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Alisa is a five-thousand-year-old vampire, stronger and more cunning than her adversaries. But now she's trapped in the body of a newborn vampire and at the mercy of a terrible thirst. Worst of all, she's facing enemies whose fierce desire for domination grows ever stronger.The immortal race the Telar is threatening to release a virus to decimate humanity. But Alisa and heAlisa is a five-thousand-year-old vampire, stronger and more cunning than her adversaries. But now she's trapped in the body of a newborn vampire and at the mercy of a terrible thirst. Worst of all, she's facing enemies whose fierce desire for domination grows ever stronger.The immortal race the Telar is threatening to release a virus to decimate humanity. But Alisa and her friends can't take down the Telar on their own, and they must turn to the mysterious organization the IIC for help. But the IIC has secrets of its own and may have ulterior motives.With two rivals and no one to trust, Alisa must rely on her dark side to defeat them. But it could cost her life, or her soul......

Title : The Shadow of Death
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ISBN : 9781442413191
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The Shadow of Death Reviews

  • Gracie
    2019-04-26 14:11

    Omg!!!!!!! IS THAT THE COVER?! IS THAT MATT?!!!?!?!?!?!?!? GOD DAM HE'S SEXY! LOL. Sita looks weird though...

  • LiteraryObsession
    2019-04-28 13:18

    In 1996, with The Last Vampire: Creatures of Forever, Christopher Pike concluded Sita's story. In 2010, he showed us all that Sita's story was not, in fact, over. As if that wasn't enough, he also promised another book, another extension of the series, a glimpse of something more. In 2011, he delivered on that promise...and Sita's story, it seems, is concluded once again.Or is it? I feel now just as I felt fifteen years ago as a thirteen year old girl finishing a beloved series. Things are all wrapped up nicely. There's a pretty bow tied around this beautiful tale and it seems, truly, as if the end has been reached. But I was convinced then that it was the last of the last vampire, and I was proved wrong. I have to say at this point, though I do believe Sita's tale is fully told, that I hope against hope Mr. Pike is able to continue forward from where Thirst No. 4 ends and that I am wrong again.Thirst No. 4 picks up exactly where Thirst No. 3 left off. There's clues enough through the book, though, that even if it's been a year since you read No. 3, you should easily be able to follow everything that's currently happening. As I said in my review of Thirst No. 3: The Eternal Dawn, I know that not everything Christopher Pike writes is a masterpiece and obviously the man's writing has some flaws. This book, though, is just fantastic. The pace is spot on - not too fast, not too slow. Like most everything of his that I've read, the story grabs you by the neck and yanks you so deep inside its complex web that you're unable to surface again until the very end when you're left sputtering and gasping, yearning for just a tiny iota more and yet ultimately feeling satisfied.The Last Vampire series is dark yet beautiful, charged with emotion, gripping, and utterly remarkable. Sita's story is tragic, fantastic, and magical and I feel honored that Mr. Pike chose to share her life with us.Read it, people.

  • Taneika
    2019-04-24 11:02

    More of my reviews can be found at Flipping Through the Pages!Firstly, I will try to leave out spoilers in this review as I haven't reviewed the first four but this will probably just be a ran trying to contain my love for the genius that is Mr. Pike. Oh, and I will quite happily read the first four again even if it wasn't for reviewing purposes :)Secondly, the "Thirst" covers are seriously ugly and having two seperate releases, The Last Vampire and Thirst for the same story is ANNOYING. All of my copies of Sita's story is the Last Vampire edition and now The Shadow of Death is only Thirst? WTF. THIS ANNOYS ME PEOPLE. STICK WITH ONE EDITION! Plus, the chick on The Last Vampire is 100947x hotter than the chick on Thirst. Sweeping statement... THIS BOOK IS BRILLIANT FROM START TO FINISH!! I was so so excited to read this book and after finishing this book, I had to calm down. Every book in this series gets me so worked up that by the time I finish I'm practially gasping for air. No word of a lie. Mr. Pike just manages to drag the reader so deep under that reading this series is one of the most wonderful reading experiences ever.To those who haven't heard of this series, I'll brief you... Sita is the main character, she is a 5000 year old vampire, has been through a lot, is extremely powerful and has made some awesome buddies along the way, the main awesome buddy being an author named Seymour, in which she has a psychic connection with.The story begins EXACTLY where the last one left us (which was one of the worst and BEST cliffhangers of all time) and subtley reminds us of everything that happened in the last book. Mr. Pike is amazing at doing this, he reminds us what happened in the last book without giving a full blown info dump at the beginning of the book and without giving us "My name is Sita and I am 5000 years old and I am blonde and stuff" like other books, because quite honestly, WE DON'T WANT ANOTHER DESCRIPTION OF THE CHARACTERS APPEARANCE. There were so many twists and turns in this installment and I found myself so involved in the story that I would dream about it and worry for the characters when I went to bed at night (No, I'm not crazy, just extremely invested in the characters!). This installment, in addition to all the others, had a lot of religious qualities to it. I am an athiest, if somebody is religious, that's awesome. However, if somebody tries to shove their religion down my throat, tells me I'm going to burn in hell for my sins or even puts an excerpt from the bible in my mailbox (this happened about a week ago), THEN I no longer care what the person has to say about their religion. Christopher Pike talks religion and I have a feeling he is very religious, however he writes about it in a way that is not the above. The religion talk and mention of god - or Krishna, the devil, Lucifer, angels and demons in this series makes me want to learn more, I love it, I love this kind of mythology (I say this as an athiest, please don't take any offence) and what's even more amazing about Mr. Pike is that he is clearly open to the idea that there is 'one god' and that god is the same as other gods in other religions, that all religions have the same basic belief of the divine. As I said, I personally do not believe in god but this series presents religion in a beautiful, personal way to Sita.In regards to some spoilers, which I'm not mentioning as this is (possibly, I HOPE NOT) the last book in the series, I had a feeling about Shanti as soon as the original book was present again (this will not make sense to those who have not read the book) but I could absolutely not prepare myself for what actually happened!I really really really hope this isn't the last installment and I have a feeling it's not, simply due to the fact that Mr. Pike has been constantly teasing us about John, Paula and the CII video game. I am going to use my own psychic abilities here and predict there will be a next book and it will answer some of my questions about the above.Overall, I want more Sita, I always want more Sita. She is easily one of my all time favourite characters and I want more of her amazing story. Thankyou Christopher Pike for giving us Last Vampire fans yet another brilliant story.BONUS TIME!!Open the cover of Thirst 1 and open the cover of The Last Vampire and tell me which Sita you think is better looking (or just which cover is nicer). My vote goes to number two!!

