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Molly Murphy apprentices to Paddy Riley for her new profession. The tough old Cockney PI specializes in divorces. Molly hopes to seek counsel of and hook handsome NYPD police captain Daniel Sullivan. But Riley's murder sends her through back alleys of Manhattan and into bars and lounges of the literary - writers, actors, poets, musicians - and suspects....

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Death of Riley Reviews

  • Jonathan
    2019-01-20 10:38

    After I finished the first book in this series, I couldn't wait to read the second, and since I'd picked it up awhile ago at a book sale I dug right in! Though not quite as good as the first, Death of Riley was still an excellent book.Molly has finally started settling in to her life in New York but she still can't find a job that suits her. So, when circumstances lead her to Paddy Riley she desperately wants to be his assistant, even though he's not sure if he wants or needs an assistant yet. However he takes Molly on and when Paddy is found dead, Molly inherits the business and a murder investigation. As Molly digs deeper into Paddy's cases to try to find who killed him things start to get dangerous, and when the police offer little to no help Molly must try to find the killer before the killer finds her!Once again, I had absolutely no complaints about Molly, she is everything I look for in a MC. Daniel is also a great character, though he frustrated me in this book. Seamus and his kids reappeared in this book, and I must say I hope they stay on for awhile, though I could do without his cousin Nuala. Gus and Sid were also refreshing; I hope they reappear, too.The mystery in this book was very good. A lot of action and adventure mixed with the mystery of being in a huge sity. I love Ms. Bowen's talent of weaving nonfiction and fiction together. Honestly, I learn something new every time I read one of her books.Another just great book. With (mostly) great characters and a great plotline, yet Daniel's drama (which I could have done without) and Nuala, Death of Riley gets 4/5 stars. Can't wait to read the next one!

  • Hannah
    2019-01-17 08:38

    I didn't enjoy this quite as much as the first one, but the mystery was still good. I think it was in part because of a bit more risqué content than the first one contained—there are numerous Irish curses, and Molly ends up with a bohemian artsy crowd with scant morals. Otherwise, a solid mystery as Molly seeks to go from amateur to professional and blunders her way through a case far beyond her experience.

  • Bonnie
    2019-01-02 09:45

    Molly is acclimating herself to New York City after immigrating from Ireland and decides she would like to become an investigator working for people in Europe who've lost touch with relatives in America. She thinks this will be a source of income and also keep her in touch with the police detective she met on Ellis Island, Daniel Sullivan. She notices a man lurking in the bushes outside a house one day and follows him to his place of business. He turns out to be Paddy Riley, a tough old Cockney Private investigator who specializes in divorce work. Molly uses her charm and persuasion to take her on as an apprentice. He uses her mainly to clean the office and although she is disappointed, she plans to make the most it until he trusts her with more. One morning she goes into the office and sees that the office is in disarray with papers and folders strewn over the floor. She sees a figure slipping through a back window and finds Paddy dead. Now, her true detective skills are called on to find the man who killed Paddy and why. She sets off through back alleys of Manhattan and into the bars and lounges of the literary scene where she spends time with writers, actors and musicians to solve the crime.This outstanding series offers a fascinating heroine, glimpses of the 1900s in New York City, and historical information about the city, its buildings, people, and institutions.

  • Lauren
    2018-12-24 04:43

    Death of Riley3.5 StarsIrish immigrant Molly Murphy is acclimating to life in New City at the turn of the century, but is finding it difficult to hold on to a position due to her fiercely independent nature. After witnessing a private investigator at work, Molly is determined to apprentice herself out to him and all seems to be going well until Paddy Riley is murdered and Molly sets out to discover who killed him.It took me a bit longer to get into this installment as compared to the first book mainly due to the slow pacing while Molly attempts to find employment. The story picks up in the second half with the murder and Molly’s investigation, and the inclusion of an actual historical event makes it all the more interesting.Molly is an endearing and likable character albeit somewhat naive about the harsh realities of life. This could be explained by her rural upbringing or a reflection of a time in which people were more trusting of others. Sid and Gus are a charming pair, but meeting them is, once again, a very lucky coincidence.Molly’s romance with Daniel takes an unexpected and disappointing turn. His potential as a love interest was established very well in the first book, however, his actions in this one leave much to be desired. I really hope that this plotline does not drag on for too long. Looking forward to Molly’s further adventures.

