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alternate cover edition - ISBN 9788817127509Un altro viaggio nell'apprendistato di Castaneda, antropologo alla ricerca di una vita interiore oltre i confini della percezione sensibile. Tra lui e lo sciamano don Juan esiste ormai un sodalizio, un'amicizia, uno straordinario rapporto maestro-discepolo. Entrato a far parte del seguito dello sciamano, Castaneda viene introdottalternate cover edition - ISBN 9788817127509Un altro viaggio nell'apprendistato di Castaneda, antropologo alla ricerca di una vita interiore oltre i confini della percezione sensibile. Tra lui e lo sciamano don Juan esiste ormai un sodalizio, un'amicizia, uno straordinario rapporto maestro-discepolo. Entrato a far parte del seguito dello sciamano, Castaneda viene introdotto a un'antichissima conoscenza, patrimonio dei veggenti, suddivisa in tre parti: la consapevolezza dell'essere, l'agguato e l'intento....

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Il fuoco dal profondo Reviews

  • Ahmad Sharabiani
    2019-03-26 09:19

    The Fire from Within (The Teachings of Don Juan #7), Carlos CastanedaFire from Within is the author's most brilliant thought-provoking and unusual book, one in which Castaneda, under the tutelage of don Juan and his "disciples," at last constructs, from the teachings of don Juan and his own experiences, a stunning portrait of the "sorcerer's world" that is crystal-clear and dizzying in its implications.تاریخ نخستین خوانش: یازدهم ماه ژوئن سال 1988 میلادیمجموعه ی این دوازده کتاب به توالی تاریخ انتشار به زبان اصلی که همه به فارسی ترجمه شده به قرار زیر هستند1-The Teachings of Don Juan: A Yaqui Way of Knowledge (1968)تعلیمات دون خوان (طریقه ی معرفت نزد یاکی ها)۰ 1365 انتشارات فردوس ـ ترجمه ی حسین نیر2 - A Separate Reality: Further Conversation with Don Juan (1971)حقیقتی دیگر (باز هم گفت و شنودی با دون خوان)۰ 1364 انتشارات آگاه، ترجمه ی ابراهیم مکلا۰3 - Journey to xtlan: Lessons of Don Juan (1972)سفر به ایختلان (سفر به ناکجا آباد ـ درسهای دونخوان) کتاب باعنوان «سفر به دیگر سو» در ایران منتشر شده است۰4- Tales of Power (1974)افسانه های قدرت (نخستین حلقه ی قدرت)۰ 1363 انتشارات فردوس ـ ترجمه ی مهران کندری و مسعود کاظمی۰5- The Second Ring of Power (1975)دومین حلقه ی قدرت ـ چاپ اول 1364 ترجمه ی مهران کندری و مسعود کاظمی6- The Eagle's Gift (1981)هدیه ی عقاب ـ 1365 ترجمه ی مهران کندری و مسعود کاظمی7- The Fire from Within (1984)عنوان: آتش درون؛ نویسنده: کارلوس کاساندا؛ مترجمها: مهران کندری و مسعود کاظمی؛ تهران، فردوس، 1365، در 304 ص؛ عنوان دیگر: آتشی از درون؛ چاپ دیگر: سال 1368؛ چاپ چهارم: 1371؛ چاپ دیگر: تران، نشر میترا، 1377، در 280 ص؛ چاپ ششم 1380؛ 8-The Power of Silence, Further Lessons of don Juan (1988)قدرت سکوت ـ 1368 ترجمه ی مهران کندری 9- The Art of Dreaming (1994)هنر خواب بینی ـ 1374 ترجمه ی فرزاد همدانی10- Magical Passes: The Practical Wisdom of the Shamans of Ancient Mexicoعنوان: حرکات جادویی - خرد شمنان مکزیک کهن؛ کارلوس کاستاندا؛ برگردان: مهران کندری؛ تهران، نشر میترا، 1377، در 330 ص، مصور، شابک: ایکس - 964599831؛ 11- The Wheel of Time: The Shamans of Mexico Their Thoughts About Life Death & the Universe (The Teachings of Don Juan #11), Carlos Castanedaعنوان: چرخ زمان : شمنان مکزیک کهن ، افکار آنان در باره ی زندگی، زندگی مرگ و جهان؛ نویسنده: کارلوس کاستاندا، برگردان: مهدی کندری؛ تهران، میترا، 1377، در 278 ص، شابک: 9645998360؛ موضوع: کارلوی کاستاندا از 1931 تا 1998، عرفان سرخپوستی، دین سرخپوستان یاکوئی، دین و اساطیر قرن 20 م12- The Active Side of Infinity (1998)کرانه ی فعال بیکرانگی ـ 1379 ترجمه ی مهران کندریدرباره کتاب آتش درون : در این کتاب کاستاندا شرحی ارائه می‌دهد بر تفاوت دیدگاه‌های ساحران جدید و اعقابشان که ادعا می‌شود بین هفت تا ده هــزار سـال پیش در مکزیک کنونی می‌زیسته‌ اند و طبقه‌ بندی خاصی از هستی و موجـودات زنـده ارائه داده‌ اند که به جای اتکا به روش علمی و تجربی بر پایه شهود و الهام بنا نهاده شده است . ا. شربیانی

