop reading; there were so many things that were going on. The author definitely surprised me with his way of ending this book. I am very intrigued to read the next book in the series.I think the audience intended for this book pertains to teenagers of both genders. It is geared toward teenagers who have optimistic, bright/creative imaginations. Since the book is mainly about teenagers who get caught up in terrific horrors at every moment, I think adults would find this book possibly childish, far-fetched, and not a fun read. Death Sentence was a fun read for me and I enjoyed it very much. I found it intriguing enough to rate it 5 stars. I hope others find it as much of a good book as I did. Now, I cannot wait to read the next book in the series.

  • Kassi Tews
    2019-04-25 08:56

    Personal Response: This was an amazing book and I loved the story line. I could not tell which way things would turn while I was reading it. It was very suspenseful and full of action. Unlike the other books in the series, they escaped the prison. Plot: Alex was being turned into a blacksuit by the wheezers. He was supposed to forget his whole life but Alex was too strong for the nectar. When the warden showed Alex around the facility, he discovered all the doorways. Alex took over the warden and found his lost friends. They set off an explosion, which trapped the warden and everything else below them. The boys had to make their way up to general population and try to open the elevator doors. Alex had to convince the inmates that he was going to break them out. When the warden finally made it back up top, the inmates began to attack. Everyone joined together to take down the warden and open the doors. The inmates went up one elevator up at a time and finally made it to Black Fort.Characterization: Zee was a very small teenager with a strong will to live. He supported Alex whenever he was coming down from the nectar. He was always picked on for not being strong enough. Zee operated all the controls to break the inmates out and everyone was surprised. Zee was a very smart boy when it came to electricity and circuit boards. He was able to motivate the group to never give up when they thought Alex was dead.Impact of Setting: The setting took place in an advanced prison called Furnace. I think this is important because we do not have that kind of technology available today. The prison was supposed to be the strongest prison in the world, but they were wrong. The area is unknown except that it was in a crack in the earth's crust next to a small town. The story took place in the lower levels of Furnace where Alex was operated on to become a Blacksuit.Thematic Connection: The theme of this story was strength and hope. Alex and the inmates needed strength in order to escape the prison. When the inmates wanted to give up, Alex gave them the strength they needed to push on. The inmates also needed hope to truly believe that they could break out of Furnace.Audience: I would recommend this book to anyone with an interest in Science Fiction. Anyone over 13 years old would be a good age to read this because it is complicating to understand.I do not think gender matters for this book because the main characters were boys and girls. I think teenagers would enjoy this more because of the characters ages. I would not recommend this to anyone afraid of gory monsters.

  • Aurora Becher
    2019-05-10 13:59

    Personal Response: This is by far my favorite book in the series. It's more interesting and has more plot twists than the other books. A lot of events in the book surprised me. I can't wait to read the next book. Plot: Alex goes through the process of turning into a suit. The process is difficult and really painful. At first he fights it. His biggest problem is that he keeps remembering who he. This causes them to keep pumping him full of nectar. Eventually, he is completely a suit. To test his abilities he is forced to kill a bunch of rats and his friend, Oscar. The anger in him from the nectar makes him unstoppable. When he is brought to a room to kill Zee something changes inside of him. Zee makes Alex remember who he is. Together they fight to escape again. Simon and a bunch of prisoners join them. They face difficult challenges and Furnace's worst creatures, but they finally escape. The prison break attracts attention. Now they are all fugitives. Characterization: Being a suit changes Alex a lot. The nectar fills him with intense anger and blood lust. He wants to kill everything in his sight. He goes from being a leader to following the warden around like a lost puppy. He feels like he fits in with the creatures of Furnace. He has a huge physical build and is inhumanly strong. He also gets silver eyes. Even when he turns back to normal he is still different. He has guilt for killing and is less fearful. He goes right back to being a leader and works on getting out. Impact of Setting: The setting takes place in Furnace. Most of it is in the underbelly of the prison. This is where the suits, weezers, and other creatures live. If it didn't take place here then Alex would not have gotten more informed about the layout of the prison. He would not have learned about the other horrible creatures. The time it takes place is in modern times. If it was not modern then it would have taken longer for people and police to find out about the prison break. More people would have fully escaped.Audience: I suggest this book to teenagers and young adults. Males will probably be more interested in it. I do not suggest any younger kids reading this. There is some scary parts. Rating: I rate this book five stars. Turning Alex into one of the creatures was a great idea. It entertained me a lot. The cliff hanger at the end was perfect. The author ended it at the right time. I did not notice any flaws.

