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Exploding out of Blackest Night comes the next exciting chapter in the Green Lantern mythos: New Guardians!Forced to band together during the rise of the Black Lanterns, Hal Jordan, Sinestro, Carol Ferris, Saint Walker, Atrocitus, Indigo-1 and Larfleeze must agree to disagree if their next mission is to succeed. But when one of the strangest beings from Green Lantern's pasExploding out of Blackest Night comes the next exciting chapter in the Green Lantern mythos: New Guardians!Forced to band together during the rise of the Black Lanterns, Hal Jordan, Sinestro, Carol Ferris, Saint Walker, Atrocitus, Indigo-1 and Larfleeze must agree to disagree if their next mission is to succeed. But when one of the strangest beings from Green Lantern's past returns, the future of the Lanterns and the universe at large once again falls into question.Collecting: Green Lantern 53-62...

Title : Green Lantern, Volume 10: Brightest Day
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ISBN : 9781401231811
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 256 Pages
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Green Lantern, Volume 10: Brightest Day Reviews

  • Sesana
    2019-01-01 07:44

    The actual storyline here is, frankly, kind of underwhelming. But there's some really good character work in these pages, which is why I can give it 3.5 stars, rounded up because I feel generous. Larfleeze is used in the least annoying way possible (as occasional comic relief), and Atrocitus has been developed into a really interesting character instead of just a really loud one. Sinestro doesn't do much, to be honest, but his actions contribute to his reinvention as a top-notch antihero. This collection seemed a lot more like setup for the next big Green Lantern event than a continuation of either Blackest Night or Brightest Day. Sign me up.

  • Anne
    2018-12-26 05:10

    I didn't quite enjoy this as much as I did Brightest Day, Volume 1 and Brightest Day, Volume 2, but it was still an excellent read.Possibly the best surprise this book has is a peek at the mystery of the Indigo Lantern Corps. I really didn't see that coming.

  • Kyle
    2019-01-09 02:52

    Most of Brightest Day was a major let down for me, with the exception of the Justice League storyline (Generation Lost) and this, the Green Lantern storyline. While Geoff Johns has seriously complicated the GL universe over the last few years, sometimes needlessly but for the most part awesomely, this collection of Green Lantern is a refreshingly simplified storyline compared to what came before it: all the colours of the emotional spectrum have to come together to protect their respective Emotional Entities from an evil villain. It's a hide-and-seek story, which allows for some great character development, especially with Larfleeze, Atrocitus, Hal Jordan, and even Barry Allen.Building up to the War of the Green Lanterns and starting from where Blackest Night left off, I was extra-pleasantly surprised with the ending to this book: it is unexpected and unconventional, and in true Johns fashion, it involves a panoply of characters, reintroducing a character that had long-been forgotten. Unfortunately, because of the Brightest Day tie-in and the need to spread characters over several Brightest Day plot-lines, some of the main characters are pulled away from this story at times that would be opportune for building tension or suspense.... I'm thinking of Sinestro and Star Sapphire here.Artwork is slightly above average with some beautiful play on colours, light and dark, and a couple fantastic splash pages. Also, there a few brilliant expository scenes, like the one between Hal and Barry, and of course, the one between Atrocitus and The Spectre. Some truly great writing that brings out the philosophical nature of the characters, adding depth to their objectives and actions. 4/5

  • Bevans
    2019-01-03 06:41

    Though this is mostly buildup to the War of the Green Lanterns storyline, there's a lot of cool stuff in here. I really like the concept of having multiple Lantern corps with their own motivations and goals. Even though some of them seem evil, they're not monsters, and seeing all the Lanterns working together again is a lot of fun.Speaking of fun, the stuff with Larfleeze (the only Orange Lantern) was hilarious. My favorite part was finding out that Larfleeze had set up his new home in North Branch, Minnesota (a town just 30 miles north of me) and was stealing everything he could find, like plastic flamingos and dishwashers. It was especially amusing to see that he planned to track down Santa Claus to have access to limitless wealth. And finally seeing him flip out in greedy glee when he located an all-you-can-eat buffet in Las, I love that character.Seeing that the Red Lanterns actually have some redeeming qualities was nice, because they could've easily become purposeless killing machines if not written well. Same goes for the Indigos - it was cool to see that, though they're usually on the side of the Green Lanterns, they're not necessarily always on their side.This got me really anxious to read the War of the Green Lanterns, and I'll be starting on that next.