  • Christina Carson
    2019-03-30 15:29

    I have been reading the Castaneda books for 40 years. They picture the universe from a different worldview, one now popping up in descriptions from quantum reality. They frame the world not as subject-object but as a world of interconnected, conscious energy. The value of Castaneda in the mix was his ability to frame questions to the man who lived from this worldview and thus reveal it to the reader. These books are read for many reasons, but if you read them long enough, like the quantum physicist, you'll begin to appreciate a whole new description of the nature of reality. The "Fire from Within" is one of my three favorites. Plus they are funny, inspiring and mind-boggling.

  • Luís Nunes
    2019-04-01 10:02

    Quotes on FFW: "A nagual never lets anyone know that he is in charge. A nagual comes and goes without leaving a trace. That freedom is what makes him a nagual.""Seeing is a euphemism for moving the assemblage point.""The conviction that the new seers have is that a life of impeccability by itself leads unavoidably to a sense of sobriety, and this in turn leads to the movement of the assemblage point.""I have given you a detailed account of the two forces that aid our assemblage points to move: the earth's boost and the rolling force; plus the three techniques worked out by the new seers stalking , intent , and dreaming --and their effects on the movement of the assemblage point.""Freedom is like a contagious disease. It is transmitted; its carrier is an impeccable nagual. People might not appreciate that, and that's because they don't want to be free. Freedom is frightening. Remember that. But not for us.""They were not teaching me sorcery, but how to master three aspects of an ancient knowledge they possessed: awareness, stalking, and intent. And they were not sorcerers; they were seers." "warriors of total freedom, ... such masters of awareness, stalking, and intent that they are not caught by death, like the rest of mortal men, but choose the moment and the way of their departure from this world. At that moment they are consumed by a fire from within and vanish from the face of the earth, free, as if they had never existed.""The new seers burn with the force of alignment, with the force of will , which they have turned into the force of intent through a life of impeccability. Intent is the alignment of all the amber emanations of awareness, so it is correct to say that total freedom means total awareness." "Freedom is the Eagles's gift to man. Unfortunately, very few men understand that all we need, in order to accept such a magnificent gift, is to have sufficient energy. If that's all we need, then, by all means, we must become misers of energy in order to accept the Eagles's gift ourselves."

  • Giulia Rossi
    2019-04-08 08:28

    apart from being an esoteric book and therefore leaving space to ferocious critics, I must say that if this is the case, and therefore, if the author just invented all of this, well, that means this was an amazing story teller and writer.. .... because.... not only you can physically feel this fire within coming out of your body, but also, you will enjoy the way the story is told and the dark and subtle side of this writer.... obviously to enjoy the book fully you must have an interest in esoterism and/or spirituality etc, or you must be someone who understands the techniques used by this writer.... I loved this book and think it can be a book also that helps to take life less seriously and encourage to sit down thinking nothing and doing nothing ... which is a discipline our world is forgetting....

  • Ivinela Samuilova
    2019-04-03 09:04

    All books of Carlos Castaneda are very important to me. He (and his Don Juan), Vadim Zeland - writer from Russia, quantum physicist and Alexey Bachev - an unusual psychologist from Bulgaria, protagonist of my book Life Can Be a Miracle have shaped my way of thinking, perceiving, experiencing the reality. Very grateful for showing me the miraculous way of living!!!!

