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Now a hit ABC Family TV show, Sara Shepard’s #1 New York Times bestselling Pretty Little Liars series continues with Stunning.In the eleventh novel, A is still out there, lurking in the shadows and digging up the liars’ latest secrets...Emily’s reconnecting with an old flame, one baby step at a time. But is she headed toward true love or another bundle of heartache? SpenceNow a hit ABC Family TV show, Sara Shepard’s #1 New York Times bestselling Pretty Little Liars series continues with Stunning.In the eleventh novel, A is still out there, lurking in the shadows and digging up the liars’ latest secrets...Emily’s reconnecting with an old flame, one baby step at a time. But is she headed toward true love or another bundle of heartache? Spencer’s learning about the highs and lows of campus life on a trip to Princeton. Aria’s seeing a whole new side to Noel’s dad—and it could drive a wedge between her and Noel. And, for better or worse, Hanna’s getting in touch with her inner A.Secret by secret, lie by lie, the girls get tangled in A’s dangerous web. Soon A will have enough ammunition to pull the trigger and end the pretty little liars, once and for all…....

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Stunning Reviews

  • Michael
    2018-11-15 05:17

    It's a sad day when you start to slowly realize that one of your favorite (guilty pleasure) series is slowly starting to wane in quality. It was originally supposed to be four books, but anyone who reached the end of Unbelievable knew that there was enough life left in the series that adding four more books just seemed natural. Wicked through Wanted were the same quality as the first four books, and I never got the sense that it was tacked on just for the sake of writing more entries in the series.I think my excitement for Twisted and Ruthless kind of overshadowed the dwindling quality of the novels. Wanted tied up every possible story line in a (while very far-fetched) concise way. Now, the characters feel like ghosts of their former selves. There's just no fun left in the plot lines. The way Sara Shepard wrote it just makes it seem like she's tired of it all.Stunning perhaps has one of the lamest story lines ever written in a PLL novel. Yes, the A and murder plots are omnipresent, but it's the everyday lives of the girls that fuel the story forward, and Sara Shepard used to be so good at making those plots flow so easily from book to book. But now, I find myself rolling my eyes at some of the things I was forced to read. What happened to stories like the Ezra/Aria relationship? Spencer/Wren? Emily/Maya? Hanna/Lucas? Now, we have oh-my-God-your-dad's-a-cross-dresser and I'm-going-to-dress-up-in-camouflage-and-follow-you-around-the-mall. I'm still giving this four stars simply because I feel like I've been with this series so long that I know it like the back of my hand. Sara Shepard could release thirty PLL books and I'd buy every one the day it came out, but I'm actually looking forward to the next one being (hopefully) the last. I feel like if it goes on any longer, it's just going to keep declining until they become truly awful.

  • hayden
    2018-11-24 06:22

    This book truly convinced me that Pretty Little Liars is far superior to The Lying Game. Sorry, Sara. I was originally rooting for The Lying Game, being as it was the underdog, but Pretty Little Liars just towers over its opponent.Shepard does the quadro-narration thing very well. It seems like a difficult thing to do, but she pulls it off, and she does it well. I don't ever confuse the girls with one another, which often happens in books with multiple narrators. (I heard that Dearly, Departed is narrated by five different people, which I'm sure is a colossal fail.)The struggles the girls face are quasi-unrealistic, but Shepard write them like they could happen to anyone. The girls are going through much more difficult things than they were at the beginning of the series. Shepard keeps upping the stakes, and I'm not disappointed.I can't wait for the last book in the Pretty Little Liars series!

  • Kate ♡
    2018-11-30 00:30

    Stunning by Sara Shepardbook 11 in the Pretty Little Liars seriesMy jumbled thoughts:I feel like Emily's storyline has been very interesting in this particular arc in the series, and Spencer's has been the least interesting, which is different, because it's been the opposite for me in the other books, hahaHanna is still great, I've always loved her storylines so far, and Aria has been quite good too.I wasn't a big fan, at all, of Spencer's storyline in this one, and hope the next book moves on from that, I also hope it moves on from Emily's current storyline, which I am enjoying, but I feel it's time to stop, which I think it will, seeing as in this book, we got a bit of closure. I was also a bit annoyed at the whole Gayle storyline because the girls were stupid enough to simply just throw all their A thoughts into her, even though, it was so obvious she wasn't A...I wasn't too impressed with this instalment, but nonetheless I still enjoyed it when do I not enjoy a Sara Shepard book?Order of PLL books from fav to least fav (so far)1. Wanted2. Wicked3. Killer4. Pretty Little Liars5. Twisted6. Unbelievable 7. Ruthless8. Heartless9. Flawless10. Stunning11. Perfect