  • Branwen Sedai *of the White Ajah*
    2019-05-02 15:22

    Sita, now alive but residing in Teri's body, bands together with her friends to make a last stand against the Telar and the IIC. Both companies are bent on world domination and they will stop at nothing to reach their goals.Wow. Reading this book affected me pretty profoundly. As with the other books in this series, there are alot of references to Krishna and morals/ethics, which I find refreshing. Christopher Pike does a great job doing this, because it isn't shoved down your throat or make you feel uncomfortable reading it. At one point in this book, right before Sita lodges herself in Teri's body, she finds her life being judged. The Scale measures the deeds in your life; diamonds fall to one side of the scale for your good deeds, and black pearls fall to the other side to represent your bad deeds. Whichever ways heavier on the scale at the end determines whether you go to paradise or hell. This idea is origianlly Egyptian in origin, but the author does a great job creatively imagining it to work with this story. This description is done so vividly that after I was done reading I couldn't help but sit on my couch with my eyes closed for a while wondering, "How would my life measure out? Have I done more good things than bad things? Am I really a good person?" I feel like these are thoughts not normaly provoked when reading alot of books these days and I am blown away at how much of an impact I think this would make on a young person reading this. I think it is important every once in a while to stop and measure the content of your life. So many days are just filled with the hustle and bustle of life that most people don't take a moment to just stop and think about it, you know? So while I really enjoyed the story, even more did I enjoy the feelings and thoughts it provoked when completed.

  • Phil Ansell
    2019-05-05 15:12

    Where to start?? Firstly I'm not really sure what to make of this latest Last Vampire novel, I was really looking forward to reading it as it's one of my favourite series of books and the previous one was great. But this book left me feeling a little confused and disappointed about what I had just read.The book picks up exactly where The Eternal Dawn finished, and since it was quite a few months ago when I read it I couldn't remember what had actually happened and this book didn't do much of a re-cap. I would recommend re-reading The Eternal Dawn just so you have a clue about what is going on when you pick this book up.So Sita is now in Teri's body and the story continues with Sita/Teri and her friends going after both the Telar and the IIC. I won't give anymore of the plot away though. The parts where things actually happened were great, and just like the other Last Vampire Novels. Where I thought this book stumbled though was the seemingly endless amount of exposition throughout. About 70% of the book was the group of characters just sitting around listening to explanations. Now I know it was necessary for the reader to understand the background of why things were as they were and how things came about but surely there must have been a better way for us to discover this than have a character sit and tell us. Maybe I'm just being picky, because of my high expectations, but I don't remember the rest of the books in the the series being like this. Usually it's more action with exposition interspersed, this book seemed the opposite.I thought that the character of Matt was severly underused, especially with what he is and what he can do, but he was missing for half the book, then didn't really do anything when he was in it.I enjoyed the Spirituality that was included, as I always do with Pike books, and it plays a massive part in this book, I did find it pretty complex and combined with the fringe science elements of the array, the weapon used by the IIC, it was sometimes a little difficult to get my head round it all.Overall I was disappointed with this book, I think I expected more, and was certainly left wanting more. It could easily be a conclusion to the series, but cleverly Pike has made it possible to continue the series, and I hope he will. I just hope it's an improvement on this book.

  • Logan
    2019-05-03 16:08

    This book was SO fucking awesome! I'm going to do my English Book Report on it. Ahem, anyway, it had SO many twists and turns. Just a page before Sita found out, I was like, "HOLY SHIT! SHANTI'S THE RAT!" And the whole Tarana/Lucifer thing. Who saw that coming? Well, actually, I did. But still!And the ending!! He left room for a sequel! WILL THERE BE A SEQUEL? TELL ME, CHRISTOPHER, TELL ME!Okay, I'm done acting like a spazz now.Seriously, though. I would definitely read the fifth.P.S., I have come to the conclusion that the girl on the cover, is a different model. The other woman had fuller lips, a skinnier nose, and I think, a different eye shape.

