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Enter the world of the Dark Dynasties...For centuries, shapeshifting vampire Tynan MacGillivray has prowled the night as an outcast, valued only for his ferocious hunting skills. When a feud among the immortals escalates into all-out war, he is ordered by his ruthless queen to locate a Seer - a human woman with a special gift - who can secure victory for their clan. Ty's sEnter the world of the Dark Dynasties...For centuries, shapeshifting vampire Tynan MacGillivray has prowled the night as an outcast, valued only for his ferocious hunting skills. When a feud among the immortals escalates into all-out war, he is ordered by his ruthless queen to locate a Seer - a human woman with a special gift - who can secure victory for their clan. Ty's search leads him to a quiet New England town, but once he has the Seer in his grasp, her touch awakens within him a hunger like he's never known...Lily Quinn has always been different. Since childhood, she's had vivid nightmares and an eerie sixth sense. When a sexy, silver-eyed stranger demands her help, Lily plunges into a new world of danger and sensuality. With Ty, she discovers sizzling passions she cannot deny and powers she cannot control. Soon, it is clear that Lily is much more than a Seer - she holds the key to ancient secrets and unthinkable destruction. But will a vampire's vow of eternal protection stop these evil forces...or unleash her dark destiny?...

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Dark Awakening Reviews

  • Michelle, the Bookshelf StalkerQueen of the Undead
    2018-11-28 09:47

    Some background infoThe vampires here have different dynasties of vampires. Within the dynasties, you have a caste system (the “highbloods” and the “lowbloods”). A quick explanation of the dynasties:• Ptolemy, they are super fast and pretty damn arrogant. They believe they are better than everyone else. They are led by Queen Arsinoe.• The Dracul, they can take the form of a bat. The Ptolemy would like the other dynasties and their own vamps to believe that the Dracul are trying to destroy the Ptolemy with a super old voodoo curse. They are led by Vlad (yes you heard me, Vlad of Dracula fame)• The Grigori, they are believed to be able to fly. Not a lot is known about the Grigori but I’m guessing that is coming in future books. They are led by Sariel.• The Empusae, they can take the form of smoke. They kind of hang out with the Dracul since they share the same territory. They are led by Hecate.• The Cait Sith, they can take the form of a cat. They are not really a dynasty, and instead are considered the “lowbloods” of the Ptolemy dynasty (the “highbloods”). They have two choices, either work in servitude to the Ptolemy, or hide and live a life on the run. The Cait Sith that do work as servants are called “pets” or “guttercats”.Here is what we learn at the beginningSomeone is killing the Ptolemy. The Dracul is a fairly new dynasty and the Ptolemy is not happy to have them ruling along side them.The Ptolemy is on the lookout for a Seer so they can “see” who is killing their own vamps.The Ptolemy is ready and willing to blame the Dracul for the killing.The charactersTynan MacGillivray- he is a Cait Sith. He turns into this beautiful cat, is strong, an excellent hunter and is a hottie when he shapeshifts back into vamp form. He is steadfast in his servitude to his queen. He doesn’t question her decisions, and will perform his duty to the best of his abilities or die trying. He feels that even though he is only a lowly Cait Sith, he needs to set a good example for his fellow Cait Sith and in return, he might be able to help them out. Lily Quinn- she is a human, a college professor, and a survivor of a very screwed up childhood. She was adopted by high profile celebrities. When her adopted mom suddenly became pregnant, Lily’s significance in their life was zero. Lily also had some weird, funky powers that came out when she was extremely upset. These powers showed themselves when Lily learned of the new baby when she was only 5. The storySo Ty, the ever faithful servant, is going on a search for the Seer. His queen says, “jump” and he says “how high” (ok, not literally but you get my meaning right). Ty really believes his queen has his best interests when he has been looking for this Seer for almost a year. He finally finds this Seer and oh no, she is quite the good-looking, good smelling hottie woman to Ty. Oh well, she is only a human and he is ever the faithful servant.Lily begins to suspect something is not right when she keeps running into Ty. Sure, he is gorgeous but he also has a knack of turning up when everyone is gone and then disappearing just as quick.Due to interference by another character, Ty must go on the run with Lily. He notices that she might be a bit more than a Seer (those powers I mentioned before, well Lily was able to use them again).So why am I telling you all thisThe story is about Ty’s growth and belief that he is more than the labels others give him. He starts to question the people (ok I know they are vamps but for the sake of argument, I’m calling them people) he thought he could trust, and starts to trust the people he was trained to hate.The story is also about Lily’s growth. She discovers that she is not alone, not an oddity, and she has potential to be great if she only believes it.Yes, the two main characters have similar struggles and the author does a good job showing the character’s growth without it sounding cheesy.What I didn’t likeI was going to put in a spoiler but I don’t trust you not to look! So, at the very end something happens to Lily and well, Lily was just fine right afterwards. I would be freaking out even if I expected it. But no, Lily didn’t even miss a step. In fact, she was really all “excited” afterwards. It just seemed weird and wrong. OverallI really don’t like doing reviews for PNR books. The entire insta-love thing rubs me the wrong way and so I’m always wary of recommending a PNR book. In this book, while there was instant attraction, Ty and Lily still used the brain on their heads when making decisions. I liked that. I also really enjoyed the side characters, the vampire structure, and watching the characters learn and grow throughout the book.Update- You know how cats purr when they are being stroked & rubbed, well it seems to have the same affect on cat-shapeshifting vampires (even when they are not in cat form). In other words, Ty can purr. :)

  • Wendy
    2018-11-26 04:37

    Blood is power. Desire is destiny.Tynan McGillivray a prized hunter, a Caith Sith lowblood, cat-shifting vampire must deliver Lilly Quinn to the queen of the Ptolemy dynasty. Lilly alone holds the key to saving the divided Ancient dynasties with her rare powers. Each dynasty is based on its own special powers and distinctive mark when you take their blood.The vampire society is set into two classes Highbloods, the aristocracy, and the Lowbloods who are considered tainted blood and are treated like slaves. A war is escalating, as someone is killing off these powerful bloodlines. Time is running out can Tynan deliver this woman, who has captured his heart?Kendra Leigh Castle does a wonderful job in setting the scenario and telling the tale of this complex paranormal world she has created. It’s a winner!