  • Martin
    2018-12-28 03:05

    In spite of this book's title, the stories within have almost nothing to do with the Brightest Day main event. Moreover, the stories collected here are a bit disjointed. What's interesting, however, is that sometimes the focus is not on Hal Jordan, but rather on one or another of the series' seemingly ever-expanding cast of supporting characters, such as Larfleeze and Atrocitus. There's this one particular story that provides us readers with some background information on Atrocitus, which help explain his behaviour & actions, adding some layers to the character - fleshing him out, as it were - and thus making him less of a one-note mindless, angry killer. I liked that. An enjoyable read, but somewhat below the preceding volumes in terms of 'oomph' and other just-as-vague criteria.

  • TJ Shelby
    2018-12-25 11:09

    Totally enjoyed this book! Great quote from the new queen, Star Sapphire: "Destiny doesn't exist, Hal. Life happens. And we all make a choice when it does." There is an encounter between the red entity known as The Butcher and The Spectre that will leave your jaw on the floor...or someone's jaw...Larfleeze made me literally laugh out loud at one point with: "I want to be Queen!"Add in Atrocitus actually demonstrating something other than rage and Sinestro being...well, Sinestro, and this was a great story arc leading to the next War of the Green Lanterns story arc.How was the art you ask? Well, Doug Mahnke has great are when he wants to. On some of the obvious focus pages, he's amazing. But he seems to just hurry through some of the smaller panels like he's disinterested...which makes me disinterested.

  • Keith
    2018-12-30 10:46

    Okay, make no mistake: this shit is godawful. It is embarrassingly bad in every way that comics can be. On every page, the stakes are so meaninglessly high that there's nothing to invest in; it purports to be about the quest to understand human nature and the needs that drive us as people, while different-colored aliens possessed by different-colored monsters representing those needs work out their differences by punching each other in the face.(This is something, were it handled with any humor or intelligence, that I could actually really like under other circumstances.) This is a book about an Emotional Spectrum of differently-colored monsters that control the universe, and channel themselves into a Totally, Totally Random Selection of Average People. Here, Absolute Hope is embodied by a young girl fighting off the pedophile that kidnapped her; Absolute Rage is embodied in a father who wants to kill another, totally separate pedophile who raped and killed his daughter; Absolute Love is represented by a white male stalker who has a thing for young waitresses; and Absolute Fear is represented by the Flash when he's worried that his bro the Green Lantern might be overstressed in trying to save the universe by himself.Got that? Big emotions=raping women, except when you're worried about your bros.Oh, and Absolute Need is represented by a goofy alien's first trip to Vegas.JUST IN CASE YOU FORGOT WHAT COMICS ARE ABOUT, EVERYBODY? THEY BRING THE SERIOUS, AND THE FUNNY. It's like Power Rangers presented unironically. The last third of the book has new characters introducing themselves with laser blasts that knock down all the other characters on basically every other page. I feel like I just dumped Chee-tos and rock salt on my brain.IT. IS. JUST. SO. FUCKING. FUCKING. STUPID.But like, it's just so pretty, and it has Lobo in it, and there just weren't any Batman comics I wanted. So what the fuck. I feel dumber. Avoid it like Farmville. It is seriously probably the shittiest thing you could be reading in terms of (wasted time x sensory overload) = escapist fiction that you cannot actually escape from. It's like reading the Internet. It's like arguing about The Matrix. It is the 4chan of Superhero Comics That Think They Are Smart But Are Fucking Coloring Books. I will probably buy more of it, and the action figures, and it pollutes me and makes me hate myself.

  • Victor Orozco
    2019-01-07 10:54

    Pretty cool. After the epic events of the Blackest Night in which all the DC Universe got to face the most wicked Lantern force in existence, things begin to restructure for the world. Unfortunately a new power is rising and the DC Universe has to come together to resolve it.When I picked this up I thought it was going to be a single set of action and excitement like Blackest Night was. Only this is Green Lantern: Brightest Day. Not the Brightest Day. If it was that then it would be 700 pages of excitement not the 200 or so.Still this is a good start. With various heroes and villains brought back to life its up to Hal Jordan to summon all the entities that make up the visual spectrum of Power. Butcher-Red, Ophidian-Orange, Parallax-Yellow, Ion-Green, Adara-Blue, Proselyte-Indigo and Predator-Violet.All this leads to several adventures with each of the Lanterns. Some pretty cool stuff too. Here I learn Red Lanterns are the practitioners of vengeance, going out of their way to kill death row inmates and the like. Orange Lantern Larfleeze is the comic relief of the leaders with his Gollum like antics. Sinestro is wicked as ever in his attempts to gain power over Hal. Unfortunately an fellow friend of Hal is captured by Parallax.Hal is as rebellious as ever believing he doesn't require help from the Guardians as well as his Justice League friends. Its interesting to see how dangerous the more 'benevolent' Lantern Corps are. Hope rescues a kidnapped girl only to fuse her with its power. Indigo tribe is very much like a cult and the Star Sapphires are manipulative but are tempered by Carol Ferris. Lovely turn of events.All this leading to the return of an old enemy who plans to take in the entities. While this goes on the rest of the series follows. Can't wait to read the rest. Until then. B+