  • Rachael
    2019-05-15 08:23

    I really have enjoyed reading The Last Vampire Series. Thirst 4: The Shadow of Death left me a little disappointed because there wasn’t as much action as I expected based on the previous books and the battle I was expecting with the Telar and IIC. I still enjoyed reading about Sita’s last journey/adventure and was glad to see some of the story lines closed up.Thirst 4 was fast paced and once I started it, I didn’t want to put it down. There were a few slow spots though when characters were discussing what to do or getting back stories on the events leading to the development of the IIC. I expected Matt to play a greater role and was once again disappointed when he wasn’t as active in the story. I loved the Egyptian Mythology that was used in the book, such as the underworld that Sita traveled to, and the religious references and ethical dilemmas that Sita and her gang had to deal with. The only question is will there be another Last Vampire book? It is stated that this will be the final installment but based on the ending I think that Pike left it open ended in case he decided, like he has before, to re-visit Sita in the future. Overall I rate this book a 3.5.

  • Maria Paul
    2019-04-29 11:19

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MAtt Looks absolutely gorgeous:)......very drool-worthy;).....and Sita i have to agree looks weird....almost constipated-like......but i guess it not really sita....technically its Teri...or maybe she gets gher body back??....IDK but its killing me i need to have this book or i will die!!...ive been waiting forever! UGH!!!! This is torture...HURRY UP CHRISTOPHER PIKE!

  • Hamza
    2019-05-12 08:22

    Sarışın Vampir No.4: ÖLÜMÜN GÖLGESİ okundu. Christopher Pike yazarda okunmaz mı? Bitti ama keşke bitmeseydi… Ahh, olamaz böyle bir kitap. Ben bu seriyi çok seviyorum. Fantastik Edebiyat dünyasına Sita gibi bir karakter bir daha gelmez. O kadar güçlü bir karakter ki okurken hayran oluyorsunuz. Yazarın dili çok akıcı , çevirisi ise çok güzeldi. Okurken sorun yaşamıyorsunuz…Aslında ben bu seriye başlarken çok tereddütlüydüm hiç unutmuyorum Mayıs’ın son haftasıydı 2011 yılıydı. Ama şöyle söyleyeyim. Kitap vampir kitabı değil yani örnek vermek gerekirse bir Alacakaranlık serisi , Vampir Akademisi , Gece Evi serisi gibi vampirliği konu alan bir kitap değil. Kitap daha çok mısır ve hint mitolojisi ağırlıklı. Kitabın baş karakteri Sita Hindistan doğumlu yaşayan son vampir . Kitap’ta bolca Krişna,Radha ve daha bir sürü hint ve mısır tanrıların isimlerini duyuyorsunuz.Serinin üçüncü kitabını okuyan çok iyi bilir nasıl bittiğini. Başlarken acaba ne olacak ne bitecek diye kafanızdaki sorularla ve tabii ki cevapları ile birlikte bir bakmışınız bitirmişsiniz kitabı. Serinin bu kitabında Sita , Telarları yenebilmek için SYK’nın Düzen’inden yararlanıyor. Sırf Düzen’i kullanabilmek için SYK ile anlaşma yapıyor. Yazar üçüncü kitapta Düzen’in nasıl işlediğinden çok bahsetmemişti ama bu kitapta derinlemesine anlatıyor. İnanın okurken tüyleriniz diken diken oluyor. Düzen’in nasıl işlediğini anladığınızda ürküyorsunuz. Kitapta bir başka sevdiğim karakter ise Umara oldu. Umara ,Sita’nın yaratıcısı olan Yakşanın Telar karısı. Ve birde bunların oğullarını seriyi okuyanlar bilir – Matt ( Keşava) var.Seymour Dorsten ve Sita favori karakterlerim. Sonundan bahsetmek istemiyorum hiç bilmediğiniz tahmin dahi edemediğiniz bir şeyler gerçekleşiyor…. Tek diyebileceğim bence hiç vakit kaybetmeden başlayan bu seriye. Özellikle mitoloji seven arkadaşlar mutlaka kaçırmayın. Bu arada serinin YETİŞKİN OKURLAR için olduğunu söylememe gerek yoktur umarım. Keyifli okumalar dilerim.

  • Brittany Terrazas
    2019-04-30 14:11

    If you read my review for the first book this is almost the exact same word for word. I don't know how this whole series ever got published and it was only stubbornness on my part that got me this far. The whole series is beyond ridiculous that I had to see how it ends. Normally I would have been able to read all 4 books in a week. A year later I still can't get myself to finish the last book. I'm so glad I didn't spend any money on these. If I had my $ would have been better spent if I just ate it. The series started out ok to begin with but just spiraled into an abysmal mess as it went on. There is WAY too much going on in just 4 books. Vampires, time travel, aliens, inhabiting a descendent's body, mind powers, Jesus Christ (other similar representations from other religions too), and more. That alone should stop you right there. Not to mention everyone the main character loves and tries to save always dies. It's pathetic really. I'm insane for trying to read the whole thing. I'll probably want to burn the books if/when I ever finish reading the last one.Update: So I never actually finished this series. I just discovered a fifth book and I refuse. No more. It's just too much...way too freakin much. Please God let there be no more. This trash is ridiculous. It could have actually been something decent at one point but....I'm done.