  • Brianna Kortesmaki
    2019-05-21 11:39

    Personal Response: The book “Death Sentence” was an ok book. It did take me much longer to read this one than it took me to read the first two books of the “Escape From Furnace” series. I feel like this book didn't have as much excitement or action as the other books did. Honestly I did go through parts of “Death Sentence” where I just skimmed the paragraph because I didn't find it that interesting. Summary: In the book “Death Sentence” Alex undergoes the blacksuit procedure, while Simon, Zee, and Ozzie are locked up. With the nectar going through Alex’s veins he starts to forget his old life, including his name. Instead of his mind being filled with memories of his life prior to Furnace, it is filled with the lust for power. Even though Alex has gone through the surgical stage of becoming a blacksuit, he still had to pass the mental stage. In this test Alex had to kill many rats and Ozzie. After Alex killed Ozzie he did feel guilt, and because of that the warden wasn't sure if he was ready. The next test that Alex had to go through was killing Zee. In the process of doing so, Alex started to remember things. He was remembering life before he was pumped with nectar, which the warden didn’t want. Alex remembered his name and why he was trying to escape in the first place, he realized who the bad guys really were. Now that Alex remembered what he was supposed to be doing, he resumed trying to escape. Alex, Zee, Simon, and the other inmates were trying everything they could do to escape. As they were doing so, Alex was beginning to feel weak due to the lack of nectar. Simon went through the same thing and said that you could either go totally crazy, or return as you were before the nectar. Of course Alex was still going to be packed with artificial muscles, but his personality and original strength would return.Finally after trial and error Alex, Simon, Zee, and the other inmates defeated their enemies. They reached the front gate, they thought they were free, but in reality this was only the beginning. As Alex was running away from Furnace all he heard in his head was,” I am coming for you”. Recommendations:I would recommend this book to the ages 13+ just because of the language, and some of the situations. I don't really think that this book was really written towards any certain gender, but if I had to choose I would say that “Death Sentence” leans more towards the male population.

  • Desiree Roe
    2019-04-27 17:05

    Alex, Zee, and Simon tried to escape at the end of Solitary, but were captured by the warden and brought to the Infirmary, where the warden turns boys into Blacksuits. The warden is furious that Alex was able to break free not once, but twice. Now the warden is going to have him turned into a Blacksuit, undergoing the mysterious surgical procedures that will turn him into a powerful creature of Furnace. Of course, there is also the risk that Alex won’t survive the procedure. Alex is injected with a substance called nectar, which, along with the surgical and psychological procedures he undergoes, will turn him into a Blacksuit. He becomes stronger than he ever thought he could, and is filled with anger. He begins to see how weak he used to be and how weak the boys in the Furnace are, and loves the feeling of power he’s been given. He likes feeling that he belongs, finally, as the Blacksuits accept him as one of them. However, there is a memory from his former life that he can’t shake – a boy from the beginning of this time in Furnace, telling him that whatever they do to him in Furnace, to hold on to his name, to remember who he is.No matter how many times Alex tries to escape he always ends up back in the prison. His plans are brilliant but, the warden is seemingly quicker and smarter. Alex has an incredible drive to get out of this prison but he would be nothing without his friends. They carry his dead weight when he can’t seem to pick himself up and they are the reason he keeps his head clear enough to realize what is happening to himself throughout the process of becoming a Blacksuit.This book takes place in modern day America. For a large portion of the book Alex and his friends are still in the Furnace but they are in a new playground of horrors. Now they have to escape the infirmary and the Wheezers that call it home. With what little luck and skill they have left will this rag-tag bunch of misfits manages to make their way out and up to the surface again? Only time will tell.A theme for this book could be either imprisonment or escape. Alex is constantly trying to avoid one and accomplish the other without defaulting back to imprisonment. I recommend this book to young adults (16-19) because of the large amount of gore and violence. I think this book was an amazing read and is something to look forward to reading.