  • Geraldine O'Hagan
    2018-11-22 06:32

    Finally I reach what was promised to be the penultimate book of this series, only to find that Shepard has now extended the suffering yet again by promising more volumes. I’m beginning to think of PLL as a kind of Sisyphean torture, endlessly promising a release that will never come. The worst of it is that Shepard ran out of ideas roughly 6 books ago, so how she proposes to continue is beyond me.One of Shepard’s methods of stringing out what little plot she has is to feed us one or two morsels of this volume’s story in the prologue, spread the rest out very thinly throughout the rest of the text whilst bulking the chapters out with inconsequential flimflam regarding outfits and stylish parties, and then finally throw the remainder of the details in our faces at the book’s conclusion before rushing out of the door with her latest cheque. Accordingly, in this prologue we learn that Emily was going to sell her baby to a rich woman called Gayle, (there is no mention of the morality of this) rather than just hand her over to the Social Services like normal people, but at the last minute decided that Gayle was a psycho for reasons we are not yet privy to. Therefore she involves her 3 sort-of-friends in a plot to steal the baby from the hospital and leave it on the doorstep of a nice family called the Bakers, thereby creating a convenient new enemy/suspect in Gayle. We know they are nice because they have a simple name and golden retrievers. We still don’t know what is wrong with normal adoption channels. There has also been no mention whatsoever of contraception, which could’ve saved everyone a lot of trouble.Back to the present. Everything is as usual. Everyone is still very rich and there are still a lot of mentions of the TV-movie “Pretty Little Killer” for no reason that is apparent. Aria is still with Noel, which means a lot of bra-touching and whining. Klaudia is now with Ezra and they are apparently looking for flats to rent together, which seems a bit previous. Spencer’s mother is planning an extravagantly revolting luxury wedding, and Spencer’s stepfather-to-be hands her an audition with a play producer on a plate, because everything comes easily to rich bitches. On the same note we hear a lot about summat called “Eating Clubs” which Spencer may or may not join at Princeton, membership of which involves a process called “bicker”, hinges on you being a massive snob, and grants you the right to whichever of the top jobs takes your fancy. It’s basically like watching the conversation between Lord Snot and Miss Money-Sterling in the Young Ones episode “Bambi” except without the satire or humour. Meanwhile Hanna is now best friends with Kate, increasing the likelihood that she is ‘A’#3 quite considerably, and her father is still running for senate. It increasingly appears that there is going to be a full political-campaign storyline running through at least 4 books without any mention of a political party, which is pretty pathetic. Also, Hanna has now taken to saving some time by simply imagining what type of notes ‘A’#3 would send if they could be bothered. In a similar move, Emily re-reads hers in order that they can be re-used in the text, relieving Shepard from having to create any identical new blackmailish compositions. Other than that she doesn’t do much except find out by accident that the Bakers have moved away, which she finds very upsetting even though she couldn’t have cared less about the baby for the last 2 books. What makes her so confident that the authorities have allowed them to keep a baby they found dumped on their doorstep is not explained. A lot of filler happens, undisguised by the repetitive writing. Everyone feels emotions ripple through their gut or burn in their stomach, or possibly feel like ping-pong balls in their stomach before said organ drops to their feet. There are a lot of descriptions of hair-colour, shoes and skirts. Aria talks on and on about how perfect Noel’s family are, thereby immediately cursing them with family problems; sadly the best Shepard can come up with is that Mr.Kahn is a cross-dresser who wanders around nearby supermarkets in his wife’s frocks. Spencer meets a Grateful-Dead-loving stoner cliché called Reefer, in a scene where political feeling is portrayed as a sort of embarrassing social disease which must be avoided at all costs. Hanna tries to seduce Mike in public because she is jealous that he has a new girlfriend, fails and deservedly makes a fool out of herself. We learn that the local gym now offers pole dancing lessons which are fully viewable to the testosterone-fuelled clientele, all of whom watch with impunity whilst teen girls gyrate in public. Meanwhile Emily bumps into Isaac and suddenly realises that she should’ve been through that whole “should I tell my baby’s father that I’m pregnant?” question a year or so earlier. She’s distracted from this pretty quickly when she realises that in one of those PLL coincidences that drive most of the plotting Mr.Marin’s new campaign donor is Gayle the Psycho of the prologue. Immediately afterward the girls have one of their usual conflabs and decide that Gayle must be ‘A’#3, which conclusively proves that she isn’t. Emily does, to her credit, attempt to point out that their deductions make no sense, but is roundly ignored since they have the highly-incriminatory evidence that Spencer saw Gayle in a cake shop last week. After all, why would Gayle be in a cake shop unless she was the crazy blackmailer that knows all their secrets and has been stalking them obsessively for months?More nothing happens. Aria continues to dwell on the drag issue, extrapolating that since Mr.Khan was wearing a frock he doesn’t love his wife any more, or panicking that ‘A’#3 might find out even though there is exactly no blackmail potential in the matter whatsoever as far as Aria is concerned. We hear a little about Emily’s difficult decision regarding whether her baby’s primary need is love or money. Since this is obvious and we already know the outcome it doesn’t make for very exciting reading. We also learn that Gayle has recently lost a child, which is important for cod-psychology reasons of a “Hand That Rocks the Cradle” standard. Hanna attends a pole-dancing class to impress Mike, and it’s supposed credentials as genuine exercise rather than titillation are somewhat tested by the fact that she is allowed to join the class straight off the street, wearing stripper make-up and super-high silver high-heels. The whole sequence is both appalling and ridiculous, with both Hanna and Colleen delighted to be leered over by all the nearby teen boys as they dance to “Hot Stuff” (The Full Monty being Shepard’s only reference stripper-wise) and the whole thing culminating in Hanna’s pièce de résistance, a slight flash of the very edge of her red bra, which drives all the boys there insane with lust due to the intense bra-fetishism which pervades Rosewood. To create a contrast with this scene Emily goes to church and confesses her child-bearing supposed-sins. It doesn’t help. We hear a little more about Gayle’s child who had an accident when she was young before dying recently, but Emily forms no suspicions about who the mysterious dead child might be. Also, there’s some business about one of the Alisons calling Meredith 5 years ago to ask her about a lot of stuff which is now over-and-done-with and was dull even when it was happening 10 books ago. Why is it being brought up now? I have no idea. A lot of stuff too dull to write about occurs. ‘A’#3 gets a girl Spencer vaguely knows arrested for drug-possession in a highly unlikely manner, the police responding within minutes to a tip-off that a student girl may have some marijuana. People continue to say “über” a lot. Hanna is astounded when Mike gest annoyed at her calling his girlfriend a slut to her