  • Alyssa Wallace
    2019-05-04 09:18

    I honestly couldn't decide what to give this book. I highly anticipated it for like a year, but once I started reading it I was bored. Alisa wasn't as much as a bad ass in this book as she normally is, and it was pretty much all about the telar and what not..too much history and not enough action. I feel like this book was not necessary. I really hope this series is done because up until this book Thirst has been one of my favorite series.

  • Makiya
    2019-05-17 13:59

    Hello, friends. I haven't finished this book. Honestly ever since I updated I haven't read anything. It was putting me in a slump; a bad slump. Which lead to my lack of activity on here. Starting on Monday though I'm gonna start An Ember In The Ashes. I've heard nothing but great things, so hopefully it'll pull me out. Good day to you all. :)

  • Evan
    2019-04-27 13:13

    Before I go into this book, you need to understand something: I've been reading Christopher Pike since seventh grade. That's 18 years! The fact he's still writing baffles me, however I'm beginning to wonder if it's a ghost writer. I'm going to do a quick Google search to see if anything comes up, I'll be right back...Based on my vague research, it seems that he is merely 51. He's still kicking. Which is nice, because I actually like his books. They're totally bizarre, they're not afraid to get spiritual on you and they're kind of weird. One of my favorite series by Christopher Pike was called "The Last Vampire." It was a six-book series that lasted from 1994 and ended on 1996. With the excitement of vampires again in the late 2000's, they were re-released in "omnibus" editions. The first three books were called "Thirst, No. 1" and the last three books were in "Thirst, No. 2." To my surprise, I found out that they were going to release "Thirst, No. 3." To my knowledge, there never was a seventh novel. That's because "Thirst No. 3" is the seventh novel. I read that 500+ whopper in two days. It was a thrill and although it wasn't the best book in the series, I enjoyed every second of it. The "Thirst No. 4: The Shadow of Death" just came out earlier in August, and it was the first book I bought for my Nook. I felt a little guilty buying it e-style, but now that I've finished it...I'm glad I did. I don't know if I would want this "final" edition to clutter my already-cramped book shelf. It took a far-reaching plot line even further. In "No. 3", we're introduced to a race of beings that have been living under our noses for forever. They are a danger to Earth and they need to be stopped. Enter Sita, the last vampire, who is going to stop them. Except, at the end of "Thirst No. 3" we find our main character, Sita, dead. But not completely because she is somehow still clinging on to life through the body of her friend all Freaky Friday style. Except her friend is actually dead and Sita is just taking over her never mind the Freaky Friday reference. Since you've never read the series, I'm sure, I'll spare you the gory details. Pike creates his own take on psychics and makes psychic children evil, Sita gets her body back and she also saves the day. I can't forget that Pike uses a lot of Hindu inspirations in these novels, and while "No. 3" didn't have as much Hindu-spiration, Pike makes up for it with Sita and her love for Krishna in "No. 4." This part is interesting and enjoyable because Sita fights a battle with herself trying to figure out if she is good or if she is evil. The end of the world may be right around the corner, but darn it, Sita can't handle dying tagged as a "bad guy." It's a fun series. I recommend it, but only if you realize you're not picking up Classic Literature. And if you like vampires of the non-sparkle variety that don't control their love interests.

  • Meaghan R. (YA-aholic)
    2019-05-22 16:15

    so excited to start this book!!!! had to put the other book i'm reading on hold.i love this series, and i think it's now my favorite series that i far, i love how this book picks up right after the other one left off. i don't think more than 24hours has lapsed. and upon reading the first page, i instantly remembered everything from the previous one.*FINISHED READING*AB-SO-LUTE-LY-A-MA-ZING!i'm so sad that the series is over, but who knows, maybe in ten years Pike will have another story for Sita.I'm sad because i love Sita's story and want more.however, the ending was great. very final, like the ending of the original series.I kind of had a feeling about (view spoiler)[ Shanti when she showed up with the original book, (hide spoiler)] but i never would have guessed the way that part turned out!i was wondering where the Cradle was getting their extra boost from and thought it would have been (view spoiler)[ John, but they state that he played to let them know he was there. so, he was immune to the subliminal messages?(hide spoiler)] i would have liked a little more from that section, but i suppose that could have been made into a whole different book.I was completely fascinated throughout the entire book and couldn't put it down. (i ignored my mom all weekend, which was okay for once because she was completely wrapped up in fins are forever!)I just want more Sita!!!! i feel the way i did after the original ending, i was heartbroken that it was over, but couldn't complain, be upset, or angry over the way in which it ended. it was the perfect ending. I may have wanted an epilogue (or a second epilogue) (view spoiler)[ for an update on seymour and matt and john and paula, and maybe a glimpse behind the door (hide spoiler)] but i guess that's what our own imaginations are for.