  • Katie Michaels
    2018-12-07 06:56

    Let me start off by saying that I really, really enjoyed this book. Paranormal romance is my genre of choice, but sometimes it's hard to find something fresh and engaging. Dark Awakening delivers in both regards. I'll admit I was a little worried when I started the book and there was a glossary off the bat. Sometimes that's a sign the world building will convoluted. Thankfully, that was not the case here. While the world building is rich and layered, its complexities are seamlessly incorporated into the story and contribute to making it a satisfying read.Tynan is from a low class of vampire. He's a cat-shifter and a mercenary. And he is on a mission for the queen of one of the higher castes, trying to find a Seer to save her dying race. In the course of his search, he finds Lily. At first, he thinks she is a Seer, because her mind is closed to him. But he quickly realizes she is probably much more than that. She bears a mark that he doesn't recognize and he realizes that he must figure out what it means before he brings her back to his queen.Lily has always known that she is different. But she has fought the darkness within her for her entire life. When she meets Ty, she recognizes his otherness, but she is drawn to him like a moth to a flame. Assassins hired to thwart Ty's mission, target her, forcing her to go on the run with the vampire. And slowly, his world opens up before her eyes. As readers, we learn about the vampires and their ways right along with her. It's fascinating. But the real draw here, is the unfolding relationship between our two main characters.Ty is everything I love in a hero. He is loyal, strong, and stalwart. He is also scarred by a difficult life and thinks himself the trash he's been labeled his whole life. He fights his feelings for Lily, believing himself unworthy, thinking he'll never have more than the meager life he's scratched out for himself as a servant of the queen. --But Lily knows better. The more time she spends with him, the more she sees the man he truly is. And watching them surrender to their feelings is swoon-worthy. The love scenes are hot, but part of what makes them so great is the tight tension between Ty and Lily from the first moment they meet.The story isn't just about the romance. Really, the vampire story arc was just as good. I'm often guilty of impatiently waiting for books to hurry up and get back to the lovin'... but here I was just as invested in the action. The secondary characters were fleshed-out and interesting. And frankly, I want more. I'm so glad this is the beginning of a series. I can easily see myself sinking into a book featuring one of the secondary characters (especially Jaden... yay!) And I'm happy to say that this book manages to open doors to new stories while still giving us an ending to this one. There's no contrived-cliffhanger or anything. The author makes me want to read the next book, simply by making this one awesome. 5 stars.*ARC Provided by NetGalley

  • Laura the Highland Hussy
    2018-11-23 09:34

    4.5 flamesI've been looking at Kendra Leigh Castle's MacInnes Werewolves series for a while, in fact I have the trilogy on my nightstand. But you know how it is, something always comes up, or blog obligations come first. When I saw her latest title at netgalley I jumped on it. I am soo glad I did! I was hooked from the first chapter. I am absolutely itching to get into her werewolves now. This is the first book in what looks to be a very exciting series. The vampire world is changing, and there are many who would have it stay the same, or worse, revert to the ancient ways. Each “house” of vampire has a talent unique to his own caste. So all the Dracul can turn into bats. All the Empusae can turn into smoke. And the Ptolemy has lightening speed. They feel all of the other dynasties are beneath them, since they turn into animals. Vampires hate the werewolves, and the House of Ptolemy feels the other houses of vampire aren’t much better than the wolves. Unfortunately, no house can stand alone. The vampires remind me of these overly-bored aristocrats who have nothing better to do than to plot at their various courts on how to kill out the other dynasties of vampire. It really was like court intrigues and gossip were the only entertainment for these immortals. Tynan MacGillivray is the [reluctant] hero, and in this world, even though he’s a vampire, his house is the Cait Sith, and they turn into large cats. The Ptolemy use the Cait Sith as little more than servants, but the Caits aren’t powerful enough or organized enough to break away. So they basically think, well it's better than living in the gutter, with no protection. The snobbery in this book is unbelievable. I love how Lily keeps Tynan looking at his culture through fresh and modern eyes. Tynan is charged with the task of bringing a seer to his queen. Eventually he finds Lily. Lily is as close to a normal heroine as I've ever seen. She is realistic, she has the most normal and realistic reactions to the paranormal world. I loved her. My favorite line came from Lily, and it cracked me up:“It figured that she’d finally met the perfect man for her, and he turned out to be a cat-shifting vampire with issues.”Lily is human, but she has the mark of something else. (I can’t spoil this one guys! ::Highland Hussy zips her lips::) But what I can tell you is that Lily will rock the vampire world and its out-dated caste system. She will turn it upside down and I canNOT wait for the next book!Tynan is less of a hero, and more of a broody, reluctant anti-hero. For any Buffy fans, remember in the first season of Buffy, where Angel was helpful, but...not? Like he was all broody and cryptic and only concerned for himself. That’s who Tynan reminded me of. Concerned about laying low, looking out for numero uno, and absolutely in denial that he would be able to turn Lily over to the Ptolemy Queen. The only thing that bugged me, was at the end, I really wanted to see some closure with Bay-I mean, Lily took a huge chance, risked a whole lot to make that phone call to her friend. A phone call to let her bff, the only person who’d ever cared for her, know that she was alright. She told Bay not to call the cops, who of course DOES call the cops. And then, more importantly, we see that the manhunt launched by Bay and the cops actually helped the assasains pinpoint their location…and we’re left with that. No call to Bay that she’s found her place in this crazy world, no call to say let’s do coffee…at midnight…so you can see I’m fine. Nothing. If it had just been Bay left hanging, I probably wouldn’t complain, but we have the cops and the media in on it…that’s too much of a loose end for me.The world building is easy to follow, but there is a lot there, use that glossary-bookmark it if you have an ereader so you can flip back easily. I loved the new take on vampires and their beginnings, but I loved how several legends were built into that world. I think that the next book will deal with the fall-out of what happened in this one (I purposely didn't torture myself by reading the excerpt for Jaden's book). Final verdict? I loved this book, it doesn't suffer from First Book in the Series Syndrome, and it's a bit darker and grittier than normal PNR, but soo worth it. I recommend this to anyone who wants a good, new series to sink your teeth into.**There is a glossary that you should definitely read, and luckily it’s right at the beginning, so you can’t miss it. **ARC provided by www.netgalley.com

  • Catherine
    2018-11-28 06:40

    I was hesitant to start this book because I was nervous the vampire/shifter hero would end up being a caricature. Too powerful, too unique, too everything. What I didn’t realize from reading the back cover was that Tynan’s shapeshifting abilities were not unique and that it actually made him looked down upon in the vampire world. He was of the Cait Sith bloodline and they were little better than outcasts and slaves. Talk about a wrong first impression, eh? The world that Castle created was one of my favorite parts of the book. I am fascinated by political intrigues, where characters plot and maneuver constantly, and the vampire society shown here strongly reminded me of that. The human world had progressed, but the vampiric society was stuck in the past, still separated by classes. The highbloods were like bored aristocrats, expecting to be catered to, while they all looked down on the lowbloods—AKA the Cait Sith. I found the world very, very interesting, but I was disappointed we didn’t get more focus on it. I understand (and agree) that the romance had to take center stage, but I was still a little bummed that it wasn’t fleshed out more. Hopefully in the next book we’ll get a closer look at some of the other bloodlines. Ty was a frustrating, yet sympathetic character. He had been looked down on for so long that he actually started to believe what they said. He may have cursed the highbloods for being such temperamental jerks, but he didn’t argue with his lot in life. He’d rather be a pet—no matter how much he loathed being called that—than be an outcast, struggling to survive. He didn’t even become angry at being called trash anymore. He just kept his head down and followed orders. That’s where the frustration comes into play. He was like an abuse victim—although not quite as tentative and broken as that. He wanted Lily, but his place in life had been ground in too hard to ignore. He was willing to steal moments with her, but he couldn’t look beyond obeying his master, the Ptolemy queen. It was hard watching him continue to work toward following his orders, even after learning some less than endearing things about the Ptolemy house. His loyalty was admirable but very, very frustrating.I liked Lily and felt bad for her childhood. She was adopted to serve as a trophy child and was quickly kicked to the curb when her parents conceived a child of their own. It didn’t help that she also had an uncontrollable magic outburst that scared the crap out of them. Her childhood made it hard for her to get close to people and taught her to hide any magical urges deep. She was a breath of fresh air for Ty and just what he needed to show him that he was more than what the other vampires told him he was.I thought the book had a lot of great points, but at times they didn’t seem to mesh that well together. The hero and heroine were great on their own, and I did feel the tension between them, but I also thought their romance could have been a lot more engrossing than it actually was. I found myself more interested in side characters like Vlad and Jaden (and the tension surrounding him and Lyra) than in the main characters. Also, I felt that the climax and resolution of the book left a lot to be desired. This isn’t unique to this book, though. Sometimes I just get tired of how easily everything seems to be solved in a lot of PNR and UF books out there. I can’t seem to find the words to describe exactly what I mean, but it always leaves me wanting.Despite a few complaints, I’m really looking forward to reading the next book. The author hooked me with the tension between Lyra and Jaden in this book. I’m eager to see a romance between a werewolf and a Cait Sith play out. Favorite Quote: "But though she would never admit it, a night spent fawning over Ty wouldn't be much of a chore to manage. At all. She might even get to paw at him a little.Oh, she was a sick, sick girl. Lily hunched her shoulders a little and sighed, which Ty seemed to take for resignation. That was fine with her."Review posted on Fiction Vixen.