  • Alan
    2019-01-05 06:53

    I wish Geoff Johns would stop using the Star Wars prequels as reference material for his vision on this title. The whole multi-colored set of rings idea is about as bad as midi-chlorians. The only good thing to come out of this is the introudction of some fun and interesting lanterns, but I argue they could have been introduced as green, not orange, yellow, or red.Larfleeze and his greed serves as good comic relief in this installment, instead of just being annoying. Atrocitus shows he can be cunning, and not just a bull charging towards his goal, and some attempt is made at making Sinestro DC comics's best anit-hero (currently in a race with Luthor for the title).Oh yes. Finally Johns tries to give Carol Ferris a real personality.The story? Really who cares? The white lantern issue feels like a macguffin. A big plus is the inclusion from one of the floppies of how the Red Lantern Dex-Starr came to be. Yeah, there is a woman in refrigerator moment there, but I like this short a lot regardless because it gives the character a little depth and motivation. And, it tugged at my heart a little.

  • Peter
    2018-12-26 10:07

    I read this before, and on that reading this seemed like an incomplete story. In the meantime I've read the brightest day comics (and did not really like them) and this time this story makes way more sense. So be warry of the fact that this is a tie in in the brigthest day event and that you need to read those books, to understand this book.But reading this I can't shake the feeling that the whole brightest day event was meant as a backdrop for this green lantern story. Geoff Johns tells a way better and more compelling story in this trade then in the brightest day main books. here at least I had an idea what was on stake, who the characters were, and why they did what they did. And the main thread in this story makes the brightest day story also a bit more believeable.I'm still having fun with the green lantern books, so I'm still on board for the series.

  • Scott
    2019-01-20 04:52

    Collecting issues # 53-62 as well as some Green Lantern awesomeness. This HC is the bridge/transition from Brightest Day to the War of the Green Lanterns. Hal Jordan and a member from each of the other color spectrum's (excluding black and white lanterns) must join together for their mission.This was a pretty good series and I just read the second half last night.

  • Sean
    2018-12-25 04:01

    Geoff Johns continues to shine with the emotional Lantern spectrum. Here, unlike the last collection, is a cohesive story with characters branching off into other adventures. Hal's reluctance to work with his allies and instead with his enemies is frustrating but understandable from his perspective. Some of the other Lanterns really stand out; Larfleeze, Atrocitus, & Star Sapphire. All standout appearances especially Carol. The mystery was intriguing and a decent payoff. As with all of Johns Lantern stories, there is possibly to much exposition. The art by Doug Mahnke was phenomenal! The book probably would have been rated higher if the story ended instead of being to be continued. All that being said, an amazingly good read.

  • Miguel
    2019-01-18 04:53

    En este volumen se relatan las consecuencias de los sucesos relatados en la noche más oscura. Tengo que reconocer que este volumen me ha gustado más que el anterior. El anterior era un crossover con excesivos personajes y demasiados escenarios, aquí la trama está más centrada y creo que eso redunda en una historia más redonda. Por poner alguna queja creo que la búsqueda de las entidades se alarga en exceso y el enfrentamiento final es demasiado rápido y encima la historia no queda cerrada con lo que te obliga a leer el siguiente volumen: la guerra de los green larterns.

  • Edward Davies
    2019-01-06 06:40

    One of the quickest reads in the Green Lantern series, in spite of containing a whopping 10 issues, and also one of the best thus far. Great art and a fun storyline.