  • Addie R.
    2019-05-17 14:58

    I can honestly say that this was the best book in the whole Thirst/Last Vampire series! Instead of Sita's repeating first line, "My name is Alisa Perne and I'm a 5,000 year old vampire...," it starts off right where it left off.This was a very fast-paced book. Once I started it pulled me right in and kept me there. I didn't like how Sita was now in Teri's body. She just wasn't the same strong, almost-invincible-Sita; although I was curious as to how she would defeat the Telar in a newborn vampire's body.The only bad thing I would say about this book was that some of things that happened seemed unnessary to put in the story. For example, Sita needing blood because of her now being a newborn. I understand that since she's a newborn she wants blood more badly, but does that seriously need a whole chapter? I will be honest and say that it still made the book fast-paced and held my interest, but it just did not seemed needed in the plot.I learned a lot more about the IIC, as well as their array and their new weapon, the cradle. The way the array and cradle work is so complex that I found mysel a little brain dead while they were explaining it to me, but I was able to grasp the overall concept. And I was so excited when Sita got to take control on the cradle! The whole process of leading it was so interesting!The ending was amazing!! I was literally rendered speechless and even had chills down my spine! This book definatley had a dark and eerie feel to it that I loved!Overall, I loved this book as well as the other three in the series. Pike's way of writing is so unique and complex, that it made me run through all three of the books.I definatley recommend this series to anyone who likes a kick-ass heroine and wants a not-so-traditional vampire story.

  • Alexis
    2019-05-18 14:18

    This adition to the thirst books was really good. The Thirst series continues to be one of my favorites. It starts off slowly and there isn't a lot of action like in the first two books but it gets better. Now that I've finished the book I realize how important the beginning of the book is. It gives you important information that you will need for the ending of the book. There is a lot of surprising twists and turns that makes the book interesting and I had to force myself to put it down towards the middle of the book it got so good.Sita is forced to use logic a lot in this book and rely on her faith in Krishna through out the book to accomplish the impossible. I really loved how she had to put together a lot of different facts and incidents to defeat her enemys. There is a lot of relgious aspects to the book that I liked and it made me think about things which got me more involved with the books and be more emotionally attached to Sita. What I really didn't like about this book was the beginning how she wasn't in her original body and wasn't the all powerful Sita. It was important to the story though and I see know why the author choose to go about this. I also didn't like how slowly the book started out and there was a lot of conversation and information build up which caused me to read the book more slow then I would of liked. It was still a very good book and I loved it along with the other 3 volumes. The ending was left open and I feel like later on there will be another volume because I can't see why Christopher Pike would leave the ending open like that and not give Sita one last adventure.

  • colleen the convivial curmudgeon
    2019-04-24 14:05

    I definitely thought this book was better than the last one, but I still found myself not loving it.This one doesn't drag nearly as bad as book #3 - and I think that's because book 3 is really a lot of set-up for the stuff that goes down in this book.That said, I found the climax kind of anti-climactic, and I'm not sure how I feel about the ambiguous, open ending. On one hand I thought it was kinda cool, but on the other hand I felt it was sort of a gimmicky way to leave the series open for possible future installments (without having to do a weird ret-con kind of thing again).The biggest problem is that I still didn't feel entirely invested in these characters, so it's all a little meh at times.That said, there was some tension and some believable twists this time around (as opposed to some of the more out-there things we've been subjected to throughout this series), so it had some good bits, too.The multiple spiritual realities thing was kinda interesting, too, and one thing I've liked through all of the series (excepting when it gets a little bit beyond the realm of believability once or twice) is the spiritual aspect of the story - and I'm glad that that was a big part of this 'final' book.If more books come out I'll probably end up reading them - but I certainly didn't love the series as much as I did the first time I read it however many years ago.

  • Johi
    2019-05-24 15:00

    This book was a blur of Telar, IIC, the Array, the Cradle and the Lens, and demons and the devil himself! But I read most of it in one sitting, so at least it kept me interested. This book is a continuation of the previous, in which nothing got resolved. In this one, finally!! Things get taken care of! The good guys triumph and the bad guys lose!Or do they?There is leftover plot for the next book but at least there's a sense of conclusion from the main storylines. And I see the shadow of a love story brewing there too. So I read on...

  • hayden
    2019-04-24 15:03

    Glad to see I can restore my faith in good old Mr. Pike.After the disappointments that were WITCH WORLD and its slightly-better sequel, BLACK KNIGHT, it's relieving to read a good -- no, great, Pike novel and justify my obsession with him. (The next eight books I read will be his, too.) It's great to know that even after a gap of a couple years, I can still find wonder in Sita's story.I can't wait to read the next one!

  • Jennifer
    2019-05-17 10:00

    Not pleased with this book. It had potential, but took too many turns for me to actually like it. I do not like the time travel aspect of the end of the book; either kill Sita and be done with it or have her live, but do not have her die and come back to life but still be dead. Just no. Also, Shanti being the bad guy, not pleased with that either. And Lisa did not need to die either. It was all too much and not enough. No thank you.

  • Wolf (Alpha)
    2019-05-02 12:14

    I loved this book. I can't wait to read the last one. It had lots of little twist and turns that really suprised me. I felt bad that Sita was trapped in the body of a newborn vamp and that her senses were not as good. I like that Sita didn't give up and that she finally defeated the Telar.

  • Atia Gharibani
    2019-05-02 08:21

    I am in love with the thirst series. I'm going to be honest and say that these are the only books i have truly loved that involve vampires. I love Christopher pikes writing, especially his character development. His characters feel real to me. This book is a must read.

  • Jennifer Lee
    2019-04-29 09:01

    Actual rating 3.5 starsNot my favorite of the series so far, but not bad either.

  • Eriny
    2019-05-03 16:07

    I am so exited to read this book it is really cool and the last book was amazing , I am dieng to know what happens next . Specially with matt .