face. Aria is threatened by ‘A’#3 with the public display of a photo of Mr.Kahn in drag, to be released if she doesn’t break up with Noel. This seems very much not her problem to me, but she takes it fairly seriously. Emily remains convinced that Alison has/had supernatural power and is/was essentially omniscient , which is how she achieves/achieved the blackmail business. To be fair, it is hard to see how ‘A’#3s is managing without telepathy and teleportation powers at the bare minimum, so maybe she’s onto summat. Hanna buys some camouflage gear, a “field-scope”, night-vision goggles and a military helmet in order to spy on Colleen, because she is absolutely demented. However it doesn’t occur to her, even though she’s on a covert operation, to turn her phone on to silent.After some prevarication the girls decide to steal Gayle’s phone in order to prove that she’s ‘A’#3, even though there have been numerous times in the series when someone has pointed out that one of the various ‘A’s probably or definitely has a second phone for blackmail purposes and that therefore their original phone is no evidence whatsoever of anything. However all of this has slipped the girls’ minds, for some reason. In the meantime Spencer buys some pot from Reefer to impress some cool kids, decides she fancies him but then pretends not too, as she does with all rich young males who come within a 50-foot radius of her. Emily meets her completely characterless friend Derrick, who exists merely to be the other half of her conversations during the period when she was in hiding due to the baby business, and then later hang about knowing her secrets and therefore being suspicious. Aria actually dumps Noel even there is no need to, because she is ridiculous. A party descends into a bacchanalian orgy due to the effects of a single tray of space cakes. Hanna finds out that Colleen was in an advert for laxatives, and decides to use this fact to bully her mercilessly in revenge for the absolutely nothing that Colleen has done to her. Eventually we reach the 2/3 party, in this case the Marin fundraiser at which the girls plan to pointlessly steal Gayle’s phone. Spencer however fails to make it as she is suddenly in hospital, having apparently overdosed on a mix of weed, Ritalin and LSD, a bizarre combination that ‘A’#3 apparently managed to sneak to the whole party via means that are not explained. She also sees Teresa, or a vision or Teresa, or some nonsense. Meanwhile Hanna is delayed deciding not to bully Colleen after all, and is immediately rewarded by being made a figure of fun by ‘A’#3, which to be fair she deserves. Then ‘A’#3 claims to have kidnapped Emily’s baby, causing Emily, Hanna and Aria to panic and run about like idiots for a while before falling into ‘A’#3’s trap and going to Gayle’s house. There they eventually discover that Gayle’s mystery dead daughter is Tabitha, the mystery dead girl they’re all obsessed with. Whilst this is incredibly obvious it does raise the question of how the girls can have been following all the Tabitha-based news stories for months without picking up a single clue about her much-mentioned her bereaved mother.But there’s no time for answers or sense. Instead Gayle is suddenly found dead, her usefulness as a red herring at an end, and the girls are apparently to be framed for her murder despite the complete lack of motive or logic. Spencer is included in this as she abruptly turns up at the crime-scene, having presumably recovered from the never-again-mentioned overdose. Everyone trots off to the police station, where we find out that Gayle was actually Tabitha’s step-mother. This apparently explains why she wasn’t in any of the news reports, although I don’t know how it does so. Eventually the girls realise with shock that they were once more totally wrong about the identity of A, and go home. Luckily Spencer’s father turns out to be old friends with the father of investigating officer Lowry, and so there are no legal ramifications for the girls to face and they walk away consequence-free as usual. The events of the book are then negated as Aria and Noel get back together, since their breaking –up made no sense, Hanna and Mike get back together, since he finds being stalked flattering, and Spencer sorts her Princeton problem out by a combination of blackmail and realising that she isn’t actually arsed anyway, and has been wasting everyone’s time for this entire book. Also she fancies Reefer apparently, which means she’ll be going out with him 10 minutes from now. Finally Emily is probably back with Isaac and it turns out that her baby was safe all along, in exactly the place she was supposed to be. Conclusion, everyone lives happily ever after because they all have money and boyfriends, and none of the stuff that happened in the book was important anyway. Except for all the dead people, and who cares about them?As the book ends the girls attend Gayle’s funeral, which seems in bad taste, at which it is announced that Tabitha’s autopsy is back and she in fact died not from alcohol but from murder!! This isn’t actually how autopsies work, but never mind. Then ‘A’#3 reminds them that all the crap from the beginning of the book is still happening, before rushing unseen from the church whilst giggling psychotically. The end.Stupidest NamesPatriceKerri RandolphColleen BebrisHarper Essex-PembrokeTansy GatesRaif Fredricks (a.k.a Reefer)Madame RicheauTrixie the Pole Dance InstructorWillowQuinnJessie PrattProfessor DinkinsJeffrey LabrecqueFletch HuxleyNanette UlsterMost Ridiculous Local Shops The “artisanal cheese shop Quel Fromage!”Or“The Pump, a musclehead gym”Most Noticeable Plot-Holes and NonsenseEither: “Hanna’s eyes widened. How did Colleen know Liam was a player?”Because it was published in a national magazine? Considering that’s actually how Hanna found out, you’d think it would’ve made more of an impression on her.Or Aria’s: “Whoa. What if Tabitha’s family and friends somehow found out Tabitha hadn’t died from an alcohol overdose?”Falling from a cliff and “alcohol overdose” are not the same thing, and don’t show up all that similarly in a post-mortem. Surely Tabitha is supposed to have died from falling off a cliff whilst drunk? At least that would half-way make sense.Oddest Sounding Food heirloom tomatoesSo… these are preserved and handed down from generation to generation before eventually being made available in the local supermarket? Worst Yuletide Effort “Emily hadn’t been to this mall since two Christmases ago, when she’d agreed to be the mall’s Santa.”So Father Christmas was played by a skinny 16-year-old girl? Doesn’t sound like ideal casting to me. Most Juvenile Sense of Humour Mike wandered over to a table of satin bras, held an enormous pink one to his chest, and started striking exaggerated poses. Hanna snickered. Mikeused to do that all the time when they went shopping together, and it never failed to crack her up I could understand it if cracked her up once. When she was drunk. But how funny can a girl find a bra? Incidentally, there’s a lot of bras in this book. Even more than usual, which is saying a lot.Most Boastful Character AssessmentAria on ‘A’#3: “Whoever they were dealing with was diabolical and brilliant.”I think Shepard is slightly over-estimating her own plotting-skills here. Not only does it now seem that the 12th book won’t be the last, but the afterword to this book promises that it will take place on a cruise-ship as all the characters return to the scene of the JI for reasons of massive stupidity. Having informed me of this, Shepard concludes her witterings with the verbal equivalent of a slap in the reader’s face: actually writing “Anchors aweigh!” I could not be less excited about the upcoming publication of her latest money-spinning pile of vacuousity. Yet it rolls inexorably nearer, an unrelenting spectre of materialism, vanity and inanity.