  • Brian Williams
    2019-01-09 10:56

    GREEN LANTERN: BRIGHTEST DAYDC COMICSWRITER Geoff JohnsART Doug Mahnke and Shawn Davis*Just a side note to start things. People have asked where the Torchwood reviews are and the answer is that I haven't gotten the chance to watch the second and third episodes yet and unlike some professional reviewers I don't review things I haven't watched or read.I really want to start writing more full reviews about comic book trade collections and OGN books. And in my reviews I tend to call both graphic novels for a FYI. The problem with me reviewing more graphic novels usually comes that I can just read so many graphic novels at once that I tend to read tons from the library and then send them back quickly for the next person.So here I go with seeing how this works. I'm going to try and review every graphic novel I read. I might fail to do so but nothing wrong with a little failure. Live and learn and all that. Writing reviews also usually gets my writing blood flowing before I work on my own stories later in the night; so the more reviews I write actually means I get more work on my own projects completed.The Green Lantern books have been some of the best comics for the past few years. Right there with Captain America, X-Factor, Secret Six, and Birds Of Prey in my view. I actually think the first volume of Brightest Day was the weakest Green Lantern story in a while but I was still happy when I found out that one of our libraries had one of the tie-ins to the main series in Green Lantern: Brightest Day.And I have to say I enjoyed this more than Brightest Day: Volume One. Mar did also. The Green Lantern is one of the few superhero books she has enjoyed. The highlight of the story was the humor that had a center point as Larfleeze. I read somewhere that DC will be doing a Red Lantern book. Hell with that I want a Larfleeze book. That or a Larfleeze/Atrocitus road trip buddy book.And speaking of Atrocitus. He was also one of the big highlights of this story. I just love his design and how he was written here. I almost teared up at the entry story at the back of the book. Dex-Starr is just pure fucked up joy and both of our cats I think want to dress as Dex-Starr next Halloween.At least that's what they tell me.{NOTE: If anyone was getting any ideas about dressing your cat as Dex-Starr, that might not be a good idea. Might be pretty dangerous because they all have a little Dex-Starr in them}There are a couple well written guest appearances by Lobo, The Flash, and The Spectre that fit perfectly into the story. I've always been a huge fan of both Lobo and The Spectre but they both have been so miss used a lot the past few years but here they were inserted in a way that both benefited this story and their individual stories. This is a very good way of using a shared universe.Oh and Dex-Starr Vs. Lobo's dog. Not that was badass and the outcome the natural order of things.The overall story is a build toward War Of The Green Lanterns, but in a story that weakens this story on its on, and there is a little preview at the end of that story for that crossover. When Flash confronts Hal about working with the other Corps you can't help but say he's right. Hal is ignoring death and destruction around him to keep things in his hands. He may say that's not his reasoning but I find it as always a matter of ego with Hal.This story is action packed and it flows down a smooth storytelling path. One of these days someone is just going to field goal punt one of those asswipe Guardians because they have been painted as such tainted characters much the way Professor X has been in the X books at Marvel that it is hard not to cheer the bad guys getting their hands on them some day. Doing so might make for good stories but I wonder if like with Professor X it might hurt the characters worth in the long run writing them this way? But then again maybe the Guardians get rebooted as Smurfs who get to hang with Neil Patrick Harris when the DC reboot happens?I have loved the whole of the stories that have involved all of the new Lantern Corps but the Green Lantern line needs to settle for a while I think and focus on exploring the rest of the DC Universe. Though these stories have been great I'm beginning to wonder when they will hit the wall and get stale. Keep the Lanterns unique and don't overexpose them and also keep the Green Lanterns the center point.GREEN LANTERN: BRIGHTEST DAY4 out of 5 stars