  • Joti
    2019-05-22 10:11

    OMFGGG I ADORE THIS SERIES!!! TOTAL KICK-ASS VIEW ON VAMPIRES THAT I NEVER EXPECTED WHEN I PICKED UP THE FIRST BOOK A FEW MONTHS AGO. & THE STORY'S ADVENTURE & PLOT ARE CRAZY EXCITING!!! SITA!! <3 In book 3 we left off at Sita waking up in Teri's body - but Teri's consciousness is gone - so she convinces Seymour & Shanti & the others that it's still her - but not Matt - she's got no idea how Matt will react to finding out that the girl he loved was made into a vampire, something he was against & on top of that, also dead. She goes to see John, Paula's son, the special boy whose a reincarnation of Christ/God/whatever & he plays this game CII - the reverse words of IIC, the evil corporation that has the Array that they used on Matt to shoot Sita. So Sita goes back for her body, & her gunshot wound seems to be healing & when she goes back for it, she finds it gone. As Teri, who just won the gold medal in the olympics, when Sita is overwhelmed by the hunger to feed - she makes a mess of things by killing a food delivery boy in their hotel & all this chaos ensues with the police & detectives where she tried compelling them into forgetting but it backfires so she has to go to the detectives house & ties up him up & takes his wife, a doctor, to the hospital to get access to the blood bank & then she eventually leaves. The find a Professor John Sharp - who ran a UNI program where the 4 (or 5?) IIC president people - cynthia brutran & her husband Thomas & 2 others went to years ago - 60 years ago & now they still look middle-aged. He tells them of the research they conducted, of how some people were more psychically aware or whatever & they did this card guessing game thing & there founded this thing called the Cradle. The 5th member that left eventually - whom cynthia had a brief fling with - is Fredrick Wild - who lives with his girlfriend Mary i think her name was - & he tells them more-about using astrology to find out where & at certain special times, children could be born with gifts & more psychic stuff - special children. So they stay a night at Freddy's place & Sita gets the original copy of Yaksha's book - she was sure she gave Shanti a copy, but Shanti said she gave her the original - so Sita mixes her blood with water to read the hidden passages that Yaksha wrote only for her eyes. :) He wrote about meeting Umara, Matt's mother, a Telar - the ancient race whose close to unleashing the X6X6 virus to wipe out humanity - so the next day Freddy tells them how they started using this whole psychic thing for the stock market & personal gain - & he had a daughter with Cindy too & she may have used their child, Jolie & made her special too - psychic. The well outside of Freddy's house is weird & Sita climbs down & underground she finds this huge cavern & finds her body there as well - Mary IS UMARA!!!& SHE TOOK SITA'S BODY TO PROTECT IT!!!! & they get ready to do this ritual to put Sita back in her own body - & Umara leads it & she finally tells Matt & he kinda blames her for Teri's death but Sita says it was both their faults - they should've never gotten involved in Teri's life - Teri was her descendant & Sita couldn't resist. So Teri must experience the death she was meant to die & Matt's devastated & Sita comes back into her own body- & Teri dies finally. :(Now sita goes to the IIC - she's gotta talk to Cynthia Brutran - Sita & her friends don't have the resources to kill the Telar but these people have the Array - so they're their best chance of killing the Telar - so eventually both women come to a deal, after Sita's released the virus into the building & tells Bruttran they're gonna all die in about 20 minutes & they'll need the vaccine - Sita wants all her blood back & Matt's as well - that's how the Array controlled them before, having gotten their blood. Sita knows there's a spy in their group as well, one that she thinks Cynthia planted & she's going to use the Cradle too. Sita & Cynthia talk later on & talk about how the kids in the Cradle get their powers from these beings that stand over them 0 they're called Familiars. & there's some being called Tarana as well. Sita sits with the Cradle the next time for her 'initiation' & Lark is the leader this boy & she has to make a human sacrifice so she chooses Lisa from their group, who she's sure is the spy but as Lisa died, she felt no guilt - so she wasn't the mole - & Sita's got her own Familiar attached to her now as well, though she never saw it Umara tells Sita how they became immortal - how they prayed & formed language & created Links with each other, all in Egypt & this great white light came & blessed them but they neglected their people & her father was in charge of the people & they had their Familiars but he stopped at sacrificing people - & then Hatram killed him, raped Umara & their son was Haru - Umara killed HAtram with a knife but Haru, the one whose leading the Telar now is actually Matt's half-brother, which he doesn't even know yet. She asks Shanti to send her Yaksha's book & reads the tale about the Hydra, with Hercules & Iolaus. Umara has given Sita the blood of the Telars & they kill a hudband & wife using the Cradle & the Familiars drink the blood that fills this vase in the room they've all gathered in. Charlie, a Telar scientist on Sita's team is working on a vaccine against the virus & finds it eventually. Seymour & Matt call Sita after discovering something odd about the CII game - they have grotesque images of people killing each other that flash for one a hundredth of a second or something & the music