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You must read the introduction to Poe's new book for the health and safety of your loved ones. Discover the answer to a mystery and fourteen tales guaranteed to entertain. Paperback version...

Title : Raven Wings and 13 More Twisted Tales
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Raven Wings and 13 More Twisted Tales Reviews

  • Grace Krispy
    2019-03-28 11:21

    Frank Poe has compiled an intriguing collection of stories, poems, and artwork. The tales are short, very readable, and certainly twisted- some with better twists than others. Some made me cringe, some surprised me in a fun way, some made me think, and some just left me thinking "eh..."The book starts off with a lengthy introduction that discusses the writer's own experiences with an illness that brought him close to death, and then discusses reincarnation and religion. It's a manifesto of sorts, and an interesting introduction, to be sure, but I didn't quite see how it tied in with the stories as promised. It seemed almost like a short story in itself- interesting, thought-provoking, and only loosely related to the rest of the collection. The poetry and images interspersed throughout added a refreshing change of pace. I felt the poetry, in particular, was a commentary on life, and it more closely delivered that connection to which the introduction alluded.Nicely written, the stories in this book are quite engaging and make for quick reads. As the tales didn't appear to be related, this is an ideal collection for small blocks of reading time. Just pick up the book, read a story or two, and put it down again until you have some more time. One of my favorite Christmas gifts as a child was a short story collection by Stephen King. The idea that machines could be blood-thirsty, that danger lurks in cellars, that seemingly innocuous items could hide evil... true horror at its finest. I was also a huge fan of The Twilight Zone, where a twist would turn everything you thought to be true upside-down. This collection brought to mind those types of themes. In some stories, the author manages to take some familiar concepts and twist them to be something else. In others, it's a twist on a familiar tale. It is truly an eclectic collection with a common theme of "twisted." I wanted some of the stories to go further and tell me much, much more, and I found others to be perfectly written "as is." For example, "The Tell-Tale Door" and "The Purple Basketball" seemed to have just the right touch of suspense and surprise, while "A little Bit of Java" and "Deliverance Vs. Silence of the Lambs" left me wanting for more meat (no pun intended!) and that satisfying twist seemed to be lacking.Overall, a nice collection that can be read over and over to catch all the little nuances that gave the meaning behind the words. Recommended for fans of the genre.3.5 /5 stars @ MotherLode blog

  • Chrissy
    2019-04-09 10:21

    Raven Wings and 13 more twisted tales are just that twisted. I enjoyed reading these short stories and the poems in this book. I read just about any kind of book out there some bother me and some don't but all are worth reading. With that said most of the stories in this book didn't bother me at all.... They were well written and kept my attention to the end....There were two of the stories that bothered me getting threw them but that is because of the situation they were in not because of the authors writing... I thought the author did a fantastic job with the character descriptions and in the way he wrote the stores. I did enjoy the fact that even though a couple made me not want to finish them because they were so well written that them made me cringe.The introduction of the book talks about the authors reincarnation and his near death experience that gave him clues he was. The author claims to be Edger Allen Poe reincarnated as Frank G. Poe, Jr. The introduction was fascinating to me because I don't really have an opinion on reincarnation. I would like to think that we come back to relive again.I know I have had lots of deja-vu's in my life where I go somewhere that I haven't been before and when I get there I know everything about it.... Or I run into someone that I feel I have know forever but I have just met them.... I don't know if I believe in the reincarnation thing but I always keep an open mind no matter what life brings or no matter what book I am reading.I wouldn't recommend this book to young adults but I would recommend it to any one over the age of 18....* I have been provided a complimentary Advanced Readers Copy of Raven Wings for review from The Author Frank G. Poe, JR. By receiving a complimentary copy it in no way obligates me to write a good or bad review. I am an honest reviewer and my reviews are based on my own opinion and written by me.*