  • Wing Kee
    2019-01-12 02:53

    The Entities! The Entities are coming!Yeah this arc is all about them Entities which we just saw in 'Blackest Night' and unlike the 'Brightest Day' main title, this is the best 'Brightest Day' book.World: The art is overall good, the power of the rings are very spectacular and the multiple Corps makes for the color pallet to be a fun to look at. However, Mahnke just draws the creepiest dead eyed characters around. The world building is also great, jumping right out of 'Blackest Night' we barely have time to breath and we get more awesome world building. It's like Pandora's box has been opened and this next huge chunk of world building seems completely logical as we are now dealing with a world when all these emotions which have been in hiding are finally let loose. The link to the past is great and the call backs to the lore of GL is also wonderful. Just simply phenomenal world building. Although one little irk is, why are ALL the entities on Earth, can't we at least have the group travel around in the cosmos?Story: The story is really fast paced! Wow! A lot of stuff happens in these issues in order to world build and also prepare the story for it's conclusion. The cast is huge and even more characters and Entities are introduced, it's a wonder that Johns was able to make a cohesive story, but he did, it's amazing writing and pacing. The story of each Entity is great and I was so very much along for the ride. The final reveal is also great as it calls back on GL lore past and it makes complete sense where this story goes right after 'Brightest Day'. Characters: There is a lot of character development found in this arc also. Like any Johns book it' s in micro pieces that as a whole means a lot more. It's fairly surface and basic emotions, but considering that the point of this entire arc is about introducing the Entities it makes sense. I don't really want to ruin these micro stories for readers, but just enjoy them for what they are, the GL Care Bears and you will have a blast. This book is purely an action movie book and the characters act like it, but they feel much deeper because of the time we've spent with them and all the time that came before 'Brightest Day' Johns has been putting pieces and pieces of character development together and at that's why all the New Guardians feel fleshed out.I really like this arc, I love world building and the idea of the Entities, oh and there is the villain in the end which is awesome. This is so much better than 'Brightest Day', though I do like who they bring back in the end of that arc.Onward to the next book!

  • William Clemens
    2019-01-21 08:59

    Taking place after the main events of Blackest Night, would you believe a new threat is forming that endangers all of the Lanterns and requires everyone to team up? You would? You think that this whole saga starts to feel more like a marketing scheme to sell a bunch of special issues and series? Well, yeah...comics is a business. I get that in the end sales are the driving force, but it starts to feel like this story is chopped up and spread wide less because it makes sense to do so than because it amounts to more pages, more issues and more money.Don't get me wrong, this is a perfectly enjoyable series, I just find I almost never think about any of the individual elements once I finish the story, I just move on to the next.Geoff Johns does clearly have a vision and he does execute it well, the individual characters are well done, and I definitely want to read more, I just also start to feel like I will never be done reading these sagas and they are going to spiral forever and I won't be finished until my wallet runs dry.

  • Mateo Cruz
    2018-12-28 03:59

    In brightest day Hal Jordan must team up with members from the different lantern corps to save the entities from being destroyed. But most of his allies have already started searching for their own entities to their lantern corps. Now Sinestro, Hal Jordan must fight to save the other entities and have trouble with the spirit of vengeance to stop the entities of rage, hope, greed, life. Most of the time when they are searching to for the entities but have to keep each other in check. But they look in to the life of people and on shocking on is Dex-Star. His owner was killed but now is going to try and find her killer. I think the book is a fabulous add on to Green lantern and how the fights of the universe is one’s hand and how most of the people are looking for fights and how one towers over the other and saying things about how they will kill them in their own demise way. This is how I like to read a book like this and how most of them is doing a lot of things. And most of them don’t do a lot of thing but its ho2w you enjoy it.

  • Gavin
    2019-01-04 09:04

    I have to say, this was kind of ho-hum for me. The only connection to Brightest Day really, was the start where Sinestro needs Hal's help to lift the White Lantern.Pretty much here's what happens: a mysterious figure obviously connected to the Guardians is collecting the entities behind all of the Lantern Spectrum, having already imprisoned Parallax, and looking to get the other 6. Obviously with ill-intent in mind.Hal allies with all the other Lanterns to stop him, even though it means going against the Guardians and the JLA.Lots of fights between aliens/lanterns/entities possessing people.Once again we see the true power of Blue Lantern Hope, and we get some comic relief from Larfleeze and the Orange Lanterns. Nice to see Atrocitus getting some time as well, and Carol Ferris as Star Sapphire.Just really hard to care about this one so much, since it seems like there's always SOMETHING threatening the universe and Hal never should trust the Guardians etc, etc.

  • Greg
    2019-01-18 07:01

    Green Lantern continues to be the only thing that interests me about the DCU. This is really incredible considering how boring and unlikable I find Hal Jordan. He's the most ineffectual, boring character in his own book! Fortunately, everyone else is far more interesting. The Blackest Night/Brightest Day story lines are worth reading if only to treat yourself to some Larfleeze, the Orange Lantern of avarice. The character is consistently hilarious and tragic. (hilariously tragic?) There are hints of a larger back story for Larfleeze that I am very much looking forward to. It's also cool that the Guardians are pretty much flat-out dicks by this point. There's so many cool things just starting to happen here. I even liked the bonus story at the back of the trade where we get to see Dex-Starr's origin story! I love Dex-Starr!The more I think about it, the more I really liked this book.I just really, really don't like Hal Jordan.

