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Helen Oxenbury's delightful board books, featuring her sweet and cuddly babies at play, are back with a whole new look....

Title : Tickle, Tickle
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ISBN : 9780027690200
Format Type : Board book
Number of Pages : 8 Pages
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Tickle, Tickle Reviews

  • Lara's
    2018-09-25 23:44

    Synopsis: A simple board book featuring lumbering, cutie-pie babies at play.Review: This board book was initially a bit of a challenge for me to really jump into until I began to appreciate it's subtle charms. Having a limited number of pages (4 total) it took a minute for it to "click" in my brain. But, the illustrations are nice a large with children having a good time in the mud, washing up and getting ready for bed. The largeness of the images makes pointing and learning names easier for small hands (sponge, boat, towel, brush, etc.) The sounds are something readers can really have a good time with "squelch, squelch in the mud", etc. Actions such as wash, brush, scrub come into play as well as gently. Gently being a word you hear parents use time and time again to relate to petting a cat, touching fragile items and in play time. Very subtle, sweet lessons to be learned from Helen Ozenbury--apparently for adults as well as little tikes.Critical Reviews: One parent commented "My 12 month daughter was not attracted to this book, it's too short and there isn't enough of a story. There are much better books out there that will keep a child's attention" which was where I was initially. However, give the book more time and it blooms.Children's Literature gave a positive review stating, "Lap sitters will enjoy looking at the babies, hearing the simple words and joining in with their own renditions. The illustrations are full of humor--pants are slipping off bottoms and one baby squeeze a sponge full of water on the head of another."

  • Odette Knappers
    2018-10-08 22:27

    Dit boek is stukgelezen, mijn ouders lazen het op een eigen deuntje voor. Veel zinnetjes ervan zeggen we in huis nog steeds tegen elkaar, als iemand haar borstelt en dergelijke. Echte gezinsherinneringen :)

  • Sassy
    2018-09-19 23:34

    My first favorite book.

  • Aneesa
    2018-10-07 21:41


  • Emily
    2018-10-04 22:21

    This is a cute and simple book for little kids. It is very short which is good for their attention span.

  • Farhana Begum
    2018-09-29 01:46

    This big broad multicultural book displays a group of toddlers all enjoying simple activities together such as playing in the mud, playing in water and brushing their hair. This book is ideal for younger children especially during bath time and bedtime but it can be enjoyed just as much at any time of the day and by all children above three. The rhythmic text repetition makes this book good to read aloud as the strong interactive story can be re-enacted by children with the use of gestures allowing everyone to engage and enjoy a good read. This book primarily promotes diversity and with the aid of the simple text and bold images it allows children to focus on the activities of the toddlers. A simple fun read for all children with the enjoyment of tickles at the end.

  • jacky
    2018-09-16 01:19

    Helen Oxenbury's board books were highly recommended in another book I was reading (both possible titles were too long to write here). I wasn't that impressed. I had read Ten Fingers and Ten Toes (I think that's the title), back before Natalie was born, and didn't like the illustrations. I still am not found of the look of the babies. The illustrations are nice big close ups of babies playing, but they just weren't for me. I'd prefer photographs than this style. The text were simple and rhymed, but didn't make me laugh or connected or anything. Maybe it is because these books are intended for infants, and I waited too long to try to share them with Natalie.

  • Jess
    2018-10-13 04:38

    This was a lovely first board book - and it really was the first one I read to Ben when he was tiny. Four big spreads of babies/toddlers playing, bathing, brushing their hair and tickling make up a simple story. The babies and adults are from a variety of ethnic backgrounds, the faces and bodies are expressive, and the fun, simple text is easy to expand as you chat with baby about what's in the pictures or join in the tickling. The format is big and light, making it easy to share or prop open in front of a baby doing tummy time. I was surprised at how long Ben has enjoyed it - he's picked it to read several times recently, even though he's also enjoying much longer books. - 12/2014

  • Deb (Readerbuzz) Nance
    2018-10-12 02:34

    A 1001 CBYMRBYGU. This review, I caution you, will be longer than the entire book. In fact, by the time you read up to this point in the review, you have already read more words than are to be found in this book. It’s a short book. Seventeen words in total. But I can imagine that one family might read this book, with its little seventeen words, ten times, fifty times, maybe even a hundred times. You just know little bambinos would love this book that much.“Squelch, squelch, in the mud,splish, splash, scrub-a-dub….”