  • Lauren
    2018-11-19 04:52

    Dark Awakening3 StarsTynan MacGillivray, a feline shapeshifter vampire, is tasked by his Queen to locate a Seer who can save her race from annihilation. Ty’s search leads him to Lily Quinn, a human woman with a mysterious past and immense powers, who awakens in Ty a fierce need to love, protect and belong. Yet other forces are at work against them and they will need to overcome many obstacles in order to be together ...Interesting world building and a promising plot, but the chemistry between the leads is lacking and, therefore, results in a rather tepid romance. The concept of various vampire dynasties each originating with a god/goddess from a different mythology is very intriguing and the idea of a caste system amongst the vampires lends a darker tone to the story. Nevertheless, the details and explanations are few and far between, which means that the atmosphere is less immersive than it could have been.The story revolving around Ty’s search for a Seer to save the race of vampires to which he is sworn and Lily’s coming to terms with her true identity and her awesome powers is well written and exciting. Unfortunately, Ty is more of a beta than an alpha and his unquestioning loyalty to his Queen despite her obvious manipulation and prejudice against his kind puts a pall on his hero status. The romance is the weakest element. There is no real spark to Ty and Lily’s relationship and their sex scenes are not only mechanical but unoriginal - one can read similar yet more sensual scenes in other vampire tales of this kind. The characterization is also flimsy and what little development there is comes toward the end, at which point, it is too late for the reader to truly empathize and identify with either of Ty or Lily’s past histories. Although the secondary characters are appealing whether it be the tormented Jaden, the nefarious Damien (who doesn’t love a bad boy in need of redemption) or the enigmatic Vlad, it is not yet clear whether they have grabbed my attention enough to continue with the series. Perhaps when I’m in the mood.

  • Jaime Arkin
    2018-12-14 09:50

    So my BFF and I were on the hunt for a good paranormal romance series... Something we've been struggling with for a bit. With PNR it's sometimes hard to find something that is fresh and keeps you entertained. With Dark Awakening, I can honestly say I wasn't one bit disappointed. What we got was an incredible first book in a series that I hope provides more of the same. In Dark Awakening, Tynan MacGillivray is a Cait Sith, valued only for his skills as a hunter he is basically a slave to the Ptolemy. His queen has sent him on a hunt to find a Seer so that her race can be saved. What he stumbles upon is Lily Quinn. She is more than he ever expected and the connection they immediately feel towards each other is unexplainable to them both. But Lily isn't just a Seer, and they have to find out what her bloodline is before the wrong people do. From the Prologue alone I knew this was going to be an excellent read. It instantly grabbed me and then we immediately meet Tynan...and I was hooked. The chemistry between the Ty and Lily was perfect and the first kiss, let me just say this...So Ty... His race is considered a lowblood, something that he has basically accepted. Instead of demanding more respect he has decided that while it's demeaning to be a servant and slave to the highbloods, it is better than being hungry and having nothing. At least in his current position he was taken care of and he would do whatever the queen asked of him in order to maintain his position, that includes bringing Lily to her.The world that Castle has created is probably the best part of this book. The vampire society is made up of different dynasties and within each dynasty there is a separate caste that determines your lot in this life. There is plotting and backstabbing and lots of intriguing characters in this story. Ty, he turned out to be everything I want in a book hero... strong, loyal and a little bit sweet and dirty. He tasted her, tongue rubbing against hers in lazy strokes that deepened as Lily moved against him."Sweet," he whispered against her mouth. He sounded as dazed as she felt.OR this "Bed," Ty said hoarsely, moving with preternatural speed toward the stairs. "I want to be on you..." OR EVENHis gaze was hungry, so hungry. "I can't be gentle tonight, " he said. "I'm not a gentle man, Lily. You'd do better to lock me out. I want you hot and fast. I want to ride you until you scream for me."I loved Lily, she has spent her whole life being different and keeping to herself. But she is drawn to Ty and she never fools herself into believing what they have can be more than what it is right now. She's honest and strong and gave as good as she got.This book isn't just about romance and the eventual love story, the vampire world that Castle has created is just as intriguing and really what kept me riveted to the story. Don't get me wrong, the hot stuff was hot in this one, but there is more to it than the naughty stuff.This series has a permanent spot on my favorites shelf after book one, and I'm hoping that book two is just as good - I peeked and it's Jaden.. *jumpy claps* I can't wait to start it!I definitely recommend this book to anyone who loves paranormal romance. This has wonderful characters, excellent worldbuilding and wonderful chemistry!This review can be found on my blog, Fic Fare

  • ...
    2018-12-13 05:42

    Where, oh where, do I start with this review?!I have been searching for months (months) for a new PNR series to read. There's just something about the different and unique worlds that pulls me in and sticks with me longer than contemporary romance (not that I don't love those, because I do...). However, finding and loving a PNR book or series is quite the feat. There are a plethora out there, but very few that truly grab me.Well, this one managed it.From the prologue of this book, I was hooked. And let me tell you--I don't even like prologues. But this one? Hooooooooooman. Ms. Castle is not messing around.So, basically, from the very first page, I was pulled into this book. Castle writes in a way that flows beautifully and seamlessly, but also leaves the reader breathless and anxious for more. The suspense and mystery in this book wasn't overwhelming or overdone, but definitely kept me on the edge of my seat and turning pages. Also, I was immediately struck by the different voices used for both Ty and Lily's POVs, and that, to me, is the mark of an excellent author.Our hero and heroine were really the stars of this book. Don't get me wrong, the world Castle created was unique and interesting, and the details woven through strategically were well placed and very telling. But Ty and Lily stole the show.Lily is strong and tough, just the way I like my heroines to be. But, of course, she has uncertainty in her, and I think that's what makes her relatable. I knew, though, as I was reading, that by the end of this book, she was going to be a force to be reckoned with.And then we have Ty....I have no words for the perfection that is that man. He's left me speechless. So, how about instead of me babbling incoherently about him, I show you what he's like..."Lily," Ty said, exhaling her name like a prayer. "Just a taste. One taste, and no more.""Shall I take you there, Lily?" he asked hoarsely. "I can feel how close you are... Ah, gods...""When I touch you," he said softly, "I want to sink my teeth into you.""Be sure, mo bhilis," was all he said. "Be sure.""Bed," Ty said hoarsely, moving with preternatural speed toward the stairs. "I want to be on you...""Lily. Beautiful Lily," Ty purred, nuzzling her hair as he wound himself around her and settled down to sleep. "My Lily."(view spoiler)["I won't give you up, Lily. I'll find a way to save you, save the both of us. Just have faith in me," he said, and she could hear the desperation in his voice. "I have to try and make things right. But I'll never let anyone hurt you. Just have faith in me." (hide spoiler)]His gaze was hungry, so hungry. "I can't be gentle tonight," he said. "I'm not a gentle man, Lily. You'd do better to lock me out. I want you hot and fast. I want to ride you until you scream for me."Ty grabbed her hair, snapping her head back as he continued to pump into her, and she knew what was coming, what he wanted to do.* * *Seriously. If that doesn't get you to move this straight to the top of your TBR list, then I don't know what more I can say. I am so, so thrilled to have found another PNR series to read and love, and will anxiously await the release of each and every book in this series.Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some Jaden to get lost in...