  • M
    2019-01-06 05:07

    Following the events of the Blackest Night, the major Corps members on still on Earth. Discovering a mysterious being is hunting and capturing the light spectrum entities, Hal Jordan, Carol Ferris, Sinestro, Larfleeze, Indigo-1, Saint Walker, and Atrocitus band together to stop the abductions and uncover the newst threat. Certain elements of this volume shine, such as Larfleeze's obsession with Santa Claus, the origin of Red Lantern Dex-Starr, and Sinestro's verbal jabs; other elements feel flat, including the Predator's resolution, Saint Walker's inclusion, and Black Hand's reappearance with the Indigo Tribe. Overall, a nice collection that delves a little more into the personalities of the various Lanterns.

  • Nicole Shelby
    2018-12-31 05:03

    just when Green Lantern deserves a rest...oh no! A whole new devastating crisis...Couple noteworthy quotes:Intergalactic Bounty Hunter of the Universe, Lobo: "Feetal's gizz! Ya can't swing a dead cat without hittin' someone wearin' a power ring anymore! I don't know what god ate a rainbow and threw it up across the universe - but I'm gonna find out so I can shove it back down hs throat! You flying glow fairies have been clogging up the place - and it ain't big enough for all a' us!"Great quote from the new queen, Star Sapphire: "Destiny doesn't exist, Hal. Life happens. And we all make a choice when it does."

  • Sam Poole
    2019-01-18 06:42

    This was actually quite good, especially considering im not a huge Geoff Johns fan. Se horrible art te: carol Farris and the red lanterns except for dex-star are just executed horribly. Good for what it is- some nice space opera. Love saint walker, wish that the spectre showing up was bigger. NEED more Renee Montoya as the Question plZ. Will read the next volume- im curious! Reignited my interest in GL without being remotely life changing or, to my tAstes, transcendent. Surprised at how much i actually liked Sinestro

  • Blind_guardian
    2019-01-01 07:42

    Blackest Night is over, but the Brightest Day may be just as perilous. A rogue Guardian of the Universe, Krona, has returned, and seeks to bind the seven incarnations of the emotional spectrum to his will. Serves as a bridge between the mega-crossover of Blackest Night and the upcoming War of the Green Lanterns. Lots of all seven of the Rainbow Corps, especially the Reds, and a random appearance by Lobo, because why not?

  • Kevin
    2019-01-16 11:09

    This follows Hal Jordan, Atrocitus and Sinestro as they seek out the guardian beasts of the colors. They come into conflict with the Justice League and revel the new threat coming out of the Blackest Night.It has a few inconsequential tie and lead ins to Brightest Day, but it mostly serves as a prequel to the War of the Green Lanterns. It can and probably should be read apart from the rest of Brightest Day and so far I think it is better than the Brightest Day title.

  • Arturo
    2019-01-21 06:00

    An evil guardian is collecting all the entities. A white lantern pops up, neither Hal, Sinestro nor star sapphire can lift it. -Lobo shows up, a rumble ensues, Atrocitus joins the chaos..- A visit to larfleeze, with trouble from Hector Hammond, Ophidian (avarice entity) and Predator (Love entity).- Adara (Hope entity), indigo tribe, Flash and Parallax (Fear entity ) trouble.- finally The Butcher (rage entity), Spectre, Krona and JLA trouble.

  • B
    2019-01-23 02:59

    More colors, more fun. It's not clear why Hal Jordan is so special. But everything here treats him like he is. There's a weird mixture in that the story feels like it's slowly developing even as things of wildly significant cosmic import are happening. I don't know what causes the scale problems.

  • Shannon Appelcline
    2019-01-21 03:53

    Really, this book has numerous flaws. It’s way too decompressed, and we don’t even get any conclusion after all that. The Emotional Spectrum has also started to get a bit too played out.Despite those flaws, I enjoyed it. It was fun action-adventure that continues to explore a neat mythology. Go figure.

  • aaron
    2019-01-04 06:57

    this is a collect of the green lantern comic written by geoff johns during the brightest day saga. the black lantern corp has been defeated but the other spectrum lanterns can't rest as their beasts are being captured by a mysterious guardian-looking creature. this is another fantastic write by the legendary geoff johns!

  • Gregory
    2018-12-26 04:58

    This saga is getting much better. Who knew the ties from the creation of the GL Corps go much deeper? I don't want to give any further information away, you have to read it for yourself. Looking forward to reading War of The Green Lanterns.