  • Nathalie Brault
    2019-03-31 10:44

    Bravo to Frank G Poe, JR for this well written book. I absolutely loved it. Not only is it well written but it brought out in me some totally different emotions in me. As different as the14 tales and poems are so were the emotions that were stirring in me. And when an author stirs emotions in me whether good or bad, I says job well done. I read all sorts of book's work is always worth reading. And in this case, Poe's work is absolutely brilliant, that is my personal opinion. Each tale is different, and each one will come and get you in a different way. I must admit that I do have a favorite one which was the first tale. But that is just me. I've read reviews and noticed that some were a bit offended by two stories but they would not say which one. I on the opposite did not seem to be offended by any. Another thing that I think is worth mentioning is that Frank Poe, Jr mentions in his book that he is the reincarnation of Edgar Allan Poe. He also explains that through multiple rebirth experiences he understood that he has come back, and he explains how in the beginning of the book. I believe a bit in the reincarnation but don't know enough about it to really comprehend the whole notion of it to really believe or not if that could be true.But I do wish that we do come back into something else after we die but what a pity that we don't remember our past life..You should add this book to your TBR pile

  • Teresa Gabelman
    2019-04-05 12:41

    Raven Wings and 13 More Twisted Tales was a pretty wild ride for me and I loved it. From the Introduction, which was very thought provoking, to the last twisted tale 'A Jersey Tale' I found myself wanting more. Actually a few of the stories I wished had a few more pages, but only to see where Mr. Poe may have went with it and not because the story fell short. In fact Mr. Poe is a excellent closer on his short stories which I believe is very hard to do. I'm just a selfish reader who always wants more. My favorite Twisted Tale is 'The Purple Basketball'. Very clever.Mr. Poe's writing style is smooth and enjoyable, easily pulling you into the story. This is definitely an adult read so keep away from the kiddies. If you like stories rich with dark humor as well as enjoy the writings of the greats such as Edgar Allan Poe then Raven Wings and 13 More Twisted Tales may be a excellent read for you.

  • iamjenai
    2019-04-01 15:26

    Do you believe in reincarnation? If so, you will enjoy this book. According to the author, some of us have been here multiple times while others are new at it. He claims he was an old soul and that he's the reincarnation of someone famous. I don't believe in reincarnation, that some of us are born again in another body after we have died but I must admit that this theory has long piqued my interest. If you believe in reincarnation, you might want to buy this book and that was just the introduction of this book.Raven Wings and 13 more Twisted Tales is a collection of 14 twisted short stories. Most of the short stories are entertaining, especially the story about the spiders and the two famous basketball players. The stories are well-written and certainly worth reading.