  • IonaStewart
    2019-03-31 16:26

    All Castaneda´s books are brilliant and fascinating reads. However, I felt that this one was even more challenging than many of the others I have tackled.We learn that “seeing” is a peculiar feeling of knowing something without a shadow of a doubt. The old seers found out that the best way to teach their knowledge was to make their apprentices shift to their left side, to a state of heightened awareness, where real learning takes place.We meet la Gorda, a woman from Don Juan´s group of warriors, who is Carlos` ”petty tyrant”. This is one who “either holds the power of life and death over warriors or simply annoys them to distraction”.Also, we are introduced to the concept of the Eagle, and its emanations. Castaneda tells us that there is no world of objects, but “a universe of the Eagle´s emanations. These are fluid, forever in motion, and yet unchanged, eternal”. I can´t say I really understood about the Eagle, but Don Juan terms it as the indescribable force which is the source of all sentient beings. It was called the Eagle because the old seers “saw” it as something that resembled a black-and-white eagle of infinite size. It is the Eagle who bestows awareness, and the reason for the existence of all sentient beings is to enhance awareness. The awareness of sentient beings flies away at the moment of death and floats into the Eagle´s beak to be consumed. This meant that the reason for the existence of sentient beings is to provide food for the Eagle. (This reminds me of Gurdjieff´s assertion that we human beings are food for the Moon.)Carlos is brought by Don Juan into heightened states of awareness, in which he “sees”. But when he returns to normal awareness, he forgets everything he has experienced and understood.“Seeing” is not done by the eyes but by alignment. “The alignment of emanations used routinely is the perception of the day-to-day world, but the alignment of emanations that are never used ordinarily is “seeing”. When seers “see”, a voice tells them in their ear what´s what. If the voice is not present, the seer is not “seeing”. Carlos is told that later on everything would become clear to him.Don Juan instructs Carlos about the first, second and third attention. The first attention in man is “animal awareness”. Everything that one can think about is part of the first attention. It is “the flow of awareness developed to an ´ultra shine´, a flow that covers the known. The second attention, however, is a more complex and specialized state of the flow of awareness, and has to do with the unknown. The third attention is attained when the flow of awareness turns into the fire from within: a glow that kindles all the Eagle´s emanations inside man´s cocoon.(I did mention that some of the information contained in this book is somewhat challenging.)There is a chapter about inorganic beings, those beings that are dealt with extensively in Castaneda´s “The art of dreaming”, in my view the most fascinating of his books. Inorganic beings have the emanations of awareness in them and a kind of love man can´t even conceive. In the present book it is described how Carlos gazes into a mirror held under water and sees not only the reflections of Don Juan´s face and his own, but also another head – not a human head or an animal head, but a “shape that had no inner mobility” (whatever that means). At the same time Carlos hears a voice in his ear, and realizes that he is “seeing”. The headlike shape in the mirror was an inorganic being that had come to look at them. The voice in Carlos´ ear said that he was dying, and he would have died, had Don Juan not been there.The two do another frightening experiment with a mirror, after which Carlos has a severe attack of melancholy.Organic beings have a different kind of energy, more like an electric current, or heat waves. They are attracted to emotions, particularly “animal fear”.Don Juan states that there is no God – all there is is the Eagle´s emanations.“ … human beings are made of the Eagle´s emanations and are in essence bubbles of luminescent energy: each of us is wrapped in a cocoon that encloses a small portion of these emanations.”There are chapters about the assemblage point, which is a point in our cocoon, the location of which determines what we perceive of as the world. The precise spot of its location is determined by our repetitious acts. The position of the assemblage point thus dictates what our senses perceive.I won´t go into the further content of the book. As indicated, it is not the easiest book to comprehend, but, like all the author´s works, it is absorbing and well worth reading, and thus I thoroughly recommend that you read it!