  • Rachel Annie
    2018-12-05 05:42

    This PNR is kind of an undiscovered gem. I wish more people knew about it!The vampire mythology and politics in this romance are so different than others I've read. Ms. Castle has such an interesting take on the subject, infusing ancient Egyptian beliefs into the vampire's history and creating a world of danger and intrigue hidden behind the everyday world of regular humans.As it turns out, the heroine Lily is no regular human. And this is exactly why the hero Tynan was sent after her. Tynan is what I'll call a "reluctant alpha"--forced to do the bidding of a morally questionable queen due to his "lowblood" status even though he's meant for so much more. Perhaps a bit of inst-love between our main characters, but I liked them more than enough to overlook this. Besides, you're dealing with magic and destiny, so it kind of gets a pass. ; )I had thought the idea of a feline shifter vampire and all the caste system nonsense would get old fast, but it worked! The vampiric milieu created by the author is quite impressive and I'm interested to see what else this series has to offer.The solid writing peppered with the occasional lovely bit of poetic prose in addition to a heroine that's no doormat bumped this from a 4.5 stars, to a strong 5.

  • Crystal ♥ RBtWBC
    2018-11-28 10:46

    Dark Awakening is a dark & sexy novel that exceeded all my expectations, and what a sensational start to a new series!Tynan MacGillivray is a Lowblood, a Cait Sith, and a hunter for a Highblood faction. When he is sent on a mission to find a seerer to help save his Queen's dying race he finds Lily Quinn. Ty is determined to bring her to his Queen no matter what, but when he sees Lily's strange tattoo and realizes that she is more than just a seerer Ty knows that he must find out the truth behind her mark before he can deliver her. Lily has always been aware of the strange presence inside of her but has fought the darkness with in her entire life. She knows that it can only lead to destruction. When Lily meets Ty she knows that he is something more and feels an instant connection with him, but she also knows that she cannot trust him, especially with the secrets she carries. When assassins threaten her life though and war beckons Lily must put herself in Ty’s strong hands and go on the run with him. Navigating the vampire world and skirting danger these two set out on a quest for answers while discovering a passion that cannot be denied.If you like Urban Fantasy but shy away from most because of their lack of romance then this is the book for you. Dark, gritty and suspenseful, but with plenty of sexual tension and romance to keep you emotionally involved with the characters. The story arc that Kendra Leigh Castle has created is unique and interesting. There are several vampire factions that consist of Highbloods and Lowbloods, but the author provides a glossary at the front and I for one very much appreciate when authors do this. The world building is complex and action packed but seamlessly woven together, leaving the plot to flow smoothly.I loved the main characters of Ty and Lily. Ty has been labeled as gutter trash his entire life but has learned how to survive on his wits and fighting skills, rising to the top of his bloodline. Angst ridden and sexy, he strives to protect those of his blood and later Lily. Lily is strong and independent, weary of letting others get to close though because of the secrets she carries. Together, these two not only learn to love each other but to love themselves as well.My only complaint would be that the ending felt rushed. There was all this building up to it and when everything finally came to it's climax it was over within 20 pages (of a 300+ page novel). This is a great start to a new series though and the ending left it open for many more stories centered on secondary characters. I can’t wait to see what else this author has in store for us! Quote: If she could only find a well-educated, Shakespeare-quoting bad boy who still had a thing for sexy tattoos and maybe a mild leather fetish, she might at least have a shot at avoiding her probable future as a crazy old cat lady. -pg 15http://readingbetweenthewinesbookclub...

  • Jess the Romanceaholic
    2018-12-18 09:31

    This is a Quickie Review. For the full review, please visit The Romanceaholic.Expected Release Date: July 1, 2011Publisher: Grand Central PublishingImprint: ForeverAuthor’s Website: Source for This Book: NetgalleyPart of a Series: Yes, Book 1, Dark DynastiesSeries Best Read In Order: N/ASteam Level: SteamyTynan MacGillivray is a guttercat, that is, a Cait Sith. As a vampire who can shapeshift into big cat, he is considered one of the lowest forms of vampire, and one who is slave to the Ptolemy dynasty of highblood vampires. A favored pet of the queen, he is highly prized for his hunting and tracking skills, but when his queen sends him out on a mission to find a human Seer to help them discover the identity behind the force decimating their ranks, he can't help but feel as though he's being intentionally shut out.As an orphaned infant, Lily Quinn was adopted by a high-profile Hollywood couple as their perfect public accessory. When her adoptive mother fell pregnant, however, a childhood tantrum left her nursery in tatters, and her adoptive parents convinced that there was something horribly wrong with her.Now an adult, Lily is trying to eek out a normal existence as an English professor when she comes across Ty at a "ghost hunters" type event, and is stunned by her attraction to him. When he suddenly disappears, she writes him off as just a strange man, but when he later shows up and demands that she come with him, she is dragged head-first into a world where not only do vampires exist, but magick is real, and someone powerful wants her dead.When the powers that once decimated her childhood nursery come back into play, she must join forces with the man who has been up front about the fact that he will turn her over to the very people who may want her dead.Overall I thoroughly enjoyed this one. I loved the new breed of shapeshifting vampire Ms. Castle introduced, and this is one of the few books that I finished with the thought of "Wow, I bet this would make an incredible movie!". The UST was absolutely delicious, and the forbidden elements of the relationship between Lily and Ty added quite a bit of extra spice.Jaden's book is next and can I just say *swoon*? I cannot wait for his book, and the teaser chapter at the end of this book makes me want to scream because Midnight Reckoning isn't due out until January.Recommended for fans of vampires and shapeshifters, political machinations, betrayals, and forbidden relationships, all with a touch of magick.4.5/5 Stars

  • Laurie Garrison
    2018-11-23 02:56

    I really want to like this book better. My biggest reasoning for not liking this book that much was the hero and heroine.I did like them both, but I never felt a spark between them and their romance as a couple just wasn’t believable to me. Again it’s because of the world built, it’s just so much of it, it took away from the romance. Yep, you guys know me I look for the romance first, then the world built. I am hoping the next book will be better in the romance now that the world is set up. I really liked Lily, she’s strong. I liked how all of the connection to Lilith came about and of course, I love a heroine that has awesome powers. I just wish Lily would have been able to control them and know what they were.Ty, As much as I liked his character I never got to know the real him. I did from Jaden, but I didn’t want to hear it from him. I wanted to know Ty’s POV just it wasn’t there that much. I felt like I was able to know Jaden more and he’s not the hero.There’s a glossary at the front to help you out. The thing is the world buld is pretty massive, so you may need to take your time reading. To tell you the truth I didn’t want to pick it back up. I would read a little and stop, then dread picking it back up. I have read a lot of massive world builds in PNR books and enjoyed them, but this one was quite difficult to take in.Anyhoo, I think this book will go over with some PNR readers while others won’t care for it. So, my suggestion is to look at the good and bad reviews before buying. Then there is the other option just jump into it and see what you think.