  • Dana Stabenow
    2019-01-03 04:43

    I like Molly. I especially like her reaction to The Bad News in her personal life (don't want to be too specific)--she doesn't despair, she gets mad, and then she makes a plan for the rest of her life. She reminds me of Mary Tyler Moore when she first goes in to interview with Mr. Grant. "You know what you've got, Mary? You've got spunk. I hate spunk."Molly's got spunk, too. She might even be unsinkable, and even if she isn't, this series would be worth reading for the local color, New York City in 1901 and all the hustling, bustling energy and ambition of a fresh-off-the-boat population. A fun read.

  • S. Davis
    2018-12-25 08:51

    4 stars for what it is: a charming, light mystery, but not one I'd like to continue at this time. Maybe when I'm my grandmother's age.

  • Aoife
    2018-12-28 08:39

    3.5 stars

  • Kara
    2019-01-02 06:50

    I was really getting into this book, but then the author had to throw in some homosexual relationships and it just ruined it for me. The story is set in 1901 so I really didn't expect anything like that but there it was. I was really enjoying it too and I was more than halfway through, but I just can't condone things like that by reading further. Too bad everything seems to be bombarded with it these days =(.

  • Janet
    2018-12-26 10:53

    I love period mysteries that cover actual events and this one did that so well. I enjoyed Rhys Bowen's British series "Her Royal Spyness" enough that I started the Irish-immigrant-in-NYC series circa 1901. Molly Murphy is the protagonist and I like this series even more so far. I am well into book 3 and I look forward to book 4 already.

  • Sarah
    2019-01-19 11:45

    An easy read, quite enjoyable, and New York in the 1900s is interesting but the heroine, Molly Murphy, certainly seems to bluster her way around discovering clues by accident. And, if I'm going to be completely honest, the vast majority of the characters in this book are totally flat. Let's see if the third in the series is any better...

  • Jodi Wiese
    2018-12-24 03:32

    I'm really enjoying these books. I have the audio version and find myself keeping the TV off and listening to the book while crafting. The characters really come alive in the audio book highly recommend them.

  • Christina
    2019-01-23 04:39

    This book would have been a lot shorter if Molly had initially realized she was at a turn of the century gay bar.

  • Nancy Haddock
    2018-12-29 10:46

    Excellent book! I'm hooked on another Rhys Bowen series!

  • Sheila
    2019-01-04 03:33

    I finished the book on 3/23 and Rated it ★★★.This is the 2nd book in the Molly Murphy mystery series. Molly is a recent immigrant from Ireland who is trying to start her life in turn of the century New York. Molly isn't satisfied with the opportunities afforded single females at the time and wants to start her own PI business. She talks Paddy Riley into taking her on as an assistant and when he is killed she jumps in with both feet to try to solve his murder. These era books always make me thankful that I live in the era that I do. Not a corset in sight!

  • Mark Baker
    2018-12-26 04:42

    New immigrant Molly Murphy has decided to take on a job as a private investigator. Somehow, she talks Riley into mentoring her. However, when he is murdered, Molly is on her own trying to find out what happened to him. Another great visit to 1901 New York, this one introduces more series regular characters and is stronger than the debut in the series.Read my full review at Carstairs Considers.

  • Argum
    2018-12-23 05:41

    This is the second Molly Murphy and I am even more sorry that it has taken me to start up this series than I was after reading the first entry. I really like the friends that circle Molly and am curious to find out how they turn out especially Daniel. The character of Molly though is wonderfully plucky and determined. I like Molly am sad that Riley died before we got to see more of him, but enjoyed the twists and turns in solving his murder. Greenwich Village residents were fun additions that added a lot of color here and hope that some stick around.