  • Laura
    2019-04-16 14:24

    I am going to give the same review to all the Carlos Castaneda books I read in that series, simply because they are all outstanding. I was lucky to come across Castaneda very early on my magickal path. My spells and rituals have always relied on the power of intent, and I have found no better education on how to focus your intent than in this series of books. Back then (1994) they were classifed as nonfiction. Lately, they say they are fiction. All I know is much of what is in these books works. And having been a Wiccan Faery Witch now for 13 years I know much of what is real to us is fiction to those not walking a magickal path. These are life-changing books you will never forget, and their teachings still influence my life today. Can't get any better than that!

  • Daniel
    2019-04-06 15:26

    I've read too many Castaneda books to review each individually, other than to say "I'm sorry I found this so compelling." I have to admit, I was conned.Also of note is that outside of all the magical ubermensch stuff, the recurring themes are sterility, futility, failure, and undeserved survival through dumb luck.I've met more than a few people who count Carlos Casteneda and Ayn Rand among their favorite authors. At first I couldn't reconcile the two. One writes that there is no objective reality, only perceptions. The other is the grand dame of Objectivism. But as I look back on it the link is clear. Both Casteneda and Rand, he with his concept of stalking and she with her praise of selfishness, give their readers unlimited license to abuse and abandon the weak. Anyone with at least a passing interest in Castaneda's legacy should read this disillusioning Salon article.

  • Gregory
    2019-03-19 11:01

    "Fire from Within" contains some of the most fleshed-out thoughts on the magical worldview found in Castaneda's books. Perhaps it is simply that I am now more accustomed to his writing and have grown more sympathetic overtime, but I also found this to be the funniest of Castaneda's books so far. The text concerns a dialogue between Carlos and don Juan about the differences between the old seers and the new seers. The teaching are centered around three central concepts: stalking, awareness, and intent. While a straightforward explanation eludes both the text and the reader of any of the concepts, stalking can best be said to represent the interactions between the nagual and others, awareness encompasses don Juan's discourses on dreaming and seeing, while intent is best understood as the magical Will treated at length in the creme of Western Esotericism. Interjected throughout the dialogues there are some truly fantastic encounters between the apprentice, his sorcerous teachers, and various allies. The nagual Julian becomes a focal point for don Juan and Genaro to explain the differences between the old seers and the new as well as provide background for their current form(s) of sorcery. This provides a strong thematic continuance and logical exposition on the difference between types of what was called "power" in the earlier books.Another important concept is the assemblage point within a WoMan's cocoon (astral body) and how mastery of this concept can effect the relations between the seer and other organic/inorganic beings as well as the Earth itself. Perhaps most importantly we are treated to more teachings towards stopping the inner dialogue. Fantastic, meditative and rich I would say this has been and will be a valuable book in my life.

  • CD
    2019-04-08 11:15

    June 2011Another box of books has been reopened for cleaning, sorting, and reevaluation and lo and behold, many of the collected works of Carlos Castaneda are part of the contents.Many years have gone but I remember this author and his works vividly. [Now don't get any ideas as to an allusion I may or may not be making] At some point I stopped purchasing more in the series and put them away. There's a 'blur' factor as I recall that happens with these stories of the metaphysical and magical journeys of learning (spelling of your choice for majic). Thus I finally put them down after a time. There's a new series of works by authors/students in the same genre. These are a continuation of the anthropological journey that Castaneda undertook to learn of his heritage and a way of life that existed if only in a shadow of the original form.This generic commentary is going to be applied to all the writings of CC as a review until a rereading decision is made. I don't own all the books by Castaneda though I've read all his books through the mid 1980's. A couple more I have copies of in this collection but I bet I never read them.Each of these books will have this introduction bracketed and italicized when I add a more specific commentary regarding the individual entry.An early footnote. Much of the fascination with fantastical dragon imagery is rooted in the first two or three of these works. Just thought you should know.

  • T.L. Barrett
    2019-04-11 14:18

    I found this book in a discard box at the library and kept it for years. Suddenly I had the intuitive drive to read it. I found that the book was addressing many of my thoughts as they had synthisized through the years. Wow! Although it has a questionable literary history, I am writing about the content of the book itself and the alchemical truths it explores by recounting Castenada's journey into the unknown guided by don Juan and his fellow Toltec mystics. Anyone interested in Gnostic philosophy, magic, and the nature of reality will find a treasure trove of stuff to ponder. Inspiring, liberating and fascinating, I can say this book, if truly studied will mark you. I also appreciated reading it on the level of how the distruction of self-importance is one of the first steps toward spiritual liberation (and, I think, a happy life!).