  • Mandi Schreiner
    2018-12-06 04:54

    Dark Awakening comes across as a very cookie-cutter PNR. The heroine is unaware (to some extent) of her abilities and meets a dangerous hero, who just happens to be a shapeshifter and introduces her to the world of vampires. Then we meet the hero’s friend, who is definitely not to be trusted – but guess what – at the end he really is a good guy (who happens to be book two’s hero). Not much in the way of surprises or fun twists. With that being said, the world did interest me enough where I wanted to finish the book. There is a vampire queen, and spies and lots of people who you aren’t sure you should trust. The first 100 pages are much better than the remaining part of the book. I also have to say the romance falls very flat for me. I liked both the hero and the heroine, I just never believed that they fell in love. The sex scenes felt like they were there just because this is a paranormal romance book, not because it felt like that is what should happen next between the couple. This one didn’t quite grab me.Rating: C-

  • cosmogirl7481
    2018-12-12 05:29

    So, I wasn't really sure what I was going to think about this book. First of all, a book with a "shapeshifting" anything is not up my alley. But my friends Bri, Jaime and Erin loved it, so I gave it a shot.Well...I loved it. Loved both the hero and heroine, which isn't always the case. And found myself rooting for them, hoping for them, pissed at them and turned on by them.PNR is tricky for me. I either love or hate it. There's generally no in between. And there are so many vampire stories, that often times, new spins come across as tired and derivative. That was not the case with this book.The erotica is hot. And combined with the emotional connection I had with the characters, it made this book a very enjoyable read.I would say that you should definitely check it out. I am still up in the air about book two. I've heard not-awesome things. But I have it and will probably read eventually.

  • Ning
    2018-11-24 03:50

    I don’t even know where to begin with the awesomeness that is this book!! Kendra Leigh Castle has created another paranormal world for me to fall in love with!! It’s been a while since I read a straight-up paranormal romance, but this one has reminded me of all the reasons I love the genre, and why vampires are my favorite paranormal heroes ever! The most unique part of this series is the intricate world-building surrounding the vampire world, which sucked me in from the beginning. There were a lot to take in and understand, so I did take my time to read and digest it instead of just breezing through it. The motto of this world is – Blood is destiny. Your blood determines who you are in the vampire world. The vampire world is split into dynasties. Each dynasty has their own leader, origin, power, and most importantly, their mark. The world also has somewhat of a caste system with highbloods and lowbloods. The world-building was weaved seamlessly into the story and in no way took away from the romance. Just the opposite, the romance and all other was built around this world. While I took it slow trying to digest everything, the book was in no way confusing and there was no dumping of information. Instead, everything was revealed slowly so that the reader doesn’t feel at all overwhelmed. Tynan MacGillivray is a Cait Sith, a lowblood that serves the Ptolemy, the oldest and most powerful of the vampire dynasties. He was a hunter for his queen, Arsinoe, but it was clear that most of the time he didn’t enjoy what he did. He only serves Arsinoe out of necessity to survive, and he knows that if he stays in the Arsinoe’s graces, he makes life easier for all the other Cait Sith that serves under the Ptolemy. Tynan’s story really broke my heart. He was a proud warrior who had been stepped on too many times, who was used to being treated like crap by the other dynasties because of his blood. He’s accepted his lot in life and is just trying to make the best of it. Sometimes it was frustrating watching him just quietly accepting how others demean him and other Cait Sith. To say he was a tortured and dark hero wouldn’t be fair to his past or any of the other Cait Sith. It was a heartbreaking journey watching him changing from making the best of what he has to actually deciding to fight against his oppressors. But I can’t forget the most important part. He purrs!!! I want to stroke him! *wink wink*Lily Quinn had always been different. That difference made her an outcast from her adopted family. When she meets Tynan, she was instantly drawn to him, even knowing that he was dangerous, and he brought back childhood nightmares that had plagued her before. I’m always wary of “normal” human heroines being inducted into the paranormal world, because usually they can be annoying in their refusal to accept the existence of vampires and other creatures of the night, but Lily didn’t give me any problems. She accepted the existence of vampires rather quickly, because she herself has always felt the power within her that was beyond human. While Lily first comes off timid, it was fun to watch her slowly grow into her confidence and merge with her “dark” side, especially when it comes to the bedroom. I really liked Lily and Tynan as a couple. First of all, their passion was smoking hot. I have no problems with insta-lust. It’s actually more of a given in paranormal romances, because destiny always plays somewhat of a role in bringing couples together. Tynan and Lily had that insta-lust aplenty, but both of them still fought it (futilely). When they finally give up fighting, let’s just say Ms. Castle made me a very happy camper. Most importantly are the emotional ties between Lily and Tynan. Lily’s beliefs also contrasted Tynan’s sharply. While Tynan was used to others mistreating him, Lily becomes angry on his behalf. I’m just glad that Lily chose him and gave him and the Cait Sith a fighting chance. Lastly, it wouldn’t be a great paranormal series without amazing secondary characters. I’m in love with basically everyone that was introduced: Jaden, Damien, and Vlad. First of all, I’m always curious about what authors do with Dracula and I really liked Vlad, so I’m hoping he gets his book!! For Jaden and Damien, both Cait Sith like Tynan, they chose different paths from Tynan. I can’t wait to find out more about Jaden’s past in the next book, Midnight Awakening. As for Damien, his book Shadow Rising was the one that made me aware of this series. I definitely want to know all of his secrets. Even his name sounds hot. Damien Tremaine! I highly highly recommend this book if you’re a fan of paranormal romance in any way shape or form. Besides, it’s about vampires! I’m all about vampires!! I feel like my review never do 5 star books any justice because I just can’t express how good it is! I can’t remember being so excited for a paranormal series since I read A Hunger Like No Other by Kresley Cole. With an intricate world-building, complex characters, and fast-paced action, this has become another must-read series for me! Now I’m off to read Midnight Reckoning! See more reviews @ Darkest Addictions Book Reviews

  • Jessica
    2018-12-15 06:29

    This was ok. I really liked the different kinds of vampires, some could shift into animals also, others to smoke, and their were some snobby ones who thought they were better because of their pure blood lineage, mixed blood vamps are considered mutts of a sort. The characters are good too. I really liked some of them, but felt at times especially that they were flat. The writing is decent at best, but I have read one book further along and know that this author can do better than she did with this one. If the second book is available in will probably read it, if not no tears will be she'd and it will go to the tbr. I still have no clue why I keep a tbr shelf, I rarely choose books off of it.