  • Ashley
    2018-11-14 23:13

    I refuse to spend my money on these books anymore.That's it, I'm through. I'm doooone.So, in my opinion this book was horrible. We have seen all of this before. I can't wait until this stupid series is over.

  • Brighton Henderson
    2018-11-29 23:20

    This was really disappointing. This is one of the worst I've seen from Sara, I'm sorry, but when are these girls ever going to effin' learn? Seriously, It's the same thing every damn time. First, the secrets are just becoming ridiculous. Really? Noel's dad being a crossdresser and Emily having a baby was one of the most insane and unrealistic i've read so far. I mean, I know crossdressing isn't a bad thing, and people can wear whatever they want, but it's a great example about how much Sara is pulling this stuff out of her ass. These books need to end, quickly. Because they are ruining the fantastic series and the mindblowing conclusion i've savored, hoping that Sara will come to her senses and END IT ONCE AND FOR ALL. /endrant

  • Roline
    2018-11-20 04:39

    Is it just me or Sara Shepard's really fast with thinking of plots and titles for another book?

  • Danny Phanton
    2018-12-12 22:38

    Llegue a la pagina 67 y no pude más, no, no, no y de verdad me entraron ganas de seguir con la serie para saber como acababa, pero no. Aburrido totalmente, no puedo creer que Sara continuara con la saga después del libro 8. En esto ya no pasa nada, NADA. Se nota bastante que Sara siguió esta saga solo para sacar dinero o algo así porque después del octavo libro se invento otra trama totalmente diferente de la que venia contando en los primeros.Seguramente vio que le iba bien con esta saga y con lo popular que se hizo la serie de TV se invento otro problema para seguir la serie con los mismos personajes, A acosando a las chicas, cuando es claro (view spoiler)[que A es Alison porque obviamente no murió y al final acabara siendo ella. (hide spoiler)]Estoy decepcionado de Sara después de que los primero libros al menos eran más entretenidos, ahora con sus dramas por todo y que no aprendan de lo ya vivido cansa después de leer 10 libros de casi lo mismo y aguantarse otros 6, no, paso, hay cosas mejores. Igual y me leo el último que creo que es el último si no se le aloca a Sara y sigue sacando. Y solo para ver como acaba todo y mejor ver la serie que al menos es más entretenida.Para mi la saga acabo en el octavo libro, fin. Bye Sara.

