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Staked with pictures of ancient artifacts like the Japanese Dogu sculpture and archeological findings across the globe....

Title : In Search of Ancient Gods: My Pictorial Evidence for the Impossible
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ISBN : 9780285621343
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 249 Pages
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In Search of Ancient Gods: My Pictorial Evidence for the Impossible Reviews

  • Max Nemtsov
    2019-01-07 08:47

    Читать ебанину, конечно, — любимое развлечение, хоть надолго и не хватает. В случае с Дэникеном, правда, еще раз убеждаешься, до чего прекрасный он популяризатор, чего — неважно. Научная ебанина от ненаучной (или псевдонаучной) ебанины отличается мало чем, а Дэникен на научность и не претендует — он просто утверждает, что верит в будущее (и прошлое заодно). Его риторический ретрофутуризм (очень забавны его рассуждения о космических полетах, генной инженерии и компьютерах — дело, напомню, происходит в конце 1960-х годов) будет похлеще любой НФ. Разница в том, что он не просто на этом зарабатывает, как авторы фикций, а честно, судя по всему, в это верит.В этом продолжении «Колесниц богов» он опять ссылается на советских ученых, конечно. Они тогда играли нынешнюю роль «британских ученых». У западных ебанатов с советскими учеными был весьма занимательный симбиоз: западная наука к ним всерьез не относилась, поэтому за легитимизацией своих находок, идей, фанаберий и фантазий они ездили за железный занавес. А советская наука долгое время исходила из того, что если западная буржуазная наука что-то ругает, значит, дело это хорошее, передовое, надо брать.Странно, что Илья Кукулин в своем недавнем прекрасном интервью ( о сращивании советских ИТР с оккультизмом, эзотерикой и прочей «ебун-травой» (тм), об этом синдроме детского негативизма не обмолвился. Но ведь и писатель Казанцев (ладно, этот-то не бог весть какой ученый был), и Вячеслав Зайцев, и Иосиф Шкловский, будучи легитимными учеными, шли на серьезный контакт — и с Дэникеном, и с Эндрю Томасом. На что они рассчитывали и как им это удавалось без последствий от «ученых в штатском»? Или последствия были? Или они сами были «учеными в штатском»? Загадки, загадки…

  • Priscilla
    2019-01-09 11:00

    I wanted to enjoy this book - I really did. I wanted it to be a fun romp through outlandishly terrible misinterpretations of real evidence. But it's just so, so, so, so bad. The writing is just so, so, so, so bad. Hell, even the formatting is so, so bad, to the point where it's sometimes impossible to tell when one paragraph has ended and another one has begun. And it's not just misinterpretations - it's the complete lack of understanding even in the most basic sense what some of the artifacts/evidence are, such as somewhere around page 14 when von Daniken refers to some piece of ancient Egyptian text or carving and talks about the "cuneiform" writing of the piece. Um, cuneiform? That's frickin' ancient SUMERIAN writing, dude, that was made by pressing a triangular stylus into clay tablets. The Egyptians wrote in HIEROGLYPHICS - pictorial symbols that overtime became stylized into various versions of the original writing - that were carved into stone and or painted onto surface. And don't even ask me about all the illustrations (this book has hundreds, total) that are just dropped in there, numbered of course, with no justification, explanation, caption, or link to the text. IDIOT. Why did I keep struggling through to the end?

  • David Mcdowell
    2019-01-01 07:54

    Actually read this straight after 'Gold of the Gods' and that review was for both.I made a typo there at first: "Golf of the Gods" - now that's a book I want to read :DWho would you have in a 4-ball?I see Zeus and Thor for the classic gods perhaps up against a couple of newbies such as Allah & Ganesh(P.S. I notice Ganesh is the Remover of Obstacles so perhaps he gets free drops!)

  • Signor Mambrino
    2019-01-04 05:49

    This book was pretty dumb. I read it quickly over the course of two evenings and I found myself restless towards the end because it was so stupid. Some of the photos are really cool though. I also enjoyed reading the part about ezekiel but i think Daniken's explanation of this biblical event is no less dumb than any others. The book is based on a cool hypothesis but none of the examples given in this book are remotely convincing. You would have to be a complete moron to believe this rubbish.

  • Rouelle
    2019-01-10 10:32

    I was so lost.I couldn't understand what point he was trying to make in some chapters, BUT! I did enjoy reading the bits where he explains some passages, stories and ancient writings in connection to the aliens. The scientific parts, I skipped through. maybe that's why I was so lost, but a fun read nonetheless.

  • Drew Martin
    2019-01-19 06:51

    ...the information contained in the book was really good, there was less speculations and opinions, and more information so to speak. this edition was hard to read due to the way it was edited. not only was the editing poor in spots, but there were no chapters. this edition read like a very long essay, and while I didn't find it boring, without chapters it was a bit tedious to get through...

  • Michelle Tempted By Books
    2018-12-26 07:48

    I love pictures. I tended to not read the explanation of the pictures until after I looked at them and formed my own opinions. Some of Daniken's are a bit far reaching for me while others weren't too hard to see. I am really enjoying the opinions and ideas so once again I give this book a top rating.

  • Pingwin98
    2019-01-04 10:35

    This is a book sincerely worth reading - full of astonishing facts that stimulate reflection about the unfathomable past of the planet.

  • Felicia
    2019-01-15 07:59

    Really informative book. The picture quality stinks but then again it's an older book and back then.... I love the way that Von Daniken speaks. It's easy to understand what he is telling you.If you want proof that Aliens visited the Earth many many many years ago then read his books.

  • Angie
    2019-01-13 06:43

    Theres a review on the back of this book that describes it as 'audacious', I also got this book for free at an op-shop. I mean, think about that. The original owner didn't want this book, and neither did the op-shop. That should tell you a little something about this book.It's a good thing my bookshelf is a home for unloved books.So, this is basically an explanation for gods and religion. And the explanation is obviously.... aliens.But my own theory is that it was time-travellers from the future.Fun stuff.

  • Michael
    2019-01-10 07:39

    Seek and ye shall find whatever it is you are looking for - especially if you make up the evidence, ignore the most likely "mainstream" explanation and suspend any critical faculty you might possess. Yes, then the impossible becomes possible.

  • Gali
    2019-01-05 07:36

    I was hoping for something that would make me chuckle but, after only about 10 pages, all I could do was put the book down and never pick it up again because the author just makes such huge leaps that it can't even be taken as a comedic thing.

  • Guadaloupe
    2018-12-29 11:47

    Es realmente valioso gráficamente e incluso por ciertos datos históricos objetivos, sin embargo el autor no es nada claro y demasiado redundante. Anyway, viva los aliens!

  • Alicia
    2019-01-17 03:58

    as a science fiction enthusiast and a free thinker, i found this book to be thought provoking and fun to read.

  • Brent
    2018-12-23 07:55

    No footnotes, flagrant misreadings and willful deception. von Daniken is a nut. Not even sure why I read though his books. I think it was an adolescent thirst for forbidden knowledge.