  • Betty
    2019-01-22 09:34

    This the second book in the series. Molly is settled in New York. She is determined to become a private investor and manged to convince Paddy Riley to hire her. When she enters the office one day she finds him dead and gets a glimpse of the Murderer. The cops are really interested in the case so Molly Decides to solve it. She meets Gus and Sid and learns about them. This is a suspenseful story and the end is a surprise. This was a large print edition from my library.

  • Lori
    2019-01-16 08:47

    I'm so happy I decided to try this series by Rhys Bowen, I love Her Royal Spyness series and thought this one must be good too and it is! Molly is determined to become an investigator and in this story she convinces an experienced detective to let her help around the office. When he is murdered and the police don't seem concerned about finding the killer Molly decides it is up to her. Anarchists, playwrights and the bohemian all are now in her life. I can't wait to see what happens next.

  • Melanie
    2018-12-28 08:52

    A solid 3.5 so I bumped to a 4 star. A really good second novel in the Molly Murphy series. I enjoy her writing style.

  • Cheryl Necessary
    2019-01-19 03:34

    I found this one an improvement over the first one. Molly is still awfully naive but the story was better and I enjoyed the tie in to actual historical events.

  • Mae
    2018-12-27 06:37

    Amo a Rhys Bowen. Cada vez que leo un libro suyo creo que encontré mi genero favorito, pero luego me encuentro decepcionada con otros escritores, y termino volviendo a sus hermosas historias. No sé que haré cuando me quede sin mas para leer de ella .En el segundo libro de la saga de Molly Murphy, vemos un poco mas de como se está adaptando a la vida en EE.UU., luego de todo lo sucedido en la primer parte. Su relación con los niños, su amigo del barco y obviamente el apuesto Daniel Sullivan. Secretos que salen a la luz, mentiras, muerte y mucha investigación, es lo que nos da este maravilloso libro.Molly crece enormemente en este libro, obviamente ella ya tiene un carácter bastante fuerte para la época, pero ahora vemos mas de ello, como su confianza y valentía aumenta a medida que se encuentra con situaciones mas complicadas.Por desgracia no puedo decir lo mismo de Daniel, no apareció lo suficiente como para que se desarrollara mucho el personaje. Por suerte, para compensar esto, nos presentan muchos personajes nuevos que al parecer vinieron para quedarse. En cuanto a la historia en si, quedé algo sorprendida por la magnitud del caso. En los libros que e tenido el placer de leer hasta ahora, los casos por supuesto eran importantes y generaban consecuencias grandes. Pero en este en especial trata con elementos mucho mas peligrosos y con repercusiones realmente graves, en especial mas en el final.La escritura de Bowen es simple pero atractiva, siempre te deja con ganas de mas, tiene buen ritmo y un libro suyo puede ser leído tranquilamente de una sentada.

  • Stephen Terrell
    2019-01-18 03:30

    I'm not a big cozy mystery fan. I'm not a big historical novel fan. I'm not a big "chick-lit" fan. But I'm really falling in love with Rhys Bowen's fantastic Molly Murphy series. Death of Riley is the second in the series. The first follows Molly as she immigrates to New York from her native Ireland, running from her past. This second book takes the next step, as Molly begins to pursue her dream of becoming a detective in order to track down relatives for the newly immigrated Irish.But she is dissuaded at every turn. But finally a seasoned Irish detective named Riley gives her a job, mostly acting as his girl Friday. But when Molly walks in the office to find Riley dying and his killer escaping out the back window, her training takes on a new gravity.In Molly Murphy, Rhys Bowen has created a likeable, smart, spunky, and often surprising character that stays with you. Rhys also captures the sights, sounds, smells and life of the turn-of-the-century New York encountered by so many immigrants.This may be the most entertaining, well-crafted and enjoyable cozy mystery series I've ever read.