  • Edward Z
    2019-03-31 11:14

    The reality we experience is a thin fragile veneer concealing a vast, fathomless universe of quixotic sensations and incomprehensible wonders. Even if everything in this series of books is total crap, the mysterious, primal human instincts they exploit are so fascinating.

  • Mohit Parikh
    2019-03-25 11:21

    Sheer Power. Sheer Terror.

  • Gina Briganti
    2019-03-31 10:15

    "The Fire from Within" was an easy read compared to another Castaneda book I read years ago, "Magical Passes". One key message I enjoyed was about getting past our obsession with ourselves simply for how much of our energy is freed to do other things, There were a number of incredible stories in "The Fire from Within" that highlight the difference between how I was taught Reiki and how I teach Reiki. I wonder if all teachings can claim these big differences or if they are specific to the naguals.All in all, this was a good read for anyone who enjoys reading about different ways to work energy.

  • Glaucogt
    2019-04-15 14:13

    Extremely good book for people that want to understand and study how contiousness work!!Really fun to read and full of material do digest and understand.

  • Natalia
    2019-04-19 08:20

    I can barely finish this book. I find the characters unlikable, the message unclear and it jumps all over the place - I find it ridiculous! I adored Don Miguel Ruiz's books on Toltec Wisdom - The Four Agreements, The Voice of Knowledge and Mastery of Love. So, I was excited when readers who liked Ruiz recommended Carlos Castaneda. Maybe I chose the wrong book from this author - but, I can't believe how poorly written it is and how broken. I rated it as "It's okay" because I like the "intent" (although never attained) and the subject matter as a "topic".Each time I think a lesson is about to revealed.. it ends in... "well, forget about that", "more about that later" or "you're not ready for that". It provides the terms used in Toltec wisdom (Eagle's emanations, glowing/luminous egg, cocoons, attentions, allies, seers, naguals, benefactors, hightened states of awarenes.. etc) but, there's no relatable explanation - he doesn't even TRY to relate it to what we know/understand. The character being taught in the book can't even understand it! And, when asking for clarification - he's told he has to be in a "higher state" or reach or be pushed into some next level... a level the READER is not being pushed into?! The character is either "not ready" or the teacher suddenly has to go on a business trip.. the story is constantly interrupted and the 'phenomenon' is never explained!? Or, the 'teachers' find the lesson so funny they laugh hysterically at the benefactor.. but, WHY is never explained. They just find it 'funny' because they 'know'?! Umm... WE don't!? Or, to reach a hightened state, a NAGUAL (or, wait.. a seer?) has to deliver the "blow" so you can be pushed into it... um... do any of you have a nagual at your disposal? Then you have to decipher any lessons he teaches because after he explains some lengthy lesson - he then says that was what the OLD seers thought but, NEW seers think differently.. so, NOW i'm confused!The only way I can explain the frustration of reading this book is... it's like reading the words of a foreign language you're interested in that no one will teach you.Here is an example of the writing that I find absurd and unexplained (when reading it, I was constantly saying.. okay.. but, HOW?):p. 66/67"In terms of what seers see, the first attention is the glow of awareness developed to an ultra shine, " he continued. "But it is a glow fixed on the surface of the cocoon, so to speak. It is a glow that covers the known." "The second attention, on the other hand, is a more complex and specialized state of the glow of awareness. It has to do with the unknown. It comes when unused emanations inside man's cocoon are utilized."..."The second attention is also called left-sided awareness; and it is the vastest field that one can imagine, so vast in fact that it seems limitless.""I wouldn't stray into it for anything in this world," he went on. "It is a quagmire so complex and bizarre that sober seers go into it only under the strictest conditions.""The great difficulty is that an entrance into the second attention is utterly easy and its lure nearly irresistible."..."Old seers...they actually aimed at lighting up all the emanations inside their cocoons, one band at a time."..."The third attention is attained when the glow of awareness turns into the fire from within: a glow that kindles not one band at a time but, all the Eagle's emanations inside man's cocoon."---------------------I'm given a list and 'description' of all these components but, not an explanation of HOW they apply or can be applied to OUR lives?! We are not seers, naguals, benefactors.. so, we're told we won't understand. Then, they go on to laugh about what they know and how silly we are but, don't tell us WHAT they are laughing about?!! The 'states' they achieve are only for them? So, what's the point of reading this? Like I said, it's like reading the words of a foreign language you would like to learn, you pay the money, attend class but, no one will teach you.. but, they spend the class telling you how wonderful the language is - and telling you a few words but, not their meaning?! Not much fun!