  • Eleanor
    2018-11-16 00:33

    I have to admit: I was a little annoyed when Sara Shepard decided to write more of this series after the great, supposed to be, ending in Wanted. However, I kept reading, and I'm glad she continued because, as crazy as they all are, I can't get enough of these characters. I watch the TV show, too, and, while I enjoy that, the books are MUCH better, of course. (I just have to think of them as two separate things.) Anyway, Stunning, the most recent addition, was a lovely one. Like all of the others, it kept me hooked wanting to know what would happen. Even though I guessed part of the ending, like always, I was surprised by other parts of it. Aria and Spencer are my typical favorites, but in this book, I actually liked Emily more than Spencer, and I normally find her annoying. Hanna, as always, makes me laugh. Something about how she goes about solving her problems is just a little too ridiculous, but still great, because it's Hanna. Anyway, these four girls are crazy and get even more crazy and paranoid in this book, but it's still so good, even though it's ridiculous. Yes, I would continue reading the series if you have gotten this far, and if you haven't, you totally should.

  • Sarah
    2018-12-01 03:20

    (Source: I own a copy of this book.)Ali, Chelsea, Tabitha, Mona and who knows who else are dead, but the pretty little liars are still getting threats from A., and Emily is worried about the safety of her baby who she gave up for adoption.Who is A. now? And is the baby really safe?This was an okay story, but these books seem to be getting worse as they go along now. How many times can A. be reincarnated? And how many times will the girls happily accept that there is a new A.? It’s getting ridiculous.After reading ‘Pretty Little Secrets’ I really hoped that this book would be good, but unfortunately it just didn’t live up to expectations. Initially I was surprised that it seemed Aria, Spencer, and Hanna all knew about Emily’s baby, as it wasn’t obvious in the last book that they knew about it at the time when she had the baby. We then found out a bit more about what had gone on with regards to Emily’s pregnancy and search for adoptive parents, but it all started to once again sound a bit far-fetched, and some of the decisions Emily made weren’t very clever.The rest of the book was fairly dull. We had some lukewarm threats from A. in the form of text messages, but once again the girls were looking for someone new to label as A.. This storyline has just gone on way too long for me now though. The whole thing with Alison and A. has been done to death, and while we are getting other storylines now like Emily and the baby, they’re just not interesting enough to keep me entertained, and I’m now looking at my to-read pile, and thinking ‘4 more books, plus 2 still to be published. Ick.’ Which is not something I thought I would say about this series after reading the first few books.The ending was okay, and there were a couple of twists along the way, but for me this is just getting more and more far-fetched, and the Ali/A. storyline is just past old. If we don’t get something more interesting happening in the next book, I’m going to be really bored.Overall; same old storyline, and pretty dull too.6 out of 10.

  • Abby
    2018-11-23 22:20

    oh goodie! another PLL book to rip to shreds.-I already want to punch aria in the uterus so she can never bring more stupid people into the world. I mean, seriously... you're going to break up with your bf because some anonymous nut says that if you don't she will tell people his dad cross dresses? that sounds completely logical. much more same than minding your own damn business and not judging people and moving on with your life. -why is hannah such a disgusting, vile witch? every time I see her name, I can taste bile. she is a despicable louse that deserves everything that is coming to her. -- apparently being a psychotic stalkerish, possessive, jealous freak is now noble and sexy. man... I've been doing this the wrong way all these years. look out, matt Damon cause here I come! -once again, adults are acting like tantrum throwing toddlers. Isaac's mom saying to Emily's face that she is not a good person? and what grown woman "flounces" away? come on, Shepard, let's use grown up words now.-what the hell was the point in adding BSC almost-adoptive mother gayle? what kind of 17 yr old idiot would believe a grown ass woman would schlep around the state/across the Atlantic to stalk them? oh and the fact that she was so adamant about adopting a baby mere MONTHS after her teenage daughter dies sounds completely sane. wtf shepherd/-so 4 girls witness a murder and the police seem pretty disinterested. "oh what's that? someone TOLD you to come here? it was a joke? oh okay that is a perfectly solid alibi you're free to go" uh... why wouldn't the police want to SEE this alleged note? and the fact that the girls won't show them the text BC "a will tell on us".... just wow. no words. for the sake of my burning eyes, please end this horrid series!