  • Tara Carpenter
    2019-01-13 09:35

    A good follow-up with great historical info. The history is definitely sketchy but there are some notes at the end showing what was true and what was speculation. Bowen's account is one possible scenario to an historical mystery. Can't say which without giving it away. ;)These books are proving to be just as fun as Bowen's other series. Although not rich with literary merit, the characters, historical settings, and plot are imaginative, humorous and entertaining. To me, this book seemed to have two different parts, with two different mysteries. Yes, they were connected but I felt like I was getting two books in one. There are some great new characters and tons of potential for Molly. Can't wait!

  • Beachreader
    2019-01-22 03:33

    The second Molly Murphy mystery did not appeal to me as much as the first. Molly's bad decisions and ineffectiveness were more annoying than they were in the first book. I expect growth in a character around whom a series is constructed. If Molly can settle into a suitable job and find an established residence, the series can avoid a lot of its flightiness that is becoming annoying. The writer has resorted to a very contrived plot once again. I could overlook it the first book, but I am no longer willing to do so. The writing is good, however, and the strength of Bowen's wring is in characterization. The characters and settings are very strong.

  • Pontiki
    2019-01-03 06:29

    I enjoyed the world of New York in the early 1900s, and going around with Molly as she searches for Paddy's killer. I did guess who it was, although I was misled for a bit. What I didn't get was the how. How this seemingly minor character would be the murderer. Now I see, and it was a huge event in history. I love the intertwining of the truth with fiction, and Molly's cleverness in searching for the killer. The romance is a bit lacking, especially since Daniel's engaged, but it's nice. I love all the characters from the Village, and the old woman Molly was the companion for, for a few days anyway. Looking forward to reading the next book.

  • Karin Walters
    2019-01-14 11:56

    I felt lukewarm but vaguely interested in the series after the first book, so here I am at book 2.I like Molly. She’s feisty, but perhaps a little over her head with investigating. I’ll be honest, this particular mystery wasn’t too exciting for me, but it ended up in a good spot. And how convenient that Molly ends up in an even better spot without trying too hard.Her love situation with Daniel just seems like forced complication, but if you’re going to drag a series out of this and keep the same love interest, I suppose it has to happen.

  • Pyrate Queen
    2019-01-07 10:27

    Molly hasn't learned to keep her head out of trouble but she's at least been able to find a decent roof to cover it. While investigating the murder of her new boss, private investigator Paddy Riley, she makes friends with two charming females named Side the Yid and Gus (Augusta) from Greenwich Village, who offer her a room in their house for nearly nothing- just friendship and the occasional assistance in her escapades.This association introduces Molly to another world: the arts, alternate lifestyles, freedom and ironically, the one who murdered Paddy and who is now after her.

  • Rachel Burke
    2018-12-24 04:28

    A great second novel.Death of Riley continues on with the story of Molly Murphy. She begins to become established in her future business (private investigation,) and her love life takes an interesting turn. Best of all, the cast of secondary characters expands delightfully. Sid, Gus, and all of Greenwich Village are wonderful additions to the Murphy books. The mystery is... shocking and excellent. I didn't see the turn coming and I know my stuff fairly well.

  • Camilla
    2019-01-11 10:30

    I loved it. Now I understand how Molly got started investigating. I really loved her meeting Gus and Sid and Ryan since they feature in several later novels, and it was fun to see how her relationship with Daniel progressed (or didn't, as the case may be). The danger was very real for a lot of the book, which I especially appreciated because it put an underlying tension on each chapter. In all, it was a great read. I'm excited to read the later novels in the series now.

  • Carol
    2019-01-15 03:50

    Having read books 3-7 of the Molly Murphy Mysteries I was surprised how much I liked this one, #2. I found her to be a bit grittier here than in her later books ( a plus) and the story felt more personal. As I was reading I thought that this was my favorite of all her books I've read but, then it got into the anarchists and the socialist plots and plans and my bubble was burst. I HATE political intrigue stories so I deducted one star from my rating.