  • Steph
    2018-11-24 03:34

    I only gave this book 3 stars, but I still think it was very good and would recommend it to other fans of the PR genre! I think I’m being a little tough on the rating because it didn’t suck me in the way I would have liked, one factor being that it took me more than a week to read it (a 5-star book is one I LOVED, I read really fast and will very likely re-read; a 4-star book I also must read quickly and enjoy immensely, but something holds me back from 5-star status). Another factor to consider in my rating was that this world is unique and includes language and names I’m simply not familiar with yet. I did purchase this book as an ebook, and I think had I bought the hard copy book - where I could easily flip back and forth from the glossary to my chapter – it might have made a small difference. For an introductory book in a series, as expected, there was a lot of information to take in. In Castle’s world, vampires have an archaic caste system and are divided into various dynasties where there are high-bloods and low-bloods. When a vampire is created, the maker’s bloodline is passed down into the newly turned vampire, and a mark is branded/tattooed into his/her skin. The glossary in the book gives you a quick background into the five main dark dynasties: The Ptolemy, the Cait Sith, the Dracul, the Grigori, and the Empusae. Castle’s world isn’t limited to these dynasties, but they do play an important and significant role in the stories she’s telling us. In Dark awakening, the main character and hero is Tynan MacGillivray. He is a member of the Cait Sith, cat-shifting vampires who are considered low-bloods among the dynasties, and a personal servant of the Ptolemy Queen Arsinoe. The Ptolemy people are being massacred and Tynan is sent on a mission to locate a seer who can reveal to Arsinoe who is responsible for the death of so many of her people. After being out on a search for an extended period of time, Tynan finally discovers Lily Quinn, who is so much more than an unassuming human girl who teaches for a living. From the beginning Tynan and Lily are drawn to one another, but both struggle with the attraction. Tynan struggles more so than Lily, since he’s a lowblood and does not deem himself worthy of her affections or anything really, and since he is but a servant/slave with an assignment that requires him to deliver Lily to the Queen. While on route, Tynan discovers that Lily is so much more, and that bringing her to the Queen may not be the best course of action. Here enters secondary characters like Jaden and Damian, who only add fuel to the fire but who also make interesting revelations to the story – and make you curious as a reader for future books. A good portion of this book felt dedicated to Tynan dealing with his inner-turmoil about his self-worth and sense of honour. He’s had a difficult past and over the years has become hardened, but with Lily, he quickly discovers that everything he’d been taught to believe and follow is suddenly changing and/or not true. He does struggle to figure out what the right thing to do actually is, but when he does, he is a man of action in the best kind of way. As for Lily, I have to say that to me she was somewhat unremarkable for a female lead. She wasn’t a bad or necessarily a weak character, and there are scenes I really enjoyed her in, but overall, Tynan is definitely the star of the show. For an introductory novel in a series, it’s a good one for what it achieved. A significant event in the book opened the door to great change in this terribly old-fashioned society, and unlocked a whole lot of potential for future books. This series is definitely not just about the couple, but about the changing world around them. Once I get a hang of all the dynasties, their backgrounds, and this world in general, I think I’ll enjoy the series a lot more than I already have. I think this effectively tells you that I will be reading the next books in the series. I’m not at a point of a “must-read” but there is potential to get me there. Hope you like it!

  • jD
    2018-11-23 08:29

    This book kept me up reading most of the night. It was perfect. I loved Ms. Castle’s vampire culture and the characters that inhabit it. Although it’s too soon to declare Ms. Castle a favorite author, there were some elements of her work that put me in the mind of JR Ward (Black Dagger Brotherhood) and Lynn Viehl (Darkyn). I also enjoyed the plot organization and character development which reminded me of DB Reynolds (Vampires In America). Ms. Castle’s style is her own, for certain, and I make the comparison to illustrate that genius is not limited, thank God, to one or two people. As a reader, I need to experience elements in a book that elevate my personal enjoyment. I mention these authors to draw the attention of their fans, this series is a must read for those who follow the aforementioned authors. In Ms. Castle’s Dark Dynasty world, the vampires live in modern day America but are divided into a caste system. The ruling castes are the Ptolemy, the Dracul, The Grigori, and the Empusae. The lower class vampires are the Cait Sith who are leaderless, disrespected, and unorganized. The various caste or courts are not friendly to one another but have tolerated one another up until now. If you are a fan of the Dresden Files, you will grasp this concept quickly. The Ptolemy are being slaughtered by a Gypsy curse that they believe has been placed by the Dracul who have ties to Gypsy magic. The Queen of the Ptolemy, Arsinoe, sends her most talented hunter and Cait Sith, Ty to find a seer that can help them locate the source of the curse. Ty spends a year searching for what is believed to be the impossible, a human seer. No one, not even Ty, has heard that any truly exist anymore. He is running out of time when he stumbles upon Lily. She is a normal person who is able to block his attempt to thrall her. He realizes that she is what he seeks and informs his Queen. He has never let Arsinoe down and he will not fail her now. He will deliver the human to the court and end the slaughter. Of course, nothing is that simple or cut and dry. Lily proves to be so much more to Ty and the vampire race before all is said and done.During the course of Ty and Lily’s journey, we learn a great deal about the Cait Sith and how despised they are by the ruling caste. They are considered gutter trash and unworthy of any deference. Lily’s journey is one that involves her realizing she is more than she seems and embracing her unique gifts. She is emotionally balanced, which was a treat in itself and very important when dealing with Ty’s self esteem issues. The feelings the two developed for one another did not feel rushed or contrived. The love scenes were flash fires with plenty of heat. There are some interesting supporting characters that I hope will get their own books in the “Dark Dynasty” series. I look forward to reading each one. I hope Ms. Castle writes fast. If you enjoy vampires a little on the dark side, this is for you. This is not a humorous work with watered down YA sensibilities. The angst is deeply experienced by the characters and there are no simple, convenient solutions for the challenges these characters face. The bad guys are evil and powerful without the crazy part. If you have read Ms. Castle’s highlander werewolf series, this is much better. She does not do the long thought process in the middle of a conversation. I was worried about that going in but it seems she has decided to optimize each paragraph and move the story forward. I just loved it all!