  • Nicole
    2018-12-07 23:10

    Why are we still beating this dead horse?I started reading the PLL series in '08 and I loved it. Every time I got a new PLL book, I'd stay up all night reading it in one sitting. I thought the ending in Wanted was perfect: open, a little creepy, still leaving you with the feeling that Someone Is Watching You. Scene.Then I found out there was a third wave of books coming out. I've read them all, of course, and they aren't bad--but they aren't of the same caliber as the first eight books. At some point the series passed from "somewhat believable" to "okay, I have to suspend belief a lot but this could still happen and it's bloody interesting even if it is unlikely" to "oh my god, how much of this could one group of teenage girls actually do?!" And I don't really sympathize with them anymore. In fact, I want them to get busted. Bullying is something that, if you display genuine remorse, can be forgiven. (view spoiler)[Accidentally blinding Jenna (hide spoiler)] was something I could forgive because it was truly an accident. But (view spoiler)[pushing a girl off a cliff at a resort and then covering it up (hide spoiler)] or (view spoiler)[placing drugs in someone's room so you can get into Princeton (hide spoiler)]? Those are adult crimes with adult consequences. They aren't accidents. Your pettiness and inability to take responsibility for screwing up your own life are getting boring, little girls. Just go to prison already.I get that this third wave of PLL novels most likely came about because of the success of the ABC Family show based on the books, but why? If you're out of good ideas, don't write more books. Focus on your other series. Maybe start a third one.There's one book left and of course I'll read it. I just hope I'll like it more.

  • Vanessa
    2018-12-12 05:28

    These girls are so stupid. This book is the point where I really can't justify any of their actions any more. I know that this is supposed to be the book where they realize that A lets them dig their own graves a lot of the time, but I feel like they should have came to this realization a long time ago.Hanna's A problem is entirely her own stupidity. I was dying of second-hand embarrassment the entire time. I really hope by the end of the series Hanna gets enough self-esteem to not completely degrade herself for the men in her life. At least she was stalking Mike, who I still really like. He isn't interchangeable with all of the other male characters.Spencer also gets herself into trouble. Why can't they just mention that they have stalkers? The people at the party would probably have thought it was cool.I actually did kind of like Aria's plot. We at least got a little bit of closure about her family situation. It's nice that her awful parents at least attempted to explain their behavior, even if it is several books too late. It would have been a lot easier for her to maybe hint that Noel was keeping a secret, but it at least is the mildest case of the girls being idiots.Emily's secret is the main plot of this book. It was kind of stupid the whole way through. I have a hard time seeing how Emily could have effectively kept any weight gain from showing, especially as an active swimmer before and after her pregnancy. Emily is surrounded by terrible parents that happen to be rich, and I don't think the same person that knows Spencer would be that easily swayed by a wealthy parent. Also, there is no way that the police would not know about A after the end of this book if it was remotely realistic.My biggest problem with the book is that there wasn't really any suspense, and it didn't seem like the girls were in any danger until the end. The parents in this series swing so rapidly from villains to saints, that I knew that Emily's parents would conveniently be completely fine with her having a baby a few books from now. It didn't make any logical sense for (view spoiler)[Gayle (hide spoiler)] to be A, because it didn't fit into the timeline. This A seems content to just taunt the girls as they do stupid stuff all on their own, so I just didn't really expect A to do anything proactive.

  • Abbie
    2018-12-13 06:22

    Stunning wasn't that great. On the blurb it says:"Secret by secret, lie by lie, the girls get tangled in A’s dangerous web. Soon A will have enough ammunition to pull the trigger and end the pretty little liars, once and for all…"It's been saying that since book eight, yet the girls are still standing. Honestly, I'm beginning to feel like i'm being tortured more than what the girls are by -A. The books are getting so ridiculous, and are being dragged out so much, that they're becoming really hard to get through. The girls had another ridiculous guess on who -A was. It really wouldn't surprise me if they think it's Hanna's dog Dot, sending out the texts next. Emily made some stupid decisions in this one. (view spoiler)[ She had a fake name for couples that were interested in adopting her baby, because she didn't want to be associated with Ali, in case someone alerted the media. Yet, when she actually went to have her - She used her real name.Just because she's in a hospital, and she knows doctors can't tell anyone else about her pregnancy, doesn't mean no one will tell. It's not hard for other patients to recognize her, and then hear her name. Any of them could have told the media. She also thought it was a good decision, to put $50,000 in someones mailbox. (hide spoiler)]It did get a little bit more interesting at the end, but it still wasn't that great.Overall, Dull. This series really needs to end now.

  • Briana
    2018-12-09 02:11

    I loved it as usual. I love the story Sara Shepard has spun between these girls and their personal stalker. You get to know each individual character as the series progresses. Another thing is that Shepard does a fantastic job of throwing in twists and turns you never see coming. But no matter how many issues and plots are going on in one book, they all get solved at one point or another. And the best part about it is that it really takes like 3 or 4 books to solve the problem. Then another one pops up but not the point. This book is one of those in between books. It was good. Don't get me wrong. Aria, Spencer, Hanna, and Emily all have their individual problems and their big problem with A. I was a little disappointed with the lack of interaction from Spencer. She was so distant in this book. I felt it kind of focused too much on Hanna and more on Emily. But I guess at this point, their stories are alittle bigger. Read it for yourself. I will definitely be waiting for the 12th installment of Pretty Little Liars to be coming soon!