  • Tyler Mix
    2019-05-09 13:04

    Personal response:I thought this book was good. I thought Alex would go along with the Warden for sure, but instead he recognized what was happening to him. He fought his way back to being himself.I was on edge the whole book and that is the best kind of book. I will read the series again for sure.Plot:Alex was captured previously and was experimented on. Alex had to face the warden of furnace, but with this time a proud warm feeling of accomplishment. He was accomplished because he became a black suit or soldier of the Furnace. The warden treated “Alex” like his son, but Alex was no longer there. Only, Alex, the black suit remained who thought of the warden as a father. Later he discovered a way to communicate with himself. He, for the most part, could not overpower the serum to gain self control until the Warden tried to make him kill Zee. Then Alex gained control of his new found power and killed the guarding black suits and punched the Warden hard in the gut. Alex then got Zee and ran to the elevator to the cells. When they got to the elevator, Simon was already there. They tried to get out but had to leave Zee behind to bypass the doors. Just as Zee got through, a bunch of black suits barged in. After a long fight the prisoners won and blew them up. Then Mr. Furnace dropped down two berserkers that almost killed everyone until Alex took some more nectar and killed one and severely injured the other. Then Alex helped the prisoners out by climbing up the now cleared elevator shaft. When he reached the top, he sent the elevator down and brought the prisoners up.Impacts of setting:This book takes place in an underground facility built to hold under aged people and experiment on them. The time in which this takes place is in the 20th century.Characterization:Alex whom is the main character of the story, has been placed in this prison for the murder of his best friend Toby even though he is framed for it. For punishment he is put in the Furnace. Zee remained himself. Simon is still a half-mutated kid who tries his hardest to get out and in the end succeeds in doing so.Recommendation:I would recommend this book for any person in their teen years who likes fantasy books. This book is definitely a book that will keep anyone on edge.

  • Landon Davis
    2019-05-08 13:57

    "Death Sentence" is one of my favorite books that I have read. This book is the third book in a five-book series. It was published in 2009, so it is fairly recent. In this review I will address the author's purpose, theme, style, and my overall opinion of this book. The theme of this book isn't obvious. I think it's really up to the reader's interpretation. One of the key quotes in this book is, "Don't forget your name". The protagonist and narrator, Alex, faces choosing between good and evil. This is such a struggle for him, and the end result is surprising. He chooses both the paths in a way, but good still prevails. The way I perceived the theme was, there is going to be temptations, whether it be for power or anything else, but if you can resist them, you will be rewarded. The author's purpose for writing this is mainly to entertain. Yes, there is more to this than just the entertainment aspect, but this book's purpose was to entertain. This book did its purpose well. I was hooked and couldn't wait to get to the end.The style of this book is description. The author, Alexander Gordon Smith, does a great job of describing. He really draws in the reader. I could imagine every scene in my head. All the scenes depicted may not have been pretty, but I could envision each creature in my mind. The author did a excellent job. I really enjoyed the read. I was able to finish it in a matter of a few days. I liked the first two books in this series, and this one followed suite. What I really loved about this book was it always kept me wanting to read more, "on my toes," if you will. I was always wanting to find out what happened next. The only criticism was this novel was a bit boring in the beginning, but the story ended great. I wouldn't really make any changes to this book, it's a well written book. Yes, this book was obviously similar to another book I have read, and those would be the other two in the series. Overall the book was truly captivating, although I would not suggest "Death Sentence" for those who are easily grossed out. Other than that, I would recommend this book to anyone.