  • Patti TheLoveJunkee
    2018-12-10 05:38

    Tynan MacGillivray is a vampire. In the vampire world, there are several sects; Ty is a "lowblood", a cat shifter who works for the Queen of the Ptolemy. Someone has sent a Mulo, a crazy dead thing, to attack the Ptolemy when they are in groups - effectively killing off the sect. As their numbers dwindle, the Queen has sent Ty on a quest to find a Seer; someone who will be able to tell them who sent the Mulo and where to find it so they can destroy it.Lily Quinn lives a boring life that she's happy with. Ever since "the incident" when she was a child, she's known she's different, so she tries hard to fit in and be normal. She meets a handsome stranger at a friend's ghost hunt party, but after a searing kiss he quickly disappears. She meets him again a few days later in the parking lot where she teaches, and their meeting leaves her unsettled. When she gets home, she is attacked by a vampire, and she loses control of her carefully compressed emotions, causing damage to everything in the room.Lily reluctantly goes with Ty once they figure out there is more than one vampire sect looking for her. They travel through the underbelly of vampire society, trying to find answers about why the Queen really sent Ty on his quest. Things are not what they seem and he finds he's reluctant to deliver Lily to the Queen, but if he doesn't, the Ptolemy may die out forever.My thoughts:I am a fan of Ms. Castle's MacInnes Werewolves trilogy, so when I saw that she had a new series coming out, I was thrilled! I knew that this book would be nothing like her previous books, so I had no illusions going in.That being said, I really didn't enjoy this story as much as I would have liked to. I really liked the idea of different dynasties of vampires, and their potential for conflict and interaction, but I felt like the author didn't pursue this part of the storyline as much as she could have. We learn there are different dynasties and they don't get along, but that was about it. Tynan is a vampire who can shapeshift into a cat, placing him at the bottom of the vampire "caste" system. I was also disappointed in Tynan's character - he seemed to be more a shapeshifter who was called a vampire, but I never really saw any vampiness. This could have been due to the fact that he was constantly referred to as a cat, but it seemed to me like all his vampire action took place "offstage".I did like was the Lilith storyline, although again I felt like it could have been fleshed out a bit more. I'm wondering if possibly due to the worldbuildling some aspects of the story had to be sacrificed? I'm hoping the next book in the series, Midnight Reckoning, will be more character oriented since the world has already been established. Midnight Reckoning will feature Ty's friend Jaden, who's story is hinted at briefly in Dark Awakening.

  • WildAboutBones
    2018-12-05 08:43

    This is the first in the new Dark Dynasties series by Castle with five known Dynasties (bloodlines) in the US, "freaking gorgeous" vampires, a Mulo - a gypsy curse, Shades, an unwanted but undeniable desire, a strange mark, a telekinetic power, betrayal, an unlikely romance and wry tongue-in-cheek humor. All make for a wonderfully creative world for this paranormal romance. It reminds me a little of the old TV series Kindred: The Embraced but with a better story line. This grabs you from the first page and the next thing you know you've been reading for several hours immersed in Lily and Ty's world.With zingers like the following throughout the story, you can't help but chuckle even in the midst of all of the tense action:"If only she could find a well-educated, Shakespeare-quoting bad boy who still had a thing for sexy tattoos and maybe a mild leather fetish, she might at least have a shot at avoiding her probable future as a crazy old cat lady." "I'm not the stupid girl who always dies first in horror movies. My boobs aren't big enough.""You've been really nice. For a vampire kidnapper." "And I don't have any wooden stakes on me. I'm no Buffy. I'd be toast." "I won't mutilate your corpse, and I won't fry you. I won't even run up the telephone bill. But you're not tying me up again."And you just gotta love a story that makes references to both Buffy and Pinhead from Hellraiser. Lily, the heroine and English lit professor, is plagued by the same nightmare night after night and inexplicably drawn to Ty with unwanted desire even as she's terrified of him.Ty is a hot 300 year old Scottish cat shifting vampire from the mongrel line, in service to the leader of the Ptolemy line for centuries. He is drawn to Lily and desire flickers in him. When Lily gives into the pull she's felt for Ty and seduces him on the couch it is so seductive and makes him purr. "It figured that she'd finally met the perfect man for her, and he turned out to be a cat-shifting vampire with issues." "It was the story of her time with Ty moments of bliss, hours of irritation and the occasional life-threatening event."Ty knew "sleeping with her had been an incredibly bad idea. So naturally, [he'd] gone right for it...Feelings. Oh hell, he wasn't having an attack of those, was he?"I applaud Castle for putting a description of the Dynasties in the front of the story like a glossary. I adored this story, was sorry it ended so soon and have put the next in the series on my wishlist already. Fans of the paranormal romance, urban fantasy and vampire genres should put this on their wishlist.

  • StephanieG
    2018-11-27 06:29

    The Ptolemy clan of vampires is being hunted by some unseen force. Determined to find the source of this curse the queen Arsinoe sends Tynan MacGillivray to search for a seer who can help find the source. Ty is a servant of the Ptolemy court, his being of Cait Sith blood. All other clans considered the Cait low bloods since they sift into cat form so they are consider no better than werewolves. After a year of searching finally Ty finds her, what he doesn't expect to find is the physical connection and draw this mysterious woman has on him.Lily Quinn was adopted into a rich family whom never gave her love or affection so she was never an overly affection person herself . But when she meets the dangerously delicious Ty, she finds herself wanting to be more than just merely affectionate. Lily has suddenly been thrust into a world she never knew existed, in her world she was the abnormal one now she is in a world were vampires are real and tracking her down some to kill her and other for personal gain. If all of this wasn't enough to take in, there is also the yummy vampire that's leading her into this world. Ty is about the most enticing man she's ever met especially when he purrs. At first I thought this book was going to be super slow, it had to much description and information for me at first. I knew I needed all this background information. I just was not in the mood for it, you know the feeling of just not wanting to start that new book for fear it going to suck and you'd have wasted your time. That’s how I felt, but as soon as I got into it, which was like page twenty, I was hooked I couldn't read it fast enough I wanted to know what would happen. They are not your conventional vampires, the world that has been created in this series is unique and Intriguing. Each character has a life of there own . Ty is strong, sexy, and wants to do what's right for his people even if it conflicts with what his heart wants. Lily is not your normal stupid heroine, she is strong, tender and carries the blood of the ancients to back her Ass up. Even if she is a little unsure how to use that power, she still is a force to be reckoned with. Jaden he is a side character but you know there is soo much more to him than what you see in this book and I know from reading the sneak peek in the book the next book is his, I am very excited.Vlad is everything you need in Dracula. A legend, sexy, powerfully and very humorous. I loved all the character in this book they kept me intrigued the entire book, never once did I want to put my book down even when I had to. I will be looking’s forward to the sequel in this series.**Athenna**

  • Ami
    2018-11-17 08:56

    Tynan MacGillivray is shapeshifting vampire, who serves the Ptolemy clan. The leader, Queen Arsinöe, instructs Tynan to look for a Seer, to find out who has been cursing the Ptolemy with Mulo, a flesh eating spirit. Human Lily Quinn might be who he has been looking for. Only, Tynan doesn't calculate the attraction he feels for her. Now, he wants to protect Lily, even if it means defying order ...This book does not suffer the syndrom of "first book of a series". I think the world building is well-written and easy to follow. I find the idea of the dark dynasties and shapeshifting vampires as intriguing.I love both Tynan and Lily. While Tynan frustrates me with his blind loyalty towards the Ptolemy, I also feel sympathy towards him. He is a cast-out and considered as gutterblood; other vampires practically spit on his clan, Cait Sith. Sure, others also see him as the Queen's pet. But Queen Arsinöe saved his life, so Tynan thinks that at least, the Ptolemy accepts him and appreciates what he does for the clan. I enjoy reading his inner struggle, when faced with the fact that Arsinöe might want to kill Lily, instead.Lily might start as a "mere" human, who has nightmares. But slowly and steadily, Lily accepts her bloodline. Along the way, she saves Tynan too. I think the girl kicks ass!! I love how Lily is open-minded enough to understand who she is, without being whiny or acting like a damsel in distress when Tynan practically 'kidnaps' her from her old life. She has steel of spine and bravery, and she handles the enemy by her own power, thank you very much.Their chemistry is off the chart, their sex scenes HOT and sizzling. I love every minute of reading this and cannot wait to reading book #2 because it will be about Jaden (emo guy ;p), and that female werewolf who seems to get under his skin.