  • Miguel Nava
    2018-12-08 00:10

    3.8!!A pesar de que varias cosas se sienten forzadas aquí, la verdad es que estuve muy entretenido y gritándole a los personajes cada que hacían algo tonto.Me deben una explicación para lo que pasó con Aria y Noel aquí pero igual me gusto, Hannah fue muy tonta pero siento que al final tuvo lo que se mereció, la historia de Spencer en este libro se me hace lo más creíble de las 4 y Emily por fin tuvo su revelación que aunque se siente forzada, repito, igual me gusto. Solo espero el final no decepcione y ahora sí quiero saber quién shingados es A.

  • Jessica
    2018-12-04 22:23

    This book was fun, like the other books in the series. Best part: all the girls are friends for the whole book! Worst part: You still don't know who A is. Will this ever end?Added after more reflection:I'm curious as to why the girls feel like they can't tell anyone about their texts from A. I seem to remember the whole world finding out about texts after Mona died in the fourth book. So why can't they just call the cops and say "it's happening again, protect us!" And A never hinted that she would harm Noel if Aria didn't break up with him, so that whole blackmail seemed to serve no purpose.I don't know why Hanna thought A was helping her get back together with Mike at all. When has A ever had their best interests at heart? Especially at the end when they get the tip about the baby being at Gayle's house and Hanna said "it sounds like a trap." Um, how come she couldn't have suspected that earlier on? These girls are giving A too much power! ...But I guess if they didn't there would be no series.It was never explained why Kate was being nice to Hanna- I wanted elaboration on her whole fight with Riley and Naomi. I also didn't think Aria's mom apologized enough for KICKING HER OUT OF THE HOUSE when she found out Aria had kept the affair a secret from her- that's your child, woman! I think one of the most aggravating things about this series is how you can't trust the parents (or siblings, for that matter)- they all seem like horrible people whose love is fleeting and who only care about their children when it's convenient for them. I do wish I knew if the end was in sight. I love the characters but I can't keep following this ridiculousness forever.

  • Emily Benoit
    2018-11-23 06:39

    Concept/Ideas: 4/5Storyline/Plot: 5/5Characters: 4/5Writing Style: 4.5/5 Ah, yet another. I love the series, and I always will, no matter how long it goes on for, but the books are really starting to get old. It's basically the same ending in every book. The girls think they've got A, but then... they don't. By this point in the series, you just KNOW that they once again will not discover who A is, even though they think they will. It's too predictable now. Especially knowing there is another book, you know it's still going to be kept in the dark about A.. Or else... why another book.The storyline's are always good, interesting, suspenseful, and wonderfully written. But like I said, I'm sick of the constant roller coaster, and I just want to know who A really is by this point. I really do hope Burned is the last book, because at this point, there isn't much more to write about in my opnion. I think it's time to give up the identity of A, and let us all finally know how this demented person has continued to over and over screw with these girls life so diguised. Come on Sara Shepard, end this suspense for us once and for all!

  • Ahmad Sharabiani
    2018-11-24 04:29

    Stunning (Pretty Little Liars #11), Sara Shepard

  • Sara Santos
    2018-12-08 01:10


  • Elle
    2018-12-11 00:38

    OMG!!!!!!!!! I can't wait for this to come out!!! OK, I have to wait for Ruthless, and then this, and then the fourth Hush Hush book. I'm going to cry if the world ends before these come out...

  • Alexis Labrecque-Bedard
    2018-12-14 02:31

    CANT WAIT!!!!!

  • Eridani Beid
    2018-12-12 22:31

    Ya no sé que más decir respecto a la saga de libros. Después del libro 8 las cosas decayeron un poco y van decayendo cada vez más. Es cierto que la trama te mantiene con dudas sobre quien es A pero eso es todo, el resto es relleno más relleno, hay cosas que simplemente pueden omitirse y este libro lo es, de principio a fin.La trama es entretenida porque uno le tiene cariño a las personajes principales y quiere saber que de alguna manera estarán bien y resolverán todo pero no hay evolución, siguen cometiendo los mismos errores, siguen confiando en las mismas personas, siguen siendo las mismas chicas que en el libro uno y eso es triste, pues uno como lector espera que los personajes crezcan, se desarrollen y toda la cosa.Le tengo un gran cariño a la serie de televisión y a las pequeñas mentirosas, es por eso que continúo leyendo pero creo que todo el misterio se transformó en un círculo vicioso. Sin embargo amo las amenazas de A, son demasiado fuertes y siempre me dejan en shock. Pero ya es mucho, ya es demasiado de lo mismo.Y…en serio, ¿quién es A ahora? Me estoy cansando.