  • Paris
    2018-09-29 21:41

    This book is suitable for Pre-K, ages 4-5. However, children learning to read at 3 years old could also benefit from the short words. It shows different ways that children can groom themselves before bed. It also has multi-racial illustrations. I would read this book and have students discuss and maybe draw a picture of the things they do to get ready for school or bed to introduce them to sequencing.

  • Christa
    2018-09-15 23:49

    Babies love this book! They get a feel for some fun words ("squelch," "scrub-a-dub") and it is easy to incorporate physical movements with the reading ("gently brush your hair"). It's also very, very short, which makes it a great book for very young babies who are just starting to become interested in being read to.

  • Meredith
    2018-09-23 22:31

    Love the diversity of the babies and parents. Love that there are men and women caring for the babies. This is a book that was fun for my 2 year old to read with his baby sister. She likes the bright colors, pictures, and tickles, and he likes to do the motions with her. Fun book... Wish it was a bit longer.

  • Tanya
    2018-09-15 23:36

    Very limited text...basically one stanza of a poem. I like the illustrations and that they represent a variety of cultures. I wanted a longer book. If I had the series, I would have moved onto the next book and felt more satisfied, but on its own, just too short, though it does invite a tickle from parent to baby or toddler to parent in return.

  • Rachael
    2018-09-25 04:24

    This is my baby's new favorite- he always smiles when I open the page. I was a bit surprised- the illustrations didn't seem like they would appeal to young babies. I also like how little text there is- it's easy to remember the rhyme and I can repeat it to him during the day and he lights up when he hears it.

  • Rachael
    2018-09-28 02:40

    This is my baby's new favorite- he always smiles when I open the page. I was a bit surprised- the illustrations didn't seem like they would appeal to young babies. I also like how little text there is- it's easy to remember the rhyme and I can repeat it to him during the day and he lights up when he hears it

  • Cindy
    2018-10-07 03:43

    I LOVE this book. Large pictures of babies playing in the mud, cleaning up and getting a bath. These babies are so sweet and the words feature onomatopoeia words! The words have a slight rhyme. The pages are larger than the average board book. Written by: Helen Oxenbury Published in 1999.Library Use: Nice book for onomatopoeia and toddler time story time.

  • Shannon
    2018-09-24 00:28

    I don't mind this one so much. It's short, it's cute, and she's started doing the motions I was doing (pretending to wash her tummy, brush her hair) and giggling as she waits for the 'surprise' tickling at the end.

  • Donna Davis
    2018-09-22 23:41

    Great books for very small children. Purchase them as board books, and the baby and you can sit and have a good read as soon as s/he is ready to sit still on your lap. I am eternally grateful to Ms. Oxenbury for providing multi-racial babies in her books. This is amazingly hard to find.

  • Charlotte
    2018-09-15 02:40

    This short bold book is fun and educational. The most attractive thing about this book to me, is that it features babies that aren't white! It is refreshing to see black and asian babies taking center stage in a popular book.

  • Sandee
    2018-10-04 00:45

    Didn't keep the attention of my 18 month old. She wandered off on the first page.

  • The Literacy Advocate
    2018-09-30 22:24

    Books-for-Babies: used 9/27/16

  • kelly
    2018-10-01 04:46

    multicultural illustrations

  • Heather
    2018-09-27 02:35

    Quick and fast book. Nothing to write home about here. Very short.

  • Laurie Post
    2018-09-21 02:25

    Fun book for young children.

  • Huda
    2018-10-16 01:36

    funny (:

  • Linda
    2018-10-01 01:27

    This book is very short, but the word choices are strong and I think they will be familiar to young children. I would use this book to help with language development.

  • Zaidee
    2018-10-01 20:21

    definitely a baby book -- super simple but always love helen oxenbury's illustrations

  • Kettlestitch Press
    2018-09-26 21:20

    Diversity without didacticism.

  • June
    2018-09-16 22:25

    Very short board book. Size would make it useable for Lap Time, but not sure what theme to include it in.

  • Louise (A Strong Belief in Wicker)
    2018-10-16 04:35

    Super cute board book for the very youngest of babies. Very short, only 4 double pages. Not a favourite for me.