  • Cindyg
    2018-12-05 03:48

    WOW...Ms Castle you did it...Ist book in a new series and you won me over. The book pulled me in from the first page and held on tight until the final word. The characters are so warm and engaging, you can't help but latch on to them. Ty is a lowblood, considered the lowest of the lowest, but as the reader you just know that's hogwash; it's the highbloods that are guttertrash. But it wasn't just Ty and Lily I fell in love with, there was also Jaden and Damien...both with painful pasts, which explains why they are who they are. And they too will get their stories in future books...Ty never expected to fine someone to give a shit about much less the woman who would make him rethink his entire belief system and once he has her all bets are off. Lily was a lonely shell of a woman who lived a quiet and conservative life, not standing out at all. Until the moment she laid eyes on Ty. She new from the moment she met him that her life would never be the same; in ways she could never have imagined.The world building is easy to follow, the explanations of the vampire bloodlines are easy to understand and believable. I found myself taking sides and of course by the end I new where my loyalities lyed. Once Lily is able to call forth her gift and learn how to channel it, wow, it's very cool.The pace of the book is excellent, kept my attention, and kept me interested in the world building; just the right amount of information. Let's not get started, on the passion and the senuality, okay was well written and made me HOT!!Now we have to wait until January 2012 for the next book: Midnight Reckoning; Jaden's story I believe.High Recommend this book. Please don't wait or hestiate to pick it up; I guarantee you'll love it.This author is my favorite find of 2011.

  • Erin Arkin
    2018-11-26 06:38

    If you can't tell...I really enjoyed this book and couldn't put it down. With two people whose reviews I can rely on telling me it was a good one, I dove right in and couldn't make myself put it down. The story starts with a prologue that grabbed me and I was hooked. I'm not one to do a recap so I won't change my ways here but I will say that the story is good so just go and read it now. There is a bit of mystery, definitely a good dose of paranormal, and some pretty hot scenes between Ty and Lily. The characters are well developed in this book alongside the different castes and dynasties. The main characters Lily and Ty are great. Lily is tough because she has realized over the years that she could only rely on herself. She was an orphan and grew up in a home where she didn't fit. The great thing about her as a character is that there are glimpses of her changing from keeping her distance to building relationships. First we see it with Bay and then we see it with Ty and Jaden.Ty....he is a character that definitely has a past and has been living in a world where his bloodline is looked down upon. His interactions with Lily have made him realize that although this is the way of the vampire world, it isn't what the human world is used to. He struggles with this throughout the book but by the end he sees that it doesn't matter to Lily that he is a Cait Sith....she loves him no matter what his bloodline is.I really liked the other characters - Jaden, Damien, Vlad, Anura, Bay....I am looking forward to the next books in the series just to see who they will be about and what happens. As a matter of fact, the second book is about to be opened on my nook...

  • Rachel
    2018-11-18 07:54

    I went into this book not knowing much about the author so I anticipated a so-so read. Imagine my surprise when I encountered a solid, well-written story! Yes, there was some insta-love between Ty and Lily. In fact, it was insta-love, there was nothing "some" about it. Maybe it's because I haven't read a novel that featured this repugnant theme in a long time, but I found that I didn't actually mind it that much in this book. But, as the story wore on I did find that the immediate connection was a little unbelievable. Or at least, it stretched the bounds of reality.While I also feel like Castle hammered the "class/hierarchy" angle a little hard (this was no subtle theme, trust me), I thought it was an interesting dimension to bring into her world-building. So often in PNR we read about Heroes who are kings, leaders, or the most powerful. This book asks the question: can a Hero be a true alpha if he is a part of class of creatures with no power? no respect? I think Castle answers that questions pretty succinctly, though I admire that Ty wasn't strong in every situation and he needed Lily's help to get through certain moments in the book.It's nice to see the heroine rescue the hero every so often.

  • Nita
    2018-12-09 10:55

    Dark Awakening has a pretty unique vampire concept. Unique enough to make this paranormal romance fresh and entertaining. The vampires have their own caste system and struggles. The lowbloods are vampires that are generally also animal shifters. They are seen as animals and servants by the highbloods.Ty is one of these lowbloods. He can shift into a cat, and serves the queen of the highblood group called The Ptolemy. He is on a mission to find a seer. He finds Lily, and convinces her to go with him to help The Ptolemy discover who is behind the killings of their members. And since this is a romance, they have an instant passion for each other.Ty accepts his lowblood status. He sees being a servant and being treated with contempt by the other vampires as better than making a living on his own. That was the most frustrating part of the book for me, Ty letting others treat him like crap. He is one stubborn character. Otherwise I liked him and his interactions with Lily very much.So, a wonderful start to a new series - fresh take on vampires and great characters.ARC provided by NetGalley.

  • Annie (Under the Covers Book Blog)
    2018-12-07 08:53

    http://underthecoversbookblog.blogspo...Dark Awakening was one of the books that I was very looking forward to read but when I expected greatness, it fell a little flat for me. Tynan, the hero of the book is an interesting character but his presence didn’t make me swoon, smile, or laugh. He was just okay. The heroine, on the other hand, annoyed me. I didn’t like the sudden change from Ty’s perspective to hers. I didn’t think anything from her POV was memorable and this irked me from the moment she spoke on the page. I worried a little bit and when there was another switch to Tynan’s perspective, I relax a little, only to wince once again when Lily spoke once more. The worldbuilding is great, there are lots of terms and there is no doubt that Ms. Castle put a lot of effort into building a unique world, but I just couldn’t find myself grasping the concepts and terms like other books. I found myself repeatedly returning to the glossary to recall certain terms and when you’re terms don’t stick, then I find the reading experience to be more reading a dictionary than a story.* ARC provided by Netgalley

  • Michelle the Romance Witch
    2018-11-23 09:51

    Wow what an awesome beginning to a new series. I was a bit confused when reading the back cover blurb, but luckily the author gave a small intro to the dynasties which made the book enjoyably fascinating without being confusing as hell (as some of these strange worlds can be). Passionate and deep the romance that buds between the two is quick-though progressively moving-and leaves you at times wondering how men can be so stupid in the face of love. The story has so many twists and turns and so much deep explanation of the strange world of vampire dynasties, but through it all the compassion and strength of the H/H make unexpected appearances like the sun through rain clouds. The side characters were interesting as well and i look forward to learning more about them all in future books. Now i'm bummed i have to wait so long for book 2.

  • Laurielu Bona Fide Reflections
    2018-12-15 08:56

    What an excellent read!! I loved the world of vampires Kendra Leigh Castle has created. Our lovely Lily, the heroine, is unknowingly a dhampire and gets caught up Ty's paranormal world where danger lurks at every turn. The reason book is so good is because it is not your run-of-the-mill vampire story. There are vampire shapeshifters, shades, a bit of Fae.... There is originality to Ms. Castle's tale and she does such a good job of telling the story, allowing the reader to enjoy how Lily blossoms into a strong woman in mind, spirit and body.(copy of the book generously provided by Hatchette Book Group for an honest review)

  • Victoria
    2018-12-18 03:58

    I will have to re-read the book. I read it last year, I gave it 4 stars which means that it wasn't bad, right? But for the life of me, I can't recall a thing about the book!!! Argggghhhh....