  • Serihan Turhan
    2019-04-09 14:03

    "... затова е правилно да се каже, че тоталната свобода означава тотално осъзнаване."

  • Mike S
    2019-04-09 08:18

    About a fifth of the way through the book I was not very happy with it, and started thinking about not finishing it. But somehow I didn't put it down, and not too long afterwards it started to improve. My frustration was that it sounded a bit like an encyclopedia (or wikipedia entry), the transitions between scenes are almost non-existent, and mostly the author keeps a steady stream of information flowing, there's not a lot of action. If this is fiction then the author certainly did his homework, drawing up probably over a dozen different spiritual traditions... I find it hard to believe any of this actually happened, and I do compliment the author on their creativity and imagination. Also, there's nothing anyone can take away from the book to advance themselves, if they were so inclined... they need a shaman who can hit them on the back to shift their awareness etc. On their own they can do nothing. So I guess they'd have to go hang out in Mexico hoping to meet a shaman? Not to bloody likely!

  • Joey Brockert
    2019-04-17 15:01

    This is one of a series of books relating to a sorcerer teaching the wisdom he has learned himself.. I read this book some twenty (20) years ago, so this review is based on faulty memories and a gleaning of the first chapter or so. Mr. Castaneda is an Anthropology student studying sorcerers in Mexico. Don Juan is one of these. Señor Juan has gathered or acquired a half dozen followers and students. Mr. Castaneda appears to be under a post-hypnotic suggestion such that he does not remember meeting or doing anything with these other students, in fact he describes could be considered schizophrenic hallucinations. Who, in their right mind, would walk off the edge of a cliff? I will have to reread this book to give anymore thoughts about it, but it must be just filled with how Mr. Castaneda grew in knowledge and experience to be comfortable walking off a cliff.

  • Summer Bock, Holistic Nutrition & Herbs
    2019-04-01 09:14

    As with most Carlos Castaneda books, I find them a little confusing yet very enticing. This being the second time I have read this book, I was able to piece it together a little better. What I found interesting about the topics and explanations by the nagual, Don Juan, were how they coincide with the information presented in the movie, "The Secret" and other books pertaining to the power of manifestation. Some of the descriptions in this book relating to will and intent are fascinating if you are into that kind of thing.My favorite quote from the book that I have been continually reflecting upon since I read it goes like this."Warriors prepare themselves to be aware, and full awareness comes to them only when there is no more self-importance left in them. Only when they are nothing do they become everything."

  • Sifra
    2019-03-22 16:08

    I found this book to be more trippy than his other books. Funny, since, according to the book, Carlos is not taking any druggs this time, like in the first three books. The reason that it is so trippy is probaby the long explanations on how Don Juan sees the world. Most of them are quite abstract, and thus pretty hard to follow. It was pretty annoying, and I put the book aside a lot.I liked the story's about Don Juans past, and the encounter with the old seers. Exciting, mysterious, utterly weird situations are defenitely one of the things that attract me to Castaneda's books. I like the books with Don Juan and Don Genaro in them more than the ones with the bunch of other seers that Carlos was left with after Don Juan and Don Genaro left.

  • Aaron
    2019-04-08 13:06

    Like all of Castaneda books The Fire from Within doesn't cover too much new stuff from his previous works. However, the new stuff is always very interesting. As a shaman/medicine man in training I've always read Castaneda's books from a critical point of view. I realize that the truth gets bent here and there in his books but I continue to read them for the great nuggets of truth, inspiration, and insight that are sprinkled through out them. Perhaps, Castaneda is offering a theory in this book for spontaneous combustion!?! Regardless, it is apparent to me that Castaneda's books intermingle with black magic here and there and it is necessary to ground yourself before reading them. The dark forces are just as powerful teachers as the light forces making it a good read.