that plays is actually the incantation Lark uses to summon the familiars & it tells people to inflict pain & be free & it's like brainwashing them. And the Cradle made it (i think so yea) & add some kinda code to it everyday - Sita calls in Umara & Matt in 4 hours time - no earlier. With the Lens & Cradle & Sita, they chase down 4 more Telars & kill 3 total - after some crazy chase around this hotel or building - whatver it was - a Telar man & his daughter try to escape & Sita's willing to spare the daughter's life if she helps her but the girl, Alia tries to kill her so Sita kills her & uses the father - he's going to release missiles in 6 hours when she attacks the last Telar apart of the Source - Haru & his people. Matt & Umara arrive & Matt finds out that Haru's his half-brother, though the shit still has to be killed - so Umara gets initiated into the Cradle & sacrifices Lark :O what a shock- & before they proceed, Sita has to regain her lost memories of what happened when she died - so she has to die again - in the 'Greek styled underworld' she's gotta answer a riddle correctly to get the ferryman to take her across - but if u answer wrong, u forget the riddle - so Sita asks 3 times & on the 3rd time, she made the ferryman give her a second chance b/c he worded the riddle weirdly to trow her off- the riddle was what's the greatest secret of the universe? the lord, his secret names & mantras are identical - to say the word Krishna means Krishna is present is the answer - so Sita & her 2 companions - who unknown to her, are Umara & Teri, go across the bleak river where they're dropped off at different tunnels - Sita's tunnel ends at a precipice & there's the other side & this beautiful woman comes across, saying if she kisses her, she'll take her across - but when Sita refuses, her face changes & turns ugly - so Sita jumps off & wakes up at the bottom where she goes to the Scale to be judged - good & bad deeds in life - good are diamonds & bad are black pearls - Teri is judged & goes into the light & when Sita finally goes -it's looking pretty even but at the end, the bad side wins out - & one of the robed figures makes her a deal to kill the Light Bearer to live a little longer - which she thought was Umara - Umara's the oldest being alive - 12,000 years old & she carries the original light they were blessed with so Sita has to kill her so the Telar's aren't immortal anymore - she goes & enters the psychic link with the Cradle & Hatram protects the Source & Sita gets him to give up his protection by telling him the children with her are under Tarana's protection & that she'll kill Umara for him if he does what she asks - so Haru & Cource sink to begging for their lives but the missiles have already been released & hit the temple in Egypt that they're in & they all die - Seymour unknowingly injects the Cradle kids with the virus & they leave the entire building behind - Matt's rigged it with explosives but Cynthia brings Jolie & comes with them after she kills THomas. They drive off - Seymour, Shanti, Matt, Sita, Charlie, Cynthia & Jolie & the building blows & just seconds later, they're on top of the FBI's most Wanted List - it happened too fast & they hypothesize that the CII game had something to do with it - maybe the codes weren't updated but it's not right & now they've gotta hide - Sita compels away two cops - I think they stop in Nevada & Sita shares a room with Shanti & she can't forget abt the fact that she knows that she gave Shanti a coy of Yaksha's book, not the original, which Shanti had. BITCH-ASS SHANTI WAS THE MOLE & SHE SNAPS HER FINGERS & SITA'S SUDDENLY IN ANOTHER ROOM WITH TARANA - SHANTI'S WOLE HISTORY WAS A LIE - THERE WAS NO ARRANGED MARRIAGE & HER HUSBAND WAS SCARED OF HER & WHEN SHE BURNED OFF HALF HER FACE WHEN SHE MADE A DEAL WITH TARANA SHE KILLED THE MAN- & SHANTI NATURALLY PROTECTED SITA FROM THE ARRAY - & HARU, CYNTHIA WERE BOTH SCARED OF HER- TARANA'S ANGRY THAT SHE KILLED OFF ALL THE CRADLE WITH THE VIRUS - HE'D BEEN PREPARING FOR THAT& SHE SAYS SHE'LL REBUILD THE CRADLE FOR HIM IF HE TELLS HER THE ANSWER TO THE 1ST RIDDLE SHE GOT WRONG - WHAT'S THE MOST USELESS HUMAN EMOTION? & SHE ANGERS HIM & HE DOESN'T WANT HER TO KNOW WHO HE IS OR THE RIDDLE'S ANSWER - WHICH SHE SAYS IS PRIDE GOETH BEFORE THE FALL - & SHE KNOWS THAT THE LIGHT BEARER IS NOT UMARA, BUT TARANA, A.K.A. LUCIFER - & SHE SAYS HE HAD THE GREATEST POWER BUT HID FROM IT WHEN HE DISCOVERED THAT HE WAS THE SAME & ONE WITH GOD & she says he's got no power over her b/c she remembered the answer to the riddle - she's back in the mitel room- Shanti's trying to choke her & Sita knows the answer - GUILT - guilt is useless in front of the Scale, while being judged. SITA RIPS OFF THIS BITCH'S HEAD & THROWS IT OUT THE WINDOW! :D YES!! FINALLY!! I NEVER REALLY LIKED SHANTI!!!EPILOGUE: SITA'S BACK IN FRONT OF THE SCALE & SHE REALIZES THAT GUILT MADE HER PUSH DOWN ON THE LEFT IDE OF THE SKILL, THE SIN SIDE & SHE LIFTS HER HAND OFF & THE BALANCE COMES TO REST ON THE GOOD SIDE - THE SOUNDS OF CHIMES FILLS THE AIR & SHE FINALLY MEETS KRISHNA AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL & SHE'S NOT SURE IF SHE'S SUPPOSED TO BE THERE & SHE GETS HER MEMORY BACK OF UMARA & ALL THE THINGS THAT HAPPENED - KILLING THE TELAR WHICH SHE DOEN'T QUITE RMR SINCE SHE'S TECHNICALLY DEAD - SO KRISHNA GIVES HER THE CHOICE WHETHER TO STAY OR GO BACK & HE SAYS IT DOESN'T MATTER B/C SHE'LL ALWAYS BE WITH HIM & ALL HER DOUBT VANISHES - B/C IF SHE HAS FAITH THEN HER CHOICE DOESN'T MATTER!!!BOOK 5 IN MY CLOSET - THE SACRED VEIL!!!! SO EXCITED!!!