  • Macy(It's a Book Thing)
    2018-12-08 02:10

    More of my reviews at B★★★★/5REViEW:Once again, let me begin by saying that I love this series so much! I never read a series with such an amazing mystery. The mystery is the entire reason i read this series. I feel like half of the plot in these books doesn't advance the plot in any way. A wasn't pressuring the liars to do things as much as in the tv show, so I wondered what the purpose was of adding all kinds of crazy characters and mini plot lines (Klaudia & Noel's Dad). Other parts such as including the drama surrounding Emily's baby made sense and was intriguing. I wish that there was more focus on the major plot lines, rather then the miniscule ones. The writing was mediocre as usual. The pace didn't really pick up until the confrontation at the end. I think these would be much better books if Ms. Shepard just condensed the A dram into a few books instead of twelve. The characters were okay. There were less outlandish characters in this one which I am so thankful for. Personally I really hated Noel's dad. I still don't understand the purpose of that. Why couldn't his dad's drama be more practical instead of the insaneness that it was. EMily was my favorite liar in this one. She seems the most real in the later installments and is the only one to not get on my nerves. Hanna's story was kind of normal for Ms. Shepars, yet it still had some elements that just made me wonder why I was wasting my time reading this book. Aria was pretty good. I understood her more in this book, but I just couldn't get past that stupid secret. Spencer... ah how I hated her story. Her part made this book seem so teenage cliche and completely unreal to me.The ending of these books is always what keeps me reading! Once again, this book ends with a bang. I liked how it ended because it was mysterious and made me wonder who exactly A is. If for nothing else, you should read this book for the ending. My Favorite Part: Emily's story...ALL iN ALL:Do I recommend this book? Yes, if you are ont this book of the series keep reading, you are so close to finishing this series!Will I be reading the next book? Heck yeah, especially after that ending...

  • Ashlee
    2018-11-19 05:20

    Again Sara Shepard has made me so happy. I am seriously so addicted to this series. Aside from HP (Harry Potter, my ultimate love) This is the best book series I have ever read. I got this book the day it came out, and read it in a little less than 2 days. With a two year old son and a million things to do, I do not have a lot of time to read. So that should say something about how addicting and awesome this book was; I couldn't help but read it so quickly! I am actually a little bummed now because I am so used to taking a while to read a book that I keep thinking "Where is my book?" and then I sadly realize I did indeed finish it. I am also heartbroken that this is almost the end of the series. The last one comes out this December. I started reading this series in the Fall of 2010 when there were only 8 books, and then after the TV show kicked off and it got so popular, the author added four more. I was stoked for the extra 4 books and I'm really looking forward to the last one (and dreading it also, if that makes sense.)This book had a lot of in depth background on Emily and her baby, who is actually a big character in this book. Being a teen mom myself, I really related to Em in this book. As usual, I thought Hannah was a bitch. I loved Aria, but Spence (my fav character) disappointed me in this book. In a nutshell the girls are still being taunted by this new A. A girl name Gayle who Em promised her baby to and then changed her mind, becomes a prime suspect for being "A". Turns out Gayle is Tabitha's mom (the girl the the 4 some accidentally killed) and at the end of the book Gayle is killed too. So we still have no idea who "A" is. My theory of course is that Ali got out of the house at Poconos because Em left the door open, and Ali has been behind this all along. Of course though that would be too obvious so I am not sure if the author would make it that apparent. Wouldn't it be nuts if all this time we thought Courtney had taken over Ali's life and maybe just MAYBE Ali was the crazy one this whole time? And Ali is really Courtney and Courtney is "A" trying to get revenge from psycho Ali? Or Maybe "A" somehow pulled off this Tabitha girl and Ali really was Tabitha. SO many possibilities, it makes my head spin. LOVE this book, and I am sure after book 12 comes out, I will be re-reading the entire series!

  • Mashael
    2018-11-20 01:29

    For the first time, I liked Emily's story and I felt so sorry for her (for what she had been through!).Hanna's story was stupid I don't know, I didn't like it and I felt like it was unnecessary but she's finally back with Mike which feels so weird for no reason.Aria's story was kind of painful, but so grateful that she's back with Noel (which is more hotter than in the Tv show!)Spencer's story was stupid too, like she would always be like that caring too much about her future and I hate it, she needs to be normal (not trying to be perfect all the time).

  • Jessica *The Lovely Books*
    2018-11-28 22:18

    Almost got bored for the first time. But those endings are what keep me reading! I am really digging Noel and Aria. As for the show i am all about Ezra and Aria. Weird huh? Anyways, these girls need to just hurry up and find the 3rd and final A and get rid of this A business once and for all. And if for some reason Sara wants to make four more books, yeah, I will be there buying the next four haha. As ridiculous as this can be, the books are highly addicting.

  • Rose
    2018-11-28 00:22

    Loved it. Watch out for a full review of the entire Pretty Little Liars series once I'm done :)

  • Clare Holman-Hobbs
    2018-11-28 05:33

    I think the novelty of the PLL books is wearing off now. I might read to the end of this arc but after that I'm not so sure.

  • Anni
    2018-11-24 02:23

    Well at least these books are pretty quick to read...Literally every chapter is so dramatic and every book feels the same... But I need to know who -A is soooooo