  • Bill
    2019-03-21 12:09

    The Fire Within, by Carlos Castaneda, is an interesting but implausible exposure to the American Indian yaqui teacher, Don Juan, of the aspirant Carlos Castaneda. The teaching seems at times dualistic and at other times non-dualistic. Traditional mystical themes of discipline, primacy of experience over philosophy, and intense awareness are cloaked in novel metaphors of cocoons, allies, and emanations. The book reminded me that my perceptions include only part of the reality, and that the reality beyond our senses and instruments is prone to emotional bias. The fact that the altered states depicted in this book were initially experienced under the influence of hallucinogens suggests that they are brain states, not transcendent reality.

  • Ian Cattanach
    2019-04-04 11:13

    Only a bell and a bird break the silence…It seems that the two talk with the setting sun.Golden colored silence, the afternoon is made of crystals.A roving purity sways the cool trees,and beyond all that,a transparent river dreams that trampling over pearlsIt breaks looseAnd flows into infinity.If you put a Juan Ramon Jimenez poem in a allegorical novel, you know it's going to be good. Best Castaneda book if the message is what you're searching for. You have to be skepctical, but the content is packed in this version. Journey to Ixtlan & The Fire From Withinare very similar. Both have amazing resources and concepts for alternative patterns of thinking

  • Monika Müller
    2019-04-17 15:23

    Many years after having read this book I should learn what was the reason of my thought that Carlos Castaneda seemed to have a memory even about the things he wrote and published. It was like reading repetitions of this what he had already written in other books before:The true writer of this material, living in Puebla, had tried, after Carlos Castaneda did not return to him the large manuscript, to recover the material in re-writing it from memory. Carlos Castaneda got also in a strange way hold of that material.You want to read more about it, read the book Cuando sea grande by Manuel Arenaza Madera

  • Licia
    2019-04-07 09:59

    Is that subliminal messages are very deep. I'll tell you why, I was reading this book when I was pregnant with my first son, who I was all ready to name, Tyler Alexander Gregory, I thought, hmm, nice ring, well rounded name, so that was that. I read this book, while debating a baby name, and was not even thinking about the characters in this book, and when "alexander" was born he did not feel or look like an Alexander, and somewhere in both of us we agreed on Julian. It was so perfect. Years later I returned to this book, and the main characters name was Julian. This author is too deep to sleep on.

  • Don Nicolaysen
    2019-04-03 14:16

    I don't recommend this book. I think the author has a warped view of existence, and readers should be cautioned that this controversial but entertaining author is a classic shaman looking for a cult of followers. A sociopath no doubt. Perhaps he would have been viewed differently if he had described his writings as fiction, but as non-fiction there is no escaping the judgement of thoughtful readers. I'm sure the cannabis culture still enjoys his tripping narratives.

  • Drew
    2019-04-04 07:59

    According to Carlos Castaneda's bad-cop/good-cop gurus Don Juan and Don Genaro, the universe is a big cosmic joke to which the only proper response is forced laughter. That's a far cry from Beckett's tragicomic POV which at least elicits a genuine case of the giggles. Because of that "The Fire From Within" isn't a book I'd recommend when trying to make existential sense of it all. Emanations. Fibers. Stalkers. The mumbo jumbo never really comes together although there's a persuasive argument for celibacy and sobriety here if you want to go there.

  • maria
    2019-04-10 08:00

    it took a while to finish this book, especially in comparison to the ones that came before in this series. but the several months of hiatus were worthwhile. at about half-point when i paused i was almost certain i wouldn't be starting again. but i did and it did not take long to make it through the rest of the book. i do not necessarily take castaneda literally, but what he offers is certainly a way of talking about things which resonates with the way which things might be. there is absolute power and value in that.

  • Kenn Prebilic
    2019-04-18 11:06

    I wanted to like this book, but it didn't hold my attention. The writing is bad in places, and the overall story isn't very interesting. Mostly he just walks around talking to a spiritual mentor who claims all kinds of unverifiable things about ancient 'seers'. The book has a few interesting ideas that dwell squarely in the realm of fiction, but it's touted as nonfiction. So don't jump off cliffs thinking you can recreate the world before you hit the ground and survive.