  • Mandy
    2019-05-24 14:12

    I got about 1/3 of the way through the book, but then I stopped. It took me a little while to already get into this series. Is just not what I expected. 🤷🏼‍♀️ Sometimes books can be hard to get into.

  • Natasha
    2019-05-07 15:18

    Hmmm. This series is very addictive, but isn't necessarily "good" any more. I will, however, keep slogging on with it...

  • Jordan
    2019-05-05 13:20


  • Alexei
    2019-05-05 12:16

    {Come check out my website TeenageBookaholic }SYNOPSIS: After 5,000 year-old Sita died in Thirst V.3, she is reborn into a newborn vampire, but not just any newborn vampire. She is now her friend and Olympic Gold Medalist, Teri Raines. Now that Sita's body has been buried, the team must continue their work to stop the Telar from releasing a virus to kill humanity, and stop the IIC and their powerful mind-control device named the Array. Will Matt, the son of Sita's creator, Yaksha, and almost-most powerful vampire, believe Teri is still there, or learn the truth? Can the new Sita save the world? Will she know how?REVIEW: STOP!!!!! Before you go on, I HIGHLY advise you stop, go read the 3 omnibuses, THEN read the review. Its hard to understand it unless you ACTUALLY know what I'm talking about. I HIGHLY recommend them for people who are looking for a more sophisticated, and wiser version of Twilight if it had a better editor and author! Otherwise, skip to the end of the review.I have always loved Pike's writing, a witty, yet sophisticated and mature take on ancient vampires living among us. His books have always held serious action with a taste of sarcasm and humor.I felt his writing technique failed a bit in this book.EVERY book had had amazing action painted perfectly, but in the last of the series, there was just dialogue really. No Kick-Ass Sita, but just stupid Wise Old Sita. Kick-Ass Sita is what made the whole series great! This book just lacked the usual standard of action that Pike set in his books!I also had a huge issue for the book- WHO THE HECK WERE ALL THESE PEOPLE???? The books, if you read them at their release dates like me, are released sooooo far apart that I forgot who everyone was, and god forbid someone put up a character list online! I would do it, but I still don't remember Seymour' or Matt's story completely. This made for a hard time reading the book. If you're going to read the books, take notes, because there's no help out there!Despite the flaws of the book, I enjoyed Pike taking on the Afterlife, combining Mythology, religion, and current social beliefs to create an Afterlife journey I'd like to go on (and no, this is not a giveaway! Those who read the series to the end of V.3 get this!)! First the caves, which you had to follow once your spirit left your body, which led to the boats, where you had to answer a riddle correctly about something you should've learned while you were alive, and if you answer wrong, you are made to forget the riddle. No one passes until the riddle was answered and time moves fast in the caves. Once answered, you and some people destined to ride the same boat with you, float down the River Styx to an opening meant to test you. Once your test is passed, you must weigh the scales with your diamonds, the good deeds, or the black pearls, the sins. They decide whether you enter Heaven or Hell. I loved this take!The book also delved into science which I couldn't get through my head. The Array is heavily discussed in the book and explored to death about what it truly is, and it sounded a little nuts to me. I really had such a hard time understanding the Array as explained, that I just said ''screw it" and went with my own take.All in all, a bit of a let down for the end of the series, AND DON'T EVEN GET ME STARTED ON THE FREAKING ENDING!!!! Recommended for Thirst lovers.

  • Jamie White
    2019-05-20 08:13

    The originial Last Vampire series was one of my favorites from Pike. I loved Sita's attitude and how she was not pure good or pure evil. She had that grey area that, to me, makes a character interesting. When I saw that the series had been re-released and was going to be continued I was unsure of how it would turn out. Was it going to be just as entertaining or would it ruin the original? I think the answer isn't a simple one. I am a bit disappointed that some elements of the original had to be changed to accomodate the new books. Still, I have enjoyed the books and do like some of the changes that were made. I like how Sita was slightly toned down. It wasn't a constant stream of "I can do this", "I'm the best of that". Sure, it's there (Sita wouldn't be Sita without some attitude and a little bit of ego) but it's not as in your face as in the earlier books. I think that makes a lot of sense. After everything Sita went through in the original series, who wouldn't be humbled? We also get the chance to see Seymour, Paula and John again in the new books while meeting some interesting new characters. One of these is a descendent of Sita, Teri. I have to admit, I'm a bit surprised that Pike never mentioned any before. You would think there would be someone on earth who shared DNA with her and that she would be interested in who they are. As is typical in a Sita book, there are plenty of mentions of Krishna. While they are a bit toned down for the most part, it's there along with some other religious mentions. There's also a bit of Yaksha in the new books via a book he wrote himself and some people Sita meets that were once important to him. We also meet some new enemies in the IIC and the Telar. The groups are dangerous and both a threat to the world and Sita has to work with one to take out the other, who she considers to be the biggest threat. Have you read the Thirst series? What do you think? Comment back and let me know.