  • Lindsay
    2019-04-04 11:42

    Raven Wings and 13 More Twisted Tales is a compilation of short stories by Frank Poe written in a similar style to the popular tales written by his ancestor, Edgar Allen Poe. Frank’s tales range from his own personal stories to modern tales with strong influences from the famous works of Edgar A. Poe. From the back of the book- “You must read the introduction to Poe's new book for the health and safety of your loved ones. Discover the answer to a mystery over 160 years old and fourteen tales guaranteed to entertain. Erie and Sometimes humorous, the twisted tales result in a thought provoking experience about our society, relationships, health and money. The author holds us up to the mirror so we can take a good look at ourselves. It's easy to see how Poe's new book will become a proven literary hit.”My opinion of this book is mixed. I thoroughly enjoyed the modern retellings of Edgar Allen Poe’s works. I particularly enjoyed ‘The Tell-Tale Door’, which contains familiar elements of ‘The Tell-Tale Heart’, and ‘The Purple Basketball’, which was a unique retelling of ‘The Cask of Amontillado’. These stories, while obviously possessing elements of their predecessors, are engaging and eerie in their own right. The stories are long enough to engage the reader without becoming overly detailed or boring. I really enjoyed the plot twists that Mr. Poe worked into his stories- the outcome seems set until suddenly a new element appears and totally alters the ending. Even though the stories are retellings of Edgar Allan Poe’s work, they involve enough unique elements to be a new tale to a seasoned reader of Poe’s works.Unfortunately, there were also stories that I really didn’t enjoy in this book. Many of Frank Poe’s original works were lewd, crude, and even creepy (and I don’t mean in the bone-chilling sense!). One night, my cousin and I were taking turns reading from the book and agreed that many of the stories are somewhat voyeuristic, like you’re reading someone’s deepest, darkest S&M fantasies that they’ve recorded on paper. There were odd tales of cross-species relationships (‘The Spider and the Fly’), brutal rape and abuse, and cannibalism (‘Deliverance Vs. Silence of the Lambs’). I think what bothered me the most about thse stories is that I didn’t feel as though I gained anything from reading these stories… None of the stories had a "moral". The one involving rape was simply a tale of a woman getting raped and what was passing through her mind during the event. I read for entertainment, so I just don't feel like I gained anything from a story like that.That said, Poe’s stories are very well written and just as dark and twisted as his predecessor’s. The stories are conveniently quick, so you can read one or two at a time and pick up again later when you have time. I thought the introduction was particularly interesting, where Poe discusses his own brush with death and the revelation that it brought. Frank’s belief in reincarnation brings to mind the premise behind Steve Lindahl’s Motherless Soul.I’m on the fence with my overall opinion of this book- I loved the stories that were more Edgar Allan Poe-like, but conversely, didn’t enjoy the other pieces. If you like Poe, I would recommend you check out Raven Wings- there’s plenty to impress! If you are easily put off by the subject matter mentioned above, I’d suggest looking elsewhere. Unlike Edgar Poe, who’s works were dark but nothing beyond what I’d rate PG or PG13, some of Frank Poe’s pieces lean from R to X. I would most definitely caution that this doesn’t fall into the hands of younger readers, as the content is very explicit!

  • Carrie Green
    2019-04-07 14:41

    As I write this review, The Raven, a movie that stars John Cusack as Edgar Allan Poe is scheduled to be released on Friday.  I'm a huge Poe fan, but I'm viewing this news with a mixture of anticipation and dread.  I'm hopeful that it might be good, a suitable tribute to the horror master who first sparked many readers' interest in the genre, but I'm worried that it may be a terrible.  At the very least, I'm hoping it will remind the general public about Poe and create a renewed interest in his darkly elegant contributions to literature.Well, if this movie whets your appetite for some Poe style horror, I'm going to whole-heartedly recommend picking up a copy of Raven Wings And 13 More Twisted Tales by Frank G. Poe, Jr.  This extremely modern nod to Poe will alternately thrill, shock or amuse. Three standouts that I especially enjoyed include a tale titled 'Final Envoy,' which had a science fiction flavor; 'The Spider and The Fly,' written from the viewpoint of a male black widow spider that is understandably reluctant to mate (as he's discovered what happens next) and how he handles that dilemma; and 'Of Ninjas and Bullets Left Behind' exposing the abuses of corporate power during an eager candidate's job interview with a CEO. It is a very polished and professional collection that cuts quickly to the action, but is still heavily character driven.  Frank is a former literary journal editor and journalist.  He knows how to write.  He provides a wide variety of stories, something for every type of horror fan.  You'll delight in the twists and turns.  Frank keeps his readers guessing before delivering curve ball endings.  You'll never think of the word, "Nevermore," in quite the same way.  These are wicked little treats.Frank clearly has a dry sense of humor.  He discusses an affinity for Poe in his introduction and claims, rather tongue-in-cheek, a relationship with the original Poe—not as a direct relative, but through reincarnation.  His speculation as to the true cause of Poe's death is very interesting.  Is he sincere?  Doubtful, but be in on the joke and pick-up this thoroughly entertaining collection.  I hate to speculate, but I have a feeling that it's way better than the movie!

  • Frank Poe
    2019-03-27 11:38

    A must read introduction for Edgar Allan Poe fans, this book contains the spine-tingling title short short and 13 more twisted tales from humor to Twilight Zone style horror and science fiction.